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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 6, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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er plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. no sign of crack, toronto mayor rob ford says he loves his job and won't resign despite admitting to smoking crack cocaine. >> i was elected to do a job. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing. >> more evidence new surveillance video from the day kendrick johnson died is released just today. why police say the cameras did not record how the teen's body ended up in a gym mat. and the pope and the people. the latest shake-up is being called fascinating and astonishing, he's launching a worldwide survey of catholics on
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issues ranging from gay marriage to divorce. what will he do with the answers? >> hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following how the watt political parties are digesting results of elections in key races could have significant impact in the coming years. after his landslide victory last night, new jersey governor chris christie speaking at an event in union city, new jersey. we'll bring you the latest on what chris christie is saying on this day after. and chris christie's 60% is largely being seen as a big win for the so-called establishment republicans. as the new york times puts it, quote, in a state where democrats outnumber republicans by over 700,000, mr. christie won a majority of the vote with women and hispanics and made inroads among younger voters and blacks. christie won 32% of democrats and 51% of latinos and 21% of
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african-americans. meanwhile, in virginia, after democrat terry mcauliffe narrowly won by 3% points. it's another wake-up call for republicans, saying in part that republicans have to stop nominating ideologually pure ring wingers who scare lots of voters and say most voters don't want the tea party or whatever you want to call the local swap of the uncompromising hard right that too often picks gop candidates these days. they were hoping for a victory that would have been a referendum on the president's law while democrats were hinging on a referendum of the tea party. 5 % of voters oppose the health care law, a factor as to why the race is so close there. eric ericsson writes,
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cuccinelli's deficit in the polls started shrinking and loss in a race, everyone, myself included, expected to be a blowout for mcauliffe. >> much of mcauliffe's boost is being attributed to women voters along with 48% who blame republicans for the government shutdown. many more factors at play last night. and here to talk about them, mark murray, politico's james and patricia murphy. thank you all for joining us. let me start with you, chris christie is still speaking here. you saw that confidence, that new jersey swagger, whatever you want to call it but also saw christie pushing the message of compromise today that not everyone gets everything they want. how does that affect his popularity or lack there of with the tea party and people he'll
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have to get past if his intention is to run for president. >> nothing better than hosting a press conference after winning a race by 22 percentage points. it must feel good to explain and talk about your message and victory. as far as what chris christie represents in 2016, we have a long time to go. we don't know how this idealogical divide playing in the republican party the last several months will continue over the next couple of years is going to play out. he does represent a strain of republicanism that is not the tea party at all. what he represents and he is very conservative, but that sometimes you need to make compromises and sometimes it benefits you to embrace the benefit of the opposition party, while still upholding what you end up believing in. what you often see from the tea party, compromise, a four letter word, should never be had. i think that is the big divide in the republican party today. >> we know we have a long way to
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go. one trend -- and we know the exit polling and we talk about this a lot, is based on trends or things we might see. one trend with chris yichristie the number with the tea party has gone down. the groups not successful with, african-americans and women, seem to be ticking up if we're looking at this snapshot today for chris christie. >> cross over appeal, demonstrated in the exit polls and nbc/wall street journal poll showing he's popular with democrats and nontea party republicans. where he runs into problems is with tea party republicans and whether or not they see him acceptable or not. that story will still be played outcome 2015, 2016, maybe in iowa and new hampshire and other states to come. >> let me play a little bit of what christie said a short time ago at this news conference. let's play it, guys. >> i think the word from last night, at least in new jersey,
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people like who i am. and like the way i govern. so i'm going to continue to be that way. i have no responsibilities other than the responsibilities i have in the state. as i implied last night, anybody can draw lessons from that, they are welcome to. >> let me ask you, if you're not doing a good job, that people would not be asking if he wants to run for president or if he would go on to be the leader of the free world. i think people also ask when they see your political ambitions on your shirt sleeve, some would argue ted cruz is not doing a great job. and we still ask if he's going to run for president. >> the show horse, workhorse dynamic here and it's absolutely can come into play. i talked to a lot of democrats very frustrated that there wasn't more national help. she was not able to land a punch on christie, able to take the victory lap and have this coronation and run up the large
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margin letting him go in conservative states and make the case to activists in iowa and south carolina that he can win national elections and make inroads with these groups. that's what the numbers are all about, giving him the key talking point which we'll hear excessantly over the next years. >> barbara buono was absolutely furious, i think is the world or greatly disappointed at the party and how she feels they were not there for her. let me play a little of what she said. >> the democratic political bosses, some elected and some not. made a deal with this governor, despite him representing everything they are supposed to be against, they didn't do it to help the state, they did it out of a desire to help themselves politically and financially. >> patricia, before i get your thoughts, i want to play with
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debbie wasserman shultz said this morning with chuck todd rartding whether there was a missed opportunity. >> if you look more closely, you can attribute this to anything more than a big personality and aftermath of hurricane sandy. you still have unemployment above the national average. you've got no coat tails at all. the voters rejected christie's opposition so the minimum wage and voted to increase it. this is a personality win, aftermath of a natural disaster win and not much more -- >> compare barbara buono to what we heard from debbie wasserman shultz. >> barbara would have loved democrats to say that before the election instead of after the election. i talked to a number of democratic national fundraisers at the beginning and asked them the same question, why are you not trying to slow down this christie train? he's going to barrel out of new jersey straight into the 2016 talk.
