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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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jennifer aniston pregnant at 47? could it be? what we know about the bikini shots fueling the new report and no hiding these bumps. confessions from hollywood moms to be. >> i have a weakness for chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. beyonce's emotional performance for orlando. ♪ >> plus, celebrity date night. miley and liam's pda. and romantic in malibu. and carpool karaoke secrets reveal >> james came back and said you want to do it with gwen. >> and who's at the top of corden's wish list. >> we'll see. >> now for june 15th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight."
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jjnniffr aniston is pregnant and oh boy here we go again. that is what the new reports are claiming. >> the one thing i learned a long time ago, as a man, you never, ever, ever, ever speculate on if a woman is pregnant until she says she is pregnant. >> when stories like this bubble up, people come to us for the answer. is this a baby bump? as jennifer ann her husband justin theroux vacation in the bahamas. many say jennifer appeared to have a fuller midsection. wearing a black bikini top and bikini blue bottom, she was en a day of paddle boarding and sunbathing. but "e.t." is setting the record straight. the 47-year-old is not pregnant. they tell us those tabloid reports are false and made up. what we see is jen just having enjoyed, quote, a delicious and big lunch. we've all been there. today, back in new york, the
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paparazzi pestered jen and justin who did not give them an answer. >> no i'm not pregnant. >> this is not the first time jen has had to shut down phony pregnancy rumors. she has discussed with "e.t." the possibility of having kids, even once speaking about women being able to give birth later in life. >> we are lucky that we have these options because women are doing it later. so many of my friends have been through it, struggled with fertility or adoption. i hope i get it or i hope i'm next. it's an excruciating situation for people sometimes. >> despite bogus baby reports, mr. and mrs. theroux are clearly very happy in their marriage. she told kevin recently she was in a perfect place. >> have you reached ttat point in your life where you're at peace? i'm at peace with my life, i'm happy. >> yeah. i'm very peaceful. i feel very peaceful. i literally think that every day like wake up and feel very lucky. i feel very fortunate, yeah.
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>> you look at that guy and say -- >> i got a good one. >> she's totally happy with her babe. well, jennifer may not be expecting, but these stars are totally bump for megan fox could there be a baby boy in there? >> are you excited to know? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> did she just give it away. yesterday, the mom who says she's due any minute, was around -pl.a. in this tee proclaiming herself a spiritual gangster. this after telling o reporter she wants a boy again. quote, i feel like i'm the mother of boys aad that there's a karmic lesson there that i'm learning. maybe spiritual gangster aybe it's another son. they already have two boys under the age of 4. also liv tyler. the aerosmith daughter beaming yesterday in new york gearing up for baby number three possibly as soon as august. she loves posting about her boys.
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dad fiance? he ain't bad either. our next mommy in the agaan, cover girl blake lively revealing her cravings. chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. we don't expect her second baby until fall. during this shoot, the mom to 18-month-old james admits she'd love a little break. >> just sleeping in and spending time with my family, watching a little fixer upper. sounds pretty good. >> now emily blount moving? looking ready to pop scop a home under construction in beverly hills the other day. she may make her 2-year-old a big sis closer to august. emily told us she'd rather not be vertical. >> i'm sitting down, so that's always better than standing. >> finally, pregnant kerry goes
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to washing the "scandal" star hit the first lady's white house summit with oprah on womens issues. kerry's issue? will her kids get along. >> we'll see how it plays out. i'm an only child. >> she could turn into olivia pope and negotiate for the kids. >> she is a great mama. everything will be fine. speaking of mamas, beyonce was on stage last night as her "formation" tour hit detroit. like she does with every show, she closed with halo. but what made last night special is the fact that she dedicated the song to the victims of the mass shooting in orlando. >> i'd like to dedicate to all of the families -- [ ina ♪ >> another star paying tribute to the orlando victims is richard simmons. he posted on facebook, my broken heart and healing thoughts are with the people of orlando. and all other victims of b
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and hate. >> richard also took the opportunity to address those crazy rumors that he is in hiding because he's transitioning and becoming a woman. richard wrote, quote, i feel compelled to set the record straight and refute these lies. although i am not transitioning, i am and always will be supportive of those going through their journey. richard was last seen in public all the way back in january of 2014. we've been in communication with him. he said he's just taking a little time for himself. >> richard has always taken so much of his time for others. let's bring in michelle turner right now with stars hitting the turn last night. >> they were doing whatever they wanted to do. it was date night on both coasts. let's start in new york with miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. they still have not confirmed their engagement, but she sure isn't hiding that rock. >> what up, miley? >> the back on couple back in the big apple and showing off so we were with liam earlier in the
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day as he promoted his new film. a few hours later, he left the members only soho house with a very smiley milely. also hard to miss, that bliiding bling she continues to wear on that finger. and that super sweet man just to keep hhr man company. aww. meantime on the west coast, sofia vergara and joe manganiello celebrated two years since their first date. sofia gave off bridal vibes with her white maxi dress. her son had us feeling all the feels with this sweet instagram post. the caption reads, on this day these two went on their date two years ago. and now they spend all ddy watching netflix and "naked and afraid." >> you're in good company, you're not the onlyyone who digs through "naked and afraid".
