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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." chuck todd is straight ahead with "the daily rundown." have a great weekend. >> jaw dropping. that's how our pollsters describe the political plummet as a result of the government shut down and the communication break down to find a solution. will that harsh reality put things on a faster track to deal with the president? he talked to republicans late yesterday. what does a default look like? today's deep dive into the melt down of 2001. one of the shocking examples in recent years of what a default looks like and how it becomes a colossal collapse. it's friday, october 11th, 2013th. i'm chuck todd. let's get to the first read of the morning. the crisis becoming. republicans on the south level
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have been trying to come up with a way to get out of the box they put themselves in and do it with a tiny bit of dignity after two weeks, it's a different tone from house republicans. they described the meeting as productive. even if no final decisions were made. >> we had a very useful meeting. it was terrifying for both sides as to where we are. and the take away for me was our teams are going to be talking further tonight. >> we agreed to try with the conditions related to the shut down. >> no one here wants to default on our nation's debt. opening the government is a negotiation that will happen tonight. in the hours ahead. we hope to have it open by monday morning. >> probably tuesday morning.
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monday is a federal holiday, but it's coming. house republicans floated a deal hoping that would be enough. throughout the white house meeting, i am told the president made it clear he was not and he pressed to reopen the government. he does not want to be an impediment, but doesn't want to make it easy for them either. if you are a republican, the encouraging sign was the president made it clear if they agree to end the shut down, she willing to grant them a concession, but a concession he said would have to be something he would have probably given them anyway during the larger budget negotiations. that's what republicans are looking for. that type of concession. why are republican leaders anxious to find a way out? it's our new "wall street journal" poll they did last night at 6:30 and it is a shock wave that shows the shut down has been a unmitigated political disaster for the gop. these are jaw dropping numbers, the kind of numbers you only see
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once or twice in a time. the government shut down rattled the public, producing massive pessimism and a collapse in economic confidence. 14% believe the country is headed in the right direction only matched by the collapse of lehman brothers. the closest thing we have to a great depression in modern memory. it's a political depression. 17% believe the economy will get better in the next 12 months. 65% of americans believe they are doing harm to the economy and in three say it is impacted their lives. that's nearly twice the number who said the same thing in the 1995 shut down. this is personalized. when we followed up with the people, to say who the shut down had a personal impact. they ask them to tell us more specifically. why did it have a personal impact? a mississippi democrat said that. congress can't come to an
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agreement to do their job which we sent them to do. i am prayerful for a resolution. a california independent whose husband is deployed in afghanistan said the fact that we have to be deployed and not ready blows my mind. i'm crossing my fingers my husband comes home alive. my benefits for my dead husband, 100% disabled, he passed away and now it's up in the air. ohio republican said this. my friend grad krauted from marine camp and they friend took leave to say it was canceled. we will not get a paycheck. it is federal pay. the mortgage is due. they said i am on disability and may not receive my disability. i do not receive my food stamps and my son works for the state. if they don't get this mess right now, he may lose his job. republicans are the losers and it's not even close. about the only good news for the republicans in the poll is it's october 2013 and not october
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2014. more folks blame congressional republicans for the shut down than the president. 70% of all responded including 40% of republicans believe congressional republicans are putting their own political agenda of what is good for the country. 51 said the same of president obama. 53% of a negative view of the party in the survey. the worst rating for the republicans in this poll's nearly 25-year history. that has given democrats a boost. they lead by eight poipts. which party should control congress. that's the largest lead democrats have had since 2009. if it were october 2014 and not october 2013, they can flip control of the house. just about the only yellow flag is this. 43% disagree with the president's refusal to negotiate unless the government is reopened and the debt ceiling is
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raised. that's the only talking point that appears to have had any resonance. >> joining me now, the men behind the numbers. fred yang, pollster bill mac hunter. bill, i want to start with you. you, fred, and peter seem to have the same reaction to the poll. you were stunned by it. explain in more than in terms of the numbers. we have seen the numbers very decisive as far as the public is concerned. what made it jaw dropping to you? >> in polling, numbers don't change very quickly. american attitudes are stable. this is a rare event, five or times in my career where members were transformed over two or three weeks. we are americans first. this is a very grim set of numbers in terms of how people feel about the impact it will have on our economy. it's disheartening. >> back into the details of the
