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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> we start the half hour with breaking news in the middle east. says loan hijack is her responsible for commandeering an egypt airplane. the airbus was on it way from alexandria to cairo when the hijacker claimed he had a bomb belt and forced the pilot to fly the plane to cyprus. once the plane landed, he let everyone off except for the crew, and four foreigners. the president of cyprus says the hijacking has nothing to do with terrorism. sigh up from government official says the man seems to be in love. "eyewitness news" will follow the story as the morning goes on. >> back here at home, oh, the winds seem to be the story for both the commute and looking out the door this morning. >> absolutely, commute looking good. seek some debris on the roadway, downed wires, downed trees, we do have an accident out there, that's still hasn't cleared. and i guess the running theme is that construction, the winds, the rain, doesn't
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matter, construction crews are out there. >> they certainly are. that will slow you down for one thing, like you said, actually debris in the roadway, so i baffled over couple of branches on my drive out of just the driveway this morning, so watch for. that will but, the winds still going to be pretty persistent here today. i would circumstances you know, not as harsh as yesterday was, still enough that i grabbed the winter coat. when you walk out the door here, cold enough for that, and even though the thermometer may read one thing it, actually feels like another. so, let's explain, we get you out there first and for most with quick check of storm scan, devoid of any storms at the moment like we like t high pressure building in, but because it is building in, that is why you are actually get that wind picking up. it is the winds tunnel effect. you have low pressure retreating, high pressure moving in, sort of creates that wind tunnel effect between the areas of pressure. so that's why it was so windy yesterday. why it is still is pretty blustery out there. current sustained wind speeds, mostly coming out of the west to northwest. and that's basically the direction that wind will be flowing all day here today. so because it comes from essentially colder place that
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means it will feel that much chillier to you. current wind speeds 20, 21 miles per hour, again, sustained wind speeds, so, that will obviously blow your hat off your head, but also make it feel a lot cooler than the thermometer reads. while these are actually in the thermometer readings through the course of the day, we expect to hit about 56 degrees at the height of the afternoon. it probably is never going to actually feel like it is into the mid 50's, just because do you have factor that in for windchill. i would knock five, 10 degrees off any time for feels like value. bottom line is probably won't feel like it is breaking out of the 40 ' at any point today. definitely more little dose every winter than anything. so, another bluster day on tap. however, down the road, temperatures set to spike again, and we look back in the 70s on one day of the coming forecast, how much, also comes with a price, more rain on the way. and i'll gave you a hint, no fooling, guys, april fools day is coming up here, but i'm going to tell when you the window of wettest weather is set to arrive coming up. >> kate, already planning my
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attack on you. we'll see. >> gee! so hostile! happy tuesday, first peak at the roadways, looking good quiet overall, still traveling at posted speeds, now that we are he at around 5:30, push toward 6:00 i can tell you right now that we are certainly going to start to heat up. blue route tail light moving in the northbound direction approaching the schuylkill, looking good, actually looking pretty quiet on the blue route, anywhere i look, blue route looking good. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open at 5:20, hard to see because it is so dark outside. but it was scheduled to open at 5:20, make note that far for those of in you and around the area. i'll let you know as soon as we have confirmation on. that will the schuylkill at spring garden looking good, just beautiful shot what we're seeing outside right now, a loft vehicles out there already, we can expect it specially push toward the 6:00 hour, but right now that's what you are looking at. this accident still out there easton road near maple avenue. having report that it is possibly involving injuries. make note of that. you are going to have a loft
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flashing lights out, there and also some bridge repairs, county line road closed park road, until april 8th. you have to use alternate. shore sham avenue will be your best bet, jim, over to you. >> thank so much. the feds have cracked into apple iphone, of alleged terrorist, without apple's help. >> now, investigators are trying to find out more about the gunman in one of the san bernardino massacre, one of the gunmen. jan carabeo joining us now with you more on, that so take that apple, apple refuse to help them out. they it on their own. >> that's right. they it on their own, more information about what they found on that phone in just a minute. first the bitter legal battle between the fbi and apple is over this morning at least for now. the feds aren't saying how they did this, or who helped but the justice department withdrawn its lawsuit saying it was able to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter without apple's help. >> the fbi now knows what was on the iphone of san bernardino shooter sigh aid farook, how agent hacked that phone without apple's help remains a mystery. the justice department only
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issued a statement saying with the recent assistance after third party, we are now able to unlock the iphone without compromising any information on the phone. so on monday, the fbi withdrew the case that could have forced apple to help. a senior tech writer for cnet. >> the broader issue is not over though. the government and law enforcement will keep wanting access to phones, tech companies will keep fighting back. republicans see this fought out around the country. >> agent have wanted access to farook's phone since december when he and his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino, california. but apple claimed hacking the phone would have set a dangerous precedent. ceo tim cook took a harsh stand at the company's product launch event last week. >> we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. in a statement yesterday the company remain firm saying this case should have never been brought.
