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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. who said football can't be fashionable. a philadelphia boutique taking the eagles there the big game sunday mean tight security and not just a at lincoln financial field. authorities talk safety throughout the city for >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are a little more than three days and 19 hours away from
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kickoff. a lot of excitement but safety is also top of mind. >> natasha brown is outside septa headquarters with more how about officials are preparing for sunday. >> reporter: we are told that philadelphia police are working on security measures right now. and septa police also plan on stepping up security as well. making sure that anyone who's taking public transportation is safe. on any given day, septa trains are filled each carrying as many as 1,000 passengers. on eagles game day, this sunday, septa officials fully expect trains to be filled to capacity with excited fan >> whenever we have a major event in the city, we react accordingly >> reacting accordingly with a stronger security presence as the city braces for the nfc championship game at lincoln financial field. more riders means more safety measures seen and unseen. >> we have more virtual patrols,
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more septa employees acting as ambassadors, eyes and ear >> more eyes watching. via hundreds of cameras. >> increased the number of people to specifically watch cameras, and you can move around very quickly by camera checking stations, and then targeting locations that need police response. >> reporter: while septa monitors public transportation, philadelphia police are monitoring areas like mayfair, known to often see rowdy crowds after major sporting events, police sending out this flyer to businesses near cottman and frankford urging them to protect the property >> open container and public urination all the quantity of life will be in force >> from businesses to mass transit, officials are prepared. >> any time you're on mass transit, we ask you to pay attention to your surroundings, joy the ride and go eagles.
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>> reporter: everyone is really excited about this weekend. meantime police, as you can imagine, are not divulging all security measures so as to not compromise security detail that is will be in place. sources tell us that university of pennsylvania, drexel and temple will always be stepping up security as well. that is the latest here in center city. natasha brown. >> and the players have a lot to focus on >> beyond the game, they have to filter out the distractions, don bell is here with how they plan to do that. very difficult to do. >> hard to you tune all that stuff out. the players are just like you and me, they have facebook, instagram and twitter. they have tvs, mounted on the wall and cell phones with notification alerts. the eagles at practice today in south philadelphia, the entire football world is talking about them and sunday's game against the vikings. they're four quarters away from the third super bowl appearance
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in franchise history, blocking it all out is critical >> it's not something that you can got away from because it's on tv, on your phone, on everything that you -- every social media, you got to make sure that you, you know, zoom in and make sure that you zone in on what we have to do a a what is, and make sure that we just stay. >> blinders >> it's right there. >> got to be like that. >> keeping their eyes on the prize. >> appreciate. eagles gear is the rage right now, one woman is take the vintage material and giving it new life >> alexandria hoff is live at lincoln financial field snow us the creative work alex. >> reporter: ukee, jessica, a lot of people are not ready to admit this but right now is about time most people are planning out what they will be wearing game day, ladies, how does an old hand me down sweater
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sound, it's true a lot of sportswear caters to male fans >> usually the t-shirtses are box see, long, no shape >> that is until it gets into the hands of nicole >> giving eight little more shape, v neck. >> reporter: in the heart of eagles turf. we paid a visit to the south philadelphia nrs boutique, where women have been rushing to grab her stiles >> i like the lace-up. it kind of gives a better shape. and anything with the v neck and these are kind of new with the ryan stones. >> reporter: she refurbishes vintage old school and gives it a fresh twist. >> with leggings layered up with that, cute >> this sweatshirt is was probably somebody's dad's or
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brother's. nicole does custom work transforming tired gear into something that can suit even most fashionable of fans. the good news is the weather is looking pretty good all in comparison to this on sunday, so we'll have a little bit more fashion freedom to ware what we want. reporting live outside lincoln financial field, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." travel agents in minnesota are issuing a warning for vikings fans coming to philly for the game. they're saying knot try to paint our town purple. sun country airline created special flights to philadelphia for vikings fans, creative charters is telling the fans that eagles fans have a reputation of being not so nice to opponents. >> if vikings win, yes, i would take off any sort of colors. sounds ridiculous, we're almost talking about gangs but it's no joke. it really isn't >> i would advice you not to be over inebriated, because they
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will be. >> nice outfit. >> creative charters is charging vikings fans $700 per person to make the trip. superstitions and sports, we talked to eagles fan about unusual rituals for game day. also what mayor jim kenney said he will not do in hopes of a big win on sunday. nicole brewer has that story coming up in about nine minutes. >> temperatures are plunging tonight and that's lead to icy concerns, kate bilo is here with more on the cold >> temperatures in the wake of this morning's snow have been plummeting, this isn't what it feels like ethics are the temperatures, that have the snow on the ground, in philadelphia we had closer to a coating still very cold, 22 degrees in the city, it's 19 in wilmington. and only ten in reading and you can see the winds still strong out of the north and west that will make it feel not much better than the single digits in
