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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  May 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> it was that fire that brought biden brought to balgs ground ohio putting the president's economic agenda in very simple terms. >> this election is going to be a choice between two fundamentally different philosophies and that choice is about whether or not we're going to rebuild the middle class or continue to help those at the very top and hope everything works out well. >> now, contrast that with one mitt romney hitching his wagon to congress's favorite hatchet men and down in florida this morning he brought the prairie fired debt metaphor in front of the ticking debt clock going right to the heart of the blaze. >> you don't think i am going to go to bed and because the wind might change and you instead look for something that says i am going to take responsibility and fix this and it is high time that we have a president who will stop the spending and borrowing inferno and i will.
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i will get the job done. >> unfortunately, what is missing from mitt's debt drenching bravado are specifics about what he would eliminate from the budget. he says he will cut taxes, he will expand the military, putting more stress on the budget, all while vowing to the st. petersburg snowbirds he will protect social security and medicare. give mitt credit. he comes ready with a panda for every single audience. >> by the way, for the young people in this room, that guy there and who did i see over here, well, you're not that young. there is a guy way back there. actually, anybody under 65 i find very young. >> they ate it up down there. they really did. now, of course the closest romney has come to laying out a specific plan is his endorsement of the ryan budget pass this had year by house republicans and
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it's boehner and the boys the president found himself facing again today in a lunchtime hoagie summit between himself and congressional leaders and with speaker boehner claiming he is the grown up in the room. >> when i am trying to do is encourage people on both sides of the aisle, on both sides of the capital and on both ends of pennsylvania avenue to be honest with the american people and to be honest with ourselves, to begin to tackle this problem in an adult like fashion. >> he is right, you know. holding children's health care hostage to your conservative agenda, no child will ever do that. let's bring in our panel now. here in new york, contributor joanne reed, managing editor of the and in washington michelle cottle of eyewitness news week and the daily beast and we already heard the vice president on fire today, that really sort of firy speech and you could feel the pain of that worker and the 250 other who is lost their jobs when bain took over the factory.
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that's pretty potent, isn't it, in this election cycle? >> yeah. i think what's really striking here is you almost have two different elections going on. republicans are trying to refight the 2010 election and they're just focusing on debt and spepding which is what the tea party base cares about. i think the vast majority are americans are concerned about jobs and the economy what, the polling shows and joe biden has this way of articulating what sort of the every man guy, the regular middle class guy, viser ally feels and sounds like he is one of them. i think that he is a very effective spokesman for that. he sounds very awe then it i can. >> right. michelle, are the boehner tax risky do you think if that they could turn off independent voters some of whom did embrace the free markets and the risks they entail? >> you have to be very careful making these attacks to make a distinction between entrepreneurial spirit and free market capitalism and the kind of what they're calling vulture capitalism that mitt romney is
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being accused of, and i think when you have opportunities like with this steel mill closing to talk to people who lost their jobs, that's always going to be emotionally effecting, so it is going to have to be a very -- it is a careful line they'll have to walk. >> in fact, michelle, that was what other presidential candidates during this primary run up did to mitt romney. they never said that they were socialists. they said they were all for the free market but it was santorum, gingrich, and rick perry who absoluteliy vis rated mitt romney on the issue of his investment banking past. >> exactly. one of the arguably meanest ads we have seen in awhile is newt gingrich's really long extensive look at romney's stint at bain, and i think that that's going to come back again going forward in the generals. >> let me bring in democratic strategist julian epstein who is joining us also in washington and, julian say what you like
