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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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"eyewitness news" begins with breaking news out of bucks county this morning, an accident on i95 sent 14 people to local hospitals. crews rush to i95 southbound near the woodhaven road exit, right around 4:00. no word on how serious those injuries are. "eyewitness news" of course will update you on this story as we learn more about it. today is christmas eve, december 24, 2016. good morning, i'm jan carabeo, rain is moving in, and it is another busy day on the roads and at the malls. so let's get right over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather a lot of people waking up, making the plans, supply to dodge some rain today?
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>> exactly, last minute shoppers out there, few more hours left. this morning, little rough. things do get bet they are afternoon, but nice steady rain coming into the region. >> this will mess things up little bit on the roads, and you can get out of town yet, you may be delayed lit bill -- little bit, delayed on the roads and the skies. little ice potential specially up in the mountains, but temperatures for the most part on the warm side. see the rain started here in philadelphia, roads are wet, in center city, 40 degrees currently at the airport, so again, no threat of any freezing precipitation around philadelphia, south winds at 10 miles per hour, storm scan3, you can see, good batch of rain moving from west to east. but it is pretty fast moving system. by the afternoon will be whole lot better. up in the mountains initially could be few wet snowflakes transition over to freezing rain, then plane rain. freezing rain advisory just in effect for the poconos until 11:00 this morning, so if you are headed north, heads up there, then once into up-state new york more of snow potential to deal with. thirty-nine in allentown, 40
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philadelphia if, 38 trenton and wilmington, see all suburbs above freezing so really no threat of icing. so today, rain mainly during the morning, watch out for freezing rain early in the poconos, mountains quarter inch to half inch. looking much bet they are afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, maybe see few peaks of sun. rain holds on little longer at the shore, temperature up around 50 degrees, and hanukkah beginning tonight, at sundown, clearing skies, not bad. temperatures holding in the mid 40's, more on the christmas day forecast coming up in a few minutes. jan, back to you. >> thank you, justin. i hope you have check everyone off your gift list already. if you haven't, chances are you aren't alone. as "eyewitness news" reporter al, andrea hoff tells us, some stores staying open 24 hours or longer. >> you have made the grocery list and checked it twice and somewhere between the gift wrap and couldn't meant aisle realize that the holidays have snuck up yet again. >> i have no gifts, no
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nothing. so we're going to be out tomorrow. >> i'm definitely stressed because my mother will be mad if i don't get her anything, but i have gotten like nothing, i've got my sister something. >> that's a start. like alarm clock, the sound of the bell ringers inside the cherry hill mall mark the last minute sprint to get gift bought and wrapped on time. >> i enjoy little stressful, everyone pushing and shoving and trying to get everything, trying to grab something, everybody is pushing you. >> why are you out here shopping on busy holiday night. >> because i am a guy and wait to the last minute. >> shoppers tell us sometimes it is about taking the time to find the right gift, or waiting for extra paycheck, and sometimes, like moments, just matter more. >> we went to florida, to disney, my daughter wounds up getting engaged there. so i am not prepared now. >> we've been extremely blessed this year, just going to celebrate friendship, family, and happiness. >> of course, true
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procrastinators, the butte is he there is always another day to get that gift. >> probably going to not get it and then just say the shipping took a long time. like really play it off. >> all right, girl, you don't have to fib just yet. some storms already open through christmas day some 24 hours, you will just want to check on line before heading out. reporting from the cherry hill mall, alexandria hoff, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> if you are still looking for special gift for that special one -- someone, and you feel like braving the crowds today, could you cash in on deep discounts, many stores like target, j.c. penney, offering one day only deals. before you head out and hit the stores head over to we put store hours there, and your neighborhood mall hours on our website again meantime, a holiday tradition is underway in the city this morning. many families just can't celebrate christmas without dessert. so, a long line is out forming at termini's bakery in south philadelphia. that's where we find "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, who i believe is
