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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 2, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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attack from the man with the big microphone. >> this is historically the kind of language that is used to license women. i'm not the first woman to be treated this way by conservative media outlets. >> sandra fluke is here to have her say. >> decision 2012 with four days left, it's now a statistical tie for the biggest prize, ohio, plus this. >> none of this changed -- >> president obama face ago critical summit with israel's prime minister gets heckled by a supporter opposing military action. details ahead with the man who got that interview, jeffrey goldberg. and education nation, the big three, the mayors of the largest cities, tackle reform and fights
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with the teacher's union. my conversation with rahm emanuel, and new york city's mayor mike bloomberg. >> the arrogance of the organizations that say parents should not have data to know what to do with their kids is astounding. >> i'm live in washington. in our "daily fix" romney heads to ohio today with one more delegate in his column, after the michigan republican party gave him a post-game win, voteding to award the two at large delegates, giving romney a 16-14 delegate edge in the state, instead of a 15 all tie. chris is a contributor and managing editor of "post" we said the other day that super tuesday's run up, that this was now going to be trench warfare, delegate by delegate, the romney team proved it right away.
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this is not only bragging rights which is important, but it's changing the rules mid game, we have proof from the michigan republican chairman to nbc news that in fact, this was supposed to be proportional and they did change the rules after the fact and every delegate will count. >> well, it shows you that the romney camp or the michigan the campaign pushing in that direction, is literally willing to fight for every delegate. i'm skeptical that it goes all the way out into june and into the convention as a pure delegate race. i think if mitt romney is able to win ohio on tuesday, there will be an attempt to coalesce behind him. that doesn't mean that rick santorum will get out or that gingrich will get out, but i wonder if that might be a tipping point of sorts. but still, it shows you the romney campaign taking nothing for granted, 16-14, everyone
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knows that winning by two is better than tieing and that is what they pushed for and the santorum campaign pushing hard back saying it's a back room thuggary, up in arms about it. >> let's listen to santorum. >> old boys that is it, the good old by network, they have to change the rules after the game so they can win. that is pathetic. you see what the romney campaign is all about. anything to win after the fact. break the rules, rewrite the rules. that is not the way that republicans or conservatives do it. but he is new to the conservative cause, so i'm not surprised he doesn't know that. >> we see that romney has picked up a bit. it's now a tie, ohio really is the big prize next tuesday. >> it is, and i think ohio is moving in mitt romney's direction, we talked about this earlier in the week, he was going to get a bit of a bump,
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not a huge one but all the coverage said mitt romney wins, it did not say michigan was close and arizona was sort of a decided question. it said mitt romney wins. undecided voters will say, maybe this is the guy, i don't love him, but i like him enough, and honestly, that feeling is not a great slogan, you do not run on i don't love him but i like him enough. it may be the way he winds up being the nominee. >> we will see you later. thank you. >> thank you. >> and what many see as a war on women's rights, conservative radio host went after georgia town university law student sandra fluke after she testified to democratic congress members about access to contraception. >> i will buy all of the women at georgia town university as much aspirin to put between
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their knees as they want? >> and it got worse from there. limbaugh today attacked her with language that we will not repeat on the air. we do not want to further embarrass or hurt this unintended victim, sandra fluke is a georgia town university law student, and joins me now. >> i have to say, you have shown grace through all of this. you have -- >> thank you very much. >> you wanted to testify two weeks ago, was it two weeks ago or last week? >> i have completely lost track. >> i have as well. let's talk about how you felt, first of all, you were in our green room ge-- room getting rey to come on and the white house said we can reveal that you just got off the phone with the president? >> yes i did. >> the stakes have been raised pretty high. what did he say to you?
