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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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people still show up undecided. as long as they show up, we're happy to talk to him. >> who knows? polls are open, people are voting. anything can happen. >> on "andrea mitchell reports," super tuesday. voters heading to the polls on this important decision day across the country. in virginia the race for governor has been crowded with high-profile surrogates stumping for terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli. today it's all about who supporters turn out to vote. in the garden state governor chris christie is aiming to run up the score in his re-election bid and there are 312 races for mayor today including the election to replace new york city mayor michael bloomberg after two years in office. every race covered including what tonight's winners and losers could forecast for each party's future. >> you watch what's going to happen tomorrow. i absolutely believe what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation.
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i had all kinds of folks whispering in my ear today. i'm a democrat. don't tell anybody, i'm voting for you. >> we'll dig deeper into that. also president obama will never be on another ticket but he says he's not done stumping yet. >> i have run my last political campaign. but i'll tell you what, i've got one morecambe pain in me. the campaign to make sure this law works for every single person in america. >> after a month of stumbles, president obama is trying a new tack to turn around public opinion of the glitch-filled website. marilyn tavenner who managed the rollout said fixes on track to have the site running smoothly by the end of the month deadline. will it be enough to convince users to log on again?
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>> i think it's very confusing. i know my time is up. i think it's very confusing about where you go. we hear about navigators. i can tell you people really don't know. >> a very happy election day to you. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. we're watching two big races on election day that could provide a blueprint for what to do and what not to do in major political contests to come. joining me for our daily fix chris cillizza, host of "in play." tim russert and editor mark murray. thanks for being here this afternoon. luke, i want to start with you in virginia. polls showing a close race.
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mcauliffe has a little bit of a lead there. it all depends on turnout. what are you seeing so far? >> indeed, kristen, turnout is the name of the game in the commonwealth of virginia. so far in the precinct in mclane virginia, quite a wealthy enclave, which has definitely leaned democratic in the last few years, turnout is about normal, 20 to 20% race. pretty much on path to what you see in a governor's race. various reports around the area, some in arlington county show a more robust turnout. hearing about that, cuccinelli strongholds on the southwest part of the state. from various operatives in both camps trig to work the reps a little bit, better than we expected. we won't know until the polls closed. from where i am specific i can tell you it's average. why is turnout so important? terry mcauliffe wants to win the governor's race in off year election needs to turn out high-density urban areas like northern virginia, like richmond
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k like the areas around norfolk. that's where he's really trying to. cuccinelli wants shenandoah, roanoke, conservative red areas. this will come down to the swing counties we've always said, prince william, wood ridge. get out the vote effort comes anywhere close to what president obama was able to achieve in 2012, democrats should be all right. as of right now from where we see, it's slow but steady. from where i am, nothing extraordinary nonetheless, kristen. >> chris, i want to turn to you. luke says turnout so but steady. as you know, the virginia governor race has gotten negative. mcauliffe far outspent cuccinelli. this race that big national implications, doesn't it? >> yes, because it's virginia. this has been one of the emergent swing states over the last eight years of presidential elections. barack obama when he won virginia in 2008 was the first
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democrat to win virginia at the presidential level since lyndon johnson. that tells you where virginia was for those decades. he won in 2008 with 53, 2012 with 51. both state senators are now democrats. if terry mcauliffe wins today, polls suggest he will as you say, he'll be the third out of the last four governor of the state. it's a very interesting changing state. a lot of population growth. luke mentioned prince william, loudoun, fairfax county these used to be exurban. growth has been huge there, largely in democrats favor. it's why you've seen virginia become more and more important in national elections. every republican with an eye on 2016 and every democrat will be watching closely county by county returns tonight. >> mark, we are also watching
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new jersey very closely as well. governor chris christie has a electronic lead there. he wants to run up those numbers, though. can he do it, get the above 50% he's looking for? talk about what his message has been over the last several weeks and what that means. >> all the polls show chris christie is going to have a good night, well in excess of 50%. what he's trying to do is replicate what george w. bush did when he was running for re-election in 1998. when you run up a big margin and do well in the exit polls with i understand, opposition party, minority voters, later on the campaign trail chris christie decides to do so and says, look, i did well in a blue state like new jersey with african-americans, latinos, independents, all with an electability card he might be able to play in a run for presidency. his message, i want to run up the score. democrats, please vote for me. i'm doing this in new jersey. he's not really running as a republican, christie.
