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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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passengers are kicked off a plane for allegedly harassing ivanka trump and her family and what was said to the future first daughter. >> the video is disturbing to watch. patients being abused by home healthcare providers and local authorities are stepping in to protect loved ones. first. >> they seem very strange and was hard to have a conversation with them. >> a mystery over the disappearance of a teenage girl comes to a tramingic end and tonight, authorities are focused on the teen's mother who they're calling a person of interest. the woman is already facing charges accused of hindering the investigation. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> the 14-year-old girl was first reported missing in july and months later her remains were found nearly 100 miles away. eyewitness news reporter alexandra hoff joins us with more disturbing details. >> i spoke with the young gir
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girl's grandfather that confirmed the family was never informed she was missing. now, throughout that time, police say that her mother continued to collect disability checks intended for her daughter totaling over $3600. >> this smiling face reveals little of the struggles suffered by 14-year-old grace parker. she was being raised by her adoptive mother and her boyfriend according to neighbors. >> they were very strange people. >> grace dealt with emotional issues for which her mother lekt collected more than $700 a month in disability benefits and in july was reported mis missing from her abington rental home. >> it's a sad day whenever you have to announce that a missing teenage girl was found but not found alive. >> on october 31 more than two and a half months after grace packer was reported missing by her mother two hunters found her dismembered remains in a
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wooded area of bear creek it t township in luzerne county. >> that smile and the dependental records that went with it identified the remains as grace parker. her adoptive mother sarah parker is charged in connection to her disappearance and not her murder. parker failed to cooperate while her daughter was missing and did not inform police during the investigation she and her 12-year-old son had moved to quakertown. nobody came to the houses or anything. it was just after they -- we found out after they already got up and left. >> not only did abington neighbors not know she was missing they didn't know she existed at all. >> there was one man and one woman and then the little boy. that's really all i saw from the house. >> now this homicide investigation is still ongoing and police are asking anyone who may have seen grace and sarah together, to please contact authorities. reporting live in abington, alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> a former star of the mtv
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reality show 16 and pregnant is dead of reported drug overdose. valley fairman was found dead in it a friend's bathroom yesterday in callen township chester county. the oxford pennsylvania native was arrested one week ago after attempting to flee from police. she leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter. the state of new jersey is going to loan tiny surveillance cameras to families who suspect a home health aid is abusing a loved one. division of consumer affairs released these videos of abuse to show the benefits of new safe care cam program the state is lending the $30 0 hidden cameras for family for free to gather evidence. authorities will use that evidence to prosecute abusers. >> if you have a loved one being cared for by somebody and you see this type of conduct you're disgusted and horrified. you want someone to act on it and that's what we're trying to do. >> in new jersey reported instances of abuse slik what you're watching has more than doubled in the last two years.
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>> and police in australia say they thwarted a christmas day terror plot. five men are in custody saying they were inspired by isis and were arrested at this uld abou abouting and they're accused of planing a series of christmas day dom attacks in melbourne. police say four of the suspects were born in australia and the fifth is egyptian born with egyptian and australian citizenship. >> we're now getting a look at the new dashcam video which shows that deadly attack at the christmas market in berlin. this video was taken by a taxi driver waiting for a fare outside the christmas market. meantime, the manhunt continues tonight for the suspect anice omry. seen this this video from his facebook page entered seek ago sigh lump and was rejected and he was supposed to have been deported from germany in june. and omry was known to authorities as a possible terror threat and was under surveillance until september
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and put on u.s. no fly list five months ago. >> today president elects don bell's daughter was harassed by two strangers from new york. a picture showed up on social media. one told trump her father was "ruining the country" and the two passengers were then kicked off the plane before departing to san francisco. they arrived an hour late because of it all. once in san francisco ivanka and her family got on a private plane that went hawaii. >> we are four weeks away from inauguration day. he december cussed nuclear reasons today during foreign policy meeting at florida estate. trump tweeted united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to senses regarding nukes. >> and president-elect named camden county kellyanne conway white house counsel today.
