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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  September 22, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the global fight against the coronavirus is center stage at the united nations general assembly. as the global community calls for unity, the u.s. president blames china for the pandemic. >> we have waged war against an invisible enemy, the china virus. >> you're watching al jazeera. coming up on the program, trump's attack on china came on the same day u.s.'s covid-19 death toll past 200 thousand.
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in washington, flags mark the lives lost. in the u.k., tougher restrictions are rolled out. the prime minister warns that normal is still months away. and remembering the past but looking to the future. mali marks 60 years of independence from france. for the first time in history, world leaders have been meeting virtually for the annual nodded nations general assembly because of the coronavirus. on tuesday, the fight against covid-19 dominated the speeches. ,ost called for a united fight calling for the united nations to repurpose itself in a world changed by the pandemic. on the same day the u.s. death toll from the virus passed 200,000, donald trump once again pointed the finger of blame at china.
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>> like all the other world leaders speaking at the united nations, president trump's speech was prerecorded. his words, though, as controversial as ever. >> we have waged a pierced battle against the invisible enemy, the china virus which has claimed countless lives in 188 countries. in the united states, we launched the most aggressive mobilization since the second world war. >> fact checkers in a country that has suffered more than most from covid-19 unlikely to check those claims. the president intensified his attack on china. >> we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague unto the world -- china. in the earliest days of the virus, china locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave china and in fact the world.
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>> before introducing president xi, the chinese ambassador made an impromptu intervention, complaining about bullying. >> china resolutely rejects the baseless accusation against china. his president, in clear contrast to president trump, said international cooperation was the key to combating covid-19. >> covid-19 reminds us that we are living in an interconnected global village with a common stake. all countries are closely connected, and we share a common future. no country can gain from other'' difficulties. only instability by taking advantage of others' troubles. >> the president of france expressed his growing concern about the tension between the world's two largest economies. leftday's world cannot be to the rivalry between china and the united states, regardless of
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the weight in the world these two powers share. the collapse of the frameworks of our cooperation, the fragility i just referenced -- all that means we must build a new order. >> trump's speech was almost certainly the shortest ever given by a u.s. president to you and generally assembly -- the united nations general assembly, seven minutes long. china was the main target in his sites. diplomats say speeches like this do nothing to decrease the polarization on the world stage. >> shortly before president trump's speech was played at the united nations, the u.s. passed 200 thousand coronavirus deaths. trump's management of the pandemic will be key in the lead up to the november election. >> at washington national cathedral, the bell rang 200
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times, once for every thousand lives lost in the u.s. to the global pandemic. dead.0 >> when i hear about 200,000 a benchmark ofst sadness for me and the country. i think about the individual people i cared for who have died, and i think about multiplying that by 200,000, and it's hard for me to grasp the amount of death. >> the united states, with just 4% of the world's population, has nearly 20% of the nearly one million covid-19 deaths worldwide. the number of covid-19 cases in the u.s. is six .8 million. president trump says a vaccine could be available as soon as the november 3 election. that is not a view widely shared by medical experts. it is a view the president shares often with thousands of
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largely unmasked supporters at rallies. turn,are rounding the rounding the corner on the pandemic. >>'s rival for the presidency, democrat joe biden, has urged americans to wait on a scientifically proven preventative. >> the president knew back in february that this was an extremely dangerous communicable disease. think about it. people across the iron range, how many empty seats around those gender tables because of his negligence and selfishness? lost?ny lives >> many medical experts say a national strategy, including a mandatory mask mandate, could have reduced the pandemic's toll considerably. >> i think the decisions made as a country were truly not being
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one unit and taking one unified approach throughout the entire 50 states. >> with the number of cases and deaths still far from under control, which direction the u.s. takes in the coming months depends on the outcome of the november election. is in miamilagher and joins us now. we initially saw the number of deaths starting to climb in the summer, just when you would expect it to stabilize or at least to decline. now we are going into the winter months. there must be a great deal of concern about how the country is going to cope with pandemic. fear allthis was the along. you have often heard dr. anthony fauci talking about the flu , talking about the colder months which force people to go indoors, which is where the pandemic spreads more easily. we have seen figures steadily declining. now they are steadily rising.
