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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 5, 2018 7:00am-8:54am EST

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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ captioning funded by cbs a good morning. it's monday, march 25th 2018. welcome to "cbs morning news." hollywood's biggest night belongs to women. e.t.'s kevin frashier was on the rhett carpet and has highlights on the ceremony. a show jourch tween president trump and some of his closest republican allies over proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. why he, wes a trade war. new footage from the ambush reveals how they were dangerously exposed and badly outnumber ed
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outnumbered. plus children as young as four are digging up a mineral that power yours phones and laptops and electric cars. that i go to the dm caratic republican of congo to see the toxic conditions firsthand. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. that's what this year has promised us. >> hollywood shines. off the hook. american consumers and their allies. police reconsider your solution. a delegation from south korea. president trump says north korea called up and would like to talk. florida lawmakers are set to
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vote and planned to arm teachers. >> we're going to stop them before they get in the door. a powerful nor'easter battled much of the region. >> this is a mess. i haven't seen it this bad ever. >> an airport in southeast china comes crashing down as heavy rains and winds lashed the buildings. >> all that -- >> junior mcgarvey fires a prayer at the buzzer and buries it. >> -- and all that matters -- >> to everybody who went and saw this movie, who told somebody to buy a ticket thank you, i love you. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> things are changing for the better. they're making sure of that. it is positive change. this is a night for positivity and our plan is to shine a light on a group of outstanding and inspiring films each and every one of which got crushed by
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"black panther" this weekend. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning," and we all want to say, you're welcome, jordan peele. didn't you think he was thinking of us when he said he wanted to thank those who saw the movie and told others? >> yes. i was also the guy halfway behind the couch throughout the movie. norah o'donnell is on assignment with "60 minutes." bianna golodryga bianna golodryga is at the table with us. good to have you here. after months of scandal over sexual misconduct. "the shape of water" won best picture but the ceremony showed the tide had turned with women the focus right from the start. >> a string of presenters called
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for female power. three of harvey weinstein's three female accusers shared the oscar spotlight. >> it was a challenge to male dominance and kevin frazier with our partners at entertainment tonight saw it all from the red carpet and backstage. what a night it was, kevin. good morning. >> what a night, bianna. you know even though the four acting honors were not surprised going to the long predicted front-runners. last night's oscars still delivered a surprisingly predicted message of women taking back hollywood. that was especially true when frances mcdormand accepted her award for best actress. >> i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over pick me upi've got a few things to say. >> she made a simple but revolutionary request. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees stand
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with me tonight, the actors filmmakers producers. look around, ladies and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell. >> reporter: on a night when it took a visible stand for vulnerability, three of harvey weinstein's accusers were invited to address a global audience. >> the changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying time's up. >> reporter: weinstein contends all of his sexual encounters were consensual. jimmy kimmel was among those who said sexual harassment in hollywood must stop. >> if we can do that women will only have to deal with sexual harassment all the time every other place they go. >> reporter: rachel morrison was nominated in the cinema
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photographer category. emma stone gave a similar nod to the first female nominated for best director in eight years. >> these four men and gerwig created their own masterpieces this year. >> reporter: while neither woman won the honor at least the correct nominations were mentioned. >> la-la land. >> it's so nice seeing you again. >> to make amends they returned to present the best picture, but producer director guillermo del toro just had to make sure. >> may i have this? now, in light of hollywood's ent scandals many eyes w red carpet before the broadcast and ryan seacrest's coverage for
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entertainment. it's reported that a number of including all the best actress nominees walked past seacrest. gayle? >> all right. let me understand this.cdormand ended her speech with something c clusion rider. what does thatan? >> gayle that's bhiet down. about it backstage. she said it's something anyone. it's a demand for50% diversity. it's a demand she hopes everyone will startg that' . thank you, keven. make sure yo watch entertainment tonight"" this evening for the full oscar wrap-up. you need to check your local listings on that. president trump says he will go through on his plan to add tariffs to and aluminum imports. he tweeted, our steel and aluminum industries are dead. sorry. it's time for a change. chip reid is at the white house where some of his most important
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allies say he is wrong on this issue. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as we have reported there has been considerable chaos inside the white house recently and one reason is the big battle of tariffs. they all oppose the move but his top trade advisers are pushing him to follow through. >> imports are coming in and putting our aluminum companies out of business and our steel companies out of business. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. >> reporter: the president has long criticized china, the world's biggest steel producer who he says is putting u.s. manufacturers out of business. but the penalties the president plans to impose as early as this week would primarily hit long-time u.s. allies. china would not be greatly affected as it accounts for just
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2% imports. lindsey graham says they're misguided. >> you're making a huge mistake here. go after china, not the rest of the world. >> reporter: british prime minister theresa may called mr. trump yesterday morning to voice her deep concern with the move and the european union said it would retaliate with its own tariffs on harley-davidson and on bourbon made in kentucky senator mitch mcconnell's state. that could increase prices and put jobs in jeopardy. the. >> that's a fraction of 1% of the economy. so the notion that it would destroy a lot of jobs, raise prices, disrupt things is wrong. >> reporter: some in the administration is arguing that what the president should do is instead of imposing a broad tariff, target china directly. bianna, no surprise.
