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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for the weekend. we're talking the coldest air of the season. coming up i'll tell you which day is the cold, which days will the wind make it feel sub freezing and whether we will rebound back to normal, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ here's is what happening at 6:00 the crash that took the life of new jersey state trooper frankie williams, but tonight, a close friend of the other driver killed is speaking only to "eyewitness news" about the man that she's known her entire life. doctor lloyd rudly was driving the other vehicle involved in the deadly head on crash. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight as investigation into that crash continues "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, spoke with a close friend of rud liz and cleve is live now in elmer, new jersey with more, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, doctor rudly practiced variety liz in several offices but this one on front street in elmer was
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closest to home. tonight i met a life long friend gave me exclusive information about his life, and a medical condition, that she thinks, played a part in that crash. that killed him, as well as trooper williams. >> from childhood all he wanted to be was a psychiatrist. >> reporter: christie was reluctant to be on camera but answered every question we asked about doctor lloyd rudly, the credits state police say died in the head on crash monday night that took the life of trooper frank i williams. >> he has no living relatives at all. so every holiday we would have him here. he was like a family member, without being blood family. >> reporter: in fact doctor rudly just spent thanksgiving at their house. his childhood home on upper neck road in elmer is long abandon. according to a post by vineland high school's class of 1973, he was valedictorian. he practiced psychiatry for 33 years. police have not reached a conclusion on why he drove across grass median on route 55 monday night and slammed
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into trooper williams. they received reports he was driving erratically prior to the crash. >> i think he went into a -- something with diabetes. >> reporter: she said rudly had diabetes since childhood and had to be hospitalized in recent years. she said he previously had episodes of diabetic shock. >> we knew about it because my brother and i checked on him at his house, and he was passed out on the kitchen floor. >> reporter: record for the philadelphia chapter of the juvenile diabetes foundation, include lloyd rudly as a former board member. she says speculation he was impaired by drugs or alcohol doesn't match his lifestyle. >> i grew up, with him my own life, he never touched liquor in his life, or any kind of a drugs, except his insulin. >> reporter: latest from new jersey state police is that the autopsy on doctor rudly is complete but results are not available yet. they speculator this week to announce funeral arrangements for trooper williams. we are live in elmer, cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". new at 6:00 the philadelphia police department is on organize dozens of officers for their heroism and bravery. among them jesse hartnett shot in the line of duty during an ambush. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has more on today's special ceremony in northeast philadelphia. >> from the 25th district police officer matthew, police officer thomas heyes. >> reporter: police officers from across philadelphia are honored for their services, bravery and sacrifice. they are the stories of self lessness and courage in the crowd, officer jesse hartnett. >> they ran into his patrol car shooting at you inside your vehicle. >> reporter: hartnett was under attack and shielded himself from gunfire, using his arm. >> it was as a result of your training, experience, and quick thinking that you were able to return fire. >> reporter: for that hartnett received a philadelphia police department's distinguished sergeant robert wilson the third valor award. it is an honor reserved for
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those showing extraordinary courage, in the face of deadly combat. >> it is very much nice to be appreciated and to receive an award, for something like this. especially a lot of officers go unrecognized for a job that they do every day. >> reporter: for hartnett the memory of that yan day flashes in his mind. >> it is just, very, very appreciative, especially when to the guys that saved my life and got me to the hospital. i'm forever grateful to them. >> reporter: officer hartnett faced a long road on his recovery. he will tell us about another surgery later this who but he says life is good. >> we just had a baby girl on the first. >> reporter: hartnett and his wife lily welcomed a baby girl on december 1st, her name, emma grace. officer jesse hartnett is grateful for the recognition but perhaps most important for this new father, he is thankful to be here. in the cbs-3 sat center, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". south jersey welcomes the latest class of graduates from
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the gloucester county police academy. twenty-five graduates represent police departments in atlantic, burlington, camden, cape may, cumberland, gloucester and salem counties as well as rowan university. cherry hill police department snagged the highest number of new officers at nine, congratulations to all of the graduates. philadelphia police identified the man accused in the shooting death of a teenager in northeast philadelphia. nineteen year-old samir price turned himself into the homicide unit. he was arrested and charged with murder. investigators say price shot and killed 14 year-old east an wilsey in may fair monday night. police have not released the motive for that shooting. the man in this video is being sought for robbing a customer at atm machine in upper merion township this video was from the wells fargo on route 202, and henderson road in king of prussia. this man approached victim from behind while conducting a transaction and then, showed a gun before fleeing the area in a white vehicle. no one was injured.