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>> he encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of american women and what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud and that meant a lot because rush limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. so i appreciated that very much. >> i'm sure. this has been emotional for you. i cannot imagine. you try to testify, you are skpl excluded from testifying, we see the all male panel, which was an amazing picture and signal to the nation, the next thing you know, a man with a microphone, reaching millions people, perhaps the largest radio audience here in the country, is calling you all kinds of names. >> yes. >> and now, you have had a call from the president of the united states? >> there have been highs and lows. yes. so it's been quite a journey, and i am just happy that what
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seems to be happening in the process is that america is hearing the voices of the women effected by lack of contraception coverage and who will benefit from this policy, that is really what is most important for me, and that is why i've been working on this for years honestly. >> you are a student at george town, which is a catholic university. and there was a statement from the president of the university supporting you and embracing you, how important is that, we do not need to agree with sandra fluke's position to support her right to respectful free expression, rush limbaugh and commentators throughout the media channels responded with behavior that can only be described as vitriolic. your catholic university has at the highest level come out and endorsed your civil discourse.
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which is really what we are talking about here. >> yes, and i appreciate it very much. it mean as lot to me, the support of the law school faculty as well as the president of the university has been helpful. it's an example of what kind of model we should look to in our national discourse, because clearly the president of the university and i disagree about the issues but we are both able to handle it in a civil manner. >> i know there's a lot of poll particulars that have been involved, but the president of the united states, president obama called you, it's fair to say that you got from his conversation that he was reaching out to you because you have been victimized here by an element of the media. >> yes, he did express his concern for me and wanted to make sure that i was okay. which i am. i'm okay. >> what have your parents said about it? what has your mom said about it all? >> well, they were certainly hurt by the comments but they are very proud of me and they
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are of a difference political persuasion unanimous i am, so that is -- than i am, so that is a symbol that broadly americans believe that women need access to health care. so they are proud, they agree with that position, and yeah. >> so, how is this whole experience changing you if you can sort through it. i know it's all very new, you just got off the phone with the president. which is something that is pretty amazing right there. how has it changed you? you are graduating a law student, you have to take the bar and decide whether to be practicing law or continuing activism. >> it has been a learning experience, i recommend hands on experience for students. not all of this experience i would recommend. but, yes, i'm still thinking about what i do next and it will be something protecting women and in one of these different
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areas, there's so many issues that are so important to american women and i'll be working on one of them. >> sandra fluke, we talked last night when you were here doing "the ed show" you had a lot of other things to do today, we thank you for your time. and the fact this has been a roller coaster for you and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate your coverage of the issue. >> well, we really wish you lots of good luck and clear sailing from here. and one of 900 guest at one of four new york fundraisers last night paid $1,000 for the privilege of heckling the president urging him not to go to we are with iran. >> we ended torture and promoted human rights and made it clear america is a pacific power and demonstrated that if countries like berma go toward -- that is
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what change is. none of this changed -- nobody has announced a war, young lady. so, but we appreciate your sentiment. [ applause ] you're jumping the gun a bit there. >> but as the president prepares to address apec, the american pro israel lobbying group in advance of a summit with the israel prime minister on monday, all that coming up, the president sat down with jeff goldberg and sent the strongest signal yet that he is not bluffing when he says the military option is on the table. the author of the article. when the president sits down with jeff goldberg who writes on
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this subject, that is a signal in advance of apec and in advance of the prime minister netanyahu, what is your take away of what the president will be telling netanyahu? >> what is interesting is that he had a number of different messages for a number of difference constituentsies, his message to iran is i'm serious about not wanting you to have nuclear weapons, and when i say all options are on the table, it's not rhetoric. his message to israel is that don't do anything against the iran nuclear program because i take it seriously and i see this also, i don't see it only as a problem for israel, it's a profound american national security in preventing iran. what he is doing is laying the groundwork for this meeting with netanyahu, they have a contentious relationship on occasion and he is trying layout