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the president is already tweeting the president this morning. tariffs will come off only if a new and fair nafta agreement is signed. bianna? >> getting a lot of pushback from our allies and some of his closest advisers. thank you. south korea's government sent officials to north korea korea this sunday to resume talks aimed at lowering risks at war. president trump revealed that north korea has reached out to the u.s. about a meeting. he said he told the north that the goal of any talks is quote, you have to denuke. but the president also said we will be meeting and will see if anything positive happens. in a statement north korea called the president's demands preposterous. south korea says it wants to perseid the u.s. to talk correctly with the north. >> president trump also hosted a closed door fund-raiser over the weekend. in an audio recording mr. trump appeared to be choking when he
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praised chinese president xi jinping for pushing abolishing term limits. >> that he's able to do that i think that's great. maybe we'll have to give that a shot one day. >> that's a joke. he's expected to be granted broad new powers by cha na's national peoples congress which kicked off its annual session today. ben tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for more than two decades, china's presidents have been able to serve two five-year terms. apparently president xi jinping would like to stick around longer than that and china's peoples congress may grant his wish. these delegates are the needed rubber stamp that xi jinping needs to remain president for more than two terms. there are more than 3,000
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delegates and theoretically they can vote anyway they want but they have never vetoed a proposal in china's communist party. xi is already considered the most powerful chinese leader sit mao. this delegate to the people's congress told me she thinks he should be president forever. >> translator: he does good things for the people and makes the country prosperous and strong. they temporarily banned the use of phrases such as "personality cult" and "my emperor" and also references to winnie the pooh a character used to mock xi jinping over his character.
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isaac stone fish is an expert on chinese politics. >> xi jinping is only 64 years old. as far as we know he's in excellent health and it could be china like it had in the '50s, '60s and '70s, now has a dictator for life. >> reporter: of course as china grew more prosperous the hope was it would grow more democratic. that doesn't appear to be happening and now countries around the world could be dealing with the same powerful chinese leader for decades to come. john? >> ben tracy. thank you, ben. they dominated the parliamentary election. it's a major blow to the european union. more than 6,000 migrants flooded into italy over the past four years. no single party or coalition received a majority so it may take weeks to decide who will leeds the government.
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florida lawmakers are scrambling to pass new gun legislation for the first time in more than a decade after the parkland school shooting. pro-gun advocates protested yesterday outside the capital. they'll vote today on whether teachers will be allowed to be armed. nikki battiste is at the state capital in tallahassee. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they were rejected over the weekend, though it briefly appeared that a pause on ar-15 sales might pass. they're bitterly divided but must reach a compromise by frday to pass any new laws. >> how can you trust 18-year-olds to go to war but not own a firearm. >> reporter: speaking at this pro -- >> raising the age would
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effectively terminate any second amendment rights i have in this state. >> reporter: during a special session they spent eight hours amending the act. >> the only thing that would help the situation is if we ban the assault weapon. >> it's not the weapon. it's the evil from within. >> reporter: as it stands it would increase the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 ban bump stocks and require a three-day waiting period to buy most guns. and a new marshal program would permit teacher and staff to be armed after at least 100 hours of training. following a voice vote a ban on ar-15 weapons was originally tasked but it was reversed 20 minutes later in a roll call. the decision stung for some
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florida school shooting survivors. one student tweeted this breaks my heart but we'll not let this ruin our movement. >> there have been marriagejory stoneman douglas students here. >> reporter: if it passes the bill today, it will then be considered by the house. more than 400,000 people in the east are still without power after friday's massive nor'easter, and another powerful storm system is on the move. winter storm warnings are in effect today. nearly 70 million people are in the storm's path. it could dump heavy snow by wednesday. west virginia lawmakers are meeting today to try to reach an agreement to end the statewide teacher strike. this morning nearly 300,000 students are out of class again
7:17 am
for the eighth day. teachers are protesting low salaries and rising health care costs. vladimir duthiers with why the deal fell apart over the weekend. good morning. >> good morning. they agreed to a 5% raise but over the weekend west virginia senate offered a 4% deal in its place. they called it unacceptable and will strike for anything less than 5%. teachers in west virginia say they're fed up. >> they're making it look like it's all about money and it's not. >> reporter: over the weekend the state senate knocked down an approved teach irpay increase to give them an equal 4% raise. but the union says it's pitting teachers against other republican employees. >> we want everyone to have fair equitable living wage. you can't reduce one because of another. >> reporter: west virginia