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fall, it is looking at that right direction, wrong track number. in ten americans think we are on the wrong track and tied for the lowest or highest negative direction of the country that we reported in our nearly 25-year history. the only other time it hit that number was the lehman great recession. does this tell us we are in a great political depression? >> arguably, last month it was 62%. that's not happy days are here again. we have been in that for a long time and for all of us it is not just a 78%. it's the increase and a lot happened in the country in the 25 years we have been doing the survey. to have that drop that quickly over this event, i think it magnifies what bill said how stunning this is. >> we did word clouds. we asked people to give us their
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descriptions of how you think each side is handling this budget standoff. let me put up the president's word cloud. the biggest word that pops out is poorly and the second biggest is standing strong for what he believes. >> i think poorly reflects on everyone in washington by the mere fact that we have a shut down. that doesn't make anybody look good. as you referenced in the poll results, there is a sense right now, a strong sense that the republicans are doing this more for politics than principal. therefore the president is seeing there is more principal after him. >> he as a positive word or phrase that you can read. let me put up the republican word cloud. the biggest word that jumps out is poorly. after that the ones that jump out are terribly, childish, not
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very well. standing strong for what they believe, you almost need a magnifying glass for that. >> part of this is structural. the president of the united states versus the caucus. hundreds of individuals. number two is the refuse to how people receive how republicans have handled this. the main point is romeo and juliette. in this fall, believe me, there is no grace for anybody in washington, d.c. that's the long-term once again terrible consequence as we ton erode people's confidence in institutions and how they work. >> the president's job rating picked up. i think we have gone two or three polls in a row where fewer than 80% of democrats were approvi approving. his numbers went up and is it all democrats? >> it is mostly if largely democrat. this crisis right now has
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hardened the partisan basis with respect to the president. he was in the high 70s approval the last couple of falls which is pretty darn good. as a result of the shut down, he is now in the mid 80s with democrats. i think again, that's part of what is going on here. for the average independent swing voter out there, this is in some respect a partisan fight. the partisans are lining up. >> the republican party while there is unity and the democrats seem to be rallying around the president, you don't see that in the republican party. there is two distinct republicans that we have now. 44% of republicans identify themselves as tea partiers. 45% do not. they view this very differently. when you look at negative readings, tea party republicans feel better about the republican party. they have been taking a tougher stance, but none of the tea
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party republicans have a higher negative rating of the republican party. when it comes to the image of the tea party, 85-2, positive negative. hmong non-tea party republicans, 43% have a negative rating. this is the conflict in your party right now. >> we have a coalition. by the way, those numbers among tea party republicans are not new. we had these all year long. some things unite republicans. number one, they are more likely as a group to say we should defund obama care and overwhelmingly they disapprove of the position not to negotiate. that notion that the president said he is will not negotiate at all, that's not the way the checks and balances are designed. that's the thing that pulls republicans to try to create one. he is the party response. >> one of the things that bill used the phrase boomerang effect
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that had on the poll, the image of the health care law got better in the last three weeks. there is a lot of iron tow that with a lot of republican commentators on twitter saying thank you, ted cruz. heck of a job. >> i think a, it's gotten less prep and less attention over the last couple of weeks. while there stories, it hasn't transformed the country in a negative sense. i think that's where you are seeing the shift. i think there questions in the poll, health care being one of them that are being impacted by the overall mood against the republicans. i am not sure if some of the numbers, not just health care, but other numbers are not related to shut down and how much staying power that has. >> the views of what government should do and the role of government, we saw the highest number they should be doing than one of the higher numbers we have recorded.
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>> yep. political inattendance and swing women voters wanted to see government do more. again, i agree with fred. i think this is part of a response as seeing the government shut down and i think that the kind of 48-48 divide we have seen as a country who thinks government should do more or less, my guess is in or five months we will be right back there. these are indications that people want our government to work and function. they want the economy improved and they want to stop the fighting in washington and they are set up going back to the debt ceiling. they are fed up with this. >> one impactful poll. raising our eyebrows and dropping our jaws. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> a lot of headlines that read like there is a deal developing on the debt ceiling.