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we have a lot of infection rates in places like north dakota, wisconsin, utah, california, and texas are also pretty bad as well. we have passed that grave milestone of 200,000 deaths. that, by the way, is the population of huntsville, alabama, to put things in context needed it at this point, but it is a great worry because there is no federal response in the united states. it has been left down to the 50 states and their governors, and they have all taken different approaches. there's no mandatory mask warning, no talk of any shutdowns or to put it in place, it mask mandatory laws, so is a scattergun approach to a pandemic that has taken more than 200,000 american lives and now threatens to take even more as the colder months come upon us. >> also, the dilemma we had throughout the pandemic, one
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we've seen in many countries around the world, is if there should be another national lockdown. in other words, balancing the health crisis with the economic imperative. >> yes, that's been a difficult balancing act the entire time because the damage done by businesses closing and millions of people getting laid off is almost as bad as the damage done by the pandemic. that approach has been very different depending on which state you are in. if you are in a state like florida where i am now, the governor, a republican, has been pushing to get bars open, schools reopen, and to get businesses going again. in other states typically run by democratic governors, they've taken a more cautious approach, but it is a very fine line to walk. i would say isn in mourning, but you cannot quite be in morning when the funeral is still happening, and it is on quite a large scale. this nation is arguably the most advanced, is the wealthiest in
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the world and yet the worst affected by this covid-19 pandemic. you heard vice president joe biden, who is running for the presidency, saying this is down to donald trump. donald trump says he gives himself a grade a for tackling this virus, but there's been confusing messages along the way. the centers for disease control and prevention gave out some and vice a couple of days ago about this spreading through droplets and aerosols and then withdrew it. people are confused. they don't exactly know what to do. cdc'szations like the sole responsibility as is the american government's to look after people, and they are not doing a good job. >> thank you. here, the government has brought in new restrictions in england with the prime minister warning life cannot be returning to normal for at least another six months. boris johnson said it and has reached a perilous point in its fight against the virus. new measures include extending the use of face masks,
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tightening measures on gathering, and encouraging working from home. >> britain is back where it had hoped not to be, not facing the strict measures of march, but threatening the livelihood of millions. >> we have to acknowledge that this is a freedom-loving country and while the vast majority have complied with the rules, there have been too many breaches, too many opportunities for our invisible enemy to slip through undetected. never in our history has our collective destiny, has our collective health depended so completely on our individual behavior. if we follow these simple rules together, we will get through this winter together. there are unquestionably difficult months to come, and the fight against covid is by no means over. biggerg the measures, fines for not wearing a mask,
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and ace coverings are mandatory for shop staff, taxi drivers, and passengers. pubs, bars, and restaurants must close at 10:00 p.m. the hospitality sector still reeling from months of lockdowns. there's also a u-turn on encouraging workers back to offices. people are being told to work from home if possible. businesses, schools, and universities will remain open. the government says it wants to limit unnecessary social interaction. a maximum of 15 people will be allowed to attend weddings. 30 at funerals. parallel measures are being rolled out across the u.k., but scotland and northern ireland went further, imposing bans on people meeting in each other's houses. the backdrop to all of this is an infection rate that is doubling every week. hospital admissions are up, too, and are likely to increase toward winter, but this trajectory is not written in stone provided urgent action is
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taken now. tot means extra power enforce the rules. police and local authorities will be given more money and the option of drawing on support. for now, he stopped short of introducing a suggested two-week full or to slow the spread of the virus. that could still come. any measure will need to be delicately chosen to protect lives and the country's battered economy. ahead, jailed for corruption or criticism? a chinese businessman sentenced to 18 years, but supporters say he has been silenced. and risking a return to irish troubles. why brexit arguments could cost more than trade. ♪
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quick hello. we've got some wet and windy and at times wintry weather and the cards for parts of southeastern australia as we go through the next couple of days. little circulation down towards tasmania. that's going to drag in some much cooler air as we go on through the next day or so. there will still be a few showers here as we go through wednesday. blustery showers down towards the southeast, and temperatures struggling to get into the midteens. getting picking up, even more blustery as we go into thursday. snow impossibility just around the great dividing range. here is that winter weather for the southeast beginning to set in. dry in perth. 29 celsius, not quite so dry for new zealand. bit of windy weather also making its way in here.