7:18 am
teachers are among the lowest paid in the country with salaries starting at about $33,000 a year and the union says cost of living has gone up by nearly 5% sense their last pay crease five years ago. >> 5% doesn't move us any farther than where we should be so it is bait and switch. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: west virginia's governor tweeted this weekend this wrangling needs to stop we're putting our children at risk. it affected more than 270,000 students. many are linking in poverty and miss out on free breakfasts and lunches when they go to school. >> we want to do our part to make sure kids get some food. >> reporter: union leaders say they won't stop until they reach an acceptable compromise. >> as long as this amendment is out there with this 4% j we will stay united and we will be out indefinitely. >> it's inspired teachers in
7:19 am
other states like in oklahoma to organize their own walkout. >> as you said students paying debate. a new isis propaganda video shows u.s. soldiers caught in a deadly ambush in niger. ahead, how it raises new
7:20 am
around 40,000 children are involved in the dangerous mining of a key video. >> ahead a cbs news investigation takes us to the democratic republic of congo to see how child's labor is dealing
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning i'm rahel solomon, updating our breaking this morning, a firefighter being treated at mt. airy medical center in bucks county after injured battling a blaze in feats err ville. fire swept through home near bridge town pike about 2:30 a.m., dozen responded to
7:26 am
the call and homeowners did escape without injury. so far no word on the cause of the fire. and over to chelsey now with a check on today's forecast, talking about a nor'easter later this week. >> yes, today will be quiet but we start you out with a look at. that will temperatures right now checking in in the 20's, three's, 33 in philadelphia, 30 degrees in wilmington, 33 in millville. but it does feel less chillier when you factor in the wind. looking at four's, with a high of 46 degrees up in the poconos, yes, headed into tuesday night wednesday we will be tracking a potential nor'easter talking about shovable snow likely. and now we send over to meisha >> chelsey, thank you, good morning, everyone, happy monday looking outside an accident with entrapment, wears on the car ma marple you will have to use an alternate, palmers little mid roll is your best belt, plus accident east norriton, eastbound blocked pottstown lane alternate, twp. line road is your best bet here. rahel, over to you. >> thank you, next update is
7:27 am
at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning how high-tech companies add dregg the issue of child labor i'm rahel solomon, good morning.
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i want to take a moment to thank the people who actually go to see the movies you make. tonight we thank the movie-going public. the people you see on screen right now, they are across the way at the tcl chinese theater.
7:30 am
they don't know we can see them and i thought it would be nice if we got a group together to go over there and thank them in person to surprise them. so who wants to come with me. >> it was a big surprise too. oscar host jimmy kimmy kimmel brought stars with him next door to thank the. the stunt interrupted a special screening of "a wrinkle in time." the stars handed out movie-goers snacks. they seemed delighted to be in it. oprah as in winfrey will be sitting right where you are, bianna to join us aet the table. >> what a great way to promote. >> yeah. i'm looking forward to it. >> but at one point they had one of the movie-goers read the up could tell they got a k it wask to here are three things you should know this
7:31 am
the program that protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants from deporta orders have forced the trump administration to k issu the so-calledt to the u.s. illegally. president trump announced he was ending the for childhoo septembd gave congress six months to pass the legislation. but congressional efforts to push the move forward have staaled. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is scheduled to meet wiresident at the white house today. it comes days after israeli police questioned him at home as part of a corruption investigation. president trump and benjamin netanyahu are expected to discuss iran's nuclear program and kick start the israeli/palestinian peace. winning an egot. you go robert. low pet and his wife christian
7:32 am
won for "remember me" from the disney movie "coco." they also wrote for "frozen." i did not think anything could beat that song. they did it. >> as great as it is. do you think they could call it smeg better than an egot. >> i sounds like a robot. newly released video shows the deadly ambush of american soldiers is raising new questions about the situation in niger. isis released the video as part of a propaganda campaign. a warning. parts of this are disturbing andc. da good morning. >> reporter: good because it shows the final moments of american soldiers fighting for their lives, but it also shows how outdone and overwhelmed they were. a helamera worn by one of the american soldiers recorded the ambush. 11 american and 30 nigerian
7:33 am
soldiers were returning from what was supposed to have been a low risk patrol. after the shooting stopped, the camera was taken off his body and released as par of an isis propaganda video. americans tried to take cover suv. armed, that raide. they fired colored smoke which would provide some concealment anddehe aircraft . >> it was to concealed position. >> reporter: one went down. another rushed to his side and the suv.osition was about to be overrun, so they did the oechbl thing they could. ran to a position that might provide better except for remains and a few scrub there was no cover and no escape. the soldier wearing the helmet camera went down. soon the camera stopped moving and some of the enemy fighters came into view and the final blast filled the frame of apparently what was a round fired and point blank range.