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meantime, tip kin says while it is a concern, the fbi was able to hack an iphone. >> the new err devices apple has have touch id, fingerprint reader, also have more security built into the chip and to the component themselves. soap these are just little more secure than what we saw with the 5c. >> apple has now turned down 14 requests to help get information from it devices. jan, do we know what the investigators found so far? i know it is early in the game right now. >> not yet. that's what everyone wants to know, what was on this phone, right? still reviewing that information, so we keep an eye on that. >> great, thanks very much, appreciate t fidel castro criticizing president owe boom a's historic trip to cube, a the former leaders brother, raoul castro, welcomed the us president to cuba last week. but in the cuban communist party newspaper, fidel castro rejected mr. obama's words of reconciliation, quoting former leader we don't need the empire to give us any presence. police file charges in a violent attack that was all
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caught on camera. 26 year old paul of national park, new jersey, has been charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats. "eyewitness news" first showed you the video last week, hard to wash here, we want to warn up there is video did go viral. west depford township police launched investigation into that fight that led to the arrest of him. the victim is a juvenile. he's out on bail right now. >> well the time now is 5:37. in business news this morning, local company is making a big change. >> also the head of the federal reserve is in the big apple. money watch's jill wagner at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more for us good morning. >> good morning, mixed start to the trading week, dow finished 19 points higher, the nasdaq fell six. futures pointing to bit of higher open today. fed chair janell yellen in new york will be giving a speech on the economy today. invest remembers looking foreign site about whether the fed will raise interest rate again soon. and by how much.
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>> campbell soup says it will stop using the chemical known as bpa to line it soup cans by the middle of next year. campbell says it want to reassure customers the substance could harm their health, increase their risk every cancer. f d.a. says it is safe at its current level. star wood hotels at the enter of bidding war, china's says it will buy the hotel chain for more than $15 billion. last week, marriott put in $14.4 billion bid, star wood brands including weston, sheridan, w. >> all of those lou till programs, getting up in arm, will their point transfer. thank so much. that's the question. >> are you looking for work? wawa putting out the help wanted sign, the company wants to hire more than 5,000 workers over the next three month, every wawa store will have openings for customer service positions, the starting pay increase toss $10 per hour starting next month. meanwhile, stain gram facing backlash over plan changes. >> yep. the social media side is
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delaying the update. instagram had announced plans they're going to change the way that users see pictures. instead of the conlon call order like they currently do, will instead be ' ranged by what they think the user would be most interested in seeing. stain gram still plans to test out the feature with a small group of users. so funny, stain gram, twitter, facebook, change anything, people up in arms. >> i can't keep up. >> give it a week and we're all used to it, again. >> exactly. thrilling finch for the flyers, see the last second goal that kept their playoff hopes alive. >> also, better bring your appetite to the ball yard. looks good. fancy new food creations being offered at phillies games this year. >> that teacher really lost his cool in the classroom. the simple item that disappeared from his desk, that caused this melt down. we'll be right back.
