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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 20, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: created for the coalition to stop gun violence, the 1:30 video argues stand your ground laws in 26 states should be repelled. >> it may not be pretty but it's real and happening on the streets of america every single day. >> reporter: zimmerman's brother tweeted monday night this picture was also part of the trial and so was the inability to retreat while mounted and pummeled. zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara. >> we never argued stand your ground in the trial and the prosecution never mentioned it in their prosecution. this was and always was a traditional self-defense case. >> reporter: since the acquittal, trayvon martin's mother is an activist on "meet the press" just this past week. >> we are in it for the long hall. >> reporter: asked about the video on monday a spokesman said it was too emotional for sybrina fulton to talk about. those fighting for gun rights say the video is emotional and that is why they acknowledge it may be effective. >> i think most americans can
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see through this and see the political agenda in the video. it's pretty clear they don't want to stop gun violence. they want to stop firearms, period. they want to stop our freedoms. >> reporter: in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal, the florida's sheriff association asked its members if they supported the law. the association says in unanimous voice vote, 57 sheriffs said, the law does make sense. kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. joining me right now is joshua horowitz who of the company who produced that ppsa. there is shock value to that psa using the actual phone calls but actors in it. mark o'mara pointing out he didn't use a stand your ground defense and zimmerman's brother tweet out what he saw is giving
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this psa a fail and sybrina fulton saying she can't watch it. >> the jury got the stand your ground instructions and i think that is important. there was testimony about stand your ground. george zimmerman had been to class about stand your ground. the idea this isn't part of the trial is ridiculous. you the jury had that in front of them. a big change in florida law. it used to be if you had an opportunity to spare life, did you so and you got out of the situation. with the stand your ground jury instruction that is is not part of florida's law any more. >> we will hear from the martin family's attorney benjamin crump coming up. did you reach out to the martin family and let them know of this intention? >> we did not. we have a lot of survivors on staff. we work with survivors every day. i got a lot of support from our survivors around the country but this was a decision we made as our own and we think that it's
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tastefully done and we think it's an important place to show and, obviously, we believe stand your ground should be repelled in the 26 states and the purpose of the video is show what the real results are of those laws. >> let's talk about the stand your ground laws, the 26 states you mentioned in this national campaign since the zimmerman verdict. there is a number of lawmakers from these states have actually called for a review of the law but this year alone, we have a couple of states, including ohio, they propose bills to strength the state's existing laws when it comes to stand your ground. however, law enforcement officials like chief robert oppenheimer chairman of the ohio association of police chiefs legislative committee says no need to change. he told the columbus sdadispatc quote. explain why is that? despite the growing protests against stand your ground laws.
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more states are considering enacting them. >> look. i really can't speak to why states are doing more of it. i think it's a terrible idea and i think more people are chg out against it with good reason. it goes against 3,000 years of legal principle from the jewish bible and common law it is known if you spare human life you did it and shows a moral problem right now. if people believe we should -- you know, it's all right to start a fight and maybe lose that fight and then shoot somebody, i think the moral thing to do is try to spare life if you possibly can and i think the states are doing it have forgotten their legal and moral responsibility in these situations. >> joshua horowitz of the coalition to stop gun violence, thank you for joining me. joining me is benjamin crump. have the martin family seen than psa and maybe to react to it. maybe not sybrina but maybe
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trayvon's father? >> not that i'm aware. it's still emotional for them. their son is gone and he is never coming back. so they have so much emotion tied to these things this they try to shy away from them. >> we are getting this psa, ben, now, on the heels of pretty emotional op-ed that you penned for wp titled stand up for trayvon martin by amending stand your ground. what is your reaction to the psa? it's a in your face kind of message to certainly lawmakers but your message in "the washington post" was to voters out there and if you wanted to vote for trayvon, the best way to do that is to look for those people that are in favor of amending stand your ground laws. >> well, as sybrina fulton said and tracy martin said, they are trying to make something positive out of something very negative and dealing with the devastating loss of their son and aftermath of the verdict.
