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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 8, 2022 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> i remain deeply concerned around the plant.
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let's tell it like it is. any damage whether intentional or not to europe's largest nuclear power plant or to any other nuclear facility in ukraine could spell catastrophe, not only for the immediate vicinity, for the region and beyond. >> brings new prime minister has promised to tackle the cost of living crisis. the white house has repeated calls for accountability for the killing of al jazeera journalist shireen abu akleh, but is not pushing for an independent investigation. on monday, the israeli military admitted she was likely killed by military gunfire in may.
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two people have died and thousands have been ordered to evacuate because of the wildfire in southern california. several buildings have been destroyed. the fire has been fueled by high temperatures and extremely dry conditions. one man was killed during a protest in the congo. people blocked the road and threw stones at you and staff. peacekeepers have not protected them according to demonstrators and they want them to leave. you are up with all the headlines. i will be back after inside story.
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>> israel's military concludes one of its soldiers may have accidentally killed al jazeera journalist abu akleh, but there will not be a criminal investigation. her family says israel is obscuring the truth so how can this case move forward? this is inside story. folly: hello and welcome to the program. i am folly bah thibault. israel's military has finally released results of its
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investigation into the shooting and killing of shireen abu akleh . there will be no criminal investigation and nobody will be punished. al jazeera has accused the military of trying to evade responsibility. the network, palestinian officials, and shireen's family are all demanding an independent and international investigation. israel's findings contradict accounts. we are bringing in our guests in just a moment. the first this report. reporter: the pursuit of justice for shireen abu akleh within israel ended on monday. as widely expected, the israeli amount amounts that soldiers did not violate procedure and there will be no criminal investigation into her killing. while on assignment in may, senior military official offered
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condolences and called her death a devastating loss of life. the military report concluded that after multiple investigations, there was a high probability an israeli soldier accidentally shot shireen. the official says with 100% certainty, israeli soldiers did not target her for -- or any other journalist. and if an is really blake her, it was a mistake. -- and if in an israeli bullet killed her it was a mistake. there was a prolonged gunbattle with armed palestinians. the soldiers retreated to vehicles and the military official says they had limited visibility and did not see her. video from the minutes before her death show a call seen.
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she was wearing a clearly marked flak jacket. she was shot in the back of the neck below her helmet. witnesses say the gunfire continued. >> she has become an international symbol and that is why her blood became a heavy burden in criminal and diplomatic terms. they cannot handle best. that is why they are trying to manage the fallout of her murder. reporter: her family says it is obvious israeli war criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. it is calling on the u.s. to conduct an independent investigation into the palestinian-american journalists killing. the palestinian authority says it is pressing international bodies for accountability. al jazeera's legal team plans to submit a case with the
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international criminal court at the hague. her case may be closed for the israeli military, but her family says our dear shireen cannot be swept aside. folly: israel has changed its statement several times. i was after her death, these really government began circulating video suggesting the idea she may have been shut by a palestinian fighter. two days later, a change that account same its possible one of their soldiers may have killed her. in the weeks that followed, several media outlets concluded it was likely she was killed by an israeli soldier. on july 4, the u.s. says it believed it to was likely killed by an israeli soldier, but that there was no evidence she was deliberately targeted. two months after that statement, israel finally acknowledged she was likely killed by one of its
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soldiers. her family wants the u.s. to investigate the killing. her niece says is forces targeted her out. >> as a family, we are not surprised. this was something that was expected from the israeli side. it is definitely outrageous. it is however expected. for us, it was never about an is really investigation. it has always been about a u.s. independent investigation. you cannot have war criminals investigating their own crimes. we have known she was targeted and killed by an israeli soldier. for us, these are nothing but statements obscuring the truth and continuing to spread disinformation. folly: let's bring in our guests
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now. in washington dc, omar baddar, political analyst. sawsan zaher, palestinian human rights lawyer. richard falk, professor of international law, emeritus at princeton university and a former un special rapporteur for the occupied palestinian territories. i you all for being with us on inside story. an acknowledgment but not a full admission. sawsan: i agree with responses from the palestinian side on the fact that the result of the israeli investigation.
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due to the fact that there has been requests by palestinian authorities submitted to the icc demanding the opening of an criminal investigation on the murder of shireen abu akleh, i think the result of the is really investigation has to do a lot with the defense argument by israel in case the isis he decides to open a criminal investigation -- the icc decides to open a criminal investigation.
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this is basically a package of an argument that will probably be delivered in order not to provide any accountability in order to say it was done in self-defense and that there was no legality to the shooting. on the simple level, it is important to note not everybody is speaking on the simple level. on the simple level, it also applied on the west bank but also on gaza that basically eliminates the right to buy me -- of any buddy to submit claims . so having no intent means that israel does not want to
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compensate and neither does it want to take any criminal responsibility. folly: there have been some suggestions that a civil case in the u.s. could be one of the avenues the family could pursue. richard, what do you make of this? what is missing from this investigation? >> what is totally missing is the israeli pattern of abuse of palestinian journalists, of which shireen abu akleh's killing is just the most dramatic example. the fact that she happens to be an american citizen brings attention.