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about vice president biden getting in front of the skis on same sex marriage, he wants to get out in front of rick santorum in i and start throwing punches. that was a pretty potent performance this morning. >> i think it was. i think this really kind of foretells what the white house strategy is. the gordan gek owe message about romney is an important point and important part of the strategy and plays particularly well and also shows what the white houses thinks about in terms of the electoral map. everyone talks about the north korea times poll and had romney ahead three points and showed the gender gap closing and the real news i think is what's happening in the sta its and romney is going to have to win -- do well in wisconsin, iowa, ohio and pennsylvania if he wants to win this election. the gecco message is not in and of itself the political strategy for the white house, but it is an important part of the strategy and plays particularly well in those states t goes after his credibility as an economic messenger but i think what the white house has to do
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beyond that is to say we understand we have a fragile economic recovery. our message is not just that mitt romney is not an effective or credible messenger on the economy, we also have a plan and here is what our plan is and the white house has to come out with that second part of the narrative. >> right. joanne, do you think the white house will be helped by mitt romney continuing to tell lies as he did yesterday in his speech where he accused the president of building up more debt than all the presidents put together, a total outright lie, and then he says that his strategy for resolving the deficit would be brilliant and effective, another outright lie, not -- i am not saying that, this is the committee on federal responsibility that assessment of his budget which say it is bogus and increased the deficit. >> the risk for mitt romney in bringing up deficits, the "washington post" did a debunker on that statement that romney made is that it is going to make people sort of think about where did the deficits come from and then you have to get back to the bush tax cuts and look at the
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years under bush when spending went up while taxes went down and you see the graph where you are seeing it go up under the previous president and romney is essentially saying he wants to go back and do the same things that george w. bush did. it invites scrutiny and to your point, the thing about paul ryan's budget, it is harmful to the deficit. he is talking about reducing revenues. >> indeed. what about mitt romney's performance in terms of his comments yesterday cl just didn't stand up to factual scrutiny. i know that a lot of people including myself find the whole idea of hedge fund managers do and derivitives and that stuff quite difficult to understand, investment banking, it is complicated, but at the end of the day what is mitt romney doing when he tells outright lies in these speeches that we can, simple people like us, can scrutinize and say that's a complete and utter false hood? >> well, there is a risk, but it is not something the obama team can let go unanswered because you have to remember all
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politicians do this, even president obama back in 2008 was talking about how george bush had run this up himself and this is what politicians do, and to trust the american people necessarily to dig through as you point out really complicated numbers is a bit of a risk. you want to fire back and make sure the record is clear and that you have a clear answer when they're out there telling things that aren't just aren't just bending the numbers and kind of outright false hoods >> julian, you spoke just now about the fact that the obama team needs to have a multi-tiered message, not just attacking romney for being a vulture capitalist but doesn't the romney team have to tell the truth? >> yeah. i do. i think they're vulnerable. i think the republicans as michelle and joanne are incident positiving out are very vulnerable on the debt. we have about a $15 trillion debt, 11 trillion run up by republicans in good economic times. i think they're vulnerable in
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that they're simply talking about their message is simply cut government as quickly as we can. cut taxes as quickly as we can. it doesn't seem to be much of an economic answer for the kind of structural economic problems we face, so they have i think a card they're trying to play on debt reduction because they don't have an affirmative argument to make on the economy more generally. i think they're weak on the debt argument and on the economic argument as well they can try to use as many distractions as they want but at the end of the day it is a one-trick pony that the republican party has now. cut taxes, cut government as quickly as we can, it doesn't really address the structural economic problems the country is facing. >> thank you all for joining us. for more on deficit politics now and how they're playing out today on capitol hill, i am joined by democratic congressman john yellow, democrat of kentucky. good afternoon, sir. >> hello, martin. >> speaker boehner's resume has
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to be one of the worst in history, not only responsible for delivering the lowest approval ratings for congress, ensured the nation's credit rating was downgraded during the debacle last year and now we hear he wants to go back for more. is this man on some kind of suicide mission? >> i think this is true of congressional republicans in general because the entire economic agenda is to do what george w. bush did which got us into all sorts of trouble and now he wants to playground hog day with the debt ceiling. it is a manufactured crisis. it is clearly a political move, and i think the american people, the way they reacted last summer when he with went through this certainly aren't going to respond positively to the position now. >> congressman, i understand that john boehner wants to attack the president and harm the president. he knows full well that last year in doing so he hurt the country. he damaged the country's standing. he wants to do that again? >> well, apparently he does and
