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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 20, 2018 2:07am-2:38am EST

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a big be weekend begins in philadelphia, the nfc championship game between the eagles and vikings two days away. the extra steps police are taking to keep the city safe ticket prices soar the record breaking cost of this nfc title match-up. what were they thinking?
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the nfl make as big mistake on social media and it has eagles ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> the clock is ticking toward at the championship with a shot at the vince lombardi trophy >> alexandria hoff is live. >> reporter: game day is almost here and you can feel the excitement from every end of this area. if you do not feel it you see it >> the city is decorated while pep talks are being shouted by the youngest of fan >> you boys will go and fight those vikings. >> 5-year-old anthony is speaking locker room truth to help motivate the team. >> and offense and defense are going to step up. >> reporter: as the weekend rolled in so did a fumble by the nfl. the tweet was sent out friday
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afternoon prematurely proclaiming a super bowl match-up between the patriots and vikings. >> my god. it's typical. philadelphia is always the underdogs. >> it's going to be great when we do beat the vikings. i think it's just going to be like a disappointment for the nfl. >> reporter: we found one person that didn't seem to mind that quickly deleted. tom me barnes is from texas. after bracing for heat he's been surprised by hospital. >> a couple of younger guys came up and they were in their gear. and i said it's only a game, he goes i know. it's all good >> and the city of brotherly love kept to its name during our interview. >> all i got to say is these birds are going all the way. that's all it is. welcome to our city, man, enjoy. appreciate it.
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>> there you go. >> reporter: of course, the eagles fans weren't the only ones disappointed by that tweet. fans invest jacksonville jag wars are equal as taken aback. reporting from boathouse row, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. it's a three-step process, focus, focus, focus and it comes down to execution on sunday, and today happens to mark an important day for doug pederson. head coach talked about today. >> he deserves so much credit. who saw this coming? two years ago, doug pederson was introduced as the new head coach of the eagles. it has worked out quite well for him and the team after going this is his 13 and three top in the league in less than 48 hours, leads the bird against the vikings for the nfc title and a trip to the super bowl. he describes his feeling. >> at the end of the day it's
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football and i got to make sure that m h is in the right spot. blocking out the noise. just like i'm telling the players and focused oh and my job and helping the team try to win a football game, and you know, i try not to get caught up in the magnitude, you know, of what this game means but at the same time, when you have time away and you can reflect, not only on the season but where the team is and the things we faced all year, it does kind of put it into perspective. >> how big a factor will the fans play sunday? nick foles will tell us later. >> thanks, lesley eagles fans are predicting they will emerge victorious, the odds makers say the eagles remain the underdogs, they've a 40% chance of defeating the vikings. a lot of fan aren't buying that
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>> i'm only a person here. i'm just going by my gut feeling >> a psychic we talked to today said she knows what's in the cards for sunday's game. she's predicting an eagles win. now, we know philly fans were can be superstitus and peco is not taking chances, the company reversed and announced it will not run messaging on the crown life atop the headquarters featuring the word eagles or the team's logo. they have turned the lights green and running an animation of an eagles just not the team logo. the message there is go underdogs. peco said philly teams have been victorious when it avoided using names in logos ahead of the game. true. sunday's game is a major event not just locally but globally. extra security will be in place for the championship, and all the challenges it brings with it. natasha brown continues the team coverage from police headquarters tonight.
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natasha? >> reporter: ukee, we can tell you that police will be tightening security at the stadium complex and also honing in on hot spots throughout the city as well. security will be tight in and around lincoln financial field and throughout the city of philadelphia for the nfc championship game on sunday. >> plenty of officers on hand to cover the hot spots and officers mobile to move. >> reporter: tactical approaches and strategies are not being divulged for safety reasons, police districts around the city are prepare fog tackle whatever game day brings >> once they win, the patrol bureau has a plan set up for the rest of the city, we have 21 districts. of we had each of our 21 captains, captains of those districtses identifies hot spots. >> one is frankford and cottman where victory celebrations got out of control after the phillies win in 2008. police announced there will be
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no parking on broad street from south to the stadium complex including the median strip. >> we have to be prepared for whatever happens. >> reporter: thousands will be flocking to the city to watch the eagles take on the vikings but there are other security threats that come with the massive crowds. federal authorities will be on the look-out for an unseen danger, human trafficking. u.s. attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania lewis lapin >> there are major events like this and people coming in from out of town, sex traffickers take advantage of the fact that unfortunately many people come in are customers for sex and prostitution. >> reporter: security will be heightened in every way, even on college campuses. we're told u penn drexel and temple will be beefing up security. meantime those parking restrictions that we mentioned on broad street will be taking effect on sunday at 2:00 p.m. and will be in effect until monday at 3:00 a.m. reporting live at police
