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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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jim donovan. >> i'm erika von tiehl. heads up, in case you put your trash cans out last night for the trash collector today you're chasing your lids down the street today. we warrant up, it is that windy out right now. we check in with katie on the skydeck, meisha on the roads. >> those lids just may be in the road. seeing a lot of debris out there, downed wires, leave your homes little early. good thing we don't have wet roadways, just windy and looking busy, on this tuesday morning. so, katie, what about that wind? >> yes, looks like it will stick with us for the better part of the day. at at least it is not as harsh as a wind what yesterday produced but regardless, we still call it windy day. expect to see wind gusts peak into the 30's once more, it is enough of a winds that when it breeze it, will feel colder. i'm decked out in winter garb yet again today. i would suggest having heavier layer ready to go. at least bank on full sunshine. we have that going for us. storm scan3, pretty tranquil at this point. obviously can't track wind
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necessarily on a saturday light and radar unless you are following the clouds. >> necker what becomes the main weather headline the win. you don't necessarily have observations in every single location, but there are obviously spots where we are seeing some decent gusts picking up here into the 20's, upper 20s, no less, and 30's. >> so for mount pocono actually registering gusts into the upper 40's, early this morning, but still into the 30's at this hour. factoring that into the temperatures, rev ren, area temperatures generally into the 40's, mid and upper 50s, no less. you can see what the wind has done to the feels like values here on this particular slew of observations. it feels like winter why not grab the heavier coat on the way out the door despite bright sunshine and the fact that we are looking pretty typical on the actual they are
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mom term, it doesn't feel that way. so 56 is what we're shooting for here today with the gusty win, i would say, just bank on it not feeling much better than the four's at any point today. of course again that's more like winner territory than anything. eventually winds tapers off. better sense of what when that happens as we progress through the show, for now, we send it into you. >> thanks so much, katie watch we are seeing right now on the roadways, just getting word of this, we do have overturned tractor-trailer 95 southbound at route 320. make note of this. it sounds like one lane only squeezing by. when i say squeezing by i mean it, it doesn't even look like people are really drivingment you can see all of the vehicle here almost looking at a stand still and all of the flashing light. so again, we have overturned tractor-trailer, this is just coming in, 95 south at route 320, avoid the area right now if you k otherwise, if you are just headed out right now just know that you will be sitting there as they get this cleaned up. we know any time we have an overturned tractor trailer can certainly take some time. good morning, happy tuesday,
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aside from that things looking okay, 95 south academy what you are looking at, everyone traveling at posted speeds, as you can see, plenty of vehicles out, there of course we know we no long remember traveling at posted spree, we won't be sometime soon. boulevard headlight moving in the southbound direction at fox street. looking good. although off into the distance you can see how many vehicles are out, there more on that coming up in about 15 minute, jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much. more details on breaking news we've been following all morning, we know seven people remain on board a egypt air flight, forced to land in cyprus. that includes four crew members, and three passengers, and we're learning more about the hijackers intentions. officials believe he's trying to communicate with his ex-wife. cbs news core upon dent don champion has the latest on the unfolding drama. >> despite the frightening circumstances, freed passengers calmly walk off egypt air flight 181 after it was hijack overnight. investigators say a man on the plane claimed he had a suicide belt so the flight from the egyptian coastal city of
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alexandria to cairo diverted to cyprus. security forces then surrounded the plane as negotiations started, the hijacker has been identified as an egyptian man, juan, cbs news senior national security consultant. >> certainly in washington you're going to have people scrambling to under stands what this is about, what americans may be at risk, and if this is part of some broader terrorist attack. >> the hijacking comes five months after a russian commercial jet was bombed, in october, over the sinai peninsula every egypt, killing all 224 people on board. affiliate group of isis later claimed responsibility. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, again, the president of cyprus is downplaying this morning's events. he says, quote, it is not something that has to do with terrorism, another official says, quote, the man seems to be in love. >> meanwhile two feel are driving around and snatching dogs.