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she is the first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign. >> new jersey governor chris christie says haters led to the failure of leming lateive attempt to let him profit from a book while raising pay of some state workers. >> haters out there made it personal about me. not only haters in the legislature but hatersthon radio station. that's okay. that's fine. they get to the do what they get to do. >> the governor made comments tonight on his ask the governor radio show. he said he will instead write the book after his term ends. legislation on the book deal pay raises in a separate measure to allow agencies to stop publishing legal notices in the state's newspapers did not come up for final vote on monday after intense backlash. >> mayor kin ying revised on asian american affairs at city hall today and commission will advice the mayor or on issues and policies that impact the asian american community in philadelphia including crime
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for months authorities have been investigating at least a dozen armed robberies targeting asian-owned businesses. and last august two men were arrested in connection with those crimes. >> we have heard when we know this is so prevalent that it's openly discussed and that there's even rap music that raps about how easy asian american homes are target of burglaries. one family in ol any is recovering from a violent home invasion that happened monday night and residents of the home believe they were targeted. it's no surprise that preing 23457sy changes a pregnancy change as i woman's body but research shows how it change as i woman's brain. >> changes and how to prepare women for mother hood. >> they can prepare a mom for a baby coming. many women will admit to experiencing baby brain. you feel foggy. maybe sometimes forgetful.
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new research says changes in a new mom's brain may be beneficial, expectant mothers undergo many changes. >> you're tired and hungry. >> craving for certain things. >> highly emotional. >> very protective. >> stretch marks. >> but a new study published in the journal nature neuroscience shows preing nancy changes size and structure of the brain. >> bodies are pretty incredible i believe and adapt to the situations we're in. >> new mom showed a loss of gray matter in several brain areas including those associated with emotional intelligence. before you assume the worst researchers say sometimes is more and findings could reveal a fine tuning taking place. >> i feel like a mother, her brain is changes it's part of evolution. >> there's something physiologically helping you do it right that's good. >> researchers say it may help women forget the pain or difficulty of giving birth. >> that's why they have two or three and keep going. >> probably there is that massaging of brain that goes on
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that says, okay, you can do this again. >> the impact and duration of these changes remain unclear. but researchers say it appears to be long lasting and if we learned anything it's mother knows best. >> i'm high pressure fully getting smarter -- hopefully getting smarter. i have a long way to go. >> the study found that many of the changes lasted two years roughly the duration of that study. so, so-called baby brain could lost much longer. i'm just relieved to hear something positive because. >> i sheet it was fascinating it's amazing how your body does it on your own. >> prepares itself for everything that baby would need. >> including mind. >> thank god for that. >> survival mechanism too like you have to protect this with your life and it's something that goes on in your brain. >> right. >> physiological change. >> you're a genius by now. >> let's find out. >> thanks, nicole, appreciate it holiday travel rush is on and everyone wants to know if
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the weather will cooperate. >> well, for the most part it will. here's a live look outside on sky cam three looking towards the city. no problems just yet. we have the threat for rain and maybe even some freezing rain. i'll tell you where and when that could impact your holiday travel plans. >> also, tonight at 11 vittoria woodill has spots that's all about pudding and we're not just talking about dessert. >> and we knew there was tension between brad pitt and angelina joely and now pitt lists accusations in court documents and we'll tell what you they said. >> trauma surrounding popular home up improvement show builds new details over the future of flip or flop when the news new details over the future of flip or flop when the news comes right back.
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>> princeton university cancelled rest of season for the men's swimming and diving teams. school officials say athletes posted vulgar and offensive materials on the team's electronic mailing list and the racist comments involve the women's swim and sdiving teams this is the third ivy league team suspension since november. >> and the trauma continues a popular home improvement series is reportedly going off the air after the 2017 season just last week the host of the hgtv show flip or flop announced they were vait separating after 7 years of maerm and now there's reports the show will come this to an end. new episodes will be filmed to fulfill contractual obligation. >> brad pitt is accusing ankle liina joely of having no self regulating mechanism when it comes to keeping sensitive private information private.
