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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nd tonight police are trying piece together and catch two suspects that are on the run. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight officers think there may be more victims. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh manayunk tracking the investi anita. d jessica police what started as a night out ended as a nightmare. when he woke up next morning all belongings were gone as was his memory of the evening.e facesm police want to you see two female s bing a new racking,500 worth ofs credit card. >> when he woke up t next morning, he found that his credit card, hist, his cell phone stolen. he two women i but doesn't remember what happened before waking up the next morning at holiday inn in >> the moral is you picktrangers bringing them back to the maine tell room it is not most wise move you can do. >> reporter: investigators tracked down multiple purchases made with the victim 's credit card including one at this wal-mart in hamilton, new jersey and surveillance video woman us again at a liquor store in trenton. needless to say the guy is a victim.
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the two folks responsible for these crimes. >> reporter: bensalem's director of public safety said while thinks first report received about these women there may be other victims. >> my their first day, ripping some guy >> police say suspect appeared to be between the age of 25, and 30, and if you recognize thesem police. live anita "eyewitnhank you. gloucester township police spent more than 13 hours in the standoff with a man sicklerville dodgingers from the second floor of his home. the shots began around 8:g an morning, b area were c ordeal, andhortly after 6:00 this then found the 24 year-oldctide. gentlemen'swas to policers as you can see. he probably didn't know kind of vehicle itknow if it would stop it serious stuff. it was pretty fire power. >> woman who was found alive inside of the home was questioning neighbors who have known the man for years are still trying to make violence in theppening now outpouring of the love, respect f fallen philadelphia fire
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fighter. a viewing is underway for lieutenant matthew latourneau, livecathedral basilica in center city where many are remembering him as hero, natasha. >> reporter: well here behind me we can beentream of fire officers and just ordinary citizens headingin to this public viewing tonight, all wanting to pay their respects to a fighter who the ultimate sack files. >> sad tragic. husband i year veteran she knew matthew latourneau and wanted to be here at his viewing to pay tribute to the fighter. >> funny, always willing to help always involved, and all of theave are true. >> reporter: leann ups one of hundreds who flocked to the cathedral basilica of st. pet er and paul for a public viewing, lieutenant latourneau was killed battlin alarm row house fire in north philadelphia, when a floor collapsed trapping him. lieutenant latourneau was 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department a 25 year volunteer with the springfield fire somber way along jfk boulevard folks
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lining up to honor a fallenro. >> my sonnies a fire fighter and i truly a bless to go put their life on the protect us,lessing an to be>> when we sign up to be fire fighters we know that it is high fire fighters don't to this for accolade they do this to save lives and property. >> as you can see at this hour the lines are continuing to form outside of cathedral brazil contact of the saints peter and paul tonight this public viewing will be held until 9:00 tonight. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. there will be another public viewing followed by funeral mass at 11:00. that is very latest, reporting live, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon funeral procession from center spring road a closures include vine street from logan circle to the interstate 676 entrance at broad ande bound i676 at the schuylkill expressway, and southbound, interstate i-95 at i676 and northbound
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blue route from i-95 to exit five. you can watch lieutenant latourneau's funeral on our web site at cbs, we will stream servi beginning at 10:30 tomorrow morning. students at the university of pennsylvania are life of 19 year-old blaze bern stein a sophomore found dead while home in calter break. authorities in southern investigating his death as a homicide, today a support session was held at the school ben franklin room in houston hall, students we have spoke with said bernstein was a kind, genuine person. >> i know this person, i his face, and now he is, gone and it is, you know, i don't know, it is just scary >> right now investigators have no word on a suspect or a motive for killing. the south jersey doctor accused of killing his wife made his first court appearance today doctor james kaufman appeared via video charged with killing his wife
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radio hoe april kaufman in 2012 at their linwood new jersey a not guilty plea todayside court the atlantic county prosecutor a crested why it took nearly six years charges. >> there was magic kit there was in magic clue. it was just simply goode work, good solid and like it has always been. >> a lot that has changed inthe past five years and give information, so a we need to get to do what do. >> doctor kaufman is accused of running an illegal prescription drug ring with the motorcycle gang and hiring a member of that gang toer his wife. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among hose who took part in the dedication of the helping recovering addicts. the mayor joined represefrom other corporations for the ribbon cutting of the tioga family center a 24 unit affordable housing development for low income single parents and single head of household recovering from addiction. this past tuesday i attended a funeral of 28
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young man that i coached in ice hockey. he is the same age as my son. multiple opportunities for him to rehab went to florida back and forth but finally succumbed to his a dixon. i am to be here today because i know existence of this tion this building will save lives. >> the tioga family center offers on site meetings adult eds aid individual in their recovery. taking it to lincoln financial field bird gothe bubble, practices field in preparation for saturday's home playoff game. >> sports director don bell here >> i f it is like slowed down over last five days. >> yes. >> until they finally play. >> oh, yeah. >> we're ready. >> we have talked about the quarterback enough too haven't we.
