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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 2, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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this is this -- genie: france 24. the headlines. armenian protesters shut down rose to the capital and the airport, as morales are held today. that is after the parliament blocked a bid from protest leader nikol pashinyan to become prime minister. over 100 people were rescued in srance after mayday protest
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turned violent. people dressed in black with quds force a mcdonald's after stepping into the traditional union-led march for workers rights. the french president condemning the violence, saying may one is for workers, not for ligands. making thisron comets from australia, where he is meeting with leaders. business,g up in facebook i is trying to move on frfrom months of turbulence. the social networking giant announcing a dating feature to build meaningful relationships, and not aimed at hooking up. visitings aimed at venice over the weekend had to pass the metal gates to enter the city that famously has more tourists than residents. that story coming up. first, more live from paris.
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we will start first in the u.s., where one of donald trump's former attorneys has said that robert mueller talked about issuing a subpoena to bring president trump him for listening. david mueller floated it in a meeting with trump's lawyers in case the president refused to participate in the investigation of russian meddling in the election. reporter: march 5, the u.s. president was hosting in the white house. his legal team whistling a meeting with special counsel robert mueller, who has been investigating alleged russian interference in the u.s. election and potential coordination with donald trump's campaign staff. trump'sd, then one of attorneys, s said investigators
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suggested issuing a subpoena for the president, forcing him to testify in front of a grand jury if he refuses to talk to them voluntarily. according to the washington post, the first revealed the story, dowd rejected the idea. this is not some game. you are screwing with the work of the president of the united states. reporter: "the new w york times" reports that in other discussions, robert mueller's team told the attorneys what they would like to ask the president. the legal team compiled a list of 49 potential questions, ranging from what the president knew about his campaign's alleged coordination with the kremlin to the firing of fbi questionss comey -- focusing not only on collusion, but also possible obstruction of justice. trump criticized the reports through twitter, saying "so disgraceful that the questions concerning russia which had were
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leaked to the media." and later, "it would seem hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened." genie: in armenia, protesters have blocked roads in an attempt to shut the capital city down, after the man who led mass protests in armenia failed to get enough parliamentary votes to become prime minister, despite being the only candidate in the running. nikol pashinyan was blocked by the republican party that is still in power in armenia, even though its leader, the former prime minister, resigned in the wake of previous protests. gulliver cragg joins us live from the capital, yerevan. what is the situation like in the capital right now? gulliver: in the center of , most of ththe roads are blocked. there is very little cicirculation, very littltle traffic. on street corners, there are blockades, mostly young people standing by cars they have parked to control traffic.
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they let people through if they are supporters of the revolution, as they call it, including quite a lot of large trucks that go to republic square, where there are trucks going around with a lot of people waving armenian flags and dancing to music, and shouting "victory" or "pashinyan." there is a carnival atmosphere. you get the sense these people think they will win and are not giving up. young people are dancing in the streets, actually. genie: at the moment, pashinyan has not been voted prime minister. there are negotiations underway. can the sides negotiate their way out of this crisis? gulliver: it is hard to say. the optimism of those out on the street, and all supporters of the opposition movement in armenia that you talk to, seem almost unbeatable. they seem absolutely convinced that the republican party has had it, and we'll have to leave
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office sooner or later. at the same time, this is something quite unprecedented. a party that is well entrenched, that will do country in the post-soviet space for the best part of the last 20 years, would go only as a result of peaceful popular protest -- that would be quite astounding. yet it is what almost everybody we speak to things will happen. the current situation is that the republican party holds the majority in parliament. it is the party of business people and oligarchs. they have financial clout. they certainly have a lot of clout in this country, apart from the fact that they seem to have absolutely lost popular legitimacy. technically, what is going to happen is there is going to be another vote in a week, when the parliament will once again try to choose a prime minister. there might be more than one candidate in the race that time. the republican party has not made clear what its intentions are, nor have any of the other parties. the intention of the protest to try to get nikol
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pashinyan elected. gulliver cragg reporting from the capital of armenia. this developing story from libya. the health ministry says a suicide bomber and other militants have attacked the election commission headquarters in the capital, tripoli. at least three people were hurt. no one immediately claimed responsibility for that attack, but islamic extremists are opposed to democratic elections and have targeted them in other countries. here in france, the government has said it will step up police numbers for the next round of protests. that is after over 100 people were elected yesterday at the annual may day rally. the peaceful march for workers rights was rocked by clashes between riot police and groups of footed protesters who smashed shop windows and burned cars. our reporter has the details. reporter: on the left, and mcdonald's.