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president-elect donald trump selects another general to serve in his cabinet. cbs news confirms that mr. trump will nominate general john kill toy run department of the home land security. he led u.s. southern command overseeing military operationness central and south america. cbs news has also learned that scott pry it will be head of the environmental protection agency and iowa governor terry brandstat will be the next ambassador to china. meanwhile time magazine selected president-elect trump as their person of the year. editors say they have never seen a single individual, who has so defied expectations. mr. trump says he is honored but bothered by the title he was given by the cover. it says president of the divided states of america. mr. trump says he did not divide the nation but he will put it back together again. for the cover of the time magazine to the pages of the philadelphia inquirer, former temple coach matt rhule is thanking fans after his
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decision to leave for baylor university. >> leslie van arsdal is joining us now on how the former head coach is showing his gratitude. >> that is right. >> class act matt rhule and temple is preparing for military bowl begins wake forest, matt rhule is in texas, at his introduction press conference as bay lor's new head coach. before he left he did take out a full page ad in the philadelphia inquirer. he wrote on behalf of julianne our children i want to express our sincere gratitude to temple university, city of philadelphia and owls fans throughout the world. the passion and pursuit of excellence of temple, allowed for our student athletes to achieve success on the football field and to develop as young men off of the feel. temple and philly will always be a part of us and we will be cheering on the owls from afar. math the math rhule took over temple's program in 2013. he then led the owls to back to back, ten win seasons, and american athletic conference championship. he is in baylor right now, and finished six-six and dealing with several off the field
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problems. he has arrived there wrapped up his press conference. we will bring you more on his comments later on tonight in sports. when these things happen, it moves so fast. >> wow. >> you are not the kidding. >> we will see him in the nfl one day. >> probably. >> thanks, leslie appreciate it. this holiday season brings a special kind of medical get. on the healthwatch tonight operation walk, offers free surgeries in bucks county for patient whose cannot afford them. >> health reporter stephanie stahl talked to one of the grateful patient is today. >> reporter: what a gift this is, 35 hospitals around the country are part of operation walk, providing free orthopedic surgeries between december 5th and 10th. big holiday gift for patient whose don't have insurance or cannot afford the deductibles. a day after hip replacement surgery, rose ann swaine is taking the first steps of her new life: pain free. >> i never thought anything like this would ever happen with me. never. >> reporter: rose ann is 57 and lives in tulleytown with her husband had degenerative arthritis in her hip.
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>> it was very hard. i could not walk. if i wanted to go anywhere we had to use a wheelchair. >> reporter: doctors say hip replacement surgery was the only solution but with no insurance rose ann could not afford the operation. >> you don't have inch, in one wants to help or take care of you. >> reporter: unless you are lucky enough to be select for operation walk. eighty patients like rose ann around the country get freeze joint replacement surgeries. >> it has been a wonderful experience. >> reporter: monica an administrators at st. mary's says medical center is donating surgeries for two patient that is would normally cost about $40,000. >> well, part of our mission to give to our community and the gift of mobility, what more could you give somebody. >> this project is the best blessing anyone could ever have. >> reporter: feel like you have a second chance have of life. >> i to get a second chance of life. >> reporter: now with her parents rose ann is planning a big christmas celebration with the spirit of the season, giving, having special meaning. >> gratitude is beyond,
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beyond, this is a biggest, biggest holiday christmas, whatever, gift, thank you, all in one. >> imagine that, right. this is first year that st. mary's medical center is participate nothing operation walk. their surgeons are among 40 nationwide, donating their services. and like they said the gift of mobility and to be pain free for the holidays, it doesn't get any better than that. >> yes you could see it in her face. >> so many things we take for granted no doubt about it. >> thanks, steph niece. changes to one of the delaware river bridges when "eyewitness news" returns. what some travelers can expect to see as they get on the ben franklin bridge and the reasons it won't affect everyone. sweet competition reason these local students were bringing more than baking skills to the table for a holiday inspired showdown, kate in. and the big chillies on the way, coldest air of the season so far is moving in from the great lakes and midwest and heading our way just in time for the weekend,
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i'll tell you how cold it will be which day will feel coldest and when we can see a few snow flakes here and there and when that night happen all coming up when we come right
