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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 12, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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way on to planes carrying relief supplies at a local airport. the devastation leading to desperation for those survivors. many of those survivors with heart-breaking stories to tell. >> did you think you were going to die? >> no, i did not. >> why? >> i have my baby. >> you're pregnant. you had to save your child. >> it's just death and devastation everywhere. bodies laying everywhere. people need help. people need help. >> relief supplies are starting to arrive in the country but with limited means to distribute, people are searching everywhere they can. people were searching through an abandoned mall. the u.s. military is mobilizing to help, deploying several ships, including the uss washington and uss antedum to the philippines. >> we're going to go as fast as we possibly can and get there as
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soon as we can to help people in need. >> we check in with ian williams who's live in manila with the very latest for us. ian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. well, that huge aid effort is now getting under way, but not nearly quick enough for many of those desperate survivors who are pleaing for even the most basic things such as water, shelter, food and medicine. the government in manila here today was on the defensive. the presidential palace saying it is doing everything it can to help and pledging that every filipino that needs help will receive it. officials said airports are reopening, ports are reopening. they're also clearing roads. now, some of the issues, though, some of the logistical problems they face were told to us by one aid agency earlier who said they are flying much-needed aid into one of the worst hit cities but once it gets on the ground they're having a problem distributing it.
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there are no vehicles, no cars to take it into the city. also there are complaints about finding a place to store it in what has been quite a precarious law and order situation. on top of that, they're still trying to assess the precise needs in some of those devastated areas where rescue teams only now four days on are starting to gain some limited access. now, there have been enormous pledges of help, some 22 different countries have said that they will supply much-needed aid. the uss washington on its way down here from hong kong where it was having a port call on board 80 planes, 5,000 personnel. there are marines asession the needs and bringing in basic supplies. logistical problems they are facing are enormous, thomas. >> ian williams reporting for us in manila, thank you very much.
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the u.s. is making significant contributions to help the areas in the philippines affected most by typhoon haiyan. jim miklaszewski is live at the pentagon to talk about what is entailed. mik, explain the mission of what our navy is doing. >> reporter: as we an just explained a minute ago, the u.s. aircraft carrier george washington is en route along with two cruisers and a destroyer and a u.s. navy supply ship. but you know these aircraft carriers do not move at mach speed so it's going to be another 24 to 36 hours before that group arrives. now, the george washington with two squadrons of helicopters on board could help significantly in terms of relief efforts and airlift in moving individuals who may have been injured and supplies, like food, water, medicine, tents and the like. but it's going to be sometime before we get there. the 200 marines, nearly 200 marines that ian mentioned are
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really the only u.s. military presence on the ground there along with their c-130s and osprey tilt-wing aircraft. these are the planes that take off and land as a helicopter but can fly as a plane and are quite useful. they have a cargo bay of sorts, not as big as a 130, but could be very instrumental in transporting the kind of relief effort that's going to be needed once all the pieces are in place. >> you talk about those pieces getting in place, mik. you're saying roughly anywhere from the next day or so. at the greatest 36, 40 hours? >> 24 to 36 hours is before some of the major pieces will start falling into place. i have to point out here that the u.s. military does not preposition relief aid, the kind of things that these people really need. in the short term they can dip into their own supplies of mres, for example, meals ready to eat, and whatever limited medical
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supplies they might have. but they are going to have to get involved with nongovernment agencies who should have large stockpiles of that kind of relief in the area. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us. mik, thanks so much. typhoon haiyan is shaping up to be one of the strongest storms ever recorded. it slams into the philippines with winds at 160 miles an hour. so far there are 1774 confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise significantly because thousands are missing. but by comparison, hurricane katrina in 2005 pummeled new orleans with winds around 129 miles per hour. that storm cost more than $108 billion in damages, killed more than 1800 people. last year's superstorm sandy hit the coast of new jersey with winds around 95 miles per hour doing more than $60 billion in damage along the east coast and at least 286 people were killed in that storm. for those of you who would like to help out, here are several organizations accepting donations for this relief effort that mik was talking about,
