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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 21, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ tonight, the royal engagement photos revealed. details on meghan's bride to be fashion, and big news about their wedding day. which family member is meghan refusing to invite? then, an e.t. exclusive -- >> taco fiesta? >> inside oprah's mansion. her new project that's shocking fans. >> hey! oh, my god. >> headed to the theater this holiday? what the stars told us about their must-see movies. >> secrets from the set. >> who would have thought that a movie franchise known for singing would turn into a hard core action film? >> and -- >> i've always been the loser, the goof. >> from the mickey mouse club to hollywood heart throb. >> is this bothering you? >> we flash back to when we first met ryan gosling. >> you that guy from "home
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alone?" no, that's not me. >> this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. >> we are in front of big celebrity news. here is tonight's top story. meghan markle and prince harry released their official engagement photos. the bride to be and her prince are very affectionate in the pictures. meghan dawns a sparkling couture ball gown by ralph & russo. on the runway, the gown featured a see-through bodice with a full silk skirt and ruffles. but meghan's may have been altered to be less revealing. the gown with its gold thread embroidery is rumored to have a price tag of $75,000. the palace tells "e.t." they will not reveal the actual price of the dress, saying, the cost of the clothes was met privately. taken earlier this week, meghan also wear as more casual sweater by victoria beckham while car s caressing harry's face and
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showing her off ring. and in royal wedding news, "e.t."s that learned that meghan's mother will play a significant role in the ceremony. and meghan has asked her father to walk her down the aisle. not invited? meghan's half sister, samantha grant. a source tells "e.t." the two have a strained relationship and that grant has written a tell-all about her future royal relative. moving on now to our "e.t." exclusive with oprah. we go inside ore home and behind the scenes of her massive new marketing plan. >> hey! oh, my god. hey! >> surprising a slew of unsuspecting fans before filming a new campaign for weight watchers, it is all part of the company's launch of their new freestyle program. >> tacos are my new favorite go-to. >> and clearly, oprah is the company's secret sauce during its busiest time of the year. it's estimated the company attracts 40% of new members in december and january because weight loss is the most popular new year's was lugs. and that trend has paid off big-time for lady o. oprah has earned an estimated
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$300 million since buying up 10% of the company's stock in 2015. her overall empire is now estimated to be worth $2.8 billion. >> this is the best time of my life. >> in the new commercials, oprah once again integrates her iconic love for carbs into the spot. >> shrimp, beans, rice, eggs and bread. fantastic. >> of course, when the weight watchers commercial aired last year, oprah was all about bread. >> i love bread. >> that enthusiasm became instant gold for comics like maya rudolph. ♪ i love bread >> this is the thing. i said i love bread, people. it doesn't mean i'm eating a loaf every day. >> all right, well, let's turn our focus to the big holiday movies about to hit theaters. and no film had a crazier your knee than "all the money in the world." the movie was completely finished when the kevin spacey sex scandal broke, but they rushed back to work to pull off
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something that's never been done before. >> i have 14 grand children. if i start paying ransoms, i'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren. >> that's christopher plummer, who replaced kevin spacey in the film. ridley scott scrambled to reshoot scenes in just ten days at a cost of $10 million. michelle williams plays the destraight mother of get till's kidnapped grandson. >> you go toe to toe a lot with christopher plummer. what was it like shooting those scenes and how was it different shooting with kevin spacey? >> two very different actors, two very different men, and they brought very different qualities to the role. >> williams says plummer is a hero to her, and one more thing about michelle. she, of course, has the same name as the destiny's child singer and she told kevin how it led to an awkward mixup. >> i'll tell you what. let me tell you when i really got confused. >> okay.
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>> for the other michelle williams. when i took my daughter to see stevie wonder. they were like, huh? i was like, uh-huh. and they were like -- oh! oh, oh! oh. >> "all the money in the world" hits theaters christmas day. our next movie had a much easier time making it to the theaters. i can't imagine a set that would have been more fun to work on than "jumanji." dwayne johnson, kevin hart, jack black. ♪ jumanji >> they aren't ready to sign a record deal, but they are all about the camaraderie, and in the movie, when you play jt jumanji," you set suck into a universe where you can become your opposite. the high school nerd becomes the jock. the high school jock becomes kevin. >> who are you? >> me, spencer.
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>> jack black was bethany, the most popular girl in school. >> bethany? >> don't look at it! no! >> at the big premiere, the talk was all about babies. it was an epic night for the rock, who is expecting a girl with his girlfriend. it was kevin's wife's first appearance since giving birth. >> he gets that thug side from his daddy. ♪ >> and this isn't exactly an official music video, but costar nick jonas and jack black sure had a good time doing their own version. ♪ >> nick was actually nominated for a golden globe writing the song "home" in the movie "ferdinand." >> he said, i'm proud of you, but i think our song's better.