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therefore, they are trying to have a legacy that will define trayvon and that is to have this trayvon martin amendment to stand your ground laws that simply stand for the proposition that you cannot be the initial aggressor. you can't start the confrontation and kill somebody and say you were standing your ground. it's common sense legislation. we think that it's a win/win for everybody. they have not been partisan about it. they have been completely nonpartisan say we want to protect our children. we believe our children have a right to walk in peace. the trayvon voter is a person who is common sense person who say i should have a right to walk in paens not be profiled, especially on the eve of the 50th anniversary of martin luther king who dreamed about his children being judged by the content of their character, rather than by the color of their skin, and the march on washington on saturday, that is is going to be where the parents
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and i are going to be talking about. >> so, ben, you write in this piece that people stop you, that the jury got it wrong. and how people have looked over this, some people would say they got it wrong and some say they got it right, based on what the law allowed them to do. how do you think that your op-ed in coordination with what the martin family wants to do for trayvon martin's legacy can get the attention of people? because it seems now that as more time has gone by, more emotion around it has dissipated. people have lost the attention, the focus that is needed. >> i haven't seen many people stop talking about it, thomas. in fact, if you look at the "ebony" magazine piece and if you look at reverend sharpton and martin luther king iii talking about saturday trayvon is a major focus of the march. it's not just a symbolic march. it's a call for action. we think that a lot of young
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people, black and white alike are rallying around this cause. they want to vote and didn't get to vote in the criminal proceeding dealing with his shooting death. this is their opportunity to vote for trach and make sure they register to vote and vote in the november midterm elections. trayvon was 17 years old. he would have been able to vote had he not been killed when he turned 18. so the real question is for all of those young people, will you vote? trayvon didn't get a chance. >> martin family attorney benjamin crump, thanks for making time for me and getting in so quickly. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. thank you. our big question today is for you. do you think the psa goes too far? share your thoughts on facebook or twitter. we will have those later in the show. what is going with san diego mayor bob filner? he still is no show at city hall as he negotiates a possible settlement with some of the 16 women accusing him of sexual
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so will san diego mayor bob filner return to work today? right now as city elected leader is very much unclear as a second day of settlement talks with city attorneys and leaders are set to resume and negotiations come amid filner's resignation over 16 women accusing him of sexual harassment. people rallied at city hall calling for people not to prenudge him. >> -- prejudge him.
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>> we asked him not to resign. i will stand by him. >> what we have is a lynch mob that has said just the opposite. they have said you are guilty and now you need to provide proof that you are innocent. >> he has a vision for the city which no previous mayor has ever had. >> joining me right now is the third woman to come forward with allegations against mayor fillmayor. morgan rose is a psychologist in the san diego school system and executive director of the american angels campaign. the back story you initially met with mayor filner while he was still serving as a u.s. congressman to promote the advocacy group you founded and had a private meeting with you. what do you allege happened at that private meeting? >> it was private but also public in the maria callendar's
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across nhis office. we were there to talk about the hope of america's children and inviting the obamas to become involved. so we were seated in a back booth in maria callander's. i remember the restaurant was empty. he sat down across from me and since he had called this meeting on his own to find out who in the hell i am in his words, i had brought my resume expecting him to need to see my credentials before he went to the obama's. i handed those to him across the table and he barely glanced at the first page and put it aside and said he had already in wet michelle obama and she wanted us to work on a memo together. and then the next second i saw his whole face turn creepy and his eyes strange. and then he said to me, "your eyes have bewitched me."
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and i knew that our discussion had just taken a 180 in a different direction. but i didn't know what he was about to do and within a few seconds, he had gotten up and come over and sat next to me, pinning me into the booth, and then as this is not normal in my life, it was like a suspension of time and space. i don't remember if he immediately tried to move my face to kiss me, or said he wanted to kiss me. but his arm was around my shoulders and four times during about the next ten minutes, he was taking my face, my head and trying to move it towards him and kiss me. that happened four times. and in between, i was negotiating with him, please go back to your side of the table so we can continue this very important discussion. please let me out. please let me leave. and no matter what i said, his
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response was, just kiss me and i will. >> morgan, these allegations are similar to aggressive behavior that other women have come forward to tell about their encounters with the mayor. i want to remind everybody. take a look. >> he would come in and try and kiss me on the lips and i'd have to squirm to get away. >> he got very close to me. and he ran his finger up my cheek like this. and he whispered to me, "do you have a man in your life"? >> i was placed in a filner head-lock and moved around as a rag doll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> leaned over the desk and took my hands and says, "i think i could go eight hours." and i looked at him and said, "are you kidding?" >> some of these women just demonstrated there have gotten legal representation and counsel. have you contacted or retained legal representation? >> i have contacted legal
8:17 am
representation and that was a two-week process, even finding out how i could come out with dignity and protect myself and my family by doing so. and that was with the counsel of an attorney. >> i want to point out real quickly, morgan, to everybody that these are very serious allegations and accusations against the mayor but as of yet he is not facing any criminal charges. his office has not responded to our repeated question for a statement. all nine councilmembers want the mayor to resign. recall organizers need 100,000 signatures to get a recall of the mayor in place. but doubt that -- from your encounters from this man do you think he is delusional about the realities of his situation are or is this the behavior of a man being persecuted?
