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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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holiday greeting a pennsylvania woman accused of going on a wild rampage as a family sets up christmas decorations. what she yelled. is this rock on your wish list? it's suddenlily one of the hottest holiday gifts >> we have our ideas for person hard to shop for >> the temperature is about to tumble at arctic air region i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> this will be the coldest weather so far this season, kate bilo has the latest >> it's cold outside tonight but once we see what's happening this weekend and later into next week, this is not going to seem to bad. cold air waiting in the wings and it will arrive friday into saturday this week. so 38 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's a calm, clear night. kind of a recipe for cold and
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temperatures are dropping rapidly. 30 in millville, 33 in atlantic city and 31 in mount pocono. many spots will start tomorrow morning in the 20's. and we've got a lot of cold air locked up to the north and west behind a cold front that's going to swing through tomorrow morning, you can how cold it is. minneapolis 16 right now, des moines at 19, chicago at 23. going to be quite that cold but it will get close this weekend as the colder air starts to make a little bit of inroads further. the actual front you can kind of see it right here with a cloud bank into the midwest where it is producing snow showers, that cold air over the great lakes is producing a few lake effects snow showers, what to expect overnight. clouds build in start tomorrow with clouds maybe a stay flurry in the poconos, then clears. once clears, the winds picks up and that's when the cold kicks in. i'll tell you how cold it will be, coming up in a few minutes. >> william see you shortly. new a teenager is rushed to hospital after being attacked by
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a pitbull in wilmington, chopper 3 over the scene on north washington and west 27th. the teenager boy was taken to dupont children's hospital where he is in stable condition. the dog was killed. on the same day, president-elect trump was named time magazine's person of the year. we learned hose bringing his thank you tour to pennsylvania. they will be in hershey next thursday. trump is making more appointments to his administration. tonight he named pro wrestling mcman to held the small business administration, he has selected another general to serve in his cabinet. mr. trump will nominate john kelly to run the department of homeland security. as inauguration day approaches, the senate is honoring out going joe biden. today a two-hour tribute on capitol hill, at david spunt explains was a bipartisan fair well to delaware's favorites son
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>> on behalf of our entire state of minnesota, that has loved you forever. >> call eight political roast of praise for vice president joe biden on the floor of the united states senate. its second home for all 40 years. >> he is exactly the same person today as he was more than 40 years ago. >> reporter: senators from both sides of the aisle spent two hours honoring the out going vice president as he sat and listened to each of them. >> he's been able to cultivate many unlikely friendships across the aisle. >> reporter: image mcconnell was card strong political opponent >> i don't always agree with him but i do trust him. >> reporter: many in his party hope biden has a public future >> he was a public official with integrity. we hope he is again when he might consider public office again. >> reporter: on cbs3's late show with stephen colbert, host poked
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fun at biden's answer to a reporter on capitol hill earlier when the vice president was asked if he would run for president in 20/20. >> you said and i quote, yeah, i am, i'm going to run in 2020. reporter for what? for president. you know what the hell, man. >> reporter: biden clarified his remarks. some would say, did he >> i don't plan on running again, to say you know what's going to happen in four years i think is -- is not rational. >> reporter: if joe biden did run in 2020 and won, he would be 79 years old when he moved into the white house, older than donald trump who currently holds the record for older president. he plans to find a cure for white house after he leaves the white house. we're learning more about the other driver who died in a head-on crash that killed a new
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jersey state trooper's 61-year-old dr. lloyd rudley was pronounced dead on route 55 in millville. police say rudley's car crossed a grassky median as williams responded to an erratic driver complaint. a life-long friend said he suffered from diabetics shock episodes and knew about it for years. >> we knew about it. he was passed out on the kitchen floor. he never touched liquor or drugs in his life. >> funeral arrangements for trooper williams on a pending >> there's a $25000 reward wanted for finding a man robbing a post office in chester. if you recognize that man, call
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the united states postal inspection service. this montgomery county man who earned a spot on the fbi mosted wanted list finally been found in england. gerard zalewski was sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a 13-year-old girl. he was supposed to be sentenced for trying to meet another young girl for sex. problems say he plans to bring zalewski back here after he finish his sentence in england. the philadelphia police department honored dozens of officers for their her original and bravery hartnett was among those. he was shot in the line of duty during an ambush in january. hartnett was under attack and shielded himself. hartnett received the sergeant robert wilson iii valor award. >> it's very, very appreciative,
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especially for two guys saved my life and got me to the hospital, i'm forever grateful >> he face add long road on his recovery. he tells us he'll have another surgery later this month. a lot of temple and penn state football fans are looking for tickets attorney general, bruce beemer says you should only by tickets from a reputable seller and use a credit card because you can dispute the charge if the tickets end up being fake. other ways to avoid getting scammed pay attention to the what the travel package includes. you cannot assume every package has airfare hotel and tickets. visitors can shop and stroll
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along germantown in december. it's a month-long holiday celebration of music, treats and appearances from santa. retailerers participating extending the hours. >> what about a rock >> excuse me >> nicole brewer is here with the unusual item that has suddenly become a huge hit >> nothing said you rock like los angeles area stone in rich vegetable leather secured with a traditional stitch, that is the product description. the question is what do you want it to say >> what would you do if you got this >> i would try to figure out what it is. >> it's a rock.