7:34 am
>> knowing they were trying to complete and execute this type of mission with that -- i could not believe it. >> reporter: congressman mark vici serves on the house services committee. five months after the attack, they're awaiting for the final investigation report. >> we should have gotten this information a long time ago. why they were asked to go into this mission is something we all need to find out. >> reporter: the answers could come this week. the commanding troops in africa is scheduled to testify before that house committee, and the pentagon is expected to release the results of its investigation. bianna? >> yet another source of pain for the families of those soldiers. david, thank you. children as young as 4 are exposed to toxic fumes to dig up a mineral use in some of our most common high-tech devices. debra patta --
7:35 am
>> reporter: our investigation shows how some of it is mined by children. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast, one of my favorites. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews, and podcasts originals. get them all on apple's itunes and podcast apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." ecial moment with my mom. i think surprising her with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift i could give her. let's make that happen. she's gonna be so excited. ♪ take me where i want to be. ♪ ♪ let me dream, oh, let me dream... ♪
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the cbs news investigation finds we could be carrying products that were made as a prult product of child labor. cobalt ended up in products of dozens of companies including apple, microsoft tesla, and samsung. cobalt is needed in batteries powering common devices like our cell phones, laptops, and in the growing number of electric cars. debora patta traveled to the dnc to follow the complex supply chain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the drc is embroiled in conflict and it's difficult and sometimes dangerous to report from there. on a recent trip soublt of the
7:40 am
country we saw what looked like the wild west. they're digging in trenches and laboring in lakes. hunting for treasure in a playground from hello. hard enough for an adult man, unthinkable for a child. and yet tens of thousands of congolese kids are involved in every stage of mining for cobalt. more than half the world's supply comes from the drc. 20% of that is mined by hand. we traveled along collapsing dirt roads. children are everywhere digging for cobalt in abandoned open pit mines, and it's clear security officials in charge here only some of them in uniform, have something to hide. there's such a sensitivity around the cobalt mine every few hundred feet we get stopped requesting letters, document we have
7:41 am
official reason to be here. there are no such constraints. they have free access to the mines. inside women and children are doing so-called artisanal mining. but don't be fooled. this is no quaint cottage industry. at barely 10 years old children lug heavy sacks of cobalt to be washed in. from as early as 4 they can even those too young to work spend much of the day breathing in toxic fumes.of clear let's obvious that there is but whenever a camera or policeman appear the children are chased away. this girl is 11 years old and agreed to meet us outside the mine. why are you working in the mine in. >> my parents are dead and i need to make money for my
7:42 am
grandma. >> reporter: we asked these companies. all acknowledge problems with the supply chain but they require their suppliers to follow guidelines. last year apple cut ties with the largest artisanal cobalt supplier. microsoft told us it does not tolerate child labor and they're working with ngos to eliminate it. samsung said it's mapping its supply chain and they explained the order and says it has very little cobalt in its batteries. but it's very difficult. we followed the mineral as it left the mines. piled high on every mode of transport available. sacks were already mixed up without labels making it impossible to know who had mined them. the children's cobalt is brought here to this market where it is bought by a chinese company for
7:43 am
extremely low prices. we wanted the see whether there was any attempt to see if the cobalt had been mined by children, so our team went back late were a hidden camera. when we offered to sell a truckload of cobalt nobody asked us who mined the mineral, only what the quality was. this man told us the chinese traders bought all the cobalt and sold it to one chinese company known locally as cdm. it's owned by a giant company. they said they stopped buying from that market last year and to put in place a detailed program to eliminate child labor% from their supply chain and yet in this murky process of sorting cobalt one thing is clear, children are still here carrying the weight of our high-tech world on their
7:44 am
shoulders. we spoke to eight major tech companies who have been linked to this supply chain and while some of them have joined initiatives to solve this problem, we saw very little evidence that the mines we visited of anyone actually helping these children. they're working with apple, microsoft, and hayou describe the support of these companies as a drop in the bucket while children are still mining these areas. think would have some rethinking to do and consumers. you have kids working there. >> you can say you have policies in place, but if they're not in force, they're not going to do anything. >> you can see more tomorrow on our website and tomorrow we'll share more from the boy zeke
7:45 am
that debora spoke with. ahead how the oscar belonging to the actress frances mcdormand my >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by digestive advantage, the probiotic that survives stomach as it 100 times better.
