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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 3, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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fall and the cold that will follow this system. a brutal winter blast, and it doesn't seem to be quitting i'm david spun how a local philadelphia business is keeping people warm with a press of the button. and pipeline project put on pause, construction of the natural gas line across southern pennsylvania, halted again, the reason for the stand still, this time snow shoveling, scrapers, we are selling, space heaters. we have been going crazy. >> now at 6:00, stacking up ahead of the storm people and road crew is a cross the delaware veil are gearing up for first snow of 2018. >> storm scan three shows just what we are up against, watches and advisory have been issued. new jersey shore especially could see blizzard-like conditions when snow starts to fall. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean.
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all eyes are on the timing of this tomorrow which could very well make it a treacherous morning commute. some schools are already making decision about tomorrow , and all philadelphia archdiocese, high schools and elementary schools will be closed tomorrow, and, other schools have issued some delays. you can see all that information right now at bottom of the screen. >> we are on the storm watch tonight with live team three coverage. lets begin with meteorologist kate bilo. when do you expect to it start falling. the first area that will see flakes fall will be southern delaware. that could be as early as next hour or two. by nine or 10:00 across southern new jersey we expect to see first flakes and then overnight gradually that snow will spread in from really south east to northwest we will see in the city and north and western suburbs through tomorrow morning. lets zoom down and look at this storm, dry slot has formed over north carolina has started to fill in. you can see heavy snow over carolinas right now as this storm continues to make its
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trek up eastern seaboard and this storm is not even at its full strength just yet. it will get very, very strong overnight and into tomorrow, rapidly deepening and process we call bomb bowgenesis and this storm will blanket northern new england with as much as 2 feet of snow. we expect this storm to start moving in, snow to start moving in between seven and 11:00. that is down the shore and into delaware. overnight it spread into philadelphia tomorrow morning will be height of the storm right around the time of the morning rush. 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and quickly wrapping up tomorrow afternoon. how much could we see. one to 3 inches north and west three to six at time of the morning commute in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. six to 10 inches possible down the shore and wind will blow that around. blizzard warning will go into effect tonight for new jersey shore and delaware beaches, winter storm warning for city and surrounding suburbs. you may be asking what does a blizzard warning actually mean meteorologist chelsea ingram live on the sky deck with more
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on that. >> it is important to talk about that because blizzard warning is not solely based on the amount of snow. in fact take a look at this graphic we will talk about the definition and it has to do with falling, and or blowing snow, and, you got to have those wins gusting, at around 35 miles per hour, or higher and that looks to be happening for duration of three hours or longer, causing reduced visability, under a, quarter mile and for 3 miles or longer that is where we expect to see those conditions happening down the shore, what we will see, gusting, over 50 miles an hour as a possibility for places like wildwood, atlantic city up and shore points and coastal communities will see gusts possible over 40 miles an hour, right here in philadelphia. and in the things to keep in mind is that these winds are going to be sticking with us as we head into thursday evening. as we head into friday causing dangerous wind chills in the even of the week and they will last as we head in the first part of the weekend. so, we're talking about serious impact with those
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blizzard conditions, the snow arriving and also the wind, we will send it out to meteorologist lauren casey for more on the impact she's live in pennsauken, lauren. >> reporter: thanks, chelsea. i'm here at nj dot maintenance site where things will get busy as we head through overnight period. it is so important to focus on impact. it is easy to get caught up with my project snowfall total for this storm but impacts are things we need to focus on. heavy snowfall and intense wind will yield greatly reduced visability, near white out conditions, probably in the blizzard warning area down the shore that will yield extremely hazardous travel and the extreme cold will contribute to that as well. road salt effectiveness decreases as temperatures decrease as well. now, soil temperatures around the delaware valley hovering around 20 to 25 degrees, so very cold, road salties most effective when soil temperatures are around
