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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  August 8, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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state television shows pictures of them marking the end of ramadan in one of the mosques. stephen carroll has details. >> arriving call my own smiling, the syrian president showed no signs had been disrupted. these images were project did on syrian state television -- these images were project did on the syrian state television. they had attacked the convoy on the journey to the mosque close to the capital. they say the strike had been carefully planned.
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>> the opposition have been monitoring the deployment of security forces, snipers, and the check points being set up. to know which mosque he was going to. found out yesterday that the security deployment was happening around 2:00 a.m. >> local residents confirmed they heard shelling but the president drove himself to the mosque. the confirm to you that news is completely untrue. this report shows the false report from media outlets and that the government was behind them. >> it's not possible to say for certain whether these were recorded or broadcast live, but the president does seem to have prayer later than usual in the broadcast had to be delayed because of the attack. this is bashar al-assad's third
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appearance this week. the festivities were disrupted on the other side of damascus where a car bomb in this district killed at least five people. watchnwhile, human rights says lebanon has been blocking entry for palestinians trying to enter the country from syria. the district was torn apart by the fighting there. human rights watch's a jerry simpson says lebanon is not living up to its obligations under international law. reason for know the this change in policy which took effect august 6. we spoke to deed the palestinians amongst 200 who the prevented on august 6 by lebanese border guards from entering lebanon. this is the first time this has happened, to our awareness, on
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the lebanese-cerium border. we have not been able to get confirmation from the lebanese authorities. it is clear, as we said in our press release today, that stopping people who want to claim asylum to stop the border to find time. refuge is unlawful and violates international law. we have been documenting border closures like this one since mid-2012. until recently, lebanon was the only country that did not close its border. we documented similar and worse practices in iraq the majority jordan, and turkey. in each situation, we documented how incredibly difficult it is for these country to deal with these numbers of refugees, especially with jordan and lebanon. we have called on the international community and donors to increase funding to assist these countries to cope
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with the numbers. theseuth is that countries are under strain. if you force people like syrian palestinians -- refugees including the elderly, the sick have a families with children among the 200 and if you force them to go back into syria, you're forcing them back into a situation where they are risking their lives. it is unlawful. >> around the world, they have been signaling the eid holiday marking the end of ramadan. people celebrating and we joined some of them. tracksuit eat a small, sweet reckless beeper going to the mosque for prayer, a symbolic
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marking the end of the month of from it on. eid is linked to the new moon. >> today, what has been predicted by the calculations, the probability becomes certainty. it is the advice of the clerics and theologians that we have thatt that and decided today will truly be the day of the new moon. that is the feast day that we call eid. eid is a celebration that brings families together. in this algerian bakery, the display is full of pastries for the evening meal, a highlight after 29 days of fasting. >> ramadan is suffering and sacrifice. we make sacrifices to pray, to worship god, to make donations, to give. the end of from a don is a joy. --the end of ramadan is a joy.
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last forasts of eid three days. supporters of ousted islamist president is longest morsi have been protesting camps. they have been forcing them to clear. the eu and the u.s. are urging the two to compromise saying that this only increases the risk of further bloodshed. one of the features following the ousting is an anti-american sentiment. >> anti-american slogans have been evident in the street here cents mohamed morsi was deposed july 3. the u.s. media agencies have now left in negotiations with the military on the muslim brotherhood have failed. this policy analyst doesn't find it surprising. click the u.s. does not have
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great credibility with either side right now. the muslim brotherhood accuses the u.s. of betraying democracy and supporting the coup. then the army and the new government accused the u.s. of being supportive of the brotherhood. it does not that the u.s. in a very good position. >> the u.s. administration has refrained from calling morsi's removal by the military a coup. if they did, they would stop the $1.5 billion in military aid the u.s. gives to egypt every year and it gives the u.s. some leverage here, something that is not accepted by everyone. this is my country. these are my internal affairs. they should not interfere. this is not a coup. this is us, the people, ok? if they want to cut the aid, they can. is also shared by the rebel campaign that sparked the protests leading to his ouster. they refused to meet any of the u.s. mediators saying they are siding with the muslim
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brotherhood. >> how can you allow them to .egotiate for anotherbracing situation and authorities are saying they will break up the pro-morsi sit and's-- sit in's soon. >> catherine, thanks for joining us. no end in sight to the stalemate. more supporters are still out in the streets. >> they are indeed. these warnings from the interim authorities showing a crackdown in the protests are imminent. they're going into the big in's.ns-- sit one outside of
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cairo university and they are celebrating the first day of the was a very and it celebratory atmosphere. lots of speeches on the state theuding from the wife of deposed president mohamed morsi. we have not heard anything from her since he was deposed july 3. she was saying egypt should be an islamist state and mohamed morsi will be coming back as president. i think it really was a symbolic appearance by her and it was very much a morale booster for the sit in. it was a very celebratory atmosphere, lots of families with children, and a lot of the activities through day were geared towards those children. there was a mini amusement park. spongebobw
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squarepants and barney the dinosaur. having said that, there is still . threat sitting over this they could very violently try to disperse the sit in's. i think it's very unlikely that will happen during the eid holiday which lasts four days here. most egyptians really would not accept any kind of bloody confrontation between security forces and the morsi so force -- morsi supporters through the religious holiday. the authorities are also hoping that maybe that the protest will dwindle as people go home to the different areas of egypt that they have come from to spend eid holiday with their families. we could see a crackdown on the protests if they are entering a deal negotiated in the meantime.
