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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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developing overnight an accident involving a police cruiser and another carries under investigation, in camden county. this happened on route 130 southbound, in pennsauken, and now there is no word on any injuries, the cause of the accident is under investigation. and, snow flurries this morning? say it ain't snow. you better keep those heavy coats handy because bitter blast continues this weekend. today is saturday december the tenth, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao, so you better layer up, we're heading outdoors today because another cold one is on tap. lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. hopped in my car, i saw these little sparkles in the air with my headlights and said that cannot be snow. >> it is december. it is snow. >> i know, go figure. >> it is arriving. this is really typical for middle of winter, january. we're talking about temperatures in the 40's. get used to it. it will stick around for at least the next week or so. couple snow chances as well. again we have had some snow
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showers earlier this morning. they have diminish. all quiet right now, it is just cold, waking up to partly cloudy skies in center city right now and temperatures holding 27 degrees. now that makes it the coldest morning we have had this season, west wind 7 miles an hour. good news is wind is much lighter then yesterday, but still wind chill values down to the upper teens, in some of the coldest spots. actual air temperatures, everybody is in the mid to upper 20's this hour, up close to 30, at the shore, 27, quakertown, 25 in pottstown. wind chill values upper teens currently. that is what it feels like on exposed skin. break out the hat, gloves, potentially in the next few hours heading outside. there you go storm scan three is quiet over past three hours you you can see a few snow showers that have diminish. maybe a flurry or two in the poconos today but that is it. arctic air settles in today, tomorrow. temperatures for highs only in the 30's, close to 40. lows in the 20's. it is going to be teens and 20's in the morning. tomorrow night, there could be a light snow, in parts of the
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region. we will break that down in juice a few minutes. tonight mainly dry, 40's for the high. thirty-eight at the shore. upper 20's in the poconos. two storm systems to talk about bringing in some rain and snow chances, those details in just a few, jan, back over to you. it is 6:03. time to check the roads. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda. >> reporter: thanks, jan. the justin mentioned it is a cold one this morning but roadways are clear with absolutely no problems. an earlier accident involving an overturn vehicle that had road closed at 90 northbound at norristown road is now clear. you're worry freeze in that direction. taking a look now at ben franklin bridge, traffic is running smoothly both in and out of the city, same can be said for your majors including 30, 76, 202, boulevard, 95 and the vine street expressway. mass transit is looking good, as well. looking ahead to the rest of the daze today the flyers take on the dallas stars at wells fargo sent they are afternoon
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so be ready for your regular delays down by stadiums later on, game time at 1:00 p.m. looking at route 42 in new jersey, at cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. >> good advice, thank you, amanda. bitter cold feels as if winter has come early but it doesn't mean that everyone will be staying indoors this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh drew the short straws this morning. she's live on kelly drive braving the cold, how does it feel, anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan. we passed two runners who ran by us. i asked if they were cold, they said no. i'm bundled up and i'm cold. maybe that is secret to hit kelly drive to this morning and take a run, but, drop in temperature don't seem to be dropping anyone's spirit. they are still out in full force checking out the holiday festivities here in philadelphia. take a look at this rid ohio from last night, this is the frozen presentation at franklin square, the holiday lights show, really awesome.
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so we, folks, we have spoken to families out there yesterday. take a listen to how they are braving this cold weather. >> i want it to snow. >> i'm doing the best as i can, as you can see. >> it adds to the fess tifts. >> it really does. after a mild fall it is starting to feel like christmas now that the temperatures are dropping but if you're heading out, you will definitely want to layer up. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". always the operation miss, thanks. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting. this happened around 12:30 on the 3,000 block of fountain street. investigators say two men were sitting in the car when two other men approached them, and opened fire. both men, are now in stable condition. philadelphia police are also investigating an accident that sent a man to the hospital. this happened at germantown avenue, and east philomena street around, 12:30.