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>> you hate to hear this. allegations buzzing around the main line. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now at lower merion police station, justin, just how many dogs are we talking about? how many are missing? >> as many as five dogs now reported missing, and we spoke to one dog own here stopped his dog from becoming the next case. he said he got knows to knows with the couple, who tried and failed to take his dog. until last week, dog owner thought he knew what a dog napper might look like. that was before coming face-to-face with the couple he says tried taking his 12 year old golden retriever will. >> i good chance it may be by someone you totally don't think it how they appear to look like. i mean there is was a couple with their kid. >> a man and woman, joseph says, whom he caught just in time. >> i walk up and i said hey that's my dog. you know, yanked him out of there. >> his surveillance camera caught part of the end county from his bryn mawr front yard and the tan colored honda crv
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he says the couple was? >> they were calling his name kim of times he you can walk up to them. then they started pulling him through the front of the car. by the time i i came up to the front, they had half of him already on the front center console. >> joseph and will had i been together six years and he's become more protective. flyers like this seen on the main line, and social media, are why. they report five recently missing dogs. the post ers share they also just happened to have caught a couple in the act every taking their dog and stopped it. a couple also traveling in a tan colored car. >> i've seen this poster around the area, and i've also seen missing dog flyers. my dog is like my child. so, you know, if anything were to happen to him i would be heart broken. >> what a scare for dog lovers in the area. at least five reported missing missing per that flyer, and early reports are of a couple in a tan car, who are going to front yards, and snatching these dogs. we are live from lower merion,
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justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika, jim. >> just hate to hear that. >> just bizarre, thanks very much, justin. >> meanwhile shooting near temple university is under investigation. it happened overnight near broad and west moore lan street. police say the 24 year old victim was shot twice, once in each leg. he's in stable condition. no word yet on a motive. >> part of a building facade came crumbling down to a sidewalk in north philadelphia. it happened on the 900 block every north broad street just after 1:00 this morning. no one was hurt. there is no word yet on what caused the facade to give way. >> new twist in the hazing scandal at connestoga high school. now hearing from parents there who say they think those serious allegations were made up. the fires public meeting last night since three football players were charged with assaulting a 14 year old with a broom stick, head coach stiped down, assistance fired, but several people praised the former coaches, saying, the alleged victim is lying.
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>> this meeting should have happened before the coaches were fired. i think they were judged material. >> i well, i think eventually everything was false. regarding the inches dent. >> i think it is complete fabrication, hoax. >> stand i buy his investigation despite some community outcry. cbs-3 reached out to the superintendent, several times, regarding the meeting, we were told he was unavailable. >> panic caught on camera. on vacation with his family someone pulled a weapon in the capitol visitor center. this is his home video of the aftermath, as people are just ducking for cover, and running, eventually escort intoed. >> the audience: tore yum for their safety. bystander suffered minor injuries. >> now the alleged gunman is in stable condition this morning. around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, he pulled a gun inside the security screening area. capitol police shot him after they say he pointed that gun at them. congress was on break, but
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washington was still full of tourists, many of them children, off from school. >> don't expect something like it to happen when you're with your family on vacation. >> knowing more than a criminal act. >> the visitor center re-opening this morning. >> still ahead this morning, the presidential candidates head to wisconsin ahead of next week's prime air. and protesters are already at work. >> also, excitement building on villanova campus, as those wildcats head to the final four. finds out how police are preparing for a possible party. if they win, but you're saying they'll up. >> they'll win. controversial issue for families, and teachers south jersey. why some people are protesting the standardized test coming up. >> ♪
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>> planning seeing this while inside an airplane, val cano erupt and passenger takes this amazing shot. >> now, this is the padlock val cano, alaska lucien island, volcano belched out an ash cloud stretching 400 miles inland, and 37,000 feet high. all that ash prompted alaska airlines to cancel dozens of flights, they're set to resume later on today, and a lot of planes, jim, can you imagine something something like that. >> sometimes overseas they have a lot of times like in