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getting mighty hungry right about now. morning, anita. >> good morning, jan, well, little bit of rain is not going to stop these folks from lining up down the street, to get their world famous cannoli's, a lot of these people have been lining up overnight. so, coming up here, you will see in a little bit, some people, this is our midnight crew, we've been here since midnight. also, going to talk to you to suzanne, who has been coming here for 26 years, suzanne, you had a little bit after drive. what time did you wake up this morning and where are you from? >> 2:00 a.m., i'm from huntingdon vale. the alarm clock came around really quick. but got down here about ten after 3:00ment and i'm number seven in line this year. >> she is number seven in line. there are ton of more people lining up, ton more people who will continue to line up this morning, the doors will open at 6:00. but suzanne, tell us why this is so important and a tradition you've kept going for almost three decades? >> it is just really important. my friends, family, myself. i enjoy it, even though i don't look forwards to getting up in the morning, i look
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forward to seeing the people once a year that i come down here and bring home cannoli's for the family, everybody appreciates them, i get to nap little later. >> you also have really big order. how many cannolis do you typically order? >> this year it is 75. and it is a three day event, friends, family, and home, and so i have a nice amount of cash that i will spends at the ends of the day. >> it is good, this is christmas, do you have share with people. oh, look at this, we have a hat that says i love cannoli's, for me, a cannoli we got early this morning. excellent. so again, the doors will open 6:00 a.m. if you want to head on down, check it out. for now live in south philadelphia, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i have to say everyone here is anxiously awaiting your return. hint, hint, don't forget about us here. >> i can imagine, thank you. in other news this morning, turns out, that strong odor you may have smelled overnight came from south philadelphia. people from as far away as
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bucks county complains about the smell sim floor rotten eggs. philadelphia's director of emergency management tweeted the smell was coming from a sulfer additive. sister station "kyw news radio" reports the sunoco refinery in southwest philadelphia say they had accidental release of gas called morcaptain. they say it is not dangerous. >> christmas eve means the holiday travel rush is sent into high gear. many expected to travel as they get to their final destination by christmas day, this is philadelphia international airport. late last night, "eyewitness news" was, there monitoring some long lines. rush hour it seems was the busiest time. the crowds did seem to thin by 11:00 p.m. we spoke to some travel theirs about their holiday travel experience. >> so far really good. no problems whatsoever. security nice and friendly. i've gone in and out a couple of times because my flight has been delayed, but only about an hour. >> now, triple a says more than 9 million americans will
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travel by plane over the holidays. philadelphia's 30th street has also been busy. according to triple a, estimated three and a half million americans are using the trains to get to their holiday celebrations. meantime, the fbi has issued a terror warning. authorities say isis supporters are continuing to call foray tax on churr. and other holiday gatherings. but, they are not aware of any credible threats. the warning came after a list of us churches posted on millitant social media site. and the warning came just hours after the man wanted for a deadly attack on christmas market in berlin was killed in a shoot-out. explaining how police tracked that suspect down. >> anis amri's run ended with police gun fight on this street in milan, italy, some 600 miles from berlin. the too near and national,
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gunned town 12 officers, two officers spotted him acting suspicious list at 3:00 a.m. when they asked him for id he took pistol from his back pack, shot one in the shoulder. second officer responded with deadly force. angela merkel says security forces will not rest until they know who may have helped amri escape. officials say he fled to france, then italy. isis released this video of amri pledging his allegiance to the islamic state, threatening the west for quote bombing muslims. amri's fingerprints were found inside the cab of the tractor-trailer used in the attack. dash cam video shows the truck barreling towards the christmas market, followed by people running from the scene. police say amri was also spotted on camera few hours later at a berlin mosque. at an afternoon news conference, chancellor merkel said she spoke with too meisha's residents, and they must speak up deportations of those like amri were denied
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asylum. in ron done, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a libyan airline says the men who hijacked one of its planes wanted to go to rome but ended up in malta because of lack of fuel. hijacking ended peacefully. they released the passengers and crew and then surrendered, reportedly seeking political asylum. president-elect is criticize the obama administration for not blocking a resolution in the u.s. security council. yet the us allowed the security council to pass a resolution condemning settlement in the west bank and east injury up almost. us did not vote or move to move its veto power as it traditionally had. israel and mr. trump lobbying for the us to use its veto problem. trump wrote in a tweet things will be different in august ration day. >> president-elect also squeeze in the some golf with tiger woods yesterday morning there is photo posted on twitter. they played at the trump international golf club in west palm beach.