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by protesters at france's may day marches. they also took aim at a renault dealership, setting cars ablaze. all thelooted computers, laptops. what do you want me to say? look behind there. they left one of the cars behind. look at this. reporter: while some attacks against businesses seemed targeted, at many times the rioters just seemed to destroy anything in their path. authorities,french this was the work of the black bloc, the violent left-wing anarchist group. they try to incite violence and looting out of peaceful antigovernment protests. police have deployed 1500 riot police to face what they thought would be only 800 protesters. in fact, they were matched almost 141 -- one for one.
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>> there was a group of at least members.k bloc these are individuals who dress all in black, wear hoodies and face masks and protect themselves while they carry out their attacks. over 100 people are in police custody, but leaders say the response was insufficient. >> this attack of paris by far left militias is unacceptable. they are galvanized by a permissive goverernment. it is time to strike down these educatorors. reporter: from australia, the french president gave his reaction. what macron: i condemn hahappened i in the strongest t. there is no need to get unreasonabably worried. it is just a matter of standing firm. there is a government. there is a state. our leaders will continue to lead. reporter: he has vowed to push ahead with his reforms, despite the protests. french president emmanuel
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macron condemned the may day violence from australia, where he is on unofficial visit. is traveling with the president in sydney, and h e joins us from there. as of macron to australia morning to talk business. is that what went down therere today? lot aboutit was a business. it was a lot about friendship also between emmanuel macron and malcolm turnbull. the french president unveiled a pacific a so-called partnership that would bring together france, india, and australia. mind, has then reunion islands in the indian ocean, new caledonia in the pacific ocean. that is where he will be heading during his trip. emmanuel macron wants this partnership to be a strong one, notably in terms of defense. he headed to a naval base, the second-biggest naval base in
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australia. he gave a very strong s speech, with words such as "cyber secucurity must be a a priority" and there will be a partnership, and he warned against the new threat with some e emerging nations. some new threats mean that france and australia, france and its longtime allies need toto stand togegether, ststick toget, asas much as p possible. it was also about meeting the extract community here in sydney. the french president met with the french living abroad in australia. museum inm at the sydney and spoke to them. he conquered the crowd, if you will. he spoke to people who are his supporters. he spent over 20 minutes after his speech doing selfies. during his speech, he finished by making a joke, saying that optimism was back in france. maybe he meant that optimism was
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back with him now in charge. genie: a little bit of joking, which seems to be the theme during this visit to australia. it was a serious press conferenence, but that ended o a comedic note, a littttle slip of the tongue from the french president. the wifendeed, calling of malcolm turnbull "delicious." emmanuel macron has been making the effort of speaking english. he is good, but sometimes he does make miststakes in englgli. probobably that is not the worde meant to use to describe the wife of the australian prime minister. malcolm turnbull andnd emmanuel macron get on very well. at theit again today resisidence of the australian prime mininister in sydney. they showed affection for one another. they showed solidarity, friendship, unity between the french and the australians. that was one of the key messages they wanted to deliver today. it all started with this
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important meeting at ththe anzac memorial, with a both delivered a speech calling for the friendship that started d ck in ththe 20th century, during world war i -- they will this friendship to continue in the years to come. casali talking about the french president's visit to australia. the most senior official in australia's catholic church is set to face two trials linked to historic sex abuse. a court ordered cardinal george felt a strand -- to stand trial on multiple charges. his defense lawyers felt he should charge to trials, given he is facing separate allegations 20 years apart. the 26th -- the 76er old is denying the charges. he is currently on leave from his vatican job as the pope's finance minister, and that will continue through the trial. pell is out on bail ahead of his next hearing two weeks from now.
