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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this
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is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news," city streets filled with what looks like snow. it's not philadelphia's first snowfall. it's actually a flood of firefighting foam. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for join and us. an apparent transformer fire triggered the hazmat situation. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more now on the emergency response. >> like snow. looks like a movie set. >> reporter: firefighters appear to be working in a winter wonderland saturday afternoon but it wasn't snow. >> it's essentially like laundry detergent. >> reporter: around 1:00 p.m. the fire department got a report of a foam activation. >> all of a sudden there was a loud explosion. and the building actually shook. the windows shook. the plant shook. my dogs went berserk. >> reporter: officials say a high heat warning in one of the transformers triggered
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fire suppression foam to automatically dispurchases. >> the system worked as designed and filled the area with the transformers with high expansion foam. >> reporter: you can say that again. the foam was up to the tops of doorways in some places and covered a two and a half block area. >> yeah, it was about 8 feet and they were squirting it down. it went down quickly. looked like a huge snowstorm. >> reporter: the only thing this situation had in common way snowstorm was power outages. about 3,000 peak cole customers were without power as firefighters spread the foam into the storm drains peco employees worked to restore power that was knocked out by an apparent transformer explosion. officials say the foam made for an interesting scene but a safe one. >> it appears everything worked as designed and if there was a fire it's been smothered by the foam. >> reporter: by mid evening the peco outage map showed all power has been restored in center city and officials say that the foam is nontoxic. in center city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, they are partying like crazy at temple
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university tonight the owls won the aac championship and are likely to play in a major bowl game. lesley van arsdale joins us now with more about how they were able to do this. this is awesome. >> it was amazing and it's been a minute. the last time temple won app conference championship was in 1967. dam the owls took care of business. matt rhule's squad had won six great strait going into the game against navy. no score if the first temple handoff to jahad thomas easily goes into the end zone for the 15-yard touchdown. they never gave up. and bryant makes the defender miss the score. temple shut down navy's rushing attack won 34 to 10. pat gallen with more on the big win. >> in a game that matched the third ranked defense in the country against the second best rushing attack in the nation it was the temple owls ball hawking defense that provided the edge in the 34-10
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win over number 19 navy. >> talk about coming in here against a team that scored 75 points last game and doing was testimony defensively. >> a tremendous credit to our players, defensive statute this is one of the great teams in football united states naval academy. our kids played well. >> reporter: navy a team that posted 141 points in consecutive weeks could muster just three points at the half. temple held the midshipmen to 168 yards on the ground, nearly half their season average of 342 per game. >> i can't take any credit for that. it was just our kids playing real well playing as a teeth just kind of making the plays when they were there. >> reporter: senior quarterback philip walker finished with two touchdowns and thomas put up 86 yards and opened the first half scoring barrage for temple. >> to, what as hard as we did to lose last year in houston and to be able to come back and win this year it's something really special.
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>> reporter: after adding this to the list of biggest wins in school history there's still work to be done for the temple owls. a to be determined bowl game f annapolis maryland pat gallen for cbs3 "eyewitness sports". >> we'll find out tomorrow where they're going. >> keep me posted. thanks lesley. temple university students cheered on the owls during a watch party. "eyewitness news" at morgan hall. students say they are so proud to be a temple owl. >> makes me feel great. makes me feel like we all have a lot of school spirit makes me feel like the football program is really making a stride forward. feels great to be a temple owl. >> some of the students hope they can actually travel and the watch the chance -- champs in their bowl game. right here in pennsylvania, the green party dropped its effort to recount the entire state's results. party officials wanted to see if some voting machines were hacked but they couldn't of a record the $1 million they had to pay the court to let the
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case go forward. the recount effort in some philadelphia precincts is still ongoing. donald trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania by about 46,000 votes. and china has lodged a diplomatic protest with the u.s. they're upset president-elect trump accepted a congratulatory call from taiwan's president yesterday. china considers taiwan a run away province and the u.s. severed diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979. after hearing some initial criticism, trump tweeter "interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. also tonight at least nine people were killed when a fast moving fire trapped them inside a warehouse oakland california. the death toll could rise as high as 40. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: a converted warehouse that went up in flames was under investigation