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they did nothing to land a punch or slow them down. democrats firmly believe that chris christie has no chance of winning the republican nomination. they said that's wasted money. if anything this was going to let republicans set up their own family feud dynamic and let christie have a fight with the tea party and let them drive themselves crazy. they do not believe christie can get out of republican territory. i don't know that to be true. democrats did also nothing to help barbara buono. the president did not endorse her. debbie wasserman shultz did go to the state but they gave her minimal resources. there will be head scratching and finger pointing later on. democrats did nothing to change that dynamic by saying with a wasserman shultz said this morning instead of on monday morning. >> let's talk about virginia, despite a victory by terry mcauliffe and we'll get the
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final numbers, the bottom line, you have some democrats wondering why this race was so close. let me read from your article on politico on why he barely won. it blunts the narrative that this was a clean win for democrats going into 2014 and guarantees an intense blame game among republicans about what might have put cuccinelli over the top there. what are the republicans saying today? >> i spent all day on the phone with republicans across the spectrum from the cuccinelli campaign to the republican establishment nbc to other outside groupz and there is a lot of finger pointing going on wouldn't necessarily have had if the race was the blowout that people suspected. but because it was within three points and the fact that cuccinelli was outspent by $15 million, there's a real sense among people who are involved in that campaign that if they would have had a couple more million dollars, they would have been able to get over the top.
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the republican national committee spent $9 million on that race in 2009. they spent less than $3 million this year. the chamber of commerce spent a million dollars helping to elect bob mcdonnell in 2009. they spent nothing on cuccinelli. there's a lot of frustration on the right that the interest in d.c. did not contribute as much as they should. >> mark, we're looking at the issues that matter most to voters in virginia, the economy at 45%, health care 27%, abortion, 20%. as it relates to that state and transportation was for, but the health care number as well, what stood out as far as this reaction to where things stand and getting the law off the ground and people signed up. >> well, there were a lot of different issues that people said it was the most important to them according to the exit poll and mentioning the health care republicans after the race tried to seize on health care and website rollout woes and everything involved with it. there's a reason why the race
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was closer than a lot of polls and first couple of waves of exit polls suggested. there's kind of a mixed bag for republicans for that. on the one hand the health care law was unpopular, 46% said they supported it. 53% opposed it. but when you go down into other numbers and mention abortion, i was struck by the fact that 61% of virginia voters and this is a swing state, says abortion should be legal. then you look at the tea party and its standing, 28% support the tea party in virginia. you can argue there were forces, even more unpopular than the health care law. the health care law became a rallying cry for republicans and that did help ken cuccinelli when it came to getting out the vote efforts. >> with women voters as well, we talked about it in the jep election and we'll continue to talk about the fact that if a party is seen as not advancing progressively, i think issues as
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it relates to women, they will be punished. >> yeah and i would love it if we had a conversation about women voters other than the day after re-election, barely talks about women voters until they are like, what do we do to not attract women voters. i think cuccinelli and the virginia republican party, he has been known to be extremely conservative, particularly on abortion and virginia republican party is the party that came in with the number of very restrictive contraception measures. women in northern virginia paid attention to that all the way up to this race. i don't know mcauliffe did a lot to help himself among women but cuccinelli, his brand was so baked into the cake, it would be hard for him to change the conversation with women going into it and please pay attention to these other items. i think particularly among single women, he lost single women by 42 points. you cannot do that with a fifth of the electorate and expect to win an election. if he had done better among
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single women, he would have had a better chance of pulling this out. >> thank you all. greatly appreciate it. coming up on "news nation" -- >> make no mistake, the people of this city have chosen a progressive path. and tonight we set forth on it. together as one city. >> bill de blasio, preparing to take the helm as first democratic mayor of new york city in 20 years and wants to bring with him and will bring with him an a progressive agenda. what he and mayor michael bloomberg talked about this afternoon in a photograph that had a lot of people talking and discussing body language. from one mayor to another. toronto's rob ford apologizes for using crack cocaine but he says, he will not step down and is there anything that can be done to force him out?