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private organizations that will be coming in to help, including the american red cross, americares, the u.n. children's fund and save the children. we turn now to presidential politics and the hypothetical kind of discussions that are being had all around our country. our new nbc news poll out this morning finds that if hillary clinton and chris christie were the democratic and republican nominees in 2016, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state would beat the new jersey governor by ten percentage points. however, christie, as the gop nominee, is not a lock. the poll finds 31% prefer another unidentified republican candidate while another third are undecided. democrats, on the other hand, though, are united with two-thirds behind a clinton presidential run. debbie wasserman schultz is the chair of the democratic national committee and joins me in studio to talk about this. so a lot of people are talking around the country of what it would mean for a christie/clinton matchup. and certainly because of your role at the dnc, you've got to
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have some game plan in place hypothetically if hillary clinton were to officially reveal her candidacy. so do you have a plan in place? >> first, let me just say on your previous reporting as a floridan and someone who lives in hurricane alley, our hearts go out to the people of the philippines and we look forward to doing everything that we can to help. but as far as 2016, we're pretty focused at the dnc and in the democratic parties across the country at the state level on making sure that we can take the house back and focus on holding on to the senate, beat some of these tea party governors who just like terry mcauliffe had opposition that ran on a tea party agenda, doubled down on extremism, have been supportive of the shutdown politics and are going to pay for it at the polls next year. but this poll specifically is emblematic of the fact that chris christie really had no coattails in new jersey. isn't even likely to be the
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nominee or the candidate of choice for his own party. he's like the gumby of republican politics. he's going to be pushed and pulled between the tea party and trying to moderate himself for the general election. i think he's going to have a really difficult time as this poll shows. >> as you said, there is no specific plan in place riot nghw for a potential hillary clinton run because you're focusing on taking back the house, keeping the senate. let's talk about 2014 because you might have an uphill climb when it comes to talking about the aca and obama care because the numbers that have been revealed about how many people have signed up through the federal website are anemic and hope -- i'm sure you all hope that those numbers are going to improve. but we've got a weak estimate, and i say anemic. you know, it's weak, the enrollment numbers. but the house republicans, they're saying that they're going to make this the calling card for how they're going to be able to keep their power within the house. you told politico that we're not going to let new plans be sold like the upton bill would do to
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allow insurance companies to drop them of the and now former president bill clinton has weighed in on a new interview about how best to talk about the aca. i want to play it for everybody. take a listen. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they have got. >> so we've got november 30th the date when jeff zients was brought in to helm the second first impression of the federal website and it's rollout. >> he's quarterbacking the triage of the website. >> so november 30th is the next big date. do you think, though, that if that's not a big success, that this is going to be a calling card issue for democrats in 2014? >> you know what we're focused on is not the politics, it's on making sure to work to fully implement the affordable care act. if you look at what's coming january 1st, for a breast cancer survivor like me and the really 150 million approximately people in america with a pre-existing
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condition, we've got the peace of mind coming on that day that we know an insurance company can never again drop us or deny us coverage for that pre-existing condition. that upton bill that we will consider, fred upton from michigan, we'll consider that bill on the house floor this week, which not -- you know, the republicans are trying to sell it as just fixing if you like your plan you can keep it. it goes much further than that. it says insurance companies will be able to sell new policies to allow them to drop people and deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions, charge women double in their premiums just for being women. we are not going backward. we need to work together and, yes, we've got to obviously fix the website. >> just based on those foundational principles, it flies in the face of what the aca standard of care gives. i think for people who do understand what the aca is all about, one of the big linchpins is not being able to be kicked off because of a pre-existing condition that you're uninsurable. on sunday you said you don't think the democrats -- or you
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said you think that the democrats are going to be able to run on obama care. >> yes. >> reince priebus says we will tattoo it to their foreheads. we will run on it and they will lose because of it. karl rove, laura ingram had a field day throwing around your name this morning. take a listen to this. >> beautiful. >> every democrat listen to debbie wasserman schultz, do exactly that. obama care every single day. it's a great thing, everybody loves it. don't pay attention to the ordinary people. there are a few malcon tents, go out there and push this issue every single day. you know what, i don't know what you're smoking, because debbie wasserman schultz says that democrats should embrace this and run on it because it's a winner. >> well, good. i hope debbie wasserman schultz and her words of wisdom emanate throughout the democratic stratosphere and i hope they permeate the candidates' campaign structures. >> all right. so let's have your words of wisdom. based on that that can permeate throughout the democratic
