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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> i'm rahel solomon. lets check weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning, happy wednesday, are you happy. >> of course. >> i love the pink tie. it is hump day. we will get through this together. we are waking up to wet roadways. what happens is we can have issues. we have had more than three accidents outside on the roadways. we will get to all that coming up in a moment. >> a lot of front loaded accidents lately and weather plays such a role in that. you said it, there is still wet roadways out there. bulk is getting out of here. all we're left with as we look at tri-state sweep here on storm scan, you've got lingering moisture granted, but more than anything precipitation is receipt i much done, i don't think a lot of what you are finding out there is having a chance to verify at ground level. you might have a fine mist continuing to pull away but for the most part we are left with just clouds in most locations, and the damp roadways. if you are close enough to other traffic on the road, you will end up with road spray from those other vehicles.
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bulk of the moisture is pretty much moving out of dodge. forty-one at the airport. forty-six in atlantic city. wind is still very calm right new but there is another significant change that is taking place in the the days ahead here. mainly tomorrow, we will be today's sentencely a break in the action. it is not as cold, high of 52 both here and at the shore, chillier up in the mountains as you would expect but we have decent snow. we will talk about that later on in the forecast, and broadcast here but again, break in the axis expect here today, but eventually, much, much colder air, waits in the wings. we will let you know when that gets here coming up. >> look at that, an arctic invasion. nobody wants that. we don't want this in the morning on a wednesday morning, before the sun coming up just cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour a sneak peak at things to come. what we have is an accident on the schuykill westbound near south street. we will back out to see this. squad car you can sianni there is people outside their vehicles walking around. last time i was up here we
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were showing you this accident and truck came up, quickly around this ben and had to put on its brakes and move over to the left because it didn't see what was coming up in trent. very dark, kind of slick conditions with the wet roadways. just be very, very careful around this area. it is especially when we have people in and outside of their vehicles walking around. we have an accident here. this is bala cynwyd at rock hill road at conshohocken state road. heads up, this might slow you down as well and then we have another accident in robbinsville new jersey turnpike northbound before 195 that right outer lane. a lot of activity going on. we will have more to talk about in ten minutes. joe, over to you. thanks very much. developing right now search for survivors after a powerful earthquake strikes indonesia. in the meantime death toll rises to 97, officials are afraid many more people may be trapped underneath the ruble, after dozens of buildings collapsed, in the 6.4 magnitude quake. rescue crews are working
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quickly to dig through debris in search of survivors. this happened in the same area that was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in 2004, no tsunami warning has been issued since yesterday's quake. south philadelphia police are asking for public's help in capturing a man who snatched a woman's purse and dragged her with his car. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live honor gone avenue where robbery was caught on camera, jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and joe, good morning. this is south philadelphia parking lot where this suspect stalked his potential victims, and when he finally found somebody he wanted to go after he made his move in broad daylight. take a look the at the video. police need your help. this is surveillance video that captured the entire frightening incident, this is sunday november 27th at 12:30 in the afternoon. police say suspect stalks parking lot of the strip mall at 3:30 oregon avenue inside that gray suv believed ton a late model toyota highlander.
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he chooses his victim a 46 year-old woman. the suspect gets out, walks over to her car, opens up her passenger side door and steals her purse. victim realizes is what happening and doesn't let him go easily. she chases him and hangs on to his door before falling off a few feet later. people who work and shop in this area are surprised something so brazen happened here and are hoping that the woman will be okay. >> i was scared because i come here to work and something like that happens, it doesn't just affect me but it effects people coming in, they will be afraid to come in here. so, you know, that might scare some people away. >> reporter: police want to you take special notice of the suspect's suv, they say that the vehicle has air vents and tail pipe. if you know who this man is give police a call. they do not want you to approach this person. police say this man could be dangerous and could strike again and especially with a lot of people out shopping for
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the holidays police always want you to be aware of your surroundings. we're reporting live from south philadelphia, jan car bay other for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", joe and rahel back to you. >> thanks, jan. woman you see here is accused of stealing baby jesus. she stole the statue from an nativity scene outside bethlehem city plaza sunday morning. stolen statues was found later that day with the note police say didn't make any sense but bethlehem investigators say they are still looking for the thief. they think she's driving a dark colored car, possibly a saturn. cherry hill police need your help identifying a suspect in a brazen atm robbery. take a look. this man is accused of robbing a woman using an atm at navy federal credit union on route 38 on monday night. investigators say that the victim was able to fight off the suspect but did manage to grab her money. if you recognize this man police want to hear there you. philadelphia police need your help tracking down a suspect serial burglar.
