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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  June 9, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. it is 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. with three days to go until kickoff for the world cup, police fire tear gas and stun grenades after clashes in the street. the prime minister warned she will not allow violent demonstrations to mar the events. the iranian capital is rearing team foreign policy with rouhani visiting turkey. they have had strained relations in recent years.
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the pakistani taliban claims responsibility for an assault on karachi airport that killed at least one to eight people, including all 10 attackers. we begin with representatives from iran and the united states meeting in geneva for the first official talks in decades. they seek a deal on the disputed nuclear program. neither the location or schedule has been announced. however, the main issue is expected to be finding a route to an eventual lifting of sanctions. iran hasating with become easier for western powers since june of 2013 when the hard-line president was replaced by hassan rouhani.
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three months after his election, the new president visited new york addressing that u.n. general assembly. during his visit, he called barack obama, the first official contact between the radiant and -- irani and nus president in decades. >> i reiterated what i said in new york. there will be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed. i believe we can reach a conference of solution. month, the five permanent members of the security council plus germany resumed talks with tehran. in november, they struck an interim deal. the u.s. and its partners released 7 billion euros of frozen funds while iran slowed down its uranium enrichment program with the ultimate goal of lifting sanctions which have crippled the iranian economy. but huge gaps remain. >> the richmond program --
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enrichment program iran has will continue with any agreement. that is our red line. >> the u.s. wants to limit their capacity to make sure it cannot develop nuclear weapons. . in recent meetings, they have failed to bridge the gap, leading the company -- countries to hold the first bilateral negotiations in decades in a bid to break the deadlock. let's go to our correspondent. how hopeful is the u.s. that they will be able to reach a deal in these talks? >> there is no doubt they are doing all they can. this is incredibly important to president obama. i have just been listening to a statement, the question and answer statement at the state department with the spokeswoman. she said they are aware they are at a critical juncture in these talks and time is running out.
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that is why they are intensifying their diplomacy. a-team.e sent in the they sent in the deputy secretary of state and jake sullivan, the top foreign-policy adviser. they were involved in the secret talks before the irani and agreement, the interim agreement was constructed. these two already know a lot about what they are dealing with and who they are discussing it with. that is why they have been sent to these talks, to try to get away forward after the talks stalled after the last round of official discussions. >> thank you. in another sign tehran is reorienting foreign policy, the president is currently visiting turkey. is there to discuss energy and trade ties as well as the syrian
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crisis which has strained relations between the two majors the last neighbors in recent years. he toldthe countries -- reporters the countries are important and determined to stand up to violence and terrorism in the middle east. >> the sides have a lot to talk about. they want to increase trade up to $30 billion a year. turkey wants to buy more natural gas but it wants iran to lower the price. they also have to burnish their images internationally. rouhani is moving iran to the mainstream of diplomacy after isolation under ahmadinejad. iran sees turkey as the neighbor that is pro-western. turkey likes to see itself as a
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bridge between iran and the west. the turkish prime minister needs after the his image crackdown on protesters, the corruption allegations, and gestures suchs -- as trying to ban twitter. they do have differences on syria where iran backs president assad and turkey backs the syrian opposition. the two sides are also involved in iraq where they have the same they sit global view of the country -- same basic mobile view of the country but they are rivals in iraq. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for an assault on the country's largest airport that killed at least 28 people including all 10 attackers. the raid on the international
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airport in karachi began late sunday at a terminal normally used for v.i.p.'s and cargo. security forces battled militants for at least six hours before gaining control just before dawn. >> by monday afternoon, karachi's airport had reopened. passengers arriving to board flights. hours earlier, the site was the scene of bloodshed. on sunday, midnight 10 gunmen dressed as policemen opened fire with automatic rifles and rocket launchers. >> i was sitting in my office and saw five or six people go this way with heavy weapons. they have bags full of weapons. >> gunbattles raged into the night. according to police, militants detonated suicide vests sending smoke into the night sky. by don, all of the attackers were dead, police claimed.
