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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 14, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. they do battle with the armed and dangerous. >> pursuits are bad. shooting is bad. shooting pursuits, really, really bad. >> and handle the most unexpected predicaments. >> it's a hard thing to watch for a lot of people. >> and react quickly when routine situations suddenly turn perilous. >> first mental thing is that i'm a slaughtered man. >> police officers put their lives on the line every day. and in their arsenal, they have a silent witness that can speak volumes. >> put the gun down, man! >> in this hour, suspenseful stories seen through the unblinking eye of the dashboard camera.
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>> oh! "caught on camera, dash cam diaries." >> welcome to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. dashboard cameras are an important policing tool that can bear witness to details missed by the human eye and reveal invaluable lessons for law enforcement. in this hour you'll see compelling situations caught on dashboard cameras from getaways gone awry to ruthless gunmen firing at will. a routine traffic stop turns into a roadside shootout when troopers unknowingly pull over an armed and dangerous escaped prisoner. >> i'm thinking already i shouldn't have stopped this car. >> october 26, 1998.
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tyler, texas. trooper barry goins an 18-year veteran of the force is assigned to train trooper jasmine andreesen, a rookie six months out of the academy. >> barry was not my fto, he was not my training officer. i was riding with him that night because my fto had other arrangements and had something else to do that night. >> no. no, we don't go out with a rookie very often. >> they're at the tail end of a particularly busy night when they decide to look for an easy way to finish their shift. i went on the county road that i'm familiar with, and i was just going to stay there till the end of the shift. >> we were working stationary radar. so we were sitting still and the lights were out. >> a car comes by 64 in a 50. i'm a little bit bored, and i go pull it over and make a traffic stop on the car. >> trooper andreesen questions the driver who is now out of the
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car while trooper goins talks to the passenger who is avoiding eye contact. >> when i go up and i.d. and see what the story is with the guy in the front seat, and there's something not right about him. i wanted to find out what was going on. okay. stand out here. i asked him to step out of the car. he didn't want to step out of the car. is it against the law to not step out of the car? no. no, it's against the law to not do what i ask you to do. >> the passenger still refuses to exit the car and trooper goins is losing patience. >> we can do it the easy way or the hard way. which way do you want to go? >> you just stop for a moment in your mind and think to yourself, am i prepared? something's fixing to happen. >> although she senses danger, trooper andresen focuses on the driver, as the passenger emerges from the car and faces trooper goins. >> took one step out and he looped. and underneath his leg he had a saturday night special, a .22
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revolver. he just hooked it with his pinkie finger and he had me. less than heartbeats, he had me. >> this guy is fighting with him. and barry's trying to get his gun out. i can see he's trying to get his gun out. and i'm going for my gun. and fresh out of recruit school. all i wanted was cover. >> andreesen backs away as the scuffle between goins and the armed suspect quickly escalates into a life or death situation. >> don't move! don't move! don't move, lady! don't move, lady! >> as things would have it, i had a partner that night and jasmine was moving around not listening to anything he was saying. he was going for my side arm, and he had the pistol up to my neck and he was trying to get my weapon away from me, and i figured i was done for anyway, but -- i was hoping for at least two seconds to shoot him before something -- before i lost consciousness. >> the suspect is momentarily
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distracted and trooper goins makes his move. >> when he finally took his eyes off of me for a second and looked at her to see what she was doing, that was my only spot. it didn't get any better than that. that was it. ducked down and grabbed him. we danced for a couple of seconds. he was trying to grab my weapon, i was trying to grab him. then i got mad. i said this guy's going out. i might go out, too, but he's definitely going to go out, too. >> trooper goins breaks free from the suspect, pulls his gun and fires a shot at point-blank range, but he misses. >> i had to hold my shots because i didn't want to shoot jasmine, and he took off. as soon as he cleared the car, i started unloading. >> all of a sudden 18 rounds later, it was over. >> the suspect flees into the darkness through the barrage of bullets. trooper andreesen arrests the driver who never left the scene.