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man seen this these surveillance videos is responsible for burglaries of nine businessness port richmond. five other crimes, happened on november 19th along 2400 block of aramingo avenue. all of the crimes happened in the early morning hours. happening today, philadelphia police officer ambush on the job is being honored for his bravery. officer jesse hartnett will receive the department's sergeant robert wilson valor award. hartnett you might recall was shot several times sitting in his patrol car in cobbs creek last january. he managed to shoot suspect after he was shot. dozens of other officers will also be recognized for their bravery and heroism at today's award ceremony. justice for a grieving family asiana rest is made in the murder of the 14 year-old boy killed in mayfair. four year-old iain wilsey was fatally shot the in the 6200 block of grouse avenue in mayfair monday night. philadelphia police say a 19 year-old man wanted in connection with the teen's murder turned himself in yesterday afternoon. police have not released the
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suspected killer's name, we are told charges are pending. prosecutors want former philadelphia congressman chaka fattah to spend several decade behind bars. fattah, convicted of racketeering and several other charges could face, 17 to 21 years in prison. the 11 term congressman used grants and non-profit funds to repay illegal len from his run for hair. defense lawyers have not responded to the prosecution's request. fattah will be sentenced on monday. the president-elect trump continues to consider cabinets for jobs in his administration. >> today he meets without going north carolina governor pat mcrory at trump tower. it comes a day after mr. trump, travel to his home state for second stop of his thank you tour. during his stop in fayetville the president-elect vowed to make country safer with the help of retired marine general james mattis. mr. trump formally introduced him as his pick for defense
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secretary. tomorrow the president-elect is planning to travel to ohio state university where he will meet with some victims of the november 28th attack that injured 11 people. authorities serio state student stabbed other students before police fatally shot him. he first ran campus crowd with his car before the stabbing. jill stein's recount effort in pennsylvania goes to federal court here in philadelphia. a why has set a hearing for friday. green party lawyers also want an examination of election system software to determine if hackers, manipulated the election. pennsylvania election officials updated the state's vote count that shows donald trump's lead over hillary clinton shrink to go 44,000 votes. pennsylvanians cast more than 6 million votes. the trial for accused gunman dylann roofies set to begin today, we will tell you why his lawyers want it delayed. also hear from the owner of oakland's ghost ship where dozens of people were kill in the weekend party. an american tourist dead
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overseas, we will tell you what australian authorities say, went wrong. >> ♪ >> it is a classic, mariah carry's timely holiday hit, we will tell you how this helped ring in the holidays last night in new york.
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welcome back. jury selection is expect to begin in the trial of charleston south carolina church shooter dylann roof but lawyers are asking for a delay. defense attorneys argued that the recent mistrial of police officer michael slager could taint the jury pool. roof's accused of killing nine members of the historically black ame church last year. he faces possible death sentence. investigators are saying a faulty refrigerator caused a warehouse to go up in flames in oakland, california that killed 36 people. authorities have declared a local state of emergency following the tragedy. the building had illegally been converted into apartments and studios for artists. since the fire its founder has been accused of ignoring repeated warnings that his artist enclave was a death
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trap. >> friend, tamly, our future. >> authorities say that derek almena could face criminal charges. american backpacker is dead after being struck by lightening during a trip to a popular hiking spot in australia. victim has been identified as 24 year-old sam bait beatty. he was camped beneath history with a girlfriend in australia's east coast. two others tried to help but it was too late. >> lightening struck the tree, went through the tree, a piece touched it and sadly killed him. >> beatty and his girlfriend are both from massachusetts. beatty's girlfriend was injured and she has been treated and released from a hospital. so, it is quieting down here, katie, ahead of the very cold snap. >> it looks like the arctic air will just penetrate the area here and we're left with multiple days where we are stuck below average but then we will have have a wind chill to contend with in the days
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ahead as well. that storm from yesterday, we will bag it up and talk about what has already happened, did bring with it a good soaking. nice chipping away at rainfall deficit in one spot that saw chilly rain this bethlehem. we will look here overlooking main sleet in bethlehem, sheen on that road surface, guys. even though rain itself has officially ended, in this area we will still end up with spray from the vehicle, slick travel, a few left over puddles, that kind of thing. more of a nuisance and it will always slow you down. another camera shot is also up in the northampton, carbon county area. this is at broadheadville pleasant valley middle and high school. telltale sign cold air left behind blanket the of snow on unpaved surfaces here but places like mount pocono for example pick up 5 inches of snow out of this storm system yesterday and moisture to work with. it is all moving out of here. that is good. we will catch a break between systems and end up with a day that is above average in terms
