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just days. what's with the. you're you diseases say they that has led levy heavy heavy try try. the know you know state id because i was i was a trump trying to restoration condemned it going on it hit town councils will deal on how many many in. europe canada and mexico because the french french find on it is that.
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just just on to find. of justifiable at the white house is sticking to its guns. well it. the navy. its is still remain on high. much as i want one says and on our. remember. because they've been mexico and canada is nt national security and the thinking call from the white house. and it and it's a secretary. is this this one but that is as a movie about rejection of all the steel your ignorance all in china there are access system. also. so
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as a result. of the collusion of. in the united nice today dates and times. according to white house how the leaders that this that the united states which would quote on enabled me to them. there's been bands are different able instructor in the in the same vein. as he sees it is a little bit. little bit closer. to us on then that he saw. that is and and a little bit more. says there is a way we can have if you to attack on. according to the united states both both in china
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with with china. and then they'd be nice nice eight dates. with european union rather all the and out of that. the trade imbalance that as i was saying things you add you as president keeps on talking about about this there's goes into the crock from out of my mouth. it could have an island of anti twenty nine i the idea changing. every be being with run president a day no no reaction states like mine pay i address reptiles folks with what i'm saying hey you can jan will mean you'll you'll consider great writers that has. taken. so in the a look at my to my feeling when i started having control. we have engines in a singapore and in a way we were there during kind car parks us we.
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it deployment amounts we. dredge positions in new york high high level level. two years in can. i don't know. where president? clinton on it to. go ahead. what's going on. but i wanted to be a meeting with visiting the assault o. learn. none. but as you learn.
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only. don't. care where wee have to and another reduction should contain on this this time from c can ih ation in one. this is religious for the existence o of a decision o. didn't matter that always seems to his vision trump from history she just. and what will his years. which with him a threat reading. only a month ago.
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the resolution generally used to telephone a number on some vacations and. trains has not not for us tn race relations. in the worl. to study to reduce this is what the russian. of the world a show he. says because conference. and one day less than twenty four hours. and. social. some common. recy taylor died has the data changed oil wells and associational flybys goes goes criminal initially
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should not. have done on one to ten. it does not change. the kind of thing. the. same jokes. doesn't chanange. asian he can of cyclical ita way yeah potential not only does it and it should be a time when when it is announced on eighteen and now they all want one that sits on the days that we don't have anybody with only things and though the id photo them big. message that a name of a and and and and i mean i guess that faces. but. dismissed the criticism
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total press. had been preparing stages justice between the nuclear it is this process and we with. the french french alleged in the nineteen eighty down. a little. and i don't really. think that he changing as the manager. and how can to bring friendship treaty although not when years ago to go also. to win three three consecutive times in the lehigh twenty five thousand as amended on double willie now no says he's nine nine months to get a good number ninety only only expectations about what he will do. days.
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the teams so we have had dit wait wait work work and that is why i to ideal decision for this one. i mean i mean. i'm not about about his vision it was it was a shoc. i thought about about twenty cents instead of a win him it would not a matter. he added nothing to do with. us from the. club real celestial. leaving the restaurant. is it does it does place latest releases as out about about. succeeding and since then ts
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is an easy i've exams have something exciting we have with us on france24. sure there is i. at this decision somebody leleave. take a day. on the. nono i t think. is it downtn has hasas a sort of sort of reflect late age. a little tool t to give usersrs and i mean i mean it's it's a win win region japanese mas i saw i it. succeed anonymous didigitallyy treatatment. normally means on one o one
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last and and.. i think he.. i do think.. stocks on land and in n e sense i k know i know i am skepeptical he said i i shot not about what exactly is not going to do. next. within the n next time to rn brown's. shhh. when i when i was s i was on the show. at least it was onlyly a when she walked one and i'm jusust and and. and and anand they should also.
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thank you. photos add on they on their expects you well well and i'm not i'm not and i expect to his duties and so on one of my. if i if how how a jaiail jup does doesn't do well with that with thatat tropical plantsts. it would leave your job that was used as a down down thii cann police he e was out out out t of downtntown dishes t being nns principle ss i sa. wewent when he was a good g. i know i know it's illegall.
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you know you know he still. each. this is in the. and then you know he he he would really can work one. and enjoy your on this living to play. you opened one more year year. when the welcome because i am not and and and. so this is up for him. will. david i'd like. that. so. now. will you yeah how longd that went. away. cut kind of
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kind o of trying to quickly for a little. we will just. generally people say they. i don't know. because. no no state eighty people to give. six. so so sick they cut that they have been waiting . the changes that. it it it a hundred and eighty and he's the there's.
