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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a monday. i'm james tengan. we start out with a quick look at some of the stories we are following. final decisions to come. the international olympic committee says top leaders will decide shortly on venues for the 2020 tokyo games. helping children with cancer. a private foundation is offering aid to youngsters diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the wake off japas 2011 nuclear accident.
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and another side of conflicts. a japanese an mitted film shows how people carry on with life during wartime. we'll soon know the final venues for some of the sporting events at the 2020 olympic tokyo games. they try to contain ballooning costs. representatives of japan's central and local government, the international olympic commity and the tokyo organizing committee met on sunday. they discussed a range of venues for canoeing, volleyball and swimming events. a task force estimated the cost for the games as a whole could be more than $30 billion, four times the original estimate. officials considered two options for hosting the rowing and canoe/kayak events. it's building a new venue near the tokyo waterfront, or using existing facilities in miyagi prefecture in northern japan. options for volleyball event
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include scaling down a planned arena in tokyo or using an existing stadium in a neighboring prefecture. >> it is the responsibility of the political leaders to look into the conclusions and to study what is the best option. >> an ioc official said leaders of the four organizations would reach their final conclusions on tuesday. members of the tokyo olympic committee met their counterparts from the rio games on monday to learn their experience so that the tokyo games will be a success. >> translator: we will make use of the knowledge and experience of the rio games organizers in this three-day meeting. >> translator: we're working to make the 2020 games an opportunity for people around the world to feel the power of sports. >> among the roughly 300 attendees at the event was rio
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de janeiro mayor eduardo paez. parpispoints held a panel discuss with ioc members who were in charge of preparing for the rio games. the meeting also covered topics ranging from venue preparation and management to security. a japanese private foundation is offering financial aid to young people who may have been affected by the fukushima nuclear accident five years ago. it will help those who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. the foundation says it will provide about $900 per person starting next month. it raised the funds by collecting donations from the public. people aged up to 25 with thyroid cancer, including suspected cases, are eligible for the aid. they have to be residents of fukushima and other prefectures in eastern japan. >> translator: these young people will face the risk of cancer all throughout their lives. we hope they will not hesitate
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to contact us. >> fukushima prefecture has been conducting medical checkups on about 380,000 people who were 18 or younger at the time of the accident. 175 have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having thyroid cancer. swiss voters have rejected a plan to speed up the country's exit from nuclear energy. 54% of voters oppose limiting the life span of the country's nuclear plants to 45 years, 46% were in favor. voter turnout was 45%. switzerland's energy minister welcomed the result. >> translator: i'm relieved by this outcome, because it leaves us enough time for rebuilding our energy strategy. >> the government plans to gradually switch from nuclear power to renewable energy sources. switzerland has five nuclear power plants.
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they generate more than 30% of the country's electricity. some of the reactors have been in use for 47 years. the government has halted new construction of nuclear power stations since the 2011 accident at the fukushima daiichi plant in japan. in september, swiss lawmakers approved the plan to gradually shut down the country's reactors. japan's government has issued an official explanation of the country's new national security laws. the legislation came into force in march. it allows japan to use force when countries with which japan has close relations come under armed attack. the legislation is based on a change to the traditional interpretation of japan's constitution. the government says the new laws will allow japan to exercise its right to collective self-defense in certain limited scenarios. the 549-page document issued by the cabinet legislation bureau says that this right will only
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be exercised for purposes related to the defense of japan. it explains that due to changes in the security environment there may be cases in which armed attacks on other countries threaten japan's survival. the government says the new legislation is permitted under the constitution as the use of force will be limited to the minimum degree necessary to defend japan, but it also says any government change to the interpretation of the constitution must be treated carefully. a new japanese animated film is depicting a side of war not often told. in this corner of the world it depicts people live's in hiroshima before the atomic bomb. the message of keeping up spirits duringryrying timemes i drawing g in more crowdshan expect. .
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>> reporter:hehe maichararacr suzuasas borand d raed in n hiroshim she moved to get mrieded. suzu likes dwing and ds inings aheher owpace. despitththe hah wartrte conditns, she doesn't lo her cheerful disposition.
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>> reporter: kuono created the original story. she was born in hiroshima herself. >> translator: my grandmother told me that her family waited for the bombing to stop shaking in fear and that the whole family put out the fire when a bomb hit her home. >> the director turned the story into the animation film. >> translator: i wanted to make a movie based on her story, because it depicts a bit of joy and a ray of sunshine in everyday life that you can find anywhere. this could easily go unnoticed. >> reporter: he began his career working closely with miyazaki at studio gibibly. he was an assistant director on a film called kiki's delivery service whwhich is s set to be of the m masterpiececes of japa fantasy animimation.
