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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 5, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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11:00 on captioning sponsored by cbs >> no, we're not backing down. >> glor: the president at odds with many in his own party. >> i don't think you're going to have a problem. >> glor: also tonight, trump campaign aide sam nunberg says he won't comply with the special prosecutor's subpoena. >> thank god,nk. >> glor: an airline passenger tries to open the cabin door in flight. hundreds of thousands still without power, and another nor'easter is brewing. who is a bigger target for scam artists, seniors or 20-somethings? we'll have the answer? >> and the oscar goes to... >> glor: a thief. the great hollywo gold heist of 2018. >> we did it. we did it. >> glor: and shaqueem griffin is absolutely dominating. >> glor: he's racing toward
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the n.f.l. an moving nothing can stop him. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: gooev frightening pictures you saw in our headlines of that scare in the air. we will have that story in just a few minutes. but we begin here tonight with a wild series of statements from man under subpoena in the investigation of russian meddling. former trump campaign aide sam nunberg said today he will not comply with the special counsel and dared robert mueller to have him arrested. here's justice reporter paula reid. >> mueller thinks that trump is the manchurian candidate. >> reporter: the former trump campaign aide believes investigators have evidence that the trump campaign may have colluded with the russians, but nunberg refuses to appear before a federal grand jury. he called several media outlets this afternoon to explain why he will defy a subpoena from special counsel robert mueller. >> what they sent me was absolutely ridiculous. why should i hand them e-mails
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from november 1, 2015? >> if you're held in contempt of court -- >> i think it would be really, really funny if they wanted to arrest me. >> reporter: nunberg was part of the trump campaign before it was officially launched in june 2015. he was fired for offensive social media posts just two months later. he says he's not trying to protected the president. >> i'm in the a fan of donald trump, and you well know. >> reporter: nunberg says he's spent five and a half hours being interviewed by federal investigators, and based on their questions, he believes the special counsel may have evidence against president trump. >> trump may have very well done something during the election with the russians. if he did that, you know what, it's inexcusable. if he did that. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders pushed back. >> i definitely think he doesn't know that for sure, because he's uncorrect, as we've said many times before. there was no collusion with the trump campaign. >> glor: paula, what's next
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for sam nunberg? >> well, mueller wouldn't try to put nunberg before a grand jury uns will he thought that he had some valuable evidence to present. so if nunberg does not cooperate, he could be held in contempt and be looking at possible jail time. jeff? >> glor: paula reid in our d.c. bureau. paula, thank you. today the president stood by his plan to put tariffs on imported steel and aluminum as he faces criticism from the highest levels of his own party. major garrett is at the white house with more on. this major? >> reporter: jeff, president trump focuses on china when he talks about trade deficits, but china provides less than 1% of annual u.s. steel imports. far larger suppliers, allies like can dark south korea, japan and mention coke all of whom fear tariffs and what they can sometimes bring. >> are you going to back down on the tariffs? >> no, we're not backing down. >> reporter: president trump said he will press ahead with tariffs on all imports of steel and aluminum. details are pend, but mr. trump
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has threatened a 25% tax on steel and a 10% tax on aluminum, all in the name of protecting u.s. manufacturers. >> i don't think there's a problem. i don't think you're going to have a trade embargo. >> reporter: in a rare split, house speaker paul ryan fears precisely that. countries hit by tariffs could retaliate and hurt u.s. businesses. in a statement, a ryan spokeswoman said the speaker is urging the white house to not advance with this plan. the new tax reform law has boosted the economy, and we certainly don't want to jeopardize those gains. what's your reaction to speaker ryan. >> we have a great relationship with speaker ryan. we're going to continue to have one. that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. the president has been committed and talked about this for many years. >> >> reporter: nothing about this will jeopardize economic growth? >> the president feels strongly that we have to protect some of the industries that are the become bone of this country, and
