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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning. >> the clock is ticking for holiday shopping. how you can still cash in on those last minute deals. >> and the doors are open at termini brother's bakery in south philadelphia. live thereto look at some. people who make it a tradition to stands in line for hours for their holiday treats. merry christmas eve everyone. it is saturday, december 24th, 2016. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. a big day on tap for the shoppers, and people traveling, so let's get right over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. so, justin, umbrellas in the morning? >> little rough start to the day, but it does get better by the afternoon, christmas eve night, real now problems, nice and dry, the trend for christmas day itself. it will turn out to be nice holiday weekends all around. just with some rain, all areas above freezing with the exception, maybe the poconos corks see light icing over the next few hours, and will turn over to plane rain by mid-morning. see storm scan3, steady precipitation over us right now, maybe little snow mixing
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in far northern lehigh valley, toward the poconos, fishily, see it change over to all rain, temperatures just system, pretty fast mover. like i said, it is out of here by late morning, early afternoon. here is the freezing rain advisory in effect until 11:00 this morning, carbon, monroe counties, again headed northward into the mountains, best chance to see any frozen precipitation, freezing in mount pocono, 33, last hour, now 32, everybody else above freezing, 37 allentown, at philadelphia, up 30th's wilmington, suburbs good shape this morning, holding mid 30's at this hour in quakertown and pottstown. so, what to expected to? rain during the morning, little freezing rain possible, poconos, maybe up to half inch every rainfall from the system. then skies pretty much mostly cloudy for the afternoon, upper 40's for philadelphia, near 50 at the shore, eventually, we get to up about 40 for the high in the poconos, and sunset tonight, hanukkah begins, looking pretty good, clearing skies, 45 degrees, sunset, temperatures pretty mild, and overall christmas eve in good shape. 6:00 temperatures, mid 40's, by midnight, it will bring in
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christmas day, still not bad at 40 degrees. talk about christmas day itself, when i show you eyewitness weather coming up in a few more minutes. jan, over to you. >> thank you, justin. now 6:02, so time to check on the roads, going to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, amanda. >> good morning, big day for travel. we have self ran incidents to talk about unfortunately. big accident on i95 southbound, that's at woodhaven road. you can see the flashing lights there, in the camera here. the accident has all lanes shutdown there. so so tore off 95, be able to jump right back on. doesn't look like it is causing any significant delays right now. but just in case your alternate there it will be bristol pike. in new jersey, we have downed wires, millville, that's at east main street, south third street. that's blocking all lanes in that area. so you want to avoid. and also, an accident near lansdale, main street at greenwood avenue. police are on the scene there. we don't know too much about the accident at this point. but we will keep an eye on that for you throughout the morning. otherwise, just soggy day for a drive.
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tack taking a look at the ben franklin bridge right now. that's clear, as well as most of your majors in and out of the city. that's cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, jan, back to you. >> thank you, and more on that accident in bucks county now. you heard amanda just tell you about it. we brought it to you as breaking news at 5:00 this morning. an accident involving a van on i95 sent 14 people to local hospitalization. crews rushed to i95 southbound, near the woodhaven road exit in bensalem, just before 4:00 this morning. we are told none of the injuries are life threatening. well, it is the last chance to find a gift for everyone on your gift list. when you do, chances are, you won't be alone today. as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us, some stores are open 24 hours or longer, as the holiday shopping season winds down. >> you have made the grocery list, and checked it twice, and somewhere between the gift wrap and couldn't meant aisle realize that the holidays have snuck up yet again. >> i have no gifts. no, nothing. so we're going to be out
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tomorrow. >> i'm definitely stressed, because my mother will be mad if i don't get her anything. but i've gotten like nothing, i've got my sister something. >> that's a start. well, like incest end alarm clock, the sound of the bell ringers inside the cherry hill mall mark the last minute sprint to get gifts bought and wrapped on time. >> i enjoy, and little stressful, because everybody is pushing and shoving and trying to get everything, try to grab something, everybody pushing you. >> why are you out here shopping on such busy holiday shopping night? >> because aim guy and waited to the last minute. >> but don't confuse stalling with laziness, shoppers tell us, sometimes it is about taking the time to find the right gift, or waiting for extra paycheck, and sometimes, life's moments just matter more. >> we went to florida to disney, and my daughter wound up getting engaged there. so i'm not prepared now. >> we've been extremely bless in the year. we're just going to celebrate friendship, family, and happiness. true procrastinators, the buy