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>> you better drop it! get down on the ground! >> you think you're there for 15 minute, but you're only there for maybe five or six heartbeats. i mean, the whole thing was over what, in what, 8, 10, 13 seconds? it seemed like you were there forever because you're always wondering what's going on? what's next? what's going to happen? >> as the troopers wait for backup to arrive, they begin to question the driver who seems perplexed by what just happened. listen closely as he describes how he met his passenger. >> i know that his cousin asked me to give him a ride out here. seemed pretty nice to me. >> he even adds pleasantry to trooper goins. >> i'm glad nothing happened to you, sir. >> it turns out the passenger is sydney bird, a career criminal who escaped prison while out on work release.
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>> had nothing to lose. he wasn't going back to alabama penitentiary. he wasn't going back to jail. >> backup is now on the scene, the manhunt for byrd is on. >> the county calls the team out there and dog team, and pretty quick, within an hour, an hour 15 minutes, hour and a half tops the smith county deputies have already caught him hidden underneath some leaves in a pasture less than a hundred yards away. >> years after the ordeal, troopers goins and andreesen recall the dramatic events of that fateful night. >> i get that one round off right here. >> we had 30 minutes left of the shift when all this happened. >> i had gotten the camera put in the day before. it was one of those fluky things. three holes in his jacket. >> byrd is found guilty of aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon and sentenced to life in prison. >> i started that day as a
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rookie, but i went home that night as a veteran. coming up -- with a gun in each hand, a man opens fire on police. >> we've just been fired at. the car has been hit several times. >> and later, a getaway attempt goes bad when a woman runs over herself. questions.ented to ask e i've got nothing to hide. my bill's due today and i haven't paid yet.
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a suspected would-be bank robber fires at police in a rolling gun battle through a residential florida neighborhood. >> there was no doubt in my mind that he was trying to end my life. i knew he was shooting to kill. i've just been fired at. the car's been hit several times. >> july 1st, 2003, tallahassee, florida.
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officer chuck perry is patrolling a local bank parking lot when a slow moving car catches his attention. >> i looked at the two individuals who were the driver and the passenger. just -- they were completely surprised. they had a very shocked look. and it wasn't normal. they immediately did a very rapid turn out of the parking lot. they aroused my suspicion to such a point that i actually called james fairfield, my supervisor. >> he said i have something going. do you have any intel on a white crown vic or gray crown vic. he thought at first maybe this was a fraud suspect. >> it's clear to officer perry that the pair is deliberately trying to avoid him. with his suspicions and his dash cam now engaged, perry hits the lights and siren. >> i wanted to wait for backup, actually, but as it turned out, they ended up driving into a basically closed neighborhood. >> the car pulls over, and the
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passenger side door immediately opens. >> i was expecting a foot chase. i was expecting to have to jump out of the car. >> but the suspects don't run. instead, one emerges from the car with a pistol in each hand. >> just raised it up to shoulder level and was shooting, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, as fast as he could. both guns going. he emptied both the weapons. probably 10 to 12 shots were fired. the shots that were being fired were incredibly loud. the pistols were deafening. as i was ducking down, i remember hearing the bullets hitting the car. there was a lot of kids out. and on the video you could see a couple of them running across the street just prior to him jumping out of the car and shooting. >> for that reason, perry holds his fire. the quick-thinking officer throws his cruiser in reverse creating distance between himself and the hail of gunfire.
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it's his best defense. >> i'm backing up simply trying to survive, goit of the way. and at that point they got back in the car. >> the driver takes off again and so does officer perry. >> i've just been fired at. the car's been hit several times. that actually kind of pissed me off. i decided at that point to just go ahead and chase them and see if we could catch them. a blue french crown ford vic. >> you know, it's remarkable, there is a cadence that we use when all things are well and other than the speed as which it was coming out it pretty much followed our standard protocol, despite the fact he was getting shot at. we got good detail, we got good indicators, we got good descriptions. >> white male wearing a beige shirt. i can't say i was calm that day. but if it appeared that way, then that's great. but the truth is that i was scared. and i had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach like somebody had kicked me.
