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tv   DW News  LINKTV  February 15, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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♪ >> almost 50 civilians have died in bombings of medical facilities and schools in rebel held syria. the u.n. says it is a blatant violation of international law. also coming up. make or break talks among the european union leaders.
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the migration crisis still topping the agenda. european prime ministers have decided to hold talks on the same issues. and, the latest from the berlin film festival. an unflinching portrayal may or a -- portrayal of a maori family and 1960's new zealand. >> u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has condemned a string of bombings in syria. the attacks on rebel held areas in the north of the country have killed almost 50 civilians and destroyed at least five medical facilities. it is uncertain who carry out the attacks.
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russia has intensified its airstrikes on strongholds in the last several days. >> and abandoned medical ward, one of several hospitals hit in airstrikes in northern syria. children were reported to be among the casualties. the other strikes hit a hospital supported by doctors without borders. another hospital was also hit. >> it is clearly an attack against -- to be a doctor or nurse in the area controlled by the opposition. >> russia's suspected involvement is being held by turkey. speaking on his first official
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visit to new train -- to ukraine, that's real intentions with regard to syria. his comments follow the recent agreement by leaders in germany to work towards an end to the conflict. despite the agreement in munich, they have set their aim is not a cease-fire or a piece but to keep the syrian regime alive to killing more civilians and massacres. they have seen and thoughts of thousands of people fleeing the premises by the russian backed syria army. 14 health facilities in syria have been hit since the start of the year alone. hospitals and connect can no longer be considered places where patients can recover safely. >> president of doctors without borders, in germany, good evening to you.
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what can you tell us about the situation at the hospital after the airstrikes? >> good evening from berlin. the hospital has been completely destroyed. we heard from colleagues this morning that the hospice was attacked, and several ways of airstrikes -- attacked in several waves of airstrikes. several patients and doctors are missing. >> do you think the hospital was deliver the targeted? --deliberately targeted? >> it is always difficult to prove, but from everything we know, looking at the fact that it has been attacked in several waves, we have no other choice than believing it was a target. >> who do you think is responsible for the attack? >> from all we know, the syrian government coalition is the one
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responsible for these attacks this morning on the hospital. >> this is not the first time that hospitals have been hit. is this becoming a strategy, now, in the civil war? what do doctors think? are they now valid targets? >> we have seen for quite some time that more more hospital facilities in syria have been attacked, bombarded, destroyed. whether it is the strategy or not, it is hard to tell. fisher, it is -- for sure, it is not the first time it has happened. this area, the bombing has led to the instruction of hospitals. the suffering has to end. the people who seek help have no
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part in the conflict itself. >> with access to people in the area have in terms of medical care. >> this hospital was one of the last health facilities in the area, and it served for around -- served around 40,000 people. it is not possible just to move to another place. you cannot just construct a new hospital. mrs. systematically -- this is systematically being bombed. >> how is this going to affect your operation in syria? >> like in many other areas and syria, we were not able to direct health care. -- directly provide health care because of the insecure situation.
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we have been using existing facilities with syru ian medical personnel. there are some other parts of the country where we still have opportunities there, to deliver drugs, some kind of support. >> the president of doctors without borders germany. we appreciate your time. >> for it ministers in the european union have been holding talks in brussels in an attempt to find common ground on the migration crisis. one of the major points being discussed is how to bolster greece's handling of the crisis. five so-called hotspots for migrants should've opened late last year. the facilities are being built on islands between turkey and greece. they are supposed to register new arrivals and screen those who may be eligible for asylum. so far, only two are up and
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running. those of the centers on keyless unless both. -- centers on kios and lesbos. many are trying to reach the islands, often with fatal consequences. >> inscription on the gravestone says, "unknown boy, three years old." she is buried next to an unknown infant. this is a graveyard for those who drowned trying to reach land. >> i can't help people get to your -- get to europe legally. the only thing left to do is buried him-- is bury them. since the beginning of this year, over 75,000 people have landed on the shores. 1/3 of refugees are children
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seeking protection in the eu. >> i want life and peace. i don't need anything more. >> at a meeting of eu foreign ministers in brussels, germany's open border stance looked increasingly isolated. the foreign has pushed once again for a common european strategy. >> germany is very interested in disturbing the bird more equally. we don't just want to look for the simplest solutions. >> the eu does agree that the blocks external borders need more protection. lester, five registration centers called hotspots were slated for construction on the island. the idea was to use them as a way station.
