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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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and just the protecting. making a guy go to his left. he slips a little bit. mike brey on the sideline looking for a call. doesn't get it. verne: three-point game. jim: same look. coming this way now. verne: zak irvin. jim: oh, yes. and donnal misses from point -blank range. jim: i thought the pass was a fraction late. he still has to finish that one off. but high screens, motion without the ball. they get exactly what they wanted out of this. verne: 1:45 to go. colton, vasturia. colton was open for a moment. vasturia off-balance. air ball. got it! bonzie colson, big basket with 92 seconds to go. jim: and only three seconds on
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the shot clock when he buried that one from underneath. verne: five-point margin. jim: start going towards the basket if you can if you're michigan. verne: walton. nope. tussle. offensive board. zak irvin, got it to fall! nearing the one-minute mark. irish, up by three. time-out notre dame. they don't get the jump tore go. but now it's time to work the glass. excellent work on the boards. irvin with the finish.
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verne: if you live in the eastern time zone, welcome to saturday morning.
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after all the games are over, wally szczerbiak and georgia state head coach ron hunter have all the highlights and analysis on inside march madness presented by buick only on trutv. notre dame has lost 13 straight in the tournament when trailing at the half. they were down 41-29 at the break tonight. jim: and if they can be patient with the basketball out on the spread, what a perfect time for possibly a back-door cut. and they're going to get it imbalanced. verne: yes they do. pflueger gets it to vasturia to demetrius jackson. 55 seconds to go. nine on the shot clock. jackson turns the corner.
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adjusts. bonzie colson, no. rebound. jim: once again, don't let the three-points dictate your shot attempt right here. verne: notre dame has a couple of fouls to give. 25 seconds remaining. vasturia. 10 on the shot clock. it's in the hands of zak irvin. five on the shot clock. three, no. jim: and a foul. verne: and they do. jim: i don't think that look is what john beilein was trying to pull off on the sidelines. i thought about five seconds ago that he was looking to get a time-out. and that rule has changed now where the coach from last year could have called a time-out. i think john wanted to call a time-out and not get this to be a three-point shot. and i think he wanted to go a whole lot earlier in the
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sequence than wait for that. verne: you see the notre dame bench reacting down, 49-29 at the half. bonzie colson at the line where he is 2-2 tonight. jim: 76% on the season. verne: nice. one more. perfect. 10 seconds to go. walton. tip. wagner. jumper. no. [whistle] pflueger is fouled. jim: it's not going to matter. verne: nope.
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i guess the answer is yes when we asked if notre dame could come back. jim: uh-huh. i thought mike brey made very, very good adjustments. and obviously the gloomy side of things at the michigan end of the floor, and the adjustments were trying to attack michigan a little bit more off the dribble. and it was the first 3-4 in the second half where they made that strategy adjustment and that's the difference as the half wore on. they that outscored them 40-22 so far. that's why they outscored them 40-22 so far. verne: fighting irish against the lumberjacks on sunday. they come from 41-29 down and win it by seven.
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so notre dame and stephen f. austin will meet at 2:40 eastern time on cbs from brooklyn. the second round begins tomorrow at noon eastern on cbs with wichita state and miami. at 5:00, tnt that is ncaa infinti tip-off show. eight games across tnt, and cbs. the tournament coverage begins at noon. for jim spanarkel and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from brooklyn. back to our studios after these messages. plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow,
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yothe rose that grew ask why from the concrete had damaged petals. on the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. well, we are the roses, these are my damaged petals. don't ask me why, ask me how! ♪ clark: cha's your point guard's name. -- what's your point guard's name? tell them to step out. greg: he said that the cinnamon ice cream was his first sugar of the day. kenny: he got charged up and started talking a bunching of
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noise. charles: we're looking for you. greg: and the apple of his eye was the ohio state buckeyes. clark: yeah, for some odd reason. kenny: there was a buckeye in my eye. greg: welcome back to final four. notre dame over michigan by a score of 70-63. clarke, kenny, and charles here at the desk. what a great basketball game. it was terrific. clark: it was terrific. excellent comeback by notre dame. they're down 12. held michigan to 22 points. started playing downhill dribble driving in that second half to create opportunities for high quality shots. greg: are you a believer in the irish, chuck? charles: who do they play next? greg: they play stephen f. austin. charles: i like them against stephen f. austin. kenny: this was a good matchup. that's why they were able to stay in contention. the perimeter defense on the irish at times could be lacking but they are very good down low
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and that's probably the biggest difference. but perimeter defense is going to be a key against stephen f. austin again because those guys they shoot the three ball as well. they push the pace. so they're going to have similar problems that they had tonight against michigan if they don't come up with a different game plan. greg: all right. once again the irish on their way to a game on sunday against stephen f. austin. they win it 70-6763. -- 70-63. there was great sound from around the country. >> and syracuse advances. impressive performance. >> we didn't think about it. >> the rainbow warriors hold the first round upset as they stun cal here in spokane. >> what's it look to be the team that just busted up everybody's bracket? >> in my bracket i had us winning. all my friends and family had us
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winning too. i don't know about everybody else. >> and the rams advance with a 75-67 win over oregon state. >> with the matchup against buddy hield, what's your thoughts at guarding him and shutting him down? >> that's on the coaches -- i mean for the most -- [laughter] >> he has 40, it's on me. >> middle tennessee, a 15 seed is going to take down the michigan state spartans. >> you know, there are three guys here that gave me every single thing they had. and i don't care about next year. i don't even care about tomorrow right now. >> when you're in this position and everybody's looking at you, you have to come through. i didn't come through today. and i'll remember that for the rest of my life. greg: winners and losers from today. games continuing on tbs and on trutv tonight. first of all, on tbs, right now west region oklahoma city.
