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funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the departments of education of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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it's weird. that man's been sitting out there all afternoon. actually he's been out there since this morning. i wonder what he's doing. looks to me like he's reading a newspaper. yeah, but all day ? shouldn't we do something ? do what ? he'sust reading a paper. now, are you sure you understand everything on the list mr. brashov ? if i understood all this i wouldn't need you. don't worry. nothing will go wrong, and i'll be back in a week. i'd better get my coat. i just have
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time to pick up azza and get to the airport. - have a wonderful vacation. - well, it is a working trip for jihan, but we're hoping to spend some time together. i better hurry. mr. brashov, have you noticed the man who's been sitting out front ? jamal, what does this mean ? mr. brashov ? if water pressure is low turn valve on left ? mr. brashov. he's got oth things on his mind. i'm glad he's not concerned. concerned about what ? the man who's been hanging around outside. - he looksike he's waiting foa - that's not a bus stop. i know that. i said, he looks like he's waiting for a bus. i think he's checking out the place. why ? well, maybe he's gog to do something. he looks like trouble. the man's just reading a newspaper. there's no law against that. you're right, jess. time for me to be heading home. - say hi to carol. - i will. what do you want ? i need something to eat. - rosa ! - yes ? make one of your special turkey sandwiches. now !
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- you want a salad with that ? - oh, sure. - put a side of potato salad with that. - katherine, are you crazy ? - i just put everything away. - well, take it back out. i-- i just want-- just relax. no problem. your food will be right up. katherine. one turkey sandwich coming right up. what's going on ? - what's this, exercises ? - quiet, henry. oh. sorry. whatever you say. - wait a minute. what-- what are you doing ? - please, stay calm. - we'll give you whatever you want. - your food is almost ready. wait. i don't think you understand. no, no. please, please. i'm not holding you up. i just camin to see if you had any leftovers... that might be in the garbage. i think we mayay have behaved foolishly. you came in here acting like you had a gun and demanded food. it's cold out there. i was just trying to keep my hands warm. mr. brashov, i really must leave. please go, and enjoy your trip. - good-bye, everyone. - have a nice trip. why did you make us put our hands in the air like that ? - i didn't do that. you did. - there's been a big misunderstanding.
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i can understand why you might have thought that. i'm sorry if i upset you. - oh, no ! jamal ! - too late. where's the flashlight ? he you go. this says to check the circuit box. i'll be right back. "flip switches on left first off and then back on." i know how to do that. try it again. what are all these wires ? beats me. do you mind if i take a look ? do you know anything about electricity ? a little. that's more than we know. jamal hasn't been gone five minutes, and already something breaks. how did you do that ? one of your relay switches is bent,
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so i repositioned the contacts. of course. simple. thank you. unfortunately, it's only temporary. it will have to be replaced. i'll have jamal fix it as soon as he returns. - our guest here fixed the light for us. - lucky for us. sit, sit. look, i'm sorry about what happened. - you should be. - oh, katherine, it is us who should be sorry. i am victor brashov, and this is katherine and jess... and henry, and rosa is in the kitchen. you can call me frank. are you really that desperate for food ? i ven't eaten in days. i sit out there, smelling the cking in here. i told you my cooking was irresistible. i'd better get going before carol starts worrying about me. - yeah, me too - good night, jess, henry. go on, katherine. you need to take care of your children. i dot want my cooking to go to waste.
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thank you. i was just wondering. how did you know how to fix the circuit box ? - it's part of my training. - training ? for what ? i'm an auto mechanic. well, not at the moment, t that's what i used to do. will you be all right, mr. brashov ? should one of us stay ? don't be silly. go home. good night. see you tomorrow. good night. have you been out of work a long time ? almost a year and a half. yes, but you have been trying to find a job ? every day. but i guess lately i've sort of given up. i know how tough it can be. but you must not give up. i guess i'm getting a little tired of having doors slammed in my face. this afternoon is the first kindness...
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i've received in a long time. - thank you. - oh, no. thank you for fixing the lights. good luck. [ narrator ] money exerts a powerful innce... on nearly every aspect of our lives. more of our waking hours are focused on earning money... than anything else. while great wealth is not essential to a meaningful life a lack of money can cause anxiety and conflict both for individuals and for families. i haven't had any food. they said they won't give us any food stamps. we had to sell everything we had except our clothes. we had dreams, but they all went down the drain.