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rob ford says he's not resigning despite the admission he smoked crack cocaine and saying he probably did it in one
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of his drunken stupors, poll numbers have gone up since allegations first surfaced in may. and he held a second news conference saying he intends to run for re-election next year. >> i was elected to do a job. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing. on october 27th of 2014, i want the people of this great city to decide whether they want rob ford to be their mayor. >> joining me now live in austin been reporting on this for the new york times, joining us live from the canadian capital. thank you for joining me. ian, there is no legal path as i understand it to force rob ford out and he's not been charged with any crime at this point. where does this go? >> well, that's the million
11:20 am
dollar question in toronto right now. there could be any number of directions. there's an ongoing police investigation, very substantial police investigation, so we don't really know the status of that, whether that will affect the mayor. but if rob ford doesn't want to go, it's going to be difficult to get rid of him. counsel can probably limit his powers but can't throw him out. >> his brother is a member of council as well. other than his brother, who are his supporters and who are the people ticking the numbers up prior to this admission that he did smoke crack? >> well, i think it's important with the whole poll to look at numbers. it showed there was approval for leadership as mayor but at the same time an overwhelming who responded who wanted him out of office. where his base of support is is
11:21 am
basically a number of suburban cities amall gam ated in 1990 aerks they've not shared in the growth and prosperity the old city has seen. there's a lot of angst and anxiety in the community, rob ford was the guy who tapped into that in the last election. >> the police chief is indicating or has said there maybe a second tape here, delivered to discuss this, going back to a criminal investigation. if there is another tape and this is still ongoing, i mean, logically it would seem at this point that this really does turn into possible charges here. >> well, we have -- as you said, we have no idea what's on the second tape. the second tape there is no basis for charges. in canada the crime is possession of cocaine. a videotape that looks like he's using cocaine is just not sufficient evidence to be charged there. >> thank you very much --
11:22 am
>> but -- sorry, all of this is mired up with murders, gangs in the suburb ban part of toronto he's from. last week the guy who acts as rob ford's occasional driver, even though he was caught reading documents while driving his cadillac escalade down expressways, won't take a city driver, this guy has been charged with extortion in connection with getting the tape back. he's a known criminal whose been convicted a number of times of assault charges. >> a lot of sorted details and thank you, greatly appreciate the update there. >> thank you. when we come back, new surveillance video has been released today in the case of 17-year-old kendrick johnson's death. but why police say they don't see how his body ended up inside a rolled up gym mat despite there being cameras around the area. later he's being described
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as people's pope. now he's looking to the people for insight on where the church should go or how they feel about some of the most controversial issues facing the church. gay marriage, single parenting, and divorce. we'll take a look is he survey and show you the questions on it. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more.
