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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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forced from their home by fire, and then robbed of their belongings hear from a local family, victimized twice. plus, what was taken from their home. good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning villanova wildcats are hoping history repeats itself. it has been more than 30 years since nova nation shocked the world winning that national championship. the as current team gets ready to head to houston we are live on campus as members of the cinderella 1985 team, and some great news we have great weather for their big send off to houston. >> indeed we do. >> yes. >> it is so nice, dry roadways are certainly helping out this morning too. no accidents to report which is great, just some
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construction, outside. >> that will slow you down but that is one thing we have got going for us here but certainly quiet weather continues to be a theme today no where near as windy as yesterday was and thankfully it will warm up a little bit here too. just a nice spring day. that is coming our way. thanks, mother nature, hats off to you. we will look at what is going on not a heck of a lot. i love bringing in quiet shots like this because it gets you outside the door, maybe a little bit more of the sane note not so crazy. hard enough to get out the door get kids ready lunches packed and hit the road when dealing with wet weather that will slow you down. we do not have that at all for next day and a half. pleasant valley at middle and high schools there pleasant indeed, very tranquil start to the day. storm scan also basically working overtime and not showing much out there. we have a nice clear sky for you but with that clear sky, you can see temperatures drop off more readily this morning. with that said the wind is very, very light. so light you do not have any kind of a reading to register
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just calm in atlantic city, trenton, lancaster and haphazard in terms of the direction right new but high pressure anchored overhead and it will be staying, light in terms of the wind flow here today. walking you through the day bright sunshine, keep sunglasses ready to go. look at the variety pack. we have 30's, 40's in between 7:00 and 11:00, 50's and a 60 to top it off here with that sunshine and light wind. now coming up there will be eventually wet weather to track especially tomorrow late in the day. steadier rain to go with it and behind the steady rain comes big changes for our upcoming weekend. which we will detail for you as we move through the show. meisha, back to you. no fun to have the rain on a friday but at least we will have plenty of sunshine today. good morning everyone happy wednesday to you. roads are looking good. look at the boulevard, headlights moving in the southbound direction, looking good. in the necessarily quiet as we creep into the 5:00 o'clock hour pushing toward the
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6:00 but things are looking good from early risers out there. they are coming out there, they are still moving out on the roadway. just thinking about hitting the roadways just know you are in great company. things are looking good anywhere we look plymouth meeting blue route taillights moving in the southbound direction at ridge pike you can see this is what you are basically looking at, 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction past route 29, string of the the headlights and taillights moving in bet direction a at 422. we have construction out there, this is one, that has been bothering us all morning street road between philmont avenue and old lincoln highway. one lane block. just know it is still out there. some construction that has cleared pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between neshaminy service plaza and delaware valley all cleared, now back to you. villanova wildcats are heading to houston today and tait with the oklahoma sooner the with the final four this saturday. >> wild cat are chasing their first title since 1985. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on villanova
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campus with more on the final four and look at some nova history, jan. >> reporter: jim and erika, good morning. the it is quiet here in the copley center this morning but there is about to be whole lot more excitement on campus for mens basketball team leaves for houston later today ahead of their final four game on saturday and with me this morning a couple people who know a little bit about playing in the big game. on the right, steve penone, part of the cinderella team in 58 that won the championship. steve, what is it like to head in that same direction as you headed on in 85, what are the differences between the two teams. >> it is just great for this program. they work hard all year. coaching staff put so much time on and it is a tremendous feeling on the main line. we are proud of this group. biggest difference we went in as a under dog playing georgetown this group is as talented as any team left in the field and they have a great chance to bring home that second national
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championship. >> with that said what do they have to do begins oklahoma because they did lose to them. >> what they do, they will try to defend, rebound, play on offense the way they have and i think this team has grown a lot. i'm sure oklahoma a has as well. i will give these guys i great chance on saturday good and you are part of the 71 team, a teacher a at villanova. he he was a at elite eight game. heading down to houston as well. what is it like to see the excitement on campus. >> really exciting. the as i was just saying to steve, half of the students in my classes are going down to houston. >> wow. >> i was surprised. >> yes. >> half of the students and i don't know why this might be an announcement right new we may not have classes, and they would be very happy with that because they are excited. buzz around campus i think all final four shirts and book store have sold out. it is very exciting. >> what is it like to play in this program. you were on the 71 team.