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iceland, stuff, i mean, all of the airlines have it cancel tons every flights any times this happens. that will stuff remains in the atmosphere for awhile. >> right. unbelievable. >> i don't think it will be going this way, kate. >> i certainly not. >> we're all good here, you can see with the beautiful shot behind me, "skycam 3", live picture, isn't it beautiful? this is the view from our very own station headquarters being drink it, in so beautiful here. couple of clouds mooing more at the moment. taking view and live look from the camera, right over spring garden and broad street right now, in center city. clearly beautiful sunrise about to get under nay about a half hour or so, once does, i'm sure we'll have beautiful camera shots to show you. waist going on at the atmosphere, yesterday incredibly winnie, you know, but still an issue here today. not as windy, but what's happening is i'll step to this side so you can really see. area of low pressure retreating, high pressure taking it playings, big avenue just quiet weather, and when you see that difference in
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pressure, you get the wind tunnel sort of setting up there, and that's why you end up with the wind, that persists and cranks, like you are walking through skyscrapers in center city. you know what i am talking b once we see high pressure settle over top of it is -- us, it becomes quiet winds flow, so expect the winds to taper off specially by tonight, mid 50's meantime, cooler day. sunny, nice day tomorrow, just tranquil. this is like a classic spring day. then we start to rebound once more, low 70s couple thundershowers are expected to pop out out there. but the wettest period of the forecast comes friday morning, which is also, i know, april fools day, but i promise you i'm not messing with you here, expect the rain a.m. spec to need the umbrella friday morning specially. >> thirty-four tonight, cold, brisk, but nice clear skies tomorrow. beautiful day. we jump it to thursday, again, with couple of thundershowers, some rain friday morning, and
6:15 am
at this point it looks like it will be somewhat of chilly upcoming weekend, but generally calling for rain free forecast there. >> could be worse. >> not even into april yet. >> we know one thing for sure on monday or tuesday, guys, it will be busy. the world of traffic is right now, now the roadways nice and dry, certainly is helping us out. winnie, but what we are seeing is a lot of overnight construction project. and this overturned tractor-trailer, report of overturned tractor-trailer anywhere in delaware count any chester, and overturned tractor-trailer involving injuries, route 95 southbound, 95 southbound, at route 320. now, if you can avoid this area, you certainly want to do so, i'm telling you right now, that the backups are extensive. so again, if you can avoid
6:16 am
this area, you certainly want to do so. i'll show you the back up camera. but if you are traveling this area, let me switch my clicker here, fee this works, there you go, look at this, you are not moving. this is looking more like a parking lot, than anything else. so again in this area just getting report it is very, very slow moving, in fact, there is one lane that's open, but even that is opening intermittently. so for those of in you this area, avoid this area altogether. you are not going to go by. take a look at this, another area of 95, 95 south at cottman, also looking very slow as you come around the s curve. i can tell you no longer traveling at posted speeds here, looking very, very busy there, as well. overnight construction, north broad street between jfk boulevard and spring garden street, we have lane closures there, seven p.m. to 5:00 p.m. until late may. all right, so, glad we're not experiencing this on our roadways, big question here is how did this happen? after a car drives up a power line, this video coming from
6:17 am
western pen see, first responders say the woman inside had to wait two hours to be rescued from her vehicle. they say she didn't know her way around the area. and was driving way too fast. ya, i would guess so. she was not injured. all right, guys, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back after this. wow, take a look at that.
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>> wildcats, showdown with the oklahoma sooners. wildcats beat kansas city jay hawks saturday night to advance in the final four for the first time since 2009. j hawks were the top over saul seed in the entire march madness tournament. coach jay wright says it won't get any easier but he likes his wildcat. >> we're both very, very bald. i think he'll get get a lot of attention, he's a superstar. the other guy is real good like our guys. >> gears flying off the ranks, villanova book store student on spring break, they're back in class today, the book store opens at 8:00 a.m. >> now police on the main line planning ahead for possible villanova win. >> make sure that fire and medical crews can get to cam
6:21 am
pulls. despite the detail planning, officials say keeping the celebrations safe depend on how fans behave. >> being respectful to the university's property, and we do have high expectations for our student, expect they'll do that. >> officials are going back, reviewing records from 2009 when crowds gather to celebrate villanova last appearance in the final four. >> live report from the final four in houston starting thursday. here on cbs-3, she has been following all over town, all over country with all every these great wins. >> she racking up the miles. meanwhile coming up usually go to a spa to get pampered. >> of course, but we'll show you a spa where you can go to pamper an elephant. you can even paint their toenail. this is coming up. >> and still pretty windy out there, katie. >> i'm still stuck on how you pamper an elephant on purpose? i look forward to this story. stay tuned for. that will yes, still little
6:22 am
blustery outside. when does the winds finally wind down? i'm tell you, but also, want to tell when you you will have that umbrella ready to go, too, next rounds every rain, when it gets here coming up.