8:18 am
there are people out there rallying for him that say he should not be prejudged. >> absolutely, they have that right, but for those of us who were victimized by him and we can no long see him as worthy of being the leader of this beautiful city, you know, we have the other side of the story and i'm not going to judge any side one way or another but we are speaking out with our personal stories that do definitely have a theme of him imposing himself in our lives and sometimes assaulting us in our lives, and that is serious. for my vantage point, i'm not going to be able to consider criminal charges simply because the statute of limitations has run out.
8:19 am
>> i continued to work on the e-mail to michelle obama because of the stake what was for american children. i was not going to compromise that. as a congressman, i knew he had access to my social security number, my address. he had already phoned me at home. possibly knowing where my work places were. so i just felt to keep myself safe, i would not come forward at that time. at that time, i would have only been one voice. where now, with the group of us with the theme of our stories, there is much more impact and i think safety in numbers. >> we wish you nothing but the best and appreciate you coming on to share your story. we will follow the story as it plays out and see if charges ever come forward and if the mayor shows up at city hall. thank you, morgan rose. >> thank you for the opportunity. big question, pay back time.
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"guardian" reporter glenn greenborrow saying they will be sorry for retaining his partner. what they are planning in the press now. they are off. a new article saying chris christie is the darling of the republican establishment and might suggest the clintons are bogging down talk of hillary clinton run for president. what does it feel like? 2016 is already here? our agenda panel is going to weigh in. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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8:24 am
certificate saying he is american because his mother is american, although his dad is cuban. he addressed this on a radio show. >> i am not going to get into the legal debate. people have asked the facts of my birth. my parents had moved to calgary in the late 1960s to work in the oil business. they had gone to college in texas and i was born in canada. my mother is a u.s. citizen. she was born in wilmington and lived most of her life in canada. joining me is wayne. this matters because ted cruz have run for president come 2016. does senator cruz qualify as the, quote, natural born u.s. citizen as the constitution requires in a president? >> the quick answer is probably.
8:25 am
the scholarship on the issue indicates if you talk to legal scholars and cases settled suggest that absolutely he is eligible to run for president. the issue itself, the precise issue with its circumstances that cruz has has never been litigated at the supreme court level, probably never will be, frankly. all indications are, yes, he is eligible to run. he's the child of an american citizen, although born in canada. that is a natural born citizen under the constitution. >> when you hear the parallels of the birth irdebate over president obama born in a mom from kansas but born in hawaii. some like texas congressman go so far to suggest the president should be impeached over his birth certificate. why is there a deep double standard? >> there is a probe, isn't
8:26 am
there? it's rare you see the hypocritical division between the two things. the cruz experience is almost identical to the obama experience. if you're donald trump or if you're one of the birthers who say the president should not be the president because he was born of an american mother in wherever, kenya, wherever it was, you can't say that cruz is eligible. >> cruz was born out of this country and he has the birth certificate to prove it and he spent the first four years of his life there knowing full well that he had dual citizenship but he got an american passport he says when he was in college. we you will use our birth certificates to not know where your birth certificate is from, it's funny, right? >> it is funny. these birthers who have been down on obama clearly have to deal with this issue. but more fundamentally, at any time cruz that to deal with the issue. what he wants to do if he runs for president, which all indications are he would like to
8:27 am
do that, is to consolidate the tea party purist wing with social conservative wing as alternative candidate to the party's establishment nominee in 2016. in order to to do that he has to appeal to tea party types who have been the most vocal against obama and convince them maybe a canadian is okay. >> it's a conundrum. wayne, thanks. a series of major developments in the crisis in egypt. senator patrick leahy office telling nbc news aid has been suspended but the white house saying no definitive decision has been made regarding u.s. aid. in the meantime, saudi arabia is backing the u.s. military crackdown on protesters that will will make up the aid while in egypt the supreme leader of muslim brotherhood is arrested as part of a crackdown on protesters against the ouster of mohammed morsi. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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the early bird gets the worm. but will chris christie and hillary clinton keep the lead in the very early running of the 2016 presidential race? that is our topic for our agenda panel. joining me is hayward and sabrina and steve. gang, great to have you all here. obviously, a long way to go before we get to 2016. one of the big topics being chris christie and steve you wrote an article what happened to chris christie's brand is a enough no nonsense politician who is afraid of -- who is not afraid of anything and vetoed the ban as we have been talking about on the sniper rifles. easy enough for me to say. gay marriage is still legally in
8:32 am