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11:27 am
the case. gabe gutierrez is in georgia with the latest developments. gabe, we're waiting and you've been able to see a bit of the video. explain exactly why the camera would not have reported those last minutes there. >> reporter: tamron, has what the sheriff's office is saying, local authorities here released that video just under two hours ago and currently going through it. some -- at least one of the cameras in the gym is very blurry so things are difficult to make out. what the sheriff's department is telling us is that the cameras weren't able to pick up exactly what happened to kendrick johnson's body and how it got inside the mat. one of the cameras was motion activated and didn't record how johnson got inside the map. they said all along that the cameras did not pick up exactly what happened to johnson's body but now we're getting more detail. there are four cameras inside the gym and all are near the
11:28 am
entrance, two of them point -- pointed toward each other and other two point outwards towards the corners of the gym. jones with the sheriff's office says one of the cameras, the one pointed generally in the direction where that mat was, that the mat was too far away out of range of the camera, the motion activated camera so it did not pick up what happened to johnson's body. the georgia bureau of investigation concluded months ago that johnson died in a frequent accident when he was reaching for a shoe inside that mat. they decided that after initial autopsy, that this explanation never sat well with the family of kendrick johnson. they exhumed his body five months after his death and hired a private pathologist to conduct a second autopsy and that second autopsy concluded that johnson died from a blow to the right neck. that convinced johnson's family that someone murdered their son and that someone murdered their son and trying to cover it up. we spoke with a friend and
11:29 am
classmate of kendrick johnson who says she's very braetful that a u.s. federal prosecutor is now looking in this case. >> it gives us hope, definitely, from the very beginning we would say, you know, it's going to come out eventually. the family obviously doesn't want to be patient. they want answers now and i respect that. it's been their dedication and just unwillingness to give up that has gotten it so far. >> another development today, a judge here in southern georgia has decided to put a coroner's inquest on hold pending the outcome of the u.s. attorney's formal review of the facts. a johnson family attorney plans to appeal. >> you'll review that video and we'll have an update on the story. thank you very much. still ahead, is the tea party cooling down? last night's alabama house race put up huge implications for the
11:30 am
ultraconservative arm of the republican party. we'll get the first read on what went down in alabama. plus, the separation of church and state and why one small town in upstate new york finds itself before the supreme court. pete williams will join us with the latest. coming up in the gut check, she was ready to run for the goal. why did a high school cross country star decide to sit out of the biggest race of the season? it is our gut check. i think you'll want to hear this and chime in on this one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet?
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welcome back, new york city's mayoral race which showed one of the most progressive cities electing first democrat in 20 years. bill de blasio sat down with the man he set to replace, michael bloomberg. he won by a whopping 49 point margin declaring voters as a chosen progressive path.
11:34 am
"washington post" writes it this way, de blasio's administration will be a laboratory of sorts for modern progressivism and anti-establishment activists can effectively manage a sprawling municipal government and lesson growing in equality between the rich and poor. joining me now, mark murray. some of the people that sent out this people of bloomberg and de blasio, some of the body language. there's no love lost between the two of them. they've not had a great relationship and does mark this change in the city. >> i think there are two things going on in this election. one is the fact that you had bloomberg fatigue after him being in office for 12 years. often times when you have a change election, whether on the presidential level where somebody has been in office for eight years or new york, where may are bloomberg was in the office for 12 years, the person you often replace is the exact opposite or opposite in a lot of ways. if you were to design the
11:35 am
opposite of michael bloomberg, it would be someone like bill de blasio, progressive on economic issues, someone who comes from a mixed racial family and it will be an interesting change and of course this is the first democrat that's been elected office in new york city for that mayor al election since 1989. >> let's switch over to alabama. we talked about it yesterday, bradley burn beating dean young. and you have some today asking if in this red state, solid red, alabama, this is an indication of a cooling off people for the tea party. >> if you're the establishment, u.s. chamber of commerce, you're broejing a deep sigh of relief. it could have gone other way. byrne, the moderate ended up winning. if you're from a red state or lamar alexander from tennessee,
11:36 am
you're watching this saying i'm worried about receiving a primary challenge. you can breathe a sigh of relief. you can win but given that these are republican primaries and this is a primary runoff for this congressional race, you have much conservative voters who turn out and always have to have your guard up when you have this tea party versus establishment divide in the republican party. >> overall, what is your impression of what we saw last night? your take away for the first read team. >> take away was is goes to alabama, the republican establishment striking back, having a pretdy good night. one good night doesn't equal the entire war. we love to break down exit polls an see everything, these are off year elections and just a sliver of the population, it's fascinating to slice and dice them but we'll be going on to future elections in these races can seem like a distant memory. >> mark's reality check. love it. >> thank you very much, mark.
11:37 am
just a few hours ago u.s. supreme court heard arguments in a major first amendment case involving prayer and government meetings. at issue, whether a upstate new york town starting with a christian prayer violates the separation of suchurch and stat. joining me now, justice correspondent pete williams inside the supreme court chamber for today's arguments and also with us michael smerconish. let's talk about what happened today. i heard a couple of your reports, particularly what justice elena kagan had to say? >> it's one thing for somebody to sit in a town board meeting and the supreme court 30 years ago said there noz constitutional problem with legislative bodies opening with prayer. suppose the supreme court opened with a minister being called up by the chief justice and minister talked about the sacrifice of jesus on the cross and asked everyone to pray, would that cross the line?