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i am a little mifd, maybe a lot mifed as some of the things he says. he says it is a matter of principle and not a position. this is a position. he has a different definition of principle. principle are things like freedom and freedom of speech and so forth and this is basically just trying to figure out how to pay our bills. if his principle is that we're not going to acknowledge our debt and that we're going to slash more money that supports middle class working families in this country and not ask the wealtherest americans to contribute at all to debt reduction, then he is going to drop republican congressional approval even further. it is the definition of insanity, i guess. >> right. mitt romney is parading around the country as you know telling us how he will reduce the deficit. isn't mitt romney an example of why this country's performance in math is about 21st in the world and behind kazakhstan? he can't count. his program of tax cuts and increased spending on the military would actually increase
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the deficit according to the committee for responsible federal budget. it wouldn't decrease it. it would increase it. >> absolutely. i mean, his budget proposals increased national debt far more than any of the other proposals that are on the table. this is far from the astute business person he holds himself out to be. this is a person who would drive this country off the cliff. >> last week republicans pushed through their budget bill as you know, hr 5262 and that slashes $300 million from the budget for 2013. it cuts meals on wheels and other home-based services for 1.7 million seniors and it cuts transportation and respite care for nearly 1 million disabled adults. so i have to ask you, sir, are the poor, the elderly and disabled, the only people that republicans think should pay in terms of reducing the deficit? >> there is no evidence to the
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contrary. i mean, the republican budget also would give people making over a million dollars a year an additional $150,000 tax cut. they apparently think that the way out of our economic situation is that the more do with more or the more get more, the less get less and the people who have less get less and that's going to solve a problem. we all know the numbers on the growing disparity between the wealthiest americans and everyone else, the income gap, all of those things and his proposals along with romney's proposals would just exacerbate that problem. >> congressman john yarmouth, thank you so much, sir. we'll be back. >> i would like to formally endorse mitt romney for president of united states of america. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer...
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we're awaiting the president about to officiate at a an akwards ceremony. leslie saab owe junior, age 22, used his own body to shield a wounded soldier from the blast of a hand grenade and crawled toward an enemy bunker dropping a hand grenade that silenced enemy fire and also ended his own life. today his widow rosemary sabo brown will be accepting this medal and we'll go live as soon as the president arrives. as we await the ceremony, bring back our panel and continue the political conversation. with me in new york is joanne
12:18 pm
reed and in washington michelle cottle and julien epstein. julian, what do you think of mitt romney hitching his wag ans to john boehner, the most disastrous speaker in recent history? >> well, again, they're looking for cards to play, and the card he is looking to play is the debt reduction card. it is a cynical card because i pointed out in the last segment it is like the arsonist complaining of the fire. it is like the orphan, the kids that killed his parents and complaining they were an orphan. republicans had a 5 to $6 trilt i don't know sur plaus projected when bush took office and turned that into an $11 trillion debt and represents more than two-thirds of what our current debt is right now and boehner and romney are looking at the political polls that show that the debt is a potent issue for some independents and that is
12:19 pm
true p it is, but if you look at the way the republicans played their hand back in august, they come across as being very stride ent, unreasonable, unwilling to put revenues into the mix so while it is a card that they think they can play at the end of the day i don't think it is going to get romney a lot of traction. >> julian says the debt has some impact in polling terms but what about the fact that over 80% of people disapprove of the congress? being associated with kim kardashian on the subject of marriage is likely to be more effective than hitching your wagons to someone like john boehner. >> i sort of disagree with the premise. even though some conservative or republican leading independents cite at that debt is important, even with the voters, they think jobs and the economy are far more important than the debt. it is a tea party issue and the republicans already have the guys. those guys are already going to vote for mitt romney. i am not sure harping on the debt is a potent political issue for november.
