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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 5, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. here's what you need to know to start your morning, this wednesday, july 5th. a dazzling light show in honor of america's birthday but now time for the clean up. crews are busy getting the parkway back to normal. >> we have seen these crews out here working tirelessly in order to get this parkway cleared before the morning rush. holiday ended on a violent note in philadelphia were four shootings leaving at least one person dead. >> shot multiple times pronounced dead at 2:20 a.m. u.n. security council is meet to go day to address north korea's latest missle launch, experts say this missle flew for 37 minutes and
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could reach alaska. >> not much further then that to reach insuring or washington d.c. new jersey state offices are opening for the first full workday today, and budget impasse calls governmental shut down. >> ♪ >> yes, that is boys two men going off not too hard, not too soft on the ben franklin parkway. >> some rain during the concert sent people ducking and in the still of the night, katie, the water running dry today. >> yes. >> road, and the rain. >> my goodness. >> i can't let go. >> until the end of the road. >> i saw them a week ago at wells fargo center. >> yes, you did. >> that was good. >> they put on a heck of a show. >> they do. >> we were saying in the commercial break, boys two men will never be out of style. >> no. >> they are just so good.
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>> love them. >> of course, we love them more because they are from philly. >> nice guys, classy guys. >> i agree. it does look like we are going to see a stray shower here at some point today but keyword is stray. most stay dry. we however have a pesky front that is stuck nearby. notice at the moment across parts of the really border between kent, new castle county a few pocket of showers has redeveloped out that way and in the western half of the region we have best chance to see left over shower at some point although anyone will be fair game, that is the high likelihood of wet weather to fire up. at the moment mostly still dry , and i have to say it feels comfortable on the cbs-3 sky deck, far enough south, dover, wildwood, humidity is pretty high so you may run into locally dense fog across these areas, watch for that, further north you go we're talking about a nice day, classic example of the micro climate that is our area. we have got shore, poconos,
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urban area country side and you can have very different weather unfold on any given day based on the pattern. it does look like it is in the quite as hot anywhere. you will hit upper 70's in the shore and mountains but we are expecting brightest conditions of the pack. in philadelphia, meanwhile maybe that stray sure but high hits 84 degrees. coming up it will turn more un settled before it gets better. we will discuss possibility of more showers and storms and when you need an umbrella and we will have a nice looking weekend forecast, for you. >> that is great news, thanks very much. very good morning to all of you very happy wednesday, so, with that being said, yes, it is still happy because we are happy but it is looking busy out there. we have an accident out there, disabled vehicle schuylkill westbound near south street pulled off to the right. i will say levels will build ever so slightly and they are getting ready to toe that out of the way. we have a couple accident. mount laurel new jersey 295
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southbound before route 38 pulled off to that left lane, you can see, kind of the steady stream forming now so a lot of vehicles jumping on the roadway much different from monday and tuesday and another couple disabled vehicles here 295 north bound before route 42 right lane and southbound at route 168, that within has moved off to the shoulder. then we have another disable vehicle here 95 south approaching cottman pulled off to that right shoulder but when we zoom out and looking wide view shot there is vehicles pushing in the southbound direction toward center city. heading out the door my advice would be don't give yourself extra time right now but progressing deeper in the 5:00 g in the 6:00 he clock hour i'll give yourself a couple extra minutes. >> good advice, thank you. crews have been working overnight get parkway cleared after thousands celebrated america's birthday. >> workers are out between 20th and 25th street in the ben franklin parkway. it took days to set up so in surprise it will take a few days to clean everything up.
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crews hope to have lanes cleared just in time for the morning rush hour. it was a night, jammed packed with celebrations, and of course, fire works. "eyewitness news" was there as gets got in the holiday spirit , red, white and blue radiated from the crowd after a bit have the rain delay. mary j. blige brought the crowd to its feet and she entertained fans from the moment she stepped on the stage, philly's own boys two men also performed. >> philadelphia, make some noise out there, y'all. >> hometown boys had crowd up and moving when the sky opened up, rain began pouring down, on the crowd this wasn't a sprinkle, they didn't let the rain ruin their night, they put chairs over their head and braved storm for night of fun that they will in the forget. and crowd could not take their eyes off sky during that show in south jersey, and margate, people celebrated independence day with a beach
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fire works display. that is where people spent their fourth of july as well. >> all men, all men are created equal. >> of course that would be the members of the boys two men reading excerpts from the declaration of the independence at celebration of the freedom ceremony in olde city. philly pops big band performed patriotic tunes, mayor jim kenney called it a day for americans to truly celebrate our freedom. >> this country belongs to everyone, it belongs to men, women, black, white, brown, immigrants, lbgtq, everyone. >> and the mayor presented veterans ralph gallot i, was a pow with senator john mccain and admiral james stockdale. at ward is given to those who achieved more than thought possible. in business news this morning when the new tesla electric car will be rolling out. >> money watch's roxana saberi
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joins us from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, roxana. >> u.s. stock markets returned to business today following yesterday's holiday, traders will be watching for minutes from the federal reserve's latest meeting due out later today this morning futures are pointing down, on monday, dow jones gained 129 points but nasdaq who 30. two more international carriers say lap tops will no longer be banned in cabins on u.s. bound flights. emirates and turkish airlines are working with american officials to assure them they have complied with security measures to be exempted. u.s. lifted ban for jihad airways. ban was rolled out in march and included 10 airports in eight countries. first units of the tesla's new model three are expected to roll role off factory floor on friday, auto makers latest car designed for mass market sells for 35 you this dollars. first 30 owners are expected to get their cars july 28th, by years end tesla hopes to
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produce 20,000 model three's a month. jim and rahel. >> thanks, appreciate it. we have some breaking news just in the news room in new york, a police officer ambushed by a gunman sitting in the patrol car has died. it happened around 12:30 this morning. suspect walk up and shot officer through window of her car. the officer was rush to the hospital. we have just learn that she did not make it. responding officers responded and shot and killed the suspect. motive is unclear. new york city police officer is killed overnight in the bronx. we have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", taking care of business at dmv? well, governmental shut down in new jersey is giving you more time but you do have to act fast. and those google cars are more than just mapping the roads we will tell you how they are tracking something else, that is when "eyewitness news" continues.