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the club isn't far from mr. trump's estate, where he is expected to spends the holiday weekends. the radio rockets will perform at president-elect donald trump's inauguration despite controversy. >> ♪ >> the rockets will be joined by former america's got talent contestant, jacky, who will be sing the national anthem. one of the dancers took to instagram saying she was, quote, embarrased and disappointed and quote by the appearance, radio city says the dancers participation is voluntary, some major act like sir health n john have declined to perform. well, still ahead right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", carp i fisher suffers a medical emergency on a plane. passengers race to help the star wars actress. and, scary moments for a professional football team. where they're playing skidded off the runway when "eyewitness news"
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>> carry fisher is in the intensive care unit of los angeles hospital this morning. the actress and author suffered a medical emergency on flight from london yesterday while "tmz" is reporting she suffered a heart attack, her brother warned speculate being her health. chris martinez has the latest. >> sixty year old star wars actress, carry fisher, was aboard united airlines flight, when witnesses say she suffered a massive heart attack. the flight landed shortly afternoon, in los angeles, her
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pilot called for medical help, for a passenger in distress. >> yes, we've coordinated medical personnel to the gate. we have some passengers, nurses, a significance the passenger. we have unresponsive passenger. >> say paramedics performed cpr on fisher before returned to area hospital. actor was on board the flight and tweeted i'm in complete shock, we sat in front of carry fisher on our flight from london, she was just taken off the plane by emt's. >> she rose to starred em in 1977 as princess lay a. >> she recently reprised the role and the force awakens last year. daughter of famed hollywood couple debbie reynolds, eddie fisher, over the years has spoken openly about her mental health issues and struggles with addiction. stars taking to twitter to express their love and support. mark hammell tweeted as if 2016 couldn't get any worse,
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sending all of our love to carrie fisher. meantime, all was well for the flight caring the minnesota vikings football team until it landed. the plane was taxing after landing in wisconsin, when it skidded and got stuck in the snow and aisles. no one was hurt. the vikings face the greenbay packers this afternoon at lambeau field in greenbay. so justin, snow and ice there in wisconsin, luckily we're not dealing with any of that specially -- >> right. and actually going to be mild really for the next several days, probably until the end of the year, temperatures above average. talk about some 50's for next week. >> i'll take it. >> the problem is this morning, rounds every rain coming on through, maybe little freezing rain in the poconos, but out of here by the afternoon. later on, looks good, if you have plans for christmas eve, hanukkah begins at sunset as well. live look at bethlehem. right now, you may have few wet snowflakes, sleet pellets mixed, but mainly just plane event up into the lehigh valley. as the freezing rain advisory is just confined up to the
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poconos, you can see the wet roads there, we are looking at main street, live in bethlehem from the hotel bethlehem. there is storm scan3, see the steady rain starting to move in from west to east it, will pick up intensity hour by hour. the worse about mid-morning. by the afternoon range starts to move off shore. very small fast moving system. see little snow indicated on radar, as temperatures aloft are cold enough. but a lot of the melting, so i think seeing plane rain again initially could be some light freezing rain up in the poconos, light ice accumulation is possible, things do get better by mid-morning. by the afternoon, perhaps you can see few pieces of sunshine later on during the day, so on the roads, worse of it will be in the morning, slow it down, give it the yellow light. mainly rain, heads up, see early freezing rain in the poconos tonight. dry, partly cloudy skies, staying dry for christmas day, plenty of sunshine, stays quiet. even as we head toward monday. look at the temperature change, past few hours, storm is brinking in some warmer air, 13 degrees warm nerve allentown, six in philadelphia, that's a good
