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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 15, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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right now at 11:00. winter is here. the sign on the 42 freeway in balance mature camden county says it all. parts of the region could see snow overnight. a massive cyber attack uncovered yahoo is hit again by hackers and what's likely the largest breach in history. what users need to do right now to protect themselves. out playing, out last. survivor millennials against
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generation x. the winner announced. which generation has an edge. we begin with a bitter blast of cold. couple of chances for snow. i'm ukee washington. i'm jordan reed. >> justin it's not just the arctic air, we could see a little snow >> exactly. it's winter time. officially winter next wednesday is the official start of the winter season, but that cold air approaching us not here quite yet. it's chilly but this in arctic air, it's 38 in how long, 36 in philadelphia, not terrible for this time of night this time of year, light snow trying to develop overi95 northeastern maryland, county, few late flurries to the ground in northern new castle delaware, chester county. maybe philadelphia, a lot of this not reaching the ground, it will roll through south jersey as well, maybe put down a coating in some spot mainly on grassy surfaces and some of the
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oh car tops, could you see by midnight little band of light snow moving through parts of delaware to south jersey by 2:00, 3:00 a.m. offshore. morning commute looks drieshg we're going to go see sunshine around but it will be cold. actual air temperature tomorrow morning down in the lower 20's even teens, look at mount pocono in the lower teens. and that's not factoring in the wind. we're talking about near 0 windchills in some spots. and our next chance of snow arrives for the weekend, could be the first measurable snow for philadelphia, we'll talk about that in a few minutes >> thank you. before you head out the door in the morning, tune into "eyewitness news" this morning, for the latest weather and traffic updates our team gets started at 4:30. one billion users exposed. yahoo is disclosing a massive cyber security breach. comes under attack again, sclov is in our satellite center with more on the information that may be in the hands of criminals, alex? >> reporter: ukee, this latest yahoo breach is now the largest known hacking in history.
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we're talk user phone number, account pass words, security questions and answers. all of which could be used to access private information on other sites. yahoo users receiving e-mails like this, you are not alone, not by a long shot. yahoo incorporated announced that data belonging to over1 billion users was is stolen by an unauthors third party in august of 2013, twice the number accounts impacted in a separate intrusion earlier this year >> yahoo is saying now in its public statement that e-mail addresses could potentially have been taken, names, telephone numbers >> lisa garber is a cyber security expert. she says even though credit card data was not part of the breach, pass words and security questions can be utilized elsewhere. >> according to yahoo, stolen pass words are technicalcally us. >>ed. first encrypted or broken down for a code. then hashed, which mathematically transform as password. still high end hack reverse
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found ways around all of this. >> if you have similar pass words floating around for different e-mails accounts or re online banking or answering security questions the same for every site that you log into, that's the worst case scenario because hackers can take advantage of that >> as for the future of yahoo, garber notes that both security and transparency must be be increased. >> in order to be proactive, we need to know what's going on and take advantage of the knowledge they have to protect ourselves. >> reporter: garber ads that for those impacted it's not a bad idea to go in and change the pass words to all important accounts. yahoo is working with law enforcement to find out who or what is behind this breach. live in the stat center, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." investigators say a gas leak trigger add manhole explosion and fire in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. fire rose from the manhole at 49th just before noon, burned two septa workers who were assessing the situation.