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freezing mark. already reduced effectiveness and as temperatures drop down in the single digits that will seem more so and cold, as a result of the strong winds in combination with the cold we could see power outages and with temperatures dropping down into the teens and single digits as we head into tonight and tomorrow and friday as well. being in the heat without power or being in the cold without power and without heat is going to be something that could be potentially very arduous and potentially dangerous as well, so it is so much more important on am i getting 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, impacts will be similar and potentially dangerous for those in the delaware valley. >> thanks very much. preparations are underway, down the shore for the snow, and the winds this storm will likely deliver, and, live in ocean city, and, crews are getting ready, natasha. >> reporter: we can tell you this evening, jessica folks in ocean city, new jersey as well as other shore towns are
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taking this blizzard warning very seriously at this point. some seeing this kind of storm as a triple threat. dan kelly's about as ready as you can get as she prepares for blizzard like conditions at the new jersey shore. >> i just bought a shovel and i just bought some dry ice. so we will all be ready this much or this much. >> all hands on deck tomorrow morning. >> reporter: plows and salt trucks trucks hit the road in wildwood crest overnight as heaviest snow is expect to move in wednesday night into thursday. >> we actually have our time broke up in couple zones so we send three trucks to each zone , everybody knows their zone and we get out, plow, plow, plow until it stops snowing. >> reporter: main road will be a priority, and then residential streets peter moved to the shore from boston , he business to head out of town to a much warmer austin texas but making sure his wife is prepared for the impending snowstorm. >> more i may poor wife is dealing with it, with the
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begin i bucks so before i'm leaving i'm making sure that the tank's full, plenty of rock salt and food in the house. >> reporter: desserted boardwalk in ocean city with few venturing out in frigid temperatures. ocean city officials say they see a triple threat with this kind of storm. >> of course, blizzard warning , coastal flood advisory so we expect minor flooding, and then, of course, extreme cold. >> reporter: lisa is taking the forecast in stride, no sense of panic here. >> we're not really getting anything. we got bread. we get extra milk. we are not going to the grocery store. we will see what happens. >> reporter: well, ocean city officials again taking the storm very seriously at this point. they tell us they will be updating their web site with any snow removal that residents need to know b get very latest on cbs that is very latest in ocean city, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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streets department workers in philadelphia spent the day getting salt trucks filled and in place ahead of the storm. crews at city salt yard in feltonville used heavy equip ment to load salt in dump trucks. city officials say they have 85 pieces of equipment and 40,000 tons of salt ready to treat city streets. >> we started this operation off as a salting operation and if conditions worsen we will put it on and then start plowing streets. >> chopper three spotted trucks brining the road, penndot officials say they will need cooperation of those on the road while crews are out salting and plowing. they have asked drivers to give their trucks plenty of extra space and please, do not try, to pass them. kate will be back in a little less than ten minutes with the most up to date forecast and be sure to wake up with us first thing tomorrow morning, our team will be closely monitoring the snow, the bitter blast, any traffic delays, and school closings and delays, we are on half an hour earlier tomorrow
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starting at 4:00 a.m. construction work halts on the controversial natural gas pipeline that runs from western pennsylvania to marcus hook. the pennsylvania department of environmental protection issued that stop order, dep report cited numerous permit violations by sunoco on the mariner east two pipeline, they included, industrial waste without a permit. sunoco has 30 days to respond to those violations, the company says it is confident it will be reauthorized to commence work. african-american museum in philadelphia is offering visitors, discounted admission during a martin luther king weekend celebration. it is all thanks to the $25,000 donation from citizens bank. the museum will celebrate life and legacy of the reverend doctor martin luther king junior over four days of events that begin january 12th local community groups will receive free tickets to the museum that weekend, discount ed tickets will be available, to all guests. our coverage of the impending storm and bitter
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blast, continues, next up, cashing in on the cold. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" frigid temperatures mean business is booming, for philadelphia company that designs heated clothing, how it works and who tried it on for size. also too cool for school? one philadelphia school confirms it has a broken heater during the coldest days of the season, what teachers and students are doing to stay warm, don. sixers hooking up with a five time champion spurs. it is not about who is playing but who is not? fallen stars in south philadelphia later in
