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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 17, 2018 2:07am-2:38am EST

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right now at 11:00. president trump visits survivors of the florida school shooting. also, the fbi revelation that has some saying this tragedy could have been prevented. >> a fire that badly damaged a south jersey diner ruled arson and you won't believe what investigators say was behind it. first, winter. making a come back. stormscan 3 is quiet right now. but a system is moving our way
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and by tomorrow evening, snow is expected to be falling of the region. >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington.. >> i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. a winter storm watch has been posted several counties in our area. kate bilo has been tracking when the snow arrives and how much will fall. >> we finally got rid of the rain from today. the rain has cleared the coast. now tracking the threat for snow as we head into the start of the westbound. here's a hook at stormscan 3 showing rain off the coast. skies clearing rapidly cold air moving in. temperature dropping quickly and this next storm see a lot of moisture here as it moves out of the southern plains it will draw in moisture from the gulf of mexico and follow pretty much the same line coming by just to our south tomorrow night bringing the threats for rain and, yes, some snow. the cold air moving in just in time. the cold and the moisture will connect to produce the chance for snow and accumulating snow at that. 41 degrees in philadelphia. 35 input in allentown.
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34 in reading. it's a cold wind from the northwest. feels a whole lot different out there tonight than it did even this morning as skies clear and temperatures rapidly drop. we may be headed into the 20's. the already in the 20's in state college's pittsburgh 23 in buffalo and flirt in scranton and this is the area heading our way in time for the storm to come out of the south tomorrow. a winter storm watch has already been issued. it will go into effect tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon, does not include the city of philadelphia or delaware county. any spot to the northwest of that is included. that includes, of course, chester, montgomery and bucks county, the lehigh valley, bucks, poconos, mercer county new jersey and points north the rest of the region not under any other watch or advisory at this time. high pressure will be in control to start your saturday so the day starts with sunshine but boy midday around noon the clouds gather quickly and late afternoon into the early evening snow will begin rain to the south and east. coming up i'll break down exactly where that rain, snow
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line will set up. and i'll have your latest snow matches how much you can expect to see with this system in your area. for now, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you. setuping revelations in an indictment handed down by special counsel robert mueller, prosecutors announced charges against 13 russian nationals for meddling in the presidential election. natasha brown joins us with the details. federal prosecutors outlined an elaborate russian plot to interfere with u.s. elections. al announced charges against thrown russians and three russian companies. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein called a rare news conference to announce criminal charges against russian nationals for interfering in the 2016 presidential election >> the defendants allegedly conduct wad they called information war fair against the united states. rosenstein said it involved a
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company called internet. it bought space on u.s. servers >> the defendants allegedly used the infrastructure to establish hundreds of accounts on social media networks such as facebook, instagram and twittering it appear that those were controlled boy by persons in united states. president trump who was briefed on the indictment tweeted this began before his announcement to run and quote, the trump campaign did nothing wrong, no collusion. charges against the russian include conspiracy, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, they came from special counsel robert mueller who was investigating russian interference and possible coordination with the trump campaign >> there's no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity no. allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the
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outcome of 2016 election >> the defendants posted as politically active americans did communicate with one willing trump campaign members and volunteers >> any trials or plea deals is unlikely russia is not expected to extra do it any of the people charged. the foreign minister said moscow did not interfere. natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." natasha, thank you president trump traveled to florida tonight to meet with those directly affected by the school shooting. the president and first lady met with victims of the shooting. they also thanked hospital staff for their life saving efforts. the president moved on to greet first responders the broward county sheriff's office thanking that may. >> sheriff bradley, one of the first responders >> great job. i heard about that, heard about you. >> thank you. >> we learned today that a month before the shooting, the fbi got
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a tip warning the suspect wanted to kill people, and was planning to carry out a school shooting. but the agency failed to act on it. florida governor rick scott is now calling on fbi director christopher ray to resign. . a vigil was held in our area to honor those killed in the florida school should go. it was followed by a discussion focus on how to get elected officials to implement tougher gun control measures, greg argos is live in center city and you talked with those for against tougher gun laws in this country. >> reporter: nicole, i did and both sides agree this is a terrible tragedy where they disagree is what they say should be done to prevent another one from happening in the future regardless tonight, a healthy debate is ongoing. another mass shooting. another vigil. >> we are out in numbers, we let the community know that we stand in support of the families of
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the victims who lost their lives who were injured in florida. >> reporter: another demand for action and more gun control >> we need to fix this. because people are dying unnecessary rely and it's become accrual world >> one of things they can do is pass legislation to ban assault weapons >> not so fast, the second amendment activist of founder black gun matter >> we go around to urban areas around the country and informing people about the second amendment rights >> he said the answer to limiting gun violence isn't a blanket policy. >> we don't then just get to throw away everybody's freedom because a small minority of people want to do the wrong thing or be negligent. >> reporter: he does believe a focus on mental health could help >> this is a mental issue. it's not a firearm, you. it did not get up float in air and commit this.