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one republican congressman who was in that meeting last night in cold water on this idea. we will talk about that next. what would a name for the u.s. economy if the government were to default. we will go into another country who lived through the rough reality. a look at the 308 ticks plpolit planner. this morning in washington. it's a republican u.s. senator speaking there. ted cruz. rand paul, mike lee, marco rubio. are they going to the meeting with the president that is taking place? senate republicansas a group are supposed to meet with the president later this morning. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc.
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it's a clean bill raising the debt ceiling for six weeks were to hit his desk, he would sign that. it would be at least for a short period of time the removal of that threat. >> what will prevent us from [inaudible]. >> clearly you could end up back in the same place and we don't want to be. >> they believe a six-week deal on the debt limit may do nothing but buy time, but they believe something bigger can be worked out between now and then. mike is speaking in washington. we will take thru and we expect to hear from senators cruz and paul and others this morning. the president invited all republicans to the white house thursday. a list of 18 did not initially.
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including this guest. he chairs the republican study committee and joins me now. good morning to you. >> good morning, chuck. good to be with you. >> take me into the room with the president. >> me what took place and why are you optimistic or pessimister or somewhere in the middle? what did you learn some. >> i am normally that person that looks at things optimistically. to start the conversation, in the house we have been asking for weeks to sit down and talk with the president and negotiate our differences in a divided government. you have the republican white house. there clear differences about how to get spending under control. we wanted to start the conversation so we can finally get started working out our differences and that happened yesterday of we made offers and put things on the table for the president so we can keep the conversations going. we reach final conclusions both
6:20 am
short-term and long-term about how to get the economy back on track. >> there proposals floating all-around and since that meeting last night and this morning, eric kantor meeting with members of the republican study committee that you chaired. tell me about the proposals that are out there. >> we wanted to get the government back open. we passed 18 different bills that had good bipartisan support to open all parts of the government. one or two of the bills passed the senate and most have been sitting on harry reid's desk. >> let's forget the individual bills. that seems to be a silly thing of cherry picking. the country wants the whole thing reopened if temporarily. it's my understanding behind the seens that there proposals being floated that might include a very small addendum to opening the entire government by tuesday
6:21 am
morning. is this a pact? >> the reason that there is not an agreement on the government is because there differences and we ought to be negotiating those. we should pass the things we agree upon and negotiate the ones we disagree upon. those conversations literally started yesterday. we laid out a number of different things we would like to do to get the government open and extend the debt ceiling not for weeks, but for a long period of time. they stop us from continuing to hit the debt ceiling to take all these crisis at the moment off the table and let the economy go jen and get their lives back where they don't have to worry that washington will reach another impasse. that's a long-term solution. that's for the country. that's one of the things we have been trying to get for a while. >> you sound conciliatory and like something will happen by tuesday morning. are you optimistic? >> the ability is there to get it done, but no agreement has been reached.
6:22 am
we started talking and there is a lot more to talk about and work through. again, the big differences between both sides and i think the president and our side acknowledged that. you get in a room and you talk about the details. we are not trying to do something any different than the beginning of our country's founding. president obama knows that too. we have to continue the talks and we put a lot of offers on the table. i'm glad the president is meeting with us. harry reid needs to do the same to get this worked out. >> some of the headlines from our poll, among the bigger be numbers is this idea that house republicans, the perception of house republicans are putting their own agenda over what's good for the country. 70% overall. 40% of republicans. how do you respond to a number like that. >> clearly the media is not going to get out all the things going on. when you look at what it's
6:23 am
about, it's not about a partisan fight. the president acknowledged that there is serious failings. he issued over 1200 waivers. we have been asking for fairness. don't just give a break to big business and members of congress. make it apply to everybody. if it has problems, go and address the problems and get the economy moving again. >> did you guys make a mistake by not entering into a larger budget when the opportunity was there? you could have appointed that and even the negotiations that started before funding ran out. you have been calling for negotiations in the last couple of weeks. you could have forced formal negotiations. is that a mistake. >> paul ryan has been talking to patty murray over in the senate for months now. it took the senate four years to pass the budget. the senate is finally there, but for weeks we said let's get in
6:24 am
the room and talk about our differences. >> you could have done it. >> the budget doesn't fund government. it's appropriations bills. we passed multiple bills back to june and not one has been taken up by the senate. not one. >> i understand that, but -- >> but we have been talking. the chairman in the house and the senate have been talking. they are very far apart clearly and hopefully they can get closer together and get more people in the room, but harry reid said he refuses to negotiate with anybody. he is on the capitol steps because of his refusal to negotiate. it takes multiple people to get in the room. you satisfied with how speaker boehner handled this for republicans? >> i am. i think he is trying to get a deal done. it takes more than one person to negotiate and get something worked out.
