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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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evening hours but as we head out late tonight in the first half of our the saturday we have a system up wind that we are going to be contending with. it could bring a period of freezing rain to the far northwest, upper bucks county, lehigh valley, berks, poconos under a freezing rain advisory kicks in after midnight tonight. runs until 11:00 a.m. in the poconos. 9:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley what to expect heading out to the mall, this problems, it is mostly cloudy. overnight tonight showers develop very late well after midnight and then we have a period of rain in store with possibly some freezing rain mixed into the north and west. we will talk about the timing of that rainfall and what we can expect for sanity, on sunday, coming up, in just a couple of minutes. >> lauren, we will see you then. as we saw at the top of the broadcast holiday travel rush is in full swing right now, lets show you live picture from philadelphia international airport, where a lot of people are taking, to the skies, tonight. many are wisely left a lot of time to make their way through the airport, some visiting family, others are just
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getting away. >> we like to go somewhere funny, somewhere where it is kid friendly. we're thinking orlando was place to go. >> triple a says more than 9 million americans will travel by hair over the holidays. the it is also a very busy day at philadelphia's 30th street station. the rails are a popular choice for travel on this friday before christmas. triple a says an estimated 3.5 million americans are traveling by train, for the holiday. and the last minute shopping rush is definitely on there the is nothing more stressful then making sure you get that perfect gift for that someone session especially when time is not on your side. what are shoppers doing to make this gift giving season a little bit easier? our vittoria woodill spoke to some shoppers at willow grove mall who believe, believe they have got it all figured out, how about it, tori. >> reporter: , it is true, they believe they have it all figured out because, it is bring along method what is bring along method. well, lets just say folks
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don't to have wait to get their presents until they get than the tree, really they are finding santa in the mall, let take a look. say cheese. >> cheese. >> reporter: yes. >> it is most wonderful time of the year. >> reporter: is there one shopping strategy that is a hit every year, the bring along method. forget wrapping your gifts under the tree, nadia's husband surprised her on the spot. >> i didn't know at first though, tori. we were coming here to get his mother something and we wound up getting her a gift card. i said i like that jacket. i tried it on. if you tried it on you might as well get it. i said are you buying it for me. same thing with the watch. >> reporter: treats you like a queen. >> because i'm a queen. >> reporter: i knew that. she wasn't only one desiree got a few treats for mom. >> i got a ton. i got a ton. i got new shoes. i got the a ton of new outfits
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shirts. everything. >> reporter: you don't even need it wrapped. >> i want to take it now, i want it now. >> reporter: millennials. >> yes, millennials. >> it looks like research is proven that the bring along strategy always brings success but if no one is tagging along here's something that never disappoints. >> when in doubt get a gift card. that is an option outs there. >> reporter: there is also, someone that they ever disappoints and that is sanity , yes, some people are playing christmas elves with the folks they brought along with family and friend as you saw in the piece there, but that is guy i need to talk to. ukee, is there anything you have on your christmas list, i can, tell good old saint nick out there, thaw need to relay. that is best thing, best way. >> and, kung fu grip but you you can throw him that. see, you would like turn me down again.