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he's not saying please lebt all these republican state legislators along with me, not only the campaign trail making this about obama care. he's about trying to make this the biggest spread he can get, the most inclusive victory with an eye on 2016. >> mark, i want to turn to health care. president obama was out talking about it. we know mrs. tavenner is on the hill today testifying. she says they will have results by next week. but president obama last night came out and he really broke with this if you like your plan you can keep it. a little bit different last night. listen to what he had to say. >> now, if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. >> mark, that's not exactly what he said.
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is this a messaging problem for the white house? >> they got busted, i think deservedly so for leaving out that qualifier. it is important to it a step back. president obama said if you like your insurance you can coop it. that does apply to the majority of the people with health insurance, whether from your employer or people who don't have health insurance at all. where he was wrong and the qualification he left out was regarding that 5 to 6% in the private health insurance market. a lot of the good reporting pointed out, some people worse off, some better off. president obama has really tried to go back at that qualification issue. it's really dogged him. i'm not sure this goes up to the level of president clinton, i did not have sex with that women or bush's weapons of mass destruction in iraq. they have to get to the bottom of it and fix it fast. they don't have just the website to fix but the messaging problem as well. >> mark, chris, luke, thank you so much for being here this afternoon. appreciate it. virginia senator mark werner served as the state's governor. he joins us now as his
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constituents head to the polls. thanks for joining me. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, kristen. >> senator, when you were governor of your state, george w. bush won it handily. now after two wins for president obama and an expected victory by terry mcauliffe, is there a permanent shift going on in what was a swing state? is it turning more blue. >> i think virginia is a toss-up state, fiscally conservative and socially moderate. i think the contrast in this race was virginians seeing the kind of obstruction that took place in washington. we're saying lets stay with the mainstream candidate, terry mcauliffe. the republican ticket i think candidly reflects republicans i work with as governor. way outside. tea party before tea party was cool. i think virginians are saying we don't want that kind of extremism whether it's in
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washington or richmond. >> to that point, senator, you bring up the point of extremism. two years ago terry mcauliffe couldn't get 30% in a democratic gub torp primary. why is he the right choice? is this more about rejecting the tea party and ken cuccinelli? >> i think terry spent the last four years traveling around virginia learning more about the commonwealth. i think he's ready to govern. i think one of the interesting criticisms made of terry was that he was a business guy and knew how to get a deal done. candidly where i work having a few more works who could get a deal done, having more people to read a balance sheet i think is a good thing. i think folks across virginia recognize that. >> how has turnout been so far? what are you hearing? >> i heard early reports. i can tell you where i voted in alexandria, turnout heavier than normal. the commentators earlier said, it's a little bit episodic. i think we'll do as well if not slightly better than we did four
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years ago for turnout. with that i think it will be a good night for terry and the ticket. >> i want to switch to the president's health care website, a as lawmaker with a business background, how surprised are you by these failures of the website? you've heard the administration say they are going to get it fixed by the end of the month. do you anticipate they will be able to do that? >> i was disappointed. the fact you had all these different vendors, cms, medicaid, medicare trying to be -- my background telecom. somebody should have said time-out earlier. they brought in jeff zients, earlier omb, great business background. i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt to get it fixed by the end of november. candidly it's a black eye. if it gets fixed and becomes more user friendly, i think it will fade. end of the day it's going to
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provide better health care for more americans. i can tell you in virginia we've got about 400,000 people eligible for medicaid, 50000,000 that would be eligible for health care subsidies. i think getting more people bought system should actually in the long run actually lower costs. otherwise folks are accessing health care through the emergency room, which i can tell you as somebody who started the virginia health care foundation is the most expensive and inefficient way to access the health care system. >> senator, as you know, this has turned into much more than a problem with just the website. this is also a political problem for this administration. how much concern is there, how much concern are you hearing about from your caucus numbers about those tough races some of them are facing in 2014? >> i think folks are concerned. i think we've got to see the website has got to get fixed. we've got to see how this rollout goes. i think people if they tart to get health care at an affordable price and the system starts to
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click in come the middle of next year i think this will be in the rearview mirror. if the problems continue it will be an issue relitigated. i can tell you there are parts of the health care law that need to be fixed, 30 hours a week, whether you're a full-time employeee oar not, something i've pointed out for some time. you've got to have other folks who want to try to fix and improve it rather than relitigate the whole issue. >> senator as you know, some of your colleagues are calling for the enrollment deadline to be extended. do you agree with that? should that deadline be extended given these glitches in the the challenge with that, if you roll back this process, you really run into problems about if it does fit together, run into problems of real implementation this year. i've not signed onto efforts. i want to see over the next couple of weeks can we get this website relaunched, see the take up rate go up dramatically.