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stratosphere. the law in and of itself is just that. it's a law. so now everybody has to learn to live with it and this is a big, big lift for our social structure in terms of the promise that we're making to each other. our social contract. do you think that the bruising and the triage that you talk about with the website has stalled the potential for people to see the beauty of what this means down the line? >> you know, the snorting that they were doing over on fox news channel shows that karl rove maybe isn't the experienced political operative that he appears to be. a year is a very long time in politics, and so if they're talking about whether or not we're going to be able to run on whether young adults can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26 or people with pre-existing conditions can't be dropped or denied coverage or women can get access to preventive care without a co-pay or deductible, heck yeah, i'll make sure we run on that because
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those are the benefits that people are already feeling with even more benefits coming january 1st. at the end of the day you've got polling that shows really over the last few months, even since the implementation, even with all the challenges with the website, that the american people's opinion of the affordable care act hasn't changed all that much. we need to continue to work to implement it effectively. we need republicans to work with us to do that instead of constantly throwing obstacles in the path of its success. the reason they're doing that is they know when it's successful not only is it something that we're going to be able to win on, it will be something that their candidates lose on for opposing. >> you're swimming upstream so we wish you the best of luck trying to get it all figured out. november 30th is the next date. >> lots of time. >> congresswoman, great to have you here. thanks for your time. ponytails and tattoos. senator paul's solution to the shrinking gop umbrella. which group exactly is he going after. and republicans using tail
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so developing news that the big apple is blowing away the windy city. get this, new york's world trade center tower has been declared the tallest building in the u.s. an expert committee of architects announced this decision minutes ago. the trade center had been competing with chicago's willis tower which stands at 1,451 feet. the world trade center stands at a proud 1,776 feet. so another possible 2016 hopeful is visiting the key state of south carolina. republican senator rand paul of
8:18 am
kentucky is due to speak at any time now at the citadel corps of cadets. paul attended a fund-raiser in charleston yesterday where he told the audience in order to win the republican party needs to look more like the rest of america. and according to the paul said we've got to do it with tattoos, without tattoos, with earrings, with pony tails. everybody. we are going to have some disagreement bus we need more people. and when we do that, we'll be the dominant party once again. joining me now, jimmy williams and republican strategist hogan gidley, who i don't see any facial tattoos or tattoos anywhere or hair or pony tails, but the morning is young. hogan, let me start with you. is that all it's going to take, more republicans coming under the tent with tattoos and earrings? that's the voting block of diversity that the gop is going for? >> obviously more people voting for your candidates mean more wins in the political sphere. i mean that's just obvious. the question is how you go out and get those people. i understand what he's trying to
8:19 am
do and what he's trying to say. we have a lot of people in the republican party that look like the people that rand paul is talking about. the problem is in the last convention, as you well know, none of those people were brought on stage. it was all about the ceos and protecting the business owners. it didn't talk about the people actually working in those factories. the secretaries who take the calls, the people who clean up the buildings. that's who we should be reaching out to. so i understand he's using ponytails and tattoos to try and talk about those folks, but let's talk about the jobs they actually have and how they make this country better and how we can reach out to those people and bring our message of smaller government and lower taxes to those people and try to build people up. i understand what he's talking about, more numbers mean more wins, but he's got a lot more work to do than just talk about them in the abstract. >> we've got governor chris christie who made the rounds over the weekend appearing on four different talk shows on sunday basically saying you've got to show up if you want to win. do you think despite the tea party downplaying christie's
8:20 am
landslide re-election in new jersey that they're considering a cue from him and moderate won't be a dirty word when it comes to winning, as hogan is saying? you've got to -- if you want to lead, you've got to win first. >> would they be willing to do that, roll the dice with christie? >> listen, chris christie -- i can't believe i'm going to say something rick perry said is right. he said that chris christie's conservatism in new jersey is different than conservatism in texas and that is exactly right, i agree with that. it's probably very different than conservative in south carolina, i can tell you. but rand paul going down is actually admitting the obvious, which is the republican party has got to grow its base. if it doesn't do so, it can't win national elections. in fact it can't continue to win on the statewide level. don't forget mitt romney only won south carolina with 54% a year ago. it's a very conservative state. rand paul saying tattoos and ponytails, et cetera, et cetera, that's all very true. and i appreciate that. he's looking for a younger
8:21 am