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>> campaigning across win con sin, as don champion reports, protesters are already planning to disrupt one of donald trump's scheduled stops. >> donald trump isn't in wisconsin yet and protester already at work, dozen staged sit in in the lobby of this hotel monday calling on the manager to cancel trump's scheduled visit there today. >> other candidate don't bring with them this message every hate. >> gop frontrunner makes his first campaign visit to the state this afternoon where he's lock in a battle with ted cruz. >> ted is a very concerned puppy, because, he's losing big, i've got hundreds of delegates more than him. >> cruz had a head start campaigning in the critical state, and needs a win, next tuesday. monday he challenged drum top debate him one-on-one. >> what becomes evident in a debate is that donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing in in country. >> john kasich is still pushing for a contested convention, and has been
6:26 am
holding town hauls in the state. on the democratic side, hillary clinton used a speech on the supreme court monday, to call out trump. >> as scary as it might be, ask yourself what casino of justice would a president trump appoint? >> after sweeping three caucus state, this weekend, rival bernie sanders believes he can still win the democratic nomination. he is counting on young voters to deliver him an upset over clinton in wisconsin. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we have an update for you on that plane that was hijacked overnight. several passengers have been release but some are still on board. find out what that hijacker is demanding next. >> jan? >> and the bitter battle between apple and the fbi comes to an unexpected close. coming up why investigators no longer need apple's help packing one of their iphones. meisha? >> one accident causing this backups, and also couple of more accident out there with delays, for mass transit, all
6:27 am
of the updates coming up. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", will be right
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>> good morning, everyone, waking to up gorgeous sunrise, but did that wind wake you up last night? >> i sleep in a bunker so i didn't hear it, but katie will it snip. >> it will actually, i don't think you are talking the winds speeds we had yesterday. pretty brutal stuff. into the 50's with some of the gusts easily sent my patio furniture cushions just right over, yes, to go chasing few things down yesterday. but it will continue today. >> lock them down. >> exactly, i would still secure some loose objects if you have them out and about, but not as harsh of a wind, so going on outside, show you
6:31 am
waist going on with another pretty camera, this take friend separate view from the station headquarters, we showed you spring garden camera overlooking broad street, the intersection there, from the very own rooftop, ben franklin bridge over in the distance and take a look, current temperatures 48. if it actually feel like low 40's, northwest wind, currently, peaking at about 15 miles per hour, so yes, it is breezy, and you notice that nor where near the harsh necessary, new gretta in a ended up 50-mile per hour gust, new castle delaware, 50 miles per hour and the list goes on. in the mid and upper 50s some of the peak gusts in pottstown, doylestown, so we all notice that it was quite windy yesterday. >> still somewhat i call it blustery, still have the wind gust peaking into the 20's, and the 30's, storm scan, nice and empty so you can expect beautiful sunrise and just generally bright and sunny day, regardless, really the most blue err i conditions,
6:32 am
still northwest breeze at 20 miles per hour. higher gusts we've been reporting all morning long, but everybody can bank on the sunshine it, will brighten things up, little cooler today granted, 56 degrees at best for the daytime high. but frankly that's pretty much where we should be. we have been awfully spoiled as of late with some of the temperatures, but casino of back to dose of re tal at this on the thermometer, make sure you do the math in your head, knock five to 10 degrees off for feels like any time the winds is blowing. >> certainly felt little chillier this morning, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday just waking up with us. student rent looking busy out on the roadways now. if you just missed it do have this accident outside in delaware county chester. zero overturned vehicle here involving injuries. nine # a south at route 320 certainly causing some slow downs for those of in you this area. one lane getting by intermittently, truly looking more like parking lot. this is 95 south, before route one, you can see, everyone has
6:33 am