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but toakake the agages f "in thisorner of t world he mmitted himself to reali, , even in thcocolors war lmlms ofn lolookray anan darkbubut is movies filled with natal ton. >> translator: i don't think the imimages in war films cecessary have to bearark. y you think realiicical, even in warti eacach daisis ather day that comes a goes. when a season change t the flowers bloom, the bteterfli fly and the birdsising, me a as toda so what's diererent? about the lyly thi is s th the country was ugught uin a a w then. otheththan tt, l lifwent o oas itoeoes no
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> tralator: as a fifimaker, i wanted to pict suzas a a person t thaexistein real fe. not st some aracactein a a screen or story. i thought it woulde nice ii could portraher as seonene who's tting right next to us. y'reatching k "newine" le. joinin us fro the busins
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deskith moren that and all the other top stories. tokyo's benchmark nikkei average has closed count for the first time in eight days with a strengthening yen and lower crude oil prices weighing on sentiment. phoebe reports from the stock exchange. >> most of us capitalized on gains in the last week. they moved to lock in profit. the dollar weakened, too. the nikkei lost 0.1% ending at 18,356. but the broader topix added 0.3% adding its winning run into a 12th day. the dollar pulled back from an eight-month high against the yen. it fell below the 112 yen level after trading at the upper 113 yen level on friday. combined with profit taking
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prompted to, sue zuky motor and panasonic were among the losers. inpex and jx holdings closed lower. traders will be paying close attention to data from the u.s. this week with the revised estimate for the third quarter and the jobs report for november. phoebe amoroso reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. singapore added more than 1% sydney lower by 0.8% dragged down by energy and resource related shares. finishing up by almost 0.5% 22,830 for the closing number. the announcement that a stock trade would start on december 5th supported sentiment there. shanghai compset closed to an 11-month high after profits at industrial companies in october
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grew about 10% from a year ago. a government panel studying deregulation agreed on ways to make farming in japan more profitable and efficicient. onone of the key proposals concerns they roll of the national fefederation of agricultural cooperative associati associations. the federation collects fees for brokering transactions for agra chemicals and other farm supupp products. the company is slimming down and introduce te introduce competitive tendering. they will raise their income of farmers. the panel also r recommendss chananges in the distribution o milk. most dairy farmers sell their product to ten designated organizations, they receive subsidies through cooperatives. the panel is proposing that the government also subsidize
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farmers who do not do business with the ten organizations. the agricultural industry will see how they can implement the panel's recommendations. the agricultural ministry has set next year's rice production target for the last time. the government is ending its control of the staple. the ministry has been setting the annual output target for more than 40 years. the policy was meant to avoid overproduction and falling prices. the expert panel has set the target for 2017 at 7.35 million tons. that's 85,000 tons than this year and consumption has fallen along with the shrinking population. subsidies to farmers will also end when the controls are lifted. the ministry says it will continue to regulate prices to ensure farmers have stable income and the loss of subsidized ones who switch to
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rice production for cattle feed. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. japan is trying to acc accelerate development of robots for use of factories and in nursing care at home. an industry ministry panel is look at temporarily reducing labor and other regulations on businesses in the field. the panel's proposals will be part of a new government growth strategy next spring. local governments are teaming up with industry to build japan's aging infrastructure. they're looking for cost-effective technology and repair. smaller governments lack the money and now manpower to maintain all bridges, tunnels and sewage is system. launched a national organization bringing in 200 entities to do this work. a system for retracting road damage and others are studying
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the use of drones to manage levees. let's take a look at our global economic calendar for the week. on wednesday, officials will announce japan's industrial production for october. opec ministers meet in vienna and how to stabilize prices. on thursday officials from japan's finance ministry will come up on quarterly data and also on thursday china releasing key manufacturing data and purchasing index for november. and that data is expected to influence the u.s. fed decision next month on whether to raise interest rates. every week we ask specialests to share their perspespe perspectives on the week. we hear from senior research economist at daiichi.