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the parameters for it. it's a very, i was struck by how strong he was speaking and how clearly he was speaking about how central this issue is to him. >> it's not just an extensional threat to him. it's a threat to the united states if iran gets a nuclear weapon. he made that clear in the state of the union speech, he is reiterating it now, do you feel he was saying this because martin dempsey may have muddied the waters and certainly upset a lot of israely officials by suggesting that iran is a quote rational actor? >> the president did not denounce that view, he said, and he is arguing in the interview that i did with him, that is iranians can, and often function out of self interest. in other words, if the sanctions that he as applied on the
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iranian economy cripple the economy, the iranian leadership will respond and he does not, he said he is clear, i do not want to seem naive about this, i know what i'm dealing with here. but, he really believes that they could respond as rational actors and so he is not distancing him that much from general dempsey. >> now, he said also to you, i think the israel government recognizes that as president of the united states i do not bluff. i also don't as a matter of sound policy go around advertising what our intentions are. he is basically saying i have your back, he is saying that as he prepares to address apac which has not always been a happy audience. >> and he saying, what else do i have to do to prove that i'm pro israel. so he is going before apec to make that case again. in the meeting on monday. you know, they have met nine times now, barack obama has met
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him more than any other foreign leader. >> not always happily. >> not always happily. what is happening on monday, this is the most consequence al meeting, netanyahu is asking for specifics, if x happens, you will do y, the president is resifting that saying i'm not going tell people what i'm going do in the future. but in many other ways he will signal to netanyahu that he does not have to do anything premature because the u.s. has his back. >> just to be specific, what does israel want specifically? >> i think they want to know that if iran crosses certain thresholds, certain nuclear thresholds that the u.s. will attack iran's nuclear facilities and destroy them. and i think he is looking for an ironclad programs on. that i think the president for fairly obvious reasons doesn't want to promise anybody anything so dramatic.
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he is frying to build an -- trying convince the iranians that it's not worth it and obviously the statement, i do not bluff is directed at the iranians. it's telling them, take me seriously. i'm trying get you out of this jam. so, fry to work with us and not against us. because the consequences ultimately will be bad. >> great interview. great moment in time. jeff goldberg, as always, you are right at the cutting edge. thank you. thank you for bringing it to us. and up next, education nation, the state of america's classr m classrooms, bloomberg, emanuel and artie duncan, all tackling the tough issues. plus, freak storms, and severe weather sweeping across the south, a possible tornado in tennessee, we are on storm watch. for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said,
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>> this morning i shared a stage with three of the nation's most prominent may ors. the teachers the students, and the paths toward advancement and reform. here is part of our conversation. >> let's talk about whether or not this is snobbish to talk about higher education -- >> wait, that has been -- that really was the key issue 20 years ago, 20 years ago, across the country, we closed what i would grow up calling vocational schools, and everyone said what do you mean my kid is not going to harvard, yale or princeton and number one, it's not for everyone and that is not the ways you make the most money.
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there was a great tongue and cheek piece comparing going harvard university with joining the corrections department of the state of california and it turns out that the state of california correction's department is more selective than harvard and you never catch up. because instead of spending $50,000, you make money and the benefits and the vacation and everything else. the issue is really we need people at all different levels, community colleges, vocational schools and college graduates. >> we have to be real here, the vast majority of children in the three school districts are poor and the majority are black latino, these are communities where we have high high school drop out rates they are going remain poor. the only way we uncycle the poverty is to get the drop out rates to zero, they are having
10:22 am
to graduate in some form of education. there's no good jobs if you are a drop out and there are none for just a high school diploma. >> i think most educators in america stand with the president. the fact is you have to be a career ready or a college ready in this society. when you said, and you are right, that a plumbar is a good job, i hear people saying they want to be in an apprenticeship program. if they have not taken math courses they cannot get in. the fact is, our kids, you know, 75% of parents, if you ask them, if you ask them if college is important, they will say yes. we want the kids to be career ready or college ready and graduate from high school
10:23 am
because as you said, in l.a. today our unemployment rate is above 12% and one of the reasons why it's continuing to remain that high is that we have so many people, such a high percentage of our workforce that are not even high school graduates. so, that, they are going to be unemployed for a longer period of time. >> in new york, a child spends about 8,000 more minutes a year in the classroom than a chicago child. an l.a. child every year about 3,000, about 3,000 more minutes in a kas room than a chicago child. we are all competing, our kmi children and cities, now it's cumulative. so i gave you a year status. 8,000 more minutes than in chicago. great city, love mike.