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>> ju man. ! >> yeah, a lot of wild stuff happens in that movie for sure, but nothing like what happens to matt day mob and kristen wiig in "downsizing." is life better when you are just five inches tall? >> $152,000 translates to $12.5 million to live on. >> but all that cash comes with a catch. shrink your body down and move into a miniaturized land, and you have to shave your entire body. a shock for matt's wife and kids. >> they were there when i shot that, so, i let my little kids come. when we took off the bald cap, it took four hours to put on. when you took it off, you could tear it. i let them tear it off. they thought that was really fun. >> hong chow picked up a golden globe nomination, even though it's only her second movie. >> when you popped on the screen, i was like, okay, star is worn. >> i felt that way when i saw her screen test. i didn't think a star is born, i
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thought, our movie is going to be good now. oh, and a star is born, also. >> matt also has a movie out next year. he's in "ocean's eight." all right, there is only one woman at the enter of our next movie, but she just happens to be jessica chastain. she stars in "moll little's game" and it has a story that you just would not believe if it weren't true. >> i'm molly bloom. do you know about me? i was in a room with movie stars, directors and business titans. they were going all-in, all the time. >> based on a true story, jessica plays the real life poker princess, molly bloom, who was taken down by the feds after running illegal high stakes poker games for a-list celebrities. >> first buy-in, 250,000. >> that's going to make noise. >> play. >> spend some time with molly in preparation? >> definitely. i met with molly in l.a. and i
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went to some poker games. saw people lose a lot of money very quickly. i'm about to be charged in federal court. >> nobody's perfect. >> out christmas day, kevin costner costars in the film, which is aaron sorkin's director y'all debut. >> not to spoil the ending, but the government raided my game and took all of my money, assuming all of it was made illegally, which, it wasn't. >> "e.t." sat down with the real life molly bloom. >> 17 fbi agents showed up at my house with machine guns and put a piece of paper in front of me that said, the united states of america versus molly bloom. they arrested me, indicted me. >> why are you in this alone? who are the people you're protecting? >> because it's all i have left. because it's my name. >> still ahead, the holiday movies that will have you breaking out in song. ♪ get this party started >> we're with the cast of "pitch perfect 3" and "the greatest
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showman." then, what you never knew about ryan gosling. why he never wanted to date his mickey mouse club costar britney. and the director who cast him because he wasn't handsome. >> you, who is going to fall in love with you? you make babies cry, and i'm like, that's mean, you don't need to say that. but first, we teamed up with wounded warrior project to bring you traced ed atkins, behind th music. >> it's the tip of the hat to all those veterans that i've worked with over the years. >> his "still a soldier" video features real life army vets, standing before an unsuspecting crowd at one of trace's concerts. >> i didn't prompt them, i didn't tell them they were shooting a video. nothing. >> the country star has worked with this organization since its inception. wounded warrior project connects warriors to peers and communities, empowering them to live life to the fullest and embody the logo of one warrior
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carrying another. >> i just really appreciate all of them. ♪ he's still a soldier
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owen wilson and ed helms are trying to find their real dads in "father figures." ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me... ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets, 6 match 6 chances, ♪ ♪ 5 cash 5s! 4 cash4lifes, ♪ ♪ 3 pick 3s, 2 mega millions. ♪ happy holidays, rita! thanks, joe! what a great gift! pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts. like the new merry millions. happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪
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♪ welcome back to our look at the movies that will you have spending your holidays inside a theater. hugh jackman put his claws away for good in 2017, but now he's playing a famous showman that would have loved to put wolverine in his shade show. p.t. barnum. hugh plays the legend who risked it all by making outcasts stars. zac efron is his initially skeptical protege. >> we have more protesters every day. you're risking everything you built. >> why do you think i'm doing it? >> we were together every day. >> he wanted to play this character for seven years, and
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it's clear why. he is the greatest showman in many ways. >> za c's love interest is played by sezendaya, who told u the physical commands brought the cast closer. >> you have to trust them to catch you or to, you know, not let go of you, and so, and in many ways, that became our bonding experience. >> there's plenty of bonding and music in "pitch perfect 3." ♪ you better get this party started ♪ >> in the third installment, the college group has graduated, but can't adjust to working in the real world, including rebel wilson's character, fat amy. >> she drops her own one-woman show. >> when a new group of singers steal their spotlight, the girls get a chance to prove themselves and reunite at a uso singing competition. ♪ come on ♪ turn the radio on ♪ it's friday night ♪ i won't be long >> and there's harmonizing and high flying stunts. >> who would have thought that in a movie franchise known for singing, we turn into a hard
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core action film. i know how to throw down. >> oh, yeah. >> still ahead, ryan gosling, the life-long charmer. >> do you want to go out? >> before ava, and before "the notebook," to you remember the actress he dated who was 16 years older? >> i'm with love with her. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ it was a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. >> from the oscars epic wrong envelope fail to the time he hosted "snl," ryan gosling's had some of the best laughing moments in his career. check out that transformation. but nothing could compare to the actor's hollywood evolution from his famous exes, to the mickey mouse club. check out when "e.t." first met ryan. >> hey, "e.t." i'm ryan gosling and you're watching "e.t."