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used to in aank paing lo all of us, we've been through hell. most of these people they don't want to live like this. they don't want to go dumpster-diving every day behind mcdonalds... to collect the old hamburger and cheeseburgers. but that's what they do to cope in a positive manner. [ narrator ] the effects of poverty can often be seen on the faces of children. since my mom was sick in the hospital-- she had hepatitis, and she was late with her rent. and she offered to pay the late fee and a little bit more than the rent was and the managers didn't take it. then we moved up to a hotel. then it's like we kept on moving. [ narrator ] children of poverty grow up qukly. they've had to share responsibility for the family's survival. part of survival is for both parents to work.
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parents have a tough time oft. they have to work. they're not out there working just because they want to, because it's fun or to buy a fur coat or go to europe. working to put food on the table. [ narrator ] when it's difficult to find a job or housing some people turn to organizations that help families in need. the only reason we got an apartment was because the managers... were associates with us; we knew them from here. [ narrator ] for most families, the challengis to manage the limited amou of money that is available. it was really frustrating because we didn't have a whole lot of money. but we started doing things together: taking long walks, looking for aluminum cans so that we could treat the kids to ice cream on weekends. you know, that's what it really comes down to. if you had this much money what would you spend it on ? toys, cars, homes, whatever. you can't get evything you want. [ narrator ] most families have found that's true. you can't have everything want. decions and choices must be made
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every step of the way. hello, hello. "the meeting should be over by 10:00. hope you're not too tired. love, jihan." hello. yes, this is mr. al-jibali. you found my luggage ! fantastic ! when will you deliver it ? that's impossible. i can't wait two or three days.
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it's all right sweetheart. not you, my baby. with you, it is not all right. i need my luggage. please, calm down. don't cry. shh, shh. i know you're not crying. my daughter is. shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. hello. hello ? wonderful. shh, shh, shh, shh.
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hello. you finally made it. i'm sorry i'm so late. the meeting lasted much longer than expecte how was your flight ? it was great until they sent my luggage to england. you're joking. uld i joke about something like that ? when will you get them back ? they're not sure. the plane hasn't landed yet. maybe they'll end up in russia or some place. i'm sure the airline will return them soon. how do you like the room ? it's nice. the company is paying for everything. that's nice too. i better get ready for bed. i have an early meeting in the morning. can we have breakfast tomorrow ? it's a breakfast meeting. how about later ? we'll have to wait and see. it's a very busy day tomorrow. i still don't understandhis. i've tried everything jamal recommended, and it still jams.
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what will you do if you can't fix it ? send you to the hardware store for a new dead bolt. yes, but who's going to install it ? oh, hello. hello. i hope i'm not disturbing you. no, no. come in. i was just trying to get this lock to work. - what's wrong with it ? - i wish i knew. it keeps jamming every time i lock it. - do you mind if i take a look ? - you don't have to do that. well, actually, i was hoping to pay you back for dier last night. that is not necessary. and i think i may be able to fix that problem in your circuit box. i picked up a relay switch from a friend of mine at a junkyard. that should do it. you really do know a lot about repairs, don't you ? better go see about that circuit breaker. i-- wait. i think i have an idea. i am not a very good handyman and this cafe certainly needs one. how would you like to fill in for
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the week while jamal is out of town ? - i can only pay minimum wage. - i-- i don't know what to say. how about "yes" ? - yes. - good. then it's settled. i'd better go take care of this. is that such a good idea, mr. brashov ? you hardly know him. i know he's a better handyman than i am. katherine tells me you hired the guy thatas in here the other day. - he's an excellent worker. - i can't believe the way mr. brashov's taken to him. - you'd think they had been friends for years. - i feel sorry for him it is a hard life he's living. a lot of people are out of work nowadays, katherine. i'm sure they didn't all choose that. the awning's fixed, mr. brashov. it just needed some new bolts. good work. now sit down. you haven't eaten all day. rosa, fix frank one of your specials. swiss chicken comi right up. we'll have to finish our game tomorrow, victor. i've got to go. good-bye, my friend. good night,
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jess. sit down. katherine, bring frank some coffee. i hope you don't mind my asking this but how can you have so many skills and still not have a job ? when i was laid off from the factory, i thought i'd get another job really quickly. it just didn't work out that way. did you apply at other factories ? sure, and dealerships and garages. then i don't understand. i'm just no good when it comes to interviews. i get nervous, my head starts to hurt. i just freeze up. let me guess. you needed just one more cup of coffee. i wish that was it. my car won't start. i need to call a tow service. just a minute, jess. frank is a mechanic. why don't you let him take a look at it ? would you mind ? no, i'd be happy to. i'll show you where it is. i know. may i slip into the middle
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of the story you are watching... to bring you apecial segment of "word play" ? i know i don't have to ask, but there are occasions when it's very important to ask permission... before you take action.