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>> nick foles is obviously no famer but better thenhe is better then he has played, saturday eagles try to channel his inner pre bowl sel he in 2013, foles and eagles practicing at lincoln financial fielde even if thonverting only 23 percent of they must do better. he has completed only 46 percent of his passes over last two games he must do better after two weeks of practice, doug pederson d better. >> definitely moreomfortable, in the role obviously of embracing the starting position. when you got a sudden change like that and how it happens it can be a, you know, it is never an easy thing to go through but each week that has gone by there is more and more confidence, the guys, just his voice inflection in the huddle for guys can be a big difference. >> bird/and dirty bird saturday at the linc, joan my leslie van arsdal, pat gallen and the eagles,
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meryl reese for chevy kick off catch it at 3:30 right he cbs-3. >> foles just went through pre season he didn't play, he was hurt, he didn't play man. now he is ready. >> this will be his third start of the season. hopefully this means chemistry is upcoming. >> yes. >> it will be there. >> yes. >> thanks, appreciate it. it was a pretty nice day for bird to be outside as our warm stretch continues. >> kate bilo is on the sky deck where we are tracking rain and that eagles kate. >> that is right, you guys, nice today it will not be quite as nice for game as cold air is going to rush in, you can see temperatures outside right now are in the 40's, and 50's right now, 55 still in philadelphia, 51 in wilmington and 47 degrees in reading feeling really nice outside but all warmth is out ahead of the strong storm system and rain will get here tonight, you can see it streaming from the south it warm, moist air but a lot of rain creeping pennsylvania, and all that rain is going to come in through the day tomorrow,
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behind it, temperatures will coming up i'll have that full forecast i'll tell you just how heavily youdress heading to the game and talk about a winter weather advisory for porime out rain , stay tune, new back to you. >> thank you. still to come on "eyewitness news" a special zoo a birthday party for a silver back western lowland gorilla but it wasn't all fun and games how officials were hoping to educate visitors. plus lines wrapping around the block reason people were flock to go aóv philadelphia community center tod
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district and philadelphia housing authority are looking for the best and the brightest >> they held a joint job fair at community center in north philadelphia, today. the school district alone is looking to fill more than 150 was so high the line to get in stretched several blocks. the philadelphia zoo holdsbirthday parties year round for a lot of its animal, not only to celebrate them but to eds about the importance ofrvation. john mcdevitt from kyw news radio was there for birthday party to day for one of the zoo goes most popular residents. >> ♪ happy birthday ♪
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>> the land gorilla is 33 years old and the parent eagles fan with birthday cake and green white decorations all over the and his troop enjoyed tearing opened the wrapped presents too. they are considered, critically wild because of habitat loss, poaching and ebola. the lesson here today i vation. michael stern is curator. >> they are not doing very well in africa. we have them here to teach them and get them excited about how these animals are and something like a birthday helps people, identify with them and make them recognize similar they are. really animals that deserve to be protect and deserve our respect. >> reporter: message seems to be getting a cross how reducing your carbon footprint can save threatened species i the wild. >> when you are taking ashower you cannot use too much water, you can turn off the lights, like you said, it is just little things that help the world make and be a better place. >> you guys are all >> yes.