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i wasn't really sure that i wanted to be there anymore. >> sergeant james fairfield and several other officers are on the way to help officer perry when the driver suddenly pulls the car over once more and once again, the passenger door opens. >> the second time when he started getting out of the car, he didn't do it really quickly. i could tell exactly what he was going to do. this time i could see that he was pulling a rifle out of the car. again, i immediately put it into reverse, and again, he began firing just like at a firing range. >> a direct hit to the battery short circuits the electrical system bringing his car to a halt. the dash cam goes black. >> pursuits are bad. shootings are bad. shooting pursuit, really, really bad. and that's where we're at right now. >> and i began thinking about what i was really doing chasing this guy who was so committed to putting an end to my life.
3:16 pm
we took off again. >> but officer perry's car is barely able to accelerate due to the damage, and he watches as the men speed off. >> we were all running emergency mode trying to figure out where this is going to get stable enough that we can assist chuck. >> after two terrifying encounters alone, backup is on the scene. his cruiser is breaking down, but officer perry remains relentless in his pursuit. ahead, the harrowing chase is coming to a dramatic conclusion. >> the most amazing crash i've ever seen. the car went up about 15 feet in the air. it spun sideways and did a barrel roll, at the same time flew about 35 or 40 feet going over an embankment. >> police immediately descend on the car including officer perry. miraculously, both the driver and the passenger survive the crash, but they are not ready to surrender.
3:17 pm
>> watch his left hand! his left hand. >> as we approached he was still trying to get a gun. >> you are going to die if you move. don't move! >> the suspects finally give up and they're taken into custody. police confiscate several firearms, ammunition, duffel bags, a ski mask, duct tape and rope from the car, which leads them to believe the suspects were planning to rob the bank where officer perry first spotted them. the officers later learn that this is no ordinary crime team. they are father and son. the father, abdul shabbaz who fired multiple times on officer perry, is convicted of first degree attempted murder and is serving three consecutive life sentences. his son and accomplice moussa shabbaz is also convicted of first degree attempted murder and is sentenced to 20 years in prison. and perry was named police officer of the year for his actions.
3:18 pm
since the incident, the tallahassee police department uses officer perry's dash cam footage as a training tool for new recruits. >> opens fire with both hands. chuck's response? is to immediately disengage and get distance. >> time to plan on what to do is not once the guy's shooting at you. you need to figure this out before he's shooting at you and you need to put some plan in action. don't just sit there. move. do something. >> i'm here today, and so i'm happy. it was a good day. when i saw the video for the first time, it had captured everything that these two guys had done. and it brought back, one, a lot of anger that they were trying to kill a cop. and then, two, it also brought back a lot of the memories and the details. that i had not recorded in my mind. you've got a job to do, and so
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these guys, if we don't stop them, there's nobody else out there to do it. that's what we do. >> you're going to die if you move. don't move! coming up -- a getaway attempt gone horribly wrong. and later, another brazen gunman in a shoot-out with police. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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a police chase with a bizarre ending when a woman, desperately trying to escape from police, runs over herself. >> that's a hard thing to watch for a lot of people. >> january 3rd, 2011, moses lake, washington. corporal thomas tufty is on the lookout for a woman wanted by police on forgery charges. >> she had multiple warrants for her arrest. i'd gotten a phone call from our dispatch center that let me know that she was on the move in her car. >> that woman is jonah zeigler.