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for the five centers are supposed to go to operation this week. the hotspots are not popular among locals. there was a major demonstration. demonstrators hit the streets to protest the planned hotspots, even before it opened its doors. >> while the eu foreign ministers met in brussels, the leaders of or central european nations met in prague with their own plan on how to tackle the migrant crisis. the czech rublic, slovakia, poland, have all been sharply critical of greece for allowing migrants to pass the territory unchecked. now they are willing to tighten borders with or without the help of the eu.
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so, to different parts of the union are following to bridge agendas. max hoffman has more. >> they want to close the western balkans. that means securing their borders and the macedonian-greek borders. that's not so unlike what the other states want. the problem is these eastern european states want to do it in an uncontrolled way. greece isn't ready for that, as we know, they are just starting to establish hotspots. the key element of that, it of course, is to redistribute the refugees in a fair way. that's why, for example, for minster -- foreign minister
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warned the states about not becoming a club of renegades. >> that was max hoffman, reporting from brussels. migration is proving to be a divisive topic for europe and its leaders. she is looking increasingly isolated among brussels colleagues. the picture back home is no better, either. she has been forced to take a tougher stance. she is forced to take a very conservative policy as support in her party dwindles. >> for months, she relied on democrats to drum up support, but now policy members are distancing themselves from her when she makes policy statements like this. >> if we are able to halt
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illegal migration in the aegean sea, we can take and people in an organized manner with a system so that we can share the burden and the duties. >> but sharing the burden is a system that both her european counterparts and her own party believe in less and less. the cdu has changed its approach to migration. hardly a week goes by without a new set of proposals to help germany reduce the number of refugees it takes in. they have been deporting more easily, halting family reification, and reducing benefits. >> this is the strictest change to the right of asylum seekers we have ever seen. >> merkel's eroding support is taking its toll on the social democrats. that has put the party leader on the offensive.
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>> we can't invite refugees to germany and then refuse them money. that is not honest policy, and the public needs to know we're going to do this without accepting money from others. >> german voters will head to the polls in regional elections. this will be a crucial test for merkel. >> we will have more on that coming up today as well. pope francis is on a five date tour of mexico. he is headed south, to the state of chiapas. this is one of the poorest areas in mexico and the center for indigenous culture. here, the pontiff asked the indigenous population for forgiveness during an open air mass held in native linkages, and he condemned the impression that the natives suffered and
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the plundering of their natural resources. >> we are going to take a one minute break. when we come back, more news. daniel will be here with all the business. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. airstrikes have destroyed to hospitals in areas of northern syria. one of the tacks deroyed a hospital supported by doctors without borders. the agency says it of its staff are missing. -- eight of its staff in brussels.
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are missing. there's a summit for european leaders scheduled later this week. daniel is here now with business news. the boss of the european central bank is banking on better future for the euro. daniel:that is right. it could all change, europe's banks face challenge when the system was healthier before the financial crisis. there's also been an indicator of for new stimulus measures in the eurozone. >> there has been more action taken to stabilize the euro zone economy. that includes the addition of more monetary easing in the 19 nation bloc. >> we are ready to do our part, as we announced at the end of the last monetary policy meeting in january, the council will
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review and possibly reconsider the monetary policy stance in early march. >> the central bank is set to take a closer look at the effects of the low oil prices. the bce also wants to reassess the health of the banking sector among current volatility. >> investment remains weak. there is heightened uncertainties regarding the global economy and global cubicle risk, weighing on investor sentiment. >> china's slowing economy has also weighed on equity markets in europe. >> it has been a tough year for deutsche bank, they announced a multibillion euro loss. some bankers could end up in jail on fraud charges, the latest chapter in a litany of litigation against the bank.