10:15 am
if we hit the numbers we'll be fine. if we don't long-term success of the program is important to me and not setting up a system that's not going to be able to kind of numerically work would be a problem. >> senator mark werner, i know it's going to be a busy day for you. thanks for taking time to join us. >> thank you, kristen. >> as voters head to the polls on super tuesday, we'll have much more special election day coverage coming up. joining me next new jersey senator bob menendez. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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it's been almost a year since the senate rejected a u.n. treaty that would adopt international standards for people with disabilities. john kerry, then senator and chair of the foreign relations
10:19 am
committee was on this show just of a the treaty was voted down and he spoke to andrea mitchell about his disappointment. take a listen. >> we begin with fallout from senate vote that seemed to underscore everything wrong with capitol hill, senate rejection for treaty to guarantee equal rights for people with disables. the floor manager john kerry called it one of his saddest days in his years in the senate, which he says is broken and dysfunctional. senate of foreign relations committee john kerry joins me now. >> yesterday was as i described it, just a very sad day for the senate. fear triumphed and politics triumphed, not legitimate concerns of people with disabilities that want to travel abroad. >> you live to vote another day. this treaty is not dead forever, it just stopped yesterday. we're going bring this treaty
10:20 am
back. >> the new chair of the senate relations committee will hold a treaty this afternoon hoping for ratification this time around. another year, another outcome? joining me is senator bob menendez. thank you for joining me, senator. >> good to be with you, kristen. >> voted against by five votes. what's the difference this time around. have you secured the votes needed for passage? >> we're not there yet but a few votes away. we've done several things. number one, some of the objections of members was the treaty was brought up in a lame-duck session. well, we're not going to do that this time. that issue is gone. i think we've broadened the universal support, veterans community, vfw, american legion and other tremendous veterans rights groups advocating for the treaty. we've got a series of republican
10:21 am
colleagues, senator mccain, and others engaged to pass the treaty. my hope is the confluence of all that brings us to a successful vote when we come to the floor. >> just to be clear, you say you're a few votes away. how many would you say, three? >> no. probably around five to six, because some of the people obviously retired from the last vote, last session of congress. but i look at that as a very plausible goal, because when so many people said the reason they were voting against the treat y was because it was brought up in a lame-duck session, that is no longer the case. unless there's some new basis for opposition, i think we should be able to the the votes to get there. we're going to work very hard to do that we're working with disability advocacy community, veterans community and business community who understands the importance as
10:22 am
well of american leadership in the world, creating standards in the world. we already lead, we're the gold standard in the world. this is about being able to create a global leadership so an american with disability, 58 million americans and 5.5 million veterans can travel anywhere in the world and more likely have the same accessibility standards they enjoy in the united states. >> senator, i want to get to what some of your critics are saying, what you call misconception, treaty could lead to united nations commission which orders parents about how to care for disabled children. others argue that adopting these international standards could actually strain our sovereignty. so what do you say to those critics and to that criticism? >> i think we will at the hearing today clearly debunk those arguments. i think there's a lot of reason for politics and fundraising people have pursued within their organizations. the treaty does nothing to subvert american sovereignty.
10:23 am
if anything we're already the gold standard in the world, americans with disabilities act, case law and other legislation. what it gives us is the opportunity to lead the world and to have our standards be replicated throughout the world and to make our citizens with disabilities be able to access travel abroad for business, for their jobs, for recreation, for promoting advocacy for disabilities and people in the world. so it does nothing to subvert american sovereignty. it doesn't do anything to subvert the rights of a parent as it relates to their child, to home school their child, all of that is totally untouched by the treaty. ultimately we will include in something we call reservations, understandings and declarations, which is a statement as to when we ratify a treaty, any treaty, what is our understanding as it relates to that treaty. that supersedes any of these
10:24 am
concerns. this is not a valid concern. >> senator, i know this is going to take up much of your attention today. as you know, there's also a big election in your state today. governor chris christie gearing up to try to run up the percentage he's going to get. how much of a percentage do you think he could actually walk away with and what do you think the election says about christie as a potential candidate for 2016. >> i don't know. we'll see what the turnout is. by the same token, there's a ballot question about raising the minimum wage in the state that has overwhelming support the governor opposes. i'm not sure we'll tell by the election. what this does exhibit is the fight for the soul of republican party, between someone conservative with chris christie but not tea party oriented. those tea party oriented will see him as not conservative enough. that's ultimately the difference in what you'll see in new jersey and virginia. >> all right. senator bob menendez, thank you
10:25 am
so much. we appreciate it. we will have much more on that election in the garden state coming up next. but first there's no question football players play up their tough guy personas on the field. now one player is being accused of taking it a little too far and bullying one of his fellow teammates off the field. the dolphins suspended offensive lineman richie incognito for sending racially charged e-mails and texts to raymond martin. he left last week after a cafeteria prank. he says bullying has been going on 18 months. now dolphins are asking the nfl to investigate. >> i will tell you if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. i have that obligation to
10:26 am
players i coach on a daily basis and i'll do that. >> that from the head coach. today the nfl players association responded to the incident with a statement that reads in part, quote, we expect that the nfl and its clubs create a safe and professional workplace for all players and that owners, executives, coaches and players should set the best standards and examples. it is the duty of this union to hold the clubs and teams accountable for safety and professionalism in the workplace. we'll be back after a quick break.