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thing, moisture moving in. that's why we're just dealing with mainly liquid event. forty at the airport in philadelphia, millville, 39 in wilmington, 33 mount pocono, so, degrees above freezing at this hour, good thing, so we will be flirting with the freezing markup to the mountains for the next few hours. pretty mild at the shore, low mid 50's, 43 rehoboth beach. you guys at the coast on your way up to close to 60 degrees. by nine, pockets of heavy rain possibly at times, little pink showing up, poconos, indicating light freezing rain. but look at that, by noontime most of the rain starts to move off shore. by 2:00 maybe few peaks every sunday shine, especially north and which is of the city. no issues tonight. 8:00, church service plans, looks pretty good across the region, no threat of any freezing or ice roads tomorrow morning. christmas day, temperatures stay above average. decent rain amounts, anywhere from about a quarter inch to maybe up to around half inch in some spots before the system moves out. quick shot of some steady heavy rain moving in later
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this morning, temperature wise, this afternoon, upper four's to about 50 degrees. little cooler lehigh valley, poconos, eventually up to about 40, tonight, again, most areas are above freezing, the exception, maybe up in the pocono region, then tomorrow, not bad rebound. temperatures holding in the mid and upper 40's, light today, so not as warm as last year, as we tide record at 68 degrees, last year, christmas day. but tomorrow still above average. forty-eight today. morning rain. mostly cloud think afternoon, tonight, little chilly. thirty-six for the lorgain that christmas day sunshine, 48 degrees, for the afternoon high temperature. and that war minto the seven day forecast, check it out, monday warmer up around 50. tuesday, 56 degrees. that's going to be the warmest day out of the next seven. maybe a shower in the morning, little cooler wednesday, sunny, mid four's, and thursday, up to 48, maybe couple of showers, then looks like friday into new years weekends, jan, a shot of typical late december cooler air starts to move n but not
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arctic air like we dealt with last. >> january is typically very cold. >> cold month. >> so it is to be expected. thank you, justin. still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", holiday time great time to see a movie. we n're in theatres this weekend. >> i'm nancy odel. coming up: jennifer laurence, chris pratt, strand in the space. reese weight err spoon and matt
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>> looking for a break from the holiday meal and food why not head to the movies? entertainment tonight nancy odel takes a look at some of the new releases. >> this week matthew mcconaughey, reese whitherspoon, lead all-star cast of musical animals in sting, and jennifer laurence and chris pratt, two strangers stranded on a spaceship to passengers. >> you know what's going on, nobody else is awake. >> you woke up too soon. >> we should go back to sleep. >> jennifer laurence, chris pratt, stuck on spaceship scheduled for 120 year john when they both mysteriously wake up 90 years too soon. since it is pretty much the two of them for the entire movie, good thing they got into a situation where you spends 16 hours, 17 hours, a day, with somebody, you realize you spend more time in the course of four months with this new person, than you may with somebody you have known your whole life. >> i jumped right in. i was like my name is jennifer and these are my issues. >> something is wrong.