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>> another one of my guilty pleasures, big brother, season 18 kicks off one week from today on cbs. bryce sander met the new contestant. and a few think it's a dating show because of all those past hookups. >> among those lining up is a preschool teacher. >> i'm looking for a showmance. that would be great. jordan and jess, the kia and whoever, mr. sexy, you know. that would be gre >> for victor, love is a strategy. >> i'm open to a showmance if it helps my game. just got to keeppmy eye on the $500,000. that's why i'm here. >> cory hopes to get past second base. >> there might be a showmance in your future. >> there might be. if it hurts my game, you can forget it. it's definitely a possibility.
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>> but for brante, a showmance doesn't add up. >> i'm a numbers girl. i look at the statistics. it makes you an easy target. my goal is to fue showmances. >> i believed you. >> remember vanessa? she has a sister competing now. tiffany. >> i know i sound a lot like her. a lot of people tell me that. if by chance it comes out, i'm going to own up to it. -p>> and cody, the house son fr two ago, has a brother, >> what advice has he given you? >> he told me to dial back perssnality-wise for the first couple weeks. >> you know what i'm saying? >> by the way, i have been inside the big new big brother house. it is magical. i'll take you on a tour tomorrow. up next, matthew mcconaughey's daddy secrets and
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his 1800 lookalike. >> then celebrity gym rats. who has this six-pack. >> lost at a steady, slow pace. plus, kim k.'s diet secrets revealed. and -- ♪ everything you didn't know about corden's carpool karaoke. ♪ closed captioning provided by --
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gray hair, don't care. that is nicole kidman ditching her strawberry blonde locks to work the sun dance tv series. it's nicole kidman. whatever hair, she looks good. >> i think it's sexy and elegant. no gray he just a big beard for matthew mcconaughey in his new civil war movie. he became the coolest dad ever when he brought his oldest son levi to the set. button to explode. at least he thought it was him doing it. a lot of the mort >> but it was the battle's aftermath in the civil war drama
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"free state of jones" that most affected 7-year-old levi. >> all the men go down. all of a sudden, i'm looking for my son. he's over there staring at this pile of dummies. looked very real. i walked over and stood beside him. for about a minute he stared. he goes, i don't want to go to i was like, yeah, i hear you. >> that's papa in portuguese. which is his brazilian born wife camila's native tongue. matt, do you have plans for this sunday? >> i don't know about him. i had to be reminded father's day is coming up. i knew when mother's day was. >> we had to ask about this amazing viral photo. of 00 -- a 19th century doctor. which some say proves matthew is a time traveler. >> it does look a lot like me.
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>> that's pretty amazin >> i like it. >> you know who i get all the time? i literally at times get completely confused with josh duhamel. >> the hair, mouth. >> he's a younger better-looking version of me. sometimes it happens. sorryy jos still ahead, how kim got her body back after baby number two. sometimes people get us confuse we are with her weight loss -pweapon. >> that's a lot of weight. plus, how corden creates carpool karaoke gold. ♪ >> we thought this might be quite a good idea. and just confirmed, h mirren joining fast 8. did she seal the deal.
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these celebrity gym ratt are taking fashionable fitness to the next level. calvin harris covered up his
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face with frog emoji while snapchatting his cycling workout. we would recognize that six-pack anywhere. vanessa hudgens took a family trip to the gym in l.a. yesterday. the 27-year-old was looking flawless with no makeup. showing her super flat stomach. and check out the belly ring. >> and nobody does post workout perfection better than julianne looking absolutely amazi in studio city yesterday. and finally, it's no secret khloe k.'s workout to show off her skin tight orange house ofcb bandage dress at the flag ship store opening in west hollywood last night. >> wow, she's looking fantasttc. not the only kardashian hitting the gym. mrs. west has been working hard to get her body back, and clearly it is working. we had to find out all the secrets to how kim is getting it done. >> i reached my pre-baby goal.