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thankfully their injuries are not considered life-threatening. no one else was hurt. watch followed and then robbed. right now, police in bensalem are trying to find two men who attacked a woman in the parking lot of parx, david spunt is live outside the casino tonight with the pictures of the men police are looking for. david? >> jessica, that woman is 73 years old and authorities say she was a specific target in this case, at parx casino behind me. authorities have surveillance pictures and a license plate and car description right now. they're just looking for a location and names of the two suspects. sunday night, this man spent several hours roaming around inside parx casino. bensalem police officials say he physically attacked a 73-year-old woman in the parking lot. she was leaving with her daughter. here he is running away with her purse. >> if you see anyone get attacked by 73-year-old victim is sad
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>> police lieutenant william mcvay tells "eyewitness news" the suspect and another accomplice this man at the casino window started stalking the woman while she was still on the casino floor. >> these two individuals were in the casino about three to four hours prior to the robbery. so it's our belief they were looking for a victim they felt they would have a good chance of getting what they wanted and obviously what they wanted was money. >> reporter: they got money. plus the woman's cell phone. the mystery man ran away. the two men took off in this suv. it's a silver 2007 audi q 7 with new jersey tag k 52 g e n. >> it's a same in today's society you have to worry about things like this, your mother goes to the casino and you get a phone call she's robbed. detectives believe at the two suspects live in the newark new jersey area. if you have any information, give bensalem police a call. reporting live tonight in bensalem bucks county, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> thank you. police have taken into custody a person of interest after several packages disappeared on the 800 block of north lawrence street. the homes surveillance victim captured the footage you're looking at right now. you see an unknown male taking the packages and then fleeing. the man apprehended near fifth and par popular. brandon brooks, the offensive line man mentioned two of the thereafter three games, now we know why, don bell joins us with what brooks revealed >> it was an interesting day at the novacare complex. just to reiterate. brandon brookses missed two of the at least games, is because he's been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that causes him to become violently ill for about the last 24 hours, the illness lasts about 24 hour, he's now seeing a psychologist and taking medication. however, the medicine takes weeks to be effective.
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the 27-year-old believes the illness has caused him to miss two games previously in his career. >> it's an obsession, i can't emphasize it enough. it's not, you know, nervousness or fear. i love the organization. the organization has been great. they're supporting me. the headcoach, my coach, how with, i'll make it through, i'll be ok. nothing i'm ashamed. of >> brooks diagnosis is somewhat of a surprise, they believe he suffered from stomach ulcer, not anxiety, so brooks is in the first year of his five-year 40 million dollar deal. we'll see what happens >> wish him well. >>. tonight, the judge in bill cosby sexual assault case says he will take some time to rule only the final pretty motion. two days of arguments wrapped up this afternoon, the judge will decide whether to allow drain
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cosby accuse tours testify next year, his defense argued their allegations were vague impossible to defend. andrea constand at his home 2004 criminal charges have been filed against edward mitchell. he's charged with taking kick-backs from video surveillance camera contracts. he's also accused of planting hidden cameras in microphones throughout the upland areboro building. the councilman's lawyer denies the charge. president-elect trump printings his victory tour to hershey pennsylvania tomorrow. earlier today, he met with at least a dozen tightens of the technology industry during around table discussion at trump tower. during the election, mr. trump clashed with a number of the tech leaders some campaigned for hillary clinton. today, trump pledged to work with all of them. >> anything we could see to help this go long and we're going to
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be there now, and you call my people, you'll call me, it doesn't make any difference, we have no formal chain of command around here. >> noticeably absent from the meeting was a representative from twitter. trump spokesman said the slight was not intentional. twitter had no comment. it's the battle between generations, millennials versus jen x. >> we saw the two groups go head-to-head in the season of survivor. what about in the real world? nicole brewer tells us how this new generation stack up in the game of life. untold story of the boston margin bombing comes to the big screen in patriot day. we're going to take you to the red carpet. while mark wahlberg said it's a story he wants to share with the world. bill announcement from ryan lochte, we'll tell you what he revealed on twitter. bundle up, meteorologist justin drabick is tracking an invasion of arctic air,
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. winner survivor. tiernlt the 33rd season finally of the hit reality competition shows survivor aired here on cbs3. adam quine was crowned winner. millennials versus jen x. adam is a millennial. we see who came out on top on the show. >> what about in the real world? our nicole brewer joins us with a, really a lot of people talking >> how often have we heard the line kids these days? seems to be every generation. so there's no question that society evolves generations differentiate, how do individuals between 19 and 35 stack up against generation ex-ers who are between 36 and 51? that depends who you talk to.