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>> i would say at least say thank you and look for a gift receipt >> that would get a 85 bucks back at nordstrom >> i'd buy it >> shell out 85 bucks for a rock >> maybe wait until it goes on sale >> the stone nearly sold out and the smaller version no longer in stock online where it's described as a paper weight. even a work of art. >> maybe at scam. >> it wasn't on anyone's wish list, which could be added to the 81 million unwanted gifts given last year. it found one in four people didn't want you to appreciate the gifts given >> i received a math book from my grandmother. it was book about math. >> sometimes candles and soaps, my gram gave me these leg warmers >> same one that gave the math
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book. >> yes >> what to do >> i think that's why there's a lot of returns after christmas. >> garbage men need them too >> i feel bad for calling out gram. there's always regifting. maybe skipping the shopping malls. coming up after the break, we got outside of the box gift ideas that won't end up in that return bin >> you don't have to fail at the gifts. >> just some people are tough. >> fruit cake doesn't sound too bad right now. >> ok. >> listen up. >> i will. cool. i will. thanks. pennsylvania woman isn't exactly feeling the spirit. >> you have to see the damaging holiday greetings she's accused of delivering to her ex-boyfriend >> these tennessee wildfires were not an accident. we're going to tell you who's
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accused of setting the three fire >> the rest of the country is learning what we've known for awhile. philly is a great place. the city was just named one of the best places to travel to in 2017? >> get ready to crank up the heat. kate let you know how cold it will get when an arctic blast comes barrelling through the weekend's be right back.
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tonight a manhunt is underway in georgia for the gunman who left one officer dead and critically wounded another. south of atlanta. the officers were responding to a domestic disturbance were they saw the suspect had police say shot at them and ran >> two juveniles have been charged with aggravate arson for
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the wildfires that killed 14 people. it began in the chimney shot on november 23rd. quickly spread to the gatlinberg area. injuring more than 130 people. authorities are considering moving that case to adult court. tonight camden county is commemorating pearl harbor day by honor outstanding local heros, the freeholder board presented 30 veterans with the camden county service metal. "eyewitness news" at the oakland american legion post. presented a special recognition metal to robert edelstein. forced the united states into that war. >> i'm honored and i can't say enough to thank you for everything, american legion 84. very proud. thank you very much >> thank you, sir.
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edelstein served in 1944 to 46. merry christmas. the ex-boyfriend was outside putting up christmas decorations when mary joe smith tried to hit him with her car. she hit everything in her path on the way. even an above ground pool. the ex-boyfriend does not know what sparked the rampage. he told police he had not been in contact with her about five years. we have at least one person who's always impossible to shop for around the holidays. you know that person. >> yes. what would you get for them this year? nicole brewer million un thes given last year. it may be in your best interest to think locally. i spoke to cara snyder. >> some of our favorite ideas that visit philadelphia is buying a ticket to a program at
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one of the cultural events, buying a restaurants gift certificate. we love the idea of getting a gift card to a market. magazine subscriptions or buying an overnight hotel package to bring your friend and family into town to visit you. >> i think those are definitely good ideas. you can spend the time together. you know they can't return it. regift it. >> put it in a closest somewhere >> you don't like my fruit cake idea? ? we got to work on that. >> it's not going to go overwell >> thanks, nicole, appreciate it. a lot of children are heading to the mall to share the wish lift with santa claus. >> i was going with the naughty and nice list and i see that you have been on the good list >> with a smile like that, come on, santa claus made virtual visit at shriners hospital.
