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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 16, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> live from the dw studios here in berlin, this is the journal. >> good to have you with us. coming up, what a way to start a world cup. germany wallopped portugal 4-0. >> united nation says they have convincing evidence of war crimes in iraq as the u.s. contemplates option to stem the violence including direct talks with iran. >> and militants kill at least 49 people in an attack on a coastal town in kenya.
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one goal after the next. germany just steamrolled portugal to kickoff their world cup campaign in style. >> the score of course 4-0. the germans put on a sizzling show off of attacking prowess highlighting their strong chance of winning the main event in brazil. >> germany has scored four goals in each of their opening matches in the last three world cups. let's take a look at how they do it. >> thomas miller was top scorer at the world cup in 2010 and is off to a great start in brazil too. first a penalty after 12 minutes. the referee's decision to point to the spot was debatable. germany pressed on and a corner was met perfectly. 2-0 after half an hour.
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with temperatures running high the portuguese defender was sent off. mueller knocked in his country's third just before the halftime break. portugal wilted under the pressure but germany couldn't build on their advantage until 11 minutes before the end when he sealed the man of the match performance with a hat trick to complete the 4-0 rout. >> let's bring in art from our sports desk. a fantastic score, but how significant is this win for the germans over portugal? >> well it is very significant considering the portuguese are considered one of the better teams from europe and have ronaldo on their team. he was basically invisible in this match. played out most of the time. he had a good free kick that was saved. but basically he was not in the game. germans proved they have depth and got over their loss of marco royce, a dangerous
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forward injured just prior to the tournament and can't play. they also had luck on their side. let's face it, the penalty awarded for germany was questionable and the portuguese could have been awarded a penalty but were not. >> you just mentioned about the injury. there were a few injuries on the german squad. i couldn't watch the whole game but for what i seen they really went for it. >> they say the best defense is a good offense and that is the way the germans will play. he has a lot of players that can make it happen. looks sometimes like they have three or four forwards. he has complete faith in the back four. once you have that you can really attack. i think they are going to try to win the goal scoring goals number at this tournament and they are well underway. 4-0 is a fantastic score. >> going on the attack is not out on a limb? >> it is a little but he has
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faith in his back four. he still has to get past ghana and the united states. but they could go very far in this tournament. >> how far? >> i can see them going to the finals if they continue to play like this. they are fed up not being finalists for a long time. last time they won the world cup is 19 0. it has been 24 years. semifinal last two world cups. they think they can go all the way. they can be the new dream team. >> wow. let's see if they can do it. >> i wouldn't mind if they were the next dream team. >> she is a fwerm an. thank you very much. >> ok. but there are other teams too in group f. argentina won its first match by beating bosnia 2-1 in rio. the south americans went into the lead just two minutes in when messi's cross bounced in for the fastest own goal in
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world cup history. >> argentina lacked sparkle until messi lives up to his reputation. an unstoppable shot in his first world cup goal in eight years. consolation foal for bosnia six minutes before the final whistle. there was a win for france in a bruising encounter with honduras thanks to a scoring spree. >> the 26-year-old scored a penalty just before halftime. early in the second half his shot went in off of the keeper to make it 2 for france. later he blasted in a rebound to seal a deserved 3-0 win. all right. different topic now. the u.n.'s commissioner on human rights says islamic militants in iraq have almost certainly committed war crimes.
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>> reports show forces allied with the islamic state of iraq have executed without trial soldiers, police and other fighters who surendered or were captured. unverified internet footage shows them holding iraqi soldiers at gun point before shooting one of them dead. u.n. commissioner said hundreds of those executions have been carried out over the past five days. >> the obama administration is considering talks with iran in hopes of combatting the forces in iraq. >> baghdad says it has been conducting heavy air strikes on militant positions and says it obtained more than 100 speed sticks filled with information on personnel. they have reportedly captured parts of northern iraq and around baghdad thousands of shiites volunteered to fight the insurgent advance. joining us now from our u.n.