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>> two groups with very different approacheses to life >> this season of survivor featured millennials versus generation x. in the game of life, which group has the competitive edge? >> i would say millennial >> generation x >> i think the boomer won. generation x cynical set in their way >> and millennials >> lazy, >> statistics show differences with millennials placing less value on marriage and children >> the me generation is about me. i don't have time for that. >> research also shows dissimilar approach at work with an average two-year tenure, many believe medical yells have a sense of entitle
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>> she's a human resources expert. she says millennials creative constant feedback while generation x wants to feel valued, their differences are quite complementary. >> reporter: we work best together. we can just draw from this on a draw from that. i think we would see this whole world particularly this country a lot better off. >> incer son believes the two groups are more similar than they are at odds, both have revolutionalized how we view the family unit and employment and generally want the same things and let's not forget that many millennials are the product of parents whoing belonged to generation x. >> kids these days, well, there's a reason. they are the way they are. >> spoken from a millennial perspective >> i hear you. >> all right.
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former u.s. men's olympic swimmer is going to be dad. he kissing the belly of his fiance, it will be the couple of first child. lochte who got engaged in october recently made his wedding plans known on entertainment tonight. saying the couple plans to wed some time this coming summer. much anticipated film about the '13 boston marathon bombing patriot's day tells the stories of the heros and survivors of that tragic day and jessica moore of our sister station wc bs is in boston tonight >> april 15th, 13 is a day no american will ever forget. the mood on the red carpet was surreal as the real life heros of the marathon bombing embraced the actors to who end insured their stories will not be forgotten. it was a night to celebrate a community of heros who came together in the face of unthinkable tragedy. >> it's the untold story behind
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the hunt and capture of the boston marathon bombers before they could carry out a second attack in new york city. boston native mark wahlberg is both producing and starring in the film as boston police officer tommy sanders. >> we wanted a tell their story, share it with the world. this is -- it's so special. going to be a emotional night i know people will be filled with a sense of pride. >> the story of first responders, investigators, and even civilians, many of whom joined wahlberg on the red carpet. then there are the survivor like patrick and jessica down who both lost limb in thes attack and are still very much recovering. their compassion overwhelmed their pain >> so many people's emotions are tied up in the not just ours. there are families and loved ones were killed >> it's an important story. one says had to be told. >> there are so many stories that the american public the world doesn't know about.
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so many heros in this movie that it's really heart warming. it's represents the city, but it represents the country. >> reporter: and representingly people who suffered so greatly. director peterberg took all of that into account >> the last thing we wanted to do was retraumatize anyone or interrupt anybody's process of getting better. >> still manages to be beautiful. and respectful and reach police in a special way >> that's the hope for everyone who sees patriot's day, a message of hope in the face of darkness. >> lesley moon vest credits 60 minutes producers for keeping the story line on track. patriot's day primaries in new york city december 21st and nationwide january 13th. in boston, jessica moore cbs news. i saw the film. i thought it was intensely accurate. it was unbelievable. once again, the story they felt
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had to be told. it really did. justin is joining us as we get ready for the cold temperatures >> no joke, we're going to go below freezing and not return until some time during the weekend. extended period but we do have a warmup back in our seven-day. don't worry if you don't like the cold. looks like this weekend could see our first inch firefighter snow here in philadelphia, good chance nor that. break it down now, outside, there is snow coming out of the clouds around philadelphia but air just dry, a lot of this is videotape praying before reaching the ground, we might get a stray snow shower or two. looking live from the roof camera here in center city looks like things are pretty much quiet. temperatures above freezing, check out some of these status for philadelphia. coldest ever in philadelphia for the high temperature during the day five degrees. we're not going to get that cold, that was back in 1899. the record low today was ten set back in 1960 and the coldest temperature ever recorded here in philadelphia minus 11, so nowhere near that.