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we have some wet and windy weather in the forecast for japan as well. storm thatropical will continue making its way northward. starting to see that winter weather set in. by thursday, it will make landfall somewhere around tokyo, causing widespread disruption. ♪ >> a look at the headlines now used his trump has speech to the united nations general assembly to attack china over the coronavirus pandemic. the u.s. president accused beijing of ailing to share information when the outbreak first began. the u.s. -- shortly before the speech played out, the u.s. death toll topped 200,000. country has 4% of the world's population but 20% of the
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reported covid-19 fatalities. here, the government brought in a raft of new restrictions, with the prime minister warning the country might not return to normal for six months. , marking 60to mali years of independence from france, but the celebration has been muted. >> the parade to mark 60 years of independence. leading the celebration is the military commander who forced --mali's resign president to resign last month. nation, hess to the echoes demands to name a civilian president. the retired colonel and former prime minister signed up. he is supposed to represent the
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aspirations of young citizens calling for an end to o corruptn and bad governance. he resigned in 20 14 after disagreeing with the former president's plan to integrate armed groups into the military. >> i'm a patriot. we all collectively have to help him. >> it has not lifted sanctions imposed after the military took power last month. close, andain financial transactions have been halted. negotiator is expected in palma co. on wednesday. in senegal, 50% of exports go to .eighboring country mali now that trade is at a standstill. west african leaders want to see an end to the crisis as soon as possible.
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a stateabout having that can deliver, have systems in place, have a government, a state that can deliver on people's needs, public services, but also security. >> and nearly one million are displaced because of fighting with armed groups in the north and center of the country. half of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid. 4000 french soldiers remain on the ground. 50 years after its independence, s are still malian seeking their founding promise , and ae, prosperity prosperous future. >> demonstrators are calling for an end to a long-running conflict between english-speaking separatists and
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security forces, which has left 2000 people dead. protesters are also demanding the president stepped down. the 87-year-old has been in power for almost 40 years. the number of homes damaged or destroyed by floods has risen to 140,000 while the level of the nile river remains high. nile state, those affected are trying to find a way to rebuild as they wait for some kind of financial help. >> this is what is left of his home. he says his farm used to extend from here to the banks of the nile nearly two kilometers away. now the river is one with the farm, destroying what was his main source of income. >> i used to live in this house with my kids and their families. that's all gone now. the farmers destroyed. i've lost nearly $20,000 because
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of the flood. now i cannot farm for winter, and i don't know if i will get any government assistance. >> he says it's hard to know exactly how much financial damage the floods have done to his farm. he will have to wait until the waters dry up completely to find out. this form is one of dozens that was destroyed by floods. countrywide, hundreds of villages were also destroyed because of the river rising to levels not seen in a century. at least 120 people have been killed and more than 600,000 have them displaced. most now are waiting for the government's response to cope with the situation after losing either most or all of their belongings. >> we need the government to take care of the water that is in the houses because it's now mixed with sewage water in the latrines that collapsed. we cannot deal with diseases on top of losing our homes.
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villageamage in the nearly five kilometers away has forced 1000 families out of their homes. most had relied on farming and livestock for income. most are devastated by the floods. vibrante which was once now looks like this. their homes either damaged or destroyed. the nile has receded in many parts of the country. has beeneight distributed, but many say it is not enough. even if the river drops to where it was prior to the flood, sudan's government and aid organizations assess the damage will continue for months with health care and the economy all affected. she asked to get on the boat with us to see what remains of her family home. she could not help but break down when she saw what she saw.