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texas with a one-point lead on northern iowa. 36.5 seconds to play. texas leading the panthers, 70-69. on trutv, west region in spokane, st. joe's with a four-point lead on the bearcats of cincinnati with just over two and a half minutes to play in that game. that is on trutv. a reminder for you tonight after your local news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert," followed by "the late late show"." but for now we're done. second round action on cbs tomorrow with wichita state and miami. we thank you for joining us. from all of us here in new york, good night, everybody. ♪ come on and dance ♪ come on and dance with me
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♪ right now on "eyewitness news" march madness put three physical schools in the spotlight eyewitness news traveling with each team. sports director don bell tells us whose staying in the big dance and whose coming home. >> the hawk will never die. motto of st. joseph's university and the school's mascot. vittoria woodill goes behind the scenes with the hawk. see wait takes to be one of the most famous mascots in college basketball. and how about this. we're tracking snow for the first day of spring. when it arrives this weekend and how much you can expect where you live. we begin tonight with march madness. excitement in philadelphia. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. villanova and temple wrapped up earlier today. st. jeez still very much in progress. sports direct don bell joining us now with all the action. >> what day. >> great day. you know what, trying to catch our breath. a lot going on. best of times and the worse of time.
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we'll start witness worst. temple was the tenth seed hooking up with number seven iowa. to brooklyn he go. final seconds of regulation. temple down by three. do cozy was clutch. fouled on the three goes to the line. nails the first two and here is the third. it is good. the senior from union, new jersey, makes all those free throws led all scorers with 26 points. died at 70. hawk eyes ting up app air ball. adam woodbury the seven footer with the put back and it is heartbreak for the owls. they lose to iowa, 72-70 at the buzzer. meanwhile jay wright and the fellas starting their run in brooklyn. and villanova takes on u inform c ashville. ryan arcidiacono at the end of the first haver. that's good. they had a 14-point lead at the break. in the second, villanova taking advantage of the underside bulldog. sheffield, five cats notifying
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double figure. nova moves on way 30-point win over unc ashville. next up for the while cats the team that broke temple's heart nova and iowa sunday right here on cbs3. meanwhile a game that's going on right now. cincinnati and st. joe's from spokane, washington. dem brie had 20 points in the first half. he was absolutely on fire. will probably be a pro. meanwhile, check out the shot right there from aaron brown. what can brown for you? still playing and in spokane cincinnati on top 76-75 with 14 seconds remaining. once this game is final we'll have highlights for you especial until sports here on cbs3. >> i can't take it. >> nail biters all day long. temple games and st. jeez game. thanks so much, don. >> stand by. >> stand by. >> st. joe's game has been tight really throughout. >> all the way.
