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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 6, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to live from paris. world news and analysis from "france 24." i'm mark owen, these are the headlines. with more and more americans turning to food banks to feed themselves, u.s. president trump has called a halt to all covid-19 relief until after the november 3 presidential election. his open covid treatment continues inside the white house. more with our correspondent in washington who i standing b for us. the french aid worker is reportedly on the verge of being
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released by her kidnappers in mali. her son is reported to be at the french embassy, she was kidnapped by islamists back in 2016. the opposition is taking control of the government apparatus. they have massive fraud and vote buying after the only political parties to win big are those with close ties to the president. a lot to come. this is live from paris. ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much for being with us. donald trump has expected to address the nation very shortly, we're standing by for that, the first national speech since his covid-19 illness and subsequent treatment and we're waiting
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developments on that, this is, something that was prerecorded after he left the military hospital in maryland yesterday. there has been unexpected move this tuesday, trump who has the coronavirus has halted talks on coronavirus relief until the election november 3. last week he said he was backing the full pandemic job benefits and the possibility of a covid relief bill of $1.6 trillion, but now apparently trump has instructed negotiators to call all that to a halt. many people depend on that relief to feed their families and many americans rightow are turning to food banks doing just that. let's bring in our correspondent in washington observing all matters for us. a good evening to explain just what trump is trying to call a halt to? >> although there have been negotiations for weeks now between the democrats in the
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house and the senate republicans to try to come up with that much needed relief bill that americans are waiting for because the economic situation here is still very dire. so last week, you have the house democrats passing a $2.2 trillion relief package and nancy pelosi was still in negotiating with both the senate republicans and the white house especially steve nmushin, the secretary of the treasury. some progress was being made but not fast enough apartment and donald trump with this tweet really virtually breaking any hope of getting a possible relief bill before the election. he accused nancy pelosi of negotiating in bad faith saying she was trying to bailout poorly run high crime democratic states
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saying that the republicans had been doing their best, but she simply has disssed that for thin that are not at all linked to covid-19, so he is putting an end to that saying that once he is re-elected, he will be putting forward a much better relief bill this coming just hours after the chairman of the federal reserve said that more stimulus was needed to help the u.s. economy. the situation is very bad here, the unemployment is at about 8.4%. it is down from the peak back in april which was at around 15%, but it's still very, very high compared to what it was before the coronavirus and there are millions of people without a job unable to pay their bills, their rent, their mortgages and as you said shall the food shortages, having trouble finding food and paying for food, you are seeing
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lines at food banks all across the nation as people are struggling to make ends meet. >> this is hardly the american dream. can you explain more when these families who are finding it hard to make ends meet, unprecedented lines across the state. >> yes, millions and millions of people ever since pretty much the second month of this coronavirus crisis here in the united states, i remember going to one of those food banks in baltimore around probably it was early april and i remember talking to these people and they were ying, you know, we see people coming to these food banks all year long, even before coronavirus, but what struck the people who work at these food banks was how fast they were going through all the food that they had in those warehouses saying that sometimes it would just disappear in two hours and
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they were saying that you were no longer seeing people who were homeless or people who were really at the lower end of the wages here in the u.s., but they're saying that they were seeing simply middle class families who have maybe both parents who have lost their jobs and this is something that is seen really across the country, all cities, all states, not just democratic states like trump mentioned in his tweet and nancy pelosi reacted to donald trump's move slamming him for not taking care of the american people saying, he is putting himself first at the expense of the country with the full complicity of the g.o.p. members of congress because donald trump and his tweet not only did he put a halt to any possible relief bill, he also asked the senate republicans to focus on confirming his nominee for the supreme court of the united