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>> two young british are recovering and tanzania after an attack on the island of zanzibar. and a moped splashed them with fluids. the injuries are not said to be life-threatening. this is the first such assault against foreigners in the popular tourist destination. k moody reports. blankets,ndled in they were transported from zanzibar to the asylum hours after being targeted in a brutal attack. they were walking through stone town when two men in a moped through acid on their faces, chest, and arms. the burns are not life- threatening but will likely leave scars. click the effect of the acid were not deep into the skin. >> this is the third acid attack in zanzibar in recent months, but the first against foreigners. tanzanian authorities said they were not aware of any motives
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and vowed to track down the culprits. >> we should cooperate to make sure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. i begged the nationals it's not something that we should be doing because tourism is a strong pillar of our economy. if we do that, we kill our economy and our livelihood in general. >> they had been working as volunteers on the semi autonomous island. the beaches attract thousands of tourists each year. or has been a recent spate of violence between christians and attack onter an acid a muslim cleric in the shooting death of a catholic priest. >> air-traffic slowly returning at the huge fire at the kenyatta airport. authority do not suspect terrorism. no serious injuries reported. sources close to the investigation have been telling news agencies of allegedly looting by emergency services at
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the scene. electronics equipment and cash. more than 500 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean sea. they were picked up by a naval patrol off the isle of subtly. theyost their lives before were saved by fishermen. another boat carrying 200 migrants mostly from sub-saharan africa were also picked up. a further 100 people, namely seery and families, rescued off the coast of the mainland. -- namely seery and families. families. david cameron urging a boycott on certain social networking ates after the suicide of young girl. >> remembering hannah smith, a young victim of cyber bullying. uk hungr-old from the
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herself after being taunted by her appearance by anonymous users on a social networking sites. her death sending shockwaves through the country. cameronnister david announcing a boycott. >> just because someone does something online, it does not mean they are above the law. groups callingg for tighter regulation while also warning of the dangers. opened the door to anonymity, anything can happen. >> anna smith was a user of .fm, a website with a question and answer formats. the young girl's father said she was driven to suicide by cyber bullies and has called for the website to face manslaughter or murder charges. whether or not that happens, the tragedy is a wake-up call for
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social network network users are increasingly at risk for receiving internet abuse. >> a reminder of the headlines and syria. ae state tv showing unharmed bashar al-assad at a mosque in damascus denying rebel claims that they hit his convoy. the tense standoff in egypt continues for morsi supporters. the protest camps will be cleared, they say. they say the stalemate must tend to avoid further bloodshed. muslims around the world celebrating the eid holiday for the end of ramadan. one now for business here france vingt-quatre. we are starting off in the eurozone and for once the news .s not bad >> quite encouraging to see that story it appears to be changing when it comes to the eurozone. the rather negative stories we have been talking about the last two years or so is now changing
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ever so slightly. we are seeing tentative signs coming out of the euro zone's biggest economy, germany, this thursday. experts in germany up 0.6% in june, more than forecast, following a string of different reports that suggests indeed the eurozone is turning a corner. clare murphy has been taking a closer look at the story. quarterssix straight of contraction, flickers of hope for the eurozone. german industrial production is way aboveom may, expectation. this thursday, german trade balance figures also boasting an increase or plus four june. the positive news from the biggest economy follows a not be upbeat survey. optimistic signs from the bank of france as well as signs of a slowing recession in spain and
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italy. >> there are many indicators, specifically those that concern the badce, but also intentions of company managers. these things are turning positive. it means that in the third or fourth quarter, we may have a positive sign for our gdp and we would be able to say that the recession is over. theith gdp growth in eurozone projected to turn gradually positive in the latter half of 2013, the oecd says they are confident leading indicators continue to signal a gain in currency areas. they retake the anticipated growth will not be enough to create jobs and struggling economies such as greece. national data released chose the rate of unemployment form a hitting 27.6%, a new record high. >> upbeat news for the global
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economy does not end with the eurozone on thursday. concerns that the world's second guest economy is slowing down are easing. chinese imports and exports grew more than than expected in july. particularing a spike suggesting chinese consumers are ready to spend more. analysts say it suggests the chinese economy is stabilizing after fears of a slowdown. by 5.1%in july growing compared to the same month in 2012. imports up by nearly 11%. the trade figures from both germany and china putting a feel-good factor across the world on thursday. >> over in the united states we see the feel-good factor reflected as all three main indices closing in positive territory for the first time this week. in earth prep -- in europe, closing in positive territory.