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>> that is awesome. >> jon mcdevitt for kyw naus radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". go ahead now. >> that was great. >> that was fantastic. >> indeed. >> kate has got our forecast. >> yes, we have rain heading our way but in the meantime it is very warm out getting foggy in spots but watch out if you are out there tonight and we are talking about some pretty heavy rain around all day tomorrow and men to saturday morning. weekend for the most part once rain moves out is dry but it will be a whole lot colder, then today. hopefully you don't get too used to the warm up. we will show thaw storm it is a very large scale system, this system producing rain, thunderstorms, snow across the entire eastern half of the country, heavy rain over the loui arkansas, texas region there. thunder with snow on the back edge and that front swept through portions of the lone star state and temperatures in the 70's and 80's, dropped way down and same store a cross northern
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plains and a huge cool down and our cool down weekend. thinks all very warm, moist air, in place and that is what this storm will draw from, to produce that heavyhead through the day tomorrow. here's it moving into western pennsylvania, it is not going to start in ernest until overnight hours so 3:00 a.m. we will see a few light sprinkles here and there popping up butt rain looks to be tomorrow, midday, 11:00 a.m. we can see this batch moving through north and western suburbs and just keeps coming. wo thomas people 10 to try to leave early our friday commute is earlier then rest of the week and see about 3:00 p.m. when everyone coming home from school people trying to get out early to start their weekend it is going to be straight pouring across the entire area and that continues through 5:00. it is in the over yet. overnight into saturday morning the cold front comes through with another round of heavy rain and probably even an icy mix in the north and western suburbs this will likely clear out by 10:00 o'clock saturday morning so that is good news planning on tailgating or heading to
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the eagles game on saturday, it does look dry but much colder. most of the area looking at an inch of rain, that is blue, some spots could see two and a 3 inches of rain, and that is over the course of 24 hours, so rain arrives overnight heavy at times tomorrow one to 3 inches of rain possible and this will end as a wintry mix to the north and west, i would be remiss not to mention winds either, tomorrow wind advisory for much of the region, wind gusting to 45 miles antorm especia during morning hours, and then morning winter weather advisory n issued for far north and western rbs as this will end as a wintry mix some conditions, and icy conditions up in the poconos where a couple tents of an inch of down. that is as far as eagles are concerned it is much colder but it will be dryezy, 32 degrees at kick off temperatures rapidly dropping in the 20's. if you are head together game make sure you layer up it will be very chilly, that 57 happened at midnight friday night into saturday morning and then temperatures just drop all day long, saturday is
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our transition from, this little taste of spring right back into the middle of winter and technicalst period of the year, january 12th to the 20th or so that is when our average high are as cold as they are all year and we can see that next week, back in the 20's next week withance for light snow tuesday and wednesday. so, tomorrow is not a great day to go outside but if you get out the l enjoy 65 degrees. >> take it. >> it will not that be for a long tt, enjoy it. >> thanks, kate. >> we will be right ♪ ♪ there are 7 continents. 7 seas. but at celebrity cruises we'd argue
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by now we all know that the eagles are considered the under dog. >> yes. >> on saturday. silence their critics. fellas. >> i a feeling that they are extra salty bit like beyond salty, they ar much in the media but you just get that. >> you do too.>> attitude there about it. >> vegas is not on the eagles side, bird are three-point home under dogs, but time, has been on their side, eagles earned a bye week extra huge here's >> i think lastpreparatre flying around, even though we didn't have a game we prepared like it. a great atmosphere, great team, we are
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all playing this one i think the non-selfish attitude is pushing this team to a great pinnacle. for first time in franchise history eagles will play in the international the bird will play jacksonville jaguars in october of next season in london, that game will be a home coming of sorts for running back jay ajayi. >> it is just a great surprise playing over there and it is my f week, obviously but it is little things, and i get to go back over there again next year. al right. switching gears, think about it greg up how many times has your parents told to you shut the door behind you. the sixers have a little problem with that. they walk themselves in the winning situation and always, leave the door opened f the other team, sixers taking on the celtics in london. >> on behalf of my teammates and the whole organization we thank you for coming to support us, and it will be a fun >> mike drop. ben sim opposite. >> little fade away. many of
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those, they were feeling it, sixers up 51-31 they had a 22-point lead. third quarter all came crashing down after that nice toss to joel embiid and he had 15 points, 10 board the sixers out scored, second half, there is kyri irving, he had 20. the sixers finding a way to lose this game, over at st. joes prep, a banner is hanging showing wins for speedy morris, it at 999, tomorrow the prep host lansdale catholic and coach for win number 1,000, in a career which has span 50 years including stops at roman catholic and lasalle university. he said he will cherish the moment he also cannot wait until it is over. >> i people won we won our first game, in college this year and, you know, that is all you hear, it is not about me but it is about the kid
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performed by the staff over at thrism and convention board in king of prussia, we all know swoop but they showed off their eagles spirit with the teams other mascot noah, yeah, noah got excite >> wow. >> this is bald eagle from elmwood park zoo in norristown >> noah is pumped and if that is any indication that saturday will go well. >> noah ready to go, so are the eagles. >> yes. >> noah's okay, everybody good >> maybe. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york here now is jeff glor, we will see you later tonight. >> glor: explosive comments from the president. he's quoted as using an
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expletive to describe haiti and african nations saying the us needs more immigrants from norway. also tonig survivors of mudslides. ice and snow move midwest, headed northeast. an update on the hospital that dumped a patient out into the cold. >> we take full responsible for this failure. >> glor: the latest in warfare-- mass drone att veryled out of the church, so we have a little bond. >> glor: and a firefighter completes a rescue, driving the boy he saved home from the hospital.
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