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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dean. i'm nicole brewer. ukee is onoatter what you are dg you will need whole scarves, glt is time to get bundled up like our kate bill other who has been watching temperatures drop on the cbs-3 skies dweck it there. >> it is feeling brisk and cold out here tonight ladies. it is scarves and mittens at a big huge blanket scarves your entire body. that is a good investment for the weekend. it is very cold. you will put it as more cold air moves back in the region. lets take a quick look at storm scan three. nothing right now. we have had clouds e they are clearing. the as the cloud clear, the temperature drops. you can see cold air moving over great lakes, wind c and that is what is heading our waste for tonight and torr now 42 degrees in philadelp 4 i can tell you that. thirty-six in reading. thirty-six in allentown. twenty-eight in mount pocono.
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this is actuallympar with what e seeing over the next weot big, g changes on the with the win. wind will be picking up through tonight andomg up i'll tell you about wind chills tomorrow and next chance for rain or snow, for now, back inside to you. >> kate, thanks much. remember, track the arctic blast anytime at your fingertips just down load free cbs philly weather app a railable right now on itunes and google lay. gloucester county man is charge tonight with theft for allegedly ripping off a youth football league. forty-nine year-old michael gregorio of williamstown is former treasurer for south jersey elite invitational youth football league. investigators say from july 204 through earl they're summer deflorio stole more than $56,000 in league fund. he was indicted by a grand jury yesterday on third degree theft by deception. >> master mind president president-elect donald trump's victory is coming home to south jersey for a special
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event. kelly ann conway made history as republican party's first female presidential campaign manager. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in hammington tonight where conway's upcoming visit is the talk of the town, cleve. >> reporter: yeah, lot of people exited to see kelly ann conway because as you mentioned she did break new ground in american politics but some people don't like those politics and they do not want her here. >> i'm very, very proud. >> reporter: over decade he kept her clippings and holiday card that sometimes had photos. girl hammington blue bring farmer bill key mayo knew as kelly ann fitzpatrick that the world now knows as kelly ann conway donald trump's campaign helping. >> thinks where kelly ann worked. >> reporter: he knew her instant birth and hired her as a teenager to pack blueberries. she was so good that in 1987 she won a blueberry packing contest but not without controversy with judges initially said there was a tie. >> he said she was ahead by 3 pints, they recount.
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she got the championship. >> she survived a recount. >> yes, she's good at that. >> reporter: this weekend she will return home for another kind of conn test. and, hammington fire department's christmas parade. >> she's the first woman campaign manager to get a president-elect to our country which, i think it is a big job regardless of who she got elect. >> reporter: some who don't support trump don't honor conway. the announcement drew political comments on line and calls for the fire department. the anti group, antify is calling for a protest of the parade. >> it has been the most divisive year already, okay. you will bring politics now into this. >> reporter: fire fighters milk i pole yan graduated st. joseph's high school with conway and spearheaded effort to bring her to the parade. he doesn't want it to turn political but understands why some people are upset. >> as far as protest goes, you know, no problems whatsoever. please work with the police, be respectful of the young kid
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because this is about young kids. >> reporter: police say conway will get the key to the city. parade starts at 7:00 on saturday night, and it goes down through downtown hammington. live from hammington i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president-elect donald trump brings what he is calling his thank you tour to philadelphia next week, he will be in hershey next thursday night, and tonight though, trump is heading to des moines iowa for third stop on the tour. trump is making another cabinet appointment, president-elect tapped fast food ceo andy pudser to head the labor department. chester county approved recount of the 190,000 ballots cast in the presidential election. this is part of the broad are effort by green party presidential candidate jill stein to recount votes in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. they are states where trump won narrowly over hillary clinton. good news for commuters who crossed the four bridges operated by delaware river port authority, there would be no toll increases next year.