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november weather. good to see you. >> we feel good about where we are. we've got work to do. this is our third stop of the day. we'll do four more before
10:30 am
tonight and i'll work tomorrow. >> that was chris christie optimistically campaigning in new jersey yesterday and having some fun with our own chuck todd. given the polls, it looks like christie has every right to be optimistic in this gubernatorial race that's been very much in the national spotlight. joining me now is steve kornacki, host of up with steve kornacki. thanks for being here today. >> sure. glad to be here. >> he has covered new jersey politics as well as chris christie, he's a savant in this matter. that's why we have him here today. the the polls are giving him a clear lead. how important is it that chris christie win today but that he win big today? >> in terms of the party in new jersey, there's some question how big the win is for the republican party of new jersey. there's a question of legislative coattails.
10:31 am
the democrats control state assembly in new jersey. could a big chris christie win carry in republicans, maybe give them control of one of those chambers? it seems unlikely it will happen. a lot has to do with the nature of the campaign chris christie has run. christie has not taken immense population in new jersey. not taken likelihood of a 20, 25-point within and said to voters not only do you need to re-elect me but a republican legislature. if i have a republican legislature i'll do x, y, z for you. what he's done is run a campaign that acknowledges this is a blue state, a democratic state. hey, i know you guys would just generally rather vote for democrats. but here is why i'm the one republican you can feel okay voting for. in addition to that one of the dirty secrets of chris christie governorship, one of the reasons he's been able to get through democratic legislature is he's made deals, alliances with democratic bosses. a big boss, george norcross,
10:32 am
there are potentially vulnerable state legislative in couple bandi -- incumbents and chris christie has touched them because he doesn't want to ruin that alliance. >> you pointed out he has run as a moderate far ahead of the polls of his challenger. out on the campaign trail with him, asked about his strategy. take a listen. >> governor, any concerns about tea party conservatives not being supportive of you as you reach out to democrats? >> i think what you're going to find with tomorrow night's results you don't have to worry about that. you appeal to everybody. we'll get huge republican support, 94, 95% at least. it hasn't affected us here at all and i don't think it will affect me or politics anywhere in the country because people want to get things done. >> steve, i know it's new jersey and it's a blue state.