5:24 am
t something big. >> there is a reason we woke up early. >> my next show is going to be -- >> drum roll please. >> a singing competition. >> in the animated world of sting, matthew mcconaughey is a co-eel a, with huge singing competition, which gives all-star cast including scarlett johansson, reese whitherspoon, chance to show off their musical ability. >> ♪ >> and reese, who plays mama pig, with a lot of baby pig lets, got a little support from her real life family. >> they were very proud of me. it was sweet. they had to endure me singing fire work around the house for perhaps a million times. they were happy to see the ends result. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nance he odel, now, back to you in the studio. >> looks like a cute 1n our next half hour here on "eyewitness news", folks are already lining up for some holiday treats in south philadelphia. christmas eve tradition for many, we will talk to some of
5:25 am
them who have been waiting for the doors to open since as early as 3:00 a.m. and you saw some of those people right there, holding umbrellas, it is a wet start to your day, justin is back with an update on the rain, and when it will move through. but first, we go to break, holiday music from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> good morning, everyone, and merry christmas eve. i'm jan carabeo. let's sends it right over to meteorologist, justin dray brick, live there in the weather center this morning with a check on our forecast, gentlemen important forecast, t last people are getting up minute shopping and gifts in. >> split for the last minute shoppers. not that great, dodging some rain this morning, but as least not freezing rain like we had last weekend. later today looks pretty good. church plans, dinner plans, no problems. today looking good, as well. going to get through the next new hours, things shape up to
5:32 am
be pretty nice. overall temperatures will stay on the mild side the next several days. rain continues to develop from west to east, will pick up in intensity, the next few hours, see radar indicating possibly snow mixing in with some of the rain northern lehigh valley up through the poconos, could be some light freezing rain early in the poconos, where we have freezing rain advisory, until 11:00 this morning, just for carbon, monroe counties, keep that in mind if you are headed up the turnpike over the next few hours, northern tier of pennsylvanian into new york, just be aware of frozen precipitation, good news, look at the temperature, mount pocono at 33 degrees, above freezing, 39 allentown, 38 in reading, 40 at the airport in philadelphia, all of the sub meshes good shape this morning, just liquid event. still got to keep it slow out on the roads, there will be pockets of heavy rain, watch out for ponding and a lot of road spray watch to expect for christmas eve day. mainly just rain during the morning, freezing rain possible in the poconos, overall and the quarter to half inch every rain across the region there is afternoon better, skies mostly cloudy, temperatures up around 48 for
5:33 am
the high around philadelphia, near 50 at the shore, rain will hold on little longer at the shore, probably out of here by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. overall pretty good looking christmas weekends, christmas eve day, 48 degrees, increasing drying conditions by the afternoon tomorrow looks great christmas day sunny at 48. keep it mild this next week, seven day, in just a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> thank you, justin. for some philly families just can't have christmas without cannoli's from termini's bakery. quite a few people lining to up make sure they're on the family table. that's where we find "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, they must be really good if people are lining up at 3:00 a.m. i like that the hat, too. >> thank you, gift from someone in line who has been in line for hours now. this is our friend damian here, handing out free cream puffs. but here is the line here this morning, right here, you see our midnight crew. people who have been standing outside since midnight. other people are lined up with umbrellas here going all the way down the line. we have a family who gifted me
5:34 am
this awesome hat. here we go. joe, who has been a regular customer for 30 years. joe, why are you here this morning? >> to buy cannoli's, the best. >> you also brought your entire crew. you gave me this hat. tell us about these hats. >> the posse. well, celebrate g like 30 some years, so i bought everybody a hat. my friends art has been coming for over 26 years. ya, we're getting old. we lose count now. >> now you brought more family members, more generations? >> this is sylvio, your first year, tell us how it is going so far? >> it is going good. i mean, i thought it would be a lot worse, but it is going fine so far. i really like it. >> what are you most excited to eat in the there? >> the call own i's, definately. >> we tried some cannoli's this morning, they were excellent. how many do you plan to pick up this morning? >> oh, two dozen. you know, then i give them to friends and family.