new jerse -- illegal in new jersey. >> we really don't know. chris christie cultivated a tough brand and no nonsense guy. yet we saw just recently he scheduled the senate and special election for mid october on answer awednesday because he was afraid to be on the ballot with cory broork. he asked for the 50 caliber ban and legislature agreed and vetoed it. i think he is threading a needle carefully because he wants on run for president but he is trying to mend fences with the republican establishment and left him in a strange place where no one knows what to make of him right now. >> a national realize article saying the following. what is the impact of this gop rehab for christie on the rest
8:33 am
of the party's front runners and let's remind everybody the biggest attraction he is a at any rate shooter and no nonsense kind of guy who can be loveable because of that. >> kind of forming where you got a first tier which includes senator rand paul, you've got chris christie and you've got senator ted cruz from texas. each of them representing a very different part of the republican party. then you've got a second tier with a bunch of people who knows it's very early but a lot of those people may pop in. but each of those candidates has a very different base that they are going after. that "national review" article is insightful. it says since hurricane sandy swept through and chris christie embraced president obama in the aftermath of that disaster he has been doing everything he can to mend fences with the establishment republicans. that is his ticket to the republican nomination. if he can mend fences with the establishment republicans he has a chance.
8:34 am
as steve was talking about, the zigzagging back and forth on these issues is causing him a little bit of a difficulty. today, there is a very big event to watch which is the endorsement, christie's endorsement of steve lanigan of the u.s. senate race. interesting to watch how strongly he endorses him because steve has very little chance to win this race. cory booker is way ahead in nearly every poll and interesting to see how christie comes out in support of lanigan. >> what about marco rubio? seems like he has fallen off the radar completely. >> i think he has fallen off the radar and perhaps he has been a little more quiet after immigration reform passed the senate. he perhaps miscalculated how much support he would get from being a part of the bipartisan group of senators who backed that bill and pushed it through the senate. he garnered a bit of criticism because since the bill actually passed the senate he hasn't really helped sell it to conservatives or been a part of
8:35 am
conversations with the house and house republicans on how they are going to move forward. so i think the effort has been seen as somewhat disingenuous because of his support for comprehensive immigration reform and he is trying to win favor with conservatives and i think grasp at straws a little bit too. he attached himself to the effort defund obama care or allow a government shutdown. that is questionable if you're trying to appeal in a general election, you know, whether or not you are willing to allow economic calamity is going to come back perhaps to hurt you. at the same time, with respect to conservatives it's ted cruz getting attention for the defund obama effort. raub . >> some say the platform the strength the republicans candidates have is the reason hillary clinton may be vocal early on. we know she spoke out on voting rights while getting and award
8:36 am
on the west coast and another big speech coming up this month. steve, is it we are more interested in figuring out if she is going to run? we haven't gotten the high sign from her camp. she is a distinguished citizen right now and that is it. >> i think that is right. she gave a powerful speech about voting rights because she supports voting rights. i know for those of us in the media want to look for the larger implications for 2016 but it's also equally possible she just has a great passion and great interest on these issues but i also -- i think given the circumstances, it's only natural to think that she is also positioning herself letting democrats know what the key issues are and what she stands for and what other issues will likely be an important part of the 2016 campaign. >> when we talk about that and i know you've been following joe biden, not going into the night quietly so to speak. there my be certainly interest from him about whether or not he is going to make a go for 2016.
8:37 am
does that all depend on what hillary clinton wants to do? >> well, it's not so clear. there was an article in "the wall street journal" just yesterday which suggested that biden's close advisers have determined he could win in a face-off with hillary clinton in a democratic primary. you know, perhaps there is some, you know, behind the scenes jockying going on. but i think what it points to and the reason all of this is starting so early is in the autopsies of the mitt romney campaign, people felt that he had a decided disadvantage against president obama because he didn't have enough time -- did not have enough time to get a campaign apparatus up and running. republicans are doing that and i think on the same side, you're seeing democrats starting to do that. i think to run what is in excess of a billion dollar operation, to run for president, you have to start early and that is what they are doing right now. >> amazing when you think about the cash going into it. thank you all for joining me. you can find more from our agenda panel on our website and follow the link
8:38 am
to my name. >> i have a dad and he is undocumented. what can i do to save him? >> a tough lesson in immigration politics. a little girl confronts a republican congressman about her own dad only to be told laws are laws. that little josie will join me with her mom megan in a few minutes. today's producer pick comes from megan o'connor who hopes her sister is listening to this. that apple will announce a gold phone to go along with the black and white versions. sources say they think that the gold is a bit more champagne colored. you can read more about this story by heading to my facebook page. is like hammering.