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and... and, merry christmas, to everyone here and happy healthy holidays. >> thanks, young lady. we will see you soon. with the holidays, closing in stores across the region are opened later tonight to serve all of your shopping need. head to cbs philly to the come for your complete guide to local who will take mall hours well now in other news a bullet interrupts last minute holiday deliver is in chester. search is on for gunman who shot a ups driver headaching the round. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in chester with more on what happened, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good afternoon. that driver is going to be okay. he was grazed by that stray bullet, in his shoulder. while he was making deliveries here in chester this afternoon and somehow, that ups driver was able to drive his truck over here to the ford dealership, to get help. it is a delivery a ups driver never expect, nor wanted. while on his route here at
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highland and chester friday afternoon his shoulder grazed by a stay bullet. >> there was a shooting down on tenth street at rite aide. >> reporter: driver making it over to murphy ford about a quarter mile away. >> so he came in, here, because he knew it was safe, we always have police surround , because we service a lot of the chester vehicles, and we take care of the paramedics, in the area too. >> reporter: where it just so happened one of those chester paramedics was having a vehicle serviced. >> well, for the driver, but there is always, almost i can guarantee you there is almost always a paramedics here, or police, or something, because we take care of their vehicles for the whole area. >> reporter: ups spokesmen susan rosenberg says 13 year veteran of the company was not seriously injured. delivery helper with him unharmed. within an hour of the shooting additional drivers arrived and loaded packages on another ups truck, rosenberg insuring all deliveries will be completed
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today. once again, investigators to not the belief this ups driver was targeted, rather that this was a stray bullet that hit him this afternoon here in chester. the right now police have not made any arrests. for now we are live here in chester i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. philadelphia police department is looking for your help in catching a serial burglar, as you can see in surveillance video here, suspect breaks through front doors, of the commercial properties, using a clawhammer before stealing cash. he has committed six burglaries in and around philadelphia at six more in bensalem and radnor township. since november 19th, the suspect has been driving both a silver mercedes benz and a chrysler or dodge minivan. one man died after this apartment fire in montgomery county, early this morning this was the smokey scene, after crews battled flames on the the 400 block of high street in pottstown. the authorities believe the fire may have been caused by careless smoking.
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the red cross is assisting six families displaced by that fire. missing elderly man from upper chichester township has been found safe, hundreds of miles away, 89 year-old joseph tarbutton went to a neighborhood store last weekend but never made it back home. instead, he took a more than 900-mile detour to alabama. his family is chalking the road trip up to old age and forgive fullness. he is safely back home and his , family is working to get his truck shipped back to pennsylvania. well, still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight sledding cheer at a local hospital, the pup that is pushing up patients at penn. just in time for the holidays. our stephanie stahl shows you how he is brightening spirits. santa's helper keeping a watchful eye in delaware county but this is no elf on the shelf. it is an elf on the school. where he was checking in on the good girls and boys. >> leslie. >> big elf. >> bird head in the christmas break with the win but this
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win comes with a cost, they will play dallas without running back ryan matthews his season is over. details coming up next.
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you know, many are getting ready to celebrate hanukkah this weekend. children from the and kid preschool joined senior members for inter generational candle light. children are between two years
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old and kindergarten. they sang traditional songs like draidle, draidle, and learned about jewish festival of lights, which began in 167b c. special lighting of the men in other a is meant to hashing beginning of the hanukkah which starts tomorrow evening at sundown and runs for eight days. spreading holiday cheer at a philadelphia hospital, on the healthwatch tonight, getting patients in the spirit of the season with the help of a four legged friend. health reporter stephanie stahl, is here with more on a very special visit. >> wait until you see this. being hospitalized over the holiday can be difficult but penn medicine has some special event, and, patients and their families, and that includes a visit from a fury friend. talk about a entrance, tugger the therapy doggies making his holiday round, in penn medicine, dressed up as a snow man. >> starting to get the a little gray. the snow and white in his gray little beard, just perfect. >> julie a critical care nurse who helped create, the dog