11:38 am
that was -- that sort of typical of how far can you go here. the problem is that the town has history on its side. the supreme court upheld legislative prayer noting that the very first congress started it the at the same time with the bill of rights. it didn't bother the founders. they say it's different from you're sitting in a town board meeting and you're there to ask the town for something, zoning change or some policy change and if the town leads a prayer that you find offensive or don't agree with, you feel compelled to participate so you don't offend the people you're asking for something from. but the problem for the supreme court is, if that's the issue, where do you draw the line? now, number one, the supreme court showed no interest today in the easy solution to this, which would be just to say no government prayer, that's clearly not going to happen. and the court talked about a lot of possibilities, what about
11:39 am
using a system like congress has, where you tell the chaplains or whoever leads the prayer not to be offensive to any religion, to be all inclusive. some conservatives said how it is possible to be all inclusive, how do you lead a prayer that's acceptable to atheists for example? it may be that the supreme court does what it always seems to do in these cases, finds these laws impossible to draw, let's the town of greece continue with the prayer on the basis that it's always been done. >> and to your point, when you bring up atheists, one of the plaintiffs is jewish, the other is an atheist. they spoke today. let's play what they said regarding the opening the prayer and how it made them feel. >> i feel that the town has lined itself with christianity by just having christian prayer givers. when i had -- they all stood and i sat and i have 100 eyes looking at me and questioning what's going on and thinking i'm
11:40 am
being disrespectful, it does put a lot of pressure on you and makes you very uncomfortable. >> susan and i both got tret threatening letters telling us to stay away from town board meetings, to move out of the town of greece if we didn't like it. i had vandalism to my house several times. >> michael, what is your take here? >> i'm sympathetic to the plaintiff in this case. if i'm jewish and looking for a var yans and sitting there before that group and wearing a yam ka and they begin this hearing of sorts when they begin with a reference to jesus christ, i'm uncomfortable in wondering if it's going to be a fair shake. i think what the court will do is probably say, there has to be a standard but a nominational god. there needs to be clarity brought to this. they won't take the easy path, which is to say no religion whatsoever to begin a municipal
11:41 am
meeting. >> the point that michael makes, it's possible the court can do that. on the other hand, what they are saying, it's one thing when the country was 98% protestant. but now with so many different religious faiths, including nonbelievers, devil worshippers, how do you fashion a rule that's going to find a prayer that's nonoffensive to everybody? i think given the difficulty of that, certainly justice briar wants to go with michael said and maybe other liberals, but i'm not sure there are five votes to go that far. >> the justice has acknowledged the sensitive nature of what we're dealing with here and the complexity but it is again an issue particularly it's it relates to religion in this small town, may blurt out in chicago but in greece you're hearing the repercussions of this belief but the complexity that the justices face, michael.
11:42 am
>> you know, tamron, i had a radio caller who said a proper application of the establishment clause, because that's really what we're talking about here, a proper application of the establishment clause would any ses tate that the outset of a meeting like this or even of congress, there would be an announcement made to everybody, don't worry, religion will have nothing to do with what we're about to undertake. i thought that was a very unique perspective. >> that is a very unique perspective, michael. thank you very much. it's a good thought. something to chew on. pete, thank you as well. there are reports that the dolphins, miami dolphins coaching staff, get this, reportedly may have played a bigger role in the bullying allegation than first indicated. we'll have an update. a high school runner says it would have gone against her religious beliefs to run with the number 666 on her back. she requested a different number, was denied it. it is our gut check. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to.
