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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 23, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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journal." to "the i am sarah harmon at the news desk in berlin. coming up, new hope for a breakthrough with nuclear talks geneva.and a new climate deal is reached in warsaw. part of the roof of a latvian supermarket collapses, but this time no one was hurt.
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>> a landmark deal is in place in geneva as the nuclear talks look for a breakthrough. john kerry and other world leaders are trying to hammer out a solution with iran, wanting can then look -- we nuclear program for sanctions relief. a deal was closed with a number of issues are yet to be ironed out. >> expectations over the talks between foreign ministers in geneva are high. the arrival of secretary of state john kerry has been viewed as a sign of an agreement over the iran nuclear program is close, but ministers emphasize that a deal is not a full-blown conclusion. there is no agreement yet and there are differences to be resolved. this is why we came to geneva, to do our bit to make sure an agreement will be reached.
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there is a realistic chance this could happen but there is a lot of work to do -- still a lot of work to do. >> we are not here because it is finished. we are here because it is difficult. minister,nian foreign says his country will not falter these demands. the deal on the table would see iran giving up their nuclear program for an easing of sanctions. the reactor being built in iraq is a major issue. this could produce plutonium to be used in nuclear weapons. most want construction to be stopped, but they also want iran to stop enriching uranium. that is something they have been unwilling to back down on. but negotiators say both sides are close to an agreement. >> we are joined by our
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correspondent in geneva. do you share this optimism, are we close to a deal? >> i am getting quite pessimistic now because i think they have their time, around three days of negotiations, with more of the bull -- political direction, and now we are with the ministers in those talks. i would say this is maybe not the time to find a solution, they have not changed their plans and said two weeks ago, they will be back in geneva to present an agreement, ready to sign, but not here. this is maybe not the time to come reach an agreement because there are problems on both sides. >> marcus, you sound pessimistic.
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what are problems on each side? negotiations have soured quite easily because they have to stop everything, they have to to do with the production of nuclear substances. to be able to be used in an armament. side, the other european union and the united states -- they have to offer a list of sanctions, but this is not as easy as it sounds. the problems are in the details. therefore, the iranians, or example with all they have to do and the united states with a list of sanctions, they don't have the opportunity and the possibility to go closer to each find an agreement and it would be a surprise to see this right here, a solution --
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and i don't think we will see a solution by tomorrow. >> thank you very much. turning to other news, turkey has declared the egyptian envoy persona non grata. this is after they called for the release of mohammed morsi. wasgypt said this unacceptable from ankara. since he wasal forced from power in july. demonstrations in cairo marked 100 days as security forces cleared several camps in favor of mohamed morsi from the city. you in climate talks in warsaw, poland -- a compromise deal has been reached to limit greenhouse that, but many interests
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them -- that separated negotiators have been left unresolved. many of them will not be ironed out until 2013. arcticntists warn that ice is rapidly melting away, laming carbon emissions for rising temperatures and want some cuts to deal with global warming. the warsaw talks went into overtime as environmentalists accused rich countries of creating an impact. >> some of the industrialized countries have scaled back their targets. that has soured the atmosphere at the talks and i sense that some countries are using any argument that they can to delay the agreement, or to water down their commitments as much as possible. >> and then, at the 11th hour,
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the delegates reached a deal. developing nations agreed to contribute to global actions against climate change and to detail their plans by early 2016. the deal is a turnaround that overcomes state during. -- bickering >> in venezuela, thousands of people across the country have taken part in marches against president nicolas maduro. there are protests against the powers he was granted this week. he can now past laws for one year without talking to legislators. there are shortages of basic products. the opposition said that they were hoping to pressure his government ahead of elections in december. the first major test of his strength since he narrowly won the election in april.
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in latvia, rescue operations have been temporarily suspended after -- at the supermarket where 54 people were killed on thursday after another portion of the roof collapsed today. this reveals how unstable the building remains two days after the accidents. the president says that the deaths caused by the collapse must be treated as murder. 10 people are believed to still be in the rubble. >> friends and families of the victim kept vigil around the ruined building as rescue teams continued the grim work of him -- of shifting through the wreckage. about 300 square meters of the store remain collapsed. this is a dangerous operation because the structure is so unstable. workers proceeded cautiously. >> we have reached the most difficult phase of the rescue operation and now we have to
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clear the part of the building still covered by the roof, but the whole construction is fragile. we have stopped rescue work to decide how best to proceed. >> it is a good thing that they did. another roof section collapsed. rescue workers ran for their lives, and after the dust settled, nobody was hurt, this time. >> the police in the united kingdom reveal more information at the suspects at the center of an alleged slavery case in london. the suspects are from india and cantonese and moved to britain in the 1960s. two of the three victims may have met the male suspect because they have similar beliefs, and live together in a collective. but the arrangement changed and the women were kept captive for
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three decades. we go to sports now, where the bundesliga's biggest game of the season is underway between bayern. and byron -- we will have more later tonight. the other highlights of the day look like this. --arrow win in berlin scoring the only goal -- his eighth of the season. this moves them up into second place. frankfurt saw more gold, and frankfurt recovered from being too down to have three in the second half. benedict had an -- 86th minute point, and the purple patch continued with an away win over stuttgart. they have raised hopes that they could rejoin the european elite at the end of the season,
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qualifying for the champions league. >> stuttgart look to attack the start. to break the deadlock. in good form -- the visitors took the lead before halftime. was at the keeper before finishing the move. and plenty to smile about. stuttgart struggled to create chances with early equalizer. there were no such troubles in the 73rd moment met -- minute. a second goal would steal victory. stuttgart, as for they celebrate their fourth win in a row. >> around up of the bundesliga results so far. they salvaged a point in frankfurt. wolfsburg also drilled.