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we have a live lot poconos from sky scan three it is a winter wonder land in the mountain but question is, now will it, still look like this, down the shore. >> take a lot delaware river, this is what you know it is cold chopper three over frozen waterway feeling the brunch of
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the and kate's forecast is a few minutes away. "eyewitness news" has learned that a temperatures were unbearably cold. later we found a contractor who appeared to be working on the problem. second graders were moved to warmer sections of the oldest school building and third grade classroom were also affect. parents we spoke to said they have had no idea there was an issue. >> i'm suspicious i have not heard about any of this i normally send my child to school with a sweater so she hasn't complained about it but i will ask. >> it is believed that the heating issue is resolved for the time being. miserable cold is a blessing for one philadelphia business, selling heated clothing. >> as our david spun shows us manayunk based company got a big boost on national television over the new year. >> reporter: sub freezing
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temperatures, are unforgiving. >> business is great, it is freezing outside. >> reporter: those low temperatures mean big business , and batteries, for philadelphia native justin silverman, co founding the warming store in 2009 and he calls it the hub of everything heated. >> our most popular items are heated socks because people's feet tend to be the first thing that gets cold. business has always been good this time of the year but things got better when journalist anderson cooper sported silverman's battery operated heated clothing on new years eve. he talked about his new favorite store on cbs late show with stephen colbert tuesday night. >> i called up the store, warming store in philadelphia, i found on the internet, and i bought -- >> the warming store. >> yes. >> and, so, i spent $2,900 buying electric clothing. >> i always watched colbert but i went to bed early last night. last morning i woke up my
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facebook and my cell phone was vibrating like crazy report report during our interview a curious customer who saw cooper came into escape the cold. >> i'm an eagles season ticket holder and wanted to buy something for my hands and feet. >> reporter: warming stories an actual store here in fill at majority of the business is done here in this warehouse, where heated gear like this is shipped all around the world. silverman's cousin allie south er is with the company. >> he surprises people when i say, you know, heated clothing , sell heated clothing , does that exist, i can't believe it believe it. silverman is confident his industry is only growing because of the brutal winters like this one. >> really great way to keep yourself warm. >> reporter: in philadelphia, david spun, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that. >> that is hot on a lot of levels. >> we need some of that. >> we have just learned a snow emergency has been declared for the city of philadelphia, snow emergency will begin at midnight and what this means, of course, is all parked cars
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have to be moved off of the snow emergency routes for plowing. that is at midnight in philadelphia, move your cars, because they will be plowing. >> talk about the storm. >> lets talk about this. this track has been edging closer to the coast since early this morning and we have been upping snowfall totals as we go. as lauren said earlier focus on the impact. it doesn't really matter with this storm how much snow you get what will matter is wind blowing snow around, travel conditions, treacherous during morning commute, very low visability and what follows this storm as well, the wind and sub zero wind chills as temperatures plumet, once again as this storm departs. lets look at outside right now out to the poconos people outside on the slopes jazz frost big boulder, see ice on the camera lens. they are making snow there. probably in the getting as much from mother nature as shore will get but lowest amount of snow in the north and western zones. right now quiet night for skiing, heading out in the
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city, may get warming gear to keep you toasty as we approach another blast of extreme cold after this storm departs. here's general set up, is there your storm, area have low pressure off carolina coast. arctic cold front will deliver a fresh shot of cold to this storm working its way up the seaboard tonight and certainly tomorrow. you can see how far inland the snow has made tonight to central north carolina, creeping up into virginia, and so these observations certainly support the thought that this snow will make it further inland and not just be a coastal brush as we were thinking could be a possibility with the storm a couple days ago. here are your winter alerts. greatest impact down the shore where blizzard warning is in effect, these are areas we see in red. blizzard warning is function of win, visibility, wind gusting over 35 miles an hour and visibility less than a quarter mile for period of three hours or more. in the city of philadelphia winter storm warning, winter weather advisory to the north and west.
