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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 21, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm chris jansing. in moments we will learn the sentence for private bradley manning who will face 90 years in prison for leaking 700,000 documents to wikileaks. the ligs leak case in u.s. history. he was convicted of espionage and a military judge will read that verdict in moments. eric snow den remains in russia where he is granted asylum for years. months after those usa documents leaked the awesome is not sure what snowden has that we haven't seen. msnbc has learned from two separate sources that the nsa can't determine the full extent what he took. a new report out in "wall street journal" that points to new details about the nsa surveillance reach. the report says the nsa can monitor 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. much more than had been publicly
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disclosed. i want to bring in alex burns and lauren fox. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, alex, is this like a spigot? things keep dripping out over time? i mean, does it mean these stores get less attention and less gets done because people sort of feel like it's the sky is falling? or is there some movement building around this when it comes to more transparency? >> chris, i think we are going to see, going into certainly 2014 and then as you see politicians, i think you'll see a intensifying discussion about this. every couple of days there is some new story what exactly the nsa is up to or some sort of personality driven drama like we have seen with eric snowden and glenn greenwald the last couple of days and keeps washington focused on this and prompt folks in the senate and house to weigh in on exactly how much privacy
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and secrecy they think is appropriate. >> beyond capitol hill, what has come out about the nsa is taking a toll on the president's popularity. specifically among young people. do you think that is because people who are 18 to 29 are most likely to see snowden as a hero or traitor? what do you think is going on here? >> i think a few things. sure, i think people who are between that age frame may see him as a hero but you have to remember also that people in my generation have lived their lives on the internet. everything has to do with facebook and twitter and social media and we have never remembered a time in our lives without the internet. so i think that that specifically makes folks a little bit concerned about these recent leaks that have happened. >> i want to play a clip of white house spokesman josh ernest who talked about this on monday. >> the president is not opposed, as he indicated during his news conference, to additional measures that congress think
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would be helpful. we are talking about national security programs that are critical to the protection of our national security. you've heard national security professionals testify before congress that these programs have been instrumental and disrupting terror plots. >> alex, the president not opposed to additional measures and safeguards. does he need to do more than making some of the transparency reforms he put out in that news conference? >> i think we need to see where that proposal goes, chris. i think the basic issue that supporters of the nsa have here is that because the public didn't even know that many of these programs existed, there was really no opportunity for folks like the president or folks who may be sympathetic to the president's side in the republican party to get out there in and affirmatively make the case these are necessary kind of surveillance the country to have right now. folks on the more hawkish side on the surveillance debate are confident the electorate will be on their side but they have had
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their hands pretty tied for a couple of years now in terms of making that argument. >> that won't be glenn greenwald who is talking to snowden and he published those stories about nsa in the beginning. he is keeping government at play as he interprets it. >> all of the best reporting over the last 40 years involves journalists having classified papers. that is what investigative journalism is. if you want to criminalize that it means you're asking as a citizen to be kept ignorant and allow people in power to conceal what they are doing behind a wall of secrecy and to have most accountability or transparency. journalism is not a crime and it's not terrorism. >> his partner was detained at a london airport for nine hours and is suing. when he talks about journalism and leaking does he have a
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point? as americans, do we have the right to know? >> i think that he does make a key point here when it comes to reporters having access to these documents. obviously, without the access to these, the stories could nont be written. as he plains many of the top stories broken the last 50 years have required reporters to have these classified documents and so i don't think that the government needs to be cracking down on that and i don't think that congress necessarily will be moving in that direction. they are looking to strengthen some shield laws so i think there may be a little bit of movement in the other direction to strengthen reporters ability to do this kind of work. of course, it requires people like senator chuck schumer to keep fighting for these shield laws. >> let me bring in chris havan holland. you have expressed concern about the nsa. explain why you voted against the amendment to pull the funding for these programs?
