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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 5, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> france 24, a different point of view. >> welcome to live from paris, i am annette young, it's 1:00 p.m. at the french capital. let's take a look at the headlines. -- forrprise move, nearly 9 million u.s. dollars. justinin trudeau was dealt a frh a string oftest in allegations of government interference in a major court case.
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and emmanuel macron says in europe is facing its biggest threat since world war ii, this as he lists a series of proposals to reform the e.u.. ♪ >> first a developing story here in france, a radicalized prisoner has locked himself and his wifefe in the visitors roomf a prison, several hundred kilometers west of paris. this after two got debt -- this after stabbing two guards with a knife. the prisoner was sentenced to 30 years in jail after kidnapping and torturing an elderly holocaustt survivor in july of 2014. we will bring you more details as they come. tokyo, where a former
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chairman has been to court in tokyo, setting bail at 9 million u.s. dollars. he had been behind bars for more than three months, he appealed the position. win for the new defense team. at the lawyer welcomed the court's decision to grant him bail after volunteerering strict conditions. >> i can appreciate the fact that we proposed a detailed system that t would make it impossible for him to tamper with evidence. freed from the tokyo detention center, he e would essentially remain on house arrest and would be under camera surveillance and would be banned from traveling and contracting nissan's task -- contacting nissan staff. he would be able to meet momore frequentntly with hihis lawyer. japan runs a so-called
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hostage baseded criminal sussedt -- justice system, meaning a suspect remains in custody as punishment. if he does not confess as prosecutors see fit. we need to restore the trust of the international community to our country as soon as possible. >> the court's decision is the latest piece of the saga that started in november. he was arrested on that the usual business trip, he had been accused of -- pay in nissan. he had been arrested twice since then, including for using executive powers for personal gain. repeated arrests allows prosecutors to keep him locked away. he had bilo -- bail requests denied. he changed his lawyer from a formerer prosecutor, which helpd him through the interrogation phase, to a hotshot defense lawyer, who is known for rare acquittals in a country with a 99% detention rate.
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the chinese prime minister has opened the annual national people congress, warning that the country is facing a t tough- to the economy which i is a spec to slow down thihis year.. they are expecting 6.5% as opposed to the 6.6% from last year. our correspondent has more from beijing. to the opening speech nanational people's congress by the prime minister was much more pragmatic and less ambitious than last year's speech. a reminder in 2018, the national people's congress ended with two key decisions. first, at the end of the president -- and end of presidential term limits, allowing the president to stay in power indefinitely. and a complete reorganization of the chinese state apparatus.
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after the slight change in tone and direction, it shows that china isis facing headwind whent comes to its economy. some cririticisms have been head in the past few years as to how the chihinese government handled the e economic downturn with moe liberal voices witithin the chinese communist party, saying perhaps the state should not have as big a role as it has had . if you are judging by some of the measures that had been announced by tuesday morning to boost the economy, criticism has been heard. does this mean that the president's position has been weakened? not entirely. at this point in time, there are no other figures within the state or the party that has the and in of the president, the past two years he has gotten rid of political rivals -- rivals in an anticorruption campaigngn. we -- that was reporting from
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beijing. juststin trudeau has been dealta fresh blow when his budget minister resigned on monday, the latest in the string of officials to quit amid allegations of government interference in a major case. our correspondent reports. >> she is the second minister to quit in a month, and more bad news for the prime minister. resignation, the former treasury board president said she could no longer defend justin trudeau's government. the e principles at stake are te independence and integrity of our justice system. sadly i have lost confidence in how the government has dealt with this matter, and how it has responded to the issues raised. >> the matter she refers to is a case against a quebec based company. the engineering and construction group is charged with corruption, for allegedly bribing officials during the
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last 10 years of gaddafi's regime. minister whostice was overseeing the case accused the prime minister and his close allies of putting inappropriate pressure on her. she said he used veiled threats to get her to ask props acute or's to settle the kate out-of-court -- prosecutors to settle the case out of court. trudeau denies wrongdoing, and says any lobbying in favor of the company was done to protect jobs. he responded to the latest resignation during a campaign rally. >> i know she has felt this way for some time. while i am disappointed, i understand her decision to step down. i want to thank her for her service. concern of this nature must be taken seriously and i can assure you, i am. >> analyst say that this could impact trudeau's chances in the upcoming election.
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the opposition has called for his resignation, saying he no longer has the moral authority to govern. news regarding juan guaido, he has returned to the capital of caracas, this after defying a travel ban to leave the country and lobby for international help. cheered on by supporters, he announced a new protest march for thursday, to ramp up the pressure on nicolas maduro. our correspondent has more. the hero's welcome at caracas international airport. the opposition leader was mobbed by supporters, who came to celebrate the self-proclaimed president return -- president's returned to venezuela. at a homecoming rally he calls for a new protest march on saturday. all of us who are here, you saw prison, death.