electorate, a younger demographic. but his voting record and his colleagues that are running for president, their voting records are just as conservative as his. and that's fine, except when you say you're okay -- you're not okay with pro choice or you don't believe in marriage equality, et cetera, et cetera, then young people turn off from that. so the people with those ponytails, the people with those tattoos are going to look at him and say i like him on the nsa stuff but why does he hate women and why does he hate gay people and that's not okay. that just doesn't jive. so the policies have got to match the politics. right now rand paul is trying to thread that needle and doing it very unsuccessfully in my opinion. >> meanwhile he hasn't officially thread the needle because he said yesterday, hogan, that the decision of whether or not he's going to run will probably be within the next 12 months or so. but he's making the efforts of what a candidate would do by visiting new hampshire a third
8:22 am
time now and south carolina this year, he's been to iowa. isn't that the trademark travel plan of an unofficial candidate? >> sure, absolutely. but let's talk about and jimmy hit on it, he's absolutely right. he came here and what did he talk about. last time i went to see him speak here in columbia, it was the day after doma, the day after prop 8 and the day after the immigration vote. he didn't mention any of those. all he talked about was i'm not my daddy on foreign policy. while that's important for south carolinians because we do have a huge military presence in this state, he didn't address any of the social issues. so the political reality is by saying he would go to war in essence in some instances, that erodes everything his father built up or at least half of that base is gone. he can't backfill it with any social conservatives because he's not talking about marriage so he's stuck languishing i think, trying to as jimmy put it thread the needle and he is doing it unsuccessfully. >> isn't it just the amount of time that so many people, jimmy, spend on the republican side of
8:23 am
things, not owning up to the fact that we are a diverse 21st century america. and once the gop embraces that and starts to talk about what that means, as hogan points out on the social side of things, then they can grow their tent? >> yeah, listen. i've said this a billion times. you can't say to women i want you to come vote for me but on the state level pass vaginal probe pieces of legislation. you can't say to the black people i want you to vote for me we're the party of lincoln, but you have to go through all these hoops. and to gay people, i'm all for personal freedom but not yours, you can't get married. that's not okay. people in south carolina deplore hypocrisy. they can be conservative, moderate or liberal. the one thing south carolinians hate and hogan will agree with me is pure unadulterated hypocrisy. don't tell me one thing and then do something else, that's bad. >> all right, guys, we've got to leave it there. jimmy williams, hogan gidley, great to see you guys. thank you. a protest pits gun control
8:24 am
supporters, moms, against gun right advocates in the lone star state. look at this picture. coming up, i'm going to talk to the head of the moms demand action for gun sense in america. also ahead -- >> we're waiting for all the facts to come in. so i've been silent pretty much in terms of talking to the press. >> owner of the miami dolphins talks about the off-the-field troubles for his team. kerry sanders has the latest from florida next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. whole grains... great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? the last thing you need is some guy giving you a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks.
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he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. gravy and more, so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at the owner of the miami dolphins has broken his silence since news of bullying allegations surfaced to make it very clear that change is coming. during a press conference before the dolphins away game last night owner stephen ross said he was appalled when he first heard of the voice mail message richie incognito allegedly left for jonathan martin. ross has put a plan in place to get to the bottom of what happened. kerry sanders has the story.
8:28 am
>> reporter: things are tough for the miami dolphins. with two of their key offensive players, jonathan martin and richie incognito conspicuously absent, the bullying and hazing scandal plaguing the team was just below the surface. >> the continuing nfl investigation for three weeks or so swirls as this team on the field tries to win games. >> reporter: from the tailgaters -- >> it makes the dolphins the laughing stock of the nfl. >> reporter: to sports bars, talk of the scandal is everywhere. >> you know, you just want to see your team move past this. >> reporter: for the first time monday night dolphins owner stephen ross spoke about the controversy. he said he was appalled when he heard of the vulgar voice mail incognito left on martin's phone. he now plans to meet with martin tomorrow. >> i'm going there with an open mind and i don't have a decision what i want to hear. i want to hear the facts. >> reporter: ross said right now
8:29 am
he has total confidence in his staff and he announced he'd formed an advisory committee that includes football royalty. legendary coach don shula, hall of famer dan marino, and tony dungy now with nbc sports, considered by many to be football's moral compass. on monday richie incognito was clear across the country, strolling down rodeo drive in beverly hills. newly released portions of his fox sports interview included one critical question he wouldn't answer, whether dolphins coaches ordered him to, quote, toughen up jonathan martin. >> true or false? >> i'm here to talk about my relationship with john. there's an nfl investigation and they'll get to the bottom of all that. >> but in the meantime, the dolphins struggled to keep their eye on the ball. >> and this is another test. are we going to pull tighter together or are we going to separate and i think we'll pull tighter together. >> definitely more to come. that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. we'll be right back.