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he is trying to seal his divorce proceedings. joely is against pitt's request. he's allowed supervised visits with their six children. he wants joint custody. joely insists on having physical custody with visitation time for brad pitt. >> a up touching reuon in harrisburg caught on camera. oak at that video it will melt your heart dillon was gone three months and returning to service off the holidays. no doubt he'll enjoy his time with his family. that's great. >> and dringt christmas season people across the pond celebrate with a variety of pudding. >> vittoria woodill deposit have time to travel overseas to enjoy that holiday custom but she did find the perfect place for pudding in tonight's taste with tori. >> reporter: the british are not coming they're already
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here. >> god save the king. >> at victoria free house in old city the queen herself has an eye on you as you're invited to dine light a brit and they're celebrating eng lands christmas traditions and it's absolutely brilliant. >> you got it. >> what does that mean. >> you get -- so there's a crown inside. >> are their crackers inside. >> no the -- just the crackers. >> you have a whole lot of english fare to oh and ah over. >> and the traditional british roast. >> the pudding with accompaniment. >> i want to roll up a piece of roast beef stick it in the yorkshire pudding and au, juice like that. >> and top it off with spice question mustard and sauce. >> will it be a jolly holiday. >> i think so. >> what's english christmas dinner without pudding. >> pudding means dessert.
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>> what? >> so the crackers are not crackers and puddings aren't pudding edward. >> pudding could mean minced pies, jamy dodgers, streakial starts, gingerbread. >> that doesn't look like in america what we call gingerbread. >> this is real british gingerbread. >> this is cake that makes dates reign supreme and coffee pour levering you god smacked over the sticky to have he pudding. >> and usually like to wait until it kind of sinks in and then i finish it just a little bit more. >> happy christmas to me. >> and we'll finish it with some peach cream on top. >> that is unbelievably deck adapt. i'm about toy put a crown on that you. >> made me feel like scene vittoria woodill. >> this should be your christmas card. >> smile.
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>> happy christmas. >> i'm still salivating the victor why free house coffee pudding is devine but if you look for the savery roost with traditional yorkshire pud pudding you'll find that every sunday after four. i brought crackers for us let's see who is lucky this season. you two crab that and i'll grab this and count of three we're pull okay, one, two, three. >> ohh me and kay. >> this was rigged. this was rigged. >> inside there's a joke and crown. >> very nice. >> and this just souing happens to match my outfit and that was not planned. >> sorry. >> there is your toy. >> thank you. >> it's a pop are you can give that to the kids. >> thanks so much vittoria woodill. >> did you enjoy your spoils of victory over there. >> give us a heads up what to expect with the weather. >> i'll come back and put my crown on after the weather forecast. we is a lot to get to. >> boy i do love to win.
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>> she's competitive. >> she loves to win. >> i would have been moping if i did not get the big ends of the cracker. let's take a peek shaping up tonight it's been squiet out there today. warmed up nicely. a little breezy and the breeze is still in place this evening. but we got some pretty quiet conditions all across the area. take a quick look at how the day panned out this is our live camera and this is not actually a live picture but we have a live camera pleasant valley school in broadheadsville and we started with cloud cover and quickly you can see the cloud deck moving on out and the sun returned. it was a beautiful day but the winds picked up in the afternoon and i know from don and lesley down at lincoln financial field the wind was making it feel cold this evening out at the eagles game. storm scan is clear for the most. no problems here. i want to show you next weather maker this is the one that could disrupt holiday travel plans. it's starting to move rookies to central part of country. we have light snow. rain, and even freezing rain
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across portions of nebraska, kansas and oklahoma. and fast moving system will cut across the country as we go through the end of the week and arrive hereby early saturday. so, future weather here we go we'll take you through tomorrow. everything is quiet. tomorrow at this time though we have cloud cover. clouds start move in and it's dry. then we very the showers and start to move in by early saturday morning and generally light. but as this gets started early enough on saturday morning temps near the poconos and level may still be close to freezing and brief period of light freezing rain before this turns to plain rain for all of us. steady here at 9 a.m. and continues through 11:00 steady down the shore and after the noon hours we start to see the push off the coast and here's 3 p.m. we may see sun break out as the storm departs. so 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. showers arrive on saturday and ice is possible north and periods of rain steady in spots from 8 a.m. to noon and after 1:00 we'll see that clearing west to east. if you travel tomorrow you're fine. saturday fist half of the day
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yellow light. it's just rain for most of us and few icy spots possible north and not your best travel time but after 2:00 on saturday right through christmas day sunday you are in the clear. and overnight we're down to 31. it's mainly clear and breezy. for friday, lots of sun, pleasant at 47 and your christmas outlook looks pretty good 48 degrees on christmas eve and that's where we see the rain and but again it's mainly first half of day and it will clear out by evening and good news for santa and reindeer looks like clear, calm conditions overnight and christmas eve to christmas day and look at the temperature christmas day we head back to 50 degrees and beautiful day to get outside. on christmas we have outdoor toys and outdoor activities to play with and sometimes it's too cold to get out and try out i don't think sunday will be cold it's a nice day. 45 we start hanukah saturday evening and looks like showers move out in time to begin that holiday at sundown. good news. anyone traveling to family's house for that you should be fine on the roads.