6:25 am
we want to get the economy moving and address the problems before the shut down. let's get things worked out. >> optimistic this morning. ahead of the republican senate committee. thanks for coming on. damage control. is there any way out of this for the gop with numbers like this? the republican leaders are looking for the silver lining. we will see if there is for them. today's trivia question, since 1976 when congress revised the budgeting process, which president had the most time in government shutdowns? the first person to tweet the correct question will get the on-air shout out. the answer and more is coming up. across america people are taking charge
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gop. john mccain said he is worried about his party right now. >> i do worry about the republican party because if we are -- it's the first time i have ever seen republican senators running ads and raising money that is used to attack incumbent republican senators. i have never seen that in my life. i think that is terribly wrong. it's terribly wrong. that there is active recruitment out there of running against incumbent republican senators. >> who are the party's leaders during this tough time and how can republicans help? the road to city hall, politico writer maggie haegerman and the rr79 for the "new york times." nick, i want to start with you. i took the thing that is surprising here. one of the things that they mentioned that is potentially harmful. here are the numbers.
6:30 am
you have nearly half of the republicans not happy with the situation. the only time you said enough of this or john mccain. john mccain is not all conservative are rate to rally around john mccain. there not many republicans standing up. >> what we are seeing now are the guys with the money. they came out and were opposed to the shut down. they run one of the biggest private corporations in the world. the debt default is not good news for them either. bad business. >> i thought chris christie would have jumped on this morning and they didn't. i wonder if they wake up this morning and say this was a leadership moment. >> they absolutely are equally concerned about the blind quotes. everyone is very afraid of sticking their head too far out and getting it lopped off.
6:31 am
s fascinating to watch. as much as donors are upset, they are unable to move the right of the party and they are spinning their wheels if are a year and talking about this since last november how frustrated they are and how they want to minimize the grass roots. that has mot worked so well and they are afraid of taking too large of a roll. >> when the party is exactly divided between tea party and non-tea party, yes, they agree on large principals, but boy, do they disagree on tacking. >> that's right. there is a long standing difference between the republicans and the sunday school republicans. >> that's a clever thing. sunday school. i hadn't heard that thing. >> for goes back decades. the issues they could agree on like smaller government and robust national defense. those have gone away.
6:32 am
it vanished with the soviet union. how do you hold this together through something like this, the key factor is the boners. without the boners there to bring everybody in line. that's the closest you get to funding the campaigns. if the money dries up, you will find a kind of a coalition rebuilt among the different factions. >> right now we look at the poll and they pile on the republican problems. the fact is that if you are a democrat you shouldn't be saying this is great news for the democratic party. there is a crisis of faith in government. that comes through in the polls. 60% said they just fired a member of congress, they want to start over. the president's challenge is to try to figure out how to restore faith in government as the leader of the party of government. >> if you want to be the party
6:33 am
of effective government, this is not effective government. you can talk about whose fault it is. >> there people whose fault it was. they want it to work and they want the paychecks to arrive. the national parks to be open. the most striking finding in that poll is that this whole tactic is about getting rid of obama care. it's more popular than when they started. >> it's a boomerang effect here, maggie. what would health care look like today with no shut down and overzealous media coverage of every glitch. >> that's right. i think you would continue what republicans have been hoping for in the first place. they are looking at the legislative solution as to what they see as the problems. what they are seeing is the worst case scenario. it's gaining popularity slowly. it remains to be seen.