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to daze agency passed a 296 million-dollar operating budget for the next year, and that is a five million-dollar increase from 2016, and most of that increase will cover higher costs for payroll, pensions and health care. the drpa operates ben franklin, walt whitman, commodore barry and betsy ross bridge, plus patco high speed line. police need your help identifying driver who hit a 12 year-old boy in new castle delaware on machine and kept on going. take a good look at this surveillance video, police say the car that hit the child is a red 2004 to 2010 chrysler missing and passenger side mirror has yellow tinted glass with the foam back. if you have any information call new castle county police. police are releasing disturbing surveillance video in the hopes of the getting on help tracking town two suspects. woman, seen here attacked from her purse in west philadelphia two men confronted that victim as he walk last friday on the 600 block of north 68th
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street. police say that the woman was punched several times during that struggle, both suspects are described to be in their late teens or early 20's. police are looking for possible second suspect in the murder of northeast high school freshman east an wilsey. the 14 year-old was fatally shot on brouse avenue in mayfair last month walking to a corner store where they were looking for snacks. one suspect tamer price is he surrendered to authorities on tuesday. it was a quick thinking of the two philadelphia police officers that led to the heart stopping rescue of two children earlier this week. tonight those officers are talking to only "eyewitness news". fire broke out in an apartment building in the frankford section of the city, early tuesday morning, trapping residents inside. with the building engulfed in flames, there was in way out, but through the window. that is when responding officers kevin ward and thomas wilbur made what could be the
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two best catches ever. two young children were dropped from the windows to the officers bee below. >> arms out and she dropped down and from her two arms, just like that just catch her. >> pretty good drop, 25 feet and took the child to the edge and wait todd drop the child and he dropped the child. i caught him. >> the officer ward was hurt during the rescue after he caught the little girl, her mother jumped but lost her footing, spraining officer ward's neon impact. those injured in the fire are listed in stable condition. your salary will soon be your secret, here in philadelphia. philadelphia will be the first in the nation to make it illegal for employers to ask applicant about their salary history. advocates say question perpetuates pays discrimination against women and minorities. applicants will be able to file a complaint if the law is
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broken and employers could be find two you this dollars. lawyers for chaka fautors are asking a judge to weigh his years of public service before sentencing him. fattah was indicted in the federal racketeering case stemming from the illegal loan he took to fund his 2007 run for philadelphia mayor. fattah's lawyers want the judge to consider his creation of charities, that helped low income city youth, attend college. well, wells fargo announced a $100,000 grant to the philadelphia youth network. >> as part of its neighborhood lift ram, the grant will go toward cities work ready philadelphia campaign which helps find employment for youth in the city. >> go into work every day made it feel like an endeavor. my job has impacted me a lot, it has. i'm not going to be able to stand here in front of you to speak about my experience and also to have an opportunity that i have had. >> additional grants from the wells fargo lift program has helped make payments for more than 600 homeowners. for third year in a row camden county police
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department took part in the reading program. around 30 officers and members of the mayor's congress will read one on one each week to camden kindergarteners. as part of the original book initiative by jewish community relations council of the southern new literacy program always to encourage children to love reading. up next a heart warming story this holiday season. >> olney hair salon is launching a new effort to help woman coping with hair loss, i'm cherri gregg and i will tell you more about the woman behind it and her note i have way to get more of these to women in need. hard to believe that big red blob will be a favorite holiday treat, our pat gallen got a sneak peak at candicans making and forget pepper mint, find out what one stories making this year. get ready for a frigid weekend, cold air moving from the north and west as we speak, we're talking about two possibly the chance for snow, for some of us, i'll tell you
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where coming up, leslie. kate, eagles are getting key players back in the line up, and remember this historic shot, as a special day for the flyers, sports is up next.
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the holiday season is upon us when we see sugar candy kanes. our own pat gallen on was at giambi's quality sweets in clementon, new jersey to see how t canes get made. it involves a lot of stretching, rolling, slicing, dicing and then wrapping of the popular christmas candice.