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there will not be a strike , as the union that represents actors agreed ton a three-year deal with film and tv production co. previous contract ended last friday but negotiators kept working until a deal was reach there will not be a strike in hollywood. a truce in the literary legal battle, estate of author jr rr tolkin sued warner brothers for 80 million-dollar , it claimed studio had no right to create
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on line games based on reached a resolution. good news, i suppose if you like on line games. i have not ever read those. >> i was just saying, i cannot believe i have in the read this series, stephen colbert would be very upset. >> there is so many things i have to wait, until i retire. >> you are counting down literally. >> i have books to read. >> when you have a few days off you think this would be kind of nice to do this all the time. >> yeah, like painting your deck. enjoying wonderful hobbies. >> yes. >> well, look we're all here. >> exactly. >> i think a lot of people are new back to work, i mean meisha can attest to this being out of the car on the road, people are back at it in the routine again and it looks like the pattern is still un settled. >> yes. >> especially tomorrow, friday you'll want to keep umbrella which we will discuss in a second but i like to show you beautiful shots we have in our
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little variety pack of cameras that we have and sky scan three overlooking lake harmony , beautiful beginning of the day, included left over and feels really comfortable outside in this area of our region. all and all we will find sunshine in the mountains today. closer you get to the city cloud will still be here and there, might see left over shower in a couple spots too from a, stubborn front that just isn't getting shoved out by anything. not a major anything but stray sure possible today. here's where we stand mid to upper 60's. i want to show you handful of pictures that came in. we have had multiple beautiful shots of the fire works from all over the region. this is at sea girth, ed connor sent this in of beautiful fire work there different set of fire works closer to the ground from jenny benson setting off, firecrackers from her cherry hill area then we get to the here and now pastel sunrise, put by lynn springer, she sent this around cherry hill area
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of new jersey. meanwhile we are again off to a comfortably mild note and seasonal note but we have un settled weather to track. we have pockets of heavy rain, currently falling across lake superior, also a heavy line of storms, rumbling through southern oak, western most arkansas, this will reach us. we don't think we will have major severe weather threats in the next couple days we will see round of rain, some heavy at times, embedded thunderstorms both tomorrow and friday and along with that steamy humidity levels as well tomorrow and friday umbrella need to be on stand by even though it is not a wash out, could get hit by that. by week end timing is on our side, it is less humid, mid 80 's and brightens up nicely. sunday looks awesome. >> they look nice, coming back from vacation they are thinking about weekend already , come on now, katie, weekend looks awesome. thanks so much for. that you mentioned it up at
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the desk a little it ago it is looking busier for maybe obvious reasons but people were hoping that today following it people would be taking off work and wouldn't that be busy. that is in the seeming to be the case. we have a more serious accident in white marsh township. so multiple down poles here with the road, they are saying will be closed for several hours, joshua road closed between flourtown road and stenton avenue. use bult letter pike as your best bet. we have another accident in mount laurel new jersey 295 southbound before route 38 pulled off to that left. good news around this area what we are seeing around this ben, steady stream of vehicles congestion levels are not building around this area but if i were you i would stay far to the right and let them clean it up. another accident at 611 old york road near susquehanna road in your neck of the wood, give yourself a couple extra minutes. eddystone delaware county eddie extend avenue at ninth street, again looking around there we are seeing green, so sensor maps are showing everybody still traveling
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around posted speeds. that being said would i play it safe and give yourself couple extra minutes. two disabled vehicle one cleared 295 northbound the right lane that disable is still out there jim, back over to you. well if you could in the renew your driving documents during new jersey governmental shut down we have good news for you. >> you will get an extension but you have to move quickly. met or vehicle commission offices are set to reopen for the first time since last week , and anyone whose driver's license, permit, registration or inspection sticker expired last friday, those documents are valid through tomorrow. crowds at new jersey state owned businesses and parks were light after they reopened following governmental shut down. rancocas state park is typically a popular spot for walking, hiding especially on a holiday. even though chris christie did sign a new budget and reopen facilities just in time damage was already done. >> i was appalled, you know, no state parks should be closed down due to impasse in
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the state legislature, a lot of grandstanding and talk, but won't be impressed at all. i will remember at polls. >> crowds stayed away from par vin state park in pits grove township, they say it is usually within of the busiest days of the year. time running out for charlie guard, 11 in old has a rare disease that doctors say is untreatable and they plan to take him off of life support this week. >> this despite efforts from help from two of the more powerful men in the world. correspondent john lawrence explains. >> reporter: charlie guard turns 11 month-old yesterday and infant suffering from a rare genetic condition is fighting for his life. these tubes are keeping him alive. >> he is a solder. he will fight, until very end. >> reporter: charlie was diagnosed with a disease, shortly after birth and doctors say that his brain damage is irreversible. they are calling for charlie's life support to be shut off but not everyone agrees with that decision. >> we're still fighting.