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i say something to them. -- if it is not persecution, it will not be the threats that will stop us. we are stronger and more united than ever. we are here and we are much stronger than ever. >> after 10 days abroad he risked being arrested on his return, and he still could be fofor breaking the judicial tral ban. last week while a 35-year-old was touring regional allies, and trying to get international aid into venezuela, the president vowed to enforce the law. juan guaido defied the supreme court travel ban. >> he cannot just come and go, he has to face justice which prohibited him from leaving the country. i will respect laws. >> the opposition leader's return is another direct challenge to president maduro's reign. he still retains the support of key military generals, but arresting juan guaido might be a
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risky move. it could increase international pressure to -- to oust maduro. the brazilian president has felt that -- has vowed that if he was elected he would take every square inch of land that would --. that it hasups say trespassed on land and threatened indigenous tribes. foreign-language] >> this cell phone video captured by tribe members in the amazon rain forest a standoff with armed men, trying to trespass on their land. when a tribal leader asked what the men were doing, they mention brazil's new president by name. >> he said he was doing this because the president had won
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the election, and there would not bebe a national foundation f the indian anymore, so there would not be anyone to defend our land. he said if we are blocked by the tribe, we will come back and we will bring more of our group and we will set fire to your village. ownership hasland been a source of conflict with outsiders looking to exploit brazil's natural resources, indigenous people represent less than half a percent of brazil's population. forr reservations account about 13% of the couountry's la. on the campaign trail he vowed to end -- the president vowed to and native land ownership. according g to an advocacy group since he was elected in october, land invasions have increased by 150%. pepele understand thatat when te president said he was no longer going to dinar kate -- demarcate indigenous land, it's a license
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to invade indigenous land. president argues that tribes could benefit financially if their land is open to to farming, logging, and mining. expectation would pose a dire threat to the amazon rain forest -- exploitation would pose a dire threat to the amazons rainforest. indigenous land is one of the strongest defenses against deforestation. >> central figures at the liberiannd central -- central rank -- bank have been charged. servingof the long former president --. waspinion piste -- peace published in several papers, the french president is arguing that europe has not been more necessary since the end of world
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war ii. the french leader says it has also been never been so threatened -- it has also never been so threatened. and so he has proposals for strengthening unity in the bloc , including renewing the passport freed zone, our correspondent has the details. >> this area is made up of 26 european countries, 22 are part of the european union. it was signed in 1985 and effectively abolished border control within inside -- inside of europe and allows for the free movement of european citizens and non-europeans who are on the continent legally. border checks may be exceptionally reinstatedd like t the g7 summit. the parliament must be informed. but lately the agreement has become increasingly criticized afafter major teterror attacks n seseveral countrtries, including france, have reestablished border controls, calling them
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exceptional measures. migrant crisis is also aggravating tensions. in his letter to european citizens, emmanuel macron says he wants to reevaluate the agreement, the president wants more stringent checks, a common border police, and an office for interior security. that would mean the same rules for each country when it comes to welcoming migrants. he also o called on more solidarity but stop short of mentioning countries like poland or hungary, refusing to taking asylum-seekers. making immigration a cornerstone shows that it will be as -- a major issue in the next election. macron's cult -- calling for reconciliation with italy. our correspondent has more from rome. >> president macron talking about a european renaissance, and italy is on the front line of that rene sounds.
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i think -- renaissance. i think many italians would be surprised to see an open letter from the president in the newspaper, there was a headline saying wake up and defendd europe. in this message he is conveying is about sticking together, talking about defending democracy and freedom, and possibly details such as a common border policice, and greater monitoring of the frontitiers. i think for many italians, they see this as a charm offensive from president macron. we saw him on television onn sundayay night at a top rating show talking about reconciliation. there is no doubt he wants to speak directly to italians, and build a stronger europe together. he is building a message that is distinct from the hard-line messages we have seen from the nationalists like the head of the league and the deputy primee minister and the other deputy prime minister, who has been taking on the e.u. at every
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opportunity and has been r runng a long-running statat with withdent macron -- spat president macron. so a charm offensive and reaching out to italians directly through the letter in the paper today. >> that's our correspondent from rome, turning now to israel, where benjamin netanyahu has officially launched his reelection campaign in what turned out -- and what may turn out to be a challenging vote for his party. the party trying to win a majority, but it may increasingly be a challenge, the pending corruption charges against the prime minister and a new centrist party competing for .otes in next month selections -- elections. our correspondent has the details. the glow of in supporters, while preparing for a tough political fight, then jim and netanyahu launched his campaign for reelection -- benjamin netetanyahu l launcheds campaign for reelection.
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to -- his party. rightis either strong wing of the good government with my leadership for a week left , -- weak leftent wing government. they are in favor of dismantling settlements and we are in favor of settlements. >> the blue-and-white party has pulled ahead -- pulled ahead in the polls, in regards to the settlements, they say israel needs to learn from previous disengagement in gaza and to find a way of not controlling other people. the former general has been running on a message of national unity. --tening to the approach there is support among centrist along with pushback from the right. netanyahuu is not just battlinga
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new playing field, he is facing mounting legal woes. last thursday the attorney general announced plans to rollout indictments against him in three criminal cases for fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. the charges are pending a hearing. but the latest accusations and the blue-and-white party's surge means the hold on powers far from guaranteed. has a winterchanel wonderland for karl l lagerfeled final show at the grand palais. and penelope crcruz were there. there was a moment of silence in memory of the desigigner, who dd earlier this monthth. ththe collection was designenedn collaboration with his succecesr and his right hand.