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seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol withdrawal, on bupropion opioids, maois allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation headache, and vomiting. reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. new york's daily news reports four firefighters were hurt overnight when the burning facade of a building fell in brooklyn. dramatic video shows a chunk of the building collapsing onto a group of firefighters below. the fire was reportedly in the home of a hoarder. a fire official said the debris in the home made fighting the fire difficult. "fortune" reports united airline is replacing employee
7:50 am
bonuses with a lottery and the employees are not happy. the airline is eliminated quarterly bonuses and replacing them with a employees can win cars vacations, and cash $100,000 prize each quarter. i don't like lottery system either. >> no, no no. frances mcdormand has been reunited with her missing oscar. it went missing while she was ce spotted outside crying after giving up the search and leaving. hours later her rep said they were reunited happily and enjoyed an in and out burger together. in-n-out burgerer gets more than any other chain. >> in the lost and found box. it wasn't just women who broke down barriers.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
nor'easter officials have asked the governor's help in clean up and restoration effort. we send it right over to chelsey for a look at today's forecasts. >> good morning, starting out the day with temperatures on the chilly side every things, winds making it feel even colder. right now temps checking in the lower 30's, 32 degrees if philadelphia, by the afternoon , we make it to around 48 degrees. it is still going to be breezy though, and then, as we head into the middle of the week, we are tracking a nor'easter that could bring some appreciable accumulations of course to portions of the region, rain and snow mix snow accumulation along i95. >> chelsey, thank you, looking outside, still have some problem spots, couple every accidents, one here lincoln drive southbound at johnson street. look how slow it is, 6 miles per hour, bumm for bumper accident blue bell as well, skippack pike knee pen lynn and blue bell pikement lanes are block here. again number to bumper conditions, jim, over to you. >> next update is at 8: tax coming up on cbs this morning a look ahead to bill cosby's court appearance today in
7:56 am
norristown. i'm jim donovan. make it a great day.
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it is monday march 5th 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." were you up late? ahead, the oscars with a message. kevin frazier lookset the ceremony's effort to embrace diversity. plus, the new mission of guarding the truchlkt its co-founders will be here to reveal its plan and tell you which online news is on trial.
7:59 am
but first your "eye opener" at 8:00. they gave a change for the global platform after months of scandal. >> last night's oscars gave a surprisingly consistent message about women taking back power in hollywood. >> there has been chaos in the white house recently. one big reason the fight over tariffs. >> reporter: chinese presidents usually serve two five-year terms but president xi jinping wants to stick around longer. the republican controlled chamber is bitterly divided but must reach a compromise by friday to pass any new laws. >> over the weekend west virginia senate offered a 4% raise and they call that deal unacceptable saying they will continue to strike anything less than 5%. wgc gulf in mexico. >> let's listen to the spanish call.
8:00 am
hole! i'm john dickerson. he's >> top that john dickerson. >> that's the >> i like it. >> i'm john bianna golodryga and gayle king. norah o'donnell is on assig "60 minutes." >> "the shape of won four oscars including best pictuhow belonged to immigrants especially women. >> if i may be so nominees in every category stand we many i this room tonight. the s actors meryl, if you do it everyone else will do it. >> the list goes on and on and on. she also called for movie
8:01 am
contracts that require a diverse cast and crew. kevin frazier was on the red carpet and he joins us from the "e.t." set in los angeles. it was quite a night. early morning for you but well worth being up so early, i'm sure. >> this is always a good morning. the oscars were a politically charged event. support for social issues like "time's up" and the "me too" movement were loud and they took a moment. >> tell the nra they in god's way and to the people of parkland we say i say. >> common opened with rap. he had everyone standing up for something. ♪ stand up for you ♪ >> reporter: hasish and maya rudolph addressed theew years ago people were
8:02 am
saying osc since then real progress was made. >> when we know some of you were thinking are the oscars >> they shined a light on immigrants. >> dreams are hollywood and dreams are the del toro. >> reporter: it was a big night for gro" who saw his dreams come true for b director and picture for growing up next door i thought it could neverppi want to tell you this is the door. kick it open and >> jordan peele, "get play for "get out." >> i i lake this is much bigger than me. this is about paying it forward who might not believe that they could achieve the highest i believe that there was a place for me. so i hope that this i >> it was quite a night. by t home her first honor as the foul-mouthed mother
8:03 am
in "i, tonya." >> she said she's elf and thendid last osc cover atheme of diversity the way the >> i'll tell you this. i this i people are listening now. this oscut female empowerment, but they still have a way go. we heard jordan peele talk about paying it forward. he's the fifth black nominee. rachel morrison panther." we had ways go but>> i still can't help but they about jordan peele in "get clench have a wrap up and all the winners local listings. special counsel robert a hit list with people who investigation. the website says it reviewed;< s&p sent to subpoena sent to robert mueller. itlude president trump,
8:04 am
paul manafort and steve bannon going back to president trump's attorneyty not respond. the food and medicine come after eastern ghouta saw renewed attacks from government forces. more than 600 people have been reportedly killed in the rebel-held area. that is one of many battled areas across the country. seth doane traveled across and he's the first u.s. correspondent to reach the area since the start of a turkish offensive. seth, good morning. >> good morning. just when you thought this war in syria could not get any more complicated rng here we are. we have come here because it is a new unfolding front in this conflict. we're surrounded by a number of people who have been displaced by the fighting and the fighting threatens to roll back progress in the threat of isis.