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>> no one should misinterpret that vote because i've argued for a long time that we need more transparency, more accountable and more reform at the nsa. i voted against the reauthorization of the patriot act because i thought it was too loosely written and provided too much running room for potential abuse. but my biggest issue is not so much the database itself. it's what standards and what rules apply when nsa officials want to query that database. that important there will be oversight. i've argued we need a reform where, before the nsa can go out and do that, they have to get prior court approval and that in that process, when you go before the fisa court, there be a public advocate, a privacy advocate so distort is not just hearing from the nsa, the court is also hearing from a privacy advocate and then they can make a decision.
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those are two important reforms that i think we have to make. those are distinct -- >> are you going to propose something specifically to do that? >> yes. i'm working on legislation with other members of congress to do that and i do believe we will have bipartisan support. the president has indicated, at least in general terms, that he supports at least one of those measures i stuffed. the idea of having some kind of privacy advocate taking on that side of the argument before the fisa court. you want to do it in a way that also ensures, though, that if there is a serious and legitimate case of information about a terrorist attack, that the united states can respond swiftly. we want to make sure in those cases where there is genuine and authentic suspicion and reasonable suspicion of a terrorist attack you can respond quickly but you want to make sure that the privacy interests are protected. so the reforms that many of us are talking about would attempt to accomplish those things. >> let me switch gears and talk about the irs because you're
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getting ready to sue them over how they handle tax exempt organizations. why? what would this lawsuit accomplish? >> this is really important. the issue is this. under the current law, the way the law is actually written, the irs is only supposed to grant what is known as 501(c)(4) tax exempt status to organizations exclusively involved in social welfare activities so they should not be under the statute involved in political activities. what happened is many years ago, many administrations ago, the irs issued guidelines that were totally inconsistent with the law. the guideline said you can still get the status even if you're gauge engaged in lots of political active so long assess you're not doing that, you can be involved in lots of it. that put the irs in a position to having to look at whether groups, whether on the right or the left were involved in political activity. well, the irs should never have been in that business and the law is clear that it was never intended to be in that business.
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so what we are saying is to the court tell irs they have to apply the statute as it's written. what happened is lots of organizations have begun to use this 501(c)(4) status to funnel millions of dollars into political election campaigns and -- >> is that happening on both sides conservative and progressive? >> well, sure. i mean, it has happened on both sides. at the federal level, you've had political organizations involved in the presidential campaign, both on the side of mitt romney and on the side of president barack obama who have used these kind of organizations. so what we have said is if you want to engage in that kind of political activity, the law has a clear way to do it. there is another section, 527 of the law, irs code. you can spend as much money as you want since the supreme court decision and citizens united but here is the key. it's required that you disclose, that you tell the public that
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the public know who is funneling millions of dollars into these political campaigns. and i think everybody agrees, at least most people agree, that the health of our democracy depends on the public having that kind of information. you should not have millions, in fact, hundreds of millions of dollars of secret money flowing into political campaigns. >> congressman advice vchris va, good to see you. >> you too. >> any chance that daryl issa that progressive groups are listed along tea party groups for reviews? his group told the "national journal." how much have tried to target the investigation over? >> well, chris i would never want to bet a him being deterred from an investigation. but i do think you have seen -- to some extent, public interest in this set of issues since the spring.
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it has become a more complicated debate that it wasn't conservative groups that were reviewed. i think congressman chris van hollen broadening that issue. i think issa will move ahead. the probe is not over but as far as this becoming a watergate style thing this summer we haven't seen it go there. >> i don't think it will. lauren, is it pretty hard to tell the truth when so much about this, the conversation is political? >> certainly. the oversite committee has a history of being a political committee. there have been a lot of investigations that have gone through there, including benghazi and this irs scandal and there has been a lot of discussion about whether the republicans and democrats were targeted in the same way, whether republicans were targeted more pr there has even been some question about whether democratic groups were targeted at all in the committee discussions there. so i don't see the discussion going away, but i certainly
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think that the politics of this have made it much more implicated and much more difficult for voters even to understand. >> lauren fox and alexander burns, thanks to both of you. i want to remind folks we are waiting for the sentencing of bradley manning in the wikileaks case and have that for you when it happens. in the meantime, another challenge in the middle east in addition to egypt for the obama administration. syria and rebel sources tell nbc news that government used a chemical gas on at least ten towns and villages around damascus this morning and the death toll could be more than 1,200. the syria government denies the attacks but this amateur video was posted online showing villagers being treated at a clinic. nbc news cannot independently verify the reports. to prove toe is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously?