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israel has a terrible record of the way in which it mistreats journalists doing their professional work. that should have been part of the context in which this particular killing was addressed. i would make one other point and that is to call for an u.s. investigation may be desirable in giving the case a little bit more stability, but i would not trust the u.s. more than 10% more than these really investigation. in other words, it is committed overall to hiding israel's human rights violations. i would call for an independent international investigation by
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reputable international public figures. folly: interesting because as you say, the family is asking for a u.s. investigation. i want to come to you now, omar, in washington dc. but i want to read the state department's reaction. shireen of course was an american citizen in the u.s. has been a depression -- under pressure. they say they welcome the review . the u.s. reaction certainly in an interesting one here. he says if i read into it, please do not have it happen
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again. is this case closed as far as the americans are concerned. omar: certainly, the biden administration would like it to be closed. united states is trying to assist israel in covering up this crime. shireen was murdered, she was murdered, she was not just killed. it was a targeted killing. israel was trying to avoid responsibility entirely by initially blaming palestinian government. it was only in the face of overwhelming evidence that they were forced to admit that they might have had something to do with it. the biden administration's response is a moral failure, failure to protect american citizens.
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israel''s military presence is itself a crime. the occupations purpose is to steal land. it entails a great deal of violence and crimes against humanity. a journalist was killed as no surprise. looking at the funding that the u.s. gives israel every year, in essence the united states is complicit. the biden administration's attempt to cover that up and
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move on like it is nothing is something that will not be judged kindly by history. folly: some american lawmakers have been trying to put pressure on the biden administration. will that have any impact? omar: i think it has already had some impact. for the longest time, you cannot say anything about palestinian human rights and that has changed. public opinion has changed in a drastic way in the united states. now you have more members of congress demanded accountability and i think that is placing pressure on the u.s. administration to start behaving differently. unfortunately, i do not think it has reached the point where it will be a meaningful policy change. but they are feeling the he did and they should be feeling the heat.
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folly: your thoughts about this american investigation that her family is asking for. sawsan: i think that requesting the intervention of the united states in any sort of investigation will not in my opinion lead to any kind of transparent and professional investigation. the u.s. has been an ally, no good will come out of is really investigation.
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-- an israeli investigation. i must stress the fact that shireen's case is totally not surprising because lack of accountability of israel is a systematic response and we can see that not only in the west bank, but we can also see it in gaza. several people have been appointed to investigate the violation of war crimes.
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isreal israel tried to put up a lot of obstacles in the u.s. helped it. i do not see any kind of positivity in demanding an intervention of the u.s. in this case. folly: how do we move the case forward now? al jazeera and the palestinian government want the icc to take on this case. will they consider this do you think? and how does the is really investigation -- israeli investigation >>? that is a difficult question because the icc has a new
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prosecutor who has shown no eagerness to pursue the investigation of israel on earlier crimes. i would not be too optimistic about the submission to the icc, but it can do no harm and it exerts additional pressure and that is desirable. but what i think is the best way forward is this real call for an independent and international investigation. folly: who would be independent party be? >> it could be appointed by the u.n. secretary general and taking account the need for credibility and to reach a
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conclusion to address these issues of accountability. i think all of those things need impartial investigation and the notion that the u.s. is willing to do that is i think far from a realistic appraisal. congress is exerting mild pressure, but israel is exerting severe pressure, and israel's impact ensures that no u.s. investigation is going to in any serious way embarrass isreal.
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they were silent about israeli violations of human rights, including the killing of shireen abu akleh. folly: what are your thoughts about this? how does this k-smoove forward and how do we ensure there is justice and accountability? >> at the end of the day we know what the credible investigation will conclude because the facts are obvious and we have seen many investigations that we get the facts but there is no accountability. the reason there is no accountability as the united states steps in to prevent international accountability for israel. the u.s. has used its victim know 50 times to protect israel from any accountability.
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what we need is a fundamental change in american policy, this double standard that allows israel to be above the law. we can only imagine how when it generalists are killed in you ukraine. for some reason, whenever it comes to generalists killed by israel, there is a completely different standard and that is the issue here. you need a shift in american politics. you need this pressure that we are already beginning to see happen and in congress and public discourse to continue increasing. folly: omar, the civil aspects, i want to ask you about that. a civil suit could be launched
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in the u.s. because she was palestinian and also american. omar: i do know there has been a history of the u.s. courts dismissing anything to do with foreign policy a matter they would not take him directly. there was a deference toward the administration in many of these cases. folly: a civil case in the u.s., could that be another option? sawsan: as far as i know, it would probably create an option for the family to submit a lawsuit to american courts. there are several cases by israelis who have submitted
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similar lawsuits demanding financial compensation after being hurt by palestinians heard and big u.s. courts -- and the u.s. courts to intervene. there has been acceptance of several lawsuits submitted by israelis. civil demands have also been submitted in the israeli courts demanded to take responsibility on attacks on the supreme court in israel.
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of the vice versa cases have been dismissed. folly: let me ask richard. what about the palestinian government? what more can you do at this stage? richard: they should call for an international and independent investigation with the members appointed by the u.n. secretary general general. that is the only way an impartial report will be disclosed. as omar suggested, there have been many reports condemning israel's behavior and they have not only been not supported by
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the u.s., the u.s. has tried to suppress them even though they were extremely responsibly done. folly: thank you so much for a very interesting discussion. and thank you for watching. you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website. for further discussion, go to our facebook page. you can join the conversation on twitter. thanks for watching. goodbye for now.
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