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l look atheheow for a busineness news. you're starting with thehe latet economic growth chart that was sent by the chinese government. >> these are big announcements for r the first day of thehe countries parliament. ththey are telelling us how w mh ththey expect t beijing to intee in the world''s sesecond-lgegest economy over the year to come. the inesese premier announcing a target between 6% and d 6.5% measures toell as boost that growth. >> a tough struggle ahead, that's the warning from the chinese premier as the country contends with a stuttering economy. graver andface a more complicated environment, as well as challenges for seeable and otherwise with greaterer number and size. >> addressing the national people's congress, he announced
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the government is forecasting between 6% and 6.5 percent growth, less than the previous ---year target of around 6.5 two points at percent which were exceeded. this gives amazing -- beijing more flexibility. trade tensions with the u.s. drag on the economy, the premier promised to make it easier for foreign companies to do business in china, including banning forced technology transfers, a complaint made by the u.s. and the e.u.. >> we will do more to attract foreign investors, we will analyze control over martin askeked -- mararket access, ande foreign funded enterprises operable and more secectors. >> additionally they will cut company taxes and employer requirements by
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a certain current -- by a certain amount. they will also invest around 340 billion euros in infrastructure projects. finally china will increase lending to small firms by about 30%, all a part of beijijing's efforts to j jumpstarthehe economy.y. picture on n the eueupean share market siee lunchtime, you can see there is some enthusiasasm from stimulus from china but the effects a are limited. the lolondon ftse nudged into positive terriritory. investors also reacting to news that the central european n bank has come up with a way to make su t that the bank k can access roros in case of any markett turmoil lated d brexixi, of course 24 days to go. the geneva motor show opened to there has been increased worries over emission limits.
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a model from jackie will was named car of the year -- from jaguar was named car of the year. many brands are e being pushsheo boost electctric ofrirings. we s spoke to the ceo o of lalamborghini about thiss, and should be exact to see an electric lamborghini on the road? are not out of the market, we are monitoring the situation. but we are a different brand, we are small, exclusive, we will bring up -- we need to see when the market will be ready and then we will move in that direction. but there is a space for us to be stronger in the next couple of years. sigightno electric cars inn
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for ththe moment but they y dide sales rise by 50% last year after launching a new suv. the companany has taken a an unl step o of saying it would limit production in the future so that the branand would d not lose n e value. see how we spread the growth in the market, that is managed by us. exclusivity is a value for our brand. havee others we need to fewer cars than the market demands. that affects our success. the new markets will come and we will need to react. we n need to make sure w we do t go over too much. >> brexit is a major worry for rmrmakerat thehe genevmomotor show.. the uk''s the fifth-lalargest market for the f french brand citroen, isked lindada jacksonon about t how wororried she was at the u.k. leaving the european
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union without a deal. >> everyone is worried, we don't know what the deal will be. the worst thing we have in business. the u.k. is my fifth-largest market, they are important. but until we know what the deal a, plan b,have plan or plan c, but we cannot react. it's very worrying because of the instability. we do import into the u.k. and we need to understand what this might be. all of this is very worrying at the e moment. we are waiting for the end o of marcrch to undnderstand where we might be. is workinged states toto end special trade progrgras held by india and turkey. it is conditional on allowing the u.s. reasosonable and fair market access which presidenent trump ysys i is not the case in those two o countries. in india's case the special
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status applied to imports is worth $5.6 billion. but new delhi has played down the move. greece is making a return to the long-term debt markets for the first time since it was bailed out during the euro zone crisis. it is selling 10 year bonds after the accrediting -- the credit rating was upgraded. that means the borrowing costs are at their lowest level in 12 years. the country has been through three bailouts, and austerity. and d finally y a beachside rest in california is pitching itself as a retreat for tech workers who are starting to feel old. in silon valley that can start from age 30, a treatment called modern elder has coping
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workshops and yoga while discussing intergenerational collaborations. many workers feel behind as they get older, someme firms havee fd threats of aged from nationon lawsuits. the retreat's creator came up with the name after being referred to as an elder at 52 years of age by his twentysomething colleagues.. -- guestsly andnd pay apply and pay board and what they call tuitition. i dread to think at what age we call journalists elders. >> if f we call people elder at the age of 30, where does that leave us? thank you for that, that is steve carell. that is it for this edition. stay with us here for france 24. we will be back after a short break.
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>> yep. the gait is very good. >> like i told other people, it's the closest thing i've ever had to having my legs back, you know? >> yeah. >> i feel everything. sophie mcneill: he's a world leader in his field but was forced to flee his homeland. >> i was confronted with a a decision.n. would i refefuse and end up with a bullet in my head, or would i run away? mcneill: and detained in australia. >> i was stripped of my human identitity. mcneill: now a twist in the tatale. >> as the plane wawas landing, i had d this chilleded feeliling.t hahave i done? i i'm back to the place thhat i escaped from?"


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