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no word what cause that had crash or how seriously the man was hurt. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia authorities responded to the scene around 2:00 this morning on east hunting park avenue. authorities say that one man was shot, no word on his condition. meantime a north carolina man wanted in connection with a murder in delaware county has been arrested in georgia. thirty-seven year-old rodney shelton was caught friday morning in decatur. he is charge in the fatal hooting of thomas childs. that happened during a robbery in yeadon in 2015. shelton was found at his girl friend's apartment. he tried to escape what was quickly taken into custody by local authorities. >> we initially tried to run out the back door but we had officers back there, and then he decided to give up and come to the front door. >> shelf even remains behind bars in georgia while extradition rowings are underway. family, friend, neighbors gathered for a vigil to remember a young boy last
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night, iain wilsey was shot while walking to a corner store and now his family wants more help from the public: "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has the details. >> he he didn't deserve what happened to him. he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: with candles in hand a community rallied around the family of 14 year-old iain wilsey while his mother made a passionate plea to those who took her son's life. >> i'm begging you to please come forward my son's sake and please turn yourself in. that is all i ask. all i ask. the just give my son the justice that he deserves. >> reporter: police say boy was walking with a friend to the corner store to by chips when he was shot near 6200 block of brows avenue in mayfair monday night. so far one of the two male suspects has turned himself in. >> anybody who knows who this other person is, try to give this mom and this family some peace. >> reporter: loved ones lit up the night in east an's honor remembering a boy that they say loved playing
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football and could not get enoughized tea. >> he was the funniest kid you could ever see. i just miss him a lot. >> reporter: iain's neighbor donna aid she was the person who found him and while he didn't know him well while living she can't forget final moments before he passed. >> i remember his beautiful eyes. >> reporter: nicole brewer, cbs-3 eyewitness news. well, now one man is charged with the fatal shooting, another again is still on the loose. if you have any information, call the philadelphia police. a burlington county community is dedicating a wish wall in memory of singer cristina grimme. the foundation will hold the dedication, at the evesham library at 2:30 this afternoon. the groups will accept wishes until 4:30 and then tomorrow there 1:00 to 5:00. grimme a marlton native was a finalist on the singing competition the voice. her music career was cut short by an obsessed fan who
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shot her to death june 10th in orlando, florida. new jersey governor chris christie has ordered all flags to fly at half staff on monday, in honor of state trooper frankie williams. police say trooper williams was responding to a call of an eradic driver last monday when lloyd rudly's car slammed head on in the trooper's car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. williams died at the hospital. trooper's funeral is monday at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the cia says it has determined that russia medicines old in the 2016 presidential election. not to under mine confidence in the u.s. election process but to help donald trump beat hillary clinton. the cia says individuals with connections to the russian government, provided thousands of hacked e-mails from the dnc and clinton campaign to wikileaks. the wikileaks denies that russia was the source, but president east bam a has ordered a least view into russian hacking. well, a federal judge in philadelphia plans to decide monday whether to grant the
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green party's request for a statewide presidential recount, candidate jill stein says she wants to determine whether election computers were hacked. attorneys for the trump campaign and others say stein lacks evidence of tampering to support the request. stein needs a decision soon, states must certify they're lex results by tuesday. former new york mayor rude i guiliani has taken himself out of the running for secretary of state. that decision came as president-elect trump's thank you tour made a stop in grand rapid, michigan. mr. trump is visiting states that propelled him to the white the house. he introduced his pick for education secretary, betsy key voss, a billion air republican donor and former chair of the michigan republican party. >> i trust parents and i believe in our children. but it won't be washington d.c. that unlocks that potential. it won't be a giant bureaucracy or a federal department. nope. the answer isn't bigger government the answer is local
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controls, it is listening to parents, and it is giving more choices. >> the president-elect brings his thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania, on thursday. meantime woman president president-elect donald trump's victory is returning to her south jersey roots tonight. kelly ann conway who is now part of the transition team will be grand marshall of the hammington christmas parade. but as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us her scheduled appearance has become politically device i have. >> i am very, very proud. >> reporter: over the decades he kept her clippings and holiday card, and on times have photos. a girl hammington blue bring farmer bill day mayo knew as kelly ann fitzpatrick that the world now knows as kelly ann conway. >> this is where she work. >> reporter: key mayo knew her since birth and hired her as a teen to pack blue bliss. she was so good that in 1987, he won a blueberry packing contest, but not without