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a christie/clinton matchup in 2016. if that happens, our new nbc news poll shows that hillary clinton beats chris christie with a ten-point lead. what may be more interesting is what's going on behind those numbers. and then creepy uncle sam is back and in person persuading the young invincibles opting out of obama care, one beer and free slice of pizza at a time. joining me is sabrina siddiqui, lee fang. sabrina, we break down the numbers of this poll an show clinton leading christie among african-americans, also the 18 to 29 group, latinos. christie did well with latinos. >> it's still very early and
8:34 am
it's not too bad for chris christie that he has about a third of support among republicans when there are probably about ten possible gop candidates and we're still three years out. he, of course, has walked a much more moderate line than some of the other candidates and that will help him appeal to the youth, the latino community as well as possibly african-americans. someone like hillary clinton too at the moment is still benefitting from obama's numbers in 2012. it will be interesting to see how that changes when we get closer to the general election. >> it seems like moderate, though, is a dirty word. lee, as christie leads clinton among whites and seniors and those who make cashwise $75,000 a year or more, those numbers are similar to the splits that woe saw in the last election with romney and president obama. is it possible for republicans to break free of the rich old white people mold? >> if you look at this poll, it shows that some base republicans, republicans in the base are still very skeptical of christie. i think for a lot of these
8:35 am
reasons. but you have to remember early polls showed that same base very skeptical of john mccain and mitt romney. another interesting poll to take would be of executives in wall street and silicon valley and those folks are very excited about chris christie. they're calling a lot of the shots in the party now. >> so as we look at the diversity issues of the republican party, the "l.a. times" is reporting a new poll out showing some have a big problem just as we look at california itself. it shows that minority voters are 54% democratic to 14% republican. so how does what's happening on the west coast in california predict what could sweep in other areas of the country as we look at major voting block states like texas or florida? >> it's a very interesting poll. california is almost a microcosm of what's happening nationally, at least demographically. the reason we're talking about this three years early is you look at the republican party and you see a situation where it's impossible to figure out who
8:36 am
could possibly unify a republican party with demographics that are moving against them so quickly. and this is -- this poll that came out in california today really shows how difficult that challenge is for any one person. christie's poll numbers with this other poll shows that he's strong in the northeast, but he's very weak out west, very weak down south. and so a lot of these demographic issues are going to hurt him if he does try to run for president. >> as everybody is trying to get the attention of youth voters, lock them in early and for a long time, as we look at the campaign to get young people not to sign up for obama care, look at what happened over the weekend at the university of miami, we've got the group called generation opportunity funded by the koch brothers. they held a tailgate party at a football game featuring the creepy uncle sam guy. we've got models, beer pong. lee, tell us more about this. we all went to college. nothing gowrong with a good tailgate party.
8:37 am
who doesn't show up and like free beer and pizza. but there's a more sinister agenda going on here that's more political than teaching these kids how you can score a free slice. >> sure. if you look at these events, they look a lot like a miley cyrus music video. the koch brothers -- >> cloner than that, at least. cleaner than that. >> but this is the same thing the koch brothers have done the last 20 years. they have an agenda and they're using different public relations tactics to get people on their side. if you -- a couple of years ago they went out and had a festival giving out free barbecue to senior citizens to get them to call their senator and oppose environmental regulations. this is the same type of thing except on another level. they're trying to win the hearts and minds of young people so they can san taunl healbotage h. in the end it's very dangerous because if these young people don't have health insurance and get sick, they're going to have
8:38 am
a lot of debt. >> no one got food poisoning or anything from this event but if there's one demographic republicans may lock in it really is younger people. if they use these means to attract at least attention, that could keep attention of the youth vote for a minute or two. >> whether tailgate parties or not are the way to get there, i can't comment on that. what i do know is there's plenty of gop strategists who look at -- >> as a dad you don't want to go on the record with that. >> with a son that's applying to colleges next year. if you look at the demographic groups, they don't see much hope among latino voters or gay americans but they do see younger voters after an incredibly weak economy of possibly picking these people off in 2016. so you will see a variety of strategies and tailgate parties are just one of them. >> i want to show everybody what the rnc sent out. it's of the i'm obama care ads
8:39 am