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we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. immigration might be on hold as lawmakers enjoy their summer recess but not affecting those from immigration reform to keep it in the forefront. this is a picture of josie and
8:42 am
her father milton. josie lives in tennessee but her father is currently facing deportation back to his native el salvador. he is asking her congressman here how to prevent the deportation from happening. >> i have a dad. he is undocumented. what can i do so he can stay with me? >> we have a big intimidating crowd and appreciate you coming toward and ask your question. we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that is why we're at. >> joining me now is 11-year-old josie molina and her mom megan mockarray. girls, nice to have you here. josie, how did you want the congressman to help with your father's deportation? what were you hoping his answer would be? >> i was hoping that he would say something that was more like
8:43 am
helpful than just that. i was kind of mad at him. but, you know, that's what he said. >> the congressman, josie, gave us a statement in advance of this interview saying, i felt i owed miss molina an honest answer to her question. we are a nation of laws and breaking those laws have consequences. while this country has a jenus immigration policy we cannot condone people coming here illegally. i feel i have a response even if it means delivering difficult news. he is saying basically the law is the law. how did you feel the congressman telling you the laws had to be goled foled and the reaction from this crowd that balveed cheered h basically cheered him on? >> mad and sad. i don't really -- no. i just like i just had to listen.
8:44 am
>> you were respectful and brave to ask a question than a lot of people in this country. megan, i know you have to be proud of josie. you know firsthand what this immigration debate means for so many in this country. how is josie's exchange with the congressman, what is the reaction you've gotten? >> i was really surprised when josie got up to speak. because she told me she was inspired by -- remember, josie, his name? >> no. >> arturo? >> arturo. >> arturo and alexander got the same response. she tapped me on the shoulder and said i want to speak. i said, okay. you might get attention for this. are you ready? and josie said -- >> i'm ready. >> she was ready. so she got up and said that big line. she asked her question and, you
8:45 am
know, i think -- i hope we have moved beyond -- a little bit beyond the place of where josie's life and her dad's life is political football. i hope we have moved beyond that place. >> josie, what would you like to say? you didn't get a chance to follow-up with the congressman. but now that you've heard his answer, his response to you before this interview, what would you hope to say to him to get him to change his mind? >> i would ask him to change his mine and i would ask for a different answer. >> what would your answer -- what would you want to see his answer be? >> oh, i would him to say that he would try to help me, but i'm not really sure. so. >> it was a brave question. mom, let me ask you. josie's dat milton, how has that emotionally and psychologically affected you and yours, especially for josie to know the
8:46 am
potential to her dad to be sent back to el salvador and how real that is? >> we wake up with that every day. >> i'm used to it. >> thanks for asking. thomas, josie said she is used to it but a little girl shouldn't have to get used to something like that. i hope that is where we have moved. i hope that josie's courage -- this is what courage looks like and josie has been really courageous and josie was inspired by other people like arturo and alejandro who is kourg courageous and said what they want their dreams to be and josie got up and said she didn't want to lose her dat, right? >> yes. >> you look just like your mom, josie. you're a chip off the old block. do you get that a lot? >> yes, i do. >> you do. we see you have your tennessee shirt on. you're a big tennessee football fan? >> sort of. >> sort of? okay. that's a ringing endorsement. we will take it.
8:47 am
>> and, tom, josie had two people she wanted to reach out to as well, right? no? who is your hero -- who are your two heros? easement barack obama and selena gomez. >> there you go. all right. shout-out to barack obama and selena gomez. ladies, thanks again. i appreciate your time. bo is getting a new bud. time for the poly sidebar. the first dog bo has a new little sister. president and his family do not a second portuguese water dog named sunny. they are fast friends already. maine's governor is getting heat for shocking comments about the president at a fund-raiser. according to reports he said obama hates white people. the governor's office issued a statement saying anything of that is far-fetched. when the 1972 miami dolphins visit the white house later today they are minus three
8:48 am
players. three are skipping out because of the political disagreements with the president. california lawmaker says he will pull his youngest son out of a public school in protest of a new transgender students bill and the bill expands the rights of transgender students. he told the press his sons were horrified of using the bathroom with transgender students. what's important to you? at humana, our medicare agents sit down with you and ask. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping. [ male announcer ] helping you -- now that's what's important to us.