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controversy, when judges initially said that there was a tie. >> he said sheathes was ahead by three, she had a recount. she got the championship. >> she survived the recount. >> yes, she's good at that. >> reporter: this weekend she returns home for another kind of contest much she's agreed to be a judge and grand marshall for hammington fire department's christmas parade. >> she's first woman campaign manager to get a president east electric to our country which i think it is a pretty big job. >> reporter: some who don't support trump don't support honoring conway. the announcement drew critical comments on line and called for the fire department. and the anti group, antifa is calling for a protest. >> it has been the most divisive year, already, and you will bring politics now you into this. >> reporter: fire fighter mickey, who is a town councilman graduated st. joseph's high school with conway and spearheaded effort to bring her to the parade. he says he doesn't want the parade to turn political but
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understands why some people are upset. >> as far as protesting is going, no problem whatsoever. the police work with the the police, be respectful of the young kid. this is about young kid. >> reporter: he says that conway will receive the key to the city. the parade starts at 7:00 and goes through downtown hammington n hammington i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". bitter cold in our region but we are not the only ones dealing with those freezing temperatures. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", how other folks are coping with the winter wet ther pattern, and it is now sweeping the path
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welcome back. freezing temperatures, snow, ice, chances are the cold weather will impact you one way or another over the next week. and we now have the latest on what this cold weather pattern is doing across the country. >> reporter: get your winter gear out, it will be a very chilly one, after having the most warm autumn on record and second warmest november, cold weather is finally here. arctic air is pushing down on much of the u.s. over the next week, 80 percent of the the country will see freezing temperatures, cold air pushing into the northeast and southeast on friday with freezing temperatures, expected along the gulf coast this weekend. about 10 million people are under storm warnings and winter weather advisories in the west. cities like portland and seattle are already getting snow and even colder air mass is scheduled to hit midwest and northeast later this week bringing up to 2 feet of snow
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in some areas. wintry weather has already been causing havoc on the roads, in northeast, ohio, thursday, icy conditions caused more than 50 vehicles to slam into each other on interstate 90. drivers say that there was no way to avoid the massive pile up. >> it is press i shocking, press i tough, and, you know, pretty horrific to look at. i crashed right into another vehicle. it was, it was pretty bad. >> reporter: at least two people were killed in the snowy 30 car pile up near lansing, michigan, authorities coast to coast are encouraging residents to prepare, and to keep warm, especially with the official start of the winter only two weeks away. >> luckily we have got ready earlier in the week and it didn't turnout to be anything but getting ready once again, we're geared up, we will get something. >> reporter: i'm and i roads reporting. we are in the looking at 2 r parts of the country are. we have to deal with this cold weather. >> it could be worse. i just want to hibernate. >> me too.
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>> just go through this. >> i was trying to be optimistic. >> i'm with you, yes, we are at five in minneapolis. coldest morning so far. we made to it 27 so far. good news is wind has calmed down a little will bit. wind chills in the teens but not quite as harsh as they would be if we had those wind like we did yesterday, but there you go weather watchers reporting mid to upper 20's in the region. we will head north to northampton county. charles has 27, mostly cloudy skies, trace of snowfall through the overnight, since a dusting there on the ground, and 26, as you head down to perkasie at john jenkins house. cold spot, 25, chester county in nottingham, fran, he he has got mostly clear sky at this hour and to central new jersey where we have had snow squals earlier this morning. clear skies currently in browns mills at marry ann's house at 27 degrees and we are feeling that cold air into delaware as well. delores lee in newark, clear skies at 26. lets go backup to the lehigh valley and check out
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bethlehem, live look, christmas city, all lit up, and pretty quiet on main street right thousand but i'm sure it will be active later on this afternoon into tonight. we will a good restaurant to check out as we head to the christmastime period. and, again, maybe a flurry in this morning. and possibly tomorrow night we could see light snow up in the bethlehem region. the reason, cold arctic air is settling in, jet stream is well, to our south, and that cold air is just moving south from can inadequacies, sticks around today and tomorrow. we will start to lift out, though, on monday, and as we see our next storm system approaching but highs this weekend about five to ten below average. so, we're dealing with temperatures in the 30's to about 40, that is typical for middle of winter, and now, astronomical winter has not arrived. it arrives december 21st a week and a half away at 5:44 in the morning. the that is shortest amount of daylight we have, nine hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds for philadelphia quiet pattern as of right now. high pressure over us. it is just cold. flurry or two in the poconos. tomorrow, we will start off,
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dry, and clouds will thicken up throughout the day. initially it could be some light snow shower activity in the lehigh valley. poconos and afternoon. but the main event holds off until overnight, sunday night, monday morning, and initially there could be a period of light snow, and certainly for the poconos, possibly as far south as lehigh valley, maybe far northwestern suburbs before we see it all change over to rain as warmer air moves on in. and, ahead of the cold front. and then we will cool back down for middle of the next week. the what is happening today? not much. this is partly cloudy skies, waking up tomorrow morning, initially we see some clouds, they thicken throughout the day, maybe a flurry or two, well to the north of the city and then overhead, this is 4:00 a.m. we will see steady snows developing, allentown to the poconos, maybe initially a period of freezing rain for the changeover to plane rain. so any accumulation, most likely you can find well north of the city, and maybe again, a few light snow showers, as far northwest as suburbs, bucks, montgomery, but potential of light accumulation in lehigh valley and potential of three or 4 inches in the the poconos.