5:35 am
and you have to get the rig could the a, vanilla and chocolate cream are okay, but they're for amateurs. >> no amateurs here, this is the posse, the original. so if you want it head on down the doors will open at 6:00. for now live in south philadelphia. >> and i want to see you one try one out, anita, already i think you probably already had a couple. >> i already have, but i will try more. >> thank you, anita. coming up on "eyewitness news", starbucks looks to drum up holiday sales by offering free drinks. the stores in our area where you can get an expresso for nothing at all. >> and do your children play sports? new information reveals the number of sports they play, could make a difference in their health. and that's not always a good difference. >> and rain is moving through this morning. justin's back with the forecast for the rest of your holiday weekends, and as we go to break, holiday music from the choir at point st. joseph academy. >> ♪ >> ♪
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judge welcome back, free coffee now that we have your attention this morning, starbucks giving out early christmas present, free drinks every day except tomorrow for the rest of the year f now until january 2nd, starbucks will pick 100 stores all across the country to give out free tall size expresso drinks between one p.m. to 2:00 p.m. each day. today's free drink location includes starbucks in center city at 15th and latimer. so between 1:00 and 2:00 today that might be an okay time to get out and about, taking in some sites, sounds, s>> pfect tl be out of here, perfect timing if you want to wait for the dry weather for the last minute shopping plans, and christmas day, in problems. lots of sunshine, temperatures staying above average. we just got to get through this morning, pretty good soaking rain coming at us. not big system, pretty if a cents moving. see the back edge moving through eastern ohio, got to get through the morning hours, here comes the steady rain
5:43 am
developing from philadelphia on west. baltimore, washington, seeing good rain, little frozen precipitation showing up on radar, temperatures right at the surface, close to freezing, but still above. so, right now, not expecting any icing really to go on the lehigh valley possibly the pocono region, freezing rain advisory until 11:00 this morning, that's about it, everybody else seeing liquid rain, temperatures upper 30's to about 40 degrees, see some yellow showing up, indicating rain, northern chester, northern montgomery county at this hour. so again through mid-morning, that will be the worse of it, by 11:00, start to see the rain taper off west to east, this afternoon, no problems, in fact, maybe seeing little bit of sunshine. mount pocono, 33 degrees, near 40, allentown, philadelphia, 41 millville. so you can see real now threat of freezing rain, so you just got to deal with ponding on the roads, little road spray out on the area highways. no real true cold air locked in place across the mid-atlantic, trenton, al ban up, mid upper 30's, not bad. all of the air moved northward, not coming at us until soon, maybe not until the start of the new year,
5:44 am
true arctic air returns to the delaware vale. warm finish through the month every december. cool front will sweep through the region later this afternoon, so through noontime, most of the steady rain will continue to push off to the east, dry weather returns, clouds break up tonight. no problems. santa comes to town. high pressure in control, for christmas day, mostly sunny skies, keeping it nice and dry on the mild side. we get nice push of warmer air moving in on wednesday, or on monday ahead of the storm system. and eventually we see some shower chances returning for earlier next week, but chances pretty much slim. so real think morning, that is the worse of the rain see probably out of the next seven days at this point. so now through 7:00, rain continues to move in from west to east, freezing rain in the poconos, change to go rain, steadiest rain from 7:00 to 11:00 this morning, then again, after 11:00 that rain comes to end from west to east, so hold on little longer, along the jersey shore. look at the high temperatures today, surging into the upper 40's, mid 40's, up into the lehigh valley, 45, do it for the afternoon temperature around cut town, allentown, poconos up to 40 degrees.