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pedestrians, joggers and cyclist using ben franklin bridge will need to adjust which walkway they use. >> today the north side way will be opened while south side will be closed for repairs. the delaware river port authority is set to expect the closure to last about a month. north sidewalk way is opened from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. drexel university commemorates its 125 anniversary with the school wide celebration today in honor of the event drexel is creating a time capsule whiz will be filled with material showcasing drexel's rich history. among items will be an empty bottle of dragon gold beer, by
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flying fish founder gene muhler, himself a school alumni, metal a piece of the basketball court and a dad vail regatta gold medal. boat house row will be lit in drexel's blue and gold. well, some philadelphia college students took a break from studying for finals in exchange for a little holiday fun. >> as john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio reports it was all about ugly sweaters, and some friendly competition. >> reporter: interior design students at moore college of art and deiron, broke up in to three groups, in the ginger bread style competition. seniors creating independent mall, juniors on modern house complete with balconies, and first year students a mansion, candy and cook writes utilized, the walls incorporated graham crackers. wait, where is ginger bread. >> they are in the middle. i don't have have time to bake ginger bread so we are using graham crackers.
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>> reporter: each group with a tragedy and ugly sweat tore psyched out their competition. i noticed your strategy is different then other two tables. >> we are assembling putting everything down first and build up from there so gravity does in the the do its part and pull everything down. >> reporter: this isn't just any ginger bread style building competition these guys have schematics, complete with floor plans and elevation. these are not edible. >> no, would i think not the by the time hot glue dries i don't think so. >> reporter: college rent, fitsgivens say they are donating them to the senior citizen neighboring leaving tonight facility across the street. >> our seniors that live in the unit there and they have a fabulous program in the lobby. >> reporter: smiles on faces. >> smiles for everyone during the holidays. >> reporter: it was close but winning team the juniors with their frank lloyd wright, falling the water house. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicely done. >> yes. >> little taste of that. >> nicely done. >> it looks good. >> yes.
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>> it will be continue. >> yes, right. >> yes, exactly. >> what do you think, about the weather. >> we will need extra layers as we head in the weekend. it is getting cold outside. chilly out there tonight but really going to be bad toward friday, and saturday, that is when temperatures, may in the make it to the 40-degree mark in the evening and it will feel colder when factoring in the win. lets look at today. we will start off with the time lapse from the junior/senior school this bernville. in berks county. you cane day started off cloudy, glummy, drizzly, but by midday we start to see blue skies battling with the clouds and eventually the blue sky does win out and at least briefly, in the afternoon, turns out sunny, and then we have a receipt i nice sunset and it was a beautiful sunset all across the area this evening. temperature right there is 40. wind gusting today to 20 miles an hour out of the thort and west. it is brisk, chilly but it will get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. storm scan three showing all of this cold air over great lakes, you can see scattered
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snow showers down wind of lake speaker your moving into wisconsin. we have a few light snow showers in st. louis and southern illinois this evening and that front comes through tomorrow. it will come through generally dry. the just some clouds in the morning and more sun in the afternoon. we will not notice when trent comes through except feeling the wind start to pick up after it passes, and feel temperatures begin to drop. temperatures right now 45 in the city, 42 degrees in trenton. forty-two allentown. forty in millville. mount pocono cold spot 33 degrees, and they got five and a half inches of snow, yesterday. temperatures back to the west look at how much colder it is, it is 19 in minneapolis. twenty-four in chicago. only 24 in december money. a lot of that cold is sliding east and through end of the week and weekend. as far as this evening is concern partly cloudy, chilly. cloud will build in overnight tomorrow morning as that front approaches and morning will be mostly cloudy, brisk, cold, temperatures near freezing or upper 20's for many suburbs but by tomorrow afternoon we will see the clouds break, and
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then that is when cold air starts to settle in. you can see that big batch of cold air over eastern canada and it all tarts to sink southward and then just stays constant saturday into sunday, and even into the the start of next week as well. future feels like temperatures got to factor in the wind here. tomorrow even at the height of the afternoon it toss than the feel better than 40. wake up friday morning, feeling like the teens and lower zero's and then friday afternoon it it does than the feel any better that be 30 degrees, it will feel sub freezing all day on friday, and when you factor in those strong gusty wind. overnight partly cloudy, 34 degrees, tomorrow, cloud in the morning afternoon sun, and the high 45 degrees. that is not the too bad but we are only at 40 on friday but feeling like 30, and saturday, bright sunshine, and then only 39 degrees, and then sunday's chilly as well, we will see rain or snow shower, sunday night, and then another blast of cold for next week, wednesday's high is only 36 degrees. >> the hits just keep on coming. >> yep.