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of the daytime highs but there is some at the moment left over moisture. looking at the wide zoom, not necessarily, an obvious sign of our next arctic cold front but you can see movement across the northern high lanes and great lakes, there is a little bit of not just crowd cover but snow that is falling there. arctic cold front that comes through toss than the have a lot of hoist tour but you does knock temperatures back. for now expect that the clouds will break for some sunshine and then, we will go to tomorrow and see clouds rebuilding. i do think we will see passing shower rain or snow. it doesn't initial ice as much on future weather but i'm not sold this is actual way things will end up here. i'm allowing for passing shower or rain or snow at some point thomas arctic cold front crosses. down expect accumulation but it is worth a mention. then beyond that point into friday wind pick up. you sees lake effect machine picking up witt. we will call it partly sunny for last day back to work and very cold too. for now, not the terrible, we
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will see some sun with time, high of 52 degrees and looking ahead to the next couple days, here we go with the nose dive that is 40 on both friday and saturday, factoring in the the wind child on friday especially will get cold and it will show early morning lows, 20's at best, sat the day and sunday. >> in the mini see that i think of treeing rain and mini say that i say my goodness because without entriesing rain this is what we're looking at with just wet roadways this morning. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday. toy not like to be bearer of bad news in the morning but we have to call your attention to this right away. an accident schuylkill westbound near south street blocking clearly the right lane but more than just that. you can see how many vehicles emergency vehicles, squad cars, and people were outside of their vehicles walking around. call your attention to this shot, backup, more difficult to see but it is a backup shot behind south street leading up to where that accident is. you can see flashing lights up
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ahead but already just early in the the 5:00 o'clock hour to have that slow down on the schuylkill would i say avoid this area all to go. if you can you are just squeezing by not the to mention the fact that you have gaper delay out there another side note because we have slick conditions, granted, it is not raining, you will want to give yourself extra time this morning and drive carefully. this is another accident rock hill road at conshohocken state road and another one new jersey turnpike northbound at 195, that right outer lane is block right now for maintenance and repair, not to mention on ramp from wood row wilson service area is closed. lots more to talk about in the next 15 minutes, back over to you. and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our area. >> carrier times reports there will be in recount of voting inin bucks county. judge denied petitions saying plaintiffs did not present enough evidence that vote tampering, a lawyer for green party candidate jill stein represented 11 petitioners. on the front cover of the trentonian a bad batch of
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heroin that left nine people in philadelphia dead last weekend could be responsible for three more deaths in falls township. the six days into month falls township police say they have already seen eight overdoses. mercury reports that the local landmark is up for sale, the market in douglas township is on the market for seven million-dollar. the business dates back to 1922 and claims to be one of the oldest, farmers market, in the country. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines for around the delaware valley. up next pat's here with sports. >> good morning, guys. sad day on north broad street with matt rhule moving on we will tell you how students and faculty are feeling after the move, we have got the that plus sixers, flyers, and nova lasalle coming up with
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thanks for waking up with us on "eyewitness news" this morning. >> now pat, what everybody is talking about matt rhule taking a job at baylor. >> big move for him and it kind of stinks for temple but this is what happens when you are good. under matt rhule it didn't take long to turn to
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conference champ. in the same amount of time rhule went from unknown to high coaching commodity. with that after winning the a ac title on saturday, rhule became baylor's new head coach on tuesday. the 41 year-old state college native will take over a bears program that has been riddled with scandal the last year. however, he moved up to a power five conference team, following back to back ten win seasons with the owls, and the school is obviously sad to see him go. >> i just said i wanted him to make the right decision for his family and for him and i appreciate, i thanked him for all he did for his program and i will say i will go get a great football coach. >> once success comes, opportunities will come for individuals and coach rhule's position he has been doing a great job here and other schools see that and they are like let's offer this guy so he can change our program just like what he did here in temple. >> owls play wake forest in the military bowl on december 27th assistant head