that they released. take a peek at this. >> hello in the private sector. >> hello, i'm obama care. >> what are you doing? >> i'm addressing the people. >> the people? >> you can keep your plan. you can keep your doctor. lower premiums for everyone. >> actually that's a lie. >> i know, but i want people to like me. >> that's not the toronto mayor, either. the rnc says it's going to target young americans with youtube ads in college. channels like espn, comedy central. that's a good way to at least find the audience, the youth audience, and whether or not you're going to grab their eye is another message or another thing. >> it is a good way. i think the bigger problem as opposed to these ads for the obama administration is they don't have a fully functioning website still and that is the primary way that younger people would sign up for the health care exchanges. what republicans aren't saying is the so-called injustice where the young and healthy are paying more. majority of young people get their insurance from their employers and pay the same premiums that their much older
8:40 am
colleagues who require more health care services pay and that's what republicans are leaving out in their argument. as we said, this is highly political and another attempt to appeal to the youth as well as make sure that obama care doesn't succeed. >> thanks so much. sabrina siddiqui, lee fang and taegan goddard. don't go anywhere, we'll be right back. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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so beginning in january, the president's signature health care law will begin providing health care coverage for millions of people. however, there is a large group that will be left outcome january 1st. nearly five million people who are supposed to be covered under obama care won't because their states have refused to expand medicaid. the nation is split down the middle with 25 states plus the district of columbia expanding and 25 states that are not. so that tally comes to us courtesy of the kaiser family foundation. diane rowland is the executive vice president there as well as the executive director of kaiser commission on medicaid and the
8:44 am
uninsured. diane, it's good to have you here. when we talk about those states not expanding medicare options, how much is being lost in terms of federal dollars and who are the biggest losers in this? >> the biggest losers in this are many of the southern states that have had the very lowest income eligibility levels, have the most uninsured americans and so, therefore, are not able to provide coverage to some of the poorest among us. those individuals, those five million living in the states that are ineligible for medicaid coverage because the states didn't expand are also not able to go into the exchanges and get subsidies, so they're really left uninsured. the losers are the individuals and also the safety net facilities that will have to continue to take care of them as uninsured people. >> so look at the hospitals in these red states are big losers as well in this. a government subsidy, let alone
8:45 am
health policy circles but critical to the hospitals is being reduced under the new health law. now that's not going to be happening. >> the intent was as hospitals got more insured patients in, they would no longer need the kind of compensation they get today for the uninsured who come in and are uncompensated care. >> so is it the choice of the governors in these states who have turned down the medicaid expansion, i mean saying that it's better dead and in the red than making obama care actually work? >> well, the governors and many of the legislatures in these states have taken a look at the supreme court decision which said that they did not have to expand coverage to this group, even though the federal government was going to pay 100% of the cost for the first three
8:46 am
years and 90% thereafter and they looked at it both as a fiscal and political issue. i think a lot of it came from historic opposition to expanding medicaid. these are the states that have had some of the lowest eligibility levels for adults, especially for parents, and have never covered adults without dependent children. so it really was a decision to not expand their medicaid programs, not build on their medicaid programs that leaves millions of very low income adults without coverage options. >> diane rowland from the kaiser family foundation. great to have you on today. thank you. >> thank you. >> absolutely. chris christie blasting back at the veep leaks inside the romney presidential campaign, and that means it's time for the poly side bar. he and on shows on sunday and he was asked about reports in the new book "double down" that romney staffers leaked his veep vetting file. here's his response. >> first off, political advice
8:47 am
from people who ran the romney campaign is probably something nobody should give a darn about. >> but a new report from yahoo! news shows christie hired a political firm run by romney staffers and paid them 46,000 bucks. stephen colbert poked a little fun at christie's charm offensive on all the sunday morning talk shows this week. take a look. >> what i'm interested in doing is being the governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on is doing my job in the state of new jersey. >> i'm the governor of new jersey. >> for me, i'm the governor of new jersey and my job is to run the state of new jersey. >> yes, he's just the governor of new jersey. that's why he went on meet the jerdsy, fox news jersey, face the turnpike, and this new jersey new jerseyopolis. >> eat better and live longer. a new study by the west virginia school of medicine shows boomers are suffering from alarming levels of diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. doctors say it's imperative
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between a group of gun rights activists and gun safety advocacy group put a spotlight on texas gun culture and putting a different focus on the national gun debate. these are some pretty disturbing pictures showing more than two dozen pictures of a gun rights organization called open carry texas carrying long guns in the parking lot of a restaurant this past weekend. you can see most of them are armed there. they were apparently protesting a meeting that was being held by moms demand action inside of a restaurant at this local mall. the face-off didn't stop there, allegedly escalated to social media after the gun toting group left the parking lot. shannon is the founder for moms demand access. we have not heard back from them. what was the reaction of you and others there signing people up.