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freiberg picked up a rare three points. and on friday -- an impressive wind here -- win. the dortmund and bayern game is still underway. that leaves the table looking like this at the moment. will be following in dortmund anxiously right now. they could finish the weekend in second place if dortmund moves to bayern-munich. three points clear in the race for fourth and-time is down to 13th place after a bright start to the season. freiberg can breathe a little bit easier after their second win of the season. vettlel has pulled position in the last race of the season. poll and if he wins
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on sunday, this will be his 13th win of the season. schumacher and his record for the most wins in the season and a new record for consecutive wins. what can we expect next season? let's find out. vettel has not let the latest formula one title affect him. he has won several races since protecting his crown in india. >> it always sounds bad but if you look at the season, this was almost perfect and we achieved a lot. but if you get too comfortable with that, the results -- they will carry on doing the same thing. they are standing still. season, they will switch
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to the 1.6 liter turbo engines. they will be redesigned to comply with new rules. red bull will stay with for an alt as their provider. other teams like mercedes will make their own. >> one engine maker could have a clear advantage over the others. we won't know until we see the new engine. he may not be as dominant anymore. but i think next season will be similar to the last few years. >> sutherland's will have to be smart and work hard to stay at the top, just like they have in the past. sicilyt edna is spewing out smoke and ash again. life on the italian island is normal.
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they closed envelope a highway for half an hour. this is the most active volcano in europe, with alaska corruption coming in 1992. that is all for this -- with the last eruption coming in 1992. that is all for this hour. thank you for joining us. >> this is the filipino city of tacloban. scaleeft stunned by the of the destruction i passed downtown on the way from the airport. what i have seen in other places was bad enough but it cannot compare to this. here, the storm raged, without mercy.
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haiyan hit with wind speed of over 300 kilometers per hour. this that was not enough provoked a huge storm surge. the simple wooden house that once stood here had no chance against the high walls of water. they were washed away with many of the people who lived in them. amid the ruins, i come across this woman who is looking for her brother and his wife.
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>> up to the present time -- >> there is little left of her and the samee, goes for the other buildings. nobody knows how many of the dead are still buried under the rubble. the stench of decay says this is quite a lot. bodies are being uncovered every day. he is one of the men carrying them away.
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he and his colleagues have recovered 40 bodies this morning. men, women and children. is labeled and put in a mass grave and the authorities are worried about disease. the workers like him are being pushed to their limit. firefighters, we have to do this job, the more we canlt part of this, help the people here. then you know that we care.
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>> emergency workers have been tacloban from all over the country, deeply moved by the fate of the town. >> the future of this place, the people who live here, what will their christmas look like? their new year's? you wonder, also. i think that there is still lies ahead. why would you focus on the past? >> it seems many people think like that. this is the only explanation i can find for scenes like this.
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young people playing the guitar in the middle of death and destruction. this is about defiance, now, more than ever. now, we are a good 100 tacloban, away from in a neighboring island where the typhoon raged. it seems the whole world is loban, buting on tac people here like food and water. i come across a large crowd in this village. shipment is on the way, and they are standing patiently in line. a short time later, the truck
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arrives. i am surprised and impressed when i find this is not from the organization or the state. ordinary people from the south of the island gather and set off for the north. the organizer explained how this happened. >> these are donations from the more affluent families. they will give whatever they can. will give a portion of their daily allowance. seehis is where you can wherein whatever you have you still share with others. >> this may not be exactly what is needed.
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>> they have to help us. a lot of people really need help. >> in a nearby town, the first delivery of international aid has arrived one week after the typhoon. an israeli army medics unit has set up a field hospital on the grounds of a local clinic. and as many as 300 people per day are seeking treatment. >> she is sick, and she did not -- this is the damage.
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>> a lot of people are suffering man was repairing his roof and sliced open his foot after falling four meters. >> we will need to -- this is not about complicated. >> this wound could become life- threatening. antigua gave birth to a baby boy in the field hospital, she has named him israel. we are simply thanking them, -- >> the airports of the provincial capital is serving as
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a hub for the aid flights in the typhoon damaged areas. it's a good number of days everything clicked into place and this caused a lot of criticism. cargo aircraft are standing at the airport, ready to help the filipino air force. i return to tacloban with the relief workers. this warehouse is one of many distribution points in the region. workers packed 25,000 aid packages every day. from the department of social welfare -- they said the authorities could not have acted faster. scale, 255,000 into
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turkey. all at the same time. and from day one, on saturday, the day after the typhoon, the other agencies came here and started distributing relief. >> the government has promised to support the massive task of reconstruction. >> this will be for the long haul. were displaced or houses were damaged and it takes time for them to recover. seven years. until thet let go people stand with their own people. promisedvernment has 230 million euros, but will the money get to where it is needed where it is --
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needed. in downtown tacloban, the markets have reopened as well. people here say that they won't let the catastrophe defeat them. and i learn a word which best explains the attitude of the locals. >> that means never give up. i know. >> life has to go on. and it will, somehow. i felt the spirit of the people again and again during my time in the philippines.
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it has left a deep impression on me. haiyan caused enormous discussion -- distraction here, and ended many lives. but the typhoon has not broken the will of the people.
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