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>> it is the combination of the eurozone investigation and countless hours pouring over thousands of documents. prosecutors accuse eight former bank employees, including one executive, of conspiracy to commit tax fraud. >> we have collected a large amount of evidence including telephone conversations and copies of e-mails. based on the evidee, we ar uncoinced weave enoh evidence for a conviction. >> federal prosecutors accused the former dutch employees -- deutsche bank employees of obtaining millions of subsidies on carbon credits. the credits were then sold to foreign companies, where the revolving door scam started a new. deutsche bank has only paid 220 million euros to tax authorities, and the scandal has weighed on the banks refutation worldwide. -- reputation worldwide.
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>> when there are signs o instabity, peoe get nervous. not just customers, major institutions. >> legal observers expect the accused to be handed lengthy prison sentences, even if they confess. >> deutscher isn't the only bank mapping out the road ahead. a just bce is ditching plans -- hsbc is ditching plans to move to britain. they say that they still believe their future in commercial banking license asia. two thirds of the bank's profits come from the region. they were founded in hong kong in 1865 and moved to britain in 1993. europe's steel sector is facing its worst crisis in years. the eu commissioner meetings
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are meeting in brussels. thousands are meeting in the streets. they want there to the pressure over china for illegal trade practices. >> fair competition. that is the goal of those demonstrating in front of the commission. they are concerned about their jobs and the decline of europe's steel industry. >> we are here to defend our jobs. we are here for our own future. we want decision-makers understand that they have to to make the right decisions, now. otherwise, thousands of jobs will disappear. >> we want to defend it european jobs, because our future is at stake. it is hard to compete against the chinese. >> we just want environmental and sanitary rules to be applied
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to our chinese competitors. >> they've european commission has imposed tariffs, but industry leaders say that is not enough. they face additional obligations that the chinese don't have. >> we see that, in europe, we have to pay for co2 certificates. that is not the case for china. the price for steel is higher than europe, so this is not fair competition. >> thousands of jobs are being cut, and under these conditions coming -- conditions, they may not be able to survive much longer. >> many energy companies are scaling back to the element
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projects, but not shell. they expect brazilian production to quadruple in the next four years. the ceo made the prediction as shell finalized a takeover of brazilian rival bg group. that makes them the leading producer of liquefied natural gas. this is set to be a key aspect in their bid to expand gas and deepwater oil operations. that is it for your business needs. now it is back over to brent, who has news from the world of sports. brent: two months after stepping down from his position, the former russian anti-doping director, nikita -- has died. the 52-year-old has suffered a heart attack. is the second former russian anti-doping chief to die in two weeks. he was suspended from international athletics in 2015 after allegations of widespread
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cheating and corruption. the under fire head of european football, appeared at a hearing. sepp blatter was given eight-year suspension in december relating to a suspicious $2 million payment. the frenchman told reporters outside fee for headquarters-- o utside fifa headquarters that he had done nothing wrong. blatter's hearing is set for tuesday. central defender -- will join liverpool at the end of the season. the 24-year-old will go to the english side of the free transfer. monty bass played all three --
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he says he wants to doing something new and will join coach juergen klopp at stanfield. all right, the new zealand director, lee-- is best known for his film "once were warriors." after a patchy spell in hollywood, he has returned to the source. his new film, mahana, tells the story of a mayor a patriarch in 1960's new zealand. >> rural new zealand in the 1960's. he rules of the lives of his children and grandchildren, keeping them in a permanent date of fear.
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>> your legs. >> only by minutes. >> you're a minute late and you think still let you in. >> he is still good for his family, to keep them together. they always have food on the table. they look upon their family history with a certain amount of ride. he is doing it for those reasons, but he never tells anybody, and nobody really understands that. >> for sunday's to question him, throwing the traditional hierarchy into disarray. >> he believes in what is right. >> is about love, love unrequited. love involved.
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family love. love for people. >> the new zealand story that will resonate in all cultures. >> on and fights for his family-- a man fights for his family. >> and in norway, a talented to the best talented-- look there, he has 10,000 followers on facebook, i am told. given my job. [laughter] >> after the break, i will take you through the day. stay with us.
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> >> hello there. welcome back to "france 24." civilians killed in air strikes in syria that obstruct hospitals and a school. the united states has condemned the bombing, locals blaming them on russia. a final claim of innocence olmert,the jail ehud the first former israeli prime minister to serve prison time. and making their case for a new case in europe in britain. the british prime minister meeting francoisol


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