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coach ed foley will coach the team in that game. as you can imagine there is mixed reaction about rhule's exit on north broad street. >> definitely shocked. we have to move forward. we got that opportunity. we will have have that opportunity in the future. >> i don't see him as a turncoat or trait orr anything like that i'm just or toy see him quo. >> he brought temple out of the depths. i cannot be upset with him for going for a big opportunity. >> some temple tans spoke to us others vented on twitter, but you have to make sure it is the right person. matt rule, received tweets all day yesterday, only problem that belongs to a high school student not the former temple coach. his bio on twitter says i'm not the football coach but not everyone is paying attention, of course. younger rule taking it all in stride, jokingly tweeted the coach with the simple request: help me. come on, twitter. you have to just read. relive matt rhule's best
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moment with the temple owls, go to the web site cbs you have to read, twitter. winning streak don't happen this often for flyers, they have tallied five straight their longest run since 2014. he went for six in a row last night against panters in south philadelphia. you get a gold star that is steve may son, nhl's first star last week. he was looking to stay hot. game tied in the second, flyers up a man, giroux fires, simmonds cleans it up, wayne simmonds second of the game, two-one. under five minutes left in the third, uc, beats mason and tied the game. flyers they just love overtime under ten seconds to play and jake makes it happen, that is the game winner, six, count them six in a row for flyers, they win three-two. sixers, grizzlies in memphis and they keep finding ways to lose. dario saric, he did his best, they say he had 17 points,
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seven rebound but with the sixers leading, they could not put ate way. memphis would score the final seven points of the contest, and to win 96-91. sixers did play without jared bayless, nerlens necessity he will, and jahlil okafor. they will lay pelicans monday night. at palestra big five hoops featuring nation's new number one villanova taking on lasalle. we will pick it up sending half 'nova up by seven, jaylen brownson went off, he had 26 points. just over a minute left, with the lay up, he is keeping the explorers in it. they are hanging in down by four but veterans play, the cats, it just shows, chris jenkins long pass to josh hart they win 89-79. they remain undefeated nine and zero on the season. not a bad effort by the explorers, not a bad one at all but they are number one team in the country for a reason. >> absolutely, continuing that success.
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>> absolutely. >> on fire. >> pat, thanks very much. >> you got it. coming up next on "eyewitness news", how about this free coffee for life. >> yes. >> everybody is down with that. >> everybody gets free coffee. we will tell you how. >> everybody. >> yes. >> we will tell you how you can enter star bucks popular promotion straight ahead. >> joe biden not ruling out a presidential run what he had to say on the late night with stephen colbert, plus this. i went out and started crying because i was so up set. >> this young man says this local santa is more grinch then old saint nick. the katie? that is unfortunate. we are looking ahead to the weekend already and in the days ahead, we are expecting to see the temperatures remain below average, for both saturday and sunday. it should be tranquil though but you will start to sees clouds building with time on sunday. bottom line is we have to be breaking out these winter coats again, i'll tell you exactly how cold we're talking
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here right after
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he ghe wewalks around hat,ts. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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rain has moved on but cold air is coming, we do mean cold. live look at bethlehem where we are ready for an arctic blast good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim he joe holden. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning
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minute. >> death toll rises to 97, after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shakes a nation. >> this happened in the same area that was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in 2004. >> police are on the hunt for a thief who snatched a woman's purse right out of her car in the middle of the south philadelphia parking lot. >> you should be saying your momma taught you better than that. >> temple university football coach matt rule is leaving the owls for that head coach job at bay lor university. >> what? why is he leaving? >> bigger school, better recruiting, more national prominence. i can see why. >> hey champ, how are you doing. >> look, we have been worried about all these sudden changes. we know you are worried about the change. >> it happens to every tamly but i'm telling you this terrible feeling you are having right now it is not permanent. it could be over in four years, maybe eight. >> vice-president joe biden, on the late the show with stephen colbert


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