8:52 am
it was a membership drive if i understand correctly, right? >> yes. it was being led by one of our texas moms. she was meeting with prospective members. it was a private meeting discussed on facebook. a member of open tech found out to be one of our members so they could find out when and where we were meeting. moms were eating lunch in the restaurant and looked outside and saw 40 people were getting out of cars and began to pull long guns out of their trunks. that included semiautomatic rifles. as you can imagine, that was pretty terrifying. they were just there to have a discussion and they were being bullied and intimidated by people who were armed. >> explain when it comes to texas, it's a conceal carry state. >> you are allowed to open carry long guns in texas. in terms of open carry laws, in more than 30 states you don't need a permit or any training to open carry. add on top of that about 40% of all people don't have background checks. these are not people that i
8:53 am
trust to be around my children with loaded weapons. >> so again, this happening in a mall parking lot. the images concerning enough but now this has taken on a life of its own through social media? >> yeah, that's right. we've unfortunately had a lot of threats from this group. there are a lot of responsible gun owners in this country. unfortunately people like open carry texas do not represent responsible gun owners. they are the people making the laws in this country. it's why we have a mass shooting every day and why we lose eight children and teens every day to gun violence. we have to have responsible people step up and say no more. there has to be certain regulations on the second amendment like background checks so we can curb the epidemic of gun violence in america. >> it seems as if the gun debate nationally has been muted in washington, d.c. for some time. the oxygen taken away by other concerns, the government shutdown, now the aca and issues
8:54 am
with the rollout. would you say that the embers have died down on where the issue and arguments stand for gun reform? >> not at all. for the first time moms are involved in this issue. just a year after our organization started december 15th, we have 100,000 members on the ground, a chapter in every state. we are going to elect a better congress that will pass the laws we need. in the meantime we're going after state legislatures and going after american businesses. we've had one success, we got starbucks to change their gun policy. we're going to keep working. now that moms are involved, this is going to get done. >> shannon watts of moms demand action for gun sense in america. shannon, nice to see you. thanks for your time. that's going to wrap things up for me. see you back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. "now" with alex wagner is coming your way next. [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation --
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it's clinton versus obama part two. tuesday november 12th, this is "now" live from washington, d.c. with the government shutdown receding from memory the initial outrage over mellowing to subdued daily indignation and holiday season fast on the approach. november in washington is time for premature charter with headlines like can chris christie move his party. should hillary clinton be worried about a challenge from the left. today approximately 200 clinton supporters, donors and operatives aligned with ready for hillary super pac and huddling in new york to chart her path to the nomination. >> if we can blast 50 women into space, we will someday launch a
8:59 am
woman into the white house. >> as for the current president his popularity has been knee capped after a series of summer setbacks and this fall's health care saga. on that front "the wall street journal" reports this morning, perhaps unsurprisingly, that enrollment figures are low. less than 50,000 as of last week. on top of that headache, the president is now getting some unsolicited and undoubtedly unwanted advice from bill clinton who sounded more like a republican congressman than someone you might call an ally. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> thanks, bill clinton. still even with all this piling up, all this, the gop is still beset by far greater structural problems. an nbc news poll today surveying a potential clinton christie matchup shows clinton leegding
9:00 am
by 10 points and leading in all areas of the country. while he may have attracted african-american support in the garden state, it is not translating to a national race. perhaps when chris christie isn't simply repping for chris christie but acting as a representative for the grand old party. anemic 4% of african-americans worldwide. joining me robert costa, nbc news political reporter casey hunt. co-founder of fenway strategies and former director of speechwriter for president obama, john fab ro and inimitable elegantly effortless jonathan capehart. as far as gop and chris christie. what do you think accounts for the fact that christie won 51% of latino vote, 21% of afn-


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