10:24 am
his kids are not more valuable than our kids. so our battle was getting a length of day and a less th-- a length of year that is in line with goals. i don't care where you are, you get -- >> and we are going have more of that conversation online. and up next, the politico briefing, the pet issues and the super pacs. still ahead, rahm emanuel, sounding off about the state of politics in washington. this is "andrea mitchell reports." [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand.
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10:28 am
be quote separate. there's been a lot of reporting on the cross over, the same individuals and some of the same video being recycled in the romney campaign as, you have looked at how the donors have particular issues, pet issues and how it get reece played throughout their candidates campaigns. >> that is right. we were focussing on the issues that these donors have highlighted as their top most vacation for their political involvement and contribution, so you have obvious ones like sheldon adelson who are has given up to $20 million, his big issue defense of israel and the question we sought to ask was whether sheldon adelson's contributions means that its security play a bigger role in the campaign and certainly we have seen the super pac that
10:29 am
received all of his funding highlighting israel, and we have seen newt gingrich highlights israel and his stance on it, it's not possible in every case to determine a cause and effect, whether the contributions caused it or whether the contributions were motivated by that stance already. >> it's hard to separate the chicken and egg situation, because clearly someone will give millions dollars to someone expressing their views, what about foster friess, a friend of the show i say with irony. and rick santorum? >> sure, well we have not seen foster friess talk a lot public cally since doing your show. and was in controversy after that. i had a chance to catch up with him and he talked about he wanted to see rick santorum's opposition to islamic extremism and the things he supported to clamp down on that highlights in
10:30 am
the campaign. sure enough, they started to feature rick santorum's stance against islamic extremism in his ad. >> checkbook politics. thank you, ken. and coming up next, bailout politics about the president's former car czar, and rahm emanuel unleashed his message for the republican candidates if they are listening. this is delicious okay...
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10:34 am
high wins and strong violent tornadoes that could stay on the ground for a long time. when you are talking about a highly concentrated population center you are concerned about that. a lot of schools are letting out early, vanderbilt university which is off to the south here is posting on their website to their students and faculty, they will be alerting them via text message and its that potential to be more voints -- more violent than that, now to the west, places like ohio, indiana, illinois, down through missouri and then west tennessee, like memphis, these are places under the gun, we will keep an eye on it, make sure you have a safe place to say, that is the message to everyone in middle tennessee. >> thank you so much, and nashville of course had the tarnl floods a couple years ago, they have had enough bad weather
10:35 am
there. and -- thanks mike. and our education panel this morning, i spoke to chicago mayor rahm emanuel, he talked about how nasty politics have become on the campaign trail and in congress. >> you have been through a lot of campaigns, have you seen a campaign where there's such a divide, these genders issues at the mayor's level is the question of contraception really front and center? and should it be in 2012? >> obviously. first of all, i think we have pressing issues. if we are going to have a debate about contraception, i think the idea of something that was basically settled 30 years ago, basically settled as a country, is we have so many things to do about the future, to plan economic callal as we had this
10:36 am
discussions about schools and getting kids college ready, that is a discussion. but having this discussion on what we have settled on already, in the past, it's missing the boat and missing what is most important to middle class lives and people for what they are trying do today for their children today. i think it's missing the debate. it's missing what is at the middle of what is essential for the country to prepare. all over the country, whether you are in the far east, europe, whatever, how do you build your roads and bridges so you can compete, how do you move goods and services and how to educate a workforce, what kind of policies do you have in place, that will be about the future. going, driving forward, and looking through the review mirror is no way to build a country. >> but does the president face a challenge in having taken on -- >> i think he she --