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for code violations. >> there was an inspection of the property and we were able to confirm blight at the property and we are still investigating the allegations of unpermitted construction. >> reporter: the fire tore through the oakland go slip warehouse as dozens of people attended a rave party friday night. at least nine people were killed but officials believe more victims could be buried under debris caused when the roof collapsed. >> we expect the number of deceased to go up. how far i don't know. but we're expecting the worst, maybe a couple dozen. >> reporter: investigators are taking fingerprints to help identify the dead. they say they may bring in cadaver dogs to help search for more victims. bob mule was a residents artist in the building and made it out alive with some 99 nor burns but he still doesn't know what happened to his friend. >> i haven't seen him and there's been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes, so i hope, i
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hope he's okay. >> reporter: family members gathered at a staging area searching for answers about the fate of their loved ones. >> well, we haven't heard from him and we do know he was 30 officials say could it take several more days to go through the entire building. danielle nottingham for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, firefighters continue top battle a.m. 10 alarm fire in cambridge, massachusetts. the flames erupted about 2 o'clock this afternoon and ripped through seven buildings in the area. investigators say the building where the fire started was under renovation. two police officers and one firefighter were hurt. everyone who lived there testimony get -- did get out of the building safely. family and friends remember abwoman killed after a police chase ended in a crash. candles spelled out carol ithan's name on the sidewalk during a vigil along the 200 block of south 53rd street. dozens released balloons into the air in honor of her. she died when a car trying to escape police slammed into her
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car at 52nd and locust wednesday. police say they were chasing two brothers wanted in direction a shooting earlier in the night and they were arrested. delaware county officials are thanking dispatchers and medics for going beyond the call of duty to save a chester man's life. officials say the man who suffered from dementia called 911 on friday morning. he fell in his living room and needed medical attention. the caller cool not provide any other information though about his whereabouts. dispatchers used gps and cell phone data to identify the general area and send paramedics right away. >> 93 went around the neighborhood a very difficult neighborhood, highland and 95 is not easy to hear anything. rode around got out of their squads knocked door to door. no one gave up on this gentleman. when they broke that door down, this gentleman needed some help. the good part of this story is my understanding hall
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transported to crozer chester medical center and he's okay. >> officials say this is an excellent example of how technology training and compassion all came together to save a life. it wasn't too cold outside today if you didn't minds the wind that is but lauren monday could be a little bit messy for some folks, right? >> absolutely is. we have a quiet sunday in store but we could kick offer the work week way bit of a wintry mess. we'll let you know where we could see snow monday morning in your full forecast coming up in just a few. >> and gone but certainly not forgotten. how fallen officers in philadelphia are being remembered this holiday season. plus, these furry friends here would love to find a home for the holidays. we're going to take you to one of the area's largest pet adoption events ever.
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>> welcome back a group of volunteers is making sure police officers killed in the line of duty are not forgotten this holiday season. the fallen heroes wreath program distributed hundreds
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of wreaths at the grave sites of fallen police officers all around the region today. the program was started two years ago by the family of philadelphia police officer john pawlowski who was shot and killed in february of 2009. for some of the volunteers, this is an extremely personal experience. >> detective christopher jones middletown police department was killed in the line of duty i know the family real well. so, this really means a lot to me and i have the opportunity of putting his wreath on his headstone today. >> members of detective christopher jones' family attended his wreath placing ceremony at resurrection cemetery in bensalem. these children are autistic and got to send out way sensory friendly santa on the campus of saint joseph university. holidays can be overwhelming for children with autism
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especially the long lines and crowded malls. these kids sat on santa's lap and had their pictures taken with old saint nick and snaked on cookies and cocoa. regional animal shelters teaming up to give more than a thousand animals app home for christmas. take a look. there's lots and lots of animals here day two of the mega adoption events got under way in philadelphia today. "eyewitness news" at the armory. this events completely free and for just $20 you can adopt an animal. brandywine valley spca is organizing this huge event. there's a little cutie in there. >> everyone should go out to that. i won't be going that. >> she'll come back with two more dogs in tow. >> i've already got two in tow. >> i already have two. if i take a look i'll be up to 12. >> they'll need a little sweater. >> a little sweater, it's a little cool, seasonable day in store for tomorrow but then a little bit of wintry precip for parts of the delaware valley. the dogs aren't going like that on monday morning but
