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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 26, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> too little, too late, u.n. inspectors had to the attack on monday, the evidence -- evidence is too old to be credible. the trial of the century in china wraps up the fallen star of chinese politics all of the charges against him. the water supply in san francisco is threatened.
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hello, thank you for joining us. those are our headlines. we do start with syria on monday the un inspectors are headed to the district in the east of damascus the task ascertain solely whether illegal arms were used or not with reports that u.n. inspectors have come under sniper fire this monday. coming almost one week after they were used, many say that it is too much too credible. viewers may find the following upsetting. >> new cause for literary intervention in syria. killed by a chemical gas attack that was carried out by syrian soldiers the official network
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on wednesday, at the same time weapons inspectors were in the capital. 10 kilometers from the hotel where the inspectors were staying. britain and france say that it could be too little, too late. the syrian regime says the opposition used chemical weapons with a stockpile belonging to rebel fighters. an expert still had a weak to carry out the samples to find out whether residents were exposed to chemical weapons. >> you can easily improved the use of a chemical agent.
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>> u.n. inspectors have a restrictive mandate that allows and to determine if chemical weapons were used, but not who might have use them. >> western leaders have coordinated their response by telephone through the option of u.n. intervention unlikely on the security council while other options are being looked at. the uk foreign minister said that the international response did not need a unanimous report. -- unanimous support. >> to answer your question, they have not been united on terror or shoulder during their -- shoulder their responsibilities. is it possible to respond to chemical weapons or act on chemical weapons? i would argue yes, it is. >> as russia and iran warned against military intervention
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the military affairs editor explains exactly what options they have. >> the best thing in the security council resolution is simply not going to happen. there is a precedent that could be used from 1999 in serbia which was also carried out without u.s. resin -- un resolution. the president at the time justified the intervention with civilian lives. given the number that are victims in syria, especially of the alleged gas attack last week the other more legal argument is the geneva protocol the band the use of poison gas in wartime. those who wanted to intervene in syria could use this as a legal
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reason for interfering, however in that case they would need to pull beyond the reasonable doubts that they did use chemical weapons in the attack last week. >> staying with the middle east palestinian officials say they have shelled a new round of peace talks with israel that were due to take place this monday. israel saying that soldiers were under fire and their lives were in imminent danger. overshadowing recent progress made in peace talks after a three-year high rate -- hiatus. the afghan president hamid karzai is visiting pakistan this monday. the summit underlining the need
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for some kind of cooperation between the neighbors to end the decade of conflict in afghanistan. the afghan taliban was long thought to have received funding and support from elements inside of pakistan. in india police have arrested a suspect in the latest shocking gang rape cage -- game -- gang rape case. in the case has rekindled concern about women's safety in the country less than one year after a fatal gang rape in new delhi sparked nationwide protests. >> rallying against rape, a few hundred indians including tv and movie stars marched in the streets to express their outrage at yet another gang rape case.
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>> i am not here to tell you what the punishment should be. but if you ask me, i think that raping a person is tantamount to murder. you have taken their dignity away, taken a life away. >> on sunday the police arrested the fifth and final suspect. they said they were working on assignment when they were attacked. been a while the young woman was repeatedly raped in an abandoned textile mill. that crime sparked nationwide protests, forcing authorities into stricter laws with broader definitions of sexual assault. under the new law, the suspects
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could face up to 20 years in prison. >> china, prosecutors have demanded a severe sentence. and potentially facing the death penalty, let's take a look back at the details of the trial. >> embezzlement and bribery, a former rising star in chinese politics who pleaded not guilty to all charges leveled against him. he said his political rival was trying to frame him and he called his wife insane, the former police chief of liar, and other prosecution witnesses mad dogs. foreign media was not present in the court room. the intermediate people's court
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the fall from grace followed the affair. the right hand and expose the plots. when wall street gave details power was handed to political rivals. his wife was given a suspended death sentence last year. she told the court that political statements were given to a french villa around the world. there were also accused of constructing the murder, saying that he was ashamed of the mistakes in the investigation and admitted to state funds. the chinese state media praise the signed the check -- a communist party corruption and 4 independent hong kong newspapers the case was a political show
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trial. >> in california in the u.s. one of the biggest wild fires in state history continues to range. -- rage. strong winds on the ground mean that fire crews face huge challenges barely 7% has been contained. >> 200 square miles of forest, there is no sign of waning. some 8000 firefighters are struggling to contain an area the size of chicago. 5000 homes are under threat and many have already been evacuated. >> we have a bit of a picture in there. >> california has declared a state of emergency.