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now to beautiful venice, in italy, where tourists far outnumber residents. to try to keep those numbers in check, authorities put in temporary gates over the weekend to control the numbers pouring in over two bridges. these gates are venice's move to limit the overwhelming flood of tourists entering the city. they receive a total of 30 million tourists each year. the measure was brought in by the lagoon city on satatday for the four-day holiday endining on may 1. the gates will turn back tourists. however, no gates were reported shut. the number of visitors seemed manageable during the weekend. as a venetian, i think controlling tourists and flow isnts' vlow -- right. i am not sure how to do it, but
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trying to find a solution to the overcrowding is a good thihing. >> as a tourist, i find ththis useful, because it g gives a see of safety and tidiness. for peopople coming here for holidays, i find it acceptable. the unesco world heritage site is ovoverwhelmebyby touris, residents ofhelmed the city. it receives up to 60,000 tourists per day, a delicate situtuation for venice's decreasing population which relilies on tourism. geninie: time for our business update with delano d'souza. you are starting with a major announcement form -- for facebook. elena: the company in the spotlight says it is coming out with a dating service, taking on and tinder.
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would hope e to build long-term relationships s and nt okokups. facebook did addreress the camea jenna look a scandal. ---- c cambridge analytica scan. reportrter: the w world's larget social network will soon include a dating feature. the announcement was made by mark zuckerberg at facebook's developers conference. mark: we are announcing a new set of f features s coming soon around dating. reporter: the new feature will prove direct competition for existing dating apps, a lot of which rely on facebook user data to function. mark: building long-term relationships, not just hookups. reporter: match group, which cupid, andr, ok -- the ceo is looking forward to the challenge. >> we are flattered facebook is
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coming to our space and the global opportunity as tender -- tinder continues to skyrocket. we are surprised given the personal data that applies to this territory. reporter: in the camera jenna analytica cambridge scandal, mark zuckerberg said facebook learn from its mistakes. -- investigating every app that had access, and if we find anything suspicious, we are going to bring in independent a auditors. reporter: clear history would allow facebook users to see which apps have access to their information, and delete all data from their accounts. delano: the crisis here in
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francece that air france contins on -- employees at the airline haventil six c clock p.m. . on frfriday to vovote on the propol of a a 7% wage increase over the next four years.s. air france's chchief executive s faced his job on the line if the internal refererendum does not o his s way. strikes have caused the carrier over 300 m million euros. i spoke to a union representative of the pilots union that has called for fresh strikes this thursday and friday. i began by asking him what he was hoping to achieve. that hope to demonstrate the referendum that was called by the management is only a distraction from the real goal. the deal that is on the table does not really answer our , asking for changes, and
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the answerer is a racist for the next two years, ignoring the past. we can talk about the future, but first we should talk about the past. reporter: the union are telling employees to vote in favor of air france's offer. why is your union holding the airline hostage? >> unity is calling to vote yes because they already voted yes to a raise over 1%, which was considered insufficient by the other unions. , taking hostages, the passengers, is a way of lying to call us down. delano: air france's management clearly has its back to the wall. thee chief executive has vowed e will step down if this vote does not go his way. what more can air france possibly do? we can talk about with the arguments are. i am not answering someone else. we did not ask for him to put
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his seat on the stage. it is something he decided to do. we do not really understand why, because he has never really taken part in the negotiations. witho: i have spoken employees at air france in the run-up to this interview, and they say they have lost -- they snpl has lost-- focus on what it wants. >> i say no, because we have been making the same demand since the beginning. we are not going to compromise. the company is trying to take advantage of our demands to put other things on the table, and trying to take advantage of the situation. delano: you have called for employees at air france to vote no in this internal referendum. what happens then? has newf executive