their brake lights on, just sitting there hoping to squeeze by that one lane like i said. that's intermittently opening. so, make note of that for those every you in and around the area if you do have to jump out on the roadways now know you will be sitting there until they get that cleaned up out of the way. any time injuries, we know it will delay the process as well. talcony palmyra bridge scheduled to open at 6:40, make note of. that will beautiful shot here, usually when we see the shot looking very dark, we can see the traffic driving by. we know it will be lifting. make note of. that will also this accident here, trooper at audubon road, one lane blocked here, and another accident show this in limerick, light cap road evergreen road. also do have 15 minute delays on the paoli thorndale line because every signal problems, back over to you. >> egyptian man lasse general dollars an airplane force the crew to land in cyprus. holding four crew members, four passengers, did let everyone else off the plane president of cyprus says the hijacking has nothing to do with terrorism. the egyptian and media say the
6:34 am
man requested political asylum in cyprus where his ex-wife lives. 6:34. contentious legal battle between apple and the fbi finally over this morning. >> feds now say this avenue cracked the san bernardino shooters iphone without the tech company's help. >> that's the big question, the thing, bit of mystery here. the feds aren't saying how they did this or who helped. but, investigators were able to crack the san bernardino shooters iphone without apple's helpment and today, agent are reviewing what they fawn. >> san bernardino shooter farook, but how they hacked the phone without apple help is a mystery. justice department only issued a statement saying with the recent assistance after third party, we are now able to unlock the iphone without compromising any information on the phone. so, on monday, the fbi would drew the case that could have
6:35 am
forced apple to help. tip kin senior tech write for cnet. >> broader issue not over though. the golf and law enforcement will keep wanting access to phones, tech companies are going to keep fighting back. republicans -- probably see this in spots around the country. >> agents have wanted access to farook's phone since december when he and his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino california but apple claimed hacking the phone would have set dangerous precedent. ceo tim cook took a hard stand at the company's product launch event last week. >> we have a response tonight help you protect your data and pro tech your privacy. >> is that statement yesterday, the company remain firm, saying, this case should have never been brought. meantime, tip kin says while it is a concern, the fbi was able to hack an iphone, apple has improved security with its newer versions. >> the the new devices apple has has touch id, fingerprint reader, also more security
6:36 am
built into the chip and to the components themselves. so these are just little more secure than what we saw with the 5c. >> ache em found down 14 request toss help get information from it devices, fbi has not released information that have found on farook's phone. >> finally end to this, longest time, everyone divided, apple, fbi. >> exactly, and for now as you heard the expert say possibly this issue popping up in the future. >> absolutely, jan, thank you. >> one week after president obama's historic trip to cuba fidel castro is criticizing the trip. the american president met with his cuban counterpart, castro's brother raoul, mr. obama said he went to burden of proof i the two country's history, but fidel castro says quote we don't need the empire to give us any presence. >> 6:36. that will effort to crackdown on back door payments, all of the hidden fees, department of labor about to release new rules on how financial planners have to handle
6:37 am
retirement accounts. >> cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger; live in new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> so what are the new rules? >> this is huge deal. i know it doesn't seem like a big difference, but the folks who are servicing retirement accounts will soon have to act in a customaries best interest , also referred to as fed usual area duty. here is what it means. if it an investment consultant, broker, insurance consultant recommends you roll over your retirement account into new one, might play higher cost than your old plan, has to document why that is in your best interest to do so. also must tell if you she receives any compensation for the investment within the newport folio. now, here's what's really blind blowing, before this rule, a lot of investment professionals were held to much lesser standard. it was called suitability. that will means whatever they sold had you to be appropriate but not in your best interest. i don't think a lot of consumers realize that.