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right now quiet conditions as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. 47 degrees the current temperature. northwesterly winds at around 12 miles per hour. still a bit of a breeze but certainly not as gusty as what we were experiencing earlier in the day. but we do have a wind chill impact feeling like 42 degrees a quiet sunday in store. seasonable high temperatures but we get unsettled as we head into next week and then winter is coming. as we look towards the end of the seven day with our coldest air of the season by far set to arrive by friday. neighborhood network showing us we did have some gusty conditions today. top wind gusts of around 39 miles per hour at the atlantic city airport. wrightstown up to 37 miles per hour. so that did add that chilly factor throughout the day today to kick off our first december weekend and winds still breezy up towards the lehigh valley, poconos, winds speeds starting to decline elsewhere. we'll continue that trend
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throughout the overnight period. temperatures getting a little chilly right now. 43 degrees in allentown, forty five wilmington, 45 degrees in millville and with that breeze maintained we're dealing with a wind chill impact main. to the north and west feeling more like 20 in mount pocono, feeling like 36 degrees in allentown, forecast lows overnight tonight dropping into the 20's in some parts of the area southern interior new jersey in the 20's. poconos in the 20's and we'll be subfreezing in the lehigh valley and berks county and the city will fall back to 35 degrees. but that's really right around average for us, partly cloudy conditions with less wind. tomorrow nice and quiet mostly sunny to start. clouds increase as we head into the second half of the day and high temperatures right around average at 47 degrees. storm scan3 showing us pretty quiet conditions save for few flurries maybe up towards the poconos and scranton. more moisture to our south and west. it will stay at bay tomorrow but then late tomorrow night and early monday morning we'll deal way chance for some wintry weather so the time frame midnight to about 10 o'clock in the morning on monday we'll see mainly snow
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in the lehigh valley and poconos. a rain/snow mix in some of our far northwestern suburbs upper bucks and montgomery counties maybe a flake sneaking into center city philadelphia but i don't think our impacts on the commute monday morning commute in philadelphia south jersey and delaware is going to be much in the way of wintry type weather. we'll see mainly rainfall but future weather showing us as we head into midnight tomorrow some of in precipitation starting to work in. could see maybe a flake sneaking down into philadelphia and northern suburbs as we head early into monday morning. snow break out bucks county lehigh valley poconos. all rain to the south side of philadelphia and it will stay that way into early monday morning. 7:00 a.m. not looking like a pretty picture so plan for that extra time. again snow continuing up towards the lehigh valley and then tapering off for the second half of the morning. by lunchtime all that of wet weather moves out but again it could be a pretty dicey commute especially north and west of the city as we head into monday morning. could even see measurable snowfall, not dramatic amounts but maybe picking up a half
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inch to about an inch up towards the lehigh valley berks county and up into the poconos as we head into midday on monday but for tomorrow, all is quiet across the region. late day clouds in the poconos, a high temperature at 36 degrees. and then again mainly morning showers. the rain on monday. rain develops as we head into tuesday and some scattered showers still around on wednesday. and then we could see a passing rain shower on thursday. by thursday evening, that could indeed be a passing snow shower even in the city. and then there is your winter is coming. [laughter] >> 39 degrees. >> winter is coming. >> there it is. >> our game of thrones. >> thank you lauren. lesley has a mini novel here. >> i do, i do. >> no shortage of highlights. >> big game tomorrow guys. eagles way must win tomorrow against the bengals and andy tally's 32 year run out on the main line came to an end and yes, the champs they're back home, temple football getting a
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>> back to our top story. temple owls won the aac championship by stopping one of the best running attacks in the nation navy. no score if the first temple driving. jahad thomas turns the corner and easily goes into the end zone for the 15-yard touchdown giving temple the lead. they never gave up. still in the first drops back scans the field connects with bryant scores and now is up 14 to nothing. in the second quarter walker decides he's going to air it out unable to connect with a wide open keith kirkwood to give temple a 21-nothing lead. they held the midshipmen offense to just 10 and beat navy 34 to 10. this is the scene earlier in the night when the owls returned to campus. students cheering the championship trophy came off the bus. the owls will find out tomorrow afternoon what bowl game they will be playing in. first time in school history they'll play in back to back
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bowl games so way to go owls. penn state tonight was looking to join temple in the conference champions club as they battled wisconsin for the big 10 crown. this is the first time the nittany lions played for the championship. penn state now has a 35-31 lead over the badgers. trace mcsorely as thrown four touchdowns in the contest barkley rushed for one score. if they hold on penn state will possibly go into the national championship playoffs or play in the rose bowl. villanova played south dakota state. second round of the playoffs late in the first zach bednarczyk steps into the end zone. south dakota terri nephew of long time nfl kicker adam kicks a 29-yard field goal to win the game. 10-seven the final. eagles if they have any shots to make the playoffs they must win their final five games of the season starting tomorrow against the bengals.