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is he there is always another day to get that gift. >> probably going to not get it, then just say the shipping took a long time, like really play it off. >> all right, girl, you don't have to fib just yet. some stores will be open through christmas day, some 24 hours, you want to check on line before heading out. reporting from the cherry hill mall, alexandria hoff, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". and, if you are looking for that special gift, for that special someone, could you cash in on some deep discounts today. many stores like target, jc penny, offering one day only deals. >> but before you hit the stores, head over to we split the store hours in your neighborhood mall hours right there on our website. again, >> well, a christmas tradition is now underway in south philadelphia. many families just can't celebrate the holidays without dessert. so, there is a long line now forming at termini bakery in south philadelphia, and that's where we find reporter anita oh, live there now looks like the doors have opened. hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning,
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jan, yes, stores have opened now. people have just started filling in this room, check it out, they're filling all of the cannoli's right now. multiple flavors, all of these people have been in line for hours. some of them have even been here since midnight. so this is obviously a family tradition, for many people, many people have stood in this line for hours, just trying to get their cannoli's for christmas eve. many people say that this is something that their grandparents have taken them to. so again, i just want to show you some of the cannoli's that they're filling in the shelves right now. look at this. how amazing does this look? so we will try to talk to some people in line right now. also, talk to vince, who has been in the family business for decades now. vince, tell us why this is so important to you? >> i mean the tradition of termini's at christmas time, looking at the people, and seeing the smiles, and happiness, you know, in their face, just, to experience this is unbelievable.
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this is what christmas is all about. you know? tradition. these people love, love doing this, it is unbelievable. >> now your dad was standing at the door greeting every with us come -- customer. these are faces you have seen for years. what is that like, you grew up on this. >> my father's been doing it for 60 years. and to see, you know, the connection, the emotion, between him and the customers, unbelievable. i mean, he saw these people grow up. literally grow up from generation to generation. you know, some of their parents say it is on, they bring their children, you know, there is an emotional connection between the customers and, you know, their experience at termini brothers. >> and what do you credit your success to? i mean, do you think that part of this experience, i mean, people are lining up for hours before the doors even open. what'std to? >> it is credited to, you know, our commitment to keeping up the tradition. our role in this, just keeping
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the tradition alive. you know, my brother and i are third generation business owners. and we really hold true to the roots and the foundation that my grandfather and father have built the business on for 95 years. you know, we love the product. we respect the product. we love our customers. that's what it is all about. >> very quickly, without bias, what's the best flavor? >> the rig could the a cheese cannoli by far the business flavor. no one leaves here without a rigotta cheese can old. >> i that's correct, we will not beheading out one either. the doors have just opened. right now live in south philadelphia, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and eat, a i, myself, love breakfast cannoli's, i'll take one of his favorites, okay? >> thank you, anita. in other news this morning, turns out that stronghead odor you may have felt overnight came from southwest philadelphia. people from as far north as bucks county complained about the smell, similar to rotten eggs. philadelphia's director of
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emergency management tweeted the smell was coming from a sulfer additive. "kyw news radio", reports, that the sunoco refinery said it had accidental release of gas but it is not dangerous, they say. >> christmas eve of course, means the holiday travel rush is in gear. millions expected to travel today as they scramble to reach their final destination like christmas day. this is philadelphia international airport, late last night, "eyewitness news", was there, monitoring some of the long lines. now, rush hour was the busiest time, of course, but crowds thin dollars by 11:00 p.m. we spoke to some of the travelers about their holiday travel experience. >> so far, really good. no problems whatsoever. secure here has been real nice, friendly, i've gone in and out a couple of times, because my flights been delayed. but, only about an hour. >> triple a says more than 9 million americans will travel by plane over the holidays. and, philadelphia's 30th street station also experienced that holiday rush. for some, real travel is the
