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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 8, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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he faces a tough task ahead. >> it is a dance of joy in front of the presidential palace in cairo. these people are celebrating their new president, who they believe will bring about
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, for somehe is a savior and for it is a step back. it depends on who you ask. >> thank you for joining us from cairo. moving on to some other news now. heaine's president says wants to end the fighting in the
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east of the country. afterued a statement talks with a russian ambassador and representative in kiev. fighting continued around the separatist stronghold. this video is set to show the town on sunday. rejected the peace plan the president put forth after his inauguration. our correspondent joins us on the line from odessa. we have seen that statement issued by the presidency. what do you think it means? >> well, it is definitely an his promisesrt of to bring peace to eastern ukraine. this report was issued following a meeting which was promised and initiated during the june 6 meeting between the president of , chancellor angela merkel, and the president of normandy.
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this is definitely the first and very important step toward the much needed dialogue. >> he says he wants an entry to the fighting soon. some people are calling it a cease-fire. does this message mean that the violence will actually stop quickly? >> it doesn't look like that. we have to remember that there are hundreds if not thousands of heavily armed militiamen in eastern ukraine. shoote and army will not in offense but they will definitely defend themselves if the separatists start firing at them. it does not look like they're planning to stop the fighting anytime soon. >> thanks for joining us with that update. an unprecedented meeting in the vatican now. israel's president and his havetinian counterpart held a prayer of peace with pope francis. the meeting sends a strong signal to the middle east and comes at a crucial time.
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us-led peace talks between the israelis and palestinians have hit a wall, and there is hope that today's gesture will help bring both sides back to the table. even before the historic meeting, pope francis said he would make no attempt to mediate in the middle east peace process. his invitation was simply a call to pray together. the unusual gathering took place in unusual surroundings. jewish, muslim and christian spiritual leaders gathered in the garden of the vatican. but the most significant guests were is really president shimon peres and palestinian leader margaret abbas. mahmoud abbas. instead of political speeches, there was music. prayers were read by religious leaders from all three main religions. pope francis has said in the past that he believes in the power of prayer to change
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everything, including the situation in the middle east. invitation to religious leaders to join him in prayer at the vatican came as a surprise during his visit to the region two weeks ago. that trip was full of symbolism. francis pradip western wall in jerusalem. at the western wall in jerusalem and at the barrier between territories. many believers in rome say they hope the popes concern to heal the wounds on both sides and his believe in reconciliation despite the problems of the past will give a boost to the stalled peace process. >> there is so much hate but i believe francis can find a new approach. >> francis is not the first pope to get involved in the middle east conflict. but his simple, humble style might help him gain success.
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is due to hold talks with both the israeli and palestinian leaders after the joint prayer session. polls have closed in kosovo's parliamentary elections. the snapple was called in may in polle's youngest -- snap was called in may in europe's youngest country. results are expected to start coming in through the night. the ballot sees the former prime minister bidding for a third term. voters are most concerned about high unemployment, which stands at 35%. xhosa vote unilaterally declared independence from serbia in 2008 sovoosa vote -- ko unilaterally declared independence from serbia in 2008 and is one of europe's poorest countries. to tennis now. the doll won his record ninth french open title. won his ninthl
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french open title. >> he remains the king of paris. rafael nadal is sibley unbeatable on clay. the span here in the dark shorts, got off to a shaky start and loss of her set, but then he found his rhythm and won the next two sets. the heat appeared to take its toll on novak djokovic, who made many unforced errors. matchpoint was a surprise. the serbian was shaken by a shout from the crowd on his second serve and doublefaulted. it was a bitter end to a thrilling match. both players shed tears. novak djokovic will have to wait another year for his first title , and rafaela doll celebrated his ninth french open title as if it were his first. >> to soccer now.