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"eyewitness sports" reporter might as well news reporter david spunt -- >> something happened, david. he's over at st. joe's. >> they just score. 78-76. >> let's see what's going on. okay. all right. we are 78-78 just it look like we're going to overtime guys live here right now at the perch a lost tension. you can cut it with a knife. people have been all night just jumping up and down pacing back and forth. clearly didn't expect this to go tonight. we're seeing right now actually looks like it's 78-76, so you're taking a live look right now just to kind of see waiting for that final call here but i just between play some sound with some of those players, some of those fans from a little bit earlier. i want you to hear real quick what folks had to say as they were watching the game. >> i'm really happy with our fellow hawks, how they've been doing and i'm real excite to see where they go. >> i'm so happy either way
12:23 am
making it this far is such an accomplish many. i'm confident they'll do well. >> no what the what happens, i'm always be a hawk. hawk's for life. the hawk will never die and dreams never die. the passion that's 60ed right in you i enjoy seeing. i'm very very much excited. >> you can see how much things change ukee and jessica right now it look like things are favoring st. joe waiting to see exactly what that referee call is right now, but things have been changing by the second here at the perch for everybody watching this st. joe's game. so i guess we're waiting for the official referee call here but if things go nuts, we'll be are there. we'll be here waiting for it. you can see how quickly things change. this is live tv, folks. >> that's right. >> right here at the perch. >> david, i'm going play referee. because we're looking at a monitor right now. cincinnati had a dunk at the buzzer but i don't believe the dunk was out of his hands when time ran out. i'm thinking st. joe's won this. >> all right.
12:24 am
78-76. >> referee, ukee. there it is right there. >> the light went on. >> referee ukee washington. >> there you go. >> we'll confirm that with don a little bit later. >> we'll be here if you need to come back we'll be here. >> all right, beside dee. thanks so much. we have more march madness coverage coming up for u spring officially starts this sunday and winter doesn't want to let go at all. we're tracking snow for the weekend. meteorologist lauren casey in for kate and closely watching the system that's heading or way, lauren. >> thank you ukee. if you're not fan spring snowfall you'll like the news have i to dispense some changes in our model data over the last 24 hours. reflecting that we might see little bit less than we were thinking originally. storm scan3 showing us quite conditions around the region but keeping our eyes on two areas of moisture up wind. this one particular area in the lower midwest and the secondary area down towards the gulf of mexico. we will still see an area of low pressure develop and rite aid along the coast and tap in to these two areas of moisture but the models have been changing.
12:25 am
our last run of models and particularly big changes from the model runs yesterday pulling back on the system's strength and organization of this system that moves in on saturday and affects us into sunday reflecting earlier start time on saturday and earlier end time on sunday. it look leak it now will start to move in late day on saturday and come to a close by sunday evening. more mixing is always being reflected with lower snowfall totals. so we'll talk about what that means for us, how much snow we can actually see. hasn't has the highest chance at seeing snowfall as opposed to rain/snow mix coming up a couple of minutes. >> lauren, we'll check back in with you. thanks so much. police say two people riding dirt bikes are responsible for a deadly shooting. the males allegedly rolled up to a corner store on some are set street in the fair hill neighborhood of philadelphia and shot a 22-year-old man as he was leaving. that victim was rushed to temple university where he was pronounced dead. one person is in custody tonig tonight. no word on that second suspect.
12:26 am
french president holland what happens the paris terror suspect taxi diet to do france to face trial. they captured him during a gun fight believed to be the moment he was caught his leg injured in the raid. police were led to him after they discovered his fingerprints during a raid on tuesday. authorities say abdeslam helped plan the paris attacks. >> a jury sides with hulk hogan awarding him $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker. the jury deliberated for six hours to reach its decision in the two-week trial. the former professional wrestler suiter gawker for posting a video in 2012 of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. hogan's lawyers argued this was a violation of his privacy. gawker's editors couldn't 10ed that video was news worthy. it is the end of an era for
12:27 am
two high rise apartments in north philadelphia. the philadelphia housing authority will implode the norman bloomberg homes tomorrow morning at 7:15. that will make room for more than 1200 new homes. about 500 families must evacuate by 6:30 tomorrow morning. that evacuation zone is 22nd to 24th street from shards wood to oxford the dust zone from 21 to 25 turner to master streets. >> spring right around the corner you might notice a change the neck time you fill up at the gas station. >> it is that time of year when gas prices typically go up but why? good question. nicole brewer joins us with the reason. >> most of the people we spoke to thought maybe it was the increase in travel and that is definitely part of it but we found that there are a few different factors we'll get to those in just a second. matt from washington township wants to know, why do gas prices go up in the spring? it's a good question, matt, because when prices go up, we're all