12:20 pm
the congress piece is equally problematic because if you want to put the congress's part of the debt on the table, they're the guys who are willing to put the full faith and credit of the united states on the line and help us default on our debt. that's where the congress is in the public's minds so i am not sure i would bring that up. >> can i slightly disagree with joanne on that? i think it is largely right when the economy is getting better but i think as we saw in 2010 election, if we begin to get bad economic news and in the summer and the fall in terms of job reports, there is a send at this amongst voters to begin to c conflate the problems with the economy and the debt. i think it is very important the white house get out in front on the debt issue, don't let the republicans make it their issue, and the president could do it if he doesn't adopt simpson-bowles he could have something else on the scale of a $4 trillion debt reduction and i think it would be a mistake to ignore the issue
12:21 pm
and let republicans claim it as theirs. democrats have been better on the issue than republicans. >> isn't this a rank moment of laziness for mitt romney? he hitches his wag ans on boehner, says that paul ryan's budget for the future is marvelous and he doesn't offer us any specifics, any detail about what he would propose. is he basically subcontracting everything with regard to the economy to paul ryan and speaker boehner and basically the tea party rump in the house? >> well, right now he doesn't have the specifics to show what he would cut, and the idea that debt reduction and deficit reduction are driven by tax reduction is a very bizarre idea to a lot of people that have bought into, so you have to have your cuts out there and he doesn't have them and he needs to be careful because we saw last time around the ryan budget is not extremely popular when people when it comes right down
12:22 pm
to to and mitt romney coming out of the primary has a problem with independents and moderates more than conservatives. >> indeed. >> he doesn't need to be sucking up to conservatives right now. >> i still think it is remarkable a man who claims to be the specialist on job creation and the economy doesn't offer any details. there we have it. joanne reed, julian epstein and michelle cottle, thank you so much for staying with us. you stay with us. we have much more ahead. >> what does governor romney propose? he wants a new tax system that says mesh companies that move factories over seas do not have to way u.s. taxes on the factory. that's a huge incentive to move offshore. that's romney economics. last time i was at a sleepover my parents had kraft mac & cheese without me. so this time, i took precautionary measures. looking for these? [ rattling ]
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rvelgs live to the white house where the medal of honor ceremony for leslie sabo junior, killed during the vietnam war is just beginning. a chaplain is leading prayers. >> you bestow your holy presence a special place at this sacred moment. we ask this and pray in your holy name, amen. >> amen. >> please be seated. thank you, general rutherford. good afternoon, everyone. we gather today to present the medal of honor for valor above and beyond the call of duty. in so doing we celebrate the soldier, the life that produced such gallantry, specialist leslie h.sabo junior. today is a so will em reminder
12:27 pm
when an american does not come home from war, it is our military family's and veterans who bear that sacrifice for a lifetime. their spouses, like rosemary, who all these years since vietnam still displays in her home her husband's medals and decorations. they are siblings like leslie's big brother, george, who carries the childhood memories of his little brother tagging along at his side and there are veterans like the members of bravo company who still speak of their brother les with reverence and with love. rose, george, bravo company, more than 100 family and friends, michelle and i are honored to welcome you to the white house. the medal of honor is the
12:28 pm
highest military declaration that america can bestow. it reflects the gratitude of the entire nation. we're joined by members of congress and leaders from across our armed forces including secretary of defense leon panetta, vice chairman of the joint chiefs, sandy, from the army secretary john mccue and chief of staff and from the marine corps the commandante jim amos. we're honored to be joined by vietnam veterans including recipients of the medal of honor. we're joined by those who have carried on les's legacy in our up time in iraq and afghanistan, members of the 101st airborne division, the legendary screaming eagles. at this gathering of soldiers, past and present, could not be more timely.
12:29 pm
as a nation we ended the war in iraq. we are moving towards an end to the war in afghanistan. after a decade of war, our troops are coming home. this month will begin to mark the 50th anniversary vietnam war a time to our shame our veterans did not always receive the respect and the thanks they deserved. , a mistake that must never be repeated. that's where i want to begin today because the story of this medal of honor reminds us of our sacred obligations to all who serve. it was 1999 around memorial day and a vietnam vet from the 101st was at the national archives. he was doing research for an article. there among the stacks an archivist brought him a box and he took off the lid and inside
12:30 pm