10:37 am
>> -- in taking on catholic institutions who want a waiver? >> he has come up with a sensible policy that allows us to be in a win/win situation. for institutions of faith to have -- to be consistent with their values, as well as the ability of individuals and insurance policies to have access to contraception, under a health insurance policy. in that sense, he achieved that. >> you have seen congress and been on both ends of pennsylvania avenue, olympia snowe quits and decides to retire because of the dysfunction, have you seen a congress in dysfunctional? >> it's dysfunctional, when are in the heat of the moment for big issues all groups feel dysfunction, they are damaging the country and it's time that congress, specifically under the relationship leadership step up
10:38 am
to the plate. >> both parties are involved. >> that's a different debate. >> rahm emanuel after we spoke about education. u.s. auto sales have reached the fastest pace of four years reaching 50 million vehicles sold. the news comes on the edge of the firry speech when he defended the auto bail out. bill clinton was there and told the auto workers that the president's decision has been validated. >> i happen to think the auto industry package is the most important thing that was initiated by president obama and the administration, the president could have walked away from this, the government would have walked away from it and we would not be here in the humor we are in today. >> steven ratner was in charge of the policy that was being praised by bill clinton, steve, great to see you again, thank you for joining us today. this has become a big issue in
10:39 am
the campaign as well, obviously it was in michigan. but now on the broader scale, the whole energy debate, newt gingrich is putting up a web aide talking about his $2.50 gas price. what do we need to do in this country to have a real debate on energy and the kind of policy that you created? >> they are separate issues, half of oil is used for transportation, so they do come together at this point. energy is one of the most dividing difficulty, like housing issues for this country to grapple with, there are so many sensible things we should be doing, like taxing gas at a reasonable level the way the europeans do, in terms of developing new energy, that can be done in many cases safelily and environmentally sound, and as rahm emanuel was talking b unch -- was talking about, the politics are such that we are
10:40 am
not making any progress is. and so you have newt gingrich comments, or like his, that make no sense at all. >> i want to play romney on the auto bailout. he was describing what he call today managed bankruptcy approach and saying that it was a waste of federal money. >> don't write the check. they need to go through managed bankruptcy first, once they have gone through it, if they need help before the government, financial help to get back on their feet, that is fine. good the government needs to provide guarantees to private financ financers, that is fine, but they need to go through managed bankruptcy, they finally did and came out and that was the way it should have been done. >> you wrote in your op-ed that it's fantasy planned to suggest that there was going to be anybody tlog put up -- anybody willing to put up the money at that point in 2008. >> mitt romney had a
10:41 am
distinguished business career, i cannot understand how he so misses this issue. the fact in late 2008, when infact it was president bush that gave the first money to the auto companies and then president obama did restructuring, there was not a penny of private capital, these companies would have had to shut their doors and laid off the workers and liquidated. had that happened the supplier base would have collapsed as well. that would have forced ford to shut because they need parts and a number of the asian companies would have had to shut. i think there have been a number of studies done on this, it would be been economic devastation across the midwest. i really do not understand why govern romney is clinging to this, i think completely wrong headed position.