3:23 pm
tufty has a description of zeigler and her vehicle, and it isn't long before he spots her. >> when i looked over to the left, i saw a pink vest and her head down underneath the steering wheel. i pulled in behind her truck. >> corporal tufty approaches the truck. and confronts ziegler. >> i let her know who i was and why i was there. she initially said that she wasn't jonah ziegler. that's not me. i finally convinced her i knew who she was and that she was under arrest because she had warrants. >> he orders zeigler out of her truck, but she has other plans. >> she stopped and said, i'm not going. hit the gas. the truck just basically goes in reverse really fast. i put my left hand out to stop the truck from actually pushing me over. >> tufty tries to reach for his taser, then his gun, but there's no time. zeigler is on the run. >> she flies by in front of me yelling at me as she's driving by. she said, quote, unquote, just [ bleep ] shoot me and then drives off. >> tufty gives chase.
3:24 pm
ziegler's vehicle is going fast, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. trying to shake the officer, ziegler turns abruptly cutting off two other cars. she accelerates, passing a school and blowing through stop signs. zeigler is unyielding. suddenly corporal tufty sees the driver's side door open. >> i'm thinking she's going to try to jump out of the truck. as i come around the corner i can see that she slipped out and she's actually hanging on to the driver's door and the steering wheel. >> zeigler desperately holds on. she can neither stop the truck nor get back inside. >> she's running with the truck and she's slipping as she's running and she can't control it. >> zeigler tries to keep up with the moving vehicle, but this proves to be an even bigger mistake. >> it hits a curb for a driveway and it hits a railroad tie that's next to the sidewalk. and in that jarring motion, she loses her grip and she goes under the truck. the car stops right up at the
3:25 pm
breast bone, the tires up to her neck. >> tufty immediately radios for an ambulance and then races over to ziegler's truck. >> she's not breathing. the sheer weight of the vehicle, she's not going to be breathing much at all. >> the chase has now become a rescue mission as he tries in vain to push the vehicle off her. within minutes neighbors rush over to help. but even the additional manpower cannot lift the truck. corporate tufty makes a crucial decision. >> i knew that if i didn't get the truck off of her, she wasn't going to live. the only thing i had available to me was the drive it off. so i went into the cab, it was still running. i started to hid the accelerator really slow to try and feather it. and just all of a sudden she came out from underneath it. >> startled onlookers back away as ziegler's body spins out from underneath the wheel of the truck. corporate tufty's emt training quickly takes over. >> checked her pulse, she had a pulse, wasn't breathing really
3:26 pm
well. stay on, jonah, we're going to help you out. we're going to get to you the hospital. >> ziegler is alive but the extent of her injuries is unknown. >> i've seen a lot of different things in this job, and i've come up with -- you know, come up against a number of different sen n scenarios. this was one of the toughest ones to handle. >> ziegler is flown to spokane for treatment. miraculously makes a a full recovery. she pleads guilty on the original forgery charge and is awaiting sentencing. for attempting to elude police she's found guilty and is sentenced to 15 months in prison. but before she goes to jail, she had one last encounter with tufty. >> i actually stopped her on a traffic stop about three months ago. went up to the car, didn't know it was her. just stopped the car for a violation. went up, found out who it was and talked to her for a couple minutes. and she has apologized for what she did in a letter and in
3:27 pm
person. and she did thank me for saving her life. if there's one thing that i could get across to people is don't run from the police. it's not worth endangering yourself, the public or even the officers' lives in order to get away. doesn't end well usually. a man on a crime spree opens fire on police officers who fire back with deadly force. april 22nd, 2011, tomah, wisconsin. sergeant scott holomb and officer kenworthy are on the lookout for a man involved in a drive-by shooting. they spot the suspect seth mccloskey driving his pickup truck and the officers follow. >> takes a left into a residential street, and it cuts off another vehicle.