10:33 am
still, what does this say to the tea party and broader republican party? >> i'm one of those i might be in the minority on this. i think the whole idea of chris christie -- this idea of chris christie the moderate republican who is going to be absolute nonstarter with the tea party right and republican party, i think that might be overstated a little bit. i think christie's moderation to the extent he's seen and perceived as a moderate, a lot is stylistic. a lot has to do -- a lot has to do with the fact he embraced president obama at the heart of superstorm sandy in new jersey. i think when you get down to it and look at christie's positions on the issues, think back a few years when rudy giuliani was running on the republican side trying to pass off with the republican base. ruddy giuliani, pro-choice, gun control, out front calling for immigration reform. if you look at those issues, hot button issues to the tea party right to the conservative movement what really stands out
10:34 am
about chris christie is he checks off their boxes. this is a governor overwhelmingly re-elected in a blue state who calls himself pro-life. this is a governor opposed to gay marriage. a governor not out there on gun control like ruddy giuliani is. chris christie has an opportunity to pivot to the national stage and pick-off a lot -- i'm not going to say he's the candidate of the tea party. he's going to have problems there. embracing president obama is going to give you problems with the tea party. i don't think he's nearly as much of a nonstarter with them as people seem to believe. >> fascinating. thank you, steve kornacki, we appreciate it. >> sure. >> in an absolutely stunning statement today tron mayor rob ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine. the mayor's admission comes after months of a controversy over a video showing him smoking the drug. ford looked forward yesterday to making mistakes. in the interview ford admitted
10:35 am
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random shooting have become autumn too common especially as of late. nevada, l.a.x. this past friday, another shooting in denver on saturday. just last night the latest in a new jersey mall. here is part of a report filed by nbc's ron allen. >> reporter: new jersey's garden state mall is a suburban shoppers paradise. more than 300 stores, household names. last night hundreds of police responded to the nightmarish 911
10:39 am
records of a gunman stalking the mall and opening fire. police identified the gunman as 20-year-old richard shoop, unemployed, from a nearby town and said he carried a modified rifle that looked like an ak-47, a legal weapon, authorities said, that shoop had stolen from his brother. police said the gunman had the opportunity to shoot at people in the mall but didn't. he fired at least six times. inside confusion and chaos as many fled and escaped as store managers barricaded themselves and customers inside. police say shoop's body was found in a back room area behind the part of the mall that's under construction. >> ron allen joins me now from the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey. thanks for joining me. two things strike me. firstish it's incredible no one was woundeded. second, similarities to what happened in kenya overwhelming. shoppers must have been terrified. >> they were, by all accounts.
10:40 am
we spoke to people late last night. it was just a crazy scenario. thousands of people tried to run out of the mall. hundreds of them stayed behind. protocol, what the security officers did was try to get people to shelter in place, in stores. barricades came down. people hiding in bathrooms and locked offices for three or four hours before someone came to find them. in kenya, a much different scenario. there four gunman opened fire, killed more than 60 people. here the gunman seemed intent on taking his own life only. he had the opportunity to fire and kill people, police said, but he never did. most of the shots were fired into the air, fired high. so miraculous, no one else was injured except the gunman, a situation that obviously could have been so much worse. >> ron, do we know anything else about the suspect? i'm sure police are looking into his past and what led to this.
10:41 am
>> 20 years old from a nearby town. police said he had some kind of drug problem. apparently had run ins with the law. his family has spoken, never saw this coming. they are devastated, can't explain what happened. there didn't seem to be a motive, at least as police could tell. he seemed intent on taking his own life, on not leaving alive, as they put it. perhaps committing suicide, suicide by cop as it's called, and he wanted to be killed. no clue what was going on in his mind. obviously whenever something like this happens, it doesn't make any sense. the bottom line, here at this mall, it's a huge place as you can see from the pictures earlier, the authorities are saying protocols, training worked in this case. they are saying so many people sheltered in place, s.w.a.t. teams arrived, coordinated response that saved lives. again, miraculous that everybody
10:42 am
here got out safely. >> indeed. ron allen, that you so much for that report. coming up, we'll have more special super tuesday election coverage. big races for governor in new jersey and virginia are capturing a lot of attention. but it's a busy day all across the country. here is a breakdown by the numbers. 312 mayoral races, 236 state legislative seats up for grabs. 31 ballot measures in six states on issues ranging from education to gambling and even marijuana. there could be many firsts to watch out for tonight. it could be the first time since 1973 when the party that controls the white house wins virginia's gubernatorial race. watch new jersey. it could be the first time since 1985 when a statewide republican candidate gets more than 50% of the vote. in new york city, it could be the first time a democratic mayor will inhabit the mansion since 1989.