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>> we take pride in our basketball program. when we were playing, it was certainly a lot smaller, you know, it was important, and it was big, but nothing like what it is right now. the excitement around here is a macing and, you know, from the university for our students, for our faculty it is very exciting. >> reporter: steve, thank you so much. they are both heading to hughes ton to watch the game on saturday. coming up next hour we will take a look at that gear that is selling out real fast. the it sold out right now, we will have where you can buy it next but i hear you have to come and buy it fast because they are selling out fast, erika and jim. >> hold on and hold out for national championship. >> jan, thank you. >> reporter: true. our leslie van arsdal will be traveling with the wildcats, leslie will have live reports from houston starting tomorrow as nova gets ready for the final four. right now 5:36. in business news this morning, hamburger fans they are just
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seeing red. >> a good start to the stock market, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and erika, stocks will open up at highest level of the year, dow jones rose 97-point yesterday, nasdaq up 79 points, investors were in the buying mood after janet yellin said the fed isn't in any rush to raise interest rates. she said the globallal economy is worse than expect, most analyst think it is highly unlikely the fed will raise rates at its next meeting in april. boeing could be cutting 10 n the washington area. that is about 8,000 workers. including executives and managers. the seattle bogeys trying to cut billions from the budget as it faces increased competition from europe's airbus. don't adjust the color on your tv screen burger king is rolling out a new red whooper at least hamburger buns are red, called angry whooper
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sandwich. burger king put hot sauce on the bread to give it extra kick. erika and jim. >> if it ain't broke i'll just say, why not just a regular burger bun. >> reporter: stick with the original but i'm sure people will be flocking to try this thing. >> absolutely. >> come back for seconds. >> thanks, jill. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has a new second in command with local ties. she's pick former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor as solicitor general. he's expect to oversee administrative duties in the attorney general's office. kane is not seeking reelection. the she's scheduled to go on trial in august on charges that she leaked secret grand jury material and then lied about it. happening today two preliminary hearing in two philadelphia murders. steve's simminger is charged with stabbing colin mcgovern in rittenhouse square on march . mcgovern was walking with friend when someone said something about simminger's hat. investigators say a fight ended with simminger stabbing
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mcgovern. also in pedro reading a accused in the murder and robbery of the transgender woman keisha jenkins. she was found shot and beaten, near 13th and winning hawking on october 6th. police say reading admits to attacking jenkins but did he not pull the trigger. abington husband and wife are victimized twice, first a fire damages a home and then someone breaks in and steals their belongings. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt expect to the couple. >> i got burned. i got out of my house safe. my family got out of the house safe. >> reporter: these charred dining room chairs are a painful reminder of the powerful fire that ripped through michael and adrian graves abington home a home they have shared for almost 30 years. >> it was a hectic evening, that is what i remember. >> reporter: abington police say after the fire was out, someone broke into the condemned homes, stole adrian's engagement and anniversary rings plus a
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credit card. >> i felt like because i have been a victim of a fire, someone took the opportunity to victimize me even more because they felt like oh, your insurance will fey for it. >> reporter: police say this man used that credit cards in several stores on broad street in north philadelphia. they don't know if he broke in the house but they do know that he is using the card. >> someone coming from north philadelphia, appeared here in abington, take some credit cards and get back down to philadelphia and use them and more likely somebody up here took them and maybe sold them to him. >> reporter: detectives are looking into all possibilities. graves says a credit card can be replaced, but he wants his wife's rings back. >> working folks out here just like anybody else. we ain't rich. in the by a licensing shot. >> reporter: there could be more suspects involved. if you have any information, give ago ton township police a call, reporting from abington
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township this morning, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". feel terrible for that family. a hollywood actor is taking on internet critics. see photograph that has him speaking out. homeless man goes in the business asking for money but what the owner does next is going viral. and crews are just used to climbing power poles but not for this, delicate operation to rescue a family of birds,
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gas and electric crews
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helped a family of bird in baltimore. >> bird built their nest too close to power lines, osprey nest was on the power pole in the parking lot the of the chesapeake bay foundation parking lot creating a potential problem. crews didn't want to destroy their home so they built a new nest, not far away and birds seem to be even writing their new digs. >> fantastic. >> exactly. >> we have been showing you this eagles nest here last week and i love seeing this, we have turned our back for five minutes yesterday and look within of the little will eagles hatched. we are waiting forbidder and little brother and sister. it is in the town of hanover and pennsylvania gaming commission, provides this camera. and eagle is watching. owe great to see that fluffy bird popped out of his little egg there. >> it is like therapy watching this. >> it really is. >> deep thought having some coffee. >> katie, how sit looking today. >> definitely quiet. we have been seeing ruffled feathers on it there, i was than the trying to pun, but