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we asked, you answered, the question as the stand your ground public service announcement. timothy, let me ask you folks. would you rather need a gun and not have it or have a gun and not need? gabe weighed in saying this public service announcement has a purpose like most, to get a message across. the krofrgs keeps going. keep the comments coming in or twit around facebook. "guardian" reporter glenn glee wald and live-in partner are threatening to sue the british government.
8:52 am
miranda's laptop and other equipment confiscated under anti-terrorist legislation nearly nine hours at london airport. the u.s. says it did not request the detention but received advance notice about it. chuck todd asked the white house spokesman yesterday why the u.s. was given that heads up. >> obviously the united states had given a heads up of the detention? >> again, that heads up was pried by the british government. you can direct that question to them. >> was this heads up giving before he was detained or before it went public? >> the heads up, told us about it after they detained him. >> it's fair they were telling you they were going do this? >> that's an accurate interpretation. >> is this gentleman on a watch list for the united states? >> you'd have to check whip the tsa. because they maintain the watch list, and i don't know if they'd tell you or not, but you can ask them. >> joining me with the latest, nbc news national investigative
8:53 am
reporter michael isikoff. greenwald vowed to continue his aggressive reporting besides what happened there in london. what do we know, the kind of information that might have been on ma rand darrirandamiranda's ? and hasn't the "guardian" said they paid for miranda's flight to get to london? >> yeah, and miranda has been assisting greenwald, his partner, in the reporting on this. although it's worth pointing out miranda himself said in the interviews given he doesn't know what material he was taking from the filmmaker in berlin to glenn greenwald in brazil, but i think what's important to note here is, first of all, i talked to greenwald the day this happened, and he's made clear, number one, that what's been published so far is only a fraction of what he and laura got from snowden.
8:54 am
number two the material they've gotten, they've encrypted all of it. so even if officials were to recover some thumb drives or data on hard drives, it presumably, greenwald seems to feel, it's encrypted and they're not going to be able make much use of it. the takeaway is the u.s. and uk governments, clearly working closely here, still don't seem to have a handle on all the material that snowden took. it's of a piece of the story we broke last week about the continuing threatened legal action against the owner of that encrypted service that snowden was using, who's been threatened with contempt of court after he shut down rather than cooperate in a surveillance order related to the snowden probe. you put these two together and you get a picture of u.s. officials and uk officials so nervous they don't yet fully
8:55 am
know all of the material that's out there, all the material that snowden took. >> really interesting. nbc's michael isikoff. thank you. wraping up this hour for me. see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. now with alex wagner, coming up. i'm confounded whether or not miranda is being used as an information mule back and forth between greenwald and lora and if he doesn't know what's on there, does it make his complicit? i'm confused. >> confused and obfuscation is a part of the story. isn't it? along the other things we'll talk about, is the u.s. withholding military aid to egypt or not? discussing the delicate diplomacy and ask salon's brian buoyantner what he learned from getting shot and why he's not in favor of stop and frisk.
8:56 am
and colorado's only david joins us to discuss the latest backlash to the state's streak gun laws and recall effort. all that when "now" starts right after this. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! wit's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill,. and that's why we use angie's list.
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with special crunchy kibbles and great taste...'s a happy way to a healthy smile. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks as the u.s. cut off aid to egypt, can ted cruz run for president, and will the 1972 miami dolphins were gracious gechts as the white house? it's tuesday august 20th, and this is "now." there are new reports today that the u.s. has suspended military aid to egypt in the wake of last month's military takeover. obama administration officials told the "daily beast" last night that although they have yet to label it as such, the white house is treating the situation as a military coup. and is withholding over $500 million of the $1.3 billion yearly aid package.
9:00 am
the eu will also consider withholding their nearly $7 million aid package in an emergency session to be held today. meanwhile, an egyptian court is expected to order the release of former egyptian president hosni mubarak today pending trial for the killing of protesters. against this turbulent background, yesterday egyptian police arrested muhammad badi, the speeiritual leader, in response to the six-week pro test that ended in violent clashes last week. joining us from cairo, and from washington, senior correspondent for national security and politics and the "daily beast." josh, i'd like to go to you first with your big news today. a scoop, if you will, about the white house's strange sort of back and forth over the question of whether or not this is a military coup and whether or not we are withholding $1.3 billion in aid. can you give us the latest as far as your conversations with se


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