he found a file marked with the name leslie h.sabo junior. there it was, a proposed citation for the medal of honor. so this vietnam veteran set out to financers, who was leslie sabo? what did he do? why did he never receive that medal? today, four decades after leslie's sacrifice we can set the record straight. i just spent time with george and rose and the sabo family and last week marked 42 years since les gave his life. this soldier, this family, has a uniquely american story. les was born in europe after world war ii to a family of hungarian refugees and as the iron curtain descended they boarded a boat and arrived to ellis island past the statue of liberty and settled in elle wood
12:31 pm
pennsylvania. his father worked hard and pulled his family into the middle class and when leslie was a teenager they went to the county courthouse together and raised their hands and became proud american citizens. they say les was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. he loved a good joke. he loved to bowl. he could have given me some stipulations. rose says he was good looking, too. that's what i hear. he would do anything for anybody. when george went to college, les looked after their mom. when george went to night school, les helped care for his three young sons. when les fell in love with rose who couldn't wait to start a life together, he slipped a ring on her finger right there in his car while stopped at a red light. as he headed out for vietnam, he stopped at a shop and ordered some flowers for his mom, for
12:32 pm
mother's day and for rose for her birthday. for les and bravo company those early months of 1970 were a near constant battle pushing through jungles and rice patties in their heavy packs and enduringen credible heat and humidity and the monsoon rain that is never seemed to stop and an enemy that could come out of nowhere and vanish just as fast and for his bravery in battle he earned the respect of his comrades and for his family he wrote home every chance he could. when american forces were sent into cambodia, bravo company helped lead the way. they were moving up a jungle trail, entered a clearing, and that's when it happened, an ambush, some 50 american soldiers were nearly surrounded by some 100 north vietnamese fighters. said his comrades, the enemy was everywhere, in bunkers, behind
12:33 pm
trees, up in the trees, shooting down, and they opened up on him and les was in the rear and he could have stayed there. those fighters were unloaded on his brothers so he charged forward and took several of those fighters out. the enemy moved to out flank them and les attacked and drove them back. ammo was running low. les ran across a clearing to grab more. an enemy grenade landed near a wounded american. les picked it up and threw it back. as that grenade exploded he shielded that soldier with his own body. throughout history those who have known the horror of war and the love behind all great sacrifice have tried to put those emotions into words. after the first world war i soldier wrote this. they are more to me than life these voices. they are more than motherliness
12:34 pm
and more than fear. they are the strongest most comforting thing there is anywhere. they are the voices of my comrades. those were the voices that leslie sabo heard that day, his comrades pinned down at risk of being overrun. and so despite his wounds, despite the danger, leslie did something extraordinary. he began to crawl straight toward an enemy bunker, its machine guns blazing. those who were there said the enemy zeroed in with everything they had, but les kept crawling and kept pulling himself along and closer to that bunker and even as the bullets hit the ground all around him. then he grabbed a grenade and he pulled the pin. it said he held that grenade and didn't throw it until the last possible moment knowing it would take his own life but knowing he could silence that bunker.
12:35 pm
he did. he saved his comrades who meant more to him than life. leslie sabo left behind a waif who adored him, a brother who loved him, parents who cherished him, and family and friends who admired him. they never knew. for decades they never knew their les had died a hero. the fog of war and paperwork that seemed to get lost in the shuffle meant this story was almost lost to history. so today we thank that vietnam vet who found les's files in the archives and was determined to right this wrong. that's tony mad who joins us here today. where is tony? [ applause ]
12:36 pm
we salute les's buddy who wounded in his hospital bed first drafted the citation today and spent the last years of his life fighting to get les the recognition that he deserved. most of all, we salute the men who were there and in that clearing, in the jungle, and more than two dozen wounded, and along with les seven other soldiers gave their lives that day and those who came home took on one last mission and that was to make sure america would honor their fallen brothers. they had no idea how hard it would be or how long it would take. instead of being celebrated, our vietnam veterans were often shunned. they were called many things when there was only one thing they deserved to be called and that was american patriots. in two weeks on memorial day michelle and i will join our vietnam veterans and their
12:37 pm
families at the wall to mark the 50th anniversary of their service. it will be another chance for america to say to our vietnam veterans what should have been said when you first came home, you did your job, you served with honor, you made us proud, and here today as i think les would want, i ask the members of bravo company to stand and accept the gratitude of our nation. [ applause ]
12:38 pm
. >> so, yes, this medal of honor is bestowed on a single soldier for his singular courage but it speaks to the service of an entire generation and to the sacrifice of so many military families because you see there is one final chapter to this story. you will recall that as he shipped out to vietnam, les stopped at the flower shop. well, the day he gave his life was mother's day. on that day the flowers he had ordered arrived for his mom.