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right now a slight delay in the sentencing for bradley manning. 15 minutes behind where we expected the judge would be for reading his sentence for leaking 700 classified documents to wikileaks but we will have the sentencing for you when it happens. breakings in out of the ft. hood shooting trial. accused shooter major nadal hasan has rested his case. the judge is preparing charges for the jury to consider. he is accused of opening fire at the texas military base in 2009. 13 people were killed. a new school year is about to begin with a cloud of controversy and uncertainty in philadelphia. the eighth largest school district is in the nation. education officials had to borrow $50 million just so they could start classes on time. and are still staring at more than $300 million budget hole. the american federation of
7:17 am
teachers president randy wi winegardner is posting this on twist. stop the governor from stro destroying public education. philadelphia will be one of three cities. our next guest plans to visit there as part after town hall series on education reform next months. i want to bring in former washington, d.c. chancellor michelle reece. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. let me ask you about the school budget crisis in philadelphia. it's in the headlines but a lot of schools are facing these kinds of troubles. how does it get to this point? >> there are a lot of factors that drive the financial issues that school districts have. one is the pension problems. at the end of the day we are putting a lot of mean into public education. in america we spend more money per child than any other
7:18 am
industrialized country in the world and, yet, the results just really haven't increased. one of the things that we have to think about is fiscal transparency. we have to know as taxpayers exactly where our dollars are going, how they are being spent and what the return on investment is. >> is there sort of one size fits all or one size fits most about the ways money is not being spent well? i mean, i know you and the unions have not seen eye-to-eye. they are not your biggest fans and there's a lot of back and forth that has been going on. i know you've invited them to come to these town halls. >> yes. >> but is it about paying teachers more? is it about getting more technology into the classroom? what do we do about this? >> that is the entire thing that we have got to discuss is, you know, if we are going to put more investment into public education, then we have to make sure that that -- those additional dollars are producing results for kids. so, for example, when it comes to teacher pay, i don't think that we should raise across the
7:19 am
board teacher pay for everyone, you know, universally but what we could do, in tough economic times like the ones philadelphia are having -- we could say liter look at our highly effective teachers, the ones that are' assuring huge gains and achievement and award them for more for their hard work. you have to look at taking the dollars you have and putting them into the places that are going to have the most benefit. >> when you talk about effectiveness that brings us most obviously to standardized testing and new education polls out. mixed responses on those tests and whether they should be used to evaluate teachers in a gallup poll, 41% said and 49 ps agreed in an education next poll and it's hard to figure out where people really stand. i know you've been an advocate of standardized testing but what
7:20 am
do you say to critics? that all they are doing is preparing these students baeltoe tests? >> i think that is part of a kid's education. you want to make sure if you have a fourth grader you know whether or not they can read and do math at grade level. i think the thing people are pushing back against and rightfully so the overemphasis of testing. some schools are test obsessed and instead of the tests being a means to an end, trying to determine where kids are and where they need help and how they can get better, they have just sort of become the end all be all and that is absolutely not how they should be used. i think that, you know, the compromise position is really making sure that we have good testing in place but that it is seen in the light that it's
7:21 am
supposed to be which is that we have to use it for the purpose that it's intended which is just improve student achievement. >> michelle, good to see out the program. thank you so much. >> thank you. breaking news at the bradley manning sentencing. let's go to nbc's jim miklaszewski who just got word of what happened. what did the judge decide, mick? >> chris, the military judge in this case sentenced private first lass bradley manning to 35 years in the military prison for the leak of some 700,000 u.s. secrets to the wikileaks website. now that 35 years also makes him eligible for parole. in addition to that, he is going to get credit for the 3 1/2 years he has already spent in custody. so that could ultimately release -- reduce his time in prison with good conduct, of course, to as little as ten years. now in addition to the 35 years with parole -- possibly of
7:22 am
parole sentence, he received a dishonorable discharge, was reduced in rank by one rank from pfc and also forfeiture of all pay and benefits from the u.s. military. the prosecution had asked for 60 years. the defense had asked for 25 years. so the military judge, colonel lind, leaned more toward the prosecution request with just 35 years. he was ultimately facing as many as 90 years in prison. but as i explained, it could be as little as ten years, once you throw in good conduct, time served, and a parole. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski with the latest on that sentencing. thank you so much, mick. >> you bet. >> we will be right back. mom always got good nutrition to taste great. she was a picky eater. well now i'm her dietitian... ...and last year, she wasn't eating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing.