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downright cold for this time of year, slighting below zeroing. 36 until, 33 wilmington, look at that cold air upper midwest great lakes five in chicago minus one in minneapolis, that's not factoring in the wind. we won't get this cold but windchill values may get down into the single digits in a lot of locations even here around the city. there's a little band of light snow. falling through the clouds, evaporating before reaching the ground, stray snow showers especially south of the city. and maybe a light dusting possible from the car tops and grassy areas overnight for areas of south jersey, northern and central delaware, the leading edge of the true arctic air is still off to or our west. the arctic front will come through tonight. windchill values tomorrow morning, could feel like six in allentown, 11 in philadelphia, if you're out walking in the city, rough out there, anywhere across the delaware valley. doesn't get much better in the afternoon, holding in single digits for the windchill values, same deal on friday morning, this is really 48 hours of true
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arctic air, starts to move out saturday but cold air initially, with our next storm, saturday morning, watch out for light snow transitioning to freezing rain, is expected across the region. however, a quickly does change to rain probably by mid to late morning, some slick travel possible especially early on saturday. things should improve by the afternoon. light snow rolling through south jersey through the overnight. offshore by about 3:00, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow quiet except for winds. friday same deal, sunny skies, here comes the band of snow initially overnight friday early saturday morning, and we start to get that milder air in. that's freezing rain. that transitions over to all rain through mid morning. how much snow? not a whole lot. generally about one to three inches maybe an inch in philadelphia, higher amounts possibly up to three more into lehigh valley. things could change pretty early in the game. tonight, mostly cloudy snow shower at 24. tomorrow's high 27. but a lot colder with that wind. here's the extended forecast. look at the weekend. like i said nothing really to
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hold that tar in. we're going 40's for high, and 50's on sunday. then cool thes back down to where it should be early next week, looks like for the rest of month, this is going to be the coldest air we're dealing with. >> thanks so much. >> don back with more sports. >> we're talking about hockey, the flyers looking to win ten in a row for the first time in three decades. joel embiid and the sixers going all out but was it enough to
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start you off with the bird jon dorenbos out. the eagles signed rick love love love have a toe has been in and out of the league since 2015 and he practiced with the squat squad first time today. >> specialist, i jump around until i find something permanent, and obviously, i wish that this could be my permanent job but we'll see, depends on
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what happens in the next three weeks. >> text message here, a phone call there, nearly two decades, jeff collins and one of his best friends kept in touch. that friend is matt rhule. he took to her as the top man on north broad street, i spoke to him after his press conference. >> i haven't slept since i got the word, got the guys when raw it was a pretty much going to be my job, stayed up all night trying to get my talking points meet with the team and i'm fired up about it. >> switching gears, flyers in cold are aed dough taking on the avalanche, game started at 10:00 our time. coincidentally the flyers also looking for their 10th straight win, go to the game. second, michael getting on the board, flyers on top. right now 1-0 in the second period, looking to win ten straight for the first time in
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more than three decades. all right, closer to home now, sixers hosting the raptors and looking for their third straight win, only one problem, taking on tornado, a team won nine out of ten, one of the hottest teams, been simmons on the sidelines maxing and relaxing, this is live tv, sometimes that happens. however, i'll tell you this, the sixers did lose the game. sorry. >> joel embiid nine points six boards. st. joe's taking on princeton, the hawks held the lead most of the game. princeton taking the league in the second half before st. joe's turned it back on. sha var newkirk, the hawks win 76-68. >> all right. >> all right. >> that's all right. >> that's all right. >> they played well >> but not well enough. >> what are you talking about >> the sixers >> yes, >> since you didn't get the take >> next time i'll have an artist rendering for you.
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>> you can
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more teamwork in skill were on display at half time of tonight's sixers game. >> magee rehabilitation hospital wheelchair basketball team took to the court to play an exhibition game. these are members of the magee sixers spokesmen. at any qualified for the national wheelchair basketball association championship last year. >> tomorrow night, joins us for stories of heart and hope all year, we bring you stories of brotherly love. our brotherly love special is tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on cbs3. join in. justin? >> and it's time for weekend watch. the cold arctic air leading up to the weekend starts to move out saturday here coming the next storm system, round of
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wintery mix on saturday. poconos eventually will see highs near 40 saturday low 40's on sunday with rain in the city. cold air moves out by saturday afternoon, mid 40's then rain on sunday with highs in the 50's. at the shore could be light snow early saturday we're this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just
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back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jordan reed. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching, have a good night family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for tai cheng, brought to you by beachbody. >> wow, joy, look at these people! they love you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! it's regis, joy, and i've got big news for you. if aches, pains, and poor balance are slowing you down, keep watching this show because we're gonna tell you about an incredible new program that's gonna fix everything. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! >> announcer: the facts are frightening. 1 out of 3 people over 65 fall each year, resulting in expensive hospital stays, loss


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