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team has touched down in brazil, ready to begin its world cup campaign. they boarded a plane, a bus and a ferry to finally reach the german training camp on the southeast coast. the team is now set to begin final preparations for the tournament and its first game against portugal in eight games time -- days time. favoriteconsidered a to win the world cup, but they have faced a series of setbacks. just friday a key fielder had to be replaced. now the coach is hoping to play competitively. we take a closer look at team germany in the latest installment of our world cup countdown series. >> it has been almost eight years since he took over the helm of team germany. there have been plenty of highlights in that time, but as yet no title. this world cup looks set to the
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the toughest tournament of his career. the playingow conditions in brazil are quite different from here. no european team has ever won a title playing in south america. the kickoff times will be unusual for us, 1 p.m. 4:00 p.m., and of course, the temperatures could be different than the ones we are used to hear. >> for some of the older players, this is their last chance at world cup victory, and they are determined to give it their all. >> we are putting some of the pressure on ourselves. we have been really successful in the last tournament's. when you always make it to the semi final, the pressure is there. >> the captain is still fighting for full fitness, as are the keeper and midfielders. needs more match practice following a knee injury. just recently, marco roi sustained a foot injury that
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takes him out of contention. >> it is very disappointing for us also because we were counting on having him. we are sad he could not make it. >> there are even more challenges facing him. germany's defense is patchy and midfielders have failed to produce consistent results. he appears undecided on offense, sometimes deploying the only real striker in the squad or relying solely on midfielders. he says one thing is going right. >> we have seen league competitors turn into teammates and lone wolves turn into players. >> but that may not be enough to save his job. forout a world cup title germany, his days as coach could be numbered. upworld cup fever is heating
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. a little brazilian flavor at the animal carnival of cultures. take a look. >> with just a few days to go, hundreds of thousands gyrated to the be in berlin at the carnival of cultures. brazil was the focus of this years event. >> wow, it is like in brazil, isn't it? 32 degrees, i think. i am from brazil and she is german. perfect. brazil --roups from dance groups from brazil took part in the parade. the event celebrates the city's diversity and takes a stand against nationalism and racism.
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a long time to date her. he surprised many -- longtime dictator. he surprised many with his staunch support of democratic
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reforms. put to the test in 1981. he proclaimed his backing for spain's democratically elected government. without his support, the coup failed. in recent years, the 76er old monarch has come under fire. criticized him most notably for a safari he took in 2012 at a time when most spaniards were suffering under austerity. now it is up to his son, the popular prince felipe day, to gloss back on stains -- spain's tarnished monarchy. he was convicted in march for cheating german tax authorities out of 29 million euros. he said when he gets out of jail, he intends to return to the club where he spent 40 years
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as a player, manager, and president. for now, he will be sharing a cell in southern germany, the same prison where adolf hitler was an inmate when he dictated his manifesto, "mein kampf." storm hit thet iranian capital, tehran, killing five and leaving dozens injured. hurricane forces lashed the city, catching residents by surprise. the storm plunged the city into darkness leaving thousands without electricity. weather forecasters were criticized for failing to give warning. popularrab world's most comedienne announced his show has been canceled, alluding to threats. >> i'm tired of worrying about my safety and the safety of
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those around me. i have nothing against my host channel. they tried everything, but the pressure was too great. >> he would not say exactly who , butpplying that pressure many believe he crossed a red line by making fun of egypt's military leadership. his last show mocked the low at egypt'sut elections. it was never broadcast. >> on tuesday, egypt's electoral commission named the former military chief it's country's new president. he won nearly 97 present of the vote. the victory was expected. about half of egypt's voters cast their ballots, even after the poll was extended by a day. the result came almost a year after he led to the ouster of egypt's first democratically
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elected president, mohamed morsi. he said his goal was to restore stability to the country. >> there were also elections in war-torn syria, where supporters of bashar al-assad marked their ballots in blood. in damascus said president bashar al-assad was reelected with nearly 90% of the vote. candidatestwo other on the ballot, but syria's main opposition group and the west have called the vote a sham. with most of the country civil war, the vote could only be conducted under -- in territories under regime control. >> barack obama travel to warsaw to mark the 20th anniversary of polish democracy. in a rousing speech, he held up: as a rousing example to neighboring -- he held up poland as an example to neighboring ukraine. he pledged to put more military
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personnel on the ground in ukraine and georgia. >> on wednesday, german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone became the subject of a legal investigation. than half a year after allegations surfaced that the phone had been tapped by u.s. intelligence, germany's chief prosecutor said he had finally opened an inquiry that could lead to criminal charges against the united states. merkel was one of millions of germans allegedly targeted eye .sa surveillance for now, the inquiry will only focus on her phone, but the top beencutor, who had reluctant to open the case, was forced to bow to public pressure. >> the taliban and release video on wednesday showing u.s. bergdahl being
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freed nearly five years after his capture in afghanistan. republican leaders say they should've been consulted first. they also said the prisoner swap set a dangerous president of negotiation with terrorists. >> this decision to bring sergeant bergdahl home, and we applaud that he is home, is ill mistake, and it is putting the lives of american servicemen and women at risk, and that to me is unacceptable to the american people. >> sergeant bergdahl is a controversial figure in the u.s., with allegations surfacing that he contributed to his own capture by walking away from his post. for now, he is being treated in a hospital in germany. he could face a military trial at home if there is more evidence he was a deserter.