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biden has a mass on his brain which is why he spent the night at m.d. anderson cancer center in houston. he has had another round of tests including a biopsy that will determine if the mass is cancerous. in a tweet, both thanked everyone for their support and well wishes as he had dinner with his dad vice president joe biden. governor paige scolded reporters saying they are all about gossip. the story was ran, it said two anonymous lawmakers heard the governor make that remark. the dnc will vote on whether to have bob filner resign. he is accused of sexual harassment by 16 women. he went to therapy after some wrongdoing but he is refufg to step down. must read today is a contribute to elmore leonard. when he died yesterday at 87 he was in the midst of writing his
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this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? senator ted cruz made it clear this week some republican colleagues may be tired of fighting obama care. he is not. animated as ever, the texas senator rallied support for defunding the president's health care plan at a town hall meeting in dallas. though critics could say he is looking to grow support for a future presidential run, cruz insists obama care can be undone. >> if you have an impasse you want to know, one side or the other has to blink. how do we win this fight? don't blink! >> nbc kasie hunt was there and she joins me from dallas. that is his mantra, don't blink.
7:31 am
he also didn't blink when he was heckled, not once but i understand multiple times yesterday. give us a sense of what it was like in that hall. >> reporter: absolutely. he was heckled several times. it was an organized group that essentially asked him what he would say to the millions of texans who are uninsured and who will benefit from president obama's health care law. the overall posture of this, cruz appeared with senator jim demint who is now are the heritage foundation. their posture, look. this is the last best chance to stop this law. that is the acknowledgment that the once the law's benefits take effect and get used to the system it's harder from a political perspective to make fundamental changes to it. >> there has been a little distraction for ted cruz this week. he was born in canada so he had to answer questions about his
7:32 am
citizenship. let me play this. >> my mother was a u.s. citizen by birth. she was worth in wilmington, delaware. under american law i was a u.s. citizen. >> it's likely that his eligibility is not an issue for him but that comment when he says, "i'm a citizen by birth" it got a lot of buzz going about his presidential act birmbition >> reporter: in fact. he said in new hampshire, a number of voters there are french canadian so maybe it will be a little bit easier for cruz in that early primary state and cruz, of course, is keeping a schedule that indicatthat indic is not worried about it. he was in iowa this week and in new hampshire again this week. in a lot of ways, you know, this citizenship issue really stokes
7:33 am
all of that speculation. >> nbc's kasie hunt in dallas for us, thank you very much. president obama will continue his economic push tomorrow stopping in buffalo and syracuse, new york, where he'll outline a new plan to make college more affordable. nearly 1 million jobs have been added to the economy this year, but 77% of those are part-time. a lot of them, most, in fact, in the restaurant and hospitality industries which observe pay minimum wage. in recent months we have been seen numerous protests pushing for an increase in the minimum wage. in washington state for example a push to boost the minimum wage to $15 an hour. james sir wiki writes about this in "the new yorker." good to see you again. >> thanks for having me on. >> you make an interesting point that it is coming at a time when the people who hold those minimum wage jobs are very different when you and i were coming out of college. >> yeah. i think that is really what is behind this drive is that back in the day, actually for most of
7:34 am
american history, people who work with minimum wage jobs were either teenagers or people just entering the work force or in, say, the '60s, married women who were looking for part-time work. over time as the u.s. job market has changed, increasingly you're seeing bread winners both men and women take those jobs. the problem is the minimum wage was never really designed as a bread winning job and never paid enough to allow you to raise a family. and that is really where i think you're seeing a lot of the energy behind the push for higher minimum wage come from. >> it makes common sense but a light bulb went back in 1960 the number one job creator was general motors. >> right. >> those were great jobs. you work at general motors. you had a job guaranteed for life. you had a nice middle class life. middle class jobs are not there the way they were. now we are looking at the jobs in the restaurant and service industries. >> yeah. it's really quite extraordinary when you think about it.