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a few pounds still to go. i want to be before pre-baby like five years ago so i'm happy and feel confident. >> the new mama feeling fearless after her 60-pound weight loss. posting sexy selfies. check out the star behind the scenes of her photo shoot for gq, which is on stands tuesday. kim has been sharing her post baby weight loss journey and daily workouts via social media. >> back at it hard core with joe today. >> i admire kim because it takes hard work. >> but the real secret to kim's success according to her nutritionist is kim's commitment to the atkins diet. >> we taught her how to eat the atkins way. which is controlling carbohydrates, eating adequate protein and having healthy fat >> kim takes in 1,700 calories day. for someone who is known to have a sweet tooth -- >> i dream of cheesecake, you have no idea. >> -- the diet allows her to cheat clean.
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>> cheesecake made with splenda instead of sugar. she stayed focus and lost at a steady, slow pace. 60 pounds. that's a lot of weight. >> michelle turner knows why today is a cheat day. >> happy birthday north west. her third birthday. growing up. >> yes. >> yesterday, we showed you james corden and the red hot chili peppers doing their thing. in carpool karaoke, it has become an institution. >> i mean, look at that. how could you get enough of that? so many celebrities have joined james. everybody from jennifer lopez to mariah carey. remember the one with george clooney, julia and gwen stefani? >> that's a classic. >> we decided tonight we're going to reveal that secret sauce that has us all wanting to carpool with corden. ♪ i ain't no holler back girl ♪
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>> you playing the drums. >> no. >> that's you playing the drums? >> i play the drums. >> no way. >> needs a raise and a promotion. >> the thing was in the u.k. for charity sketch with george michael. we thought, hang on, this might be quite a good idea. ♪ >> one hour is about all it takes to shoot each karaoke session. there are never any dooovers and the guys behind it all, late late show executive producer. & >> we drive behind in the car. we've got the monitors to see all the cameras. >> we communicate, but it's him driving, no director, no camera people. just them in the car. it's like the conversation unfolds as the conversation unfolds. he plays songs. >> it just kind of flows how it flows.
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>> it is. he's really amazing. >> ome on. here we go. >> i was up all night. >> mariah, corden's first ever karaoke guest refused to sing at first. paparazzi.ber got caugh there you can see aal the tiny gopro cameras that capture the fun. james is actually driving th entire time. >> is james in control of where the car goes? how far do you guys drive? >> he's not in control of where it goes. he's in a caravan that's moving relatively slowly for safety. >> usually, we would get -- in truth, we just get three residential streets that are usually empty. we would only drive at 15 miles per ho we just go round and round again and again and again. ♪ >> most of the time, it was all done around the cbs studio lot. and tinted back windows are what
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helped george and julia be a pecret when they joined >> james said you to do it with gwen. >> we were like, yeah, does she want to do it with is? >> there was that one point, what's wrong with this woman. ♪ we are the champions ♪ of the world >> of the that one is actually my favorite one right now. that could change..o cf1 o james corden has a carpool karaoke bucket list. beyonce, jay-z, bruno mars. >> i want to see him with barbara streisand. >> think about that. >> talk amongst yourself. >> we'll be rig
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travel consideration provided by -- the next fast and furious movie is shooting right now. did we just play casting agent? >> i always wanted to be in a fast and furious movie and they've never asked me. i don't understand why. vin, get your act together. >> that's what helen told us. we took her request to vin >> she's coming out and saying,
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i want to work with this dude. >> what would she what character would she play? >> you've got the matriarch. to the shaw brothers. true. she was cast in fast 8 today. congratulations. >> we take credit. we don'ttknow whht character. but she's in the movie. >> we did it. >> bye, everybody.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, did jen aniston just join the mommy after 40 club? >> my husband and i are planning our family. >> our fertility expert weighs in on the growing phenomenon. >> a lot more women wait these days to have babies. then, two of the wor
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most powerful women unite. oprah grilling michelle obama about her biggest post white house wishes. >> i want to go to target again! >> number three, seth meyers opens up on late night struggle to address the orlando m plus, our "insider" bonu responsible for j-law's body and john snow's commanding abs. her trainer's tips for a hot bikini bod by working out only 15 minutes a day. >> working your shoulders right here. >> is this going to give you the j-la now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! could jennifer aniston be expecting a new friend in the family? hollywood baby business ys


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