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visit are beneficial to patients in a number of ways. >> simply just fun, and stress relieving but also, animals are none then judgmental. they create socialization. they can create laughter, decrease your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure. >> reporter: tugger, hoist nine is a big celebrity with patients and the staff, quite a character too with a taste for bananas. >> really brightens their entire season. >> reporter: one of the patients visited by tugger is this patient, hospitalized for whose. >> just seeing a dog with the the hat on and everything. >> reporter: sandra living this bucks county said visiting with dogs is a nice advertise tracks there being hospitalized over the holidays and reminder of her beloved pet, shadow. >> i got released, really emotional. >> reporter: tucker's holiday visit was popular on facebook with dozens of comments. natalie says therapy dogs are magical. >> he brings joy to everyone. >> reporter: not to be out done is frosty penn staff has
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a tree decorating competition. >> 90 percent of everything here is hand made, with the theme of you say the sweetest things. >> reporter: that is what patients and family says in surveys about the staff and surgical intensive care, sweetest things like thank you for saving our father's life. >> wow, big thank you there. >> that tree was one of the winners in the decorating contest, people at penn say it is all about making holidays a little brighter for patients who can't be home with their families for the holidays. and, tugger what a trip, eating bananas. >> yes, therapy dogs. >> and, and, therapy dogs. >> yes, my dog chi is in the beginning stages of main being a therapy dog. she has to get, approved. >> yes. >> intense training but we will get there. we will get there. >> good luck with that. >> i will. >> keep us posted so this system we will have a rainy start to our who will take weekend but conditions will i
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am roof dramatically in saturday and christmas holiday on sunday itself. getting a live look at center city philadelphia all quiet about the workweek. 41 degrees is your current temperature. wind southwest at 6 miles an hour, and feeling more like 37 . high temperatures today, to climb above, and average high for today's date is 43, we got to 46, and 45 in philadelphia, and, 40's down the shore. temperatures, and, 41 in philadelphia. we have got zero's in berks county. still freezing in the poconos and hanging out 43 degrees, in ac and checking temperatures up wind, there is no arctic air mass, awaiting for us ) fairly wintertime temperatures in the 30es. so no concerns as we head in the upcoming weekend for a bitter blast. we didn't have a bitter blast last christmas. our christmas eve temperature in philadelphia 71 degrees. christmas day we were at 68 degrees. we're not going to have that kind of warmth but we will be running above average on both
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saturday and sunday. watching out for morning rain and clearing late on saturday. 48 degrees. beautiful day in christmas, sunshine and near 50 with relatively light wind. storm scan three though we're tracking this system up wind bringing snow and rain to parts of the upper, lower midwest that will be building in our backyard as we head late tonight and first half of the day tomorrow. overnight tonight rain, drizzle developing very late well past midnight, if you do have plans out on the town don't bring that umbrella along but if you have to be out and about tomorrow morning do need umbrella period of rain and then followed by gradual clearing as we head in the afternoon with high temperature at 48 degrees, it will be a tough go on the roads especially for first half of the day tomorrow and especially to the far northwest where we could see icing, and then tomorrow afternoon, drying, clearing but maybe still some ponding on the roadways. christmas this problems, clear and quiet. future weather showing us as we head in the evening hours, cloud but no precipitation, late tonight, few showers working in, maybe wintry mix
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shower to the far north and west, 5:00 this is morning. snow, sleet, freezing rain, berks county lehigh valley in the poconos. widespread uniform and steady rain i-95 corridor south jersey and down the shore, that will continue into mid-morning with pockets of heavier rainfall and as we push toward lunchtime mainly that rainfall concentrated along the coast early afternoon, starting, and as we head in the second half of the afternoon, clearing out, completely and we might get to see sunshine before the sun does set tomorrow night. no issues, and then as we head into your sunday morning christmas morning, as you check all your presents from santa, in problems weather-wise as well, future rainfall amounts from this rain event but about a quarter to half inch, in some spots, so that will create some slick roadways especially for our saturday morning. to watch out for period of rain, clearing late down the shore tomorrow to kick off holiday weekend, 48 degrees and wintry mix early in the morning in the poconos drying out for afternoon and clearing with the high temperature of 40 degrees. as i mentioned beautiful conditions for our christmas
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50 degrees, still quiet into monday and mix of sun and cloud with the high temperature of 51 degrees, maybe a passing shower, into tuesday, and all together temperatures are looking, not too bad until we head into next friday. that is like really far away. >> that sound really good. >> thanks, lauren. >> time to talk holiday hoops, pucks and nice gift for eagles nation. >> eagles get to enjoy christmas with the day off, the sixers heading west, flyers head home in the holidays in the slump and eagles finally win a close game just in time for the holidays.
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i was thinking this morning, and, cowboys toned the season. i would be a happy camper. >> how about that carson wentz pretty amazing. >> he is okay, though. >> he is okay.