3:28 pm
at that point we were pretty sure that he was going to flee us. so i activated my lights and pursued the vehicle. >> mccloskey pulls over, but he doesn't surrender. >> prior to getting my door open, he starts coming out. you can hear me on the video camera saying, get back in my car. but i couldn't finish the senten sentence. get back in the --. >> i just remember his arm coming out and pointing the gun towards us. i stepped out of the car and remember just trying to get enough distance from the door. i had my rifle slung up as well. and just trying to get the distance to bring my rifle up to return fire. >> officer kenworthy exited the passenger side and engaged him, i came around officer kenworthy's side and started putting a good amount of return fire on him. >> to be honest with you, it seemed very much like a training video. i was waiting for somebody to
3:29 pm
pause it and basically start asking questions of the class, but it was just -- it kind of kept going. it just -- it didn't stop. >> through the shower of police gunfire, mccloskey somehow is able to get back into his truck. but he isn't going very far. >> when he was trying to get back into the vehicle, i had made a decision that he was not going to leave. i was going do everything i could so he couldn't leave that block. what i didn't want was a rolling gunfight. so i just continued to return the fire into the truck, into the driver's compartment. >> mccloskey is fatally wounded. >> as you can see in the video, if you look close, i believe he took a head shot. you can see the hat fly off his head. at some point you'll hear in the video the loud whine of his truck engine. >> the adrenaline rush is so intense, it would be several minutes before officer kenworthy
3:30 pm
realizes he himself has been shot. >> some time during the shooting, i don't remember exactly when, i just remember feeling something hit my foot. i saw an exit hole in my boot, i lost the tip of my third toe, the bullet actually went underneath my second toe and cut it, then it went through my big toe. >> an investigation by the monroe county district attorney finds the shooting is justified. according to police, mccloskey is linked to as many as ten drive-by shootings across wisconsin and illinois. coming up -- a high-speed chase ends in a highen impact crash. >> oh! >> and later, a gunman shoots to kill. >> put the gun down! ♪ that's me... i made you something. ♪
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i'm milissa rehberger.
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rallies for both sides are being held today in a dozen different cities around the nation following a verdict in the george zimmerman trial. all of them so far are peaceful. zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the justice department says it will look into possible civil criminal rights charges against zimmerman. we're learning that george zimmerman will likely be able to get back the gun he used to shoot trayvon martin. back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. in our next video, police go from pursuing a suspect to comforting a victim. it's a gripping story that shows that to serve and protect means more than just catching the bad guys. a late-night police chase ends when a car slams into a brick wall. >> oh!
3:35 pm
>> april 8th, 2011, myrtle beach, south carolina. officers ryan headley and matthew cox are working the night shift. they're on the lookout for a reported stolen vehicle. >> i saw the vehicle pass by me, and as i was turning around on the suspect vehicle, i saw that the driver of the vehicle was a young female driver. i knew right away we were dealing with either a very petite individual or a teenager. >> we attempted to stop the vehicle, but she refused to stop for us. at that time i began asking for assistance from other agencies to deploy stop sticks so we could get the vehicle stopped. i thought, you know, in the 200 yards she's probably going to come up, hit the stop sticks and everybody would be over,
3:36 pm
everything would be safe. before we got to that point she made an extremely abrupt left-hand turn. >> oh! >> the officers are shocked when the driver suddenly veers off the road and crashes directly into the brick wall of a church. >> she just accelerated at a high rate of speed into the church. the impact was just tremendous, so i knew she was at a greater speed of 70 miles per hour when she hit the church. after the dust had settled, we could really see how bad the accident was because the entire front half of the jeep was into the church through the brick wall. i never at one time saw the brake lights activate to indicate that she was trying to stop the vehicle. >> headley and cox race to help the driver. they carefully search the car,