6:21 am
good news for the ski season. temperatures today, mid to upper zero's. maybe 40 if we're lucky. another cold night tonight. mid to up 20's for most locations, and then, tomorrow, kind of the same deal with the clouds around, temperatures struggled to get to the upper 30's. so forecast, near 40, partly sunny, chilly, west wind at 10 d night tonight, 26 for the city. colder in the suburbs, partly cloudy skies, it will be cold for the eagles game tomorrow afternoon, kick off at 1:00 o'clock. game time temperatures at 36. we will keep it the dry with clouds. wind are pretty light out of the south at five to 10 miles an hour. the unday night we will see some rain, developing, and into monday morning, at least, for the first half of monday will be wet, warm at 50. that will be the warmest day out of the next seven. then another shot of colder air arriving for second half of next week. it could be a few rain and snow showers wednesday afternoon and highs on thursday, jan, struggling to get to freezing, so, if you thought this weekend was cold, next weekend will be even colder. >> we love it. get ready. more ahead. >> thanks, justin.
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we have the cold and now we will have a dance to get you in the holiday spirit. we are showing off best christmas lights in our area take a look here at cherry hill at the home of david crow on the 800 block of herser street. he said he put his lights up very early, back around halloween, and he has even seen some people propose, with his displays, as a backdrop. how cool is that. we want to sees your holiday lights. show us your display with us, share with us on facebook and twitter, with the #cbs-3 holiday lights. who knows we may show up at your trent door. show up at your house there to show it off right here on "eyewitness news". always fun when we show up. the first stand a loan star wars film is about to hit theaters, when "eyewitness news" continues a preview of rogue1 and hear from the big stars in the new movie, stay with
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long anticipated star wars rogue1 premiers today in a theater in los angeles. nearly half mile of hollywood boulevard has been closed this week because of the life sized x wing parked nearby. you may remember x wing it was made famous in the original 1977 star wars film when luke skywalker destroyed first death star. star wars rogue1 opens up december 16th but don't go looking for luke, lea or r2d2. rogue1 brings you story before the original star wars films as rebels try to steel plans to the death star.
6:26 am
susan marquez has a preview. >> we need to necessity how to destroy it. >> reporter: death star is back in the new film a star wars story, set just before the original star wars, the movie reveals how the rebels stole the plans to the galactic empire's biggest wep on felicia jones play jen erso a troubled young woman whose estranged tatter wind up working on the death star. >> it is the empire had this kind of power what chance to we have? question is what choice do we have. >> reporter: jones says she's glad her character is a fighter and not a love interest. >> our focus is actually very much a parent/child relationship more than a romantic love relationship. >> reporter: jen becomes part of the team benton stealing design plans.
6:27 am
>> it is rogue1. >> she plays imperial pilot turned rebel body books who says film's characters aren't so black and white. >> all characters have got the some history, really kind of merky, messed up things in their past. that is interesting, and rich character and they are trying to make things right in one way or another. >> reporter: dark vader does appear aspirin zest lea adopted father, but don't expect, many more familiar characters, in this all new star wars adventure. susan marquez, for cbs news, los angeles. a lot of people will see that one. it is down right frigid out there to start the weekend. still ahead how, people are adjusting to the first bitter blast of the season and justin's tracking snow for parts of the area. then, social media goes wild over this new toy, but, it is a hoax, and it has forced a major toy company to respond, we will be right back. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. well, snow flurries overnight and more could be on the the way, this weekend, justin's tracking what we can expect from this bigger blast of cold weather. a bucks county man is behind bars for killing his mother, i'm david spunt what authorities have to say about the investigation.
