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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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night as drenching rain soaks center city and the entire delaware valley and in the poconos. they're shovelling snow. kate will let you know when we'll dry out temple university begins the search for a new head football coach. matt rhule is going from broad street to baylor. find out why a teenager is taking heat online for the coach's move. startling surveillance video. the search is on for a purse snatcher after a woman is dragged trying to fight back. the suspect got away and police need the public's help figuring out who he is. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. the brazen send thief kept a watch full eye on unsuspecting shoppers. david spunt is at the south philly shopping center where the robbery took place. david? >> reporter: hi, ukee, authorities are warning this man is dangerous, they're putting out this video, hoping that somebody recognizes either the man or his car.
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to try to get them behind bars as soon as possible. 12:30 on sunday afternoon, philadelphia police say the man in the surveillance video drove off after stealing a woman's purse. that 46-year-old victim held on to the suspect's car before falling to the ground. >> seeing something like this is -- i actually can't believe it. >> reporter: she owns a hair salon in the same parking lot where the attack happened. she was working on sunday, november 27th at 12:30 in the afternoon the moment the suspect struck. we showed the video to shoppers. >> reporter: is it safe around here >> not now, as soon as i see this. used to be. >> hope she's ok. but i think it's a really bad thing. >> reporter: according to detectives, the mystery man spent time stalking people as they came in and out of several stores. he pulled up in this gray suv believed to be a toyota high lander. philadelphia police want you to notice distinctive air vents and
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the tail pipe on the car. >> it doesn't only affect me. it affects people coming in. they will be afraid to come in here. that might scare some people away. >> reporter: if you recognize this man, give philadelphia police a call. you can remain anonymous, we have the video posted on our website reporting live in south philly, david spunt cbs3 eyewitness news new tonight, this woman is wanted for stealing the baby jesus statue from the nativity to scene outside bethlehem plaza. the stolen statue on sunday with a note to didn't make sense. they're still looking for the woman. they think she's driving a dark-colored car possibly a saturn. after a damp and dreary afternoon, it's still a soggy night. shoppers in cherry hill needed the umbrellas. north in the poconos? they're dealing with snow. meteorologist kate bilo is here with a look at the kind of early
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taste of winter. kate. >> certainly for some. it definitely feels and looks like winter outside tonight. that place the poconos region. stormscan 3 shows the heaviest of the snow tapered off for the poconos, still lingering snow showers overnight. south you can see the rain starting to wind down and push east. we're dealing with lingering showers, as we take a peak at carbon and monroe counties, a few scattered snow showers lingering. steadiest is pushing into portions of south jersey. take a look at the snow left behind, a live shot from one of our poconos cameras up in cam he will back. fresh snow on the ground. good news for the ski resorts, definitely has been an active day in the poconos region. five inches reported so far in mount pocono. three and a half inches in long pond, two and a half in strauss berry. 1.2 in lee heighten where a winter advisory remains in effect. coming up for your morning
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commute and an arctic blast to tell you about coming up. developing at least 20 people have been killed after an earthquake in indonesia. officials say buildings collapsed after the 6.4 magnitude quake. this happened in the same area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in 2004. but there's no threat of a tsunami tonight. >> we know the name of the new jersey state trooper 10 the driver both killed in a crash on route 55. the head-on collision happened last night in millville cumberland county. officials say trooper frankie williams was responding to a call when lloyd rudley crossed the median and slammed into williams. rudley died at the scene. trooper williams at cooper hospital. new to the job, he graduated from the police academy in january. >> excited he was going to be a state trooper and this was his dream come true. he had been working at low's, got his rutgers, and this is what he wanted to do. >> it's not known why rudley crossed the median, trooper williams leaves behind his wife
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philadelphia police making an arrest in the murder of a northeast high school freshman, i willsy was fatally shot last monday. walking to a corner store with a friend. a 19-year-old man wanted in connection with the teen's murder surrendered, charges are pending. . temple university is looking for a new football coach now that matt rhule is headed to baylor >> just days after leading the owls to an historic win. a look at why matt rhule is heading out the temple owls were celebrating. sunday they cracked the, a ptop 25 but today they lost the main man that made the things possible. 20 wins over the last two seasons, conference champs for the first time since 1967. baylor is in the big 12. which will allow matt rhule to compete at the highest level.
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here's reaction from the cherry and white >> i wanted him to make the right decision for his family and him. i appreciate -- i thanked him for all he did and said i'm going to go get a great football coach >> opportunities will come for individuals. coach ruhle, he's been doing a great job here. let's offer this guy so they can change our program like he did here. the owls play wake forest on december 27th, headcoach foley will coach in that game. coming up long-time basketball coach fran dumbfy will hear what he has to >> all best to him. >> absolutely. >> a lot of temple fans are venting on twitter about his decision to leave but ripping the wrong guy. >> these are just some of the tweets sent to at matt rhule.