3:37 pm
but they can't immediately find her. >> she's inside! she's in the vehicle! >> we were searching for her in the vehicle and we could not see her, and we started looking in front of the vehicle, calling out and we had no response initially, but then officer cox was near the driver's door and could hear a female screaming inside. >> wait a minute. where you are at? she's down in the floorboard. >> it took us, i would say a good 30 seconds, 45 seconds to determine that she was still in the vehicle. officer cox heard a voice, and after further investigation observed a young female up underneath the steering column inside the vehicle moaning in agony and pain. >> stay still. >> my leg is broken. >> your leg is broken? yeah, you hit a wall going 60, ma'am. stay still. >> i was thinking that the injuries were going to be severe, maybe even fatal, and at
3:38 pm
that point in time our apprehension mode went to rescue mode. >> officer cox realizes there's nothing he can do to remove the girl from the car. she's trapped. officer headley calls for help. >> prior to policing, i spent ten years in the fire service. and through my experience with that, i received medical training. i knew that her injuries were potentially life threatening, and i wanted her to calm down, slow her heart rate down in case she had external/internal bleeding, anything of that nature. >> the victim is in excruciating pain, but officer cox is still able to get some pertinent information from her. >> how old are you? how old are you? i wanted to assume she was a licensed driver at the time and maybe stole the vehicle. however, we didn't realize her intentions until after the vehicle crashed into the wall that she was an unlicensed driver and she was under age. >> while waiting for the rescue team officer cox keeps the girl
3:39 pm
talking. after admitting to stealing the car and to being too young to have a driver's license, she makes a startling confession. >> you were trying to kill yourself? okay. why were you trying to kill yourself? >> i hate my life. >> why do you hate your life? i was thinking that, obviously, something was seriously wrong with the suspect other than just wanting to steal the vehicle for a joy roid. you realize you have a life to live for. okay? stay with me. just stay conscious. okay? there was an issue there internally emotionally that triggered to do such an act. >> in the midst of her trauma, the victim is afraid there may be consequences beyond her injury. >> am i going to go to jail? >> she was more worried about the criminal charges. and i was trying to console her by telling her, let's not worry about the charges at hand. let's just worry about getting you safely out of the vehicle.
3:40 pm
no, don't be sorry. hey, no, you just -- i know, you just made a bad choice. you're not a bad person. you just made a bad choice. i'm sure after this we'll get you stable iced and we'll talk more about it later on. >> officer cox never leaves the girl's side until firefighters and paramedics are on the scene. >> do you hear those sirens? >> yes. >> okay. that's the paramedics coming. all right? i know. don't be scared. they're going get you out of here and you'll get better. she's still conscious and alert. she can't feel nothing from the waist down. >> the fire department deployed the jaws of life and the cutting equipment, and they were able to safely get into a position where they can cut and remove parts off the vehicle to safely get the suspect out of the vehicle. >> because the girl is a minor, her legal proceedings are not made public. >> oh!
3:41 pm
>> though dash cam videos are often used as evidence against suspects, this incident reveals the compassionate side of police. >> we're not only there to apprehend. we're there to protect and even if that's protecting the suspects, i mean, everybody needs protection, even if it's from themselves. coming up -- a distraught gunman who won't surrender. >> just put the gun down, ma'am! we'll talk about it! mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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all our drilling activity, twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. safety is a vital part of bp's commitment to america - and to the nearly 250,000 people who work with us here. we invest more in the u.s. than anywhere else in the world. over fifty-five billion dollars here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. an officer and a gunman in a tense standoff -- >> put it down! >> no!