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they chatted to let them know what they want and all of the children with a special holiday blanket from santa himself. >> great smiles. if you're looking to get away, you may not have to go far. travel and leash just released it's 50 top places to visit in 2017 and philadelphia is one of the a handful of american cities, gave it a shout-out for the first u.s. heritage city hosting the papal visit and democratic national convention helped philly land on the list. bracing bitter cold nothing compared to what they're dealing with in north dakota. take a look at that. snow getting blown across the road by almost 50 miles per hour winds. massive snow drifts and dangerous driving conditions. a tow truck had oh rescue another tow truck at one point. you certainly don't see that every day. we're not going to see this
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weekend in the next few days. >> a dangerous white, out >> you're talking about that an arctic blast >> the cold air come into the more than plains and it's going to be in two rounds, the first this weekend. next week we'll see colder than this weekend. we've got to price four two rounds of cold >> no presip >> the only thing we're watching is sunday into monday. some rain, possibly ice and snow, just a little too soon to time that out. that would be the time frame you want to watch. at tranquil stretch through the end of the weekend. sunday our next chance for precipitation, in the meantime we're getting ready to bundle up. getting cold outside. here's a look at today. started off gray, diplomamy and after thisly. look at that morning shop. right now, it's 37. you can see we did clear it out quickly in the afternoon. the sun eventually won the
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fight. it was a fight eventually we saw sun and blue skies and a beautiful sunset across most of the area this evening. tomorrow going to starts off much the same, not drizzly. we're not expecting much in the way of precipitation but you kind of see clouds increasing a bit across central pennsylvania maybe a few stray flurries in the poconos. lake effects snow showers down lake severier, michigan and eastern canada and that's where the cold is coming from. for us it's not too bad, it's 38 but 29 in millville already. 31 in mount pocono. 33 in atlantic city and 33 in trenton very cold night on the way many spots will wake up in the 20's tomorrow morning and it's only going to get colder as this blast of cold air moves in
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especially into friday and saturday. i want re i want you to look at sunday and monday, look what's up here, air so cold it's almost plaque here on this picture going to come in by the middle of next week colder than this stretch. when you factor in the wind, friday morning we feel like the teens. it may feel like the teens all day friday and saturday, ten degrees below average, morning windchills in the teens afternoon windchills in the 20. that is serious parka wet weather. chill tomorrow 45, clouds breaking for sun, brisk and chilly winds pick up in the afternoon, friday blustery high 40, that's misleading. saturday 39, watch for the rain or snow possibly sunday into monday, next wednesday, 36 and
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there's a chance by next thursday or friday we may not get above freezing at all. >> don you're up next. >> temple takes on georgia washington, we'll talk about that and fran dumbfy about his owls'
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the eagles host washington on sunday, the birds one point under dogs. people are still talking about the loss to cincinnati. fans question the eagle effort. lay out a linebacker why carries
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scrambled ertz side stepped, he couldn't side step criticism by fans. he talked about the play at a >> i think he could have insured that he couldn't get more carson by any means, there was how to things going how to my mind. >> on to college football. matt rhule and his family arriving in waco texas. the 41-year-old rhule taking in the sights and sounds snapping videos. he was a part of the owls coaching staff ten years four of them as the headcoach. here's what he had to say about the players he left behind. >> it was one of the hardest things i did but i knew our job was done, those kids went to the winningly at temple. i want them to know how proud i
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am. they won a championship, they were championships way before that. i look forward to watching them as i know they will, watching us switching on to temple basketball the owls hosting georgia washington. they're down two with 42 seconds left. shiz. tied at 63. 13 seconds left. he drills it. a buzz kill on north broad street. temple falling tonight 66-63. steve donahue and the quakers hosting lafayette at the palestra. pick it up in the first half. donahue draining the tray, penn leaves 20's to 11. fast forward. hustle is regional look at that. looks like a strip. aj recovers and matt howard, quakers go up to.
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go on to win 81-52. >> i love ball player that is dive on the floor. >> hustle >> got to hustle. getting in the holiday spirit >> the dinner
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♪ volunteers are getting into
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the holiday spirit by helping families in need the salvation army community center host add big holiday dinner. served meals to 350 residents. pictures with the big guy. kate? taking a look at your weekend with the weekend watch. the weekend is getting closer but boy is it going to be cold. barely above freezing. each day with a chance for snow showers, sunny and nice. at least if you're looking out the window, 39 decrease despite sunshine.
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late for late show with stephen colbert followed bite late late show with james cordon. our morning team a back 4:30 to 7:00. have a good night family and sleep well.
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