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just for you, erika. but because of all of the wind that has been blowing around in that region in general. that led to a chilly, you know, chilly forbidder up in the nest but for us we had to bundle up here but that has all slowed down. i want to take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network. allen sent in the picture of a nice, bright moon lit sky here, this looks like a street lamb top me but thinks mood off in the distance here and that is certainly nice, and bright, and certainly having to light up the night sky here for you. it is chilly outside this morning. we don't have a blanket of included cover out there, a lot of valleys as you can see here in the 20's. we will go to the coldest spots, 22 degrees comes in from eileen, she's under a nice clear sky, obviously because low freezing, wondering what happened to spring. the cant blame her there. do i promise we will get the a dose coming up here but we have gotten and flow on the thermometer along the way. allen who sent in that nice moon lit picture is reporting from delran, 26 degrees. chilly beginning obviously to
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the day we go to one more below freezing where pete is located in lawrenceville. that is the trend. reside in the suburbs this morning i bank on needing a winter coat the but again, thankfully that wind is in longer an issue. difficult tell you we are looking at ups and downs when it comes to the the thermometer readings, a variable roller coaster ride coming up here. typical high. this is only an average. 58 degrees. we will warm up in the 70's for a couple days, drop off to well below freezing especially on sunday lead nothing to monday and then we will keep that cool air in place for a couple days. where is this coming from? well in, short a series of drops in the atmosphere, cold air coming down to pay a visit. first comes in the form of the storm system. front will come through on friday. leading up to that thursday evening we will see a few showers but generally friday morning, notice your time stamp here 4:00 a a.m. friday, heavier rain starting to push across the regional radar and with us most of the morning and even into the afternoon.
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this could be a wash out for the better part of the day. we will some sun breaks but can't bank on the wet weather being completely out of here until some point that night. it is warm. lower 70's both days and then chill settles in. coldest day of the pack comes on sunday, even though it is partly sunny. and at best more than autopsier 40's at that point. >> welshing we have got some sun today, we just need one big sunshine ball, great to wake up to on a wednesday. that is exactly what we want to see a dry roadways. i will say, it is already heating up, it has been since i would say the 4:00 o'clock hour. as we go to the 5:00 he clock hour. now we are seeing things heat up. whenever we see delaware county i-95 north at 452 heating up we know that anywhere we look it will start to be heating up. that is what we're seeing. overall still traveling at posted speed and let you know vehicles are just starting to hit the roadways. the evidence here by 95 south at girard just a couple minutes ago looking at this
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moving southbound we were seeing brake lights go off. i-95 south along girard are starting to heat up a little bit toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill taillight in the eastbound direction, you can see brake lights going off, things are holding steady, still traveling at posted speed. we are just starting to to slow down ever so slightly. we have construction still. treat red between philmont avenue and old lincoln highway one lane block there more construction north broad street paving between jfk boulevard and spring garden street. we have lane closures here overnight 7:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. until late may. that will go on for quite sometime. more overnight cop trucks passyunk a avenue bridge over schuylkill river that right lane is block between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. some overnight construction through friday. overall a lot of construction. it is the season. jim, over to you. a kind gesture leaves a lasting impression on a group of cherry hill police officers. >> they were in maryland last friday for the funeral of
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officer colson. on their way home they stopped to have lunch in a baltimore restaurant. the check had been taken care of and paid and on the back on the receipt there was a note the that read god bless you fellas. family from lindenwald had casual conversation with the officers and carried out the good deed. >> we immediately looked at each other and we wanted to find them, so we got up, waitress could see what we were doing. we got up, ran outside and we were able to catch up with them a block down the street. >> the officers thanked the family and gave them a cherry hill police patch and a small token of their appreciation. you love to see. that unselfish nature and not wanting recognition, oh, we dit. >> this made their day good love that. minnesota restaurant owner is getting a tension for the way she responded to a home less man came in asking for money. >> the homeless man named marcus told her in one would hire him because of the history of robbery and theft but she decided to take a
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chance and share a sandwich with another home less woman. >> he got to me. i was like this man has nothing. i'm also thinking, you know, if you want to work, i have a job for you. >> she posted this photo on facebook to share his story and the picture has since gone viral. >> sometimes you need a second chance in life. >> i saw that on my facebook too, very nice. >> absolutely. >> hollywood actor is firing back at his critics who say fat shamed him. >> someone posted this meme of wentworth million their read when you break out of prison and find out about mcdonald's monopoly. >> rude. >> and shared a side by side comparison in one picture of the anchor in shape and other one not as in shape but come on the guy still looks great. he responded by responding a detail of his struggles with addiction and. >> for the first time, i saw,
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and cb. is three hurt to breathe but as with everything in life i get to sign meaning, and the meaning i assign to this my image is strength, healing, for giveness of myself, and others. >> good for him really because it is how you decide to view the situation, it determines how you feel about it. >> i'm curious as to who posted that thing. i'm sure their picture and name wasn't on it: it is usually anonymous folks. >> and it links to suicide prevention so well done, you take a negative and turn it around.