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preferred choice of transportation. according to triple a, an estimated three and a half million americans are using the trains to get to their holiday celebrations. well, still ahead right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", steven colbert is providing some laughs with special appearances on cbs "face the nation". hear about the three things he was saying, caught on fire, including g very practical item he grabs in a emergency. and rain this morning, justin has more on the holiday forecast, coming up next. >> and as we go to break, a wonderful solo from a choir at mount st. joseph academy in flourtown. merry christmas, everyone, we will be right back in just a moment. >> ♪ ♪
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>> hanukkah begins at sundown, many began at the electrical spectacle. for the third straight year, families enjoy free holiday lights showment folks also celebrated hanukkah by taking part in free arts and crafts. hanukkah, of course, commemorates ancient miracles,
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and triumph over oppression. >> and justin joining us now for a look at the forecast, a lot of people have big holiday celebrations planned. what can they expected to? >> jan, tonight looks pretty good for hanukkah and christmas eve festivities. rain should be out of here. the next few hours will be the worse of it, last minute shoppers, bring the umbrella, rain jacket this morning. if you hold off until early afternoon, things looking whole lot better specially out on the load ways, with the weather watch they are morning, not much to say, pretty much rain, chilly rain right now, temperatures holding mid upper 30's, to about 40 degrees across the region, so we check in with some of the backyards, phil chap line, he has the rain at 38 degrees. delaware we go, similar conditions, at dolores lee's house, light rain going on as well into new jersey, tabernacle, john, 38 degrees, with the rain, similar conditions all over the region, degree warmer up at ed connor's neck of the woods, chesterfield, 39 degrees, once again, rain. so that's what we're dealing
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with. the good news by the time santa claus gets here tonight that rain is out of here. right now, tracking santa, he's been spotted over russia. that's where he's headed right now, and will remain therefore little time being. and he took off about 6:00 this morning, from the north pole. look at. that will approaching what 92 million gifts delivered already. lot of gifts in there. so, he's busy this morning on the other side there of the worldsment back home here, delaware valley, steady rain, maybe some frozen precipitation, poconos, early this morning, again, little sleet pellets, maybe few snowflakes, maybe freezing rain. freezing rain advisories for could be on, monroe counties, until 11:00. fashion moving system, by the afternoon out of here and moving off shore. worse of it this morning on the roads, ice potential in the poconos. other than just rain, will start to slow things down, much better tonight, partly cloudy skies, christmas day, nice and quiet. lot of sunshine. let's time things out. through 9:00 you see lots of heavy rain through the city potentially. yes, there is decent soaking
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rain developing across the region, little pink showing up there indicating the light freezing rain, mount pocono, but by noontime, most of the rain starting to move off shore. still, continues across eastern new jersey, but by 2:00 or so, it is off the coast. now seeing the skies break up little bit. sunshine possible late this afternoon, this evening, looks good. tomorrow, christmas morning, waking up early, no problems, sunny skies, little chilly, temps in the three's, afternoon nice rebounds, upper 50s, maybe 50 degrees in some spots. christmas day. rainfall amounts, like i said, decent soaking rain, areas to the north, maybe little less, quarter inch, around philadelphia, possibly as much as half inch. even south jersey and delaware. good thing, we can use more precipitation, ice amount, really light. poconos less than tenth of an inch. still all it takes is a trace of glaze to cause problems. so headed north, this morning, just heads up there. potential for the ice. forty-eight for the high temperature today. rain again confined mainly during the morning hours, by afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, nice and quiet tonight.
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the winds picks up little bit t helps dry things out, no threat of any re-freezing on the roads, over night, partly cloudy, chilly, 36 for the low for the sit. little colder in some of the suburbs. nice day shaping up for christmas day, 48 degrees. plenty of sunshine, if you remember last year, we were 20 degrees warmer, tide record high temperature for christmas in 2015. high of 68 degrees. so not quite warm. but still, we're above average. up here's to near 50, sunday into monday. look at tuesday up to 56 degrees. could be shower in some spots. nothing heavy at this point. wednesday dry again, at 45. still above average temperatures, as you head into friday. and i think as we head toward now year, see more typical late december early january temperatures making their return. but looks like it will be mild finish in 2016. jan, we send it back to you. >> i'll take it while it lasts, justin, thank you. the celebration every christmas is underway in the holy lands. in bethlehem, the birth place every jesus christ, people are