7:35 am
the biggest employers today in the united states are walmart and right below that are fast food companies, mcdonald's, pepsi, taco bell and the like. but back in 1960 or early '60s the biggest employers were the huge profitable industrial companies, general motors, ford, bethlehem steel and u.s. steel. you have seen a shift in the job creation. that is magnified as you said during the recovery, the recovery that we have had, what we have had, because the vast mantle of jobs have been not in the middle but really have been on the lower end of the pay scale. not necessarily minimum wage but not much higher than that. >> it raises the interesting question at what point is the minimum wage if you do raise it become a middle class income. it's not going to happen at ten bucks and not raise a family on ten bucks an hour. >> i think it's unrealistic to think we will see minimum wages up to $15 an hour. certainly not in the country.
7:36 am
it may happen in individual cities but you have to think about the idea of a living wage as a combination of higher wages and then we need to do a better job of supporting families through the child care and provision from the government. >> where we are way behind a lot of industrial -- >> massively behind. i think obama care will help as well and help people get health insurance. a combination is the only way you'll get those jobs to be true living wage jobs. >> james sirwiki, great to see you. people can read the entire column in "the new yorker." >> thanks. news feed this morning. australian deputy prime minister tim fisher is suggesting that tourists boycott the u.s. after three american teens shot and killed an australian jogger in oklahoma. one of the teens told police they shot him because they were bored. the victim, christopher lane, was an australian baseball player here on scholarship. his family back home had this to
7:37 am
say. >> his life was taken away. [ bleep ] just so pointless. >> we are lucky that he was here during that period of time. >> adding to the volatile situation in egypt, former president hosni mu bbarak coulde out of prison the end of the week after corruption charges thrown against him. he faces retrial on charges he failed to stop the killing of protesters during a 2011 uprising. mubarak's assets are frozen and he is not allowed to travel outside the country. facebook's mark zuckerberg is launching a major push to expand internet access around the world. cnbc jackie deangelo is here what is moving your money. that could provide facebook with, what? billions of new customers? >> that is the thing. zuckerberg is tapping into the market of 4 billion or people who don't have internet access and hoping that facebook can get a piece of that pie.