6:34 am
the negativity around the websites and the sign up problems, you are turning very, very middle of that. >> it's not as bad as it was at the beginning. i want to go back to the shut down at a time of economic anxiety. a different economic outlook. you had a much healthier economy. when you talk to older people and their functioning and economics is conditioned by the great depression, the casualties of the great recession are among us. we know what it looks like to see the fund cut by 20% in nine months because people were fooling around in washington and wall street. that explains a lot of that. >> you guys will stick around and we will do a little debt ceiling default 101 after the
6:35 am
break. check out wall street much the markets have opened and they liked what they heard about the debt deal. will they like it today? a look at what happens when a country can't pay its bills. later, the tea party republicans versus the non-tea party republicans. we will look at who they like and who they don't. we'll be right back. lights alwa. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. toyota. let's go places, safely.
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they valued the peso and suspended payment of debt. the result was chaos. the government collapsed and the riotsing spread. people who had thousands in the bank had nothing. they defaulted on $82 billion in mostly foreign debt, in some cases they refused to pay the debt at all. there creditors still fighting to get their money back. argenti argentina's per capita fell to fifth. if it fell by more than half from nearly $8,000 to less than $3,000. for argentina's 2013 they are langing behind on wednesday. virginia senator mark warren said american families should see argentina as the real cautionary tale. >> we are not over 100% a year.
6:40 am
every argentine family lost 50% overnight. we are not arjgentina, but we ae playing in uncharted territory that no industrial nation had played with. >> there important differences between argentina's default and what happened here. the chance they would refuse to pay their debt is essentially zero. even if you got paid late, you would get paid. they are a linchpin of the global system and if other countries start thinking they are not a safe investment, that's when you have a big problem. >> do you think of any failure to repay the debt would be felt right away, leading to potentially major disruptions in financial markets, both in the united states and abroad. we see this as a terrorist risk,
6:41 am
but wait to happen, it would have major consequences. >> the treasury department is predicting dire consequences as well. a default that has been unprecedented. credit markets could breathe and interest rates could skyrocket. there might be a financial crisis and a recession that can echo the events of 2008 and more. here on the u.s. economic editor for the economists. i wanted to use this and everyone has been trying to find ways of explaining default and how it could relate to the united states family. argentina was arguably as important of a country regionally in south america as you could have had. now here we are more than ten years after what happened and it's brazil. it's columbia and choo il and
6:42 am
uruguay. >> there have been a lot of sovereign countries that defaulted and none of them provide a perfect road map that happened to the united states. in the case of argentina, they didn't just default or miss a payment. they refused to pay the money back. that's almost certain not to happen here. the countries were in a situation where they didn't pay it back because they couldn't. the united states is not insolvent. what i think is somewhat concerning is that this is the role of the treasury that is unique in the world economy and the biggest most liquid & trusted act out there. it's like currency. like the $20 bills that everyone puts in their pocket. what if you learn that budget for counterfeits. imagine congress grinding to a halt. they are not just investments
6:43 am
and over a trillion in overnight lows secured by this. what if you can't use that anymore. who knows what the consequences would be. >> if u.s. treasuries and it's funny the other comparison i heard is the modern gold bar, if you will. is that what would happen with people that would suddenly look for commodities like that and gold, silver, and platinum. >> there not many alternatives to treasury. you can buy german or canadian bonds, but there not enough around to meet the demand from money market funds and foreign central banks. one of the key lessons from the crisis when lehman brothers defaulted is that you cannot predict all the possible repercussions. if they were plotting, i don't think any of them thought about what if there is a money market that owns the paper that breaks the buck.