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>> now, as for legislation here in our area, pat tomb me told alexandria hoff he's in favor of stricter background checks. i'm live here in center city, greg argos, cbs3 eye witness. >> thank you. a toy gun leads to a very real employees response and the lock down of a middle school. wagner middle in west oak lane this morning after a report of a person with a gun. all of the students were moved into the auditorium while police swept the campus and frantic parents waited outside. >> my daughter called me this morning crying somebody saying the school is on oh lockdown. i call the school say and they didn't give me no information and she's really scared in there >> police gave the all clear about four hours after the locked went into place. the toy gun was found behind raidiator and authorities trying to figure out who brought it to
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school. so far no one has been arrested. camden county police are investigating a crash that killed a young girl in camden new jersey. a memorial is growing at the site where the 8-year-old girl was hit by an suv while riding her bike on the sidewalk. it happened at fifth and state streets thursday, the 84 driver and a 40-year-old man hit sitting on a front step both had to be hospitalized. no charges have been filed. new tonight an update on the investigation into a fire that destroyed a berlin, new jersey diner. investigators now say the owner hired a friend to torch it. flames destroyed the country town diner along the white house pike on january 10th. authorities say robert debawski set fire to the diner after being hired in order to file an insurance claim, both men are facing arson and conspiracy charges. the governor of puerto rico comes to philadelphia as the island continues to recover from hurricane maria.
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he met with local puerto rican leaders but on his way in he talked with protesters, upset that fema will stop fund, the transitional assistance program, meaning some evacuees could be homeless, by the next 24 hours, i will verbally express my concern with these issues, and as soon as you know within the next 24 hours, i will have a letter drafted both towards fema and of course, to the local government. >> the governor promised to ask governor wolf to make pennsylvania an evacuatee host state that will allow fema to continue funding evacuees here assuring housing assistance. straight ahead, we're giving three cheers to an iconic symbol of philadelphia. some encouraging news on the flu front, what health officials are saying about this record breaking season.
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is it finally leveling off and how local hospitals are handling the increased number of flus. >> coming to one of the would recall largest casino resorts, what caesar said it will do to help hotel guests and employees stay safe. a life look on this friday night, just like a light switch, water weather making a return, kate is tracking when the snow arrives and how much will fall in your neighborhood. we'll be right back. jop jop
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♪ on the health watch, the worst flu season in nearly a decade may finally be leveling off. the centers for december control and prevention said the number of possibly visiting the doctor for flu symptoms is no worse than it was a week ago. 84 children have already died from the virus this season, pennsylvania new jersey and delaware are also experiencing widespread flu activity. >> i believe it kept all of us busy, some of us have suffered boy getting the flu from patients as well. so it is maxing out our ability to cover all the spaces i'm looking forward to flu season ending. >> officials expect the flu to circulate several more weeks. futures entertain meant which own 47 casinos in five countries will check the hotel rooms of guests every 24 hours even if a do not disturb sign is on the door. 58 people were killed in las vegas, the room checks will be
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conducted by security guards, it's considering giving panic buttons to employees. the pedestrian and bicycle ramp on the ben franklin bridge will close later this month and remain closed for more than a year. the closure will allow for structural upgrades. that includes the placement of a stairway on the south side of the bridge in camden with a new ramp structure. during the construction, the bridge's north walkway will be open weather permitting. this woke, brought dope sadness to so many as we learned of the shooting in florida >> back home, philadelphia was returned to its arrival place at what happened to be at the arrival time >> we give three cheers to the love statue. here's jessica dean. >> reporter: love rolls back into town this week.