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headquarters, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you. for fans still looking to buy a ticket to sunday championship game, you can still find them but they will cost you a pretty penny. ticket prices for the eagles vikings show-down are hitting record highs and nicole brewer are here with how much fans are willing to pay >> just like the birds. the ticket prices are soaring. of ticket iq tells us it's the most expensive conference championship they've ever tracked the >> modell's in center city, eagles football is big business >> pick up clothing for my daughter >> i have the blanket for my -- >>, from $30 throws to $28 t-shirts tumlers for 29, pleasant of folks are buying in. an event ticket search engine an
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average asking price is more than 1200 bucks >> per ticket >> that's 300% more than regular season and the cheapest seats are $763. >> and while some are willing to pay >> twice as much as had my plane ticket from la >> others say it's not going to happen >> probably wouldn't to be honest, unfortunately >> sunday if you can't spend the money you how about spend time spending at home with your fellow eagles fans. >> and should the birds make it expect to pay a whole lot more. of you probably know that already. online tickets say ticke are averaging about $6,000. >> wow. >> how about that >> i didn't expect that. that's really high. >> that's amazing. >> ok. >> thank you. eagles fans spirit knows no
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accomplishment or age. we're hearing tonight from 99-year-old phil mazer the eagles fan we told you about yesterday, he'll be at lincoln financial field sunday thanks to an early 100th birthday present from his family. he has a good feeling about the game. >> there used to be a saying in the old days. always surprise me. never -- this is the year >> he lives in new york but was born in philadelphia and fought in world war ii and the korean war and we thank you for your service then and now, sir. here he is. singing the eagles chant with his grandson. i want to spend game day with you. sports director don bell, lesley van arsdale and pat gallen will get you ready sunday morning 11:30 on the kickoff show. then sunday night, we have you
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covered. tune in to a special championship edition of the "eyewitness news" news at 10:00 p.m. followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00, then sports zone. the minutes the game ends, we will have everything eagles. we'll bring you live post game reaction from coach pederson and the players and we'll have a front row seat as fans react through the philadelphia, the eagles and "eyewitness news" sunday night. do not miss it. eagles fans will be spending a lot of time outlet doors >> meteorologist kate bilo is tracking. >> high pressure in control through the westbound and temperatures on the way up. we're talking ten degrees plus above average. i'll have the full game day forecast why warmer weather may actually favor the birds. at 11:00 don't under estimate the underdogs. you've seen the shirts, this should nothing new for us.
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how the underdogs has been a recurring theme in phillies history. >> and tom celek is talking blue blood. what the star said is the
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the president trump shutdown is not looking good. volting is underway, it would fund the government through february 16th. democrats are holding out for a comprehensive spending bill and a deal to protect undeveloped grants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. the republican controlled house passed this same bill yesterday >> the family of tom petty said his death was due to an accidental drug overdose. he had a variety of medications in his system including fentanyl and oxycodone. they say he suffered from emcee ma, a fractured hip and knee
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problems he just wrapped up a tour a few days before he died in october at the age of 66. an autopsy report is revealing more details about roy halladay. the coroners say blunts force trauma and drowning contributed to the pitcher's death, also revealed he had a blood alcohol content of .01 with evidence of morphine amphetamine and a common sleeping pill. he died back in november. crews are working to fill a giant sinkhole forcing the evacuation of six houses, it measures 30 by 30 feet. no one was hurt and it's not clear how long it would take for repairs you watched blue blood on cbs3 and tom celek is sharing
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the secrets to the success. he's played the lead role of frank reagan on the family drama eight seasons now, a popular scene each week is the reagans' gathering around the table to have dinner. sellick said the audience connects during this time >> it may be a favorite part of the show. they go, o, god, i love those two together >> blue blood friday at 10:00 right here on cbs3. we're just two days away from a monumental game for the philadelphia eagles and in true philly fashion, they're considered the underdogs. this designation has become a recalling cry for fans. you've seen the shirts and masks but it makes sense's philadelphia's history has been written by the underdogs. the ones who everybody under estimated at their own peril and
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tonight we give the underdogs three cheers. ♪ . philadelphia's 1776. a group of revolutionaries signed the declaration of independence and go to war with the all powerful british empire. nobody thought the new nation and its bare bones military stood a chance. over 240 year it's later, the american flag flies high. rocky balboa was a nobody with a chip on his shoulder. the character became a national symbol of grit and determination, an example of pure talent refined and shaped by the city of philadelphia. in philly, we know the story of the underdogs because it's our story. we know what it's like to be counted out under estimated and we know what it's luke to prove them wrong. this week, it's been no