7:38 am
at the moment it's estimated that 1 in 7 people in the world use facebook. if more people are added to the potential pool the networking site could see serious growth. combine that with the ads and mobile that the company is seeing, that could mean more profits for the company. it's always about profit, right, chris? >> it is, indeed. jackie deangelo, thank you so much. we will take a break. [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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highest risk. president obama has officially endorsed cory booker for the senate. cory will be an important partner in our efforts to reduce gun violence and give every american a fair shot in a global economy and make our country stronger. booker says he is humbled by the endorsement. we will see if the president is on the campaign trail for him. if you judge a politician's likelihood of running for president by the size of a target on his or her back, well, then i think it's safe to say hillary clinton is a good bet for 2016. politico just laid out a list of the drama surrounding her. "the new york times" delivered on stinging criticism of the clinton foundation she now helps to run with allegations of mismanagement and coronyism. joining me to talk about the
7:43 am
hillary clinton buzz is former michigan governor jennifer gr d granho granholm. good to see you, governor. good morning. >> great to be on. thanks. >> i'm sure you're seeing "the new york times" raising questions about the state department decision to let huma abedin have a role there while she was still doing private work on the side. we don't know if hillary clinton was even involved in that decision. but what do you make of sort of these -- this growing number of stories questioning hillary clinton? >> you know, hillary clinton has been in public life for 36 years, almost 40 years maybe. and the longer you're in public life, the thicker your skin gets and the more predictable the attacks are, especially given, as you suggest, she is in a position to be able to claim, you know, the mantle, if she chooses to. so clearly she is going to be a
7:44 am
target. but honestly that "the new york times" story, for example, about the clinton foundation, the media matters, david brock, filed an objection to this, to "the new york times" demanding a retraction on certain parts of it because there were clearly misleading paragraphs in there about the finances of the clinton foundation and all of that. the bottom line is, chris, she is going to make her decision in due time. there is clearly going to be a lot of pursuit of her by the media. people have to find something to report on, "the new york times" has said they are going to put a person on her now. there is a reporter that has been dedicated to hillary clinton, even though she hasn't decided to run. you know they have to find something. and that is what is exactly what is going on. in the meantime -- >> i'm not in a position to defend "the new york times," although, you know, to your on point saying she is just waiting, the mantle is there waiting for her. so it's understandable why people are curious about it. when does she have to make a
7:45 am
decision fairly? not just for herself but, obviously, for the other people who would consider getting in the race. >> yeah. i mean, the last part of what you said is a fair point, because there are others who are waiting in the wings or who have even start to make moves on the theory that if she doesn't run, clearly they would want to step up. however, for her, she doesn't have to make a decision until very late in the game, after the 2014 elections. she can wait longer than most candidates because she is who she is and she has got such, you know, obviously she is so well renowned. what is interesting to me there is all sorts of movement beneath the scenes without her stamp of approval by ready for hillary and by emily's list. emily's list as you showed they are in iowa and in new hampshire at the end. september. madam president. there is such a seething buzz
7:46 am
about the possibility. i hope that she feels that pull of history and decides to raise her hand. >> the former democratic national chairman and one time presidential hopeful howard dean is heading back to iowa for a major speech. could there be another run if in his future? >> he is, obviously, very talented guy, very passionate guy. if she doesn't run in 2016, i'm sure that he would -- i don't know. i'm not sure. i haven't talked to him, but he certainly would be somebody people would consider. and maybe even if she did run. i'm not saying that she would clear the field, although i hope that she would clear the field honestly so there is more of a focus on the general election rather the primary. >> i can hear arguments on the other side. here is the simplest of them. if i don't want hillary clinton, if i'm for one of these other candidates, i'll say, remember 2008? everybody thought she had it in the bag and look what happened. >> yeah. no, i think that's right. you cannot assume -- she
7:47 am
certainly can't assume and her team cannot assume it would be hers for the tag and i don't think they are. i'm saying on the outside i would love it for her not to have a fight in her own democratic family, but to focus on the republicans as anybody who runs for office knows -- >> can we do a quick word association? when i say these names, what comes to mind? these are all potential 2016 candidates. chris christie. >> i think he would be the most -- the most challenging for her. because i think he is most centrist. >> senator rand paul. >> bring it on. >> vice president joe biden. >> oh, see? this is a tough one because i love joe biden with all of my heart. i think he is the greatest. >> but you're backing hillary? >> yeah. he's -- he's a big feminist, i think joe biden is and -- i don't know. but my guess is that he would have to think really hard if she decides to jump in.
7:48 am
>> senator ted cruz. >> mean spirited. >> and peter king from here in new york? >> well, you know, he's an interesting one. i would say long shot for that one. >> long shot? all right. always good to see you, former michigan governor jennifer grantholm. thanks for coming on. >> you bet. it took more than 40 years but the 1972 super bowl choomp miami dolphins finally got to visit the white house. they were undefeated that year and remain the only undefeated team in nfl history but president nixon in the midst of watergate never invite them over. today's tweet of the day from mark nollor. don shula in a wheelchair presents president obama with team jersey number 72 emblazoned with the word, undefeated. i should say don shula. my dad coached don shula in little league. true story. we will be right back. customer.