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♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. >> flyers are on a roll just in time, clinging to the final playoff spot playing the best hockey of the season. last night they won a thriller over the winnipeg jets in over time on a wild play in front of the net and a goal by claude giroux. oh, the crowd goes crazy. the flyers beat the best team or rather they play the best team in the nhl. the washington capitols tomorrow night at the well. and check this out. this is from last night's nicks pelican game in new
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orleans, run on the court, little boy runs right on to the court, to hug nick's forward anthony, i mean, he is not really security risk but the little boy just ran on the court. no word if that boy and his guardian were kick out, usually what happens when people run on the court. maybe he got a pass. cute kid. >> leave him alone. >> i agree. >> hey, phillies baseball just around the corner. >> and the new season means new food, at the concession stand. among them, is the amish turkey burger with sharp cheddar unshale the marm he will aid on griddled sesame bun. everyone yum. then the new way back signature burger, cheesey burger with a pork roll, banished with a mini corn dog. there are other jazzed up dogs at the ballpark, too. >> asian style dog, to kind of show all of these great flavors that are exploding in the city, kind of get the people in the ballpark to
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casino of maybe tai them. >> also for the first time chick-fil-a sandwiches, philly's favorite, rita's water ice. >> what do you like to have at the ball smashing. >> i'm not a big hotdog person, but any of the burying, they really stepped up their game, the past few years, every year you go out there, holy cow. >> chick-fil-a, holy cow, there go. i love the hotdogs. what's a baseball game without a hotdog? breath horrible, but it is delicious. >> katie it, worth it to you? >> all of it. i'm the same way. for me all about the experience, like having really big cup of whatever, you know, fun alcoholic beverages isn't the worse idea. >> i think we call it? >> we call it, yes, adult soda. and then really anything else, pizza, burgers, i mean, i go for any of t you guys said it, they really stepped up the game down at the ballpark. you have to because the phillies haven't. you snow. >> oh,. >> debbie downer. >> i know, sorry. we're all thinking it, i know t let's go on out to the
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witness watcher, switch gears, chills in the air, temperatures mid and even upper 50s in a lot of spots, definately a cool start to the morning, when you factor in that wind. >> whenever you get a chance to up load that, charles, that it, he said he tells us pretty gusty northwest wind out in bath pa, we will zero in on couple of spot. going on down to central western new jersey where allen checks in with just couple of clouds, in delran, at 47 degrees. with a matters is go november a i hear you, buddy, all rooting for the wildcat. one more, 45, comes in from david, he is actually seen more clear skies than anything. again, i would suggest, the heavier winder coat on day like this, definitely cooler, and any time the wind blows. but this area of low pressure retreating, high pressure by comparison is what is taking it place. so get that win tunnel effect,
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inbetween the areas of pressure. that's why the wind is blowing, but it will be tapering with every passing hour, that said, it is dry now. resurface again here, with the winds blowing it around it, will make it little bit more, you know, aggravating to those of that you suffer seasonal allergies, worse comes tomorrow, maple, juniper, basically any tree pollen becomes your biggest concern, 06 degrees the high, looks like lovely spring day, warm he da he is day of the pack is thursday, watching warmfront, trigger couple of thundershowers, no fooling for april fools day, rain is on the way, especially in the morning. meisha, over to you. >> no fun to have that rain on a friday, but i suppose. good morning, happy tuesday, if you are just wacking up with us, roads looking pretty good. certainly seeing levels climb right now, as we can expect, as we try to push toward the 6:00 hour then move into it. this is a look at 95 south past cottman, basically what it look like yesterday too in
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the 5:00 hour. starting to heat up. still traveling at posted speeds interstate 995. moving in the southbound direction, give yourself couple of extra minutes, good news not dealing with any wet roadways this morning, all dry, just dealing with some wind. a look at the vine, taillights moving in the westbound direction, at broad street looking good, as you can see, not too many brake lights, maybe just couple of going out there, overall things looking pretty good on the vine, holding steady, what we want to see in the 5:00 hour pretty typical n malvern 202 headlight moving in the for the bound direction, approaching route 29. basically what you are looking at. so looking good, everything basically what we are being looking at is looking average. typical watch we want to seement that's good in the world of traffic. construction here, passyunk avenue between 61st and 28th. what you see here is drainpipe repairs. seven p.m. to 5:00 a.m. overnight construction, this is going on through friday. so make note of. that will jim, over you. >> great, thanks, meisha a have you been to up new york recently? you can't visit times square without running into countless characters, got elmo, spiderman, maybe even the naked cowboy. >> try to avoid him. times square though employees
5:48 am