10:42 am
>> steve, by the way, can i just say, i love your economic briefings on "morning joe" so keep at it. the 6 a.m. briefing. >> way to start the day. >> yeah. na thanks very much. up next, gun violence in our schools. the debate over gun rights and keeping our students safe. this is "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪ ♪ home was an airport lounge and an ipad ♪ ♪ made sure his credit score did not go bad ♪ ♪ with a free-credit-score-dot-com ♪
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10:46 am
a law student that testified about supporting birth control covered by insurance. we will have what he said on his radio program. classes are now resumed in chardon high school. here is how high school senior jonathan described the event. >> i was heading towards the cafeteria when i heard something that sounded like somebody smashing wood against a table. i did not register that it was gun shots until everyone started running and screaming. >> it's a terrible back slash back for colin who was shot four times at virginia tech in 2007, he now works to prevent gun violence. colin, what went through your mind when the shooting started in ohio, when you heard about
10:47 am
it? >> it brought me back to virginia tech, almost five years ago now, the day that i got shot four times sitting in class. you know, it's unbelievable that we continue to have national tragedies like this and it's not addressed by our leaders. eight children die every day from gunfire, you have 32 americans that die every day. that is a virginia tech that happens every day and we do nothing about it, it's beyond time that we do something about it. >> what can be done, i go back to jim brady and sarah brady when they first started the brady campaign. i knew jim before he was injured in the assassination attempt, covered the issue on the hill and the signing of the legislation by president clinton and then of course all of the reversals after that. where is the energy behind gun control in this country? >> well, the problem at chardon
10:48 am
is the same problem that happened two weeks ago, the same problem that happened in virginia tech, you have students that need help and a dangerously easy access to guns. you do not hear sfoer story -- hear stories of a student running through the school and stabbing people to death, when you put a weapon in their hands that is quick and deadly, you have national tragedies like this. we have to address the accessibilitity to firearms. >> there's a reason you are on the university of arizona campus, as i understand it, there was a law that was passed that allows the carrying of gun on campus. >> the law is not passed yet. but that is debate, and the debite and crazy. the thought that we deal with gun problems with more guns. we carry our guns in the most number of places in society and we have the biggest problem with people getting shot and killed
10:49 am
by guns every year. gun violence is not solved with more guns. but it's solved if you reduce the dangers of accessibilitity. do background checks and keep your gun locked and stored safely away when it's in your home. >> now the legislation, now i see has not come up yet, it's stuck in the senate, but the national rifle association has been on campus and was lobbying strongly for it's what is the state of play out there? is it going to get passed? we have a overwhelming number of students, faculty and law enforcement that are opposed to this bill, people have poll method area and found an -- polled this area and found an overwhelming -- the vast majority of people are opposed to this idea but there's a small percentage of people that represent the gun industry, people who sell and profit from selling firearms that want to
10:50 am
see this bill come through, but i'm here to join the vast majority of arizona residents to keep it from happening. >> thank you for joining and being with us today. being with us today. we will be right back.with arth. a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches.
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the national debate over women's right to birth control and other contraception continues. sandra fluke told me that just before coming on the show just right outside here she received a call from the president. you just got off the phone with president obama. >> yes, i did. >> the stakes have been raised pretty high. what did he say to you? >> he encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of american women and what was really personal for me he said to tell my parents that they should be proud. that meant a lot about rush limbaugh questioned about whether or not my family would be proud of me. i just appreciated that very
10:54 am
much. >> then rush limbaugh has responded to news of the call. >> apparently, sandra fluke told obama when he asked her if she's okay, she said that obama told her that she should tell her parents they should be proud. okay. i'm going to button my lip on that one. the president tells sandra fluke. 30-year-old sandra fluke parents should be proud. okay. >> at the white house press secretary jay carney who was in the oval office took place spoke about what the president had to say. >> he wanted to offer his support to her. he wanted to express his disappoint that she's been the subject of inappropriate
10:55 am
personal attacks and to thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on a issue of public policy. it was a very good conversation. >> who had the worst week in washington? chris cillizza joins me now. chris, not you. we're talking about the senate republicans now. they had a couple of big setbacks this week. >> through no fault of its own, john corning who at the head of senate campaign arm has two big problems to deal with. one many maine where olympia snowe surprised the political world by announcing her retirement. the other bob carey switched and said he wasn't running. he is running. republicans still favored in nebraska, definitely not favored in maine. that makes a bad week in my book. >> chris cillizza wrapping it up for us. thank you. that does it for us for "andrea
10:56 am
mitchell reports." tamron hall has a look at next. we're following breaking news. eight states are under tornado watches and warnings. one has touched down in alabama. another suspected may have touched down in illinois. rush limbaugh has already lost one advertiser. will other companies give into pressure and pull out of that radio show after his offensive comments regarding sandra fluke who spoke with president obama today. get this, democrats have raised over a million dollars in one week for their war on women campaign. the very latest on rush and all that's going on.
10:57 am
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