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most spots overnight and that will lead to the threat for refreezing. temperatures in 20's and teens overnight. that means anything that was not treated today, it will freeze over, watch for black ice on the roads, especially back roads or untreated roads, and icy spots on sidewalks as well. the good news? mother nature will take care of that. look how it turns mild into the weekend. i'll tell you how much warmer it will get and we'll take a peak at the forecast. prosecutors in california charge a former classmate with murder in the death of yufrlt of pennsylvania sophomore blaze bernstein. samuel wood ward appeared at his preliminary hearing today, he was arrested last week, shortly after police found bernstein's body in a shallow grave with multiple stab wounds. he had been missing nearly a week. wood ward told police he became angry when bernstein kissed him after they went to a park together congress has until midnight
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friday to pass a new spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, democrats will not support the bill if it does not protect young immigrants from deportation under daca. the current proposal would keep the government open through february and extend the children's health insurance program six years. apple said the tax cut plan pushed through by republicans in president trump is in part responsible for major investment they're making in the u.s. economy. apple said its planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 u.s. workers over the next five years. the company also plans to take advantage of a one be time tax break, and bring back to the u.s. most of the $252 billion it has in offshore cash. and the stock market off to a stellar start in 2018, the dow jones closed 26,000 for the first time it's been just eight trading days since the dow
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closed above 2005,000, it closed up 26,115, the nasdaq added 74 points, the s & p 500 added 26, both those indices are also at record levels. one of philadelphia's most historic buildings is under renovation and when it's complete, it will be like stepping back in time. >> straight ahead we'll take you inside for a sneak peak at the amazing transformation. while it's set to become a world class destination tom celek is being honored for his years of work in television. steve wonder said it years ago. eagles fans tell us had their tried and true rituals to insure the birds win and what mayor jim
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kenney is doing t
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. there's an amazing transformation taking place in philadelphia's old city, the
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bowser is under going a 50 million dollar face lift, developers are doing more than renovations restoring history, it won't be open to the public until june but david spunt gives i was sneak peak tonight. >>reporter: . the 1895 master piece is under going a much needed face lift. a face lift to bring the building back closer to what it looked like when it was a famous comedy des exchange >> you just know when you're working on something like this it's a jewel >> charlie mcgraph is overseeing the renovation, the original tile floors >> it was exactly like seeing a tip of an iceberg. the reason why it excited me so much. that was the first thing we uncovered and when we saw that i
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think we all knee we were about to undercover a lot of cool things >> i thought the windows were half the size >> crews will fill in the holes on the first level leading to the basement >> we'll put in structure here and the way it runs run the beam >> the stairs will be gone. these mock-ups gives you an idea what to expect. food choices from around the world >> the construction is on schedule. we're 95 leased out of the 27 retail tenantses we have, the office space is moving as fast as we can deliver >> it's a special delivery filled with the men teas. he took us to the office space on the 9th floor which looked like this last march, it now looks like this, conference rooms with a common area and kitchen, you just have to wait until june before the doors to this historic building open once again. >> it's going to be a world class destination.
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we're excited about it. >> reporter: david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> looking forward to that. >> watching it right here on cbs3, every friday night, actor tom sellick received one of televisions biggest honors tonight, the tv programmers convention is underway in miami. the star of blue blood reflected on his long career and said he still loves acting >> when you talk about this and it really means something to me, i was recognized by this group, so, yeah, i'll probably get caught up, you think you're ok? i didn't cry and then, it catches you. >> jane fonda was also honored tonight, you can catch tom sellick friday nights at 10:00 on cbs3. eagles fever is at an all-time high. i think that's fair statement, fans are counting down the
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seconding until the championship game >> many die hard fans have superstitions that go along with it. mayor kenney is avoiding an eagles jinx and nicole is here to explain it more >> we found out about this one just today. interesting when sports teams face, set up a there's a wage-off between the respective mayors. >> if you're an eagles fan you know there's a lot riding on sunday's game. >> nerve racking a little bit terrify >> if you're die hard, you'll do what it takes to get the win >> never wash the jersey. ware it every game >> when we start playing bad, my will be backwards i turn it forward >> i have a hair less cat named carlos and i watch the game with him >> not to watch the game at all >> when you come back later and