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birds a one and a half point underdog. both teams are struggling. eagles lost six out of eight. bengals are win less in four straight games. one of the biggest problems with the eagles is the pass rush. first six games they played they had 20 sacks. just six in the last five. defensive coordinator jim schwartz says his biggest concern right now is the scoreboard. >> regardless of how you get it done we have to keep the points offer the board and our goal isn't to get sacks even though sacks help us accomplish that. our goal isn't to stop rushing yards or stop passing yards. our job to keep points off the board and particularly these last couple weeks i don't think weaver done a good enough job of that. >> we'll get you ready for the birds must win game against the bengals tomorrow at 11:30 on sunday kickoff. join don bell pat gallen the newest member of the eagles hall of name merrill reese and myself. the flyers play
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blackhawks. second period flyers down one-nothing. ivan probe's shot. the shot finds the back of the net. mason with 26 saves and the flyers beat the blackhawks three to one. >> score one goal in a game it's pretty gate, good feeling ton score two in one shift it's unbelievable. it's too two great plays by a forward and the whole team i think it was a great effort we played a brait grate hockey game. >> brett brown's squad has lost five straight going into this game. sixers down by two dario saric with the ball able to score with the spin move and the game was tied. of course the crowd they're loving it. boston got the ball back. saric tried to guard him he's
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too quick. scores hem 37 points on the night. sixers trailing by three. dario tries to tie up the game with a triple but it's no good. sixers will drop they're sixth straight game 107-106. holy war saint joe's take on villanova. wildcats won 15 straight. first half hawks with the league jenkins catches the pass drops the three. help 20 points on the night. how about all american josh hart getting his first career triple-double. 10 assists. villanova beat saint joe's 88 to 57 number one ranked kentucky lost today. so villanova will become the top team in the nation on monday. over to the liacouras center another city series penn and temple. owls came into the game way four game winning streak. alley-oop two of his 11. five blocks. owls win their fifth straight game 76 to 62.
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this was a great day for temple all around. >> it was. they're >> thanks lesley. seeing clearly just in time for christmas. after the break hundreds of children receive free glasses. watch as many of them get to experience clear vis
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>> welcome back. mysterious black tie affair at the free library of philadelphia tonight.
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hundreds turned out for the who done eight gum shoe gala. the theme is a preview of we the detectives a joint exhibition between the library and the rosenbach museum. it will feature exhibitions on clever criminals and daring detectives and all proceeds from tonight's gala will go to help support the library. boy hard to get that out. annual winter tradition returns to the pittsburgh zoo. look at how county. it's the penguin walk. the birds par public every weekend morning if the weather is cold enough of course. the zoo's penguin keeper says the birds really enjoy the sights and sounds of their stroll especially the leaves rustling around makes them feel at home. these birds are always dressed for winter lauren. >> i like it. >> i love that. >> don't you love that. >> they got some attitude. >> how did i not see this. he was in pittsburgh for three years and i missed the penguin walk. i don't know. >> got to go back. >> got to head back. that's going to do it for us. i'm natasha brown for lesley
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lauren all of us here we.. baez: there was an assault case in morningside heights last year. my skull was fractured in five places. i'm afraid he's gonna come back! wilder: detective reagan, there's somebody i'd like you to meet. baez: thomas wilder was arrested twice for sexual assault. detective 466, requesting a 10-85 forth... danny: tell me we got him. just for the record, i win. ♪ first up, boss, is deputy commissioner doyle's briefing on public safety at 9:30. better make it 10:00, just to be safe. just to be safe about public safety. that's a good one. no, good is when you laugh. mediocre is when you just say it's good. moving on. garrett: i just got word that you're speaking to some students at nicky's school.


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