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another phrase you can use to ask permission... is "do you mind if--" do you mind if i say good-bye for this episode of "word play" ? that's what i was hoping you would say. i can't tell you how grateful i am. you saved me a lot of money. no problem. no, please. i'm glad to be of help. are you sure ? well, thanks again. you're welcome. good night.
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he really is good with cars. i wish there was something we could do to help him. don't you think we've done enough for him ? are you forgetting he tried to rob us ? no, he didn't. - you jumped to "conclusives." - i think you mean "jumped to conclusions." whatever. you made a mistake. well, all i know is, he wouldn't take any money for fixing my car. - i think there may be something we can do. - what ? i'm still good friends with the chief mechanic down at the post office. maybe if i have a talk with him. she's been quiet all evening. no trouble at all. - i'm so glad. - what an angel. - thank you for sitting with her. - a pleasure. good night. good night.
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is something wrong, jamal ? no. you've hardly said a word all night. i don't have much to say. what's wrong ? did i do something ? tell me. i have just spent the entire evening discussing diapers and baby formulas with the wives... while you've been playing the bright young executive with the husbands. i work with these men. what did you expect me to do ignore them ? this was supposed to be a trip for all of us to enjoy. instead, azza and i have hardly seen you. that's not fair. you knew that i would-- so far i've been nothing... but a baby-sitter. you knew that i wouldn't be able to be with you all of the time. you haven't spent any time with us, let alone help me take care of her. what do you want me to do ? i can't be in two places at the same time. when you went back to work we agreed... that we would share the responsibility for azza. but lately i seem to have all the
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burden, especially on this trip. i know that since the promotion i've been working longer hours but i've never let my job come before my family. i don't think that's true. jamal, what do you want from me ? are you asking me to quit my job and stay home ? is that what you want ? i don't know what i want. well, did you speak to your friend yet ? it's all set. he's coming by at lunchtime. i've told him all about frank. wonderful. i'm afraid you're wasting your time, jess. well, it my time and i've sure got a lot of it. frank, would you come in here, please ? is everything all right, mr. brashov ? yes, of course. we just wanted to tell you the good news. a friend of mine is chief mechanic at the post office garage... and he needs some help in the shop. - i've asked him to come by to
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meet you. - i have an interview today ? well, it's not really an interview. you have nothing to worry about. well, look at me. my clothes. i need a shave. don't even have a resume anymore. you've got to believe me. i am no od at this sort of thing. now don't start that. you'll do fine - you'll do fine because we are going to help you. - you are ? - we are ? - yes, we are. jess, you and i will take frank in the back and start working with him. the rest of u join us when it is not too busy. ta-da ! i think you are ready. he better be. marty just walked in. don't worry. you look great. here's your resume. you'll knock them dead. - i wish i had your confidence. - you'll do fine.
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just go out there and be yourself. good luck. marty, this is the fellow i've been telling you about. frank, say hello to marty. hi ! hello. sit down, frank. jess ss you saved him a ton of money on his car. he's good, but i'll let him tell you. well, i'll tell you, you made a pretty big impression on old jess. he's a nice man. did he tell you about my shop ? yes, he did. have you had much experien working with vans and trucks ? at an automobile factory. at did you do ther? well, actually all sorts of things. frank, could you give me just a little bit more of an example ?
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may i take a look at that ? yeah, i guess so. thank you. do you mind ? you're going to have to excuse me. we tried. can i talk to you for a moment ? sure. i'm sorry yo interview didn't go well. i froze up just like i knew i would. - i guess i let all of you down. - you didn't let us down. you let yourself down. but you know what ? i know how you ft. i doubt it. no, really. when my husband and i got divorced, i had to find work fast and i was terrible at job interviews. the day i came into crossroads cafe, i was so nervous that i almost got sick.
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- yes, but you got the job. - sure. i used a trick that my father taught me when i had to give a speech in high school. he told me to imagine the audience in their underwear. i did. and believe me, it worked. - so, when you looked at mr. brashov-- - you guessed it. i didn't expect you so early. the meetings are over. we have the rest of the day to ourselves. so i thought, perhaps we could take azza sightseeing. that would be nice. this is for you. - i'm sorry this trip was so awful. - it wasn't that bad. wait a minute.
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oh. i know your family is more important to you than your job. i shouldn't have said that. i love you both so much. it looks as if everything went oothly while i was gone. if you only knew. but the list was helpful ? oh, very. i'm going to keep it for emergencies. - hello, everybody. - how did the interview go ? this time marty was very impressed. - i got the job, and i owe it all to you, mr. brashov. - me ? all i had to do was think of you. closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles
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crossroads cafe is a series th
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