10:43 am
and the first time since the early 1990s that boston has a new mayor. an action filled election night tonight. stay with us. coming up, reading the tea leaves. what the outcomes in the races in virginia and new jersey could forecast for gop. you don't want to miss it. clients are always learning more
10:44 am
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10:47 am
are these two races in total sending a broader message that voters could be rejecting the tea party? >> i think certainly in the purple states, in these swing states being a tea party conservative is not enough to win on its own. you have to forge coalitions. in virginia they have had difficulty doing that. when christie is winning in very dark blue new jersey by double digits and you're losing in virginia, you have to say maybe something is wrong with the model and we need to look at a different coalition. >> michael, i want to turn to you and talk about chris christie, obviously hoping to run up the margins tonight, hoping to send a broader message nationally. the question is always can he win in iowa, can he win in south carolina? is christie a strong candidate in a primary? >> i think he is for a whole lot of reasons given what he's been able to accomplish and the relationships he has forged across the aisle in a state like new jersey. i want to be -- i think folks
10:48 am
need to be a little bit careful in extrapolating into 2016 what we see happen here tonight regardless of the margin of victory. impressive, yes, and important but i don't think it's a bellwether of where the party is going to go or where the party needs to go. i think it's in its own right says a lot about how governor like christie governs and can win. there are examples we can take from that. i think we need to be careful because a republican primary is not the same as running in a general election in new jersey, number one. number two, he has no opposition here. so at the end of the day, the voters don't have a real test of christie's policies and his governance up against a formidable opponent in a blue state. that's a very different dynamic when you run against a candidate that not even the president is willing to come into the state to campaign for for his own party. i think we want to take it in
10:49 am
measure it over time how this plays out, how christie translates the success in a broader republican primary as a lesson for how to win. >> tom, michael says we need to be measured, careful not to draw too much from these results. still i want to point out something that our colleagues from first read raise, the center for americans politics or changing demographics like virginia. what are the lessons for the republican party on this election day, do you think? are there broader implications for 2016? >> i would say to my friend michael steele i don't want to read too much into it. the reason he didn't have stronger opposition is democrats didn't think they could win. he has a good governance model. you take that and compare it to the governance modelled in virginia at least in this election, it's very clear which one is going to be likely to triumph in a state with changing demographics in a swing state. in a red state may be a
10:50 am
different formula, republican primaries a different formula. for republicans to be competitive they have to carry states like virginia. you're not going to do that can a hard right stance. it has to be a more inclusive party to be competitive at the state at the state level. >> i want to put this question to both of you, after the 2012 presidential election, you had reince priebus say we need a better job reaching out to women and minorities and latinos. do you think the party is doing a good enough job of that? ken cuccinelli is losing by double digits when it comes to women's vote, heading into today. that might change after election day. but still, he hasn't closed that gap yet that we saw in the presidential race. >> i will agree with that and the point about broadening the party's appeal and making sure you have a message that resonates across the line. the national party can do more to help that argument made not just in putting a lot of money in the race, which they did, put
10:51 am
about 3 million plus into the cuccinelli race. but it's what we're saying and how it's been received by voters that matters most. we're still failing on that point. there's more bottom to hit there before we begin to figure out what the tone and message is. maybe chris christie is a model for that. other governors around the country, republican governors can be good models, scott walker, kasich in ohio will present a good model as well. the examples are there. whether the party gets behind that and puts it out front, remains to be seen. >> quickly, is ideology trumping these practical political fix snz. >> i don't think there's any question about it, particularly when you have a convention state, ideology trumps any strategy on this. most voters are left out. narrow band of voters deciding the nominees and that makes for in this case a ticket that's going to be having a difficult time tonight, i'm afraid. >> thanks to both of you.
10:52 am
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours, chris cillizza is back with us. tom coburn, senator tom coburn is being treated for prostate cancer and hopes to be back at work soon. what are you hearing on this point? >> not much other than he is a medical doctor himself. i believe this is a recurrence. i believe he has had cancer, prostate cancer before. i'm not 100% sure. hopes and prayers with the senator, obviously. >> that is accurate, he has had it before and we wish him a speedy recovery. chris, i want to turn to the election. what are your big predictions, for new york, virginia and new jersey? >> i feel strongly that bill de blasio will be the next mayor of new york. the only question is does he get over 70%. chris christie we know is going
10:56 am
to win. when you look at the results, think of him talking about 2016, independents winning democrats, going to win republicans. virginia, watch the attorney general's race, that's going to be the closest statewide on the ballot. >> thanks, chris. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'll see you back here tomorrow. tamron hall has a look at what's next on "news nation." happy election day to you. >> thank you very much. great job today. in our next hour, more coverage on why the races tonight in virginia, new york city and alabama do in fact matter to all of us. plus, breaking news out of canada, the mayor of toronto, ron ford, admitting today that he in fact did smoke crack cocaine. this admission coming after many denials and police saying he was caught on tape. we'll play his reaction to all of this news. plus, growing calls for miami dolphins player for
10:57 am
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got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks, mom. "news nation" is following what could be a rough night for the tea party, as voters head to the polls for election. but the results could reverberate throughout this country and have huge implications down the line. the two most closely watched races today in new jersey and virginia, where voters are picking their next governor. the stakes are the highest in virginia where republican ken cuccinelli is hoping for a victory that would be a referendum on the president's health care law. while democra


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