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the fire is headed towards the reservoir, the source of 85% of the city's water, supplying power to the international airports. and extreme conditions and inaccessible areas have made it harder to tackle the blaze. >> as of today we will have gusts up to 30 miles per hour. in>> its spring so large that it is difficult for firefighters to predict. strong winds coupled with a dry summer have made it a rough year for the area prone to fires. >> there is no smoke without fire. this is the latest substitute for cigarettes, facing further criticism. groups saying that electronic cigarettes are no better than the real thing also limiting
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carcinogenic substances. >> repopulate in the public spaces, it does not burn tobacco or amid smoke with 1 million enthusiasts in france already, it may not be as harmless as people think. carcinogenic molecules never identified before were detected in the vapor of the cigarettes, containing similar amounts as the traditional summer -- traditional cigarettes, found in high proportions. they have also been criticized for nicotine content as a measuring the true amounts used to produce the smoke affect was not always given. there has been no call for an outright ban of yet, but someone like to see greater control by the authorities. >> before we go in france, tourism is one of the biggest sectors contradicting 7% of gdp
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in given years summer of 2013 is a season to forget the industry. the economy still struggles, and juliet explains. >> too many deck chairs empty and homes -- hotels with rooms not book. >> it has been a difficult season this year. partly because of the economic crisis. >> the number of french tourists dropped by 3.8%. many have been for less than one week. people looking for a way to cut costs. >> a friend lent me an apartment. >> the tourism industry has been
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hit. restaurants and bars are suffering. >> it was bad because of the horrible weather. it was not so good, there were not many tourists. august was better but people are not watching what they send. >> wading through the riviera it was a cheaper destination. >> more than one-third of french people have cheaper places. in august many went to the mountains because there were good value packages. >> big cities like paris, on the other hand, bucking the trend thanks to foreign writ -- foreign visitors. >> 15 minutes time. ♪
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>> french champions awaiting the season on sunday. certainly finishing on top of the trail ahead of monaco. no. 2, roger federal with the final major the season the lowest since 2002, clashing with the top fund majors, spaniards face the strong house in the third arm not to be getting ahead of themselves. >> i never considered myself as a favor -- as a favorite. i do not think i am a favorite. we have had good results until now. there are good results on the tournament. this is completely different for
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the last few weeks. a special tournament with five set matches. >> i have played as well. everything can happen. i am focused on my first round against harrison. in the open they faced off with any man in history in crushing the those. >> it is an exciting draw, really. the nearby we have never played here, we could make that focus so for me it is round by round
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like for any other player ahead. clearly i do not just look at the quarters, we are trying to win the tournament in the beginning. that is really where the focus is right now. >> opting to return to the racquet for the major final every year since 2003. serena williams prepares to open for the fifth title on monday and a campaign against stevens in the fourth round. the entire major comes from the women's followers successful at 31. >> [inaudible]
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now i am ready and prepared. >> the open champion is feeling confident ahead of flushing meadows. >> i think the whole recall, it was great preparation from one next to the other. i think that the most positive out of that was bringing it here. but it has nothing to do with this competition, zero is the grand slam and the last of the year. i am just looking forward to taking it one at a time. >> it is the memory of the
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agonizing defeat from the file -- final. >> she definitely takes the best out of what happened and i learned the last out of the match. just looking forward to putting myself in the opportunity. >> ranking at the open, she could clinch the top spot issuance failing in the final period. the third irishman to win in the second stage followed the earliest piece that was reeled in during the conference eventually caught up by the
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leader under the attack. meanwhile facing the team in the red jersey as the overall leader. ♪ >> today female vigilante's in india joined forces to combat rape. a terrifying experience in space. american next -- american students exposed the appalling state of the campus dormitory online. >> the gang rape of a student stunned india last week through another special attack and nationwide outrage.
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attacked and raped by several men in an exclusive neighborhood buzzing without rage over the discussion on how to stop them, groups of female vigilante's are now taking action. these groups in the northern province with the attack violent men when they think they are not doing anything. they are campaigning against child marriages and female illiteracy in society. female vigilante groups across india providing self-defense class is in rural areas.
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an italian astronaut on board the space station had a particularly frightening experience in july. the 36-year-old had a helmet that filled with water, it was a terrifying tale that he lived to tell. he recounted the near-death experience, he suddenly felt water on the back of his neck. it prompted him to allow his colleagues inside the space station. the helmet continued to fill with water blurring his vision making it difficult for him to move around. he did find his way back on board, where he was welcomed by his team.
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>> this video was posted online. bs are not has managed to make light of the incident. not likely to forget the near drowning in a hurry on or the international space station. regular postings shot through with the blue planet. students at george washington university in the u.s. are not happy and are intent on making it known. they set up a facebook page to expose the horrible conditions of a college dorm room, where more -- for mold was growing on the ceilings that have
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convinced authorities to take action to improve the conditions on campus. the new king of youtube is not a rock star or head of state. the 23-year-old swedish man develops video games for the cameras. posted online today 2 million views collectively. he will use the money on drinking for the projects. as we can see here, this american athlete has more than a spring in his step as he performs one amazing jump after the other.
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