6:38 am
>> absolutely. now, we all know consumers of course want interest being put first, but i'm sure corporations out there not so much after fan identify me? >> huge. big financial firms have fought back against the department of labor spending millions of dollars lobbying, new rules will make it too expense i have to service middle class americans who might have smaller accounts. now, certified financial planning board simply not credible, in fact, big financial service company, lpl, the fourth largest network of financial professionals, recently announcing it would lower not raise fees for smaller account. here is the deal f your broker does raise your fees, don't worry, we have options, great strides in financial services, technology, and just any there is you are probably better off with a automated advisor like betterment, or wells front, or re balance ira, they've all embraced the fed usual area standard, than conflicted
6:39 am
salesperson who is pushing a more expensive retirement product than you need. for more on why the industry does not want to put you first go to jill on money. com. hey, i'm fired up about this, guys. >> i love it. >> this is good t also get people thinking about their retirement. they don't look into the fees and all of this other stuff. so anything that gets people to do that i'm a happy camper with that. thanks so much, jill. >> take care. >> here is something to spend your money on, differ ren kind of spa in indianna. >> now, not for humans or dogs. >> this one is for elephants. >> bathed the giant animals, even paint their names. says he adopted two of the three elephant after their mothers were poached. when not being pampered, the elephants get to hang out and roam on 10 acres of lands. >> so neat for those kids. katie and bring talking in the break. who would do this? oh, eight year old, bathing, paint toenails? >> those are bill egg fans.
6:40 am
>> well, that's the size they come in. >> one wrong move, keep the small children away. coming up ... the new food citizens bank park is serving up this season. >> also with the sneezing and coughing, tough year for spring allergies. doctor rob somebody in studio, though, has the five things downing to reduce your symptoms. >> as new jersey student prepare to take the park exams, parent are getting organized. i'm cleve bryan. coming up: why such resistance against this
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>> it's almost time to play ball. >> released new line up of concessions stands. first up, that looks delicious, it is an amish turkey burger sharp cheddar unshale lot marm he will aid on grilled sesame bun. then new wawrinka back burger, cheesey burger pork roll, banished with mini corn dog. and you can't go to the ballpark without having a good old hotdog, right? >> came up with a few different dogs, asian style,
6:44 am
latino style dog to casino of show all every these great flavors that are exploding in the city, casino every get the people in the ballpark to kind of maybe taste them. >> oh, sound good. don't twist our arms. also, for the first time chick-fil-a sandwiches and rita's water ice will be offered at the ballpark. that's one of the great things about going to the phillies games, what are we eating next? >> i head straight for the dessert, what about you, kathy? >> i go for all of it, nothing to me beat the ballpark food. >> and it is to eat just one thing, then always go home with a stomach ache because were you a glut on about it, right? that's just me apparently? let's head on out to the eyewitness weather watcher network, a lot of low and mid 40's being reported, but the wind is still an issue. so we take you out to the list format view of what the wind is producing, and generally finding into the teens out of the northwest, so jason reports middletown, delaware, 17-mile per hour northwest win, that's sustained, john is in philadelphia, proper, 15-mile per hour wind, and
6:45 am
you're find that generally be the case, ten to 15 miles per hour. a little lighter and handful of spots, like from andy in dover, from jerry in blue bell, and 5 miles per hour from kenneth, willing born owe kyle in hatboro. however the wind is still there. and that said it is definitely going to be an in the recall feature of your forecast, actually, i take you back in time to picture that got sent in, just going crazy here, because of how winnie it was from his weather station, so, that said, do expect that it is still breezy and here's the reason why. we go out to the maps. you've got low pressure retreating, high pressure which you can't necessarily pinpoint on that, but here it is, billing in from the southwest, that is taking the place of the low. so with the return flow around both of these systems, you get that pressure gradient, which, in turn, turns basically just into a chilly wind, inbetween the skyscrapers, if you are thinking of sort of walking through center city that's the win turned he he will effect. while bright and sunny throughout the course of the
6:46 am