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ambulances carrying away the militant bodies. well-trained and carrying food and water, they appeared to be ready for a long siege. >> the ammunition we have recovered includes rifles and hand grenades. we are now disposing of them. there are also several rockets that have been fired. >> a spokesman for the pakistani taliban said the gunmen were aiming to hijack a commercial flight. the pakistani president has sought to broker peace with the insurgents. in recent weeks, negotiations have floundered. the taliban claimed the attack was revenge for the death of the leader in a u.s. drone strike last november. >> with just three days to go until kickoff for the world cup, police in são paulo have fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters after clashes in the streets. it was in support of the strike by cyborg workers -- subway workers now in its fifth date. it has caused traffic jams with
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many unable to get to work. sao paulo will be playing host to the opening match this thursday. protest descends into unrest in são paulo. police fire tear gas at demonstrators who made a roadblock out of burning rubbish in the business district. they are taking to the streets to support the subway workers on strike. >> 13 subway workers were arrested. we are not going to allow our comrades to stay in jail. they did not commit any crimes. they were just on strike. >> the subway workers union is demanding a 12.2% wage increase. but the government says it will go higher than 8.7%. the strike now in its fifth day has caused transport misery. 4.5 million people use the subway system every day. >> i think the government has to
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do something to avoid this chaos. it is affecting people. we have no other way to get to work. protests and strikes have marred the run-up to the world cup. the $11ators argue billion budget would have been better spent on education and health care. some parts of the subway system are still working, but the line to são paulo's arena is not. the first world cup match between brazil and croatia is scheduled to kick off on thursday. >> after a stunning victory in a friendly match against jamaica on sunday, the french national team are on their way to brazil. they will be traveling without one of their players who is still recovering from injury. the team have the first match against honduras on sunday.
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amnesty has been imposed in the capital of the central african republic. the move was to encourage residents to hand over weapons to authorities with no questions asked. become comes six months after the african union and french army launched peacekeeping operations in the war-torn nation. countican union soldiers , and machetes. all of these have been handed over by civilians after the central african republic prime minister declared sunday a no questions asked disarmament day in the capital. >> those who have come voluntarily without asking for anything to hand over their grenades and ammunition are people who are really committed to peace. they have to be encouraged. thank the whole population to continue on this path -- i encourage the whole population to continue on this path. >> the country has been plagued by violence for over a year.
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african union forces helped police the amnesty. it has been since months since they launched peacekeeping operations in the country. >> there is no point in keeping this in the house but this is the place for these to go. our country is lawful. it is not good to have these weapons at home. >> but the authorities admitted turnout was modest. it was only civilians who took part in the amnesty. militia members from both sides were nowhere to be seen. >> if you look around, you can see people are not motivated to hand over weapons. people are not coming to put down the weapons we hear being fired. they are just a few grenades, old things, and ammunition. it is very difficult. >> in another bid to cut down on unrest, last week, the government put a temporary ban on text messages to make it harder for armed groups to contact each other. >> it was a case of being
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overwhelmed by love. in paris, lovers have been attaching padlocks to historic bridges as they pledge everlasting love. but the bridges were not built to take the extra weight. panels are now collapsing under the strain. paris groaningn under the weight of padlocks. a piece of plywood is now part of the iconic bridge after a two meter section of railing collapsed under the extra 700 kilos. the culprit? lovelock's. since 2008, it has become the spot for tourists to attach padlocks engraved with the initials or names before tossing the key into the river as a symbol of everlasting love. but they have become a security hazard adding an additional 300 kilos for each meter of railing.
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there are around 700,000 padlocks on the bridges of paris. a worried city hall is seeking an alternative solution. the collapsed section of bridge has now been carted away to the dump. >> let's have a look at what is making news this hour. with just three days to go until kickoff for the world cup, police in são paulo fired tear gas and stun grenades after clashes in the streets. the brazilian president saying she will not allow violent demonstrations to mark the event. another sign the radiant capital israel 19 foreign policy with the president visiting turkey. has seriously strained relations between the two countries. the pakistani taliban claims responsibility for an assault on karachi airport that killed at
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least one to eight people including all 10 attackers. russia and ukraine are trying to avert a standoff over gas payments prayed for more on this and other business stories, i'm joined by marcus. >> we are keeping an eye on brussels as russia and ukraine are holding last-minute talks to avoid a full on gas prices. they are at odds over what price ukraine should be paying for russian gas. russia has threatened to cut off the ukrainian supplies unless they pay the gas bill by tomorrow. the russian gas company says ukraine owes it nearly $4.5 billion. the european commission is brokering the talks in brussels. it says the compromise solution on the table would set the price asking --what rush is russia is asking and what ukraine has offered.