6:31 am
just grateful and thankful they can do that and in their heart they want to do that. christmas comes early for hundreds of shoppers at a pennsylvania store, the huge amount of money a secret santa donated to pay for that are presents. good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, it is cold out there. you have to bundle up heading outside or hopefully you are still under blankets this morning. the meteorologist justin drabick is live on the skies deck with eyewitness weather. i wish i could just crawl under those covers. the just one of those days. >> good advice, my add rise stay under blankets. the wait a few hours. it is one of the coldest morning or it is coldest morning we have had so far in philadelphia down to 27 degrees so far. forty-five minutes away from sunrise. that sunnies not going to do a whole lot today. it will feel like mid-january, not early to mid december. but check it out, temperature wise, temperatures holding generally in the mid to upper 20's across the region. twenty in mount pocono. twenty-seven, officially at the airport, philadelphia is 26.
6:32 am
wilmington. suburbs in the same deal. we have a little bit of the breeze. mixing up the air. we don't want to have any cold spots, this morning, but there are the wind. much lighter then yesterday. the less than 10 miles an hour. wind chill values are not terrible but they are cold. they do feel like up are teens on exposed skin. out long enough with the hats, gloves, it does feel like 21 degrees in the capitol city of delaware. we have had snow showers earlier, in parts of the bucks, montgomery county and even south central, new jersey. they have diminish. the rest of the morning stays quiet. a few cloud around today but it is arctic air settling in, highs, 30's, maybe 40 if we're lucky. the lows in the 20's. wind chills, teens, 20's in the morning. and then tomorrow night maybe a little light snow for parts of the region. dry day to day, 40 for the high, tomorrow, colder with some clouds, upper 30's, and then we will time out that next storm system that will bring a round of some snow and rain to the region. i'll let you know who sees what in eyewitness weather in just a few more minutes. jan, back over to you. it is now 6:32.
6:33 am
time to check the roads. lets go over to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan. we have no incidents to talk about right now. everything is looking relative liz like this view you of the vine right here, all of the majors running smooth thely including 30, 76, 202, the boulevard, and i-95. checking out mass transit, everything is running on schedule this morning, however, if you are a regular regional rail passenger, check your schedules for this upcoming week because starting tomorrow, septa is implementing new schedules for those lines, if you want more information on those changes, visit cbs looking ahead to the rest of the day to day, the flyers take on dallas stars at wells fargo center this afternoon. so be ready for your regular delays down by the stadiums later on. game time is 1:00 p.m. here's one last look at the boulevard as we begin our saturday travels, stay warm, at cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler, now back to you. well, we may be seeing some winter high temperatures but that isn't stopping everyone from adding just a
6:34 am
couple more layers and going outside. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live on kill i drive this morning with how people are fairing, have you seen a lot of people, anita, be honest with me. >> reporter: we have seen a select few, brave souls, who are braving the cold this morning, we actually just saw a woman biking by but you could only see her facial features because she was wrapped up in a really thick coat, pants, and then a huge scarf around her face. i asked to she was cold. she said i'm freezing. i wish i could flip the camera because we have been dancing out here because it is just so cold just trying to keep warm. if you are heading out this morning you will definitely want to layer it up beneath sparkling lights, and beneath multiple layers. >> i'm doing the best i can as you can see. >> reporter: many families for the cold weather to see holiday lights show in franklin square with the favorite characters on frozen friday night. >> we saw some snow flutters, i think, i think it adds to
6:35 am
the coldness activity. >> reporter: dorothy leon bundled up her daughter and brought her to see the holiday magic. >> we're bundled up with many layers. so that is why it doesn't feel too cold out here. >> reporter: over at blue cross river rink others welcomed the icy conditions. >> i really like ice skating. >> reporter: so while temperatures are dropping, it the is clear spirits are not. >> my body is cold and i want it to snow. >> reporter: i'm in a different boat because i'm not ready, still trying to deal with the cold temperatures. but again, if you are heading out, this morning, it is cold, put on those layers. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jan. >> go get warm, thank you. new this morning authorities are investigating a basement fire in overbrook, fire crews responded to the 5,000 block of malvern avenue just before 11:30 last night. fire spread to the first and second floor of the home, three other homes were also damage.