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>> this house is where i lived with my mother and father, the home where i got married and had my kids and where my grandkids were born. all those memories are lost, but thank god my children and grandchildren are alive and were away when the house collapsed. >> the recovery may take months if not years in a country already facing an economic crisis and where more than 60% live in poverty. many say they expect the economic situation to worsen in the coming weeks if no help is offered. >> murders of colombian community leaders have written this year. 81 social and political activists were killed up from 61 in the first half of last year. even with a national quarantine violence in remote areas against community leaders has not let up.
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just want to turn to one other china planning to ensure its greenhouse gases peak in the next decade. president xi jinping called on countries to pursue a green revolution in the post covid era. it's the first time china has vowed to end its net contribution to climate change. earlier, u.s. president donald trump used his speech to criticize china for being the world's largest carbon emitter. an influential chinese real estate tycoon has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption charges after writing an essay said to be critical of the president. >> a chinese businessman was found guilty of taking bribes, embezzling public funds, and enriching
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million while working as chairman of a state owned real estate company. many believe what really got him in trouble was his vocal criticism of the chinese communist party and president xi jinping. this earned him the nickname -- the big cannon. of any kind ofon speech has been worse and worse in xi jinping's presidency. the trend is there. >> the 69-year-old was a member of the communist elite, born to revolutionary parents. his connections were not enough to protect him from xi jinping loyalists. , a social media account with over 35 million followers was taken down after criticize president xi's call for the chinese media to serve the communist party, but he continued to speak out, holding
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popular book clubs where he discussed western values and promoted independent thinking. an articlee wrote criticizing beijing's handling of the coronavirus outbreak, saying there was a cover-up. he also referred to xi jinping as a clown and emperor. he was quickly detained and in july stripped of his membership and charged with corruption. >> unlike other chinese dissidents, he was a longtime the communist party and a widely respected businessman. >> he has always been a party member, so his criticism towards party came out of that he hopes the party to improve its governance, so it's not like he is a dissident, he wants to overthrow the communist party. he wants the party to be better, but even that is not tolerated
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now. >> a beijing court has sentenced him to 18 years in jail, saying he has confessed to his crimes and will not appeal the decision. >> the european union has repeated its warning it will take legal action against the u.k. if it does not back down on its threat to break international negotiations. the talks are creating a lot of anxiety for communities around the island. >> you need a long memory to understand why the roads between northern ireland and the republic are such a flashpoint. on this stretch of road alone, dozens of people have been blown up or shut between the british army and irish republican fighters. putll began when the u.k. in customs posts to check on the movement of goods.
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forces were used to protect them. the they were attacked, british army, and they were subsequently attacked, and all of a sudden, built up by huge military infrastructure here along the border. army helicopters, army troops on the ground -- it became a war, really. >> the collapse in talks and the u.k.'s insistence it might renege on part of that agreement has once again put enormous fear into the people who live and work on the border. tot brexit has boiled down is a massive set of disagreements about how to organize cross-border trade between the european union and northern ireland and the u.k. and vice versa. both sides insist they will not reintroduce a hard border, cutting ireland in two, because
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it would breach the terms of the belfast peace agreement. but what neither side can say is what they will do if by the end .f this year there is no deal ministers from across the eu hold more talks on how to solve the riddle of the u.k.'s changing position. they certainly do not sound like it is their place to be flexible. >> please stop the games. time is running out. what we really need is a fair basis for further negotiations, and we are ready for that. >> the british government's position is being used by supporters of reunification as the best example of their cause. half a lifetime ago, the skies were full. the british army helicopters and the hills. republican fighters. risking a return to all that because of arguments over trade tariffs remains
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[mikael colville-andersen] i first came to bangkok in the early 1990's as an impressionable young backpacker. the city fulfilled absolutely every expectation i had about a noisy, crazy, non-stop asian city should be like. absolutely every urban challenge faced by cities around the world is amplified here in bangkok. this country is run by a military dictatorship who's also trying to influence urban development and urban planning. there are very few examples from history where that story has a happy ending. this series is about finding the life-sized pockets of goodness in cities around the world. there's still a refreshing insane madneness to this place. outside of the comfort zone of this amazing market lies the urban jungle.


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