3:45 pm
>> -- that ends with both men shot. >> put the gun down, buddy! the first thing i thought is i'm losing way too much blood to make it. >> april 2nd, 2011, conroe, texas. sergeant james kellerman responds to an emergency call. a man is wielding a shotgun outside a nearby bakery. >> at the time it was pretty much all of the comments i had while en route. i was the first responding officer. typically here in conroe a officer isn't dispatched prior to the call. i was the closest when i went out so i knew there were two units responding. >> he's got a gun. >> when i pulled in i wasn't quite prepared for what i saw when i got there. he was out of the door of the bakery and hitting it with the butt of the gun. as soon as he saw me, his attention was drawn. he walked across the front door, walked across the front of the
3:46 pm
building and put his focus on me. then and there i knew i was in the wrong place. he's got the gun aimed at me. >> the man with the shotgun is james richard hill. he's in the thick of a heated dispute with his girlfriend who works at the bakery. >> we've got people in the store. tell them to get away from the windows. >> even before officer ashley brockett arrives on the scene, he knows the situation is dire. >> the fact that he got on the radio and told dispatch to have the people inside the store move away from the windows, that told me that he was trying to prepare to use deadly force against this guy. >> as the dash cam rolls, sergeant kellerman makes numerous attempts to negotiate with hill, but the gunman refuses to comply. >> put the gun down, man! put it down! >> no! >> what's going on? in talking to him, the whole
3:47 pm
time, i basically got my pistol out and it's pointed at him. he opened the breach of the rifle, the shotgun, i thought he was going to disarm it. and he was looking to make sure it was loaded. >> police backup arrives and quickly gets into position. they wait for hill to make a move. >> come on, man! >> i saw that he had taken a defensive posture. he was laid across the trunk of a vehicle pointing his firearm at sergeant kellerman. i knew as soon as i pulled in and i looked over, i ha good shot. >> put the gun down! >> when you get on the scene like that and you make a decision that deadly force will have to be used, which i did pretty quickly. he looked at the breach of the weapon and he cocked it back. and i knew there was going to be a shooting. >> the gunman fires a single shot striking sergeant kellerman in the face. >> i was still trying to
3:48 pm
communicate with him and get a personal communication with him. and he was going to put the gun down. i don't remember the gun blast. i remember hearing it, and i knew it was him that shot, and i felt the percussion on my face. >> just as i was about to fire my first shot, he shot. and it kind of distracted me for a second. shortly after he shot, i fired my first shot. and you see the window on the car that he's leaning on blow out. that was my first shot. >> in an instant, several officers open fire on the gunman as officer tyson raleigh races to the aid of sergeant kellerman. >> the other officers that were there, i trust them with my life. i knew that they were going do anything they could to protect me and sergeant kellerman. at that point i chose to holster my weapon and go to him. >> hill goes down. he is fatally wounded. >> stay down! stay down! stay down!
3:49 pm
>> officer raleigh tends to his fallen colleague out of the camera's view, but the dramatic moments are captured on the dash cam's microphone. >> i got you right here. >> tell my wife and kids i love them. >> i will. you're fine. >> when i saw the blood coming out, and the amount of blood the first thing i thought was i'm losing way too much blood to make it. there's no way you can lose this much blood and live. and at that point officer tyson was basically at my side. >> stay still, buddy. >> i'm trying. >> you stay right here with me. >> i'm losing too much blood. >> you're losing a lot, but you're going to be okay. >> how bad does it look? >> you're going to be okay. i think you're going to be okay. all right? >> he keeps talking to me. i keep asking how bad does it look, how bad's my eye? >> you don't look pretty. you weren't pretty before, jim. >> he was joking with me, you didn't look good before the shooting. it took me a minute to realize,
3:50 pm
hey, i'm still getting humor out of this. i can hear everything he's saying and everything that's going on. >> sergeant kellerman and i joke around a lot with one another. when he said that, i just wanted to give some level of normalcy to him. >> everybody had a role out there on that scene. the officers that responded by shooting back had a role that they played. officer raleigh, when he arrived, he took on the role of being by my side. he knew i've been hit, and i can't say enough about him and what he does because me being on the ground and seeing all that blood, i knew i was going to die. >> i'm with you, okay? >> sergeant kellermann is losing a lot of blood and fears losing his life, but somehow has the presence of mind to call his wife. >> i can talk about this whole, event and it's talking about my wife that gets to me. i remember dialing her number, and thinking, god, i hope she answers. she answered, i remember saying, baby, i've been shot. i don't know if i'm going to make it. i love you, okay?