8:05 am
they have turned their attention here. afrin, is now under attack by turkey. the u.s. has been arming the kurdish mill live yarks but turkey considers them terrorists and doesn't want an emboldened militia on their border so turkey launched this offensive in january with repeated air strikes and shelling. but here's where it gets even more tricky. since afrin is in syrian territory, president bashar al assad has sent in troops here. they were welcomed like heroes. all of this means is president assad, the man u.s. accuses of bombing civilians and carrying out chemical attacks on his own people is now helping the very militia the u.s. has armed to support.
8:06 am
seth doane cbs news. we're very excited to reveal the cover of our very first "cbs this morning" book. it's qualled "note to self" featuring 26 notes from emmy-nominated series where they write letters to themselves. we've featured more than 30 different notes. i include letters from vice president joe and astronaut peggy you're only 12. your stutter is it embarrasses you. and the bullies are vicious. listen to mom when she says bravery resides in every heart and yours is fierce and clear. >> from where i sit now, you and your journey, there really are very few regrets. that means a life well lived. >> i'll just say challenge
8:07 am
yourself. you will learn that you are so much more capable than you might imagine or even dream. sincerely, the older you. the book will be published by simon and schuster. that's a division of cbs. it goes on sale in may. i'm thinking june graduation could be a very nice graduation gift. that's one of my favorite things that we do always so well done and so revealing. peggy whitson on the ground. >> the single onelong. don't overdo it. >> and peggy her father's message to her, too, e "me too" movement may have an impact on bill cosby's new trial. ahead, whether n
8:08 am
8:09 am
coming up transportation gets a 20% makeover in texas. >> reporter: virtual bus stop and mass transit at the touch of an app. why the city got rid of its buses for ridesharing. could that be the future of moving its citizens? that's ahead on "cbs this morning." this spring, take on even the grimiest messes with the power of lysol. kills 99.9% of germs with 0% bleach. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold. i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe.
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comedian bill cack to court today for a pretrial hearing in his sexual assault kachlts his trial last year, you may recall ended up with a hung jury. a judge will hear arguments this week about the prosecution's request to let 19 other cosby accusers testify in the retrial. cbs legal analyst, her name is rikki klieman" is here joins used a the table. nice to see rikki. >> thank you. >> this trial is about one one woman. what's the argument, listen you need to hear from the other 19 accusers stay the general rule is uncharged badafts, other uncharged misconduct allegations that haven't been proven. those acts are not admissible but there are certain exceptions to the rule. in law school they're called mimic devices.
8:14 am
a pneumonic device. one of the "m"s is "mistake." they'll say he knew he drugged them and then took sexual advantage of them. so we show the absence of a om a ud's a c signature. one m.o. that's why we should let the other accusers >> what you do think the judge will do in. >> i think the defense has a good argument for the judge in as in law. it's really simple. look. we try the case on the evidence. we don't try the case on evidence of people's character or propencive to act. one woman, one achlkt and as the judge ruled that way before. he only let one other accuser in and he should keep his ruling. let's look at practicality. the defense is going to need a defense and find out the basis of their charges. these are 20 30 years old.