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found out you won, it's great. >> from stevee wonder's famous song to the box office hit. philly is known for its superstition >> would you be able to all of that incredible energy. what other alternative do i have >> folklore say superstition often emerges in high risk low controlled situations. >> it gives someone to blame when it doesn't go your way. >> not to wash those sock >> whether it's a super natural element, no one can really say. to be sure we're making predictions. and giving it all up. >> i'm all for it. e a g l e s is going to won the -- going to win. >> i have to ask, do you guys
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have any sports superstition >> i'm with you, i won't say the s word, everybody knows that in the same sentence but i plan on saying it with pride after sunday. >> kate >> this past fall, i served little pretzel bites shaped like buck eyes and we lost to ohio state, so never again. so everybody got one >> i keep the green dress, by the way. >> love it. ? whatever you may have. make it work. >> go birds >> well, we got some pretty good news as far as weather is concerned for the game. if you're planning on tailgating you're not going to be freezing likely were last weekend when temperatures nose dive before the eagles game, this weekend temps the other way. right now we'll take you out first and foremost to an area that got a lot of snow this morning, but they can use more, the snow makers are working up
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there at big bold er, we're adding snow to the roughly nine inch that is fell in that area, now mother nature quieted down, the snow makers are picking up the slack. here's what it looked like in berks county, in bernville started with snow falling and through date fresh snow on the ground, finally clearing in the afternoon, the current temperature 15 degrees and winds gusting for that 21 miles per hour, you can see our storm is out to sea, still producing pretty steady snow here over coastal north carolina, when had a new low forming there just doesn't wants to quit. they will be buried in pretty heavy snow, especially for that region, for us, everything is quiet tonight, skies have cleared, and it's going to be a cold but generally dry period as we head through tonight and into tomorrow. when you tally up the snow from today, philadelphia now at 12.9 inches on the season starting december 1st, so far in the month of january, 4.3 inches, the january not over with yet.
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the good news? no measurable snow in the seven-day forecast. single digits in mount pocono, allentown, 12 in reading and that goes all the way down to the gulf coast. it's colder in birmingham than philly. it's 12 in nashville, 17 in little rock, very cold there, has permeated the entire eastern half of the country. feels like sub zero in allentown, a winter warmup headed our way, high pressure builds in, tomorrow cold and breezy, friday seasonal, less wind, and then we warm up to the 50's by saturday. so tonight we drop down into the teens it will feel like the single digits when you wake up tomorrow morning under the amazingly clear sky, tomorrow sunny, breezy and chilly at 34 and your game day forecast? could be a whole lot worse in january. we felt it last weekend. this feels great, 44 degrees and keep in mind that's at 6:40 p.m.
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the high on sunday will actually be in the 50's, anyone tailgating you don't need the heavy coats and as alex was saying early, you have a little bit fashion freedom as you head out to the game. monday is milder and rain monday into tuesday, no snow and a water warmup doesn't get much better. >> don is up next with sports >> a rematch more than 30 in the making. plus keenum makes the case for the eagles defense.
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should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪ perseverance pays, case keenum was undrafted in 2012. he's on his third team in five seasons, released and signed
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multiple times and he took over for an injured sam bradford. case knows that the eagles defense will pose a threat >> they disrupt the run and the pass really well. we have our work cut out for us. so you know, other than that, i mean, i i can can it up here and talk about them all day, you look at the status and they kind of speak for themselves, they're a good defense. >> status on status. join lesley van arsdale, pat gallen and myself sunday at 11:30 a.m., we'll get you ready for the game on chevy sunday kickoff right here on cbs3. villanova versus patrick ewing and georgetown, sounds like a headline ripped from 1985. last time the hall of famer hooked up with the wildcats was in the senior year of college.
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ewing now the head coach. bridges three of his 17, nova up by 13 in the second half. at one point led by 44. later on, sharing is caring, nice pass to jaylen brunson, 51% beat georgetown by 32, it's the worse loss in 40 years. visiting temple, 124 left on the clock. drills it from distance, owls within one. then with 20 seconds left, it's josh brown doing damage down low. jb get up, put it down, right there. nice lay-up, the cherry and white winning 59-58. ford um visiting lasalle for the explorers. later on, lasalle at it again. drops in the three. of lasalle a winner, 75-67.
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dayton visiting hawk hill early on, how about taylor? gets the pass and dunks it down, he had 18. one of the my favorite names. pass to james dimrin, funk >> got to have that funk >> st. joe's wins 81-65. thanks for being part of the show. >> thank you, buddy. >> cool
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. new tonight, a unique way of celebrating the eagles playing in the nfc championship game >> eyewitness at la peg restaurant on columbus boulevard where the chef brought in the heavy equipment to carve an eagles sculpture out of eyes, the restaurant also sold under dog shots. kate? >> as we head to the weekend, temperatures on the way up. even though tonight is very, very cold, a beautiful weekend is on tap. lots of sunshine both saturday and sunday. and highs will climb into the 50's both days. great news for those headed to the eagles game, beautiful day to tailgate and for the actual
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game, kickoff temperatures
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