12:39 pm
the day he was laid to rest was the day before rose's birthday and she received the bouquet he sent her, a dozen red roses. that's the kind of guy, the soldier, the american that we sell operate today. -- celebrate today. his mother and father did not live to see this day but in his story we see the shining values that keep our military strong and keep america great. we see the patriotism of families who give our nation a piece of their heart. their husbands and wives, sons and daughters. we see the did he innovation of citizens who put on the uniform, who kiss their families goodbye, who are willing to lay down their lives so we can live ours in peace and in freedom. no words will ever be truly worthy of their service. no honor can ever fully repay their sacrifice.
12:40 pm
on days such as this we can pay tribute. we can express our gratitude. we can thank god that there are patriots and families such as these. so on behalf of the american people, please join me in jking rose for the reading of the citation. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress, march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to specialists for leslie h.sabo junior, united states army for conspicuous at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.
12:41 pm
specialist for leslie h.sabo junior distinguished himself by acts of gal lantry above and beyond the call of duty serving as a rifle man, 506th infantry, 101st airborne division in cambodia, may 10, 1970. on that day specialist sabo and his platoon were conducting a reconnaissance parole ambushed from all size by largen any force. without hesitation he charged in in position killing several enemy soldiers. immediately thereafter he assault the an enemy flanking force successfully drawing fire away from friendly soldiers and forcing the enemy to retreat. in order to resupply ammunition he sprint add cross an open field to a wounded comrade. as he began to reload a grenade landed nearby. he picked it up, threw it, and shielded his comrade with his own bud absorbing the brunt of the blast and saving his
12:42 pm
comrade's life. seriously wounded by the blast he nonetheless retained the initiative and then single-handedly charged in the bunker that inflicted severe damage on the platoon receiving several serious wounds from automatic weapons fire in the process. now mortally injured he crawled towards the enemy placement and went in position threw a grenade into the wunger. the resulting ploegs silenced the fire and ended his life. his courage and complete disregard for his own safety saved the lives of many of his platoon members. specialist force sab o's extraordinary her owism and selflessness above and beyond the call of duty at the cost of his life are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, company b, third battalion, 506 infantry, 101st airborne division and the united states army.
12:43 pm
>> let us pray. heavenly father, we're humble and had inspired by the life and self sacrifice of leslie sabo, raising up courageous men and women willing to give their lives in service to their nation and their fellow soldiers, sailors, marines and coast guards men. thank you to the family that is have given them for that service. thank you for our nation that
12:44 pm
nurtures such families and those whom they give. blessed be upon rosemary and her family and george and his family and bless to those who carry on the tradition of leslie to defend america today and may his memory and sacrifice live on in the story of america and her army and to all of us graced to serve god and country, to keep america worthy of the heritage thus is leslie sabo, we ask this and pray as always in your holy name, amen. >> amen. >> i want to thank everybody for their attendance. please give another round of applause to the sabo family.
12:45 pm
i hope that everybody enjoys the reception. i hear the food is good around here. god bless you. god bless our troops. god bless the united states of america. >> that was the president posthumously bestowing the medal of honor. he said his was a life that produced such gallantry. we'll be right back. ♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays]
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♪ [ lauer ] this is our team. and unlike other countries, it's built by your donations, not government funding. and now, to support our athletes, you can donate a stitch in america's flag for the 2012 olympic games in london. help raise our flag, add your stitch at >> the violence against women act established almost 20 years ago may seem like an uncontroversial and much need the piece of legislation and routinely reauthorized with overwhelming support from both sides of the house. not anymore. while the senate has passed a bill to continue these
12:49 pm
protections, house republicans are proposing their own version. unfortunately, the house bill excludes protection for lgbt americans, in other words, the very people who often need it most. moments ago nancy pelosi took exception in describing what republicans are offering. >> not so fast if you're a native american, immigrant, lesbian or whatever. not so fast. don't step forward. this doesn't include you. we're talking about the substance of this. this goes way back for us. i will not allow the republicans to trivialize it. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, martin. >> i know that this isn't just politics to you but very personal. just a short time ago at a press conference you became quite emotional in explaining why the republican version of this bill off fends you so much.