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erika and her fiance chip will be getting married in a few weeks abe they decided to start their new life together by moving closer to family. with a little bit of sadness but joy, we are bidding farewell to her later today. erika, you may stop being our collogue but you will always be our friend. >> i will take this moment to say thank to you everyone who has opened their home to us, every morning. i loved spending every day with you. also, i must take this moment to introduce you at home to our wonderful team here. i know you are familiar with our reporters, anchors meteorologist but may not know everyone behind the scenes,
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until they get here at 11:00 and work through night to make newscast happen. this is my thank you to you. lets go right to the news room, hang on, everyone give us a wave please. that is our great executive producer, directors, the writers, our assignment editors, everyone, ponying up, thank you guys to get on camera. i know you don't like this control room, technical director, audio tech guys, thank you for the waves. this is all happening. >> last but in the give a wave there. i love mike our floor director, katie, of course, our weather producer, traffic producer. these are the ones that make this all happen. a huge thank to you everyone i could not get on camera. our web team, editors, engineers, photographers, production assistant and more apologies if i missed you. i wanted to show off great people that have made working here an absolute pleasure and makes this bitter sweet to me. these are the people that make this station so special i will miss you a all very much.
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i will be in town before wedding and i'm now awake after dark. so if everyone wants to get together,. >> you can call me at 2:00 a.m. to wake me up. >> you are are not rid of me yet. we have another hour here on "eyewitness news". we will start at 6:00 coming up next. >> and on facebook and twitter. >> we wi your ceiling fan.allsaid he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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this morning a 14 year old boy is fighting for his life after he was shot in the back, we're live as police work to determine if he was intended target or nearly in the wrong place at the wrong time. also caught on camera, a group of young children here out of control on a septa train. they were vulgar and even violent. what they are accused of doing to one passenger. and it is a chilly start. you will need your coat this morning and before long you will need your umbrella, ate i, she's tracking when rain moves in our area. it is wednesday march 30th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm erika von tiehl. we will check with katie and meisha. today is not looking too shabby. >> good morning. traffic center as well looking good, nice, dry roadways. we are seeing construction, mostly out of the way but in that one accident this morning, it is great news for you hitting the roadway. overall things are looking good. >> good. >> weather-wise we are looking just as good because we have
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nice clear skies. chilly outside. you might find yourself turning on the heater on the way to work here this morning but thankfully worst of wind has tapered off. we are looking at full sunshine throughout the entire day to day and storm scan three is totally empty. don't you love when you love that. storm scan at a local level we have nice clear sky here and you can thank high pressure for that. high pressure brings very fair weather to the delaware valley and that is exactly what it is bringing to our area today. granted a chilly start because of that high, nice clear sky without any blanket of cloud cover will let these temperatures fall very easily, so you are below freezing in almost every location this morning, say for wildwood and philadelphia, at least of this slew of observations but even mid 20's in a couple spots. now, other flip side is at least what you see is what you get. so often we have had to do subtraction in our head for feels like value with that wind cranking but it is not. it feels like 30 in willow grove. stil


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