6:21 am
gathering in manger square. christmas tree and the scene in the middle of town. also, christmas celebrations in iraq. this is in the village east of mozul, in october the iraqi arm i reclaimed the village from isis. meanwhile, the fbi has issued a terror warning, authorities say isis are continuing to call for a tax on churches and other holiday gathers, but, they are not aware of any credible threats. the warning came after a list of us churches was posted on a millitant social media site. the warning also came just hours after the man wanted for the deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin was killed in a shoot-out. two officers spotted anis amri outside his deserted train station in milan, italy, they asked for id papers, he pulled out a gun officers in the shoulder. another officer responded with deadly force. >> a libyan airline says the men who hijacked one of it planes wanted to go to rome
6:22 am
but ended up in million a because of lack of fuel. the hijacking ended peacefully. captors released the passengers and crew then surrender. they were reportedly seeking political asylum. well the president-elect is criticizing the obama administration for not blocking a resolution in the un security council. yesterday, the us allowed the un security council to pass a resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bang in east jerusalem. the us did not vote as it traditionally has, israel, and mr. trump, lobbying for the us to use its veto power. the president-elect wrote in a twitter post: things will be different after inauguration day. well, expect some laughs on "face the nation" this weekend, the host of the late show stephen colbert talks about the year in politics, ends up answering a unexpected question. >> take three things from this year. >> i thought were you going to say from a burning building. >> have to leave the house with one thing, what would you
6:23 am
take from the house. >> from the house? >> yes. will you take us down this road? >> what would i take? assuming the rest of my family has the mode of power of their own i would take a cruise fix off my wall that was my mother's, i would take a family albumn of photographs that we have got downstairs, and obviously my cell phone. >> your cell phone? >> yes, so i could call the fire department, ya, practical >> practical. >> also hear why colbert didn't prepare for donald trump's win and move to the white howls. catch his interview on "face the nation" tomorrow morning at 10:30, right here cbs on. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" health concerns for actress carrie fisher after she has a medical emergency on a plane. video game franchise movie
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", actress carry fish nerve intense tiff care at a los angeles hospital this morning. fisher suffered medical emergency on a flight from london on friday, her brother says it is unclear what caused,t fisher has stabilized. fisher, who is 60 years old, is best known for her lay an in, and the three sequels. one of those popular fantasy video games hits the
6:27 am
big screen, assassin creed starring michael is a story of a man's journey back in time to the 16th century when epic bat was fought between a nights and the assassins. suzanne marquez has preview. >> michael fast bender place condemned criminal call lynch who is given second chance thanks to his his miss tear ancestors. >> we've traced his blood line back 500 years to the assassin's creed. >> now, with high tech help, he's able to revisit the spanish inquisition. >> you're about to enter the end, what you are about to see, hear, and feel, are the memories of someone who has been dead for 500 years. >> genetic memory, thought to be very plausible, we have within our dna, experience knowledge of our ancestors, passed down to us through the generations of survival aid. >> jeremy irons, the founder of the company, trying to use history battle between the assassin's and the order to
6:28 am
write today's wrongs. >> i think it is very important to have anger which you control, violence which you control, but to have those desires to make things better to change things. >> mary ann plays the founder's caught here has already chosen sides. >> there is something much more mysterious about what she is looking for. >> the film includes action inspired by the assassin's creed video game as well as new elements, unfamiliar fans lured into the story. suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", starbucks look to drum up holiday sales. local stores where you can get an if he drink today. and folks are standing in line for some holiday treats in south philadelphia. it is a christmas eve tradition for many. we will talk to some of them who have been waiting for the doors to open and spreading holiday cheer at a local hospital. pecking up up end in time for the holidays. stephaniesteve stall shows us hs
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good morning, merry christmas eve, i'm jan carabeo. know good day is on tap for the last minute shoppers. we send it over to justin drabick in the weather center with a look at our forecast. >> bring the umbrella, for sure.