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studios, max, secretary of state john kerry says washington may be willing to cooperate with iran to stop the military advance in iraq. what is on the table exactly? >> well, i can tell you for starter what is off the table. the pentagon made that quite clear. no military cooperation or joint military operation in iraq. you know looking at the history of those two countries, iran and the united states in the last 30 years that does not come as a surprise. secretary of state john kerry seemed more open to whatever works, he will try to talk to the iranians and what it actually means in reality is probably that the two countries will talk on the sidelines of completely unrelated talks that are taking place in vienna at the moment. the talks about the nuclear program in iraq and might give them the opportunity to talk on the sidelines. >> isn't washington worried
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bringing tehran into the equation could split iraq down the middle along sectarian lines? >> well, that is one part of it. of course you know the americans are very well aware that something with iran would even more alienate the sunni minority in iraq and that is part of the problem there. but that is not the only thing. the other thing is that president obama balm has been having huge problems on the foreign policy front here in the united states. cooperating with the archenemy of the united states , iran, probably wouldn't go down too well. >> thank you very much for the analysis, max. to kenya now where a militant group carried out an attack that killed at least 49 people in a coastal town. >> witnesses say the latest assault began shortly after
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evening prayers. >> the small tenian town is in a state of shock. many here were watching the world cup when the gunmen came. first they attacked a bank and a police station and stormed two hotels shooting randomly at people in the town. >> i hear from the sources they are down there once and might have escaped into the forest. >> it is about 30 kilometers away from a heritage site and popular tourist destination. the islammists based in somalia has taken responsibility. no foreign tourists were said to be hurt in the attack but it is likely to further harm
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kenya's important tourism industry. many western countries issued travel warnings after similar attacks in recent months. >> the search continues for three israeli teenagers that went missing in the west bank last thursday. israeli army detained dozens in an overnight raid includeing the speaker of the palestinian parliament. >> and a 20-year-old palestinian has been killed in clashes between locals and israeli soldiers but during a related search israel causes hamas of kidnapping the three teens. in afghanistan counting is underway after a presidential run-off vote. a lot is riding on the outcome. >> the transition is expected to be the first time a afghan president will hand over power in a peaceful manner. >> but some fear it could open the door to protracted
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challenges and violence. >> official results are due next month. >> for over 40 years this country has been operating in a state of emergency. people live under the shadow of violent power struggles, death and destruction. the international security assistance force has been here since 2001. but it hasn't been able to dispel the threat of the taliban. we arranged to meet a man in the 1990's a foreign affair advisor to the short lived taliban government. a political analyst known as a taliban diplomat. >> make peace and security in afghanistan. afghanistan people want peace and security. they can suffer everything but the bad situation in afghanistan is security. this problem should be finished. we hope the new realm will make
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this. >> the tensions are emphasized by deep rivalries between tribal and ethnic groups. the outcome of the presidential elections still are not known. opposition politicians are seen as the favorite openly anti-taliban. if he wins how will he handle the islammists? >> to keep the door open for the talks with the taliban. finding an agreement that will not take one side but will take two sides. as far as pursuing the negotiations with the taliban from our side we will continue. i can see that the desire of the afghan nation for having peace. it is that in the state and the leadership will have to pursue that. in a very serious manner.
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>> in the afghan capitol at least the situation seems to be improving. streets and markets are bustling with people. there is a relative sense of safety. safer than the southern and eastern provinces. the number of small industries like this foundary on the outskirts of the city are increasing. they are home grown international investment is still very rare. after the election result is announced, the new president will take up office in august. his key responsibility then will be finding the way to make a new start. >> after all of the talks here in afghanistan it is quite clear that even the new government will have tremendous problems if they do not integrate the taliban, at least in the political wing of the taliban into the peace process. if they do not. if they ignore the insurgents it might happen they simply sit back to relax until the end of 2016 until the international
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troops are out and then struggle for power again. >> china has executed 13 people in the western region on charges of terrorism and violent crimes. >> they also sentenced three men to death for their involvement in aed itly attack last year. in that car a car drove into the crowded square and burst into flames. five people were killed and 40 others wounded. chinese authorities believe they belonged to an israel separatist group. >> when we come back we will look to russia who is tightening the screws on ukraine. >> moscow cut off gas supplies in a dispute over unpaid bills. in kiev the prime minister calls it part of a general russian plan to destroy ukraine.
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>> welcome back. >> to the ongoing crisis between ukraine and russia which has provoked the worst east-west tensions since the cold war. russia officially cut natural gas supplies to ukraine. >> they turned the tap off after ukraine failed to pay a $4.5 billion bill. previous disputes resulted in disruptions to supply for europe. >> after the deadline to meet their debt obligations ran out a spokesman addressed the media. >> as of 10:00 this morning moscow time ukraine will only
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receive gas that it pays for in advance. so far it has neither settled old debts or made any prepayments for june. >> ukraine owes moscow $4.5 billion for gas that has already been delivered. the dispute over the price has been rumbling for years after the pro russian government in kiev was ousted in february moscow sharply increased the gas price they charged ukraine. the latest round of talks ended in kiev without a break through. russia rejected a compromise proposed by the eu commissioner. now they have suspended the delivery of gas for ukrainian consumption. the government in kiev says the measure was a calculated move. >> it started with the annexation of crime yeah. and terrorists the flow of