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there is a fear european supplies could be hit if russia turns off the taps to ukraine. gets around 15% of its gas supplies from russia via ukraine. this is a situation we are keeping a close eye on this monday. russia's envoy to the european union has criticized the e.u. for imposing economic sanctions. says it as bulgaria suspended work on the pipeline which would pump gas from russia into europe. years after a highly touted deal in less than two years since construction began, the project has hit a stumbling block. under pressure from the e.u. and ae united states, bulgaria, key player in the project, has
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suspended work on the pipeline. >> the construction will resume only after removing any concerns by brussels and after we certify how we will proceed with the plan. >> running under the black sea in the balkans, the new pipeline will allow russia to export gas directly to europe while skipping over ukraine. questioned. recently whether the project was being carried out in compliance with european law. is themain concern company set up for this project has been awarded the contract to , construct, and operate the gas pipeline without transparency. >> as ukraine and russia remain locked in dispute over gas prices, concern about energy independence from moscow has deepened. bulgaria remains optimistic it will eventually get the green light. but russia is serious.
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its envoy to the european union they did not want further sanctions against moscow. serbia will continue building is section of the pipeline. >> we were telling about the clashes in são paulo ahead of the world cup. there is another cloud hanging over fifa ahead of the world cup. budweiser and bp are putting pressure on fifa to address graft allegations. there are allegations that graft played a part in r to host the next world cup. they say the allegations are not good for football or its partners. let's talk you through the latest stock market figures in the united states. we are seeing trading above the flat line.
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they have come down from previous highs with the dow jones up about .1%. investors are betting the american economy will keep strengthening. apple shares are trading higher and are in the spotlight after the company decided to split its shares -- each share into seven shares. in europe, we saw up the figures up.he close with the dax it was the first time the german index closed above the 10,000 mark. we can take a look at underlying reasons as to why global shares have been trading higher. one of those comes from japan as japan's economy expanded at the fastest pace in more than two years in the first quarter. compareded by 1.6% in -- comparison to the last
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three-month 2013. they were expecting a strong turnout but it was higher than expected. sony sold more game consoles than nintendo during the fiscal year that ended in march according to figures first reported by the japanese newspaper. it is the first time sony outsold in tandem in eight years. it was helped by the eighth generation playstation. cyber crime costs the global economy 445 billion dollars every year according to a report from the center for strategic and international studies in the united states. found that of
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intellectual property cost $160 billion. losses connected to personal information like stolen credit card details amount to $150 billion. i will be back again in one hour with more business news. back to you. >> let's take a look at what is making waves online, including a growing anti-world cup movement in brazil just three days before the tournament kicks off. >> ♪ we take a look at some of the stories making online headlines. coming up, the anti-world cup movement in brazil. the online campaign against bullying in mexico and a videographer takes a roller coaster ride to another dimension. >> ♪ clashesy saw violent
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between police and subway workers in são paulo. transportation employees entered a second day of strikes calling for higher wages. if the strike continues, it could throw the world cup into disarray. the biggest event in the footballing calendar is also facing opposition on social networks. voicinge been posting grievances over the competition and highlighting the massive inequality problem. hosting the they have slammed the anti-world protests. see, the feelings of injustice are also being expressed on city walls around brazil. this one depicts a child crying with only a football to eat. the picture is proving extremely popular online. it announces the resulting
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government for spending billions on hosting the world cup to the detriment of the people. signs of protest that reflect the feelings of the majority in recent polls showed 61% of brazilians thought hosting the world cup was a bad idea, particularly in view of the money that would have been better spent investing in health care, education, and public transport. >> ♪ >> this video features a host of mexican celebrities saying bullying in schools must stop. the ad is part of an online by then launched initiative to raise awareness of bullying and violence in schools across mexico. >> ♪ >> well-known faces have been
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posting selfies to social networks holding a sign bearing the campaign slogan which means bullying is not a game. the movement is gaining ground with more web users posting similar faces hoping to raise awareness to the growing problem of bullying in schools and urging everyone in mexico to get involved in the campaign. campaign comesa after last month's tragic death of 12-year-old hector. he died from injuries sustained in a beating by classmates. the story sparked lively debates in mexico after his parents publicly accused the school authorities of doing nothing to protect their son from constant harassment and bullying. according to this document published by the mexican daily, 60% of schoolchildren in mexico are bullied, an alarming figure
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that has prompted the ministry of education to set up a helpline and website to encourage victims to come forward. currentlyan astronaut aboard the international space station has followed the canadian's lead and is tweaking from space. his twitter feed features shots of earth as seen from space. spectacular images that are literally out of this world. >> ♪ >> the canadian photographer has byd tribute to banksy reproducing some of his most famous works in legos.
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it is available to view on the blog -- on the photographer's blog. >> ♪ 1go♪ acú
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