6:32 am
>> as simple as that, right? >> exactly, could be worse. last saturday dealing with freezing rain. that would have been big issue trying to get out to the shopping malls. things get better this afternoon, christmas eve night, looks great. so plans later on to celebrate christmas eve and christmas morning, looking good. talk about the forecast coming up in just a bit. until then, just got to get through the next few hours, steady rain moving n pretty fast moving system. won't linger around much longer. there you go, across the city, 39 degrees current temperature. temps holding steady, south breeze 9 miles per hour is bringing in the milder air. mainly rain everywhere, the exception, i maybe little bit of wet snowflakes mixed in, and possible freezing rain. that's why freezing rain advisory has been issued for carbon, monroe counties, until 11:00 this morning, light glaze of ice is possible, only takes little bit to cause problems. so we are below freezing in mount pocono. 31 degrees. that's going to be the problem spot. everybody else, above freezing, all of the suburbs in good shape. pottstown, quakertown, normally coldest spots coming in at 36 degrees at this hour,
6:33 am
so staying above freezing, morning rain, freezing rain to the poconos, maybe up to half inch of rainfall before the system is out of here by the afternoon, pretty mild, even with the clouds around, upper 50s for the high for philadelphia, near 50 at the shore, 40 in the poconos, tonight hand kay begins at sundown, temperatures mid 40's, clearing skies, it is dry. later for christmas eve night, no problems, tomorrow, a loft sunshine, upper four's, talk about the milder temperatures continuing for next week, details in a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. now 6:33, time to check the roads. let's go over to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> high there, january january. good news the accident we mentioned earlier, i95 at woodhaven road is cleared. earlier all of the lanes you are looking at were shutdown. traffic was being detoured off the highway. everything is back to normal in that spot. how much, radnor township, just got word a pedestrian was struck near west lancaster avenue at stafford avenue. that incident appears to have happened at a parking lot
6:34 am
around there. be ready to encounter emergency personnel in the area. there is also an accident near lansdale, at main street, at greenwood avenue. police are still on the scene, there so avoid that area if you can. and finally, looking ahead to mass transit, everything is on time this morning, septa operating n special schedule tomorrow, will affect dart, patco, also similar schedules, check it out before you head out in the morning. at the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller back to you. >> busy day for travel inch died. thank you, amanda. for some philly families, just can't have christmas without cannoli's from termini bakery. quite a few are lining up to make sure they're on the family table. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, from their location in south philadelphia, hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan, this place is magical. people have been lining up since midnight to stand in line and wait for their cannoli's, check it out, filling dozens and dozens of pcm told, that starts in january,
6:35 am
to get ready to have enough cannoli's for christmas eve. we have tons of families lining up. we are mario, we have his daughter caroline joining us for the first time. tell just this is such an important family tradition for you? >> it bridges us altogether, and my friends and i have been doing this for years and years. my dad did it, his dad did it, and it is just tradition. it is what we do, every christmas eve. >> caroline, this is your first year, what do you think of this? you drove all the way from delaware. >> it is amazing. i want to touch it all. i want to eat it. >> dow too. you are not alone in that. tell us about this man right here, the man, a legend, you have watched him since were you a child do this every single year. what do you think? >> he treats everyone like family. and that's what it is really christmas is all about for us. it is bringing the family together, and he treats us like family, and he's our family, as well. >> sir, you are all about family. were you telling me this is a labor of love for you. what is the emotion behind just taking every single hands in here and seeing these
6:36 am
people line up for your famous -- >> see these people every year makes my day. makes my holiday. that's what it is. >> and i see, i feel like are we bit. >> they are. f this,ve seen you get every single year, year after year. these people are here for you and your cannoli's. >> yes, myiton tore have them here. >> it is our honor to be here again, they have been making these cannoli's for this entire year actually preparing for this. been lining up since midnight to get their hands on some of these. soap, don't you guys worry. some people at the station have already been texting and calling me, making sure i'm bringing some back for you. so, the doors here open at 6:00 a.m. if you want to head on down, here in south philadelphia. for now live in south philly, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jan, back to you. >> what a great tradition, thank you, and eat a now one shopping day left until christmas. if you are a procrastinator, don't you worry. you will have plenty of company out there, at the
6:37 am
cherry hill mall, plenty of shoppers late last night, some malls even had extended hours, we have list of them on line at well, how about this? starbucks is giving free drinks out for the holidays. from now until january the second, except on christmas, starbucks will pick 100 stores across the country to give out free tall size expresso drinks between one p.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day. today's if he drink location includes starbucks, in center >> in other news now, the philadelphia police need your help locatin series of smash ans incidents. take a look at this surveillance video. police say he has committed a dozen burglaries, all across philadelphia, and the suburbs, in the last month, and almost every incident, the suspect use as hammer to break through the front door of stores and then steels cash. >> a violent crash involving a septa van and motorcycle leaves one person dead in philadelphia's frankford section. this is the scene from chopper three. the crash s killed.t on the 5300 blockn wa
6:38 am
he was 44 years old. septa offic news" the c van was no e in the van was> authorities are looking for a gunman who shot an holiday deliveries in delaware county. police say the driver was grazed by a stray bullet, near i chester yesterday afternoon. the victim drove to the mercury ford drs away. it just so happens chester performed first aid. >> came in it, he safe, we always have police around, because we service a lot of the vehicles. we take care of the paramedics in the area, too. >> the ups d radditional drivers arrived at the scene packages and continue making deliveries. >> well, a missing man from upper chichester township has
6:39 am
been found safe inlabama eighty-nine year old joseph carbutton on his way to neighborhood store last weekend but he took a detour of more than 900 miles, alabama, his family is talking the impromptu road trip up to old age and forgetful necessary. carbutton is reportedly back with his family. his family is work to go get his truck shipped back to pennsylvania. >> a woman in pennsylvania is celebrating her own christmas miracle, after being re united with her furry friend. tear a and her cat named phoenix were separated two christmasses ago at pit stop in south carolina as they made their way back home. now, look for days, but never gave up hope that phoenix would come home. >> tuesday i got a facebook message from a veterinarian in north carolina. and she said we found a cat that was microchip, and your name came up. my sister and i drove seven hours there and seven hours back yesterday to pick up the cat. and i mean, it was him.