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we have to protect american workers. >> reporter: the president also linked the tariffs to the renegotiation of the north american free trade agreement or nafta, suggesting a new deal could spare mexico and canada from the import tax. >> if i do make a deal which is to the americaworkers and the american people, i imagine that would be one of the points that will be steel for can this mexico, so we'll see what happens. >> glor: major, canouout the hio tariffs? steel has been considered a bedrock industry in the united states for decades. with t political clout nixon, cd reagan g all either imposed protective measures to help steel out inch 2002 george w. bush imposed what he then calleo expire because ofessure and thef
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retali okay, major garrett at the white hto the midair sca. we mentioned at the top, passenger tried to open the door of a plane in flight today. here is transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> thank god. thank god. >> reporter: passengers on board united express flight 5449 restrained this boise, idaho, woman, who was ranting about being god. you can see a passenger working to tie up the woman's feet as another man holds her down in the aisle. moments earlier she had tried to open the aircraft door while the plane was in flight traveling from san francisco to boise this morning. that plane landed safely and boise police were waiting at the gaeta. the woman was taken for medical evaluation. the utilitied express plane was operated by skywest airlines and had 73 passengers on board. experts say it would be impossible to open the door in the pressurized cabin of a plane in the air, but that wouldn't make it less terrifying for the
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people on board. boise police tell us the officers who responded will forward an incident report to the local prosecutor to determine if charges are warranted. locally we have also learned the f.b.i. is now investigating. jeff? >> glor: kris van cleave, thanks very much. from virginia to massachusetts, massive cleanup continues after the weekend nor'easter. it is blamed for at least nine deaths, including two children struck by falling trees. more than 350,000 homes and businesses are still without power tonight. at mount vernon in virginia, high winds brought down a tree believed to have been planted by george washington 227 years ago. now a new winter storm is bringing snow and freezing rain to the dakotas and minnesota tonight, and that system is headed toward the northeast with plenty of snow expected by wednesday. meterologist eric fisher is tracking all of this. eric? >> reporter: very busy times here, jeff. a blizzard full-fledged across
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the northern plains and upper midwest tonight. very strong winds up and down the plains with high-wind warnings as well as wind advisories. gusts over 60mph at times. blizzard warnings in red across south dakota and eastern parts of montana. heavy snow has been swinging through minneapolis. now there are winter storm watches up across all the northeast corridor for what this storm will become down the road. this energy will swing dunn across the appalachian, become a nor'easter, and move right along the shoreline once again. this is a colder storm than last week, so big snow totals just northwest of the i-95 corridor. over a foot of snow looks likely. some of those heavier totals could make their way into new york city as well as hartford with this one. and more strong winds, not quite as intense as last weekend's storm, but any strong winds, more rough surf, more coastal flood, jeff, is not what anyone needs along the eastern seaboard right now. >> glor: even more concern for those folks without power tonight. eric, thank you very much. bad things have been known to russians who cross vlami putin. now a former spyaccused of
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being is fighting for his life inin poisd here's elibeth palmer. reporter: t man in criticdi is reported to be sergei sipal, a heas arrested in forne spying for britain. but in 2010, he left russia, part of a prisoner ein return fn sleeper agents, including the infamous anna chapman, who had been operating in the u.s. in salisbury, the town where skripal had settled, witsses say he and a woman companion collapsed on a bench on sundt wy and a younger girl. she was sort of leaning on him. it looked like she passed out maybe. he was doing some strge hand movements, looking up to the sky. >> reporter: the couple was rushed to the hospital suffering from what police say is exposure to an unknown substance.