day today it will be somewhat blustery, ala winnie the poo style, blustery day out there. that said, we take you out to the health report. dow this in honor of doctor rob, he has been talking about spring allergies, pretty good air quality today. pollen levels are moderate. more than anything, because, the wind is picking up. so, expect that tree pollen if it is something that you suffer from with the allergies it, will big you here today. tomorrow, gorgeous, starting to warm up, 70s by thursday, watch for some late day thundershowers and rain on friday morning. no fooling on april fools day, i promise, meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie, thank you. just little bit ago we had live chopper three over an accident, that has actually just been cleared. but the back up, because of the accident, are significant. so, should you leave your homes and head outright around this area of 95 south at route 320? delaware county chester. sure, downing, that but this is what you are going to be sitting in, that tension, just now starting to be alleve ate dollars. but i can tell you right now taken up until this point to get that clear, so because of
6:47 am
all of these vehicles on the roadways, still going to back you up quite a bit. still going to be sitting there. you might get couple of lanes going through, might slowly start to pick up, just know if you jump out on this stretch right now, this is basically what you are sitting in. so over the next five to ten minute hopefully that loosen up just little bit. i'll bring to you another back upshot, 59 south, before the blue route, you can see, just a string of headlights, this is right after where the accident was, so you can see casino of trickle by right now, but overall still slow. talcony palmyra bridge now open. just open. just make note of that for those of you out there. couple of accident i'll touch because oncoming up in about ten minute, back to you. >> now the debate over standard eyes testing heating up again in new jersey. >> some say the park is essential to measure student ' chief. , other teaching to the test and stressing out student in the process. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, has both sides of the debate. >> invited part of grass roots network of parent reap discussing the partnership,
6:48 am
college carreers test, better known as park. >> the park test is a test, standardized test, we feel is not necessary for our children, just another way for them to be judged. >> next week park testing will begin for the second year and those who support and oppose it are ramming up the rhetoric. the group new jersey kids and families started an opt-out lawn sign campaign, giving support from volunteer organize wester save our schools new jersey. >> letting the parent decide for themselves. once they decide we will establish this inside of our communities. >> also groups supporting park like we raise new jersey, that features this video on their website. >> designed by educators, alkaline to rigorous state dan cards, not only measures student, but important skills like critical saving and problem solving. >> new jersey education commissioner david's office provided thus statement saying now we are entering the second year of pac testing it, educators and educators seeing the benefits, most effective assessment stool the state has ever had, see thousand can help improving teaching and
6:49 am
learning in ways our old tests never k chris and jan, opt 3-g out of pacrr testing, spending too much time on one test. >> really school function comes to bit of screaching halt during the weeks that the test is administered. and those are times i would rather my children be used interacting their teacher doing enriching activities in the classroom. >> also wants to point out the test is shorter, only one testing window instead of two last year, overall the test 90 minute shorter, fewer testing sections n camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, gale couldn't joining us enough new york with a preview. good morning, gale. >> we are here, erika, jim. live nan color good to see you guys, we're on breaking news, learning more about the egypt air hijacking and reports that americans were on board. plus, the latest on the shooting at the us capitol. also, scientist back in studio
6:50 am
57 on the first ever warning that gas and oil drilling in the planes could cause a destructive earthquake. and we've got preview. who is riding in the car with james these days, carpool car evening oke, it is the lovely jennifer lopez, she can sing and she can move. love her. she is taking a ride with the comedian, news back in the morning, we'll see in you about ten minutes, and counting, tick-tock back to you in the studio, erika and jim. >> hey, former fly girl, she has the moves. >> i know, yes, she is a trifecta. she did can act, sing and dance. we like her. >> absolutely. thanks, gale, we will be watching. sneezing, sniffing, watery eyes, sure sign every spring time. >> this year knows allergy symptoms seem to be starting even earlier watch steps can you take to survive the season? family physician doctor rob danoff, with more ways to reduce the allergy symptoms. seems it is earlier this year. why is that? >> it is, with the warming,
6:51 am