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>> wednesday also marked the 25th anniversary of china's tiananmen square massacre. in hong kong, more than 100,000 people held a vigil for those killed. it was the only major commemoration allowed on chinese territory. in 1989, students took to beijing's tiananmen square to protest the democratic reforms. the chinese army responded with brutal force. no one is sure how many people were killed, but figures have been estimated in the hundreds or even thousands. these images have since been .anned in china on wednesday, 25 years later, security forces blocked the square to prevent any public assemblies. >> it was supposed to be a g-8 summit in sochi. instead, leaders from only seven of the leaders -- of the world's meting industrial nations
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in brussels. russia was not included. the move to suspend moscow came in march when russia annexed the crimean territory. the g7 spoke of its concern over violence in eastern ukraine. slaprs threatened to moscow with further sanctions if it does not de-escalate the conflict there between ukraine's government and pro-russian separatists. the g7 also discussed how to expand their energy portfolios and take it vantage of their own resources to reduce dependence on russian gas. >> also on thursday, germany sent a further signal that it would stand by ukraine. receivedr merkel ukraine's president-elect in berlin. she promised germany support in stabilizing the country. for his part, he pledged to fight corruption in ukraine
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and to reform the judiciary. in a gesture to the largely russian speaking east, he also said he would decentralize ukraine's government. >> israel unveiled plans to build 1100 new settlement homes in the occupied west bank and 400 in east jerusalem. the announcement came days after the swearing-in of a new palestinian unity government. toael has asked the west not recognize the new government because it has the backing of hamas which both israel and the west consider a terrorist group. the new plans have drawn criticism from germany. >> friday march 70 years since the beginning of the end for not nazi germany.- world war ii veterans attended a
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d-day celebration in france. heads of state and government also headed to france for the event, making it a day of diplomacy as well, especially concerning the ongoing crisis in ukraine. russian president vladimir putin was at the center of the talks. german chancellor angela merkel is said to be the western leader with the best relationship to putin. the two spoke for an hour behind closed doors. shortly after, there was a first sign of success. putin briefly spoke with ukraine's new president, their very first meeting. not a long conversation, but a possible first step toward ending the ukraine crisis. >> i cannot say that it was a substantive discussion. still, we touched on the main issues regarding a solution to the situation, and we talked about our economic times.
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canrding that solution, i only welcome his position on an immediate end to the bloodshed. >> the french president, francois hollande, addressed a lunch meeting attended by the queen of england, u.s. president barack obama, and others. on the sidelines, more signs of tensions fine. in front of the sea of cameras, putin and obama had a little chat. later, at the official ceremony, the two stood far apart, but french tv put them back together again. alongside modern-day politics, the focus was on the normandy landings and a world war ii battle that saw thousands of allied and german soldiers lose their lives. >> when we take a look at the events of 70 years ago, we
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realize how lucky we are to live in a unified europe, and what a joy it is for germany to be able to share responsibility with our european partners.
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>> when it comes to race, we've overcome quite a lot in this country. slavery... civil war... segregation... [cheering and applause] we've even elected a black man to the highest office in the


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