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mining shares doing well out of the news from china hoping that mineral consumption will go up in the second-biggest economy. european banking shares doing well. taking a look at individual corporate stories and you will understand why. shares in the german lender commerzbank rising during the trade despite reporting and 84% drop in second-quarter profits in comparison to 2012. better than expected in the vested -- and investors are pleased that they are making progress in dumping costly assets. meanwhile, warning they are in markets and conscious consumers particularly so in europe. with that backdrop, the biggest dude and drink company nestlé says it will be difficult to lead up to the growth target this year. they are behind the brands like 2% att and perrier down
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the close in europe. jpmorgan chase under pressure on wall street following the news that america's biggest banks facing tough scrutiny over its sale of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis. it caused huge losses for investors and in a filing, jpmorgan says they are criminal and civil probes on suspicion and violated u.s. securities law. we finish with this. google is taking a bite out of apple in the smart phone market. according to a research firm, android phones accounted for 79% from 69% shipments up one year ago. apple's market share was 13% ins year compared to 17% 2012. apple coming under a little bit of pressure there from google. but that's it for business.
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thank you very much. it is time for media watch. time to say hello to james creedon. u.s.-russia relations under the spotlight because of the snowdon situation and some people are calling for a boycott of the winter games in sochi. click that has been the response partially from obama, certainly stephen fry, the british actor, and others saying to boycott sochi. it is russian hypocrisy viewed from some. point toust briefly the international olympic committee trying to step back from this. saying, we just deal with sports. they did get political most notably with apartheid from 1964 until the tokyo game zone where. arabianr, the saudi
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olympic team were not going to send any women and the ioc got involved in that debate as well. are these issues comparable? those who think that obama and stephen fry are going too far say you cannot really make a comparison. >> if i were comparing it to nazi germany -- >> i think that's probably too far. >> meanwhile, the murdoch press under the spotlight for good and bad reasons. like speaking of not see germany. speaking of nazi germany. the murdoch-owned "daily telegraph," the front page on tuesday, colonel flinklink from "hogan's heroes," a pretty political segment i would say. kevin rudd helping to contest
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and win for his arty and that is murdoch saying, we don't want you. a lot of criticism for not rather political stance. theyurdoch press saying are the kingmaker. they have a control over a lot of front pages. moving to ireland for a less controversial story, depending on your point of view. finally ditching page three girls on "the irish sun." aren't because "boobs news." keeping themll be in britain as opposed to this effort from "the irish sun." they are still keeping an attractive lady. ,f you recall the irish public do you welcome them removing page three? an overwhelming no. readers of the journal there,
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but there you go. that is not even being welcomed by some. theinally, pakistan and mustache as a symbol of defiance. >> do we have a picture of mal ik? attention ofetting journalists in pakistan and now the world. he had to leave his region. he was on the border region with afghanistan. in 2009, he was put in a cave because of that particular mustache. it verysly did not find attractive. >> we should not laugh. >> it was cut off and he had to flee his native region for pesce wire -- peshwar. are sayingndividuals that facial hair should be kept in a certain manner to be in line with a rather extreme doctrines, etc. he is saying that the country of italy, i'm never getting rid of
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this mustache. let's take a listen. it is the most precious thing i have. i have had this mustache for such a long time. i left mine native region and if necessary, i will go
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08/08/13 08/08/13 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! no, i'm not a bad person. i don't have a felony. i've never been to prison. i hold a job. i just finished up my masters degree. >> over the past decade, new york police had made 5 million stop and frisk's -- mostly of young black and latino's


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