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so so. you should. just as restaurants and said said. do we do if we which. it's. we've got. to. about that situation has has a lawyer. andd i at. one of these days. of course we speak whatever tended to be about about that. we we see sixty. and thisiss how can. soso to take cases it's. a e
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system those. and that's. a lot. this is. totally. and. and i did i tell mildred rates. the. he rises the resume manner as you like. they had to do the legal had tensions and. no an eleven remaining right yeah i would hope. as a result suspects he would do what should the program intended ten years
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ago. day. the we will all. blacks. see through tension should centers where the where the item. when you want one wananted o ocean deregulation should be all what what. using using more german answered such as a daughter waterboarding he tells us le frequently idea from two thousand five to two thousand six. to sue us suspect that was win been more georgia area brought. more towards. don't feel you need to ruling said a clear working on violations are regular convention and right rights because they consider their dad to stay dates romanian and when when you're working
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with listlessness and. and gentle programs. poland was was good and then twenty one fourteen according to t this is an excellent. i'm trying to resolve the millions dollars are. allegation the program ran back battling limelight and so. after for us. trump said. sure sure. but if and when she met. people who have had a role. she she. she she. if w we could. to help these changes led ll needs to get together other
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right. authorities. that's. right now it out on a said it is and. i don't going going crazy trying to change. the. the action comes at his age is. not a state europe he's. denied ninety state they decided to. have him in with lots of. many in the maniac time do you as well as when i cycle and why does. he now now this was made by. society will but overall. trying was because has has long been wanted to the from washington they're on alumi.
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affecting or for that really you canada and mexico. frances is a. he's on his own. francis is a reason measures controlling all. since you. i was just liable. he. you. from bali a few automatic. the blue jeans for more users and. meanwhile executive the nav.
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it's is still remain on hig. much as i was one says and on our north. remember. because they've been. some of them are. does in the name. we'll go to. you anywhere. on friday the movies come one one day you leader duterte fourth or last. in vain to me to maintain. objectioion. now the only usually leaves accident announce a town countermeasures us. canada's to. assets until.
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ibm and products. can it anytime in canada ant area. we believe now that time talk talk is done. donald trump is illegal in the only away deal. stand and out and pushed rock band we have. now no. matter how little says that day they would continue to really really show she had not natalie free trade agreement even even if they don't only green congress uses engine. now loading what are you doing here magazines yeah shuffle. you as president
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hopeful block long anything with ginger because he. the magazinee point when i t on the nominees. a troubling you a judge's line largest land there. general gordon what and i do not deserve has designation illegally giant bag you anyways. apple condition distaste it is one of one of local. round on it at any time it has on such and made me. it. so we go used to clear his vision about about iran. at u. s. lacerations which we had a little reserve chairs to enjoying bankrolling linguistic super such simon on the news this
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this thursday. i'm gonna generation on last night's injured your gestures as i. session and in a territory attacks accent i cried lily to live life as it was at out down one one point point to work for such sent. free to potential also have had a negative find line businesst commissioned by the british government has found on which lucy she was given yet high comedies for not having women on. it's the have had alexander you found on the situation was it was removing adding many m mor termsms but the bible says that it will it will hold still still on the line we on. the government to get off on one water email me i would not expect by twenty nine twenty it'll it'll somehow some some we is the size while sources that they ended up having women women in leadership cheryl roger general. store.
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it reads like a like. you're a. lili o of reasons not knonow what work women women high high levels. i don't i don't think limit from completely in order for ireland on the whole issue is because like our our history home click six i'm e what's fully one hundred fifty. and to test hands about. eighteen farrakhan on hunger approval schools also. what does it say? rolls of film. women by tyrants when twenty twenty. expose these guys going to the indians is instance that. news which is
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used in a in a to south. while the u. k. k. come easy is more than one hundred fifty employees to return. and dedicate gaps. can can our house is the uky by twenty twenty one twenty five and had it has the potential contracts late eight. hundred forty two thousand additional. he's. as a visitors are allowed to kind of time toççzñvpx]a
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05/31/18 05/31/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! carrying out the agreement is the best option. this agreement was a fraud. it was sold fraudulently to the american people. there are numerous ideas thahat were not disclosed to congress. amy: the white house taps fred fleitz, a longtime senior staffer at an anti-muslim think tank as the new chief of staff for national security adviser john bolton.


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