5:45 am
forty-seven, 48 around philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, into south jersey near the coast, i wouldn't be surprised if some locations do touch the lower 50's earlier this afternoon, once that storm system moves on out. overall pattern, pretty mild, even little ridge in the jet stream by monday. bridges in warmer air. talking temperatures well into the 50's, until the jet stream stays pretty flat, through at least the middle of next week, meaning pacific air. that's pretty mild. then start see some cold air trying to move back in, from canada, that could arrive by the end of next week, into new years eve weekend. so, morning rain, mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, 48 for the high temperature, partly cloudy, chilly tonight, low of 36. christmas day, no issues, 48 for the high, sunshine, maybe close to 50, in some spots. extended forecast looking good if you like the mild temperatures, mid 50's on tuesday, by the end of the week drop the temps back to the low 40's by friday. jan, back to you. >> thank you, the number of children injured playing sport continues to rise. health reporter stephanie
5:46 am
stahl is in the einstein healthcare science center, with more on the problem and some solutions. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> many kids love sports. they can be fun and healthy. but science is showing many of the injuries are related to over use. tennis players can ends up with a lot of shoulder and elbow injuries. so can swimmers. any sport where the same body part is used over and over again, can be a problem. >> they're doing repetitive motion, over and over, in a more vigorous way. so that's leading to increase of injuries, in a form tiff time when they're not mature. >> says over specialization, kids doing just one sport, can be dangerous. >> in soccer, we see a lot of hamstring injuries, there is actually increase in concussions in soccer. there is also stress, stress
5:47 am
related injuries. >> in today's society, a lot of coaches and parents like have the kids specialize in one sport. they want them to concentrate on one sport. >> former eagle ike reese says while he focused on football he did different sports, too, and thinks it is specially important for kids. >> i like the idea of being able to play multiple sports, i think it helps you as an all around athlete t makes you a better athlete all around in my opinion. >> experts say if children are specializing in one sport, that should be limited to eight months of the year. and weekly training hours should be calculated around a child's age. >> eight years old, shouldn't be training more than eight hours a week. you can kind of go up from there. >> and the science shows, if children are injured, they should wait until they're completely recovered before returning to the sport. getting back too quickly can cause serious, permanent injuries. >> i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". ♪ the cbs-3 science center sponsored by: inch
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>> costly win, ryan mathews season is over. ryan injured his neck, late in the third quarter, and he has herniated disc, he'll need surgery. he was the team's leading rush they are season, finishing with 155 carries for 661 yards, and eight touchdowns. any neck injury; serious, and does mean this could be career . >> career, again, i don't have all of the information, right now, what i got from our
5:55 am
doctors this morning, that it looks like surgery is in the near future. but, nothing, just has to get fixed. >> the eagle really needed the win after losing five in a row, return of lane johnson, first series, opened the way for darren sproles to run 25 yards for the touchdown, the birds may have allowed 470 yards to eli manning, and the giants offense, but only allowed just one touchdown, and pick off eli, three times, the last one in the final second, sealing the deal. the birds win their first game, touchdown or less, hoping this carries over to next week with dallas. >> many in so many close games tonight finally finish one like this, we new we could do it all along, just struggling, obvious lip, but to finally finish one, it is a good, good taste in our mouth for sure. >> we haven't won a nfc east game all year. got one under our belts, beat the giants thursday night. they didn't clinch on us, that's good thing, you know, definitely going to carry over to next week.
5:56 am
>> speak egg of the cowboys, check out running back elliot, john deer utility train vehicle, cost $16,000 a piece, his way of thanking them for helping him lead the nfl in rushing, he needs 267 more yards to breaker i can dickerson's rookie record for most yards in a season. and that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> that does it for "eyewitness news" at a . here's what we have for you at 65:00. >> i'm guy. i waited until the last minute. >> and he's not the only one braving the crowds, as the clock ticks closer to the holidays. we will check in on the last minute shoppers before christmas, and hanukkah. >> and it is a christmas eve tradition in south philadelphia. we're live with dozens of people lining to up get their holiday desserts. and rain arrives to start the weekends. justin is back to tell us where some people might even see some ice. stay with us.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a live look at storm scan3 shows rain across the area to start your holiday weekend. justin is tracking when that wet weather makes it through our area and when and who could see some icy spots this
6:00 am
morning. >> the clock is ticking for holiday shopping. how you can still cash in on those last minute deals. >> and the doors are open at termini brother's bakery in south philadelphia. live thereto look at some. people who make it a tradition to stands in line for hours for their holiday treats. merry christmas eve everyone. it is saturday, december 24th, 2016. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. a big day on tap for the shoppers, and people traveling, so let's get right over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. so, justin, umbrellas in the morning? >> little rough start to the day, but it does get better by the afternoon, christmas eve night, real now problems, nice and dry, the trend for christmas day itself. it will turn out to be nice holiday weekends all around. just with some rain, all areas above freezing with the exception, maybe the poconos corks see light icing over the next few hours, and will turn over to plane rain by mid-morning. see storm scan3, steady precipitation over us right now, maybe littl


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