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>> first we start with sugar, water cornboil it up to 332 deg. put on it cooling table. get it like a dough, big ball of sugar and we stretch it, turn the sugar this to a white color. make a giant candy cane if you can picture that. we will stretch that into a nice normal sized candy kaine. >> you can watch that for a while. >> pretty cool. >> in addition to the classic pepper mint, they have a flavor of year that is chocolate and peanut butter. >> can't argue with that. more holiday sweet treats in taste with tori. one of the best pastie chef howe ginger bread houses. variety for use woodill gets on the fun and how to headache the hardest part of the spicy treat. so those making the tasty little buildings tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. hair styling and helping others, olney hair salon has lunched an effort to help woman cope with hair loss from cancer and other disorder.
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>> cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio introduces you to the woman behind this generous mission and innovative ways that she's helping woman regain their confidence. >> mishha hair diva miller knows a lot about wigs. >> we had a set of rollers, we can do parts. >> reporter: she has literally made thousands of them, but her passion for hair pieces, comes from a place, where many, find pain. >> at age of 19 my own hair started to thinning. >> reporter: hyperthyroidism and later a breast cancer diagnosis forced the award winning stylist to make her own wigs, prett s attracting clients with hair loss, caused by lupus, cancer and other disorder to her ol think shop. >> i had people come this here feeling sick limping in saying i'm going through chemo about to go through treatment. they are like back. i'm getting a new color. >> reporter: into 2008 she beast again collecting used wigs who finished their
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treatment. each wig cost three to $500 so she began fixing them up for women in need. >> if you look at them, they look fine. >> reporter: she has given away 800 wigs in eight years and launched a wig exchange to collect more wigs for women with hair loss. >> no hatter what it wasn't about the money. i wanted that person to be okay. >> reporter: community can help by giving gently used human hair wigs to the effort. they can also help by giving cash for cleaning. the wigs while it may seem like they are just hair for many women they represent beauty, confidence, and can change lives. >> the hugs, the tears, everything it just makes my day. >> reporter: in ol think, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good heart. >> yes, big heart. >> all right. kate bilo is in now to talk about this arctic chill. >> it is cold out there, kate. >> little bit too cold out there, guys. >> yes. >> bring out the coats and blankets.
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make sure you are ready, hot chocolate, be good, look at the bright side. >> yes, fireplace. >> cozy sweaters. >> things like that. >> sound nice also this you have to be outside working in it, then it could be a problem. stay warm as best you can and from covered snowstorms they have pocket hand warmers that is good if you are out identify this weekend or this this to next week. definitely winter getting a quick start around here. it is not even officially winter but boy will it start feeling like it real soon. right now, lets look at what is going on. we will go out to storm scan three. skies are clearing. wind picking up. tempur is stting to feel brisk and chilly. wind will continue to increase overnight and into thomas this cold air dives from the north and west. most of those snow showers over great lakes and portions of new york state and new england will stay north and west as we see them main hi down wind of the lakes, due west win right now, poconos could get a few isolated snow showers tomorrow or into at day but temperatures right now
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still in the lower 40's in philadelphia and wilmington. thirty-six in millville. thirty-six in allentown. that may be warmest temperature we will see here until sunday afternoon. that is how cold it will get, and we will take awe cross portions of the country. you can see cold permeating down in the south where we are 42 in atlanta, four in nashville. twenty-seven in st. louis. the here's the core of it, two right now in bismarck. six in shy ann and eight in wrapped city. get ready for a cold night. forecast low 28. that is first time we are in the 20's this this season. last time we were in the 20's was april but this will be coldest night since march 3rd of this past winter. it has been a while since it has been this coal. future feels like temperatures this is something to look at because when you factor in the wind in addition to the cold even at 9:00 tomorrow morning it doesn't feel better than lower 20's. tomorrow afternoon all day tomorrow evening, no better than 20's not even going to feel like treeing outside tomorrow and saturday months, still saturday not as windy.