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"e.t.'s" watching "e.t."? i'm sorry, is this bothering you? i drive. let me show you something. come on. in my spare time, i like to play ball with my friends. i talk about the mickey mouse club, let's do it. ♪ it was with britney and justin and christina and myself. and it was like a boot camp on the industry, you know? sort of taught us how to be professional. i remember, like, christina, she was like, 1 or something, she looked like she was 8 and a voice like i never heard in my life just coming out of this little body. all my friends are, like, in love with britney spears and i remember playing basketball with britney when she was 1 and i can't see her in a sexual way.
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and i feel bad when people see her like that or talk about her. >> yeah. >> with the snake around her neck, like -- something wrong about that. >> he may have started out on the mickey mouse club in 1993, but we first met ryan gosling five years later. it was 1998 and the 17-year-old canadian native was charming our producer. >> do you want to go out? come on. listen. i don't know why we have to play this game, you know? let's just get married. you want to? you don't, do you? what do you think? >> ryan's first big role was the tv series "young hercules." he had to get a spray tan, gain some weight and take karate lessons to prepare. >> good. >> you going to do something or what? >> what do you think i'm trying to do? >> i never played, you know, the her hero. i've always been the loser, the goof, the geek.
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>> well, ryan would get the girl in 2002. nope, not this girl, this one. ryan met sandra bullock on the set of the thriller "murder by numbers." sure, he was 16 years younger, but that totally didn't matter. sandy was okay with this creepy scene where ryan, who played a killer, licked her face. >> you are not going out that door! well, yeah, i'm in love with her. i just worked it into the movie. i licked her. it was my idea. this is just a testament to how cool he is. >> ryan and sandra broke up in 2003. one year later, well, this happened. >> it wasn't over. it still isn't over. >> we're just going to leave these swoon worthy scenes right here. director nick says he cast ryan because, quote, you're not handsome. you're just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts. >> he's like, brad pitt,
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anyone's going to fall in love with brad pitt. who? who is going to fall in love with you? and i thought, yeah, that's mean, you don't need to say that. he's like, i'm not trying to be mean. he said, you make babies cry, and i'm like, whoa, stop it, you know? i want all of you forever, you and me, every day -- >> i will always love you. >> ryan and rachel mcadams actually kind of hated each other during filming. >> i hate you. >> if you leave here, i hate you. >> but after "the notebook" wrapped, they started on again off again dating for three years. >> it was like, hey, rachel, we should, you know, go out. she's like, well, take off. i'm not attracted to you, eh. i'm like, oh, okay. so, that's how that went. >> yeah, no one believed that one, especially in 2005 when the two were literally makeout goals with this memorable kiss.
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>> i had to get another one in. >> yeah? >> i had to. i just had to. >> what goes into making a screen kiss a best kiss? do you rehearse it? >> you to be born with a magic mouth. >> okay. whi which you were? >> me not too much, but rachel, she's kind of like what jimi hendrix was to the guitar. >> wow. >> i think it takes two to tango. >> from child star to oscar nominee, ryan has had quite the evolution and not going to lie, we love all of his looks. but what we may love even more? this guy really loves his family, especially his momma. >> how proud are you of this guy? >> i'm pretty proud. he did a great job and he's a good kid. >> proud of you, too. >> another thing you may want to know? ryan hates doing love scenes. >> it's hard enough to feel economy si when you're doing them. you want to try to be sexy -- you feel like a big cheese ball.
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>> of course, ryan has a super private relationship with eva mendes. as for what he thinks about his fame, this is what the star said when we first met ryan. >> personally, i think it's great when people sort of like what you do. as long as you don't come up to me and say, aren't you that guy from "home alone?" no, that's not me. >> you can see more of rain's story just by going to our "e.t." facebook page. can never get enough of that ryan. tomorrow, we look back at when we first met justin timberlake. and in our birthdays, which "24" star lived with robert downie jr. and bill nee zane when they first moved to los angeles? >> the answer is coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody, to the show. in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "24" star lived with robert downey jr. and billy zane when they first moved to los angeles? that is kiefer sutherland, who turns 51 today. >> they had good times. roommates together. >> bye, everybody. >> see you later.
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