6:40 am
as soon as i pick hip up he started purring. >> look at him go there. happy to have her furry friend home for christmas, but it is important to have your micro chipped. >> foul, to the cbs-3 health watch. getting patients in the spirit of the season with the help of a four legged friends. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about this special visit. >> talk about an entrance, ing his holiday rounds at penn medicine, dressed up as a snowman. >> starting to get a little gray. the snow and the white in his gray, little beard, it was perfect. >> julie, critical care nurse, who helped create this, says the dog advice ritz beneficial to patients in number every ways. >> simply just fun and stress relieving, but also, animals are non-judge mental. they create socialization. they can create laughter, decrease your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure. >> tucker, who is nine, is a
6:41 am
big celebrity patients and the staff, quite a character, too, with a taste for bananas. >> really brightens their entire holiday season. >> one of the patients visited by tucker, who has been hospitalized for month. >> seeing a dog with a hat on and everything. >> sandra, who lives in bucks county, says dogs visiting with dogs is a nice distraction from being hospitalized over the holidays, and reminder of her beloved pet, shadow. >> i got really emotional. >> tucker's holiday visit was even popular on facebook with dozens of comments. natalie says therapy dogs are magical. >> he brings joy to everyone. >> not to be out done by tugger as frosty, they also have tree decorating competition. >> 90% of everything here is hand made with the theme of you say the sweetest things. >> that's what patients and families say in surveys about the staff in surgical intensive care, the sweetest sayings, like thank you for saving our father's life. >> that tree was one of the
6:42 am
winners in the decorating contest. the people at penn say it is all about making the holidays a little brighter, for the patients who can't be home with their families. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> dogs, cats, cannoli's, everything on the show today. still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", how do you save a 20 feet christmas tree into a house? see what a father and son did their tree display. also, have this: >> i'm here with my friend, collar east, and tray, and we're hanging out at the elmwood park zoo getting ready for christmas time with, what else, but reindeer. tell you all about them when we come
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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past getting ready for christmas time here at the elmwood zoo. they're getting ready to hang with saint a hey, guys! tray and claireis won't be helping santa this year, but that doesn't mean they couldn't in the future. >> so this is tray, five years old, one of ours from the elmwood park zoo for the season, very sweet, and real impressive set of and the letters here. >> claireis, about 130-pound, a lot smaller than tray. the size difference does come with age. >> reindeer can reach impressive 700 pounds, but most in the 400 range.