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>> translator: employment in the nonfarm sector is expected to increase by 180,000 or possibly even more. the job's rate is veryy likely o hold steady at 4.9%, which is near full ememployment. economic conditions are at a level where higher interest rates would not pose any problems and investors are also prepared for the possible impact on the economy. so, there is little risk that a rate hike would harm the u.s. economy or trigger confusion in money markets. >> incoming president donald trump has announcnced some big spending plans. he says that may force the fed to make somee adjustments to it monetary policy next year. >> translator: trump is expended to increase capital expenditure at a time when u.s. economy is near full employment. i think the fed will draw up its economic outlook based on trump's policies at the market
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committee. in march at the earliest and in june at the latest. >> we asked what impact a fed rate hike would have on emerging economies in asia. >> translator: we may see money flowing out from those countries due to differences in interest rates. this will weaken their currencies and contribute to increasing exports. but the money outflow will likely raise inflationary pressure in these emerging economies. and force them to raise their interest rates. this could dampen the demand, but i do not expect these countries to suffer serious recession as external demand will likely increase, thanks to a stronger u.s. economy. >> you can catch our report, again, online with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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rblths tokyo police are set to arrest japanese pop singer oska on using illegal drugs. he has been on probation for drug offenses. sources told nhk that the 58-year-old singer called police on friday. they say he was slurring and incoherent when officers arrived at his home. a urine sample tested positive for stimulants. he's best known as half the music duo. theirr hit song sold millions o
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copies here in japan. they also became popular in taiwan, hong kong, singapore and else where in asia. in 2014 the tokyo district couot sentenced him to three years in prison, suspended for four years for using sim stimulates and the synthetic drug. officials with the red cross want the international community to put politics aside and recognize the humanitarian emergency in north korea. nhk has learned that the president of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies will assess the needs of flood victims. he will spend five days in north korea starting next monday. heavy rains inundated the provovince in august and september. a u.n. agency says more than 500 people died or went missing. 70,000 are homeless. the ifrs is running an emergency campaign to raise $15.5 million
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to help victims before winter sets in. but so far it's raised only 30% of that. ifrs officials believe that pyong nuclear tests in september and missile launches are preventing from having aid. here's a story of a cat who has been given a new lease on life. crafts people restored a famous statue north of tokyo. workers unveiled the drawing. the wooden cat dates back to the early 17th century and designated as a national treasure. the sculpture was removed in june for rest rashorationrestor. it was last repainted 60 years ago and thus its colors faded over the years. crafts people removed old paint
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and applied a new coat. >> translator: i was very careful because this carving is filled with the spirits of people from the old days. >> he hopes people will enjoy looking that slumbering cat for many years to come. partly cloudy is the forecast for us here in the greater tokyo area with the current temperature reading of 11 degrees celsius. the latest on world weather starting off with the crippling inundation in qatar. >> h heavy r rain felell in n tt area and felell in just a coupl of days. let's go to some video coming out of qatar. some areas had about 50 millimeters of rain from friday to saturday, which is about 20 times more than the monthly rainfall for november. floods blocked the roads causing traffic chaos. rains have cost two popular malls to leak and another shut
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down completely. warnings for heavy rain and winds are still in place and qatar is in transition to a wet season now and looks like rain is expected on monday and into tuesday. after that, we are looking at drier conditions to come back. now, let's go to europe. we are looking at quite a lot of heavy rainfall in the south of the balkan peninsula. you can see a lot of clouds are developing over the area. the system caused one tornado in croatia on sunday and winds are going to be quite strong across the area, as well. now, the low in france will continue to sit here at least into your tuesday. so more significant rainfall, plus tornadoes may happen in the area. now, to the north of the system, quite cold air is coming in. we will see some snowfall in the higher elevations and winds are going to be quite strong in croatia andnd surroundiding are. you can see wind gusts up to 150 kilometers. quite d dangerous out there. now, towards the west, we saw
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anotother tornado in spain on sunday. and more severe weather is expected for the east coast of the country. but across the north, it's going to be generally dry in the british isles and western portions of europe. temperatures are going to be cooler than average in berlin. only three degrees expected on monday. and freezing point in places like war saw and kiev and moscow on the f first day off the busis week. let's go to asia. last week we talked about a tropical storm making landfall in the philippines. the cys the system has weakened to a tropical depression over the south china sea. the system wilill make i its wa the west and affect vietnam within the next seveveral days. across the north, thanks to a couple of high preressure syste across the continent and dry weather across the kororean peninsula, aswell. wewet weather across the northwestern flank of the nation and, i fact, heavy snowfall has been continuing and snowfall
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reached as much as 94 centimimeters in parts of hokkao which is much snowierer than averageoror this t time of year and snonow will likely continue into your tuesday, at least. but a different story across the other side of japan, including tokyo, as well as kyoto. it is going to be dry at least for the next couple of days. nagano and dry conditions will continue into wednesday. a couple of low pressure systems are moving into the area. now, tokyo's low is going to be only five degrees on wednesday. things are getting colder and colder day by day but some animals are relaxing in a hot bath. an annual unique event started in the zoo on saturday. enjoyed taking a warm bath. people can interact and pour some water over them. the event will continue until march next year. all right.
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that's it for now. here's your extended forecast. a theme park in japan that celebrates european fairy tales is drawing in crowds with hundreds of thousands of lights.
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workrkers at brothers forest switched on the park's 350,000 lights on sunday. the japanese city is paired with one in hess who compiled the famous collection of folk tales. they lit up rapunzel's tower. and the after dark display has been bedazzling visitors. >> translator: it makes me happy. the illuminations are a symbol that christmas is coming. >> the park will be lit up from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. through january 3rd. that's the brothers grimm forest north of tokyo. if you are in the neighborhood,
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please do pay them a visit. i'm james tengan, thank you for watching nhk "newsline." qéaoa+
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genie: you are watching "france 4." it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. rebels in syria look to have lost all of the northern neighborhoods in eastern aleppo. the syrian army has taken another key district, dividing the disputed area in half. the man described as the french margaret thatcher becomes the conservative party's presidential nominee. there is still chaos with the ruling socialists. cubans begin a weeklong commemoration of fidel castro. the cremated ashes of the


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