very mild winter, seem lining we have global warming so what happens is the trees start to pollen ate earlier, then the grass, and the season is longer, and then when katie sends us sunny days we get more pollen so we get more pollen earlier and longer seasons. so those who have scratchy nose, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, allergy season. >> me, me, me, all of those things. so how do we reduce spring anal err genes into the house? >> outdoor one of the first things you want to do between five and 10:00 a.m., the highest pollen count specially dry days windy so if you exercise outdoors stay inside during that time. also when go into your house, you want to keep your shoes right at the door. but wear wrap around sunglasses if you can, hair spray, hair gel, i know no one here uses that, of course, but that's like a map right for pollen it, sticks to up, so you bring political glenn so don't use hair spray and gem. you are crossing the line
6:52 am
here. >> just little bit. for those who use it, that would be really good. wrap around sunglasses, face mask, do you ever see people wear that? wear that if you do the lawn or better yet if you have seasonal allergies have someone else do the lawn for you. >> can easily bring the allergens into your home. what's the best way to prevent that. >> biggest thing is pollen flies in the air, shut the windows, i know nice breeze, use air conditioner if you consideration use rakeem cleaners help a filter it, will bring up the pollen. take a shower at night instead of in the morning. >> this way you're wiping the pollen off your hair, off your clothes, off your skin, and then you don't bring it into your bed sheets, not sneezing overnight. those are real important things to do. >> i change my pillow case. >> great idea. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> again the attractive gel and hair spray, i bring them, in i'm magnent. >> you should invent the hair spray that doesn't attract political glenn how do you cope? i take collar continue d. but i already started feeling a scratchy throat. what other things can i do i and other can do. >> one of the biggest things if you know this is your
6:53 am
season, start medications earlier. people with allergies get worse during the pollen season, start urine hail ers earlier (start your antihistamine, sail saline nose sprays, spray it in there, rinses the pollen operate of your nose, sews these are things that you can do. there is something called butter burr, like over the counter you can try that. and it is something that may decrease your allergy reaction, but i would say see your doctor, there are a lot of things we can do to decrease the allergies. >> are there any sneaky allergy cull splits. >> floral allergy syndrome. so many people pollen has protein in it, there are certain foods, cantelope, watermellon, ban and as, some people eat it, doctor, my mouth is itchy or my lips get swollen. >> scratchy throat sometimes. >> it is called oral allergy syndrome. if you have allergies to pollen there are certain rots that may bother you. so if you notice that pattern, cook them first before you eat them. or speak to your doctor about medications, but something that does happen.
6:54 am
>> good to know. thank you doctor rob, as always. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 am
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>> checking in with the mascot of the move, morning show,
6:58 am
mama, pappa bird, live picture courtesy of the pennsylvania game commission, and there are two eggs in that nest, but the dogs hatch any time now. keeping very close eye. getting a look at the eggs for mr. and mrs. eagle switch places, take turns pro ticking the eggs and then searching for food. of course we'll keep you posted when any development. see the feathers flying in the wind right there, my goodness, affecting them too today. >> chilly bird. >> at least the eggs are warm. >> exactly. >> sure, doing well. >> regulars doing welshing you know, all going to be feeling our feathers get ruffle here, still chilly outside northwest breeze, not as harsh as yesterday, certainly with the sun climbing over the horizon, nice and bright and sunny but a chill in the air for sure. i would grab the winter coat on the way out the door, meisha. >> absolutely, chilly indeed. do have the sun out, gorgeous, talcony palmyra, for those of you hanging out, pa turnpike near the northeast extension, emergency there, lanes are possibly block, slow moving,
6:59 am
give yourself a couple of extra minute. >> if you like to go to bed early like we do, you are missing out on one of the funniest segment on tv. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, songs, carpool karioke, huge, huge hit. tonight getting hour long special with highlight from the best carpool karioke, plus brand new ride with j-lo. of course "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right after that. can't wait. still ahead very latest on the egypt airplane, how it was hijacked.
7:00 am
>> first ever warning about good morning. it is tuesday, march 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, a hijacker forces an egyptian airliner reportedly carrying americans. they find a way to hack into an iphone. and how a gun store owner's instingtss may have prevented a mass shooting. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> if we have a hijacker aboard the plane, we're dealing with it as a real event. >> a hijacked plane lands in


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