8:15 am
and finally the judge doesn't want a continuance. he doesn't want a 19-week trial. >> they've asked for a disdismissal. on what grounds? >> it's a very fascinating motion and the judge will give it an effortvidentiary hear. they'll say we can prove it with phone records, travel records. the case should absolutely be thrown out. >> and he has ase attorney. thank you so much for joining us. ahead, we'll take you to the first u.s. city to replace public buses with a ridesharing app. yo
8:16 am
8:17 am
one texas city is trading public buses for ridesharing. arlington introduced commuter buses in 2013 but now the city has abandoned them replacing them with a new partnership with the ridesharing company via. plans pick up passengers for a $3 ride. they're the first u.s. city to
8:18 am
try this venture. kris van cleave went to arlington to look at this ridesharing situation. >> reporter: as the sign says the city dropped its bus service going for more of a virtual bus stop that you summon with an app. here's what the new city buses look like. it's actually a rideshare. arlington, texas wants to know if this could be the answer to mass transit in the uber age with via. >> the commuter bus didn't all because it didn't >> reporter: since january bill's left his car at home summon summoning the van. the fees are partially subsidized by the city. >> stress at work has been alleviated and it's probably the
8:19 am
reason i'm not starting stressed. >> you really hate driving. >> i hate drive. >> reporter: getting around arlington is not easy. it's a sprawling community of 99 square miles. arlington residents have repeatedly voted against building a mass transit system. when it was scrapped riders had fallen to less than 100 people a day. >> do you see buses and rail as passe, outdated? >> absolutely. i think with the new technology coming on you're going to see less light rail built. that we can go on to something else. it's a fraction of spend 50g million a mile for rail. >> reporter: arlington is taking to the virtual buses. in its first month via offered 90,000 rides.
8:20 am
alex lavoy from via. >> we're going pick you up within a block or two, not at fixed locations. we think for that reason people will really enjoy it and so far they have been. >> reporter: the city is expanding the program to cover 120 thousand of its residented by this summer and if they're filling up the city vans they'd love go citywide in the next for kris van cleave arlington, texas. >> it's working th good morning, i'm rahel solomon, clean up continues all across our area from last week's nor'easter. chopper three over the valley forge casino in montgomery county, where peco is
8:21 am
arranging staging area for its work to restore power. dozens of trucks ready for busy day about 20,000 customers still without power montgomery county al loan. >> we send it over to katie now, chelsey to get a check on today's forecast, chilly throughout. >> it is very chilly as we start out this morning, we have the residual winds from friday's system, that's of course making it feel even colder out there. take a look at current conditions 31 degrees this morning in willow grove, 32 in recalled, if out the door in palmyra around 30, 34 degrees, doylestown it is 30 degrees there is afternoon looking for high temperature right around 48 degrees, we will see tons of sunshine, winter storm watches have been issued ahead every system making its way into tuesday night wednesday where areas north and west, likely see more weather alerts as the day progresses, watching a mid week storm system, a mid week nor'easter that could bring accumulating snowfall to some areas. we will continue to keep you updated today on cbs-3 and on meisha over to you. >> chelsey, thank you so much. still pretty busy out there in fact do, have some accident
8:22 am
big one because of ice icy conditions eight vehicles i drive close the both directions near brewery hill drive. you have to use an alternate. lmk drive 76, your best bet stay clear from the area if you can. also, another accident on pa turnpike westbound before valley forge moved to the shoulder and one in west goshen township involving school bus. no kids were on the bus at the time of this crash. rahel, over to you. >> thank you next update 8:55 ahead thriller
8:23 am
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that is julian mcgarvey life. go, julian. he intercepted a long inbound pass and hit the 70-foot buzzer beater. the suburban new york school won the championship game 52-51. it doesn't get closer than that. it was redemption for mcgarvey who was also the school's star quarterback. he missed two free-throws with under 40 seconds left and he thought he cost the team the game. i thought, you'reforgiven. you're forgiven. i think being quarterback helps you a little bit. >> the hail mary -- >> yep. welcome back to "cbs this
8:26 am
morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around theton post" reports 2018 ir o running a political committee is supporting candidates who have scientific or technical backgrounds. it's working with 30 congressional candidates across the country. currently there's only one member of congress who has a doctoral degree in science, representative bill foster democrat from illinois. our partners at bbc report on the death of roger bannister, the first person to run a mile in under 4.0. he set the until then many people thought it was impossiby in oxford england, at f the mile being less than w withou modern measurementn st year millenn a s 40% of a 70 or older reported losing money tot more money to fraud last year than the year before. grandma or grandpa, worrysomethings. >> that right. we have a lot to worry about. take look at what y today's new york
8:27 am
crossword pos. the clue at the right is king on "cbs this morning."course, is gayle, own gayle, >> will short showed me that. i thought that was on "jeopardy." >> i would havell of us. >> i would hope everyone would get that. >> gayle is always themy vw. >> to everything. >> thought that was very nice. and international business time reports a picture of a girl awed by michelle obama went the painting she refused to turn around for a phot snapped it edpedt on facebook. michelle obama said she was thin girls who will see it especially of girls of color. she was little girls like parker sitting in awe >> it went viral for good reason. i love it > the new video. in oftentimes useia as a facebook and twitter million machineries on their platforms around the