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russian weapons and fighters into ukraine and now this. >> they say they will continue to send gas destined for western europe through ukraine but warned western europe could face shortages if ukraine diverts gas for their own use. >> how apprehensive should european states be about the conflict could lead to energy shortages? >> here are facts and figures about europe's energy supply and where it comes from. >> the spicet has been turned off. international markets saw a spike in gas prices, but in ukraine the effects won't be felt for a while. the spring has been warm and winters many months away. according to international energy agency figures europe imported 1120 billion meters of natural gas from russia in
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2012. half of that was routed through ukraine. the other half reached europe through russia and underneath the baltic sea. germany takes delivery from all three but eastern and southern european nations are wholly dependant on the ukrainian pipelines. romania, bulgaria and greece. at this time official it is say the eu has enough gas reserves for the short-term but brussels is demanding new talks to find a compromise and to get the gas flowing again. >> a ruling by the u.s. supreme court has created panic in argentina's stock markets. judges said buenos airees must pay out in full in hedge funds. >> argentina defaulted on $100 billion of debt in 2001 and 9 % of their creditors. u.s. court ruling calls into question argentina's entire debt restructuring program as
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they could be forced to pay out in full to other creditors. siemens and japan's mitsubishi heavy industries have a joint bid to take over alstom. >> now the proposal would leave alstom intact as a company and it counters a $12 billion bid by u.s. giant general electric. >> for siemens the big deal is gas turbines. the german company is a major producer. it hopes a takeover could strengthen their market position. they established a tactical alliance with mitsubishi. they are interested in alstom's steam turbines. the two firms have promised to create 1,000 new jobs and siemens could split off alstom's railway technology division and sell it to a french company. last year alstom's sales were
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around 20 billion euros. siemens is more than three times bigger with a turnover of around 76 billion euros and 300,000 employees. mitsubishi heavy industries is roughly the same size as alstom. the biggest rival is general electric. 300,000 employees helped it earn 10 billion euros. general electric is offering $12.4 billion euros for the entire energy division. the french government has the right to veto the bill. they do not want to see alstom broken up or jobs lost. on tuesday the german-japanese alliance will meet with politicians in paris. an all important move when it comes to a state-owned company. >> the bids are on the table now and a new trading week has gotten off to a bumpy start. european shares edged slower as violence from kenya.
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dorothy sums up the day for us at the frankfurt stock exchange. >> finally germany industry giant siemens presented their alstom bid where mitsubishi is playing a key role. but there was little market reaction. siemens shares remained on the upside. but the mood was tense. the crisis in urge crane and the violent conflict in iraq worried traders and boosted energy prices. the price of oil remained on the highest level in nine months and the price for gas was on the rise with higher oil and gas prices. the worldwide recovery could be in danger. that is the fear on the floor. >> let's take a quick look at monday's market numbers now. germany's dax lost a third of a percent. the euro stocks 50 also down to
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close at 3261. in new york the dow currently slightly negative territory. 60,768 the number there and euro is trading for $1.3565. germany's opal is shutting their factory at the end of the year. general motors says it needs to cut cost to return the company to profitability by next year. >> the move will cost g.m. about half a billion euros. german media reports the bulk comes from severance payments and early retirement packages. 250,000 euros each in compensation. >> now here is really good news. mikel schumaker has come out of his coma. the former formula 1 champion
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is conscious and has been transferred from a french hospital to one in switzerland. >> details about his condition are minimal. the 45-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident half a year ago. >> doctors in this hospital in eastern france have been fighting for shaw macher's life since late december. a rescue helicopter brought the formula 1 champion here unconscious. schumaker had been skiing in the french alps when he fell and slammed his head on a rock, splittingis helmet and sustaining severe injuries. doctors told journalists that a brain hemorrhage and he underwent two emergency surgeries within the first week. public interest was high with fans and friends over the world sending messages of support. outside the hospital the media was desperate for news from his spokesman.
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schumaker's family decided to step out of the spotlight. for months there was no news about schumaker's condition until now when he was moved here. while he is now out of his long coma there is no other news about his condition. >> in germany efforts to rescue a scientist from 700 meters beneath the earth's surface continues. >> the man was caught in a rock fall on sunday in a cave complex. although the explorer was wearing a helmet he suffered evere injuries. rescuers set up five improvised camp sites on the way up. today they reached number three. >> it is a pain staking journey back to the surface. after 10 hours working their way through damp and slippery conditions the rets cue through reached the third stage at 7:30 in the morning. while they took a well deserved rest 700 meters down the first
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images of the rescue were circulating above. here the injured climber is being inched forward on a stretcher. >> that is how we accomplished the first 00 meters. we fastened ropes or a rope construction to a ramp. or we just pulled him right up by a block and tackle system. >> there are around 50 rescuers from germany, avingts ustria, switzerland and italy working around the clock. there are two more sites before they reach the surface. each stage is expected to take a day. >> finally europe's most active volcano in sicily has been at it again. the crater started to erupt over the weekend and spewed lava and ash into monday morning. >> you can hear it rumble.
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the display has been on so far but authorities closed a local airport. >> before we go a quick recap of the world cup action. germany defeated portugal 4-0. >> four in their opening matches in the last three world cups. >> iran facing off against nigeria the score 0-0. ghana takes on team u.s.a. later on. >> stick with d.w. on the journal and online. >> see you again soon. a7guc
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>> it is 9:00 p.m. here in france. ou are watching live in prison "france 24." making gains. jihadist militants sent thousands fleeing as they continued their advance in northern iraq. they captured a new city of tal afar. no agreement richied between moscow and kiffin over unpaid -- and kevin business. gas place are being cut off. sabaab sabaab rebels say they are behind the attack on a kenyan coastal town which left


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