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different. >> i think right now we're the underdogs, motivation. >> reporter: passion, grit and perseverance flow through the streets, philly doesn't shy away from being the underdogs. it thrives. it's in our blood and in the history books because it's who we are. and for that we gift underdogs three cheers. >> good looking city. >> we are: it's who we are >> and examples really if you go through our history, both in pop culture but also in american history, the underdogs have always done well >> very well done, let's do this, very well done. >> we kind of play second filled he will to new york >> philadelphia is where it's at >> are you ready to go? let's do this. let's do weather first >> and the weather is fantastic as well. showing off our city this weekend people are coming in for the grade. . it is going to be a great
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weekend. january you don't get this kind of weather that often. beautiful conditions outside over the next two days, let's get into it. start you with a look again at our city, the skyline lit up, the sky likely not going to be green that's about the only thing that will not be. the skyline, everybody in their green. it is definitely, a buzz in the city right now and you can almost feel it looking out alive at all the lights from our studios. stormscan 3 clear at the moment. nothing going on, everything quiet as we head up to the braddock plaza in rehoboth beach and people walk on the boardwalk this evening. enjoying temperatures slightly above average. stormscan 3 shows clear skies, high pressure in control you can see the big bubble of clear air over the eastern half of the country, next front you can see draped over the rockies. not until late monday into tuesday and in the meantime
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sitting pretty. tonight low 31, mainly clear, seasonal. winds out of the southwest at five mines. winds pick up mostly sunny breezy but mild and beautiful, 51, some spots may make a run for the mid 50's and the breeze could hit 25 miles an hour with gusts in the afternoon, it's going to be a great weekend. good deal of sunshine, warming trend starts taking over highs in the visits and looking great for eagles and eagles fans, eagles nation this weekend. mild stretch continues, we got temperatures rising to the 50's tomorrow, 50 again on sunday, 50 on monday, we've got a five in front of that number tuesday as well and then temps will start to stumble back after the next system. your important game day forecast, tailgating mid afternoon, 50, beautiful sun pleasant day. kickoff forecast, 43, mostly cloudy and quiet, a lot of people have been saying we need it to be cold and windy we want
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to throw the vikings but if you look at eagles playoff history they've done better in warmer games, three and 0 in games where the kickoff is above 40 and they've out scored opponents by an average of 27 to 14 in the milder games, kickoff temperature is 43. here comes the next system on sunday, dry, monday few showers work their way in. but next chance for rain comes in early tuesday. 2:00 p.m. tuesday, steadier rain moving through the area and that will he wanted this little warmup. so 50's for the next days, the weekend is fantastic. tuesday starts with rain especially for the morning commute and then temperatures drop wednesday and thursday. but you know what? >> they're not dropping to what we saw before >> the weekend is beautiful. >> thanks, kate >> lesley is back with sports >> sunday's game will be a homecoming for one vikings
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coordinator pat schumer. and the fans what impact will they have on the outcome on sunday?
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. eagles keeping the same game plan against the falcons in terms of practicing. we all watched the vikings game came down to this play, case keenum 61 yard touchdown to win the game. nick foles said the fans will be a major factor. >> i can't wait, our fans -- i hope they realize how much of an impact they have on the game, when the offense is out there and how rowdy and loud they are twhen you're in offense playing on the road and the crowd is loud, it's harder for the receivers to see everything that goes on, they have a huge impact. when we're on offense, let me communicate and letting us do our thing. that's why home field advantage is so big, coming here, we always say, we can't wait for them to be rowdy and loud, there is a reason, there's a huge reason. >> the birds fourth ranked defense will try and stop the
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offense, the coordinator for the vikings is pat schumer, 13 years and two stints with the eagles, including head coach when chip kelly was fired. him along with sam bradford have a lot of respect for the organization. >> i was thinking a back this is my sixth nfc championship game, five were with the eagles. they've done a lot of winning for on a long time. of they do things right and their operation is very impressive >> the sixers have the night off. back in action when the bucks come to the center. one game above 500 to hold the 8th and final spot. the flyers back to practice. came from behind to beat the maple leafs, they will face the devils at the center. they will play 19 of the remaining 37 games against the metropolitan division there's three points out of the final
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wild card spots. >> it's good or bad depending on if you're winning or not. it's great taking points from other teams and adding to your total. but it does put a higher importance on those games for sure. again, every game is important. certain games are a little bit more. right there. >> get in. >> get in. >> great. >> u
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down the road at l and m bakery in delran, john is trying to keep up with the man, eagles cookieses are filling tummies: kate? >> heading into championship weekend and everybody is looking at the weather, whether your weekend plans have nothing to do with the game, we got nice weather, lots of sunshine saturday, nice and mild, sunday few more clouds i think we will see sun as well. beautiful weather to cheer on the eagles.
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next is the late show with stephen colbert follow by the late late show with james cordon, for kate, lesley, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at >> go eagles. let's get it done. >> have a great weekend. good night family and sleep well. good night family and sleep well. paidrcl program proudlywing is a brought to you be prosvent. do you make frequent trips to the bathroom... suffer from urgency... hesitancy?
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