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feeling slightly better but at best feeling like treeing in the afternoon. sunday night into hon lets talk about a system heading our waste tart as snow, as of right now mix to plane rain in the city, delaware, south jersey. best chance of accumulation this is poconos and lehigh valley a broad brush what this might look like this is one model through weekend and mess have the threat for accumulating snow does miss us through north but that is a system we have to watch head willing in the weekend and next week. two blasts, of arctic air we will sees this dive in and next week a stronger arctic blast, temperatures may struggle to hit treeing with a couple chances for light snow, coldest will be thursday into friday. your seven day forecast, to second blast have have cold first one tonight and friday and saturday. second one wednesday into thursday of next week, wednesday has a chance for snow showers and then again sunday night into monies a system we have to keep an eye on as well. >> it will be chilly. >> yes. >> leslie is up next with sports.
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>> that is right. eagles getting on key bird back in the line up but is it going to be enough to stop washington, this
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new jersey, new york area has a ton of sports teams. >> we now know which football team is number one in new jersey, fans hearts, according to a quinnipiac university poll the new york giants are the top choice of 44 percent of the garden state fans. only 15 percent go for the bird. 8 percent for the jets. and giants are not so hot in south jersey though, where the bird rule 59 percent of fans. >> all right. >> poor jets. >> yes, no love. >> speaking of the eagles. >> yes. >> south jersey eagles fans out there, we know there is 59 . >> yes. >> we have a big game on washington. good news we will have a few
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weapons returning to the eagles line up. wide receiver jordan matthews is expect to play, he practiced with the team for past few days and running back ryan matthews is also expect to be back in the rotation, he has been out the for two weeks with the mcl injury. matthews is ready to get back on the field. >> i'm good enough to ra, and timing just get back in the down in the last few weeks and it is hard, so, you know, just trying to get back in the groove of things. >> if the e on sunday they will to have stop washington's explosive offense. jim swart and eagles will have have to account for not only desean jackson remember him? buto washington is rang second in yard per game, brandon graham is hoping that his teammates will bring same intensity to the practice field to the game. >> number one thing we have to stop the run, make sure we stop the run. that hurt us against them last time. it was those little things as far as people doing their job just one or two people, might have got out of their gap and
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that is when they hit. >> i necessity what this team can do. we have shows, little spurts. we have to bring it for four quarters this week. >> tonight flyers take on the oilers at home but it is special day for team, 29 years ago to daze goalie ron hextall mager made this shot against the bruins. he became first goaltender in nhl history to score a goal in the opposing team's net, and check this out lou williams, remember him former sixer now laker, hits a 66-foot buzzer beater against rockets last dray sixers in 2005, spent seven seasons with the team, before signing with the hawks in 2012. >> that is receipt gi. >> wow. >> pressure. >> and like yeah. >> all right. thanks leslie. up next transforming a community by transforming a play ground, how several groups came together, salvage what they could and then used the neighborhood flavor to
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our annual joy of sharing toy fest is going on right now, toys will be donated to the boys and girls club, salvation army and uso. help make holidays brighter for kid bringing in a new unwrapped toy to our drop off locations and we have put a list of all of the locations at cbs fest. local community cut ribbon on a unique play ground years
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in the making. check out funny quip. at conestoga playground in west philadelphia. the parks department worked with partners to transform that playground which was originally built in the 70's. some of the playground's resources were reused like benches that were carved from salvage locust trees. and playground is first ever to revitalize surrounding neighborhood park. by the looks of those kid, they are having fun. >> i love that park. >> cool to see. >> looking good right now. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next "cbs evening news", nation mourns a true american hero, tribute to the enduring legacy of former astronaut and senator john glenn. here now is scott pelley.
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captioning sponsored by cbs godspeed, john glenn. >> 5, 4, 3,... >> tonight, we were an hero, space pioneer john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. >> looks like a good flight. >> pelley: also tonight, wicked weather creates massive pileups, blizzard conditions, and arctic chill across much of the country. and. >> i thought they water vapor. >> pelley: the nation's top doctor sounds the alarm on e-cigarettes. is a new generation getting hooked on nicotine. >> bottom line, is there is no safe use of tobacco products for kids, and tcirette.


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