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management in place, that means your demands will be pushed back even further. >> it depends. we could continue with management right now, with the head of human resources. we could make in it -- could continue negotiating with him. it doesn't have to stop. if he is replaced, his functions will be taken over by someone else. of course, this is the fear the company wants to set on the employees,o o let themem think, you say no, it is going to be complicated. there is no issue. and there is an issue.e. that reps of the business news. back to you. genie: delano d'souza with our business update. it is now time for the press review. joins mea laurent onset to look at what the papers
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have been saying. there has been a lot of reaction to these latest of elements from donald's entourage with regard to robert mueller. dheepthika: "the new york times" published a bunch of questions summarizing the angle that thert mueller is taking in investigation into russian electoral interference. in particular, one thing that has come up as mueller's intention to subpoena donald trump in front of a grand jury. the new yorker explains that if the u.s. president is subpoenaed, supreme court precedents from the nixon and clinton era suggest he would fail to question if he were to challenge that question. options.two either trump answers the questions and hopes he does not put himself in more trouble, or he could plead the fifth in all those questions, not responding on the grounds of self-incrimination, something that generally is seen as an admission of guilt. ande: between france
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australia, lots of things happening. emmanuel macron is in australia, where they are talking about cultural and commercial ties. dheepthika: the french president did address the may day protest violence in paris. before he left, his entourage had to deny reports that the french president was literally tong as far away as he could escape the social unrest that has played france for the last couple of weeks. the huffington post reports that he was a little agitated by those questions from reporters in sydney. a man, a moment, and a mighty challenge. that sums up the visit for the editors at the australian newspaper. a flattering editorial that marvels at emmanuel macron's political feats and his diplomacy with donald trump, being able to befriend the u.s. president and take his policies. eight if women expect between china, the dominican republic, and taiwan. dheepthika: it is not every day
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we see the dominican republic embroiled in a controversy. the dominican republic announced earlier this week that it will sever all the diplomatic ties with taiwan. on tuesday, it announced it will be establishing diplomatic ties with china, citing trade deals worth about $2 billion. china considers taiwan as part of its territory, and has militarily and diplomatically sought to isolate taiwan from the international community. genie: what reaction has there been from china? dheepthika: there is a marking cartoon and "the global times," the communist party newspaper. it says losers, weepers. taiwanese leader asking for her country's money back. from the taipei times, they see it as a provocation, going with an interesting headline. china lures to make an republic, -- this is the third
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severing of the ties with taiwan from caribbean country in two years. genie: on the internet, many users have stepped up to the defense of a teenager accused of chinese cultural appropriation. dheepthika: this stems from a young girl who tweeted a picture of herself going to prom, as many kids do, wearing a traditional chinese dress, something she picked out because she thought it was beautiful. she has been accused of cultural appropriation because she is not of chinese origin, for "the national review," a conservative paper, they called the clash silly and frivolous, saying it reveals a rupture in the american soul. post"uth china "morning says the dress is worn to promote gender equality after the fall of dynasties in chinese history. chinese internet users have rallied to her defense, with one user suggesting the chinese government invite the teenager
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so she can display her dress in beijing. genie: the u.s. rapper pena -- kanye west has provoked a lot of comments after speaking about slavery. dheepthika: among other things, he says 400 years of slavery sounds "like a choice." that prompted great backlash, giving kanye's upbringing. as one user notes, his late mother was a black panther and took part in citizens, so how could he make these comments? after the backlash, page six of "the new york post" says he did clarify his comments, although he does not really apologize. he says we need to update the conversation, whatever that means, and took aim at his critics for misunderstanding him. is thedonald trump target of a new protest by a finnish and bar mental group. what is that? sheepthika: a finish -- finni
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environmental group hopes to raise half $1 million to carve donald trump's face in the side of an arctic iceberg, and livestream the moment it melts down. this is a projection of what the image would çç@
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narrator: yet another hurricane pounds c cuba. waves as tall as five story buildings. streets flooded. many forced from their homes. in an era of climate change, ather around the world is becoming more extreme. hurricanes are getting worse. if this is the future for our coastal cities, how will they survive the storm?


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