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states, amy coney barrett. this might not be a great move with a few weeks left until the election because repeated polls show that about 74% of likely voters feel that congress should focus on the coronavirus relief bill, not the supreme court. >> indeed, people and politics in the middle of things, it seems manipulate things to his own end, some say politicians do, part of their d.n.a. thank you very much indeed for inject us, our correspondent in washington, thank you. let bring us some other news on this same issue on the news that trump was intending to get his negotiators to stop the round of aid. stocks fell on wall street, the s&p sliding 1.8% after trump tweeting this mandate. we'll have more in business very
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shortly. and another issue, donald trump, of course, being treated for covid-19, still positive and the democrats saying their man, joe biden has tested negative for covid- covid-19, this statement from democrats. moving on, sources speaking off the record saying islamist extremists have freed a french woman and politician. held for six months and boarded an aircraft, but for now, she was kidnapped in 2016. there is no immediate comment from the french for the mali governments. "france 24" spoke with her son earlier at the french embassy. honestly, i came because i don't
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think she would make it all the way to paris. i'm trying to find her as fast as possible. i'm expecting to find her sick and very weak. i hope -- i don't think she is able to stand, so i'm not under any delusions but they s that she has held on, that her mind is still all there. so whatever state she is in, i knowhe is still luc and i'm overjoyed get her back. we'll see how it goes. >> the son of sophie and will be taking to journalists from the french embassy. we're watching this story, it's reported that she is -- this is following an apparent swap of prisoners, 100 islamists were
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set free ahead of what is expected to be the release of two hostages. we'll continue with on that coming up right now. >> he was kidnapped in the timbukto area of mali as event toured into an area where armed groups are known to roam. >> he was on the campaign trail in 2018 and gained second in presidential elections losing out to his opponent. protests against him led to the army taking power in a coup last august. those demonstrating also called for his release. his kidnapping was never claimed by a specific armed grp. but suspicions lie with the
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jihadist organization linked to al qaeda. many hostages have been taken in mali since the start of unrest in 2012, but he is the first high profile politician to have been targeted. >> we're watching full developments on the situation regarding the hostages in mali. next, after a night of violent protests, the electoral authorities have annulled the results of the parliamentary elections, they allege massive fraud after the only political parties to win big were those with close ties to the president. moscow is waiting and expressing concern on the unrest and calling for a legal resolution. our correspondent has this. >> amid turmoil after both the prime minister and the speaker of parliament resigned, the move comes after the central electoral election.
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>> there were numerous reasons to legally cancel the results. there were many violations ahead of election day including bribing voters using administrative tools and voting falsifiation. it's impossible to recognize the election results as legitimate. >> mass protests broke out in the wake of the election as opposition groups set fire to the parliament building. they also stormed government offices in the capital smashing portraits of the president after results showed that two parties with close ties to the country's ruling elites had won the most seats in the poll. hundreds of people were hurt in clashes with the police as they attempted to disperse the crowds with water cannons, tear gas, and flash bang grenades. meeting in a hotel, m.p.s say they elected an opposition politician to replace the prime minister. the president says the country
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is facing a coup and has called on opposition leaders to calm their supporters. meanwhile opposition groups have created a counc to hp set up a provisional government. >> led zip lynn has a long running case over perhaps their most famous case >> fairway to heaven," it means we can't play the song, it's so famous, you'll know it, it's been a six-year long battle centered in the u.s. supreme court rejecting the case, representatives of the late randy california claimed that plant and page, that's jimmy and robert to their friends, ripped off the song called "taurus." i listened to them both, i think they sound similar. we are joined live, good evening to you. can you explain how the courts
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have decided these two songs aren't actually copied. >> it's a sticky sort of a situation, they did say that rock and roll, all rock and roll songs were made on the four same chords, but that's another story. in this case, it's about a progression of chords at the beginning, i can't sing it, but the beginning chords is a progression of chords that are not usually written on any kind of music sheet which is usually deposed by a music publisher and in general, when you have been accused of plagiarism, it has to be a sequence of more than three notes. so there have been many famous suits like, let's say, george harrison when he wrote "my sweet lord" and he plagiarized, he was accused of plagiarism because he subconsciously rewrote the song