8:28 am
technology. newsguard is the new $6 million venture that launched the fall to battle fake news. to license their finding to social media companies and other s technology ll is folist entrepreneur. good morningmorning. >> tell us how this wks apply a to the problem haven't been ing to hire to read that are responsibletheey're going to be cha telling the d denver oax what they look at thd, o d if they mass over, that aon tlabl wi of the publication, who owns it what theheyto responsible, who ee behind it how did they a complaint about somethin. on the other hand if the news site is say, an information thing about fracking by the finance petroleum institute, they'll see thing. sometimes when onlinff av to have these online are about a half a doeswant to da plus the advertising will
8:29 am
want to license it to keep their what we're asking them inensingction of what they're payp.r. firms and their lawyers to theinterested? >> quite interested yes. >> you know for their whapp, that i have people initially were accused of being biased and then they turned to which got us to where we are now. how are you accused of facebook they didn't tell you who the people were. ckwe names of everybody doing the review. we'l kinds of complaints. the complaints will be public. weally important, what we're doing is probably not quite as we're saying there's differen if they want to gain our to start doing real news and be they are steve >> you want too be gamed. ideologicaltraight up an report the dickens outf a story and get it right. >> that's where the nutrition there's obviously a difference ioltweeereview both, you know legitimate news t it nutrition you will see exactl what they say their missions
8:30 am
are. >> ay he usesn the >> somt is deliberately aimed at from>> t crues tribaliswn si nghe are youtthat they may not be interested in knowing what's real not to stick with their current source of information? news they want to hear. >> sure. tht comes under the c not going to solve all the problems in the world. in a worldertaf people think that 9/11 was an inside job by the another percentage think thises that, you know the that president obama was not born in the united states with ee not going t to equip impeachment to understand the b the searches and on their feeds. >> well t know you've raised some $6 best of luck. appreciate it. >> at kind of rating? >> i wouldn't dare comment on anybody'sg.. >> author brad learnedki the missions in "the
8:31 am
8:32 am
whthat guests would compliment our i could aeed. d network. i'd of said... i'd eamidet this f camcast, building ame's largest gig-speed ne decades, thriller writer andtv host brad
8:33 am
meltzer vealed some of the his fictional conspiracy themed author. he's sold more than 12 million books in the us lot of books. his book "theartist" tells the story of an that ends up missing. alive and she's on the joins us at the table. number one, this has got to these were the last 30 seconds of her life and instantly we're chapter was the last chapter i wrote. in this plane crash. everyone says dead but there's a secret note inside her bo right. keep running. he realizes not dead, she's on the run. she's the escapethers not just a chapter one. there's a chapter two. >> the thing fascinated was the doveramerica's
8:34 am
most important funeral home. out about of course i found out dover is amazing soldiers who fall in battle realize they get the biggest cases. when the spatial victims went there and the pentagon they go to dover too. it means dover is a place b secrets and mysteries, so how could i not set a a kind of cold of taking care which works into theion of whethewath b alive. you'll see in a normal situation ifpens to your figure, they put you in a coffin and put you in a casket. at dover, not so. they'll work so hard. hours to see cheekbones in a face because someone wan childast time or a mother's hand because she warrant togs hold her son's hand the boast of the best of us works on the best of the best of us. heroes. you say nola brown is your character. why? >> i love that people said she'só÷ dgon tattoo.
8:35 am
i'll take that compliment day. lie any character i ever wrote. she grabbed m said pay attention to me. >> shzss@ she's had this rough life. all addictions where we've had to claw our way back and nola is out of the crater, who's truly trying to come back to at that miez own life lesson. we all need to come back to life. >> the thing that's so book, i always learn something. big you are, all your organs can fit in one is dead you boisterous their finger in water can get their fingerprints. the means the white house is calling, eans the secret service is calling. i googled all this. it's you swallow a note if you're dying. what is book i go to the experts. i say, here'ssaid could you hide a secret message on your body that someone could find said to me at dover if you were on a and if you did it early enough if you add a note the could protect the
8:36 am
paper. it's the ultimate message in azing. >> they said it's hapo me on 9/11 when they were going through the victims' bo secret note inside someone's stomach. >> what did it say?say. they wouldn't tell ght . has to be someone in the military. who has the wherewithal to think have been is this thing we're looking for. be loved. when my parents died thei remember o clachl, is i got tgood-bye. think i in that note that that when you send that ultimate message inbe heard. >> that story gave me chills. quickly, you're known for y as your nonfiction work. what do you prelisten. i love are" books, but a thriller is a house i get to hands. when it comes to "the escape to take -- magicians actually worked for that? >> i didn't know that before. 1890 we had a magician in charge of talk more on commercial break. we didn't know a lot of these
8:37 am
"the escape art iftz" goes on sale t s is difficult. getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. ist in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours. learn more at
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8:41 am
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