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following a year-long refurbish meant, the classic was back in philadelphia and just in time. at beautiful piece of art. yes. but it's also a reminder, especially in weeks like this one. where hate and sadness seem just too much to bear. that love still exists. first installed in 1976, it's been a constant at the city of brotherly love grown and changed all around it. >> love, love, love. >>reporter: now repainted its original color. it's ready for another few decades. and reassuring to know that anymore what happens in those year, love will stand tall and for that we give the love sculpture three years. >> what we need is it love >> love trumps hate. . it's a big weekend at the shore in sea aisle where polar bears will be tested boy wintery weather >> the polar bear plunge is
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tomorrow. some souls will brave the chill. tomorrow's event is followed boy the polar autism run and walk on sunday. both events are near and doer to mike mon's heart. he's the father of two children with autism and helps organize each year, the lord knew i would do something about promoting about autism awareness. i accept that and rally behind that every day. >> and he does have plenty of support. sea aisle is expecting 50,000 people this weekend. >> wow. >> makes me chilly thinking about it. but it is for a good cause. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be a little cold out there. fittingly it's a polar bear plunge. you wouldn't want it to be 70. you go the to get the full experience. >> that's a couple days away. >> if they want to move to it tuesday they may be enjoying beach weather as temperatures warm back up. tomorrow it will feel every bit of february including not only the cold, but snow arriving by
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late afternoon or early evening, let's interlock what's going on right now, take you out to an area that will not quite look like this. it will be snowing at this time in bethlehem and pretty heavily looks like it will get several inches of snow. that's under that winter storm watch starting at 4:00 tomorrow evening, you can see the flags flying there as cold air starts to come in and the wind pick up. down the shore, delaware beaches and rehoboth beach is quiet and those are the areas that we'll get mainly rain from our next advancing system. and here it is. you can see the moisture starting to stream in from southwest. it won't get on her to the left the next 18 hours or so, late tomorrow afternoon is when we expect the snow to begin, rain to the south, right now, everything is clearing out, maybe a few lingering sprinkles at the shore, but most of our front moved off the coast. and that means skies clearing tonight. and allowing the cold to settle in. as we head to the overnight hours, skies are clear, tomorrow
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morning, starts with sunshine, but then the clouds really thicken by about noon and here comes the snow, 4:00 p.m. we start to see the snow move in from the southwest. starts as rain, will likely stay rain across south delaware and makeup of the jersey shore but you can see boy 6:00, 5:00, 6:00, snowing pretty good in philadelphia, rain starting to erode in across portions of delaware and new jersey. but this system is going to bring pretty intense rates and that will override the fact that the grouped is warm. the roads should respond initially well. if your talking about snowfall rates half inch or inch per hour, it can pile up quickly. you can see some of the oh dark purple shading, there it is around 7:00 you start to see the rain snow line creep north ward boy 9:00 likely seeing mixing in the city, it ends as rain and moves out just after midnight. late saturday snow develops from the southwest, heaviest snow 5:00 p.m. till midnight, sunday
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the storm will exit but not before leaving three to six inches in the north and west suburbs just north and west of philadelphia, one to throw around i95 into south jersey and mainly rain for the shore points and for delaware, that means you likely will have to break out your shovel on sunday in the lehigh valley, the poconos and the north and west suburbs, it's possible along i95 you can wait for mother nature to help you out on that one. unlikely that you will need the shovel at the shore. if you want to wait a couple days, the snow will be gone quickly because we hit 70 by tuesday. complete flip in the forecast. near 70 wednesday as well. >> wow >> tomorrow night the roads will be a little rough >> hey, pat >> how are you >> my man >> we're talking hoops, as jo jo been and dario are having fun, don't forget about the flyers, they've been hot lately. did they win in ohio for the first time in a long
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. eight good time to be a sports fan in philly. we got the super bowl champions, we got an exciting young sixers team and don't you dare sleep on the flyers. they played spirited hockey as of late having won four of five while clinging to a top three spot in the metro division. tonight, shaken shane gostisbehere, good things happen when you put the puck at the
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net. wayne simmons makes it 1-0 flyers, late third, jackets stay alive. atkinson beat michael neuvirth and we're going to overtime. flyers looking for the extra point, and they would get it. two on one breaks, shane, couturier ends it, that is the 29th of the year, the flyers win 2-1, two points behind the penguins for second place in the metro. when the process began we wanted the sixers center poses to become stars. well, they've arrived. at least most of the way. all-star weekend kick after you with the rising star's challengeth though sixers on the world team, dario, ben, joel, and it was a contest as you would expect, simmons right here would slam it, ben finished with 11 points, in philly they call this guy the home me, sarge with
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the teal and, dario 18 points, embiid nine minutes scoring five, saving it up for sunday, the world team wins by, looks like 31 points. being frugal, can be a good thing, my grandmother still clips her coupons and i still put my change in a piggy bank. when an mlb to me like the phillies have not been big spenders. president andy macphail said it's part of the plan to rebuild from the bottom up >> it's our job as management to make sure that the resources are employed as intelligently as we can to get us to the post innocent as quick as we can. in my judgment that meant
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infrastructure adjustment. once they donald trump where you have some holes then fill in there. >> let's go to the ivy leagues, sir. been working on that. penn taking on columbia, tied with harvard. that's good man, had he 23 points, put the quakers up for good, they would boat the lions. 74-62 >> that was stronger than on the "cw philly" >> getting there >> thank you, sir. philadelphia keeps cashing in on all the super bowl bets.
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♪ ♪. philadelphia region continues to reap the rewards of super bowl win. wsp. the company's boston and philadelphia offices made a friendly wager on the game and agreed to make a donation to the charity of the winning office's choice. the help hub is a new 11,000 square foot facility that offers services to the city's homeless population. kate >> keeping a close watch on the westbound as snow will move in saturday evening, the day will be seasonal, morning quiet but by late afternoon a little snow
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could start moving in around 4:00, 5:00, will be a snowy saturday night. as much as three to six inches could fall.
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the morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer, we're almost on at
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