6:44 am
it's that unintended consequences that make people afraid. a good example is fidelity decided to sell and mature around october 17th. i don't think they think they are going to default or wouldn't get their money back. why take a chance that you have to have the phone call with the shareholders? >> what do they do with the money? >> with the bank deposits or something else. we have weird behavior. one thing that is possible is seeing treasuries go up in value as people try to find the good stuff. >> from the economists, good to have you on putting some of this in english for us. thank you, sirchlt the debt ceili christine lagarde is perhaps the most powerful woman when it
6:45 am
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6:49 am
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some protesters being escorted out right now in the middle of ted cruz's speech. we were going to take a little bit of listen to it and literally as we came up, the protesters are speaking. now you're hearing the cheering as the protesters have been escorted out. ted cruz doing his usual no podium style of speaking. and it's interesting, my friends on the gaggle, let me show you some ted cruz numbers in our poll just among republicans. among tea party republicans, the
6:53 am
ted cruz, 52% positive, 4% negative. among nontea party republicans, 3% positive, 23% negative. maggie haberman, you want to understand the divide inside the republican party on the tea party way of doing things and the nontea party way of doing things, there it is in the ted cruz favorable rating. >> and there it is and the reason why ted cruz is not backing off of what he's doing. ted cruz campaigned against obama care and he is, you know, living that dream out and he's being very serious about it. he knows who his base is. he is very popular right now in texas. this is very positive for him. and his funds raising, one of the big thing with big donor, they'll say he's lost the big donors. he was never going to have those donors. this is insane. >> nick, let's go back to his race in texas. any conversation somebody wants to have with ted cruz as a major donor, ken langone was probably supporting david dewhurst, i don't know for sure, but all the big establishment guys were
6:54 am
trying to stop ted cruz. cruz is going, you know, i owe you guys nothing. >> and maybe he's not running for president and perhaps it's for ag of texas, something where this is very helpful to him. as you point out, this is great for him with his base. he's not playing to the donors or the wall street guys. >> i think what's interesting, errol, is obviously i think we'll look back at this. this has been this clarifying moment inside the republican party that you're seeing. and this -- the democrats went through this in the '80s. i always remind people that this was the beginning and then after that you had the split between the old labor wing and this new dlc, you know, conservative democratic wing. i think now we're going to start seeing that come up more and more. >> well, that's right. >> in the republican party. >> as long as he's got political entrepreneurs like a cruz who wants to follow the sarah palin model. your worst case scenario if you catch fire -- >> let me pause you here a moment. we're showing yet more protesters showing up at the ted cruz event. we'll find out who they are but
6:55 am
more of them showing up. >> the idea is that, look, ted cruz has -- not only does he not owe the establishment anything but he's got a path to national prominence at least and maybe he can get on a national ticket. maybe he can get a great book deal. maybe he can be a media star. maybe he can continue to raise money. it's a much faster path than sitting in the senate for three or four terms. >> it's a path fast up but a path down. we're going to take a listen in here at a little of ted cruz. >> those are extreme views. it is a lie. if it were not a lie, why do so many democrats when they're running pretend to be conservatives? for that matter, why do so many republicans do the same? the values each and every one of us are defending are values that
6:56 am
every small town, every family, every small business has understood in this country for centuries. that's what we're defending. that's what we're defending. you know, at this point -- >> and yet another set of protesters. >> you know what's striking actually? in the course of this brief speech, we've heard more questions than president obama has allowed in the past year. in fact -- >> we're going to keep listening here to ted cruz. and we'll take a listen. let's bring it up. >> if he wants to get 100 of his
6:57 am
most rabid political operatives in a room, i'll answer their questions on television as long as he likes. and in exchange all i would ask, mr. president, is you take not 100, but ten of the men and women in this room. and spend 30 minutes answering their questions for the american people. you know, when the fight for obama care started, senator mike lee and i began by pitching it in washington. and it was abundantly clear that
6:58 am
this was not a strategy that washington was going to embrace. it was far too risky. and if there's one overarching urge in washington, it is risk aversion. do nothing, nothing, nothing that has any risk that it might actually do anything. and so this summer mike lee and i took a very different strategy. we said, okay, we're going to go -- ma'am, i look forward to you at the town hall. we'll pull together. we tried a very different strategy. we said, okay, we'll go over their heads. now, a lot of folks in washington said, oh, you mean you'll talk to republican leadership? we went over their heads to the american people. for much of the month of august and september, mike and i traveled this country speaking
6:59 am
to town halls all over the country and saying -- saying -- how scared is the president? what a statement of fear. what a statement of fear. oh, they don't want the truth to be heard. they definitely don't want the truth to be heard. as we traveled the country speaking to the american people making the case, what we said from the beginning, i said you know what? i can't stop obama care. mike lee can't stop obama care. we have -- we have two more, three more -- gentlemen, ladies, thank you -- thank you for your passion, but you should respect
7:00 am
the rights of the men and women who are here. it is unfortunate -- it is unfortunate that the administration -- [ crowd noise ] [ crowd chanting usa, usa, usa, usa ] you know, the nice thing is the left will always, always, always tell you who they fear. and they fear you.


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