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"he is so fine" in the 1960's, he lost the case, exactly. so that was an example of a song or music being more than three notes that they're following one another. so it's a kind of sticky situation. in 1978, there were chords that everody knows of "stairway to heaven" it was something that jimmy page says those chords have been around forever. he was not influenced by the supposed group, spirit, i too listened to the two of them togethnk, they do sound similar. doing a litigation on the internet, i heard another song, suer rain by larry rivers is exactly the same chord progression, so it's a matter of melody against chord progression, so not notes that are sounding exactly the same,
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that's part of the basic melody of the song. >> led zeppelin actually opened for the band spirit as various gigs around about that time before "stairway to heaven" was written. do you think there was an influence there? what is your kind of gut feeling? >> well, i read recently in the guardian and in the "new york times" that it was something that was refuted that they said that led zpelin had not been at that concert. i don't know if that's true. but whatever happened, robert plant, if they had been there, he was in a bad car accident after that supposed concert, he lost his memory for a while and jimmy page has absolutely no recollection of the song. as i said, he seems to think and when you listen to a lot of other music and songs, this chord progression is in a number of different songs that we've been listening to since rock and roll existed. and then again, don't forget, there was robin thicke who was
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condemned in 2015 for plagiarism from a song that was very close to a marvin gay song, his song "blurred lines" was said to be the same and he lost in that. again, it was note -- chord progressions, not sequence of notes. >> been to the supreme court and it's been thrown out and led zeppelin in the clear. thank you very much for giving that explanation as to where it's happened and what the differences are. it's a subtle difference, but the difference nonetheless a very important distinction. singer and music journalist as we heard. thank you very much indeed. time for business on wall street, investors reacting to donald trump's surprise decision to end talks on another covid-19 stimulus bill, kate. >> this is a clear example of when we see stock markets reacting very, very clearly to something happening over in washington. for days, investors have been watching those developments on capitol hill hoping for a break
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cloothrough on another round of stimulus for the economy. wall street had been trending higher. we saw stocks plunged after the president's tweets which came about an hour before the closing bell. the dow jones dropped nearly 400 points by the close, tech shares dropping, boeing shares dropping 7%, airlines down 2 and 4%. one of the series of his messages, president trump rejecting the democrats $2.4 trillion plan, he had told republicans to stop negotiating until after the election on november 3. when he wins, he says with great confidence there, he plans to push through a bill that is closer to the republicans $1.6 trillion plan. well, his announcement came a few hours after the federal reserve chairman jerome powell you recalled lawmakers to take swift action warning that many businesses need support. >> too little support would lead
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to a weak recovery creating unnecessary hardship for households and businesses. over time, bankrtcies will rise harming the productive capacity of the economy and holding back wage growth. >> the global economy is in less dire shape than it initially predicted but faces a long battle to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. it is going to slightly raise its outlook, but the managing director warned the gernment should continue its fiscal and monetary crush to avoid a crash. >> the global economy is coming back from the crisis, bhis calamity is far from over. all countries are now facing what i would call the long asse assent, a diffilt climb that will be long, uneven and
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uncertain and prone to setbacks. >> speaking to an online audience early. the i.m.f. extended debt relief for 28 of the world's poorest countries to allow them to focus on their response to the pandemic. global air traffic is about 2/3 lower than it was a year ago. airlines are burning through cash. the international air transport association say carriers lost $51 billion in the first half of this year and on the course to consume an additional $77 billion in the final six months of 2020. the industry group is urging governments around the world to renew financial support to avoid a wave of bankruptcieses and lay-offs. southwest has asked employees to except a pay cut while american has once again reduced its flight schedule. another has announced it's cooperating the with world tourism organization to boost confidence in flying and hoping to establish a global framework