12:28 am
paying the price. ♪ >> reporter: do you pay attention to gas prices in. >> are you kidding. >> i fill up almost every other day. >> reporter: any idea why they go up in spring. >> taxes. >> voting maybe. >> they say because the demand more people driving. >> reporter: why do gas prices go up in the springtime? >> due to the custom blend. >> david is a professor of economics at villanova university. he says in addition to arise in crude oil prices refineries reformulate their gasoline blends to be morae economy friendly for spring and summer. >> that's really interesting. >> reporter: they change the gas systemly. >> is your nose growing. is that true? >> i'm a chemical engineer. i should have known that. >> the main reason to try to cut down on the smog that we have in our large metropolitan cities. >> reporter: at all part of the clean air act of 1990 requires them to make the switch. it means extra chemicals and more manpower. >> it also takes time to make that switch, right? >> it does. it takes time for the refineries to shut down. then to get the process started
12:29 am
back up, and before they're shutting down, they're making sure all of the winter gasoline is sold. >> how much does it go up. >> it can range from 5 cents a gallon to 30 cents a galdi pending on how oil is being traded. >> reporter: he says fuel formulas are a customized for major cities depending on pollution concern. is that why gas prices are so much hire in filly. >> we have larger he can seiss taxes, ren, liability, higher wages all these are factor. >> we have no choice in thissing do we? >> my back hurts bending over putting fuel in my vehicles. sure, i noticed it. we all do. >> reporter: it does cost more but the environmental protection agency or epa says summer blends contain one point 7% more energy than winter blend gas which gives us slightly better mileage in the summer months. so at least we're getting a little something out of it. >> folks are on the move. >> i know. >> very good. >> absolutely. >> thanks nicole. >> you're welcome. >> we want to hear your good question log on to cbsphilly.c
12:30 am question to submit your question and tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news". we cannot wait to hear from you. a down to the wire finish for the victorious st. joe's hawks. march madness wouldn't be complete without team mascots. >> vittoria woodill goes one-on-one with the hawk to learn about the traditional non-stop flapping of the fine out the secret of keeping this bird moving until the final buzz. >> the search for this delivery truck. how criminals used it to steal from a local middle school. >> lauren, spring officially begins on sunday but the season will change with a side of snow. i'll let you know how much snowfall to expect and arrival and departure times in your full forecast coming up
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you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo, and don bell investigators in bucks county need the public's help to nab a suspect who stole heating oil. this is the story exclusive to
12:33 am
"eyewitness news". take close look at this surveillance video. the thief parks the truck over the phil pipe of an unground heating oil storage tank in buckingham. police believe the truck had a removable floor and a pump making it easy for the suspects to extract the oil from the underground tank into a tank in the truck. all he got away 1,000 gallons. police say there have been similar fuel oil thefts from underground tanks in quakertown and allentown. the philadelphia zoo through a big party today for its newest resident. gro a.m. eight-year-old tiger comes to fillly from a colorado zoo through the species survival plan program. the hope is the animal will mate with one of the two tigers at the zoo. officials at the zoo say the program aims to maintain genetic and demographic health with a focus on animal animals endangen the wild. >> cbs3 is the only station on the road with the st. joe's hawks in spokane for the big dance. >> and there we met the team's
12:34 am
biggest fan. check out my man little phil there on the right. grandson of head coach phil martelli of course. he gave "eyewitness news" a tour of the team's hoe physical and tournament prediction from teeny tiny legend. >> i did something a little bit sad in my bracket. i did st. joe's winning cincinnati on the bright side but i did st. joe's losing to oregon. number one versus number eight. and plus i put kansas to within the championship. >> oh, my man. one game at a time. the st. joe's hawks win tonight. let's talk more about how they did it. listen to this. >> presence cheers and applause (. >> 78-76. cincinnati had a dunk at the final moments of the game but the cincinnati player didn't get the ball out of his hands in time. basket no good. st. joe's wins 78-76 to advance
12:35 am
to play on sunday. great win for -- look at that. >> that's good. >> that's beauty of life tv right there. with it all happening right when we were talking about. david spunt in the middle with all the students that. >> probably still having fun on can't campus right now. >> i have a feeling that's definitely true. >> many march madness fans know the hawk is the mascot of st. joe's. for sick years it represented the motto the hawk will never die by flapping its wings non-stop. >> how does the bird keep the feathers flying from the start of the game to the final buzzard. vittoria woodill goes one-on-one with one of hawks to find out. >> you've seen him flying on the court, soreness fearless in feathers the st. joe's university hawk. one of the hawks junior the hawk for the st. joe's women's basketball team tells us about his first time flying solo. >> it was pretty surreal. i had a terribly difficult time


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