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here's the storm moving up the coast tomorrow morning is height of it. you can see snow extending light, back in the north and west region but heavy down the shore, tomorrow morning, and continues into midday and then by tomorrow afternoon it will wind up quickly. but look at how strong this storm is up toward northern new england under going bumbo genesis wrapped strengthening and they can get 2 feet in portions of maine and canadian mar times. heaviest for us across the coast and filled by sun zero wind chills friday and saturday. high, risk for snowfall, win, low risk for ice, freezing rain. cold enough this looks all snow. travel delays, high, probability as we head through tomorrow. three to 6-inch's long i-95. heaviest six to 10 inches down the shore and that will be blowing around, we could be dealing with the threat for power outages as well and once you get behind this storm on friday take a look at these wind chills. it will feel like 30 below in mount pocono. twenty below in philadelphia possible and wind chill of ten below possible down the shore,
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and if you don't have power on a day like friday or day like saturday, that is very, very, dangerous and that is something we will talk about, the impacts following the storm possiblely more dangerous then the snow, itself, so snow, win, war of it tomorrow morning, our weather team katie fehlinger will be here with updates on that and then we will talk about that broughtal cold. >> here we go. >> thanks, kate. >> be careful. >> don's up next with sports. >> trying to process bum bow genesis. >> yes. >> talk more about that during the break. eagles aren't afraid to punch a clock, what the team is saying about the hard work ahead sports up
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joel embiid is out with a sprained wrist but if you think that is bad, san antonio will be without leonard, parker, and gaye. basically, nobody is playing.
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sixers shoot around this morning, they are getting ready for their first game of the new year, jj red dick knows them well, and, last four seasons as western conference with the sixers and here's what it will take to get a win. you have to be on top of your game to beat them. and they are going to, not make many mistakes and when you make a mistake they make you pay for it. so we have to be great, and i would say take care of the ball, and talk about battling and those are two things that we have to struggled with at times with this year. >> got any weekend plans? jim schwartz does? according to espn adam shafter , eagles d coordinator will interviews for a giants head coach job. meanwhile, eagles back to practice as they get ready for home playoff game january 13th , as you know they have finished with a 13-three record. but this team appears to be obsessed with getting better after finishing the season on a sour note.
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>> we're an frayed to work. that is one thing that we held our hat on is just grinding, and enjoying the process inn enjoying the small things, that is what a lot have people don't like to do this time of the year. we understand it is a significant situation we are in and we want to take advantage of the time we have, and we don't want to be off the whole week, we want to get better. to baseball, will middle brooks won world series title with the boston red sox in 2013. since then his career has hit a snag. third base man was one of the ten players assigned minor league deals with the phillies to day. he will try to compete for a major league gig once spring training begins in 41 days. the flyers, with the night off after last night's embarrassing five-one loss to the penguins. they will try to rebound, when they host the aisle lander, tomorrow night and orange and black lost four out of five. um, um, um. >> spring training sound goods right about now doesn't it. >> yes. >> it is creeping up. "cbs evening news" just a
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few minutes away. >> jeff glover joins with us a look ahead, jeff. >> john dickerson will join to us analyze impact of the new book that has sparked a war of word between the president and steve banner. a look at growing demand for bullet-proof closing, and, researchers say these animals might know each other by name, and just ahead on the "cbs evening news". coming up, first a millionaire making mistake. >> why this lottery winner from, new jersey has employee error to thank for her good luck, that i
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jackpot and power ball and mega millions, continue to grow, new jersey mother of two is cashing in on the winning ticket. >> forty-six year-old objection san a, from edge water asked for a 1 dollar scratch off from a store in manhattan but accidentally handed a 10-dollar set for life ticket. that mistake, though, turned out to be life changing. when she realized the ticket was worth five million-dollar. she said she's excited to be able to give her two children a debt free college education. by the way both power ball and mega millions jackpots air above 400 million-dollar, the next drawing are tonight, and friday night, respectly. good luck. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00 with the very latest on the winter storm. >> up next, "cbs evening news" , tonight hit the beach and learn more about the language of elephant seals, from new york, here's jeff
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glover, take care, see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> furious, disgusted glght white house fires back after former top aide steve bannon accuses the president's son of treason. >> i think that is a ridiculous accusation. >> glor: also tonight, the storm that has covered the south in ice is about to have an even bigger impact as it moves north. the escalating nuclear taunts between the u.s. and north korea. defensive dressing. >> reporter: an armored t-shirt costs almost a grand. an armored man suit runs $8,000. >> i do. >> congratulations, senators. >> glor:let who of two newest united states senators. and, the call of the elephant seal, an elephant that never forgets a name. >> reporter: it's not


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