7:49 am
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there's ongoing controversy in the morning over a new nfl policy and if you're a woman with a purse, watch out! here is what it says. only small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand with or without a handle or strap can be carried into games. that means no camera bags, no diaper bags, no backpacks and especially for women, no normal size purses. who carries a purse the size of a hand? two female comedians made a parody that was 250,000 youtube views. joining me are the women in that video lauren and colleen. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> hi. >> you guys are from new
7:53 am
orleans. i understand it started when you're going to a saint preseason game together. how did you come up with this idea to make the video? >> well, we -- i mean, more so colleen. colleen's purse weighs about 40 pounds. >> what is in that purse, colleen? >> all of the things. >> all of the things. listed mostly several of those things. >> the video is a heightened version of us but there is a lot of truth to it. >> yaemplt. >> but we were just having a surprisingly hard time getting out the door to meet regulations and that had been something in the air lowell. new orleans has a very big sports culture and especially women love sports and this regulation affects them more. >> it's disproportionately. >> yes. >> men aren't really affected by this and we found the humor in how much this affects us. >> you do joke, in fact, in this video about it being a women's issue. let me play another little clip. >> has restricted women to
7:54 am
carrying their personal items and purses the size of their hands. >> we take these rules as a personal attack on women and our freedom of choice. we are tired of men telling us what to do with our bags! >> colleen, are you surprised by all of the attention this has gotten? by the way, where is your purse? do you have it? can i see it? can somebody hand it to her? >> it's out of the room. >> it's out of the room? >> it wouldn't fit? >> it's the black purse in the video that lauren is carrying. that is my actual purse that i carry around. but, yeah, we are totally surprised by how viral this has gone. it's surreal. had he we had no idea. >> the nfl made a video on the nfl website so illustrate what you can and can't bring into the stadium and they actually say, lauren, that the change was for security reason, although they are also selling clear plastic totes for eight bucks a bag, right? >> that is suspicious. we completely understand that
7:55 am
there's reasons, totally good reasons to have this regulation but we are just trying to illuminate the fact it disproportionately effect women and talk about the stuff we carry in our purses. >> when i said eight bucks a bag, there were boos in the newsroom. you have some supporters in new york. >> good. >> it is a funny video. thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour of jansing and co. thomas roberts is up next. disp dispropo disproportionately affects women. >> if michael and corey are watching, you can buy clear bags. you wouldn't? >> you can buy clear purses. who wants people to see the mess in your purse?
7:56 am
the point of a purse is nobody sees the mess! >> you wouldn't have a messy purse. you're the most put together person i know. >> thank you, thomas. >> you're welcome. the agenda next hour. bradley manning learns his sentence for leaking 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks. senator ted cruz and others not giving up the fight to have president obama's signature legislature repealed as like rick perry asked for money from obama care? we will talk to ezra klein about that. meeting of the minds. are mark zuckerberg and marco rubio looking at immigration reforms to get it off life support? introducing new purina dog chow light & healthy. it's a no-sacrifices, calorie-light way to help keep him trim... ...with a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend he'll love...
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have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. breaking news. he is called a traitor by some. a whistle-blower by others. judge sentenced bradley manning
8:00 am
to 35 years for handing secrets over to wikileaks and among those secrets involved department leaks. his sentencing will be appealed and it follows new revelations about another american who composed government secrets. sources telling nbc they don't know the scope of the information that snowden took. the paper revealing the nsa can tap more than 75%, three-fourths of internet traffic in the country. jim miklaszewski is joining me now to explain what happened in court and how this will play out. as we stated the appeal process is something that is automatic. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the military judge did hand down a 35-year prison term for fpc bradley manning for leaking 700,000 documents. a pretty massive leak of intelligence. the largest in u.s. hi


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