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the only problem the handle belongs to a high school student. his twitter says he's not even the football coach. everyone seems to be ignoreing that. the younger matt rhule is taking it in stride. help me coach ruhle. many fans thought he would stay after other schools unsuccessfully courted him >> is it fair for matt rhule to bail? nicole brewer is here with reaction to him leaving north broad street for baylor >> there's no shortage of shade on twitter. the people we spoke to in person for much more understanding of his decision to head south. renew renewal. he led the owls to the american athletic conference championship but did he know he
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trade his cherry and white for green and gold days later? >> why is he leaving? >> that's horrible >> i'm sorry to see him go. i wish he would have been able to stay >> as recently as last week, so you wanteded like would he. while discussing his future with our sister radio station 94 wip >> things might happen someone might call me as of right now, no one has and i'm pretty locked into what i'm doing >> enter this tweet from baylor university football in way company text announcing him as their new headcoach >> bigger school, better recruiting, national prominence. >> got to move forward. got a better opportunity, we might have better opportunities in the future. >> reporter: pulled off the best two-year stretch in temple history the fans we spoke to wish him well >> he's done a lot. he changed the entire culture for temple. >> brought them to where they are now. >> i'm rooting for him. hoping he's doing bigger and better. maybe some day we'll see him in the nfl >> when asked about the future,
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people were also positive about that. they believe coach ruhle paved the way for a successful program for years to come. >> no doubt about it. >> no question he did that in the four years >> he will be missed. >> appreciate it. much more coverage of coach ruhle leaving and you can relive some of the best moments by going to our website. a lot of people are talking about vice president joe biden hinting at a run for president in four years. does he really want to run against donald trump? tonight he tried to set the record straight on the late show with stephen colbert. >> you don't plan on running again but you know, to say you know what's going to happen in four years i think is not rational. >> that is the sound of a door creeking open. >> hear what else he has to about trump victory and his decision not to run this year. tonight on the late show with stephen colbert and it's coming up next at 11:35 after
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"eyewitness news" at 11:00. donald trump calls out another company on twitter. >> this time he sent being stock on a bumpy ride after trashing a new air force one project. he explains why he's trying to get a better deal on the plane. a driver arrested for a deadly confrontation with a former nfl player. tonight the sheriff defends his decision to initially let that driver go. some eagles bringing holiday cheer the special shopping spree to help make these holidays a little happier for some local kids. kate is updating the wintery forecast. when a blast of bitter cold is expected to hit our area. we'll do that on the other side. right back.
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police needs your help in a robbery. accused of robbing a woman at the atm on route 38. investigators say the victim was able to fight him off but he still managed to grab some of her money. you're asked to call cherry hill police if you know who that is. the man accused shooting and killing former nfl player joe
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mcnight during an apparent road rage incident is under arrest again. authorities charged ronald gasser with manslaughter in louisiana. he faced criticism for releasing him while they investigated. he now says the release was part of a strategy to get more interviews and make a better case. >> for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, decisions that we made relative to that, tough. i don't care. because what i know is that i can put my head on the pillow every night knowing that we've done the right thing for the right reasons. the sheriff says the road rage incident included both men chasing each other. it ended with gasser shooting mcnight. . a special honor for a philadelphia police officer nearly killed on the job. officer jessica hartman will
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receive the robert wilson valor award tomorrow morning, hartnett was shot several times during an ambush in his patrol car in cobbs creek last january. he managed to shoot the suspect after he was shot. dozens of other officers will also be recognized for their bravery and heroism at tomorrow's award ceremony. former philadelphia congressman shack fattah could send several decades behind bars, they want him to spend 17 to 21 years in prison after convicted of racketeering and several other charges. the 11-term congressman used grants and nonprofit funds to repay an illegal loan from his run for mayor. defense lawyers have not responded to the prosecution's request. fattah will be sentenced on monday. president-elect trump formally introduced his choice for secretary of defense tonight in a rally in north carolina. that announcement comes just hours after he picked another fight on twitter. >> president-elect trump used
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the second leg of his victory tour to formally introduce his pick for secretary of defense. >> general james mad dog mattis >> the two appeared at a campaign style rally in fayetteville north carolina just miles from the world's largest military installation of for the bragg. ? one of the most effective generals that we've had in many, many decades >> the former marine corp general said he's eager to leave provided he gets a he waiver from congress as a recently retired officer >> with our country strengthened i look forward to being a civilian leader as long as the congress gives me the waiver and the senate votes to contend >> on twitter, mr. trump criticized the price of the new air force one calling for bowieing to give the country a better deal. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money
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>> the air force rewarded the contract to boeing citing obsolete parts in statement, boeing says it will work to deliver the best plane for new presidents at the best value for american taxpayers. boeing stock plunged by $2 a share after the president-elect's tweet but rebounded. we learned trump will visit the ohio state university campus thursday to meet with some victims of the recent attack there. meantime the woman who helped lead demonstrate to a presidential victory will be the grand marshal for the hammonton fire department's christmas parade. she grew up in camden county attended saint joseph's in hammonton. it begins at beef view avenue and north liberty street this saturday at 7:00 p.m. a fishtown community supports a proposal for a rooftop pool. they packed the wreck center for a vote. this is a rendering of what the
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new pool would look like. it will include a six foot overhang from the roof, a boutique hotel on frankford avenue. the project has community support, it stills needs approval from the city. the eagles are spreading holiday cheer in south jersey tonight. >> offensive line man took several shopping on route 70 in cherry hill. each child received a $200 gift card to buy whatever they wanted. the sports association helped make this special holiday shopping trip possible. and you can help make the holidays brighter for local children through our joy of sharing toy fest. join us tomorrow at wilmington university in new castle delaware for a special toy fest drop-off event happening from noon to 4:00. cbs3 toy fest benefits families served by the salvation army and the uso. we put other drop-off locations on our website, go to fest.