6:36 am
wilmington prepared to say good bye to another fallen fire tighter. senior fire fighter ardythe hope was one of the three fire fight hours died battling a house fire back in september. lieutenant jerry fickes and captain christopher leach also died in their injuries after a fire. investigators blamed the fire on the arsonist. a public viewing will be held from 10:00 to noon at chase center on the wilmington waterfront, and then her funeral and memorial services will start at 1:00. hope with the two other fallen fire fighters, fickes and leach will have fire stations named after them. wilmington city council voted unanimously on the resolution on thursday. meantime, the city of philadelphia remembers fallen fire fighter lieutenant joyce craig who tied in the line of duty two years ago w can unless hand friend, family and fellow fire fighters came together in front of the engine number 64 in lawncrest in memory of the 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. craig, who was city's first female fire fighter to die in the line of duty.
6:37 am
well, investigators are digging deeper, as they work to determine motive behind the murder of a mother, police say her son, brutally attacked her in their bucks county home. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the store friday lower makefield. >> reporter: almost 24 hours, after police say that 30 year-old zachary cope, killed his mother, investigators were still at the scene of the crime, collecting more evidence. >> this is not something that ordinarily happens, here in this area. >> reporter: layer makefield police chief ken says 30 year-old cope was wandering around near his hill top home, half naked. he allegedly told a passerby he killed his mother, five two-year old rebecca cope. >> the crime scene tells you that she was subject of a lot of blunt force trauma, a lot of cuts and stab wounds. >> reporter: authorities got to the scene and found her on the kitchen floor with multiple stab wounds. several neighbors who knew rebecca cope were too shaken to appear on camera but said
6:38 am
they are in complete shock. chief and his entire team, continue to ask the main question, why? >> what, you know, prompted this individual to do what he did, to snap the way that he did, you know, that is a question that remains unanswered at this point. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news, police make an arrest in the case of the stolen baby jesus stat the you in bethlehem. police say a woman is being charged with theft, and institutional vandalism. they say tips from the public, assisted in the arrest, but the statue was stolen early sunday morning from the nativity scene in the city hall plaza. the damaged tat the you has been since repaired and it is now back on display. well, some shoppers at the wal-mart store in ephrata pennsylvania received an early christmas vice. wal-mart says that a good smart stan known as santa b walk in the wal-mart and paid almost 200 lay aways with nearly $50,000 cashier's
6:39 am
check. store says that they spent the evening calling customers to tell them the good news. >> i walked upstairs, and played the messages and it was wal-mart saying that our christmas lay away can be pick up, that it was completely paid for. >> this is third year in the roast that santa b has paid off lay away accounts in pennsylvania wal-mart. you can also make holidays happier for children in our area by donating to our joy of sharing toy fest this weekend. we will be collecting toys today at philly pops christmas show at the kimmel center, and on sunday morning, you can donate before the eagles home game at wip tailgate zone hosted by our very own meisha johnson or bring a new unwrapped toy to 96.5-amp radio let it snow show on sunday night. cbs-3 toy fest benefits families, served by the salvation army, the boys and girls club of camden county, and the uso. if you cannot make it to these events we have put other drop off locations at our web site over the at cbs
6:40 am
fest. well, fischer price is, debunking the notion that it has a bar theme play set for toddlers, lets take a look at this you may have seen fish are price happy hour play set box, on line. the and the picture features three toddlers standing at a pretend bar, within posing as a bartender and other two hold plastic beer bottles. the as you may have expect, fischer price got complaints on twitter, they responded by saying quote the rod you can was not endorsed, produced or approved by fischer price, and the image has been tracked back to an instagram meme creator. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", a family credits their dog with saving them from a house fire, we will also have this. olney hair salon is launching a new effort to help women coping with hair loss, i'm cherri gregg and tell you more about the woman behind it and note i have ways to get more of these to women in need. one of the areas holiday
6:41 am
traditions, the nut cracker by path ballet, but, how do many of the out of town performers celebratei from home. we will be right
6:42 am