3:51 pm
>> though sergeant kellerman is lucky to be alive, the bullet wound results in the loss of his right eye. >> it wasn't as bad as i thought. i mean -- of course, i lost my vision. but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. months later, sergeant kellerman and his colleagues return to the bakery parking lot. and they explain what we didn't see on dash cam. >> but i took down a stance basically right here behind my car. most of me was shielded except for pretty much this part of me that was looking over my pistol. and that's when he took the shot. >> ambulance stopped. we went from your car to the ambulance and then the helicopter was stopped right out here. >> the relationship with the officers that were on that scene has definitely grown. any time you're in some type of situation like we were in, there's definitely a camaraderie that there some other officers can't necessarily understand.
3:52 pm
coming up -- some of the most peculiar events ever seen on dash cam video. [ tap ] [ tap ] ♪ 'cause tonight [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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police officers encounter unexpected situations on a regular basis. and, thanks to dashboard camera, we can watch these events unfold. like this improbable incident in moore, oklahoma. a robbery suspect is tasered by police, put in cuffs and placed in the back of a squad car, but that isn't enough to hold him. he's able to slip out of the backseat and steal the police cruiser.
3:56 pm
the suspect doesn't get far, though. he loses control, slams into a tree and adds a few more lines to his rap sheet. and how about this one in oregon? an officer rushes to an emergency only to become one himself when a motorist fails to yield. the officer swerves but still hits the car and a house. the owner isn't home, but luckily no one is injured. but one of the most bewildering occurrences ever caught on dash cam is this one, when police pursue a 15-foot
3:57 pm
limousine going down the highway backward. april 22nd, 2006, west chester county, new york. trooper todd boemer is patrolling interstate 64. >> i was conducting radar enforcement when i saw a large limo, white limo coming northbound at a high rate of speed. the vehicle was going 124 miles per hour. >> the officer gives chase as the driver tears down the interstate. officer boemer is left to wonder why. >> in my mind, what does he have in the vehicle? who's in the vehicle? a dead body, a gun, drugs, whatever? >> in a neighboring township trooper sean kelly hears the call for assistance. >> i was in a position where i could assist him. i was north of his location, and there was a good chance i'd be able to intercept the vehicle. >> trooper kelly enters the interstate and spots the runaway
3:58 pm
limo. >> he actually was passing cars over the yellow lines, and he actually passed a number of cars right in front of me. >> then something finally gives. >> i wasn't sure what the smoke was. i didn't know if it was transmission or whatever. i didn't know if it was coming from his car. >> the limousine's transmission blows and it seems the culprit has finally run out of options, but just when the troopers think the chase is over, the driver finds another gear that works -- reverse. >> yeah, he did it backwards. >> the people on the road, i don't know what was going through their mind. you would think you're filming an episode of "bullitt" or some type of cop show. >> his way out at that point was to utilize the entrance ramp to exit the interstate. that's what he did. >> we were closing in on him, and he had nowhere to go. >> the limo finally loses
3:59 pm
control and crashes. the troopers apprehend the driver and then realize there's also a passenger along for the wild ride. and when police ask the driver the reason he fled? >> he just thought that he had a suspended license and that's why he took off. >> now, instead of facing a minor offense, the suspect, dane christian, is convicted of criminal and traffic violations including reckless driving and reckless endangerment in four separate jurisdictions. he's sentenced to three years probation. his passenger is not charged. >> talented, talented. what you could use that for, i don't know. but he had some ability. he didn't get away, though. >> it's impressive to see what officers face every day working to keep their communities safe, but some of these stories would be hard to believe if they weren't captured by dashboard
4:00 pm
cameras. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." a good time can turn ugly in a hurry. >> i looked up, and i see a tv coming out the window. >> thousands of people. no way out. panic in a chicago nightclub packed to four times capacity. >> they started running down the stairs. and somebody fell, and then somebody fell on top of them. >> a soccer game goes from


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