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>> save charlie guard. >> reporter: pope francis said charlie's parents should be able to treat their child until end and on tuesday pediatric hospital in the vatican offered to take carl any to its care. however, london hospital told vatican officials that they are not able to legally transfer the child. president donald trump has offered his sympathies saying if we can help little charlie guard as per hour friends in the uk and pope, we would be delighted to do so. charlie's parents would like to have their son released so they can try an experimental treatment in the u.s. but court ruled against them saying there is no chance of charlie's health improving. >> all of our parental rights have been stripped away. we cannot even take our own son home to die. >> charlie's life support is expect to be turned off on friday. i'm john lawrence reporting. governmental forces and residents of the local for a
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big victory over islamic state fighters. prime minister offered his congratulations even as battle continues in mess you will's olde city neighborhood. short time ago iraqi officials confirmed 300 islamic state fighters remain in the small territory still controlled by group and mosul's olde city. you may have seen google cars mapping our city streets and now they want to map out air. google cars in oakland, california started collecting air in order to measure pollution, the aim to create a map showing exactly where oakland's air is most dirty. scientists say one day we may be able to check air quality the same way we check traffic in the morning. >> these are sampling gases like ozone, notwo, co2, methane, to see traffic, streets, and you can see air pollution and that date ace up loaded to the internet in real time. >> fascinating. >> environmental experts working on the project said this technology could impact real estate prices, in word when this might come to
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philadelphia. >> really interesting. >> stay with us here on "eyewitness news" heavyweight defends his title but not a boxer. born on the fourth of the july, member of the greatest generation celebrates its 100 birthday with help from his friends. a head up now cbs-3 summer if he head to berks county this week to explore the 68th annual kutztown fall festival, the craft and homemade food. >> we will show you traditions along with special places around this pennsylvania town, join news kutztown, that is all starting friday morning right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will be right
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average white band from 1974 reminder, we have to go back to work today, others have already been here this week but if you have to go back to work, you've got work to do. we welcome you. happy to be back from vacation >> thank you so much. your vacation, who is on first , what is on second for a few days here.
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fourth of july tradition in philadelphia ringing of the ceremonial liberty bell. >> bell ringing. >> we will, bell rang from the tower of independence hall i was honored to be master of ceremonies from the led freedom ring ceremony. sons of the revolution organize this event ever year and bet you didn't know this but federal law requires that the bell ring on independence day exactly at 2:00 p.m. you are right, i didn't know that. >> very interesting learn something new every day. well, world war two veteran celebrates his 100th birthday on independence day. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> leon millville junior celebrated his sin tenth qualification in his hometown of louisiana yesterday. he served in a tank battalion during settled world war and for the in the bolt of the bulge. he was awarded a purple heart for his war efforts.
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>> here i am twice that age. >> he is being 100 years old and being a veteran and he is born other than america's birthday is just remarkable. he is a walking history book. he lived it and we are learning bit through him. >> he looks amaze being for 100. >> boy. >> veteran who were returning from other wars. >> happy birthday to leon. >> yesterday was also mallia obama's birthday. >> birthdays all the way around. super bowl of eating. >> people across america gathered in new york's coney island for fourth of july hot dog eating contest. not my thing but a lot of people interested in this. last years winner is still top dog, top dog, joey chestnut, defended his title earning a record, tenth victory. he had to eat 72 franks and buns in 10 minutes to earn that. >> i make my money performing, i have been really luck which how i have performed.
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>> female competitors mickey soto from vegas won her fourth consecutive title eating 41 hot dogs and buns. >> coming up. >> little mustard is fine with me, yeah. >> here, here. >> coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live where crews are cleaning up big mess left behind after this big party on the parkway. and pop, pop without the fire works, the way one town celebrated the fourth of july, and in a different way coming up next. ♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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thinks an unprovoked attack on the two officers sitting in this vehicle. >> we are following breaking news, a new york city police officer, ambushed in her police vehicle overnight, she was shot, within the hour we have learned the tragic news that officer, has passed away. also, july 4th end with gun violence here in philadelphia in the cities germantown section alone, three separate shootings, one deadly. after fun on the parkway comes big clean up we are live as crews spend the night picking up mountains of trash left behind and today is wednesday july 5th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets get a check of weather an


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