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wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. well come back. helping woman feel beautiful in their time of need. one olney hair stylist is helping woman cope with hair loss from cancer and other disorders. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio introduces us to a woman behind the generous mission and innovative ways she's
6:44 am
helping woman regain their confidence. >> reporter: myisha hair diva million other knows a lot about wigs. >> we just set tonight rollers. we can do parts. >> reporter: over a decade she has made thousands of them but her passion for hair pieces coming from a place where many find pain. >> at the age of 19 my own hair started thinning. >> reporter: hyperthyroidism and later a breast cancer diagnosis forced the award winning stylist to make her own wigs. pretty soon she started selling them attracting clients with hair loss caused by lupus, cancer and other disorders to her peppy olney shop. >> i had people coming in here feeling sick limping in saying i'm going through chemo,ing about to go through treatment. then when i come back i am getting a new color. >> reporter: in 2008 she began collecting used wigs left by clients who finish their treatments. each wig cost three to 500 bucks so she began fixing them up for woman in need. >> if you look at wigs, they look fine. >> reporter: she has given
6:45 am
away 800 wigs in eight years and launched a wig exchange to collect more wigs for woman with hair loss. >> no matter what it wasn't about the money. i wanted that person to feel okay. >> reporter: community can help by giving gently used human hair wigs to the effort. they can also help by giving cash for cleaning. >> the wigs, while it may seem like they are just hair, for many women they represent, beauty, confidence, and can change lives. >> the hugs, the tears, everything it just makes my day. >> reporter: in olney, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". listen to this, a family in kansas was six payment away from paying off their home when they lost it all in a fire on friday but the home owner still foundries opposite to smile, james says that he has his dog to thank when the normally quiet dog began barking early friday morning, he had problems with his electrical box in the past and until he noticed a glow out of his back window. fire tighters from all over
6:46 am
the area responded to the fire but bitter cold made it difficult to put out. however, everyone agrees that it was the dog who was the hero of the day. >> i'm calling him the hero. he saved our lives. if it wasn't for him, the smoke would have gotten before the fire did. >> now the cause of the fire is still under investigation but home owner thinks it could be electrical. well, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan. coming up we will have the day's headlines plus come quickly and seemingly out of no where. we will look at the rise of conn supersize theories and whether victims have think legal way to fight back. plus he is a nose for fake, meet a detective who has been dedicated to tracking down and sniffing out counterfeit wine. how do you replace a radio legend? we will talk to chris taking over for gar son keeler
6:47 am
hosting a prairie home companion. >> all that and much more ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> sound good, thank you. also happening today, another holiday event in our area annual running of the santa's in philadelphia. thousands of santas are expected to take part in the the daze long event that includes entertainment, all to benefit charities across the region. main event is short run from the field house, to the electric factory. justin, it is good to see they are all bundled up. years past because they will need it today. >> that will feel good outside with temperatures in the 30's, maybe 40 if we're lucky. this is typical for middle of winter. this pattern sticks around for weekend and it looks like next week we will see colder air, returning to the delaware valley. so this morning very chilly. we are down to the mid 20's, in spots. good news is wind, right yesterday but wind chills down in the teens, currently in some locations. bill in cardington has 24. same deal in nodding ham dropped another degree at
6:48 am
fran's house in chester county, lou, eagleville mid 20's. twenty-five in blue bell, jerry's house we hit central new jersey, chesterfield, 26 degrees, even here in philadelphia phil checks in at 27. and then, peter if lawrenceville, new jersey, he has warmest spot at 30 degrees. we will have a decent sunrise happening in about a half an hour. the here's a shot from cherry hill from jenny johnson, clear skies, we had know showers but things cleared out nicely. sun will in the do a whole lot. we are not seeing snow or sun up in the poconos. we are seeing snow fly. this is manufactured snow right now. snow guns are cranking here, at big boulder, they will be able to throw down a good base over the next 36 hours, ideal for snow making conditions. very dry air mass in place, cold temperatures, those are perfect ingredients, foreman made snow. even a few flurries possible. big boulder is opened this weekend, jack frost is getting close to opening up, with these good snow making conditions happening in the near future.