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that have contributed to this year's collapse. boeing's slashed its expectations saying airlines would want 11% fewer planes over the next decade. well, it may be best known for its speeches and film festival. the french city of cannes is a hot spot for business travelers. the gem of the rivera is suffering a double blow with a drop in both work and play. claire rush reports. >> cannes may be best known for its picturesque location on the medtarian. it comes second to paris as a host of conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. this year, the city's normally bustling convening centers are empty. coronavirus restrictions have limited gatherings to 5,000 people. the cancellation of september's yachting festival alone
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represented a loss of 55 million euros for the city. >> the drop in business travel has cost the city an estimated 500 million euros hurting the hospitality industry. this dining room ismpty and its rooms, 70% of its guests. >> with travel for leisure still reduced and business travel on hold for the foreseeable future, caps is facing a double blow. >> picturesque scenery, it's repeating across cities across fans and the world, billions of euros being lost as business travel dpriendz to a halt. >> kate, great to see you. let's cross the studio, good
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evening to you. covid-19 in france, numbers rocketing, concerns regarding contact tracing. tell us more. >> paris has been upgraded to the maximum alert level for covid-19 as a result today, bars will close in the french capital for 15 days, restaurants will still remain open, but with more sanitary measures put in place. one of the new measures is to keep a record of contact details for contact tracing measures. new to many in the french capital, this is put in places like italy and germany. they seem controversial for some, the reminder in restaurants, the delicate management of personal data. this would be based off of the experience of our european neighbors, this journalist states that in germany where restaurants reminders have been existence for severalmonths, numerous abuses have been observed. commercial use of data or used
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by the pice in criminal investigation, so let's break it down, there is the central issue of data privacy, in germany over the summer, this was the incident where at least 87,000 contact details were stone by hackers in notebooks kept by restaurants. there have been cases in france and germany where restaurant owners feel that they are police auxiliaries as the police seems to be using these lists to help resolve cases that did not have anything to do with covid. then this user also reminding restaurant owners that it is illegal to use these contact notebooks for marketing purposes, but finally many question these measures after images of a very packed metro station on rush hour this monday have been circulating on social media. this user saying let's open up bars and buses given that the
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rule of six apparently does not apply to public transportation. mark. >> indeed, indeed. >> many still struggling a way to establish. >> with numbers rocketing, it seems that people's concerns about privacy or not being able to socialize, it seems kind of small compared to the bigger picture in the way case are rising. many issues to be dealt with here in paris and various ideas to try to do that. in chili, protesters where they left off, what are they protesting against? >> they're protesting for measures to see if they will adopt a new constitution, with a new referendum on october 25, where voters will be deciding if they adopt or not this new constitution, calls to protest in chile have been rebranded with the #dignity square, the location where the protests take place. the video of an incident that
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occurred on friday has been going viral on social media and has shocked the country after a chilean police officer allegedly threw a 16-year-old boy during protests. >> threw him off the bridge? >> the police officer, the police station in santiago went on social media to explain their version of the story. they said that th kid lost balae and fell off the bridge. however, others say that the prosecutors say that the officer involved abandoned the victim and gave false information. either way, here is the video of the incident published. >> that is someone, that is absolutely shocking. >> yes. so more people demanding more answers to the police officers using excessive force in the
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country, but we will be seeing it more and more protests in the coming days as this new referendum is coming up, mark. >> a polluted beach in russia, people want answers to what has happened. can you tell us what it's about? >> these videos have been going around of many animal carcasses showing up on shore in russia. hundreds of animals that went ashore after images of polluted waters have been going around social media. you can see this yellow issue foam which green peace russia says the yellow issue foam on the surface, we found dead animals, many demanding answers as to why this is rising in russia. but many contradiction stories on the plaoutions.qéaawc÷é÷éddd"
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10/06/20 10/06/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! pres. ump: i lrned so much abt coronirus. and one tng that for rtai don't let itominate you. don't be afraid of it. amy: "don't be afraid of it." those were the words of president trump minimizing the risk of covid-19 as he returned to the white house after being hospitalized for three nights.


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