6:46 am
while tray and claireis won't get that large, they'll still be big enough to to a slay. >> right? >> reindeer regrow and the letters, too. >> they'll grow them, do drip them every year and get a new set. they get little larger every year. >> they grow whole new set. these were from this past year, drop them, usually females, drop them late spring, males drop them early december until about now. >> if you want to hang out with my friends, tray and claireis, you can meet them at the exempt wood park zoo, but hurry in, they go home january 2nd. and for more information, on how to see tray and claireis, go to elmwood park zoo, there are times when you can get your photos with them until they head back north. a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday, anthony mason, alice wagner join us
6:47 am
live from new york with a preview. good morning, guys. >> good morning, happy holidays. coming up the day's headlines, plus in the fight to boost viewership in the nba, the league now about the g you on the court. we will go behind the scenes to show how you can watch virtual reality hit -- head set. >> photographer kneel slave inch specialize in the group photography. and we will talk with him about why these photos captivate him. what they teach us about ourselves. >> all of that, plus your eye-opener legendary chef, and the dish, and holiday muse frick bandleader in our saturday session. that's all just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> sounds good. we will be watching. thank you. and father and son duo in oregon, decided to take their christmas tree to whole new level. this is the 20-foot christmas tree display they created, as you can see, dis pray in their window and top portion of the roof. shared on twitter monday than 40,000 times, idea inspired by
6:48 am
the movie national lampoon christmas vacation. justin, does your tree look like that, my friends? >> not like that, no, no, that's clever, though, pretty good. certainly not feeling like christmas outside, today, with temperatures running on the mild side. but we have to deal with wet weather through the morning hours, big travel day today. last minute shoppers, little rough this morning, have the umbrella around, raincoat by the afternoon, looking much better. we keep it dry through the rest of the holiday weekends there is morning everybody reporting rain, exception poconos, maybe little bit of freezing rain, over the next fewer hours, but temperatures from the weather watchers holding upper 30's, we go to central new jersians mills, where mary ann, she has got 37 degrees with the rain. here in philadelphia, we have temperatures close to 40 degrees. john, in northeast philly, 39. he has the rain this morning, chilly rain with. that will similar numbers outside of the city as women. no big change where you are, as far as the temperatures go, up in blueberry, sherrie at 37 degrees. there is a shot this morning, from chestnut hill from phil
6:49 am
chap line, this is what we are dealing with, wet roads, pretty quiet out there right now. but the highways probably little busy later this morning, into the afternoon, slowly roll, common sense, wet roads, road spray, ponding on the roads. afternoon much better, maybe even little sunshine, by the ends of the day. we're tracking santa this morning, he's in the south pacific. look like he's on his way to new zealand, in about three minutes or so, so far, almost 250 million gifts delivers. we'll be here at cbs-3, delaware valley, south, rain, steady rain, heavy ran will develop the next fewer hours, by the afternoon dry weather returns, showers breaking up little west of pennsylvania, fast moving system not big as well. little precipitation showing up on radar. seventy-eight into, 78,
6:50 am
through the poconos, pocono region, maybe little bit every freezing rain happening next few hours. all because of cold front, ahead of it, do have a surge of mild air today. close to 50 degrees in some locations, dry weather by the afternoon, few peaks every sunday possible. the front sweeps the region tonight, behind it, really no cold air. so tomorrow, similar numbers with temperatures upper four's, maybe 06 degrees, plenty of sunshine, high pressure lock over us, for christmas day, so that keeps us nice and dry, monday will be dry, as well, nice surge of warmer air ahead of the system which could bring couple of showers in here on tuesday, and most of the energy will stay well to the north and west. so pretty quiet pattern overall this time of year. take advantage of it, if you have big travel plans for the holiday. so now through about 7:00 again, the rain continues to develop west to east, little ice possible in the poconos. 7:00 to 11:00 that's the steadiest rain that rolls through the philadelphia region. then after 11:00 the rain starts to come to an end from west to east. off shore by about 2:00 this afternoon. we will be drying out along
6:51 am
the coals. just heads up early this morning, ice potential, few hundreds of an inch possible up in the poconos. traveling up the turnpike, pennsylvania, into southern tear of new york state be aware, little wintery precipitation. jet stream, on the move little bit early next week, little ridge, over the east coast, that means, warmer air. >> flattens out, the jet stream, still mild. then little pocket of cold air tries to sag southwards, from canada. so maybe by new years weekend we start to see that typical wintertime weather returning. forty-eight for the high today. just clouds this afternoon, tomorrow, dry, partly cloudy, 36. christmas day, sunny, 48 degrees, close to 50. and again, overall pattern, pretty quiet. couple of showers chances tuesday, thursday, temps hold, into the 40's, 50's, next week, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. as gee to break, another holiday song from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. hear their go, we'll
6:52 am
be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
6:53 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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6:56 am
>> i think the team is today, could be a whole lot worse. >> yes, rain in the morning, gets better by the afternoon, tonight we keep things nice and dry for big holiday plans. christmas day, not bad at all. so 48 eventually this afternoon, once we get rid of the rain.
6:57 am
afternoon stays dry, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, christmas day, upper 50s, maybe 50, in some spot. look at the temperatures, early next week, 50 monday. fifty-six tuesday. so mild finish to 2016. not quite warm as last year, you know, up around seven. >> i think -- 67. >> that's too much to ask for. >> i'll take this, though, a lot of sunshine, thank you, justin. that's it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. we may be signing off tv but always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. merry christmas everyone. >> ♪ ♪
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