12:50 pm
can you tell the audience why? >> let me tell you something. the violence against women act is a bill that is supposed to protect all women from enforcement, district attorneys, department of justice, have determined that in order for this to protect all women, we need to give authority to tribal councils, we need to include language that will specifically protect lesbians, lbgt couples, and we need to protect and provide visas for imgrant that cooperate with law enforcement. this addition to that, the current law already provides protection for victims and this bill erodes the confidentiality of all victims. whether they're lbgt immigrants
12:51 pm
or live on native lands. this is a very, very dangerous repeal of some provisions that have been important in protecting women. >> as i said, congresswoman, this is very personal to you because you yourself, as i understand it, have been the victim of violence. >> oh, absolutely, martin. i have known violence in my personal life from age five, through my teenage years, up to being a very young woman. the story i told today to reporters was a time at which i got a ride from someone who i thought was my friend, to go get fried chicken. and he pulled in behind some vacant buildings, raped me, choked me almost to death. i went to the police. we ended up in court. and martin, i was on trial. i mean, they talked about the fact that i had a child out of wedlock already. the way i was dressed. the fact that i had gone voluntarily in the car with him. i was on trial.
12:52 pm
and of course he was found not guilty. if we had had the tools, first of all, to educate prosecutors -- >> indeed. >> i would have been better off. >> but i understand that some house republicans have been less than sympathetic towards same sex relationships. but why would they exclude minority groups, people from the lgbt community who are often more likely to be the victims of violence. i just can't understand it. >> you know, if this is to truly be the violence against women act, we can leave no woman behind. >> right. >> i can tell you, that it has been best practices have determined that in order to include all women, we need to include lbgt couples. include women on tribal lands. you know, it is a very sad case for women on tribal lands because, you know, majority of
12:53 pm
people who live on tribal lands are not native people. and so it is a var table sanctuary for those that want to commit sexual assaults. >> can you explain to me why women on tribal lands are not protected? >> because the tribal councils, you know, don't have the full authority to prosecute nonnative men. and the bill that ms. adams introduced even repeals the protections that were already in place it create more confusion around the tribal authority -- the tribal council's authority to prosecute those folks. we have heard stories of folks who have been raped and beaten on tribal lands and they have gone unprosecuted because the perpetrators were nonnative people. >> right. >> final question congresswoman. doesn't this play into the
12:54 pm
continuing narrative, that republicans are not a diverse party that reaches out to all-americans. but the party that instead discriminates and offers protections for some people but not forothers. >> well i can tell you that the republican party is not very diverse. i think they brag about their one or two members for example, who are african-american and they try to elevate their one or two members who are latino. but for the most part, it is a party that doesn't honor the diversity in american pull kul tour. and you know, and they quibble over whether or not this is war on women. when you look at healthcare, two third of the adult women who use medicare and medicaid are women. two third of the recipient of food stamps who are adult are women. majority of women these -- >> congresswomen gwen moore, you have made your point. sorry, we have run out of time. >> thank you for all you do too.
12:55 pm
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from hogueys and grinders to jay-z and nickel back, here are today's top lines. burn, baby burn. >> like looking out across the prairie and seeing a fire in the distance. >> fire? >> fire? >> that fire gets closer to the children we love. >> my dog is a life saver. >> this debt and spending inferno. >> there's no fire. >> don't call that dog a life saver. >> no. >> call him -- >> ♪ burn baby burn >> for the young people this this room like that guy there and who did i see over here? well, he's not that young. actually, anybody under 65 i find very young. >> what kind of gang would mitt romney run. >> the argyles. >> it is embarrassing. >> president obama said he has jay-z on his ipod. mitt romney says he downloaded nickel back to his zune.
12:59 pm
>> when i hear new ideas, i'm reminded of that ad, where's the beef. >> governor romney, he yes, that's me running into the fire. i'm not a background singer. >> i got this. >> also i'm just going to say something. >> uh-oh. >> some people don't care that much about it because they say he is the president of united states and he is officially on record as the president of the united states. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> romney economic. >> country will be okay. >> the big guy is doing well. >> this aggression will not stand, man. >> that's what this is all about, man. >> president is reducing his presidency to the size of a post-it note. >> offer them some hogueys. >> i'm not threatening to default. >> there will be more than enough time for us to campaign but let's make sure we don't lose steam. >> and we don't want it lose any bit of steam either. so thank you so much for


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