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holidays winter going to start feeling like it. >> it does in a few spots. the poconos we got snow on the ground. >> five inch >> five and a half now. came in. >> still going. >> that may end up being the total. it is winding down, starting to move out. almost a half a foot of snow on the poconos. it's the poconos and the high elevations generally get ♪ before we do in the city. it's a close call. you can tell as this pattern starts to get colder our chances for snow get greater. this winter certainly off to a bit of a quicker start than last winter. meteorologist logical winter december 1st. right now in the lehigh valley where i'm concerned about a few slick spots on some roadways tonight. temperatures are in the 30's as you head up towards the northern lehigh valley valley, up in the northern north hampton county towards the poconos, bridges overpasses, temperatures close to freezing there. you may see a few icy spots. play it safe.
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you can see the roads looking wet in bethlehem. never a guarantee they're not a little bit of ice when temperatures are close to freezing. stormscan 3 shows the worst of the rain and snow moving out. still scattered showers kind of lingers behind the main push of rain that came through earlier. you can see that's out to sea came through just in time for the evening commute. rest of us, not looking too bad right now. some scattered showers like we said possibly a stray snow shower overnight. the worst is over, still dealing with the impacts on the road, slowdowns ponding and road spray and threat for icy spots. northern lehigh valley up towards the poconos where temperatures are close to freezer. it's 43 in philadelphia, no problems with ice here, 44 in millville, 47 right now in atlantic city and temperatures will hold pretty steady in the low to mid 40's for most of us right through the overnight hours. what to expect as we go through overnight. scattered showers here and there, doesn't look like much in the way of precipitation to be added to our totals. we did get a trace of sleet
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reported at the philadelphia international airport. a little bit of sleet mixed with rain, cold air brought that down to the surface, again, nothing sticking to the roads. by 4:00 looks like we will clear it out and get sunshine back and that will be nice. for the overnight hour, expect scattered showers some snow showers in the poconos, tapers through overnight and still ponding and the threat for icy spots to the north and most of us will end up about a half to three quarts of an inch. rain. carbon and monroe counties and we did add north hampton county they don't as well and that goes until 6:00. by the end of the week, we start to see the arctic air pushing south. by saturday, that's when we're really going to feel it up down the eastern sea board and temperatures will be about ten to 15 degrees above average this weekend. winds not too strong but strong enough to take those windchills to the teens in the morning this weekend, and afternoon windchill
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in the 20's. the coldest air of the season on the way. overnight, the rain tapering down, 42 degrees will be your low, tomorrow starts with clouds. possibly a morning shower, then cool with sun seasonal at 52. thursday 45, can't rule out a stray rain or snow shower thursday as the colder air movies in but the real cold friday, saturday and sunday with highs in the low 40's, more reminiscent of january into february than early december and morning lows in the 20's. it's going to be the coldest air we felt. winter is here. >> it is. thanks, kate >> don is back with more sports. >> the sixers playing shorthanded in memphis and the flyers and panthers working overtime in south philly and it comes down to the
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when you have a precious commodity, other people will could have vet what you have. overthe last four years, matt rhule has been a master full job. rhule is leaving temple for baylor, the 41-year-old will be introduced as their headcoach after back to back ten win seasons. you just knew it was only a matter of time before he was gone. today, i spoke to al's basketball coach about the move >> i think it's sort of inevitable. he's obviously going to be give. wish him nothing but te flyers, steve mason named fst ak it six? the for the tripping, conclude inje giroux. 's to 1.
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beats fina ten seconds of yes, thick allsigame winning st e , final score. the sixers visiting the guye simmons,le danger two minutes left. makes it baskedi, tony allen9-1. sixers down threethree, fading . the sixers nation'ssecond half rock iepal.
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morning crew back tomorrow starting at captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes vice president joe biden and dj khaled, featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! good to see ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
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