are now urging city council to do something about all of those characters. >> this want to restrict the characters to soliciting business in specific locations. the times square alliance says 61% of employees there reported having a negative encounter with the characters. half of those people surveyed say their interaction made them feel unsafe. >> when elmo grabs your beep in times square your childhood is immediately ruined. these are real tweets that come from people facebook posts. >> they're going to keep moving them, moving them, people not really going see them. this is their livlihood. >> now, multiple complaints, also, have come from tourists in times square. public hearing on the issue set for tomorrow. and i have walk through there, we've seen the chargers, i always try to avoid them, and tourists they don't know, avoid them maybe? >> then they had naked ladies for awhile, body painting, it was crazy stuff. i was like what is this? exactly. well, if if you to bed early like we do, now, me, too, you are missing out on one of the funniest segment on
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television. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> #. >> ♪ >> oh, this is just so much fun. songs like these, carpool karioke, huge hit on the date late late show. tonight there is hour long special with highlight from the best carpool car evening oak east, brand new ride with j-lo, sneak peak of the show last night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> you don't want to miss the late late show, prime time special, just know it will be hilarious, at ten aren't. watch it right here on cbs-3, then stick around for "eyewitness news" at 11. i'll be honest if you are warning us at 5:50, might have to set your dvr. >> woman on mission to help strangers, the huge demand for her special creations to bring comfort. >> also, this cat is being called a miracle this morning. the incredible journey she went on after her owner made a huge mistake. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, eyewitnesses say street racing may to be blame for a serious crash in los angeles. >> and that crash was caught on camera. cell phone video here showing huge flames after a car collided with a bus. some say they saw the car speeding through an intersection just moments before. a total of seven people were
5:54 am
taken to the hospital, two in critical condition. meanwhile, a california teacher has a melt down in front of his student and it is all caught on cell phone video >> substitute teacher apparently lost his cool, get there is over box every missing rubber bandsment the teacher demanded one every his sixth grade student go through the trash to get them. >> that do. give any teacher to go balistic, marvel, kids put up with the behavior. >> the teach he err has been let go. >> who needs rubber bands that badly? in front every kids, too? well, the cat's out of the bag. >> this cat from england, out of the box. meet cupcake, her owner accidentally sent a boxful of dvd's with her inside. >> is that the emotional reunion, but get this, the box of dvd's set more than
5:55 am
250 miles away. cupcake's owner says, that she had no idea she sent her best friend in the mail. >> i never realize she was in there. i know it was a pretty big box, yes, bless her. >> did you notice when your cat went missing? cupcake survived eight days in the box. her vet says although she was very dehydrated completely healthy, beautiful cat. her owner says micro chipping her furry friends may have saved her life. at least when she arrived when she was going they could scan her. >> she couldn't even watch the movies inside the box with the dvd's. >> one board dehydrated cat. may not have a heartbeat but plenty of heart. >> helping lot of people through difficult time. mackenzie makes comfort bears using old shirt or uniforms. she creates a teddy bear that helps family remember their loved one. she said not so much a business, as a way to give back. >> it is not a business to me,
5:56 am
it is ahoy, to make a difference for somebody else, it is awesome. >> good for her. received so many orders through facebook she has to turn people away. one bear takes about eight hours to make, the bears sell for between 25 and $50. >> so not turning a profit there but just to have that comfort. >> really nice. >> still ahead in the next hour of "eyewitness news", surviving spring allergies. >> doctor rob will tell you five things that you can do to reduce your symptoms. >> plus, elephant encounters. where you can pamper a pachyderm, and even paint their toenails. that's coming up. >> finally. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. re-activate them with women's rogaine® foam the only once a day product, proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker revive your va va voom and save on any rogaine®
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>> following breaking news all morning for you, plane hijack overnight. officials say this was not terrorism, as we learn more about his hijacker and his demands. >> new this morning, bricks come tumbling down, find out where part of this building collapsed overnight. >> dog napping on the main line, what dog end ers should look out for to protect their pets. >> today is tuesday,
6:00 am
march 29th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm erika von tiehl. heads up, in case you put your trash cans out last night for the trash collector today you're chasing your lids down the street today. we warrant up, it is that windy out right now. we check in with katie on the skydeck, meisha on the roads. >> those lids just may be in the road. seeing a lot of debris out there, downed wires, leave your homes little early. good thing we don't have wet roadways, just windy and looking busy, on this tuesday morning. so, katie, what about that wind? >> yes, looks like it will stick with us for the better part of the day. at at least it is not as harsh as a wind what yesterday produced but regardless, we still call it windy day. expect to see wind gusts peak into the 30's once more, it is enough of a winds that when it breeze it, will feel colder. i'm decked out in winter garb yet again today. i would suggest having heavier layer ready to go. at least bank on full sunshine. we have that going for us. storm scan3, pretty tranquil at this point.


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