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richie incognito speaking publicly for the first time after being accused of bullying his teammate that included racial slurs and physical threats. a reporter for nbc 7 in miami asked incognito about these allegations. >> i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this will pass. >> meanwhile, the florida sun sentinel reports that miami dolphins coaches asked incognito to toughen you have teammates back in spring. ker kerry, has the team responded to the report that they asked this guy to toughen up his teammate? >> reporter: they have not. but we'll probably get that opportunity in a couple of hours here because this is a routine
11:47 am
day where they allow the dolphins to come in and speak to not only the players and locker room but also to the coach, will be available to answer the direct question, which is did you or did members of your staff ask incognito to quote, toughen up martin here. if he did, the following question, will be who was monitoring to determine whether the toughening up went from hazing and ritual sort of like typical traditional institutional sort of initiations to what is now being investigated by the nfl, which may be an allegation of bullying. >> as far as incognito is concerned, you said there he's going to weather this storm here. is the union fighting this battle for him? how is he trying to weather the storm given he doesn't know his future? >> well, right now he doesn't know the future. he is suspended and not getting paid. he's on a $4 million contract. but he did take delivery of a
11:48 am
new ferrari yesterday. we saw him coming in and out of his ferrari. his professional career, that will take some time. the nfl is doing the investigation, this is not an internal dolphins investigation. and -- fairly represented here. so it may change the complex gs in it turns out incognito was following leadership orders from the dolphins organization and hearing from the coaches saying toughen him up. whereas, there may be no excuse for what multiple sources have told various espn, and associated press, what was said on a phone call left on a voice mail where incognito allegedly used the "n" word and then said allegedly to martin, you're just a rookie, i'm going to kill you. the investigation will take time. >> it makes you wonder if it
11:49 am
involves staffers, if it turns into the bounty gate with the saints. pope francis is making waves by launching an unprecedented survey asking the world's catholics their opinions on a number of issues long thought to be off-limits. such as gay marriage, birth control and divorce. some of the questioners sent to parishes around the globe include things like what pastoral attention can be gechb to people in live in same sex unions. in the case of unions of persons with the same sex with adopted children, what can be done in light of transmitting faith? the survey comes on the heel of the comments back in september you may recall, that the church is too focused on things like gay marriage and abortion. joining me now, the executive director of new waves ministry who welcomes the pope's moves. thank you for your time. >> glad to be here, thank you.
11:50 am
>> let's talk about the questions on this survey, one of the other said do the divorce and remarry feel marginalized or suffer from the possibility of receiving the sacrament. what do you make of that question alone? >> i think pope francis has shown that he wants to reach out to divorced and remarried people who feel alienated from the church. there are a variety of catholics who feel alien ated because of anty quaited teachings about gender and relationships. >> what do you believe the pope will do with the answers? are we looking at a change or is this some of the places have the suggestions and feedback, you give the feedback but never know what happens with it? >> i think it would be a big mistake if the bishops don't start listening to the people and the pews. and the bishop including the
11:51 am
pope. the catholic touch teachers that they have a right and duty to speak on matters of their competence, the things they know best about. and who knows best about marriage and family and relationships than the people in the pews who are living these realities every day. so the pope and the bishops would be very foolish if they don't listen to the people this time. >> this is as i mentioned has been called revolutionary, extraordinary. again, we say it's a surprise, but we've now said that multiple times regarding this pope and his leadership. but we see a clear pattern here as you pointed out in the way he reaches out to the people and continues to remind us that the church -- they are the people and not the structure or the buildings. >> that's right. this pope does have an awareness that the lay people in the
11:52 am
church have just as much legitimate voice in the church as the hierarchy and priest. they live the faith every day and they live it faithfully. and they live it in real ways. and this pope has shown that he is very concerned, not just with the trappings of the church but with the way the faith is lived in people's lives. >> thank you so much. it's a great pleasure to speak with you today. thank you again. >> coming up, it's our gut check, now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think.
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. kentucky high school student packer was scheduled to run in her regional cross country competition when she received the race number 666. even though she had been training for months, she dropped out of the race because she said
11:56 am
her conscious would not let her do it. officials from the race refused to give her a new number. a spokesperson from the school says if they had known her request was based on religious beliefs they would have changed the number. what if she didn't want the number just because? anyway, what is it your gut tell you? should officials have allowed her to change the number and why do they have number 666 anyway? that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall, "the cycle" is up next. announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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12:00 pm
here to dissect the dig plays from decision 2013. we could see two more on bended knee before the month is out. see, it does get better. >> all of that plus in honor of this hour for the only tsa agent ever to be killed in the line of duty. we'll take you to lax for the moving ceremony coming up here on "the cycle." we will get to last night's election results shortly. right now president obama is headed to dallas. he plans to thank obama care volunteers trying to he had indicate americans about their option. a quarter of texas residents are uninsured and texas famously declined to accept funding to accept medicaid. today in washington, the white house point person on ensuring the program


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