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seriously. it is never easy for the eagles, eagles are off until tuesday, and then we will start preparing for final regular season game with the cowboys. the last night ended five game losing streak beating the giant and looking big blue from clinch playoff spot. eagles got on the scored board first, and darren sproles for 25 yards for the touchdown and the bird never trailed in this game. defense allowed giants 470- yard, forced eli manning into three interceptions, last one by this guy, right here terence brooks will seal the deal forbidder, win their first game decided by a touchdown or less, 24-19. >> we will be in so many close games and to finish one like this we could to it all along. we were struggling, obviously but to finish one, it is a good taste in our mouth for sure. >> we have not won an nfc east game all year. we got one under our belt. you know, thursday night game, and that is a good thing, and it is definitely going to
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carry over to next week. >> unfortunately big win came with a big cost, ryan matthews out for the season. ryan injured his they can, he has a herniated disk that will require surgery. what he leading rush they are season finishing with 155 carries with 661 yards, eight touchdowns. darren voles will be featured back when they play dallas new years day. sixers start their annual west coast christmas trip tonight against phoenix, 76ers lost three out of four. we will see if brett brown plays nerlens noel and joel embiid together for the first time tonight. maybe. flyers head in the holiday weekend on a downer, last night they were shut out by devils four to nothing. steve mason, pulled after allowing 21st period goals, after winning ten straight orange and black lost three out of four. not the way that they wanted to head this is christmas break. >> you know, it is christmastime, i guess, everyone has family around them. i don't want to say it is easy to forget. it is not easy.
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it will burn a little bit. i think we played some good hockey and this was, you know, i want to say this isn't the way, you know, we have played. >> they will get back into it. >> long season. they will go on another nice run. >> looking forward to it. >> thanks very much. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away, elaine quijano is in for scott pelley with a look at the what ace head, elaine. >> hi ukee. tonight on the "cbs evening news", we have a report of more than 100, million people get ready to travel for the holidays. u.s. takes a strong stand against israeli settlements, what does it mean going forward. the great milk debate what qualifies as milk. and steve hartman reminds us of the true meaning of the christmas when he goes on the road, just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first forget elf on the shelf this is elf on a school. up next, where he was helping santa this delaware county by checking on the children right
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you may have seen the toy elf on the shelf but probably have never seen elf on a school. well, bang. now you have. now you have. elf perched himself at aston elementary school this morning elf's job toys watch overall of the children and then, report back to santa, about whether the children are being naughty or nice. but parents wound up wondering what he was doing but some of the kids seemed to know. what is he doing up there. >> he is sitting on top of the school, watching to see if we are good or bad. >> every night the they go back to santa, and tell them what happened, what people did
6:29 pm
>> um-hmm, he is watching. >> look at you guys. >> thanks to the school custodian chris farly he has connections with the elf, all right, how about that forecast >> yes. >> go back to sanity. spying on ya. >> yes, one more quick check of the forecast. >> watching out for some rain, tricky time frame will be there 6:00 a.m. to noon time tomorrow, we will see period of steady rain coming down and then improving conditions, 48 degrees for our saturday to kick off holiday weekend and beautiful conditions, sunday, for sunshine, relatively light wind, high temperature of 50 degrees and still quiet into monday as well, if you need to travel about after christmas, just mix of sun and clouds 51 degrees. >> elf told me you two are in the clear. >> you are good. >> shh. >> me, in the so much. >> he hasn't been watching very closely. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on wpsg, and, cw philly and we will be back here on
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cbs-3 at 11:00. >> cbs news is next with captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: breaking news, beloved actress carrie fisher rushed to the hospital after suffering a major medical emergency on a plane. also tonight, a record number of americans are on the move, some not so fast. >> reporter: how excite read you to get into these long lines? >> not so excited. >> quijano: the trump and obama teams are at odds over a u.n. vote that condemns israeli settlements in the the west bank. should the label say "milk" if it didn't come from a cow? >> i don't think they're the same as milk, and i think that confuses people. >> quijano: and steve hartman recalls the time santa was really put to the test. >> reporid


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