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meanwhile, hazmat teams scoured and then cordoned off an area in salisbury's town center. so far the police say this is not a counter-terrorism case. but all britons will recall the 006 murder of another russian intelligence officer, alexander litvinenko, in london. he was poisoned by radioactive plutonium in what british intelligence believes was a russian state ordered execution. >> glor: liz, why would russia potentially target skripal now after all these years? >> well, if he was targeted, and that's still a big if, jeff, obviously, but he was a very unlikely choice. he apparently kept a low profile since coming here. his espionage was reported to be identifying russian spies to the europeans in the 1990s, so he didn't have current information that would threaten the kremlin, as far as we know, and been officially pardoned, a sign
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that moscow had c the file back on him in 2010. >> glor: elizabethalmer, thousands of striking teachers jammed west virginia's state capital today as schools were closed for an eighth day. no class for 277,000 students. the teachers demand 5g% pay raise. the state senate has offered 4%. west virginia ranks 48th in teacher pay. the average is $45,000. oklahoma is 49th. teachers there are considering a strike now next month. in syria some food and medicine finally reached civilians today in eastern ghouta, the rebel-held suburb of damascus where 700 people have been killed by syrian and russian air strikes in the past two weeks. in the north it is ally versus ally. america's most effective ptner against isis, the kurds, are now fighting turkey. seth doane is the first u.s. correspondent to reach afrin since the fighting broke t. a warning here, some of what you're about to see is graphic.
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>> reporter: throughout syria's seven her year war, afrin was untouched, but not anymore. since january, turkey has been targeting the ethnic kurds who live here with air strikes and shelling. it sees the kurdish forces as a terrorist group on their border. >>this man just came up to me ad started crying and pointing to the sky and motioning about air strikes. while afrin is kurdish held, it's syrian territory, so president bashar al-assad sent in fighters to support them inch yet anr twist to this wthe veryo have been armed and trained by the u.s. in the battle against isis. thousands of civilians have fled surrounding villages in the last two months. this is an unfinished house that about a week ago has become a shelter. now among pigeons and in the dark, 18 families live here,
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including sherehan hasan and her six kids. how is it living in this place? "we were so frightened and scared," she told us. "it's all just too much." at the small-town hospital, dr. khalil ahmed is overwhelmed. they received 27 new patients overnight who had been caught up in air strikes. "in the morning i see injured children. at night i see injured children. what did they do to deserve this," he asked. the boy in the bed has shrapnel injuries and his mother was burned. "he tried to run," said his grandmother, "but the air strikes followed us" and left another grandson without his eyes. the hospital told us the little boy has been saying, "i want to see." seth doane, cbs news, afrin, syria. >> glor: coming up next on the "cbs evening news," who is an easier target for scammers, the
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other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. >> glor: older people are often warned they could be the targets of con artist, but a surprising new report from the federal trade commission says younger folks, those in their 20s, are even more vulnerable. here's anna werner. >> it hurts a lot. again, it's one of the biggest life lessons i've had to learn. >> reporter: of los he never thought he would fall victim the a scam. >> i felt violated. i was beside myself and i was most upset i let myself down. >> reporter: sigman needed money. he signed up to mystery shop local businesses and review their customer service, paying him a small fee for the first
6:47 pm
couple jobs. then in january he got a bigger assign. evaluate money transfer businesses by cashing a $2,900 check e wiring the money back to them. >> shortly after, about a couple hours after taking all that money out from the bank and sending it away, i got a call from wells fargo saying it's fraudulent and that i'm on the hook for the entire amount that's been taken out. >> reporter: fake check fraud can hianyone,ut a new scam risk report from the better business bureau shows it's one of the most frequent tricks played on millennials, those aged 25 to 34. on top of that, the federal trade commission found twice as many millennials who reported fraud in 2017 lost money as did people over 60. monica baca is with the f.t.c.'s bureau of consumer protection. >> some of these older folks are doing a really good job recognizing fraud when they come upon it. they're doing a really good job avoiding a loss. and they want to warn people
6:48 pm