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sunday looks great. lots of sunshine. monday kwanzaa starts. look at the icons festive here on the 7 day forecast. monday looks quiet and another front monday night to tuesday and stray shower tuesday morning and then the sun returns at 53. middle of next week back to normal with chance for rain thursday. every single day in the 7 day is above arm and we'll take that as a nice christmas present. >> whatever. >> that is a win. >> i came to the show late. >> you missed it. >> we'll explain later. >> christmas cracker. >> don is here with sports now. >> fear of missing out, momo, >> and tem until action and fly rz take a trip to the jersey turnpike and maybe they wish they had not.
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slv all right don is back from
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the linc and things are happe happening. >> happening now and eli manning did you ever see his face. >> eli has the face right now guys. the eagles have nothing to lose and giants have everything to gain. perfect conditions for a wild game at the linc, thursday night football list fen you're into it you're probably watc watching it if not you're watching us we would love to have you. eagles lead 21-19 and they stopped giants and turned them over and under two minutes left looks like they try to run out the clock. nelson agoular second of the year and first since week one and also carson wentz thought it was a conclusion built he's good to go in the game. let's move on now. back-to-back to vision matchups for the flier and they beat contending washington caps last night and now they visit seller dwelling devils no north jersey i can say that north that's how we roll. we pick it up in the first flyers down 1-0 wood scores
11:26 pm
for devil's and jersey with 2-0 lead and manning collides with calanan and that starts a little doddy brook, scrum, slugfest if you will and rest restoring order and when they did adam hendren rique with the score. devils smashing flyers 4-0 the final score. >> college hoops, st. joe's hawks hosting lafayette. st. joe's dominant from start to finish. hawks on on 15-5 run and never let up. how about lamar kimble right behind him he had 22. hawks cruising to easy 9-6 w. >> fran dumbfy and temple owl owls,alton jr. three steals and had 16 points as well. later on in the second, blake reynolds, with the three for
11:27 pm
the bulldogs. cut owl's lead toe eight, clock ticking and quintin rosz hard hitting quintin for three. moore not pictured had 26, owls winning 83-7 12k3w4r-7 owls are head toll annapolis to play wake forest in military bowl next tuesday they have a nice sendoff in north broad street and alls ranked 24 in nation and favored by twelve in that game of course we will thereby on tuesday. >> tuesday. >> and it's last coverage. >> kicking in. >> that's right it's that time of year. >> true. >> thanks. >> thanks you sir. >> up next the holiday spirit is live and well among counties
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>> new tonight the spirit of the season is alive and well and morrisville becomes county. >> eyewitness news was there tonight as the morrisville police and fire departments dropped off toys to deserving family and you can see santa and joining in on all the fun and kate? hospital day weekend is just about there and saturday first half of the day in the poconos it starts with snow and freezing rain in the pats of the lehigh valley and watch for
11:31 pm
slick tax. rain through mid afternoon in the city and down the shore and then it clears out and christmas day sunday looks beautiful with a full day of sun no matter where you are from the city
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>> and coming up next the late show with stephen colbert and followed by the late, late show with james corbin and our family is back tomorrow mornin morning. >> and i'm jessica dean we're always on four at cb >> have a good night and sleep >> have a good night and sleep well.
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