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>> leslie is up next with sports. >> that is right, we have temple taking on george washington later on tonight, we spoke with head coach fran dunphy about those red hot owls and zach ertz is facing a lot of criticism about this play from sunday. they asked him about it and what were you thinking, sports co
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leslie van arsdal joins us now to talk about the eagles as they try to get back to it and look ahead in a way. >> not giving up was kind of the theme in the locker room today. >> okay, that is good. >> that was all of the talk. eagles back at practice preparing for sunday's home game against washington. birds have four games left but some feel that some of the players have already given up. at this point eagles lost their last three games, they sit at five-seven. earlier this week doug pederson acknowledged some of the players have already quit, brent celek says giving up at this level is not acceptable. >> we just got to go out there
6:24 pm
and play and give it everything we have got on every single play. >> i think it gets late in the year. it is easy, you know, sometimes just to let up a little bit on a play but we are in the nfl. you cannot let that stuff go. >> another player that was criticized forgiving up during sunday's match up zach ertz for this move, that left carson wentz vulnerable. he was asked about the questionable decisions, earlier today. >> i think i could have gotten in his way and impeded his progress to make sure he didn't get near carson by any means but there was a thousand things going through my mind on that play and million reasons why i do stuff on each and every lay and i will focus on getting bet ther. >> former eagles quarterback randall cunningham was induct in the college football hall of fame last night. he had a 16 year nfl career, 11 with the eagles. cunningham was first football player from the university of nevada las vegas induct in the college football hall of fame. congratulations to him.
6:25 pm
temple basketball will take on george washington at home, tip off at 7:30. we caught up with fran dunphy to talk about his red hot owls. >> we have had some really good wins, so far this year. we're grateful to be where we are. we don't have have a lot of margin for error. we have a long, long way to go. so we're excited about it. only thing we're thinking about is gw and lets see how we do. >> you have to love coach dunphy. >> love the madness in december too. >> yes, got to have it. >> thanks, leslie. "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica. great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" fires, that kille4 people. plus refugees flee bolt of aleppo as assod dictator ship and russia obliterate neighborhood. donald trump makes controversial picks for key cabinet posts. lessons from the day of infamy, 75 years later.
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our annual joy of sharing toy fest is going on right now. toys will be donated to the boys and girls club, salvation army and uso. help make holidays blighter for children and their
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families. bring a new unwrapped toy to one of our drop off locations we have put the a list of all of the locations at cbs fest. and some philadelphia children are ringing in the holidays at the original police athletic league center day. >> throughout the season pal hosted parties throughout the city bringing cheer to more than a thousand local children. police officers will be there to engage with the kids as they take part in arts and crafts, have some piss, get some gifts, and a picture with santa, of course. pala adopted centers partners and doctor harvey and sylvia nisenbaum provides gifts at center's holiday party. santa's looking good. >> yes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on sister station cw philly and we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight john blackstone visits pearl harbor as that nation visits that day that still lives in infamy. here's scott pelley. take care family. we will see you
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the deadly wildfire was arson. police charge two juveniles in the tennessee fire that left 14 people dead and wrecked hundreds of homes. also tonight, the president-elect fills more posts, recruiting from the military arena and the wrestling ring. dylann roof goes on trial for the charleston church massacre. >> his eyes say evil to me. >> pelley: and a hero returns to pearl harbor 75 years later. >> i remember every moment like it happened yesterday. >> my grandfather is not only a great american hero, he's my hero.


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