about it. >> reporter: and while older people are more likely to become victims of phone scam, the b.b.b. reports younger people, as might be expected, were more likely to fall for online scams like social media or the internet. >> i like to think i'm fairly well educated. i was completely blind sided. >> reporter: one interesting thing to know, when the older people did lose money, they least more, a median $621 for those in their 70s as opposed to a median $400 for those in their 20s. people in their 20s lost more often. >> glor: it would be nice if nobody was scamming in the first place. >> reporter: absolutely. absolutely. no thanks, anna. >> glor: up next, grand theft oscar. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. >> glor: it was a big night for frances mcdormand. she won her second academy award only to have it stolen hours later. she called on women in the oscar audience to stand up for
6:52 pm
themselves. here's jamie yuccas. >> meryl, if you do it, everybody else will. come on. >> reporter: frances mcdormand's speech captured a movement. focused on diversity and women's empowerment. >> we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. >> reporter: she stole the show. hours later her oscar would be stolen. terry bryant who goes by the name d.j. matari posted this video on social media after allegedly taking mcdormand's engraved oscar from the official oscar party. >> who wants to tell me congratulations? bryant's instagram account shows him trophies from several wig awards shows. mcdormand was seen crying after bryant left the oscar party with her statue. he was immediately spotted bay photographer as someone who did not win. los angeles police said the photographer followed bryant anm bryant took the oscar from him. the oscar was returned to the
6:53 pm
recipient. jeff, police say that bryant definitely did have a ticket to the governors ball, but no one is quite sure how he got it. he will be arraigned in court tomorrow on grand theft charges. >> glor: my guess is he won't be there next year, and good work by that photographer. jamie, thank you very much. up next here, a one-handed football player shows why he ma. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by pacific life, protecting generations for 150 years. that's the power of pacific. what are the ingredients of a life well lived? is it the places you go? the things you own? or the people that fill it with meaning? for 150 years, generations of families have chon pacific life for retirement and life insurance solutions. protecting what's most important to you. that's the power of pacific.
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throat tightness; face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia®, as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections, which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia. >> glor: we end here tonight with the story of a young man who has inspired millions. 22-year-old shaque griffin, who was born with a condition that led to the amputation of his
6:57 pm
left hand, hopes to play pro football. this past weekend he electrified scouts and fans at the nfl combine. the n.f.l. combine can get repetitious, literally, hundreds of prospects lifting, jumping, and running day after day. >> go work. go work! >> glor: but shaque griffin elevated everything. bench pressing 225 pounds with prosthetic has been. >> come on. come on. >> i got you. i got you. >> glor: and running the fastest 40-yard dash for any linebacker in more than a decade. >> shaqueem griffin is absolutely dominating. "if shaqueem griffin doesn't get drafted in the first two day, the system is broken." demarcus ware chimed in, "you
6:58 pm
got my vote." griffin was born with an underdeveloped hand and amputated when he was four years old. his twin brother, shaquille, only one minute older than him, plays for the seattle seahawks and is his brother's biggest fan. >> i'm proud of him. he came through all this diversity. >> who else, shaqueem griffin. >> glor: at the university of central florida, shaqueem became a star. >> he's got that passion, never gives up on a play. >> glor: a steely determination that was on full display, something he joked about with his brother last month while training in dallas. >> i'm telling you, i'm going to beat his time. i'm going to let everybody know now. >> don't put that much pressure on yourself. this is stuff they write down and it never goes away. >> glor: as it turns out, identical times for identical twins who hope to have n.f.l. seeing double. a future buffalo bill, we'll take it. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. the news continues now 24/7 on cbsn. there's elaine quijano a
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did somebody steal her oscar? >> it's mine. >> the guy accused of swiping frances mcdormand's best actress oscar. she's in tears when she thinks it's gone. and you are live on the oscars right now. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> is this mike young? >> it was mind blowing. >> margot robbie's oscar oops. she had to sue up her dress. plus recycling rita moreno's oscar dress. >> this dress is 56 years old. >> tiffany had dish wears her dress -- haddish wears her dress for the third time. >> and it seacrest. >> all five nominees avoided
7:01 pm
ryan seacrest. >> did tsl


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