6:49 am
cold morning for philadelphia, coldest morning so far, 27 degrees in the season. the that is where we are at. we may drop another degree at the airport. coldest night since march 3rd, 2016. and you can see that flow coming from the west/northwest over the lake picking up that moisture. lake effect snow showers, we had a few snow shower earlier in parts of the northwestern suburbs, and in new jersey, very early this morning. they have diminish. overall quiet sat the day across the delaware valley, the exception maybe poconos sees a flurry. next storm system moves in late sunday night into early monday. we could see a round of snow, freezing rain, and again for poconos where we could see some accumulations, best shot to see accumulating snow and freezing rain. maybe light snow, far northern western, lehigh valley, before changing to all rain in philadelphia. the cold air is rapidly moving out. tomorrow, evening. as a warm front pushes on in. but today high pressure, locking us, into that dry pattern for the next 24 hours. clouds start to build in on sunday ahead of the warm
6:50 am
front. initially a few flurries, light snow, north of the city, and then really the main event comes in overnights sunday early monday morning, you can see initially heavier snow developing in the mountains. changing over to rain. we will have period of rain overnight into monday morning. it looks like machine morning's commute, it is going to be a wet one, slower, we should start to dry out for monday afternoon and then we will get ready for our next shot of colder air building for the second half of the next week. the here's the setup, timing wise, again, you can see, it is just cloud building on through, your sunday, again, that snow, mainly north of the city, poconos, lehigh valley, majority of our area does see the rain. the best chance to see accumulating snow, northern lehigh valley up through poconos, could three or 4 inches of snow. initially maybe some light snow, not amounting to anything here, north of the city, and then just plane rain for philadelphia, south and east. temperatures today, stuck in the 30's, maybe 40 if we're lucky, much colder in the lehigh valley, few degrees above freezing, mid to upper 30's around the surrounding suburbs of philadelphia, into
6:51 am
south jersey, similar numbers today. cold pattern in place, this is arctic blast number one it moves out for monday. we will see that change over to all rain from this next system and then colder arctic air mass builds in on thursday, and then that lifts out by next week ebb. very active pattern, we will get a few cold days and then warms up. forty today, mid 20's tonight, very cold night and then tomorrow, watch out for that rain arriving at night, initially some snow north and west of the city. fifty for the high on monday. look at the end of the next week, lower 30's. it will be snow showers wednesday afternoon as well. jan, back to you. thank you. george ballenchine nut cracker has returned and seeing the show is a holiday tradition for many families across the delaware valley but here's how the dancers who come from all over the world spent this season, developing our addition with their own. >> ♪ >> reporter: the famous score, with colorful sets, opulent costumes and bit of magic and you have a masterpiece that is
6:52 am
the nut cracker ballet. >> it is like having a hot chocolate in front of the fire and with your family and sitting in front of the presents. >> reporter: artistic director angel carera a trip to the academy of music to see nut cracker is i holiday tradition for many. but before opening night, "eyewitness news" stepped behind the scenes. the pennsylvania ballet, now boosts, dancers from nearly a dozen countries with holiday traditions of their own. >> we call it this. >> reporter: working so far from home some of their holiday favorites are near impossible to duplicate. and amazing christmas every year, that you have to bake, for some, in october. >> reporter: other traditions look familiar, oxsana here is from the ukraine. >> it is not santa claus, it is like grand pop frozen and they put you the presents under the tree. >> reporter: torana the big holiday is three kings day celebrated in january.
6:53 am
>> you know cookies for a very busy night. >> reporter: dominic ballard from australia adopted a tradition he builds ginger bread houses that become more elaborate by the year. >> you can put lights inside and they shine through the glass. >> reporter: celebrating philadelphia he is making independent hall and while some admit being away from home during the holidays can be tough. >> it is a tamly theme. so we start, missing tamly. >> reporter: upcoming two dozen show they say they come to see them dance and be like tamly. >> it is about love and getting together with your family getting together with your friend. it is universal. >> indeed it is, pennsylvania ballet the nut cracker runs through december the 31st, and if you'd like to get tickets we have a link posted on our web site at cbs a great show, get out there and check it out. we will be right
6:54 am
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welcome back. the justin, it is cold outside. >> yes, right, it is cold. >> it is not even winter. but we are lock in the cold pattern as we finish off the fall season over next week and a half. couple snow chances, not a big deal not everybody sees it. really light snow from the mountains, certainly later tomorrow night but mostly will stay dry. today high near 40. tomorrow again, the at night could be snow up in the poconos, maybe lehigh valley, everybody else will sees rain. that comes to an end monday afternoon. monies warmest day at 50. we will see next shot of cold air building in for second half of next week. wednesday there could be a few rain and snow showers and highs on thursday only around freezing so colder then this
6:57 am
weekend. >> if only i was than the working outside that day, justin, throw me back out there. >> i feel bad for you. >> i'll put layers on. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line, at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you.
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